The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 29, 1922, Page Page Two, Image 2

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v H.vriuuuv, July a, iw.
ifttiea &1irMMnl flundav. at
M-. fc. V. . . -1. - T
-iwenrsaTaia'rcMraams; compear' et
Klamath Palls, t 119 Wghltr atrcet.
at the.BesUttlce at-Xlaa
' Ore., lor trsnsmlsslon
he HMalto'ai Beeoad-elaSs,
.rfl )i tn -? t ., '
elated Preaa li eictuslte-
'. to Mw ase : for. Babllca
'C.MIl'Bawi dleaetchs credited
tof Jt,it,ot etherwlse credited In
tMMMNwr, sad alao the loeal news
MflmMMV, July" 1MB. ,U
is; ( M. Paai Plotseer Press)
f tha latlbnal lumber supply It
taK eenservVdand the de-
Per Mial MeitiN
Mr. and '-Mrs: Pruk NrVhlte and
children hare returned from Wood'
land California, where they ham
been making their homo for over a
year. They expect to go Into btisl
ness here again.
JMIss Elllsa Young arrived Thura
r'from.'Honolul and' wilt 'visit
for a short' t'le with her uncle, h.
e Hansen,' before going on to her
'hone In Ban Ditto. Mlsa Youns
etpeeta to return to Honolulu 'this
fall where oho Is employed as
Mlrs Lillian Kuapp, who has been
oh a vacalfc-n trip to Portland.'and
other Oregon cities, has retained
and j will occupy the Ulrlchi Home
while that family Is away for
a montn a trip to nrttisn Columbia.
Mrs. V. C. DeChalne Is spend-
log a few days here from her pre
sent home In Hornbrook, California.
The members of the Houston-
relopment otthe new sources through Vllt orchestra left yesterday for
reforestation Is not Immediately
started the United States will be
fat te'fac wfth a disastrous lumber
shortsf within 90 years.'
There lirilo iuess work a born. It.
The Feeravforestry biiresn proves
the eaW beyond a 'doubt. Here are
the rhruret:
Tha' annual consumption of the
country Is 26,000.000,000 cubic feet
ayeer.1" - ' "'
Taaittal.repI'aceatat.Vy growth
Is 6.8M,00,060 feet'a year.
iM'e hire cutfUc-sJxthsof tho vir
gin supBty.
BORN' At Klamath Vails, July 39,
!. llll, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Vor-
'non, 814 Lincoln, a girl; weight,
eight pounds,
Sool, smoke nnd dirt have no place
in a modern suction. An electric
range eliminates nil Ihesd. Link Riv
er Electric .Co. V 29-2
Jo ' oab'-slstb remaining renre
soBts a forest acreage of 137,
acres-. '
Thls'ss being reduced by destruct
ive IdtKfnf' BBfl forest fires' it the
rate ef '10"0,'Vrts'annally.
WfsmlilhaMiV'Bosllloii as a
nan wMr Started In with' a bank ac
coBBi'e '!. scpt S0l of It and
mow pattls j back only $S for every
It he takes out. At that rate bis re
maralBg' deposit wlH'not last Jong;
aad-1n the same way tho American
ferest are doomed to a spectly des
traction. The cad will conic In tho lifetime
ofjsrosfof us. It Is'OBly a few; years
ahead. And what then? Perhaps Can
Lakevlew where they filled
musical engagement.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleorge Che.uer nnd
sen, accompanied by Chrcacr's
father, are here from Washington
a'1 the guests of Mr. suit Mr. C.
F. Setter. Mr. and M'a Setter
aUc hare an their g'uet Mrv. L.
LaMilsg, a sister of Mrs. SM,ci.
Lanalng will arrive Sunday from
mineralogist Is collecting pelmans
as they travel along. After visiting
Crnier Lake they will return ti their
caiuoraia ' names. -
. Mrs. Bertha Harris returned Thurs
day frotn "Rocky l'olnt, whore she
took 'little Margaret Anderson, who
Is staying with her, for a few days'
visit with Margaret's mother, Mrs.
Hasel Anderson, who Is nt the resort
this summer.
Newcomers In the blty nro Mr. nnd
Mrs. Ralph K,, White of Salem, re
cently married, Whltn Is a nephew
at Mrs. K. H. Jefferson and of Mrs.
Perry O. Delp, They nro staying
with Mrs. Jefferson.
fieorge Hutts and Virginia Kgan
were married at the Christian par
sonage by the Rev, A. II. llrlMovy at
'A o'clock 'yesterday afternoon,
O. V. Myers of Meittord, who re
cently added Klamath county to his
Mack truck territory, Is stopping at
the White Pelican for a 'few days
while transacting business In this
county, '
Alicia Marie Davenport, lionlu
Schaffer. Sister Julian and Sister
Aoglecla will return In the morning
from lAnderson'a camp on Spring
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I-,' Tsnftwiff. I SS & 'sW vTTTfrftiUi.uv .
I IV J . . AW ' Ct . ". tl-r y I BBvV
! Lily "1 R5r5r i aom ytl f V)Rrf
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swHimin i... i lm. iyty U JU i 4J14J m& ,
aKHgSHI'l T 4 S AXM.JxZ-sk. .Lj
rriiiinir was- - - i
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OP f iUiHltlf m jmiii.p- . , . .-, .
A gripping story of thu frossou norOi. An nll-stai'
cnat including Cullon lianclis, lnu
: line Stnrko and Mnry A Won
. ' v
A Parnnujulit; picture from the novel by
Alice Duer Miller
Oakland to join bis wife and .from
Jiero continue together to Washing
ton. The Lannlngs were residents creek, where they have been enjoy
here eight or Btaj years ago. Ing a .week's outing.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. MeCllmans. of The Public Library will be closed
Kslsmisoo,' Mlchlgaa, arc guests of, ob Sunday afternoons from uow until
Or. and Mrs. F. R. Qoddard. They Scptombor ,1st.
motored to Southern Callfornls vln Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rlchardsuu
tho Santa Fo Trail, then up the coast and children, accompanied by Mrs.
on tho Pacific highway to Klamath Lawrence Kucoulcli and sou. moturud
Falls. Mr. and Mrs. MeCllmans ex to Cblloquln for a visit with friends
peet to make their return trip by wiy last' Friday.
of the .Rainier and Yellowstone us-j Mr. und Mrt. J. H. Clumbers u'.iil
tlonal psrks. Mrs. McCllmsns Is-n sis-! family have returned from Chllonuui
terietMra. Goddard. (where tbuy havu been camping for
-Ret.' and Mrs. A" D. Brlstow oudf the past two weeks,
daughter have returned home after! Miss Msrjorle Mack arrived on
a throe weeks' abscaco spent In at-' last night's train from Flint, .Mlclil
Attempt to Give Cub Ride in Car Not Acceptable; For-'
eater Takes Sudden Departure"
30.-HForcat flrus In northern llrl
tlsh Columbia iliiruiK the past
month h.ivu had peculiar uffect
tlon such as this hut the rancor
wns rmmirccful mul ilccliluil llitt
the livitt plsii would hu to throw
tho cub off tliu car.. Ill attempt to
the knots on thu lushing
tho woods, Judging from somu of which secured thu youiiKtor lu w
tho stories brought In here. i.'taculnu, liuwuvur. proved futllu.
A flrb patrol rancer Is sponsor Pursuer and pursued c.tiue to n
for this story. Whllo mnkliiK steeper Kttuie, with urn luivmi.
upon some "of tho wild nnlmuls of; untie
Henry B. Waltltnll mul Mory Alden in
Two grcnt stars in ft great emotional tlrainn.
Suwhiy-Mt'ubert W. Cluunbeis' .story of the
early claya of American history "CAKDIGAN." The
entire Sunday program is unusually interesting. On
Sundays hereafter the show will be continuous com
mencing at 1:30 P. M.
BfliBHsVaaaaagsVBsr nsszsiHgciEzn: rtsagccag8..,.ii:'; n hi
teadsnee at the Christian chunk
conference at Turner. Oregon. They
also visited with relatives In Uugcne.'
Austin Harden, representative of
the loeal Elks at .the National cm.
adaaa.helB.wa eat far. a time, but calloB held this month at Atlantic
tMs faHaf.-.w'lir oaly.' he temporary City. New Jersey, has returned horns
aad jrllt: add greatly t- already ex- ( and reports having a splendid 1 1 mi.
eeastva aasralssaaitraMbltory cc'iU.; 8. Rexford Black and F. P. Keen,
Tay.a ua ft tha luas-' of the.beeUe survey office; enjoyed a
kw.w f4av shfwlac how.depeB-1 tlahlBf trip at Hack Craak this week.
im wajw-e bmsi aarowa resources. ' they report Jihat they'hkd ladlf feo
mmm. L .- - . '-I ... . . ... . t
xaa eaier sarrerer from taa threat- j eat luer, returning witn oai7 ose ;
represeatatlva of tha particular,
feral of treat that stream.
'Jaka aVatt, who baa heea eoatln
aaasl. laaiber. shartaga wlU be the
garasar. jh aasa saera laataer thasi
aayataar Claaa.',Ia4isstriaa ot all
klaAsaJaa wlU be graaUy atfactasV ; a4 at Mahoasa far the -vast three or
ia a aisttoa a siaa mare wood tlsBaJ.r0sjr.days; Is; able to baaheatiagela.
aay oiher Mf sportloa to poaia-f 'Jsi..Moecaaad family of Kerion.'
UeV.'Te rsaaaa "ceasaisiptleB to aKOreioB, are city buslaees vtstfors
BteM the .VaaUhlag pelat will rasaltMhla. waaar. - 1
' Klamath eoun-
gan, and will bo uero for a brief
visit with her brother, 8. It. illack.
Taking advantage ot her nearness to
one ot tho wonders of tbo world. Miss
Black left this morning with her
brother for Crater Lake where they
will spend the week-end.
Stanley ticorgv, ot Klngland, Ariz
ona, and Kenneth Thayer, ot Dcrku
ley. California, left yesterday morn
kagf or 'their respective homes after
altsro-weeka visit la Klamath county
as the house guests ot Mr. and Mrs.
8. B. Mania.
Bert Wlthrow returned last night
tram a three day's timber cruise over
various sections of the county. a
C. H. Underwood left this morning
for-the Lake o' the Woods to get
Mrs. Underwood. Mrs. W. O. Smith
and Mrs. Parker Perry and son, who
will return with him this evening.
' hi' aa aeaafrnkjUsaster from which sHUJTIactoy, oae of Kli
all wftl epfter. t ty'a best known old time faraisra. Is The. ladles have been spending tbo
''5WJb7 seli'tlOB of this problem sUlleearfiaed tohlabed ln;ths(IlUckiweak'Bt' the lake, having gone out
ajrWeftea have polated out, la re-'burn hospIUI where he has been' for, on Monday.
survey atone thu Grand Trunk Pa.
clflc rajlwny In the mountain dls
trlct. ho cumo upon a youns cub
suffering from severe burns on the
fet nnd body. The younKstcr was
whimpering from the pain and tho
forester took pltytun It and lashed
It to his speeder.
The patrolman started on his
Journey only to discover that thu
mother had appeared und was
In. hot pursuit. As the track ran
uphill at this point, the bear, mak
ing long strides, gained steadily and
the need for strategy was dourly
Indicated. The forestry book of
Instructions does not cover a situs-
t.iKO all with the, former. Kluully .r :. ,,.i.-r .j, .r-.-r-s . .. ul" j.-;-: -
with nnn uilghly effort the old bear K.NTIIK.Mi: I'K.NAI.IV Ih ruHl .1 - , e. 11... jur tumornnv
threw horsolf on the bark of tho ,sli-:ii rtllt M.IILVSM; Mik Ubenrliuln's preiluitu trial d
speeder, huldlng nn by her rlaws uud in,, tjvo trt.ils of her rii-defiidrin.
I'aws. jf,jjj ,.V(iKI,Ktl July 211 - Tlit tlmr e llurrli. wi-nt to their r,-
T!ils Is where the foreMer derived aHiriiuu that tin- ovlilcmo in the iwb'1 Jurins on Krliby and sll ri
to reslKii In fnvor of tho enemy ca warranis t tit extreme jMiially ulied In dlsiiKiuemeuts
lie dove off tho far. and regained ,iH made by Deputy District Attor-
his feet In time to Me It continue vc.t , k,., t0,,iy u,u ctu. iMeodnnd Trust Co.. Dstlmati .1
Us Journey cuslwnrd, with 11 moth- K ,ijKumen In tho lieinnd trial costs more llimi une-thlnl lasa In m
er and child happily reunited us Its ,,f Mrs. Mndalynnq Obonrltaln, for ernte a eir tcduy than a fv fce
passengers. ti. murder of J. Helton Kennedy Onrollim la down 3J per cent. Hies .!
Later the speodor was found, run Keycs l.'j,tin his .iddresn to the Jury per runt, oil 1,1 per rcir..
down nnd everything Intaet except this ufli.iuoci' alter Jud Itush
the sldu of tho seat where the cub clc'e' a tv.ii-i.'ay urRumunl for the On July I. IS) I. Ihcre win lm(
hail been tied, the old hear having dofeurt. Tun prosecutor, onlil h't onn pr,ivteitl ttllUl'iyblU: lit th
torn It out to release her offspring. expoc'.M.I to ronoliiil" in time for the world
reiaWtlQ'oa aB, adequate acaft. We
iaist 'ifow aa mtich wood as we use
mm eeaaerra that we have eft with
Bslcaliaa care If we'kre to avoid
thef'dJaaaW'Whkh con fronts na.
Ceieerhlifc the desirability of such
the past several weeks, seriously III. Mrs. Kdna llawley, ot Chicago, Is
Mrs, flay Orem has returned fwra visiting hero for a few days with Mrs.
a two 'weeks Vacation spent la Port- 8. . Van Knion. mother of Y, C.
land with. her sister and Is again it 'Van Kraeat Mrs. Ifawtey Is the wlfo
her desk lav the sheriff's office. i of Or. Ilawleyi a prominent eye, ear
C. 0. Hunt was In town from his and nosajspeclallst of Chicago. Mr.
a'esiraethere h'ss beVsr altogether too. farm yesterday attending to business 'and Mrs. W: C.'Van Rmon will take
jeBBgn Tis3gMia aisDHUiHi tAJ vuiliivin , -e w, sen a .si 11 wis. will
matters. He was accompanied by Mrs.' the ealre party to Crater Lake
..--'. I .
Mtora1 sra' pemiclans ire too bnar, Hnat.
wHhrthe itfalfa of the1 day to rthlak
ef 'Hte Bterfew. We have hid many
yeari ' erer1eaee with this 'cbsr-
days' business and pleasure trip f
aetar of efflela) fereeraatlaatlon and ' Corraltls.
kaow what It "meias. " j A party of Callfcrnti tourists left
I ;--- ----- - r-a
1 morrow.
Herbert Davis of the American1 Lamenting the fate that demanded
Tobacco t company' Is here for s. tw.i he should leave HockyPolRt and
Klsmath'county after a month's va
cation hereDr. B, G. Simon departed
this morning for Oakland. California.
A permit from tho Oregon gamo com
Itl Is s'ild that raaay of the sharks fishing trip Included Mr. snd Mrs. mission allowed him to take several
Bdr-lB'the -Pacific - sad Indian-1 Fred Martin nnd' Mr. and Mrs. M, dne fish to the California city, where
aaa are' stify feci loag but are Vonsen and daughter, of Pn?luma,
rralesB) At"that'"we would father California; who spent two days tieie
see taesaawttiBllBg about a bell-buoy ss the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Oeorgo
thaHraear tajla'chltt;-' T " ryr,fga't.'!V8e8.'Srhb"ls' rnbid
- it ... I
H pi rTieuMr .
V iei ijf.W'.'iiimv hrr
liik ah.Wi iKtalkya m
Mis mm! th. gMnl hirMi
sW stdtftr. . TaMaac, tlssj 'pt
fm tirifktv.;k ngtidLal
tor oMfota, :
. i . i.. s :
oeeaaa are' stxfy feeC loag but are Vonsen and daughter, of Pn?luma, e said he would have them display
harmless) At'thst'-we would rather California, who spent two days tieie ed In the window of the largest
sports und do his best I
to nd'fjrtlse uocky Point ns the mont
chojee of outing places.
Knslgn Howard Orem left this)
mofolng fojtSeattlo to Join his ship,
utter a three week's leuve. which he)
spent here with bis parents, Mr. and
Mrs. II. Orem. Orem graduated this
spring from tho naval ucademy at
J Anspolls.
Mr. snd Mrs. .Murtln Green, at
I their .ranch 011 the Merrill road,
hs,ve been the hosts ot Mr. and' Mrs.
i J. K. Armsby of Sun Francisco, who
1 arc on-their way to Now York when J
1 lucy expect to meet tnuir sun, jur
I frey, on his rutum from Europo thu
I latter part ot thu moutl). ArmHby Is
a mlHIoualro pecker and baukur with
large Interests In northern Califor
nia, Mrs. Hober Itudvllff left this inorn
irig for her home at I'lnuitldgo after
U11 extended visits with her parentH
M,' and Mrs. ,W. C. Dull.
" Terminating, u visit of suveriil,
weoka'MIss Jlargurot Kostor, of -Ban
Francisco,' left for her homo" t hero
tlila morulng. Slid was accompanied
by ibor 'mother who urdd 0 short
time ago for' the purposoof Joining
her, on the return trip. Thoy have
bcoB-thegttests ot'Mr; andMrs,.HIss
Obonehaln and Miss Miriam Martin.
Two Sides of Turnover
wBfa sjpaaai y wasajMe U
V '9aktm r4bnstiMLlBMaV Ha ''
'I taiisVsJ IsJkaaiaws! aJgJL.. aU. ''
I y Mha BMy Major ptisM . D
I Mil. ' I
" -. . ' TBBaaW jwaaiisf a'aMsaaisW AeaeBifaaa- "II
10. homes In Klamath Palls use
electric ranges." s your homo pnn of
lhori04T Link River Electric Co.
The alert btuiiness man dealing with
present day conditions knows that
the big word today is "Turnover."
Whether he be a merchant, manu
facturer, jobber, or banker, he sees
that one thing with a clear vision
unbiased by the limits of his own
business. It is in the 'air, and on the
"tip of every tongue.
And yet many of them entirely
too raanyr are thinking on only one
side of Turnover. They think of it
aa meaning rapid selling putting
money in and getting it out quickly
and at a profit. They realize that
they must put greatly increased ef
forts back of all their plans for sell
ing and distribution.
The other half of Turnover is the
consumer. All selling plans and ef
forts fail if the consumer doesn't
want to buy. His desire for the pro
duct must be created. He must meet
the seller half way. He must be in a
mood to buy before the salesman
meets him across, the counter.
; That is the function of Advertis
ing to create confumer demand
andi consumer preference. Willi this
demand as a fact all selling plans
have a chance to succeed. Without
it they fail. The only chnace for
salesmanship to succeed without an
existing demand is foralesmnnship
to assume the task that belong. to',
advertising the task of creating;
If hc present efforts that are be
ing put into selling Were amply 'Hty?
ported by a corresponding efforjto
create consumer demand through
Advei:ing, the business conditions
of this community would be rapidly
changed into an era of" great pros
perity in spite of local conditions
and everything else.
The proof of this is in the fiict
that right now, under these very
conditions, the- dealers who are put
ting proper emphasis on creating a
demand for their product, us, well as
selling it are doing a big business
and are actually getting the high
turnover that others are trying so
strenuously to get through intensive
soiling. ' , , ' -
ft ....
fiV iu
4 '.' &&!.? ';
o 1 ;
'All, , ''
jVf'- ..