The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 12, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 4

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sati'iidav, norr la, iduu,
Herrin Mine Wtr Victim
Name of wiaawr la the Movie conteM, together with tltetr
will he oMnMuced Monday, Tlnxe who nan an-
1 should call at The, Herald off left anil receive their frW tickets,
nif Here
Memorial to Be Erected
Chicago nt Coat of
I lend of PriconurV Ucliuf
Society", Former Convict,
Approves Invention
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LaaaaaagagaVV1 KlMMHifi
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HmDK kI ial -RTaaaBaawgSjJSte'i
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TV Office Cat
Jolin Coleman nays It I getting
about lime for another drive to
tart. We have not had one now In
several week.
TtKMftM of MMiHi-Agcdi flay.
The1 kids can so camping; I'll alar
home and fry;
I'm a middle-aged guy.
A friend of mine claims that It
pay any hotel to entertain hln wife.
Raft always cleans the room beautl
fully beforo she unpacks.
She "Isn't It quite difficult to eat
mud with a moustache?"
He ("Well. It U rather a strain."
Maud Mullcr must hare a. tractor
by this time.
A Wat- Ahead
Student ( writing home): "How do
you aped 'financially'?"
Other "F-l-n-a-n-c-l-n-Mr, and
there arn two r'a la embarraaed.' "
tin a aelf-atartcrl Don't wait fer the
boss! '
Roll up your sleeves and dig la!
Tha time you spend walling will alt
be a loaa;
Ton were mado for a winner!
he a self-starter! Lei other men watt
Until the boss tells them to go;
nut you be the 'worker who seta hi
owa gait.
If you wait en therowd. you'll be
DM't wait fer the bom! Be the Mat
ta ike Ua!
The followers! Ua4 oa the rttlvcs
in ahop l"'W-"fihrcr6;irtrei6lirday. and tefeart
we need
Are fellows who think for them
r-. the ,iUrBef!u,mareel .. mm lalC--f t:
ieai his ilwrpatir"','rrwaea -
yen. dad," said she, "you're all
"Mrs. Jones, I got t'tell yuh, t'
aberlff came today an tooky-ar hue.
baud's clothes.
"What! Outrageous! I wish you
eeutd f lad my husband and tell him
tight away."
"He kaows It, m'm. lie waa wearln'
'em at the time."
TlfjKar Tat
"Going far "'asked the talkative
"Te Chicago' roared the traveler,
"I'm la the u'rjr getfee llae. Thirty-
an, marriea. name is iioraiie crown.
Re alaeteea yejsrs old. In the elvll
service. He geta thirty a week. Father
died last July) .Mother still living.
One of my nteees has red hair, bur
cok left, but we. got a new one. Any
thing else!" 1
Tho talkative man thought a mom
ent. "What oil) do you use on your
tongue!" he laaulred slowly.
flmarly Smith was striving
To cross the railroad track!
lie planned upon arriving
Out something held him back!
la dreams, he saw a vision!
A freight train, then a Jar!
11 tit there collision;
He simply stalled bla car.
We will deliver slab aad block
weed te aay raaea la tho valley- at
a reasoaable egtm eharge fer the
mileage. SeeiM shout year weed
ler the raacheur eharsee are rea-
aeMhle. U
ymum !
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PI fr'f
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Thursday's pictures: (III) Klllolt
mihl iiypis m
Extra Policemen Detailed to Handle Crowds; Thous
andi of Automobiles Bring Invalids
8AN JUAN. T. R.. Aug. IS Extra
1qtlceraen have been detailed for
duty at flan Lorento to help handle
the crowds drawn tfiero from Wed
nesday night to late Friday each
week by the atorica of apparent cures
hy Jullta Vatquet, the "healer of
San Lorento."
Hundreds, If not thousands, of au
tomobiles carrying tho sick. lame,
aad curious have been visiting San
Lorento and so great have bce,n the
traffic Jama that there have been
complaints to the police that the' San
Lorento road was impassable. On
Thursday last there waa a line of mo
ton two miles long on each sldo of
the roadway waiting for people who
are rapidly wearjng- Into, a broaa
trail 'the cow path that leads tip the
steep hills to tho spring from which
the iiesedly:healhuwater- come.
Thousands go by motor to the
'healer" aad-mdra thousands en toot.
Caguat and -other nearby towns
there hat, sprung up a regular motor
a-flj In -'-. 'lk.Jn1A Af nlr.'
aclea. People go by tntek loads. They
go la carriages, "carls and some are
carried. Stories cf "miracles" are
wills Afiljrftlt VAfflMIIV thrit
report of people coming from flan
to Demlago or the Virgin Islands to
let the waters blessed by the "heal
er" Some make a fiesta of It; others
are elaeet;rejrMMtlsl.- - -.
The heaMag- aariag. is about a, mile
(rem the towa where the "healer"
lives. Near the apring a palm-cover
ed pavlllion sheltering 400 to 500
people has been erected. There
Thursdays aud Fridays the healer
evii-ia-acBalr en-a ralsed-plalfofm
aad receives the sick. Waters from
m i - - i i i - i -
Cm 4
. r t hi f.
) There Is aojlme for delay
woea'your glasses roeei an ac
cldtOt. t , , f.
Ytt .dtjiuSd. e'ulck and efti)
clent service then.
,. We are eoujpped tp render,,
such; aerviee Immediately: i
e e
We' triad the surface and
edge: the' leases and guaran
tee, correct duplication -of
lence. .
: t y t
yeara exper-
FheeW Ofc iaaVW,tV-.'Ml.I
Write Plainly
Tour Name and AiMre-a
Ooxter. 0) Kstlmrln McOonsM.
the spring lack healing qualities un
til she has blessed or mngnetlied
them. After being blessed tho water
is carried away In bottles, buckets.
oil cans, anything And each person
tho "healer" sees is told to bathe,
run tho afflicted portion of the body
with tho water, or drink so much nf
It at certain times.
Frequently tho "healer" Is arous
ed from her trances with great dif
ficulty. Her father and a brother as
sist her. Her "power" is supposed to
have been passed on to her, while
the spring waters for many years
have been reputed to havo healing
qualities. It was about two months
ago that tho "healer" first attracted
attention. Slnco then her fame has
spread' throughout tho island.
LONDON. Aug. 12. The first
business venture of Lord Lascelles,
better known as the husband of
Prlncesa Mary, has proved a failure.
-THe-Coaquerur Typxiw titer manufac
turing company in Stcurton, near
Leeds, of which he waa the head and
principal shareholder, has Just been
- The-concern was; started In 1919
with a nominal capital of bait a mil
lion sterling. It was Intended by the
promoters to produce ah all British
typewriter which should compete
with the best of the American mach
ines. '-' The erection of the factory and Ita
equipment was undertakes at a time
when prices ruled high. No expanse
was spared and when the worka were
completed they were considered the
"lost word" In moilrn mass produc
tions. It waa hoped that tho now Industry
would -provide regular Employment
for 400 work people. Much experi
mental work waa undertaken In or
der to Justify the name of;"Conquer
or" and ensure production on a suf
ficiently profitable basis. But owing
(to the Industrial slump not a slugle
machine has been produced for salo.
PARIS, Aug. 11. Radio broad
casting is making strides In Paris,
although it has by no means attained
the' popularity which prevails in the
.United States. This Is due In part to
the. fact that all sending stations
.rautt haire a government llccnso and
pay a fee.
Receiving sets aro sold as low as
$'1.00 and for $80.00 an. Instrument
can- be obtained with which concerts
Riven at tho Hague can be heard.
Nothing to put en: Nothing to
take off; n turn of tho hand and
tho Brunswick plays onytrecord cor
rectly. Carrln Bays Ho. 12
JaWs O'Hourkf. Chicago mine ;wotkc r. shown here In tho hoipltal
at Hcrrln, III., was one of thoio Injured in tlio riot and mnuacro In
Williamson county. III.
Pottoffice ..Department Would Stem Tide of Dehy
drated Alcoholic Beverages
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12. Home
brewers and antl-Volstcailcann. tin
ware the "llooto Powder". Is the
warning sent broadcast by the I'ont
office dcparimmt, In a recent circul
ar. For stemming n tide of "dehy
drated" alcoholic beverages of remin
iscent names is a steady Job of the
fraud section nf the department.
trxlng tho. reputation of Herman
chemists certain Herman concerns
havo distributed' hundreds of thous-t
ands of clrcuars In the United Stales
offering for "one dollar only, lthlm
-wlue, moselle, sherry, port. bor
denux, burgundy, tnkny, munlcli
beer, pllsener. porter, al etc." In n
dried form,, says the post office.
From 'the powder a gallon or two
of tho, beverage Indicated nil the
package can bo made, tho' spurious
circulars claim.
DospTte the Issuance of fraud warn
Ings and fraud orders, many people.'
aro still sending money to these tier
man concerns only to have the mon
ey returned to them by tho post
offlcq department. If flicso powders
contained alcohol their Importation
II. "K. Wilson and John Holier,
manager of the Malln cheese factory,
were Klumath Fall visitors Wednev
Mr. and Mrs. (!. M. Klrkputrlck
and sons, Orlaud and George, worf
In Klamath Falls Saturday.
O. Kj Hunt nml;daugbtn, Mary
spent Monday at tho county seat and
Mrs. C. O. Miller who was with her
son C. IV .i Miller returned with them
for a. visit of n few days.
Mrs. Kmma Wilson was In Klam
ath Falls oncf day last week and her
raotherti ilrs,' A. Turner, n'nd' llttln
niece, -Marie' Sowcll, returned1 home
with her for a visit of a few day's.
F. W.McManus"nnd family of
Klamath ,'Fnlla were visitors nt the
homo of John Ilalley one day Inst
weok. nnd vFrlday they loft for Med
ford wherd thoy will spend sometime,
with Mrs'. McManus' parents Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Bailey.
Joo Chotard and' 0 K. Hunt are
busy, these days running their com
bine which they purchased last
spring ryo nnd winter wheat Is lin
ing harvested now, v
Tho ladles of tho Helping Hand
socloty woro ontertnlned by Mrs. I.lila
Klrkpatrlck Wednesday with 23
present besides n large number of
children! Music, both Instrumental
and vocal, was enjoyed Tho most en
joyable part of tho nftornoon was
whon quite a number went In bath
ing. Tho next meeting will ho at the
home of Mrs. Alma Layman, Wednes
day, August 23.
Tom Gets a Little Exercise Before Breakfast
would lie prolilliltl'il nnd hlnce lliey
dn not have the latent pnnsllillltleM
advertised they violate ttin mall
(mud Mtntuti'H.
A nlnnlflraiit requirement, add
the department wnniliiRn, Is tnai
every tidvertlslni; circular Insists on
payment helm; made In. American
Stevenson Manusc-Jnt
Is Sold in London
LONDON, Auk. 12. Fifteen tin
pillillHhed uutOKraph letters nf Hub
ert l.oiili Slevitnsnn In hln rtiuMu, It.
A. M. HttfVCiismi; have been mid In
tin American buyer fur $3, ."00. Tim
manuscript" nf .Steveiuiin's unpublish
ed play, "Monmouth," consisting nf
19 pages, sold for $1.200,. Accom-j
panylng the manuscript was a letter
written by 'the famous author when
he was 23, "1 rocngnlio," It snys,
"that .1 shall never he a great man. I )
may set myself peacefully on a sinal-,
ior Journey, not without hope of row
ing to tho Inn befom nightfall." !
A letter written by Stevenson the
day beforo he left for America to be
married brought $131), nnd nn ijnpiib-'
llshe( poem went to nn American col
lector 'for $."..
Any phonograph can play llruns-'
wick Uecurilw. (,'urrln Has Sn. 1L'
4 CYL. F. O. B.
6 CYL. F. O. B.
-,...- .,-, ., ,....... .;in-'i".i i ii, i i... .I,,, .
t'HICAtiO. Aug. 12 - A tlrnilar
liulldlng with a plant tlnmit suiipnrl
d by a rhiR nf llreelati pllliirs. will
be the main strut turn nf tltn menuir
lal In lis war tleail nf the llenntnleitl
mid I'lnlerllvn Order nf Klkit to be
elected In Chicago. Tim iialliinnt
memorial heaihiuiutei's cniiimlSHlnu
nf llm lodge which met In Now Vnrlt
ret-etilly ilerliled mi Ihls kind nf a
structure, nnd plans uiul speellli'it
tliins for tlm f'J,,'i0ii,(inii homo nf
ICIkilnm will be drawn within tlm
next few weeks.
On either side nf the huge memor
ial rnlunda will bo hiiiiiII wings con.
nerted wllli tho main building by
portico. These will huhl tlm office
nf tho Horrottiry nf the grand bulge
mid tlm editorial office nf tlm i:iks
The strtirture, nfecteil next
Ntimmer. will be located nt Hlversoy
Parkway uiul l.akevlew Aeuue, In
the heart nf it colony nf beautiful
residences, nnd faring Lincoln park
In tlm rntiiiida will bo placed sumo
memorial tn tlm members nf tlm
Inilim who liiHt their liven during the
wnr. The nature nf thlt lias tint been
decided upon, nrrnrtlliig to Frril I'
Itnblnson. the grand secretory.
"The building will bo open to the
public. " silld ItnhlllMli "There wilt
bo nn auditorium or lodgo balU In
niiuiertloii with tlm plnre. The site
we hnvo purrhiiKed has nearly four
hundred feet frontage. It nverlnnks
Lincoln I'nrk mid Lake Michigan.
The work nf selecting dm memorial
Itself which will bo In tlm rotunda
Is now being conducted by a com
mittee. A for the detail ami dornnt
)tt1.4-1f lll' ! I -t till ( tJ III tl' I "' !' --- - ..j
tlnni spresRlvii nf the icrvd enll- vlcud and seutentud. his Inqnteltnrs
iimnts, It Is tn early In anticipate par-1 lliK H I" tliHr power to cniifiiso
tlrulars but there M the world's treii- id trip him At nn Hum did the
sure nf experience tn he borrewed: needle Juhip up Inillnatltig, o the
(rum. 'expert i nd. hla nnswvrs wore
"Tlm office nf the grand secretary i Invariably triiititol
mid tlm editorial office of tlm UUi
mngaxlne will be nutxldo the main
Services in
Catholic Church
as usual
6:30 AND 9:30
WABIIINUTON. Aug. 12. (Cnplliil
NewH Hervlci'l The "npbjgnoniioo
meter." nr "lie delorlor," wlllrll J'l-f
tlco McCoy roruixMl to ntlmll t
cieillble wltimsa In I lie trtfll or Jam" i
Fryo for murder, cnntltiUvB tn hobl
Interest In capital lugnl circle. M'
recent nf lis piopoilonlB Is Pi. I.'. K.
PinlitliiK. Imml uf Ui6 PrtoiiPtw' U"
lief tmclnty, who Iihh euliiiilttPil Mm
Mtlf tn Its toittH In mi enilnavnr to nl
lulu whin ho terms "tardy Justice"
for himself. Ir Pudding wao eon
vluted mul seuletired fur iimtislnuK li
ter a uiitnlier of yetira ngn. served til
Hum. nnd since then tiax domed
lllliiselr to the aid nnd toilet nf re
leased prlmiuotN. ,
At his requuM, Pr. WlUlani Mars'
inn, prufenHur nf loMitl (Hyvliulogy at
Amerlimi 1'iilverslty. ami I'aul i:
llailllcl;, roneliiry uf tlm Atnortrati
l'H)i'lin-l,egu Hoclely. cmuliictml llm
tint. The Instrilimilit li Hlmitar tn
that which ptiysMiiitH tiso for lot
lug hliiod promure. but Um sn espw
Inlly senaltlvii iueilo tipnn a itirnnl
lug dial, which nuclim'.os with nn v
change In IiIoimI pitwstire. ft Is ex
plulne.l Hint fear, HllKer. niMl pain
riiixo tlm needle to Jump, nnd Hut .
nn man tells n lie tlm outroMo ol
which eniicertis lilm. wUltoui ntperi
eiiclng fear. As neither atlgnt nor
luitii enters Into an iixRinliintlmi uf
it wIIiiivm In court, tlm Jumping of tlm
needle when u iiuMin Is Hliowored
Is held in iulHlt' roar, and therefore
lark nf truth.
Dr. DiiiIiIIiir was put through n
gruelling examination as to the al
leged crlmlt for which lie wiu con-
Onl- r
t . P n .IV
i tin , t
Cut Flowcra Plants
rim,, ito si i m. i) r
tsrvrraflBMi uiujjuanggai
h !
, -1