The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 29, 1922, Page Page Three, Image 3

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? fat f-"?, "S
(MTimiUV, Tnly 20, 1021!. .-!
Captains Cliium for ("IimiiIht Mi'tn
lM'islili ('iiiiiIiiiIuii
L .. M M- -. . - n i iiihiiWIM iiiw....i.i i m7Zl -. . . -7 1 - - .i.. .-.-Hi 11 inn ,.i.. , in. .i. i.i..i i- iin.1 mm
- abiMiaiaMHBaMMaaa
iil -. j m -f - - - ."
Nino Yfiilnlmt fur tlm iIiiiiiiIiit
(if cniiiini'ri'M iiliniiiil cumpitlKii Imvo
Iii'imi appointed In lull (i in II vii rlinrO
of llin Kiillrllltii; oiiil of tlm work
beginning Tuwidsy morning Augwit
K iiml linin"dlnlly following lliu
second nnntinl community illiinnr
which will hn hold at thu Whlln
I'ullriin lintel Momliiy nvniilng, Auk
iinI 7, with V. M. Ilohhlt of Wood
limil, Cnllfnrnlii mic of tint rhlef
Tim division hcuderi by J. A.
(Iiirilon will In iiininw.i'il l A. M.
Collier, (). It, lliirlui iiml It II Dun
bar. V, (I. HiiiIHi'h (IIvIkIoii In In
ilinrtin of Jnlin II. Mm tin. Janie.i
II. Itrlnrnll, I. II, I'npu mill J II,
Knilnrii. Jiii'lc Hliitr timl Fred
Kli'i'l will Knl tin liiilliilliin hi-iiil
fit hy II. '. Hin It li with iniiro re
liifiirii'iiii'iiln In rniiiiv M I' Kvnimf
will I ii lui rhiirr.ii of Hi (i nllinr illvl
iilnii lint In iliiln hmi nut miiiiiiiiiri'il I
tlix insult or hin rcrrultliii: work.
Knelt nf tin' I'liplulim will nri;u-'l
ilw ii team nr worker mill will
Iihvi' territory inmlnncil by tint ml-il
vliory nimmllti'ii or wlill'h M. H. I
Wi'it.ln rhalriunm S'ct nniioiiiircd
HiIh morning Hint It I not tlm plan
of thn ((iinirtltii'it to Ri'iii'rntP mi.
orcr supply of nntlnmlimiti wlilrli
results In iivcriiubscrlbliu: and im
diTpiiyliiK. Imt to turn over to the
tpmim only tin prosper! Unit have
boon parsed upon hy lln prnuporl
roiiiuiltliwi mi Iii'Iiir financially utile
to Minn part of thn pxpi'imi) of
innltitnliiliiK thn nrftmiltutloii.
'Tin-re ntn too tiiuny linpurtmit
lliliiK" to lui ilonii for tlu illriTloM
to wmitti tlm,) In worrying over li
nn nr In I mill ti'M nil ilnrljiK tj your
What w wnut Is to ilo nil the fl
ouncing ilurliiK our cump.ilKn an. I
thru o forget nil about It nml to
giro our attention to thn work
that hail to bo ilntm," sttd '.Vi'il
Invitation will hn mulled nut tie
i.'urly port of thn wci'k for thn com
munity dinner wlilrh In nchniulrd
to hn OIK' of thi) biggest cvi'lil of
the yenr. i
' II-1 ii k roiisldorcd In Chicago n
25-nlory uutoniohlli) hotel to relievo
congestion; to hu eared for not
In thu usual way, hut hy n lrl operat-il
.... .. ....1 . I . v...l.'l
111. It (.VUIIUI IVtllWIIIIUIU. .'U Ilia,
unit Clovulund am alit to ho contem
plating Blitillar hojlclrlc.
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Press the
Let Electricity Do Your Work
There are 104 electric ranges in use in private homes in
Klamath Falls. Thirteen of these have water heaters in con
nection. The average consumption of electricity for operating the
ranges in these 104 homes is
In many of these homes the monthly charge docs not ex
ceed the minimum of $3.00 per month.
Power Rate tor Ranges
For first 30 K. W. H $3.00 per month'
Next 200 K. W. H ...... 2c per K. W. H.
Over 200 K. W. H lc per K. W. H.
For Further Information Call At Our Office, Cor. 4th and Main
FOR HAI.i: ItatiKu. hIx illiilm: room
rhnlr unit lubl hil. ('all .Stanley
with K. C. iliucky. Illh & PI lie.
t ,
Then) will hn no priictlee for thn
Kidivkalm Monday nlrht. .
Mr. Ivy 1'ropnt, Nohl (Irani!, 29
VASTKI Hoy over If. with hlfyel.i
upply UYntcm Union, S9-11
' i
l.OHT lidy'H piimo on Main Ht
containing noinn money. laundry
worken' union curd and other pnp
vr ID rownrd. L'honii 137H. 39-31
Ii(ST llnmn Irnlher wallet dlti
ticket from Klniitnlli I'iiIIh to Kent
tic, valuable rf'litN nml miuill
miiount of mail. Under nuty have
mill, Ticket has heen voided hy rail
niail anil rnnot b' uet liy iiny otlier ;
MriMin. Itcturn to Arthur II. Allen nt
Wlntem' Jewelry Ntort'. suit
For I'lilnrcInK und cleurlnic nhnut
12un ydH of dltrli. Addremi J, A. Kd
wnrdii. Dnak ronch. 29-1
You should take advan
tage of our summer prices
to lay in a supply for win
ter. 10 cords, green slab $.30.00
Dry slab, per cord .... 5.00
Single Blocks 5.00
Double Blocks 0.50
Come to us with your
problems, our help is al
ways free.
0. Peyton & Co.
The California Oregon Power
. 1 " - : ' '-
IH 1 lll i,.,.'m,..... .., II
rmmmM mm?mmmaKMiMd
1 1 it M'lii irK' .'! .r w ' 1 1 i-ii' 1 n- iiz-ki . 1 'j.jw.jf rtnniBiaiHinvB.i m.
- MtmA IU ir VeSflrJW-A-rJ5ffc5fc-3fl?rMr. . '
kV C T . J p-'"' n 1 1 1 .m iii w mm 1 mm
l ss 1 1 ?v wsr
1 16f II .iX. I YS
i v if .a J :jm' . '. t
1 I lZT V Vw ViiiA S-U ft., . W
Av. I LPK lA Lfflff - W.. f
m m mmmmmmmitumamtmKmmm rj' If If
XA Vj' 1
w. -
t.t iw.' .
IF NOT, WHY NOT? . 4 ...
You can cook electrically as cheap asyo can with' wpoo.
The California Oregon Power Co. are offering yo."x-
rntinnallv rannti1 rnmhiniliM RnM anJ I.i1iSiRtAatatti1 't
we are offering -you reduced prices on
Hot Point Hughes Ranges
Now is a good opportunity for you to become another sat
isfied Electric Range user. , We will gladly go' into fu9 details
-with' you. .,-.'
; hi'
iitrKttam-.J' MBBaMMwUa'awBi1 BB
I -I
B ,'
BB r'
I '(
1 H
i m
'' i' .- Bg
.,"..'' f nr i.'i4 t,v H
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JgJUpgPr BBBnGBMa9KliBuflLJ U ! A k fll -.-'" '
. J
Khai Dinh, Far East Potentate, Has Many Adventujres;
Seeks Plan for Tomb For Ancestor
fkii-ih:s KHOW.V
(Continued from rase 1)
410 MAIN.
riroNK nun
Momorlei Will Lire When You
Say It With
Plowera (or erery occailon
Klamath Flower Shop
S4 Mala Street. Phone BM
Open Bundayg to 1
Week days, 8 a. . to 8 p. ra.
I'AIIIS, July 29. DrcnnoJ In a
IuikIiichii milt of Hobor black, a inlet,
iinolnlriiBlvo lllllo ynilnw-tklnni'il
m (in lian boon a coniitniu vlHltur ro
ctmlty to tlm minimum (.( urt, lutnt
Iiik ami Rculpturu In tno l'rcncli euiil
Kow pooplo rocoRnUoJ Klial Dlnh,
ir Kuxt 1'otcntato, Kmpcrar n( An
nhm, Inilo-Clilnn, who mlornoil In
(IuwIiik rnbcB of nllk, Ii tit luilr decor
a led with Ki'lil lace, ;lio Hod nnd
Yellow Onlor of Iho DrnKcu of An
limn on bis broant nlnmst hlildon by
u liirno plnqnn of pure- fiold t.'l with
Iiiiro dlnmnnilH, wnn tern In tho pre
Hrdnntlal box nt I.onchnnip on llin
dny of tho nriiniM'rlK,
A fow yenrn ni;o no ouo In lili
capital nf lluu was pormltto.l to stand
ornct boforo tho Kniporor or look him
Hqmiroly In tlm yo. ot In tho tmifl.
otiniH tnurlHlu pimliod him a!nnit nnd
elbnwod him out of tho way whan ho
flood too Iouk boforo n work of art.
Ono of thu flrat quontlons Klml
Dlnh iiHkod uftor ho had boon limtnl
toil In tho MlnlstVy of Co!olo;i, hla
homo whllo In PurlB, wnn: "Wliort1
Is thoro a flpt-clasa tailor In town?"
A roproHontatlvo of a ImiHiik Paris
Ian tallorlni! firm culled, but tho Urn
poror fouud hla cloths too caudy
and roquostod him to roiurn with
bluo, brown and black namplos. Tho
omporor ordered sis iuIU of tho moro
cotiitr puMcrns, Hla official robes
show piactleully all tho colors of tho
A pront lover of art, Khat-DInh
Iibh had tho vntlro row of palueo.i
used ua tho rosldouco of royalty In
line practically romodolod both In
stdo and outside, since hla accession
to tho throno la 1016. Ills visits to
tho monuments of l'urii Imvo been
mudo especially for tho purposo of
fludlng a plan for tho roconstructlou
I of tho tomb of bin ancciitor Done.
Khanh, tho founder of th ilyuntty,
20 centuries ago.
A strict follower of tho doctrine of
Confucius, Khnl'Dlnh's respect for
tho momory of his ancestors' amount
to rollglou, and tho mausoleum which
ho Intends oroctliiK- to' Dons-Klinnh
will bo ono of tho purest examples of
far-enst archltecturo knows. Alex
nndro Marcol, .official architect of
tho French government, Is collnborat
liiK In tho drawing up of tho plan
and tho omporor has mado Fovrrnl
rails upon thn architect, surcoMIhk
modlflcntlpns and Ideas.
Khal-Dlnh has Riven much trouble
to thu secret service men ontrutod
by tho French Rovcrnmcht villi tho
task of protecting his snerod :orii'n.
Ilo slips In nnd nut of musoums, nt
tended only by n few of his ontour
iiko, all drossed In tho European
fashion mid soverat times ho has
eluded their vlKllanco,
Ktiul-Dlnli, boforo ho wiia nllowel
to travel IiicoriiIIIou I'arls, was tho
Riiest at Bovoral official functions, In
eluding many dinners and luncheon,
llo'wns presont at all in fulf regalia,
but toward tho end of his official
stay, ho evinced some Impatlonco and
an earnest deslro to outer upon prl
vato life. To ono of tho last Invlth
tlona to a dinner, tho emperor re
plied: "Yes, I'll go providing there are
no speeches."
Tho emperor will leave for Hue In
August but tho holr to the throno,
VinghTy, aged nlno, wljl romaln In
Paris, whoro French tutors will toach
him French litoraturo and western
civilization and'tit him tyr the high
place which ho Is to occupy one day
at Huo, ono of the fundamental re
quirements of which la that he bo a
frlond of Franco and a .student of
French' culture, i
continue to be. Politics ncrer en
tored our minds and therefore has
no bearliiR on tho situation."
Tho resignation of tho retiring
officers follews:
Kindly accept this as our resig
nation as mouthers of your execu
tive committee. Wo are taking this
stop Mlovlric It to bo for tho best
Interest of tho sportsmen of this
district, as your present commlttco
will havo to admit that they ore.
unablo to get tho results tho
sportimen of thu county aro entit
led to. Wo bollove that until such
tlmo ns tho commission can at
least mako somo chniiRO in tho
mannRemcnt of tho fish hatcheries
nnd furnish Klamath county with
proper facilities for tho handling
and hatching of tho eggs taken in
this district, that Klamath county
will ns in tho past bo oxploltod for
tho balance of tho stato, much to
tho detriment of tho local sports
Wo do not believe that tho pros
cnt stato supcinrenilent of hatch-;
erics Is qualified to hold his posi
tion, and that as long as ho Is In"
office and the hatcheries managed
as at this tlmo, that tho sportsmen
of tho stato are suffering so groat
a loss of fish that they would get'
better results by removing the
racks fro m tho streams ami
not retarding tho natural propaga
tion of fish. Ourtroublo Is not so)
much with our, Stato Game com
mission as with' the management of
tho fish department, and the fact.
mat soutncriiurogon nas no com
missioner. JOirN FURDER, Pros.
v M L.'J. BEAN. 8ocretary.
Win. W. McKRALY.
olnraro Slips From Pju-U
KUboratc Precaution
PARIS, July 29. To avort an at
tempt on Premier Poincaro's life
a result of tho reported Herman Mon
archist plot, Potncare Quietly slipped
out of this city by autooiobllo forhls
country home early today after ela
borate precautions wero taken at the
railway station to guard tho train on
which ho had planned to go,
Tho premlor was understood to be.
planning to carry out his original,,!!
tentlon of participating In 'bo j-n-veiling
tho war memorial In the. Ar
Ronnq tomorrow near hla country
homo at Sampalgny..
Ilulltl SoruetliluR Kvcry Day First Vanderbllt cup race
A neat radio receiving set can held on Long Island In 1904.-
onslly bo constructed by using tho
coppoc colls of your sttll as an aerial.
Amnesty Petition Goes to Harding
Si- ' 'v,???.' b1 H
' ,, ;H s ' '-.jSpA I
iuuis i'-T,m Mii1' IBPSbibb aBMBBBBBB
2 mils , S-SJ,. j 0;x,,',m;,.r IVJBbV B
. vitS:-'' I'v'BBBSSM'VflffllHBVBVBVfl
Price of IB'i Hundred It Lowest
Kvcr Recorded
NEW YORK.' July 59. German
marks fell today to the lowest quota
tlons everifteorded hero, MM' cents
a hundred; a drop of 2e overnight.
LTuo pre-war price of tho mark was
23.8 cents each. Delay In settlement
of the reparations question and the
troubled stato of tlie Herman 'domes
tic situation, was bol loved tho causo.
m .
Normalcy la back, but look how
she has changed.
ii ' '
' Man reaps what hosowa unless thq
chlckons gel" it.
Keep your head at traffic tangles.
"","""""""?'!"T",""rTT77 .u. itrkit ITnnaft with banners' Whll
otheTrnW. of the uelcsat.on carried to PIdTnt Hardin. . psUtloa
SwtaTO Sms asking tor the rclcaw t PUUcal prUontn.
It seems that ice cream when it is really good,
proves the old, old saying, "the more you eat the
more you want."
Try Our
k 'IrBk'arJ
Y lllfl
la r
" I Is - t' $
Yoii will find it (so good that you- will "$&
re. Oiirlbest argument is that "w? Mt-.'tt1 o
1248 Main St.
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