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V, n.tk6tflr.. .HMtor and Pnhtlshrr
M. B. HIM . . ,CJtjr Alitor
V. C. NICKLi: Adrprtlslng Manager
Published dally exropt Sunday, nt
inn noram runilflliing company nt
Jviumstn1 Falls, at 119 Klghlh direct
L'nttrcd at the pnstofflro nt Klarn
nlh Kulln, 'Ore, tar transmission
through tho matin no second-elm's
mismdi.r op thi: AsiiociATi:n
Tho Asnorlatod Press In exclusive
y entitled In tho use tor publlcn
lion ot 'nil ntwn dispatches credited, iv not otherwise ercdllctl In
this' paper, nnd nlso tho local news
published herein.
SO.MB interesting fncts nro being
broadcasted throughout (lie
country In connection with n cam
palgn begun by the American Hall
way association In tho Interest of
public safety. "Cross Crossings
Cautiously" Is the slogan nilopted In
tho safety first campaign.
Following ore some
of the fact:
being made public:
"Approximately 1800 persons are
killed on railroad grade crossings
throughout the country each year
and ln round numbers approximate
ly 5,000 sustain painful and crip
pllng Injuries. In the last thirty years
the country's population has Increas
ed only 68 per cent, while fatal cross i
Ing acclrcnts hare Increased 345
per cent nnd Injury cases have In
creased 6G2 per cent, dust about 75
per cent of the persons kilted and
Injured In these deplorable railway
crossing accidents are occupants of
"There are at present over two
hundred fifty-one thousand railroad
grade crossings In the United States.
To eliminate all ot these crossings
by grado separation would require a
' sum of money In excess of twelve nnd
.one-half billion dollars. Constant
work Is being done In this direction.
nnd three hundred nnd ninety-nine
grado crossings wero eliminated In
1910. Hut even nt this rata. It would
take six hundred and twenty-nine
.years in abolish 'all thu crossings In
tho country,
"Remember this n rnllrond Toss
ing, no matter whether It Is a pro
tected crossing or nut. Is n place
of danger where no t'hanri; should
bo luken. If you nro driving a esr.
Flow down npproarhlng every rail
road crossing, look arefitly both
wnys bofore entering the tracks, nnd
do not proceed until you have made
sum 'that no train Is npproachlng In
either direction. If u train Is coming
wait. Do not attempt to cross ahead
of It. Many lives have been snuffed
out becaure the driver of a ear
thought bo could beat the train to
tho crossing and the race was a tie."
' Is dead.
To the world nt large. It In the ven
erable Inventor ot tho telephone who
baa1 passed on. To n much smalle
group'. It Is n beloved educator, n
teacher of the' most difficult pupils lr
tho world, who has left the sphoro of
his activities.
Dr. Hell, whoso labors In science
nnd Invention' brought him fame and
fortune, did not cease his benefits to
humanity with the Invention of the
telephone. Iloforo thru epoch-making
Invention nnd during nil hla long
life he ban been a teacher of the
deaf, and dumb, u student -of means
to enable the dumb to learn to speak,
tind the deaf to learn to "hear,"
either through Instruments or by lip
reading, Tim wliolt world tulks by tele
phono nor gfves a thought to the man
whoso genius made It possible. Rut
no deaf mute learns to communicate
wth his fellows, no dumb .person
learns to speak, bu( pays mental
tribute of grateful appreciation to
the liumanltnrlau, mlentCi, inventor,
teachor and educator who spent his
life In tho amelioration of their mis-'
fortunes, and on whose teachings tho I
whole nioduru science of speech ,
taught' to tliu'speeclilesu may be said '
to rest.
There are Four Kinds of Men:
He who know 'a and knows hu knows
'Ho' s wise follow him.
He who knows mid knowa not ho
'Ho la asleep wnku him,
lo who Itn'owB not and knows not lie
knows 'not.
Ho Is a foe) shun him,
'Hu who knows not and knows ho
" 'lituows not
tta'U'n'chltd teach him.
j-rinb 'tlhuynu says thcim nro a lot
of people lii the 'world whose desire
lilia'ta Ut'Uvlce Into tholparlrier-
hip lntowkiA ike'other fellow puts
. "
.Since the Indians struck oil Lo,
the poor Indian, llvt-M high,
One might say the man who Mole
n nirnel belonged to a rubber b.itid.
Iloblicil skirls tire growing longer
iibonl aw fast as bobbed 'hair.
"I'lanlH teel" says Then
a briar patch feels stuck up.
Coif Keep. one out In tho open,
hut not pa lug rent docs the same.
Our Idea of fun would bo two Joy
killers shooting nt each other nud
both of them crack shots.
Naming Pullmans Is ruining our!
Senate has started an open air re.
taurant. Now, when eating spag-i
hcttl, the sky's the limit.
Maybe a
snys "Your
shaving himself
needs w ashing,
i These strange cries coming from n
I Florida xwamp may be a train caller
' on his vacation.
Men with light heads seldom shine
like those with lantern Jaws.
The man who remarried his di
vorced wife won't be hearing forever
about her former husband.
The average song hit does tt about
three months, then misses.
"Keep one foot on the fleor" I a
good rule In shooting pool and a
better one In kicking.
In 1942 parents will wish for the
old-fashioned 1622 flapper.
Strange News Found
In Daily Newspapers
WASHINGTON. Aug. 12. -(Cnpl-
tal News Service). A man la Lon
don tried to hang himself. He was a
poor hnnd nt It, but he died Just the
same. Tho doctor testified that there
was ho sign of death by strangula
tion, so the coroners duly brought In
a verdict of "suicide by auto-sugges-'
tlon." tho first of Its kind on record.; UrunMV,rk ,.llnBr.l1H are
Tho theory Is that the man believed ' lmill. tl)vf v ; them all oil
he was hanging himself, becniso ho'oasy terms. Currlu For llrugn. 12'
had a handkerchief leoiH'd liver n t "
bed post and about his neck, end I TUOQOlh Birthday Is
thai the conviction that be was be1! , , ... -i i -r
Inr .trnn-rle.1 succeeded In kllllnB CclcbratStl fay Old Town
him. K Is net thought that killing
one's self by thinking one Is dead
will become popular!
Loudon also Is responsible, for til"
.in, or uMiiinm uir,nr '
who lost his life In the battle of Jut.
land. When his body was re'ovored '
tho usual brass Idciitltlcattun
was tuaen from his neck. On tho re-
...i-m ..r it l. iene.ld ... ff. ... ..
IMPV J l III ItUlM" H lilS- ' "
iiulro a microscope for reading. M Ills I
will. leaving his all lii his wife. Thls.i
the smallest nnd most unique will In
the nnnals or law. has Just boon ad-
milled to probate In (Tie London
cour(,, tho old glory or ceatunw gon- ny
mall compartment of the acromnr; wll0 ll otu rw " a" P-!-
Ine elevcn.passcnger plnno flying ! residence. Kveu tho voneniblo Kals
regularly from Detroit to Cleveland. nrI,sus- '""'. b' "m,r-' n,u' 3al,,
went to sleep, and woke up when tho ,0 I)0 l,1 ol,lc8: 80Cul!,r uulI,lln'. ln.
motora roared. He couldn't make h!s ! Owinuny, afpcaratl brltshteiioil up for
presence knwn until tho motors , "l0 ('a' ' I
. . ., Tli,. innliT-ifirv ril,,,rv.'inr,.u
stoppea, across tno laxoin utcvoiauu.
In Northern Montana, near Glaclor)
National park, Is a colony ot n mil
lion marmots. These little anlmnls
mate a curious noise, something be
tween a yelp nnd n whistle. It Is pro
posed to broadcast tholr chorus via
radio, that wireless "fans" of Amer-
lea may hear tho largest aggregation j '" a roiu-i-iay wan presenter i.y to
of animal voices In the world tuning , cal u,ft'l '
up In u natural symphony.
Herald classified ads pay yon.
OOWT GO GerW pceveo
i h
nv, meve. oee ner uaw.e
ift&aflte -?
I tm&
Latest Fad
The cut-class clgnret bolder, colt
cred to match hat or gown. Is the
latest fad among tho ellto at Palm
taeach. Miss Corlnne Barker, New
Tork, debutante, was tho first to tn-i
uoducsUt tt Um Florida, resort. . J
K. C's To Meet Lost
River Giants Sunday
The Knights o; Columbus baseball
team will meet the Lost River (
I (Hants on their home grounds to I
morrow afternoon.
The I.oit , River Giants defeated
the Klamath Falls last Stfnday, and
recently were defeated by tho K.
C's. ntp ro ml lie In strong for
the .
championship of tho county, nnd
a good fust game can bo expected.
UOSLAR, Germany.' Aug. 12.-'
Drowsy old Guslar. MelliUHelnli of'
tho Harz. has tripped lightly Into the
Imellgh to announce '''"
' ached Its thousandth blrthda).!
Ba... ,.......... .r..v.. .,, , "'
I T'""TjSjurlLt;''
- '--4 HUB
ri mbsi
, r'-V: I yM
f I f 1 MK k
l I r I
inont men from nu.M- par u of '";, KulIl) wllll lllK (UllKu.r ,, MM
cnuiiuv, lll.U MU IIH ' UIPIW.I.
country, marked the
" prepnrauou -.r w.e ,-.... ...m
tnatul Itself all In Ha "Sun
'V " '" a t,,ora, coat of
-Testa l'a'" h"'1 .coraoit.
,l ",kl on "nc I"or" B'n''l''ns of
- - -. -
in ,,.im ,..,,1,. imiiii f, TipTiiiii innrn,'
,,, ,.. . I4..f, ...ft. ..'.. ...u...
Ing program In which public lenders
In tnwn tirnvf nrlnl nml nrtflnnnl HfA
look nan. A historical naeeant .. .
oral mtlo.1 Ioiir rar-I Ui MrvulH
IntitH friH fiiwit liv n lini'n fdllf snlriilf
on the mour.taln.Hldo. In tho llV(..i
Good music In the homo makis
the children cuuteillod.. A Drunswlck
. Phonograph will supply the worlds
1 best music. Currln Say So. 12
The liu.y lieu
avenue, given In honor of the Mlsseu
Once upon o time a country hotel Vivian imd Dortha Martin, who nro
, keeper InsorteJ an ad In the paper j i,,ving Monduy for Rerkeley. fall-
for a helper. In a rbuntry hole! one' furnla. whero they will continue their
bus to do many sorts of things. The ntudlea ut the university. The "beau
'establishment H such .that the Iru-i tirully appointed .table was center
, prietor cunnot afford a staff of spec- ,,' y k'and orchid usters. a color
, lallats, f I Hchemo which wa carried through-
. Hut to get on with our story. Ono oul tho-decoration. Covers were laid
of thu appllruuts for tho Job was ari( for Misses 'Vivian and IXirthn Mar
, Irishman. tn, Mario Rumbo. Mesdames Rex
"What J vant," explained tho hotel, MsMllllnn. Roderick Smith nud Mark
keeper, "is nn all around useful man, J Hauna.
One vho ru-i look and wirih dishes,!
keep thu boi;ks. do bin hit buhlml the1 40tijr mteriistlnK uffnlr given
'doik, handle tlio correupondeiico, an-, (or MHm,K vivlun and Dortha Mar-
swor bells and drlvo tho untoinohllo j t WUH mm. theatro. party and sup-
flown io ti:v fiepot at tram timu i
pick up tho guests. We have a iow,
too. Do ou know how u milk?"
"Vui,", said the Irishman. "Hut ex-
iiiho me for asking what sort of colli
have ou here?"
"Soli?" snapped tho hotel keeper."
"Wtsll. I thought If It was clay I
might iiuiko bricks In my spare
You would be surprised to know
bojv little money Is reqiilrcd to place
n Brunswick Phonograph In your
illume. Currliis For Drug 12
iS H T;
I Watch Repair Specialist I
No job too delicate I i
I lO.vpeit Wntch-Mnkcr and .leweler Is
I Phone 712 022 Alain St.
The Annual Flower show Is claim
ing tho attention and time of society
J this week Many ot the city's must
, prominent social leaders are named
! on the committees with Mrs. It. N.
Moe acting as general chairman. New
rules anil regulation liae been made
I to rover
this serond annual flower
. . ,
, show and the classification has been
shortened to a considerable .tet.
and should, according to Mrs. Harry
Poole, publicity manager, simplify
matters when the Judge come to
make their divisions. Remembering
the brilliant display of last season,
nil flower lovers will be In attend-
', mice at tho show Wednesday, when
it opens ill the Melhase building with
1 a riot of home-grown blooms.
' Motor trips Into the country foil
tlniie to ocupy society's time to the
exclusion of more formal town af
fairs. lloweer. the calendar till
week holds a record of several lunch
eons, n birthday dinner and several
club meetings.
' George Thrashet birthday was
the Inspiration for a dinner given Id '
his honor by members of his family
.Sunday evening. Present were: Mrs.
Tlir:ilii-r. Mls Mildred Thliishcr.
! Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thrasher nnjt
children, Mr. and Mrs. James llllljn
i nnd sun. Paul.
1 Interesting "lit ot town guests vis-' Junes. George Duncan. Herbert New
in,,,. l.r., il.u nik nrr Mlxs Muriel ell Jr. Donald and Robert Hunt, nud
Arnold, niece of J. J. Miller, and
I her friend. Miss Marjorle Ilarr, both
j of F.crkeley'. They are liousui guests ;
I at the home of Mrs, (.'. M. Rnmnhy,
! Friday night .Mr. Miller luck the two
girls to Crater Lake. Other mem
ber uf the outing party were: Mr.
and Mrs. Ramsliy and daughter i:iii
. .. '. 411 ,. , ,.
,,.,, ,llluMon an(, ltaMBliiur. Afterj
u (( i( .ho!
llk. Mr Mllb.r will return to Kliun-
Arnold nnd MIm Ilarr nnd thu rest of
the party will go on to Diamond lake
for u two week's fishing and camp
ing trip. '
The Auction llrfdr.e club va de
lightfully entertained Tuesday nt thu.
homo el Mrs. L. F. Wllllts. Thu after
noon was passed nt tho brldgn tables
mill Into In the afternoon u dainty
luncheon was served.
Saturday night of Inst tveuk Mr.
-Mrs. Leslie Rogers were hosls
nt their lofely homo on Pacific: Ter
raco nt nn informal dancing parly,
Honoflnjc John M
Moore, who was
1 fmf.nillni h(n vnriitlnn ltnrn from I.fiil
Angeles. The evening of dnnrlng In
frspersed by songs nnd muHlcnluum
bcrs. w.'in ilellglitfully entert.tlnlug.
!a light supper wns served lit the
'close of tho festivities to the 12
I couples who shared Mr. nnd Mrs.
Rogor's hospitality.
I ,
Mrs. G. Arthur Hallwell was ho-
. tess ut it charming luncieon yeuter
i day noon at her home on Crescent
c.r Krduy night, sponsored by Mrs.
Ul),rirk Hinltli. assisted by Mrs.
,tol)rt gloan. After the theatro
MrM. sinith took hr uimsiH bv
car to Iter home on Deltu ave
nue for supper, Mrs, Sloan receiv
ed the guests at tho house, which wui
beautifully decorated with a pro
fusion of fall flowers and greens,
(.'overs were laid for thu following at
u table tastefully decorated with nas
turtiums: Misses Vivlun and Dortha
Martin, Mario Rambo, Mesdamos
Philip 3, I'vi'e. He' McMillan, Murk
I M ward Hatlitdets, Victor
II. Arthur llullwell, Robert
Sloan and tho hosens,
Mr, and .Mrs, V. K. t.Jium enter
tained a number of friends at a din
ner ami dnn:o Thursday at their
home on Pacific Terrace. Following
" "w hh ... ,
... ,, . . m , . . ..I .. f
iieiigiiiiui evening .Mr uiui .nr i.ra-
Mf nm, Mw ,. A
' Krause, uml their bouse guest. Miss,
Fannie Rosenburg. who Is visiting,
here from llelolt, Wisconsin. Mr
nnd Mrs. George Wntt mid J. S Kent
One of the most Interesting affairs
of thu week was the large children s (
party given for little Miss Margaret
llibbert, daughter of Mr and Mrs
I II llibbert. In honor of her 'Ifih
birthday, by Mrs. llibbert assisted by '
Mrs. K. II. Pike. The parly was held
on the Pike lawn' at Pelican city and
took the form of a picnic afternoon ,
The little honor guest and Iter
friends played the many games which
are the delight of liny tots and el a
late hour in the afternoon were rerv
ed with n sumptuous lunrleoit The
guest list follow Yonno Seller.'
Mary Tboniti. Kmlly Sue Pt'cl. Ger
trulle mid Marguerite lluyle. Margar
et Daggett, Mary Jane Moure. Juue
Palmer, Marjorle Hull, Margaret am',
Frances Pluelll, Faje and Jack Much
iinan. Donald nud JnmuH Rogers.
I l.uale.i nud Chut Hunter, Wilbur
the llllli) honor guest
thi: i.iiii:rtv
' A Virgin Paradise", the eeifsn k
tlonnl niiii spectacular special wliirh.
uiude a tremendous impression while
running on llroadw.iy. New Vurk I
will come to the Liberty theatre Uuii
day for a two day's run.
The scenes include thu destruction
!f n tropic Island by n volcanic erup-j
tlon, with the death of thu entirui
population except two persons, nnd )
the burning of u palatial country j
placn on Lring Island, Now York. i
The survivors on the Island nro
tho Infant daughter of u missionary. '
Gratia Latham, nud hor uatlvu nurse
The tiurxo dies while Gratia Is still ,
n child, ami she llos on with only
Huns, apes nud other wild animals
as her companions,
Tho rolo of Gratia la playeif by
Pearl White, famous for her das'i
nml daring on tho screen.
Till: STItA.VD
the Strand theater bill for Humlay
Is exceptionally strong, being head
lined by two vaudeville niti of iinus.
uu I merit.
Mack brothcra. beiu because of a I
short vocational yeieaM from tiiuir
regular work on the Orphcum cir
cuit, are superb uihletoi and will en-1 1
terlaln thoso who attend the Htrnnil
Sundny with some wouilerful haliiiir
Ing and acrobatic stuuts. Mack hroth-f
ers taku second place to no one In
tlmlr work. 1 1
A innr.ii.ier uiiiiviauiiuiui i,ii villi
do to perfection either a Chinese, I
Italian or u Swede will give the tiilill--j
eucu thirty minutes 'of fun that Is'
. i .. i ,.. ...i
fun. He filllshV-s his act by reciting
George Rohan's inii'itorplnre, "My'
Tlio pictures tomorrow show Rob-
ert Wurwlck In I.. Philips Oppen-'
I helm's famous story, "Tho Hlleul ,
Master." nnd Al Jennings, to which)
is added a good comedy.
Was He u Hlglilaiiilei-'.'
A tramp called ut the house of u
spinster who lived all alone.
When she opened the door hu ask
ed her If she had an old pair of her
husbund's trousers to give away,
Tliu good lady, who did not want
Io admit, that sho was uuprolurteil,
replied In uu embarrassed veice:
"I am very sorry, my good man,
but er-my-or-huH hut-but he nover
wears llioni!" '
I latum,
' Kodak Finishing
Our prints aio made mi Vnlux
It Is mm nun ulii union,- an
other Hafogitard fur Vulux
iMaleniil.s that are l'.UHtman-nuulo and mothoda that
are Kaylinan-aiiprovtid, phis tho oxperionee of our
experts, are nuaraulies of finest quality finishing.
Films received
rcady the same
Mull join- film,
nth unit .Main Stit'cU
VA prof-rain today that will you
Comical Buster Kenton in
And Jnclc London's
"Mutiny of the Elsirtore"
wonderful sea story and a laughable comedy
A story of the South Seas
Coming Tuesday "The Birth of n Nation"
This fine old film is being shown again all over
the United States ami we are glad to bring it back
to Klamath Falls.
Back East
All nuulo under
Come and look our plant over,
invite inspection at any time.
Don't fail to rend the
B.vniitiiAV, AiicawT iu, nnia.
before 9 a. m.
day at 5 p. m.
ur In lug thrill III,
Tickets On Sale
May 25 to Aug. 31
Iti tin n Limit (lit. ill,
nnd return
New York
and return
Piopoiilnmitoly low f.ues to other
polnt.1. Liberal stupovotn ami choice
of loule.'i going and returnlii"
For additional Information, fates,
train sarvlje, etc,, ileu
J. J. MILLER, Agent
tho most riunitary
Heriild Clarified Ada.
'.A V J
"- - -xB-.f ' ,7
itM iAv