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817? Ituenmn vferald
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Member of the Associated Press
I'lflienth Vrnr. Xii. HlliO
kIiAMAtu i'am.h, onwio.v, iiiikav, m.i'Ti:.Miu:it h, i
r- "
, 11
20 Cars Carry 'Visitors to
Valley Town From Here; j
Meeting Successful '
' Morn Own aim peoplo'ivern preaejit
ni tlic meeting In Merrill Thursday
OH llm iK-rnltii of ttic vlt of III"
rurii van rompord of llm business
men of Klamath Full. The meeting
Was tillllVt'tlt'll Y lllll piCM.IHe of Hi"
Infill band which pluyedeveral num
ber uflnr which llm Woman' dull of
Merrill Kiri'il hot cntfen uml aml-
More than twenty i-nr loud of
Klumnlh fotk iiiuiIk thii Ji urney uml
tmirhem (rum nil over tin Tuln laki
serllon molnled In to Union In the
UlimlP mill iiiIiikIii Willi tin crowd,
Tliu rarnnti nuumhlrii ut the cham
ber of rniiunerrn ut anvmi o'rtnik
unit formed a parado boforn making
llm Hturl nml ninny car Ion late
In Join' III" puiailn followed-Inter
I'erlinpii never w.i Hiirli n gather
Inn of Ktamutll K.i I In uml valley pen
pin seen In Merrill. Tho hospltullty
of llm hunts Willi tile milijeit of nilirli
favonililo rmiiiiieiil on t It purl o( the
visitor. Tlio luncheon served
Loth exi client hint bountiful, nml If
n nhorlar.n appeared liiiinliienl It wn,
In mil ilio oipreiuilon of lloh Amler
miii, nld-lltitn resident of Merrill, "for
the fit kt limn In tlio hUtory of tlio
Hot li torn I nml Men III '(iplo pro
nounced thn trip inoit ucreful nml
It lit likely llmt ii number of nthrrn
will ho made tn I lie town through
out thn rnuuly,
t'lmr)e I, UolirrtH, chairman nt
llm werrhnnl hurenii, linmllid llm
Itrt-klrnr nml fluli Hltnr IfM Out
Ity KiirrM Honrlro Kngiaerr
UOHCIlUWl, Ore, Kept. R.Krii!
W, Clenlnr, rfxreallonal ennlnerr of
thn forrm wrrylci-, Imii been penJInc
neveral Uuyt at Ulumoml I-oko, niak
Iiik n nurvey uml UyliiR, nut ronlilrnco
nml rluli ultci. Clpatorwho In from
tlm ilUtrlct office, tin been ilaliiK n
Krest ileal of work In tlm lclnlty of
thn lake nml ha luccefdeil In laylnir
nut thlrty-fhn lilxal reildenoe altei
nml nix cluh ultra. Thcan loratlona
nri nit on Ihv wa IUe nhlrh I by
far llm prcttlmt nlJ of tlio Ukn,
Water hu been foiind upon a'
er Intel and la no altltaletl that It ran
Im piped down to furnUli runqltiR
water for thn homei,
Thn club altii nr brine reirrrnil
for oritnnUalloni, anrh na thn Hoy
KroulH, V. Mv C. A orxanlmtlona of
lilkera nml mounluln cllntlicrn nml
other. , "
Cluli allea may ua tin taken by
group of aiulllcN who Join together
for tlin-puriOHe of eractlnit u bullitluie
when) they may apeml their vacutlnn.
There la iitnplo room for addition 0
altra to ho laid out later nml tlnw
will Im thrown open ua needed,
KoriiNt Huporvlaor Carl II. Niml
nlutuH that thoru are already 1.1 or
20 nppllcnllona on hand for reldonce
niton, hut Hint thco will not ho run
Nldervd until thn eaglneer complului
his maps, plmla uml report and re
ceh en official uicoptaiicn of Ida work.
Application liuvo houn atibmltted
from Itoiohurjr, Klamath KulU and
nUIU.IN, Sopt. 8. IloVlvnl of thn
report that Arthur Griffith wai
polrtoued wna chnracterlied In re
HpniiHlhlo quartora aa puro Invention,
Thn Cyclo-StormuRrnph nt llndoi-
woou s I'linrmncy
roKUtorod a huro
mntrlo proiiKuro of
SO.GO thl rore
noon, hulnK tho
hlKhewt . point
touched In novoral
wooka, Tho Itidlro
tlotiH nro thtit n
nottlod period Ih nt
' Korocaat for noxt
S4 houra)
. Contlnuod fair;
.ip.ii.ui.iu wiiiinnr.
Thn Tyco rocordinx thormomoter
reglsturod maximum and minimum
tomporaturos today ai (ollowg;
If They Fall
aaHGMaaaBaaH BLB I
Make you dlrxy Jutl to look t
tho pbotosiapli ot thcio fcllowa
iKrchfd on ovci handing Itock In
v.....,.!!.. Mallnnll Talk. Ixwk tlOW
I far they'd drop lfor they'd Und
xt they wcr to "P'
Ki-i(ou ('oiiipllejallont Hii'op In
rmnllt Ion l.f ,rrM.'ntK Wife
Sluilnii Inu t'nllnl
I .
, WASIIIM.TUN, Kepi. 5.- Sirloiia
(tiiairiitl(MlH have dmeloi'd III the
(ondliloim of Mra. Hardin;:. rnunltiK
much concern. Dr., Carl Y, Sawyer,
of Marlon, Ohio, hn wn prevloualy
tNioclaled with hi fnthor, llrtRadler
(leucral Sawyer, In. ntlendltiR Mra
llardliiK durliiR n previous lllnea of
a nature, has arrived for con
aullatlou. A almllur condition developed dur
ing tho preldent'fi term na aenntor,
but Mr. Ilardlnx reponded quickly
to treutment
Dr. Sawyer Mated that tho compli
cation were "Htlghtly atiaU'd today
with thn patient reailiiK mom easily."
('apt. Appli'lfHte Anxlotin to I-aru
I'iiiuivm Made Willi I'llo tiraln
I'rlto wlner In tho wheat uncasing
couteNt conducted laal )ear hy Capt.
O. '. AppleRntn nrn uaked hy CaptT
AppleRiito lo report thn renu'lt gain
ed with tlm wheat awarded them.
Capt, Apptegato planted one-half
pound f llm bunk's Quality wheat In
hi experimental gnrden In tho wel
Hide park lat year. When tho grain
was about ready for harvesting: ho
iiunotinced Hint tfione who Kuosaud
the uuiouiit of wheat tlm tract would
produce would ho nwuided Miortiona
of thn wheat as prlie. Tlio tract
produced 3 pound, 10 ounces, or nt
tho rale of about 77 bushels per nrre.
Ho I anxious to learn what mir
cets tho winners have had with the
l'HI.Mi:i( I1.VSK lll'll.DIXd
Mr, nml Mrs. V M. left
thin inornln,; for San Francisco on a
combined Imsliiesii nnd pleasure trip.
AVhllo uwiy I.ucau will ndd conald-
oruuly to his picsoiit slock nml on
hi if turn will iiiuvji liln biislne.irf
from tho present location next to
tho postoftlco to tho building for
merly occuped by tho First Statu
nd Savings bank nt Fifth nml Main
stroota. No nrrnnuomoiits hnvo linen
mndo yet for tho transfer ot tho
lonao on his prosent qtmrtors, Bald
Lucas; but ho oxppcts to dud fromo
ono to tako it on his return
Public Declared to Huve
Erroneous Impression
Of Transaction
limtend of lidlrntlltK fllintirlut ncu
men and a helpful public policy, tlio
rrdlhCounllliR of iiecollabtn p.ipnr by
I I.u ..I.I. .!. .. t..nt .......I,,
iihiihi. null i...- ,-.,-,.. ..- iv .,.. ,
or with other bnuka, la viewed
al.iinri' hy the tteiieral puhlle, tin
fainlllar with ImnkliiK. im mi Indlca
linn 01 linniiriui uenKornn, oeciareni
. . ...... i
banker uml imainexa men nt 'nt
1fnt.iri' lllll. Illl.l.'lllll' IrtltllV. II In nil'
"..' . .I."",.' ';".."
Should Urn liutnry rlub under
erri.ieon. ...,.. -n., i.,..-...;. lvttft lU ,rXrt knife. I.yUiR on his .,, ..,. nf .",,....,
,,Rrred .,.,ti,a.ron8f.,c.or.nkeep!..K)n,t wf Mn ,rm cxlPnilHll , that 7t ""'."" vTm,'''
.apllfll on. of K.amnth u.un.y. for . ,,,, wull run lil0 a ,)tckcl '"ZiiIL t ZJ, ho I
b.mkn.llkoolhnra.'ml.paUllclualltii.' .... no( ., .., f.lor ,, , welRhted th I
.-.. '-'MH.b..crrI,.,,u,1.,'nttunth ?,,,. ... ::: , , ,h0 d..
and rrlllclrm.
nine, will! or MlliMiiu unKini.-nnn "iiuiii w
j thi locjl haoka, tn educate the publlr
i tn a mrriMt underanillnK of the
' iiictliiii of redlarnunt?"
1 Cryhtnlllied opinion declared that
.the irioiiiniiK Imprefilon ahoutd bit
I craned A committee previously np-
I' ,,nl "' u "t""- Tr:i
HDIlul rxjuuiiailiMi IM JUUIUIH-in HUH
lianknrM. ti(uii!inirjr imhtlclty. nlil
' from llm federal mrnr hanli thru n
xpeoker tn iiddrcHi tlm public wlthl
iirRtimentti rnlculaled In ahow the!
matter rJuhlly end iivnrtlinm oxlat-1
. Inc rrejiidlcen, nnd tho recommenda- pabcrB r,.cnnK comfortabI.v In thea, rVCr durlnK tlmlniIallntlon f of,"", Clilcoco Monday lit
.lion will be tarried out fully or In iurb ,n frnl o tln c.nlra, achool ' ,ho iecoa Ul, of , ,lowor plant "'pcc,, , ,te ymOuttlxe of
,," .,.,.. ... , ,.
Special offortaalioulil he nmdn. the
cnmrnlllen recommended .to loral",
llm peraotta who nm talklnr: of tho
daituers of redlBcountltiB, nnd try to
coin Into them of their error.
i4iir i.i in. hi. i i uiiihh.' !"-
lie acntlnmnr. tliirrnmmlttct) held, tiy)
ItakL. , 1.. m.,4.1. I .l.n.iMn ....1.
oxplalulng frankly that refusal lo nice, J. Knowlton, John I). William,
finance enterprUea thut aeek their j K, I). Ilryant, Itoy Call, Mr. M.
aid, haa 1 rout In thulr policy, nt-. Ilurn. John One Illnko. K. It. White,
tunCd to crnornl aentimrnt nr.aliibt HO each: C. A. Dunn nml I.. T. Kit
ridlHinuntlng, of keeping redUrounts liner, $S parh.
nt a low u mnrk a pnlbln. I
Stockmen, lumbermen nnd farm
er would benefit mott from thn In
flux available capital that would
fniinw ihn iianka 110 of their re-
dUconntlng powers, It was declared.
The demand for money Is oaon.
nl and sectional. Tho federal ro
servo system was organized because
of realization of thesn financial
truth. The inpltul of tlm sys
tem, through redlsrountlng. Is con
stantly shifting. It meets tho sea
sonal demand of the fruit Industry
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mmwtii!iass5ik?ivisgsrtae:i . s, ; : .: ?
IIp -a rrfe2t-" rhJ:rv --
Jrl AMISS wv
Vltht Altiinpl Willi l"i fwlllnir.
(Mil M in ()m-iw Al
ci j- Willi
III. INukrl Mnlfc
YltCICA, fal KeptVlS. Jipond '
ent over tlio appro.ichfni; Infirmltlcn
of old uye, tired of
llrlnK alone,
disappointed hy failure In flnd'thn
ko I ili; n fortune he had upent liln life
In Hroklnit, OeorKO ll.ilnen, HKcd
lirimpertor, flrnt dlrnlnR n crnve i
It It the old pick and uliovel with
wlilc'i tin had purmicd hi treamire
iiiet mid tiullillni?
n roffln which
I... II.. -.1 ...I.I. 1....- .a1I... ...!.. I
nr iinru null liuiu ciiniiii,, i-iiiiimi
hi. life It. tlm lonely ,llnfk In which of V(1 H(.ltH11l.r ,4,h ,322
he l...d lived for yonrarin (he Haw., .,,, WH pronounc(4(, ()la,, , ,
ynm liar Ilnlrfet. Imlnutea. IT acconda.
KalJItiK flrl In an allempt nt I T.K,Ilfl.iy. ..,, ., th ,.,,
KiUJItlK flrnt In an
-itlcliT.. with Uiindnniim. tlm
Id., with Unndnniim. tlm oIdi,n.u i .i.. .... .....!
.. . .... I.. I.I.. I .
I",nn "'"""" ."" "V'r'. '. '"" "r
xtlll living, AHilntnncJ wu called
nnd no btnod flow chneknil, Medical
ttmmoueJ b'lt loia of
blood had
weakened llnlnni
In jonl pomillllty of recovery
aplle of thn bent effort In two iHiy-
n( lain Im died within n few hotira
after hi neighbor found him.
:"'. Spenl Limit IM.I iVnlml
School I 'rove I'liil'ilnc
-,,., ,,, rf.nili1iiti nn.i iimn.i.
Wedneadny nftenioon earned M10
for ,,u, r That Mlm wait paj n I
tho pnll.e court yesterday by tho fol-
owln nt0Nta who wrn charce.l by
,ln officers with drlvluc paat the
ailmol nt a apevl exccedlnK II miles
. per heur:
per jiour; c
lA'o 'Parker. It. Ilamtilet. WVan-
Leo Moorn wan fined 5 on an old
charge of parking within 30 feet of
a corner..
Kd Dutihnm nnd Walter fS, West
l80 'e Mo tho net. tho nfflrer I
Ji,,l, bul ,l,p5r ,'ad n"1 nPI",a"-'! j
lli:i) lT.OvS IIILVl) HOXOItKI)
MU'SSRl.S. Sept. S. John Barton
Payne, chairman of tho American
Ited Cross, was dororated yesterday
by King Albert with the order of
j Leopold for aldj rendered by the
Jicti cross uurtng alter tne war.
Man Convicted of Murder i
Of Vale Tailor Is Hanged I
At Salem Penitentiary,
HAKKM, Sept. 8. Oeorce How-j
ard of Val OreRon, wna handed In i
the atatn (wnllentlary nt S:31 lodny '
t ,i rl..fc- o.. .. . . n
..u.vw. ki.Nft ll.rnui.l llllllllllliril I
the murder for the purnor of rain-
llowad appealed hi c.ino to (e
aiipronin court, hut thn verdict waa
Mori- Wuler For FMi Found Xerm.
' Miry In Klamnlli lllvrr
COI'Cf). Cal Sept. S-rtepreaen-
I tatlvca of tho atatc flh and tame
commtiiaion recently met rcprcsenia-i
live or tho California Oregon Power .
company hero with a tlew of deter-1
mlnlnR thn amount of wainr neccj-
!! In aiiaitntn fltili llfn It tk U'titn. .
,, ,Il0 ,,ropoicd ralln of the dam
.,. A flM f
Tho power company ahut down the '
i. nt , in -no .,-'.i f. ,n
,ncl.nrKn below the dam. Thla
nn,0Unt of wnter toRethcr with the '
wer frpm Fall crex'kijcnnjjrreelt
and Hocus creek, which atfd about
100 etnnd feet, it was determined
by thn commission, will hq moro than
sufficient to autalnilh llfo and at
the lame, tlmo permit tho work ot
construction hy tho power, company
to goon uninterrupted.
Iloih parties followed tho water
down from tho Mam to tho Klama
then egj: taking atation, and at the
mliilminii flow, tho entire bottom of1
the river was covered to a depth suf- j
flclent for fish llfo during any period
of construction. It was announced
Attorney It. 1 Duke, Captain (1.
II. Uimpson, superintendent ot the
Slsson hntchery, nnd II. A. Arm
strong, representing tho state engi
neering department, represented the
fish and game commission while. O.
(!. Steele, I. K. Hoot and T. (1. Brad
ley represented the power company.
aaaaLaBV . ii JLaaaaaaaaaai
DNLaV' SaaSCaf
Luther TJurbank, naturaJtot,
llvtra h!a flrat radio maaaaf
through a porUslo broadraaU
autton In th auto of Nua B.
Borcb, at Oakland. Cat
vjr iAitu Jiniiy. jn
COMP I 1IM17C IC cffm
SUIVie. L1NCO ID 3t,C.n
wtolI,wr7T B
lstra,,nn olfa In close touch
,ho lmus,rIal ltnntlon declared
istration official In close touch with
day that n settlement of the shop
racB atrtko 'on "n riumber-of "rail
roads waa "prnbaBlo" ns a result of
tho forthcoming conferences at Chi
cago. "
Assurance linvSbeca slven"by 'At
torney (lenernl Uaugherty' that" at' tho
meeting Monday,- the striking shop-'
men's committee will not bo Interfer
ed with by the government under a
federal restraining order.
CIUCAtiO, Sept. S. 11. M
head of the federated shot
shop crafts,
William It. Johnston, president ot
the. machinists and Martin P.. Tlyan,
president of the car men arrived In
Chicago today from the east were,
served with notice ot the temporary
Injunction granted by the govern
lien IJurgeks Wanted In Coanecttoai
With 1,000 Shortage
YllEKA, Sept. 8. Charged with
havlns realized approximately Jl.
100 from checks which he atole from
llie Ciillfornla-Oregon Power com
pany and from employes ot the com
pony, ilen llurgess U wanted by S!t
klyou county nulhoritles.
While, employed as "a. clerk at
Copco by the povverconipany. 'it la
alleged Durgesn was given a num
ber of.lettors to mall, It Is claim
ed that'lio took the' checks from tho
'letters, forged endorsements to
them mid cashed them nt different
towns In tho county.
Iluigess took a southbound tralu
out of JT)iinsmulr on August 13th,
presumablyto attend the funeral ot
u sister who, according to a tele
Ctniu ho received at Copco, had
been killed In au nutomobllo acci
dent ut Los Angeles,
Illn alleged defalcations were not
lealnediuntll la'stwcok, when chocks
bossW to nppcnr"nt tho banks for
I collection. '
1 llurgess is said to bo about 37
I years qld, fivo feet and ten inches
rhlgh, weighs 105 pounds, has dark
hair, slightly gray at tho temples,
Jackson Await jRemovnl of BoeVea
iot . 4T. Entojnucil Mlera
iACKSO.,VCal., Sept, S. ifope for
the 'entombed. 4 7 Argonaut minors
seem to have died completely. The,
people of,. Jackson with' calm reslc-
tjntion now await tho removal of ihe'
"TX f
.11T- - 4
Union Pacific ,ChmI
d '
. Deeply Imnrestt-Sy ""
Trip Orer CHity ,, H
Immeaaurabla ajomlbllltlei W ton
ago from the thousand of acres of
marab land on Upper Klamath LaktC
when they ar recUbnedoB UBde
cultivation,. I seen hy A. C. Spincer.
general coumel for tha Ualea Pacific. .
who with H. 13. Louashary, iatral
freight nent, anal J, W Morraw, .tax,
agent, visited Crater Lake yeafer-,
day. .,""
The car for the (rip waa teat , by.
O. A. Bellman. iJoa Arena drovo this
par,.rv , . ," ' '
",l never saw audi mafilfkeat tim
ber In my life," aald Spencer. He al
ao aaw great poaaiDiuiiea
. .. ..... ' 2 .'.
paasener traffic, when
niiiiiiiiinttj.. .
II 'It k 'J" I
fc- t , .
Crater Lake It advertised tkroughoat-
the east, should a rail !llae "he coai- '
atrucied to reach the'lake, 1 t
The tlahr, the undeveloped
ma rah land and the fertiHtf of th
Wood River valley made the greateat y
appeal, however. It ,waaer,' ,
first eight of the Upper Klaeaath lake
region and he was (a .a "the klf had.
not been told roe" alatf, of.antnd thla ..
morning. ' ,, ,
TrnB4irtUeaa .Need Httn'IfT ""'
Thn problem ot the' Klamath conn
try, he declared, h otthe aeedf
prodwtlon.but.transportatloei ' .that,
will "land Klamath -piiMtaln the, '
porta. ofSan Francisco". Portlajdaii,
Astoria 'on a profitably . comaetlai',
Sjenccr reiterated a J atatetaMt
uado In hlaaddresi beMfoWtheVh'
bcr of commerce, aaylac-'that'the' "
building of the Natron cut-off weaM ,l
give Klamath i, lteraedlate rate -
l 9 -7t i"rf "- -j"'
claaemte. TJUiJ-A MAJ 3VOJWMi
For. Instaace, from Portlaad t San
Fapclaco. the rail '.rate "! law 'to; '
compete with the.water'rata.fcefweeav'
the port.-To balance thla unprofit
able rate, there la a hither ratefae jii
Intermediate points, Medferdparai i
11.41 per haadred pounds r to 8an,
Francisco, against Portland'a 7;7 Za
rate, based on water competition"? ', -.
lUaaaiutti. IUW Higher "
Klamath Falls, on o, branch line,
but tho same distance fromSan
FrancUco as Medford. paya, a-'
It the N'atroa cutoff were-buiit'
Klamath Falls would he oa a''malK
tine also and would have te he irait-
ed aa Intermediate rate at least it'l
low as Medford. fc'rt - -f
Spencer argued that the Southern i.
Pacific, with a monopoly m Utmari
tatlon from Klamath, th eoo4 lotv
geat ablpplag point la. the stale.',
would be cuttlnc a big allege, off ltartt
revenuea by brldlna; the Natroh ga1,,
and bringing oa the lower rate. '. .
' Judging tho matter jwholly from a ',
business standpoint, he Mle. he, did
got believe the Soutbera Pacific waa, ''
or should be, aazloua to complete
tho Natron cutoff. " J'
k The Union Pacific foatd mot' he
Subject to the same argument, he
aald. Should the Union Pacific gain
control of the Ceatrat Pa'clflc .and
come into thla territory, It would be
ncessary for them to complete the.
leutoff In order to get business norjhu
and south, to compete with Jthe
"Southern Pacifies valley line andl
share In the trade of the terrliory.t
Impreaseil WMh i PeaelhUitlew
, Spencer and party returned to
'Portland today. All were.alacerely ,
Impressed with the productive peU v
bllllles of Klamath.
"You people ,of Klamath don't
know the resources you have. here.'
"was tho combined verdict of tVelr,,
two days spent ln lSpecting u
i.uu,i;, ,
Vormal Notice, Serve e4Oanmfai
Formal notice that comtruettM ( v
Kelson street .
haa been .mailed
'following' property vowMVSl Ue4
Porter; Ed Probat.'Johi .IsMsM.'ll;
. .. : -:.?
A . sW,Wl Wjr,
or, iii aciioa mnewi
the city eeuuell'MM'i
ajulrliiajt the rwWH)sf
those streets toeeastmt
s reulre4C MiH 7 ' ' , : 4
A!Kimml ' i' u'.3&
byitlte..iurte w . i - 1
asrsaSamiao svivt , v;"; , a
r . "gi
' 1
.: m
'i i
- tl
i iM
r ' . '?
jfs v J
Tf t . Vj .,
flNPfc.1. 'V. i-i "-'
irMMlitsW.r.,, hM
mmmf?'. v""3
MwmKm'',: ..ill
r ' v v T.rana
' v',:i,.-.
.- 1
. . it .-, -AV' V
jvj .. .-taff. :s. -.
' ' ,fr,lal