The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 09, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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vnnvr.Hi.v, apopht , h!M.
Name These Screen Players and Win Free Tickets
To Motion Picture Theatres!!!
Con you nnmp ihcse ixro popular screen pin) cm?
Write their names on Hip blank line-", sign jour own name,
cllii mill jiimII In MOVIK CO.Vri.8T, TIIK KVKXIXO HKHAI.D. or
Icmo ill TIIK IIKH.M.O of flic.
Two picture Mill nppear end" ,lfly 'r ! weeks, 21 pic
tHim In nil. Knell picture will lie numbered.
AM riiovok must lio rreclvnl ut TIIK HKItAI.O not l.ilrr limn
noon 'if llin mi-innl tiny following ptibllrnllim unit the rurmt
mimes Mill lie pnblUlieil Hint il.ty.
I'rlrrH Mill In; inwii-ilril to thc llilii person submitting llio
mnivl iiiiivrl number of immeils ns follews:
1IKST PIU.i: l.i five (U Wot, lii llio STHAXII, KTAH,
AMI I.IIIKHTV thkathi:.
Ki:t,1)M Htl.K n free llrkcts.
TIIIIID I'ltl.i; n free tickets.
Ill cient of n Up, Hip ulnncr mill n- Judged Iijt the tlmp 111
gurr-s nrp rrccUril nt llio Herald office. Knelt envelope will bo
tnnrkrtt with llio time of receipt.
Ticket Mill ln ilitttletf to glte winners n nearly as povsl.
IIp, an isiml number for enrh theatre.
tiikuk a hi: xo stiuxtis to this contest its
(IT) Xiiliic
(18) Xnine
Peg-Topped Rompers Newest
W , fit'!' ' ' '
Wrllc Mainly
Your Xumo anil' AiWrrw
) WftlT BET'-f Hflt'S STRl!fiHT j
r TiPFBflMfflMjnce :
' - ' . .. . .
Hernlcl Tried Pwn Dora)
' 4
Did It Work? Read ThU
I'roiMons Mnilp Pur tteullln" CuitRrr Aoiup Slip HijcctriU: IjcV.
Hunts line For ltrp.irtlon
Of KtiuiU UUrn As
LONDON', Auk. D. Klnanclnl ex-f oCClon to lthold action of the
prrta mcotlnK horo toilay to study,' proposed auto park site on Confer
ilrnntlc mensurM for financial con-j avenue was announced today by the
trol of Germany, provided for mora-!chamber of commerce board of dlrec
torlnm condition, which Include ex ors a a reui of a meetlnu of the
ploltatlon German customs, mines.' board Tuesdar. Inability to finance
Ilarlnc pes tops dlM'tav thrnvelves'on the newest children's romicr.
The enrmcntii nrc of poplin, madras cr chamUuy, trlmnieil with pli'lncs
vt eoWurs and cult of (he same nutcilal In u lontrnstlnc rulor.
Pari. Ail. 9. The' enpe. o poi- New York Sonic of the new
ular for so' ton;, has taken unto It J convicts are made In thc fashion
self a new turn. Instead of belnt; shade of peacock and ulUer. These
a detached or a semi-detached car l shades are enjoying such a mikuc
uient it li n comi- nation of prim, , that nlphtcowni and underthlnRs
old-fashioned bcrtl u and slefvci'arc alto taking the silver and pea
One glorious autumn ROn of p.-' eock and sllrcr has no oprnlnc nt
tunla pink taffeta has a wldo ler all. It Is merely n tlglitly-flttltiK
tha of the Roods, which comci a'-1 band of elastic and brocade Into
most to the elbows In illeu of rtecv-' which one climbs feet first. When
rs. It Is held .together In front I this tpe has been correctly fitted!
Ljr' Z? jfl
I " ! StlsWissssssssssssst
Whim mi flml n diiflin' who'll
lnlto ii vhiuii'K on ii iIono of liln ohii
. .....ll.iln.t i mi lullllf nil ll'ft lllilllL
1 lllllllll Mil' Jllll lull nil!" "t
"I miver but. niul 1 iimm- ithn llpni nj Hdinhio Muff.
In frlemlr.
"Tho only eorliilu IliUig nliiiiit
homo rai'hiK In lit uiiiorliilnty.
'"riic nii'iiHt trlflo mil) Iniuhforiii
(ho I'urliiln dinner of nun liiiiiiiont
Into tho ceiliilii winner of otio mom-
cut lulu tho lerlnlu Iiimit of lln nol, '
"Nu Jockey wlw know llio I'umo!
An Inky imllMiliuil from tlm uotlmr
iokIomh mIikio 'llio Ilotiild In put III
Dim mid piluloil ntuili lilts IiihiiI
tliiini;li llio door llin olhnr il.iy mid
iiiminiiMul ho miis lliod of wlpliu: otr
tho hIouph mid ili'TintiiK up llio pii'BM
wllll llio olflio towol,
"Tlmt tlii'l" IiiwhI," lin wild, "has
. n-gnriiK inn men iih mod mini hum ,,, , ,m HM, mound horo
Judge linn holnliid llio winning tiuiit- J fll. tHO y,Hfl n,Hl ,mv f, i niu't
i lM'r" j tight .to I'timil mi miiili unto imo
i Idol of I'nnili Traiks , i,,,, nilllt Hlllll, hh p. il. i nnd
(i'.NVIII Is llio Idol or tho b'lonrh, 1(,)u,( wl ,,t,,,,-
trnrku nnd In 14 yours rmJng lii Tl(1 ff1(, fm, ,slUi nytnpatlmtk'
lluropo hits won 1.100 rneoK. prlen, ,,,,t Uy ,KK,.i.ii-I.
lo Dm iiwiipw rnnglng from 20011 H ( ..Yu might try my wife, hainnled
1 000,000 frnnes. j ,,, ,,tt,r ,tiiy Kio huH wo
, You e.iu't find O'Nolll loafing! dm,,,,!, luul tiuyllilng dw hIiiu
iiibout llio lioiifonirdH or in'ii luickHj (;lll hl ,I(I WH,,ipor IiiinIiimmi."
jur J.mliig iiriiiiml Moiilmmio. II,. Ih.hJ ..Hy (ll mi,,, ,imirp." Imstx
a hoiiso mid giinloii In tlm suburb iif.j,, ,. , .,,, '.),,,, w ru
1 MuIkiiiis l.nllllo. wheio ho IUoh llli'l,,i ,
his wlfo. his tr-yeiir-nld non mid inn! vim wunliln'l liollno It iiiilxs.i
little daughters iim'il Irled It jmusolf but It uolked
"'' ' tiinimsful mill Y , ei,,,,,,,. Tho only fmilt nun
mudn money, mi) O'Neill. "Iliii 1 1 i,itRit find Is that It worked loo woll
odn't mnko mi) tiling llko tho luigejw,, H,n., riKtirftt on going Into lite
sums ilupeslerH nay I 1I11. Wlim, I'iiii i,i..Hni,, i,.ii
not riding I'm ut Immo phi) lug ultht i,doi being 11 HhHIiuiuiImI lo tlm
. '" MiU" Wflcli'iiry of lleruM i I.imUIisJ mis.
I I'llilit stor') n'lis aimiiirr nurpnsn. It Is
I Ilieu II llnppeiipil J 11 uotlre to ull)Vhii imto nir.-i)UdllHX
"lenn'tl p visitors f mm romliig ,l,'altu' "'" ' i0" "'S1 ""r ",""t "f
up,'' Mid the ntrico bur dejeetedly. I I1,nmcij.iu now lor lo )an.
lo tho president. "When 1 say )ou'ro.' " ''Mu ''.? .1
"t think p.linlilllir 1111 Imrliirf Is n
ii) uiacK tvirei riuuuus uuu rvai-1 ii is a pvrieci loununnon over w men a,10 (), 1 .
r idi s bit .' witml! to tliQialmost any gown lookJ wonderful-;
Aug S.- jlero unit. tlpi;oM,.,,,,,- """"'y y iUn' ",,Mt """jllAYIMJ l4.TIIAriOII I.HW
from the feodbox" -,, j ZVt ... .. ..,,.,. ..,.. I .":il llllli:r II.I.MW1
the American Jockey. Prank O'Neill, tell them that's what they all say" ' .Matiunl IMbiicr. 5C. liming h-
I premier rider of French race tracks,' "That nftomooii there eiillod nt tlm' I rut-tor on 11 ninth nil tlm Merrill
and regarded .is the greatest Jockey I "fff"'" niing lady The boy nssured mint this city, died last nigtit
hit 11 wai iiiiiio.isiuie iu sen nut preai- lotinwing 11 siigiu iiinnsti or ti-
lent ' d.i)' duration lie Is survived t 1
"Hut I'm his wlfo ' s.i Id tho lady. wlfo. Mnrle. mid n son. John Tin-
"Oh, Hints what lliey alt sny,' ' body will Ixi Mhlpped to I'tniti.
11.1I1I tho hoy I for htirlnl
In the world
Sn)s O'Neill
ly well.
r AhJnn k -Mllln1ll no a'tjA.l Vfllf VftfV J(lnlrIn LAll lj.
t-tMnlsi sai.Isi.1 f tit,. TIaUI. l.L. .. . ... .. ... ........... 'WUHUWU UMI.M V. l"".' J "- ,,h, ri-n, vi
...ZZy."L,:iint prrcn,',? u"" u, "' "'.".. roll of gold tissue Is the la tt'iUn lamb and kolinsky bid fair in
u.11. i"i.i.i Mi .mi in. 1 miicii-nru gncn as me reason lor me ue-i . . . . ,. fc , ,.
cles. These would bo under ncthej clilon.
control of international commission-J The question of purchasing both
ors at Berlin. jtj,,, camp ti and a 1M5rraanent far
" I ground simultaneously, wof Id. (n the
opinion of the board, be, difficult to
DUItt.lN, Aug. 9. Hold pa) incuts
nro not Germany's only worries In
meeting the demands of tky Entente,
official reports Indlratc that sho linn
had to dlsgorgo liberally from her
livestock nwt. Theo deliveries are
In compensation for requisitions
made by tho Germans during (he
Mure than .1 half million head of
!lo.itick, besides poultry numbering
carry at the fnll election, anil the
ramp ground was held up In favor of
the permanent fair grounds.
II. C. Gnvsbeek. W. C. Dulton and
Fred Fletcher were, asked by the
board In recommend a plan for equip
ping a tourist park, together nlth a
recommendation for a site.
Tho directors alsti have asked Dip
general public to make suggestions
nearly a quarter million, were dc- with reference to a location lo mom
Uvcre.l to tho Knlcntn by Germany up. bers of this committee, or to the
to July .1 of this year, the government board of directors, as It s planned to
announced In reply to an Interpoll.i-: ncttlo definitely on n location at an
Hon by tho Bavarian l'eoplo's party. I early date.
There then rcmnlned :51,:i2 head) It was brought out that tho park
of Ihcttock still to bu handed ocr. j hoard flas only given the chamber a
Tha ilolhcrlca thus fr made In-1 temporary Icaso on tho present camp
eluded H3.C2S horses, 175, COG cat-i ground, and that It will bo necessary
He. 209,3.11 sheep, 21.111 gnats, and 1 to relinquish thc location next year.
310,700 head of poultry. Those yet
to bu I'l.-idn comprise a,712 horses,
112,100 rattle, and 77,100 sheep.
Dulhcrlc of livestock to Italy (
from .South Gormauy are expected tn, SACRAMKXTO. Aug. 'J. The
bn made early In September, whllul statement that Mrs. Uclanll killed A.
KhlpmeulH o -Serbia probably,- lll Illese. a rancher, follow lug. w)iji her
Inki) placn oon. fen thmisanif cattlo 18 dog attackiil and nearly destroy-
nnd I.'IOO sheep aro to Ik sent tt.ed tlm body, wus nnnounced by the
Italy. Tho (onslgniueiit will
ciMiiiiet of 57.000 idiccp.
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deputy district nttorney hero today,
TJ10 body of Hleso win horribly torn
I from the head to the ankles. Mrs.
"i ..,- .. ..... ...
1 1 will nil was neiii lor investigaiion.
Something for the Ladies
Every lady present tonight will be given free
a mpvie fan hairnet FREE-r-
Musical features, being an entire change
, of program, also new pictures in
cluding Christie Comedy
Don't forget it's Movie Fan hairnet night
trimming for the bem of an "vca
log cloak. Thc material of whirl
tho cloak Is made must be tcry
rtch in color to go well with thc
thick, sumptuous turban-Ilkc it!I
with which the hem Is finished. One
men cloak scent recently was of
blue and gold brocade and thc rou
leau on II was six Inches tlhck.
I'arls It Is chic nowaday to
bive pannlcrcs on one's silk after
uoon gown and with aleeres less
than elbow length nnd a snugly (It
ted body . Tho little gown has J. I
old time look of quatntncM. lilt
the pannlcrcs differ from thiwe f
last season In being flnlihcd at the
blp with bands of littlo tucks. Theic
tuks arc repealed on the hems
of the panels which extend from
tho pannlcrcs Tho pointed and un
even Is, by tho way. still In evi
be popular furs next iaon. Skunk
Is also to bp extensively need as a
trimming, taking somewhat llio
place In dress "trimmings for winter
that monkey fur has) held as a
feature of many aututnn coats, at
well as of fur coats for early win
ter. Some of tho advunce mo lels
show fur coats of about unkle
New York A dhrk blue stilt
and a bright red handbag will be
one of the smart combinations for
autumn. Thcro la a distinct (it urn
of thu red leather handbag of en-
i..1inA lllil r vt. t nil Min .
VVIUJj'W UUIIUi CV tva Mini aw "iir 1
venient. Home or tnn latwi nana-
OUKB UUniUIHU JIIIA Ullil IL.iul-11 wile ,
of theso lias a strip 01 rcu, sniny
leather crour.d H'e bacd of red 1
vhllo another uses tho leather for
tho upper half and silk for the luw.
Admission 20c and 35c
Show Starts 6:45
t Poraiu Spwlccr1 Against l'ropoel
I'juiu-rger .from CenlrHl Pacific
Frank J. Miller, of Albany, former
member and for Kcveral years cliulr
man or the state public service com
mission, spoke In favor of the South
ern Pacific position In tho unmc-rgcr
dispute ut thc chamber1 of cominerco
luncheon today.
Ho said over)' chamber of com-
mercu between Ashland and Albany
was on record us favoring-tho South
ern Pacific, and voiced tho belief
that Klamath's Interests wuro Identi
cal and should lead them to tho samo
Ho said tlmt the western Hide of
thu Cuscadcs was us euger as Klam
ath to see the Wcstwood-Klumath
Falls gup completed, aid tthllu,thc
Southern I'sulflc had imWo no deflnl
Ite promise on that score. It had
promlsod to complete the Nutron cut
off, and uventually he hoped would
build tho Wesfwood line.
Tha Nutron cut-off, lie urguvd.
would doublo track thu Southern
Pacific from Kugcnu Houtli, reliev
ing congestion on the present line,
nDAUIl I C flfYT TROUT nnd making for foslcr traffic muvi-
wnw -- nfcnl oT,,rn Oregon. The
1 tago to Klamath Falls would be a
pohlllou on tho main Hue, closer und
tnoro contcnlent relations with Purl
uliid und a lower freight rate, Inas
much as merchants would then trade,
with Portland producer would hhip
to Porllaud anil tho control of rates
would bo entirely wllhln tho m.itu
and under llio public service commission.
iB 1 i " .e BE
' . W Tl ' .Lm 1
I sBSsS? 1
llrcaklng Iimii 'of Altis Tniik
Ili-Miltt ln IIMrlilutlon of l'r
OHOVH.I.E, Cul.. Aug. D. He-
causo ii California Fish and Gaum
commission tmck earning fish to Al-
turan to bu 'distributed In streams of
tho 'high Sierra broko down hero
the streams adjacent to Orovlllo were
enriched by 37.',000 trout .fry.
After several hours delay In at
tempting .to, rpic 4U.Ln.r..11 "
found that tlio4iinBJHftt5c"ouldt
kept allvo In captlvlly'buf a few-
hours more and the Orovlllo chamber!
of commerce was asked to help dis
pose of them. Local business men
promptly co-operated and the fish
were distributed.
NeV-Muililwc Will lie Itemly lo
, .8ero Grower on Hepl. I
CHICAGO, Aug. tl. Itcorgunlza
t luii of tho United States grain
grower with tho resignation of nil
officers, announced today, Includes
abandonment of tho offer of It. F.
Hale to finance u marketing sys
tem for grain growers Hulo offered
to back growers to tho extent of
11,000,000 In purchasing a scat
the boird of trade and establishing
market facilities, but tho agreement
was abandoned. Growers wilt bo
Qiiablvd to market grain through
the new machine September 1. K. II.
Cunningham becomes president.
Here's a Fashion Hint
Dish Rags Make Sweaters
Buy a lot
Rent your rooms
Sell your property
Sell old furniture
Find lost articles
Get a job
Buy chickens
Trade autos
Buy a radio
Rent a garage
Find help
Sell your businesi
Buy an auto
Borrow Nmoney
Sell livestock
Sell a piano
Sell fruit
Buy, a business
Exchange anything
Sell old clothes
Sell wood
SAN DIKOO. Cal.. Aug. 3. Thu
lowly dish rag liuw been snutched
from Its perch on tho kitchen door
nail and Incorporated Into a Hweuter
ucceptublo to almost any young
flapper ut a cost of only .'15 cents,
according to reporters who attended
a recent newspaper's picnic here.
Two largo ten Lent dish rugs und
u smull five cent one plus ten cunts
worth of dye Is sufflclout to cre
ato a snappy sporta sweater, nc
cording to several young ladles who
wore the new rreutlons l(i thu plo
u Ic.
p ; j
Large Returns