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Sty? Ibtumtmj
Member of the Associated Press
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Flfn tli Viuir. Vo. tlilM.-V
WIN 10
Dead Father Said to Have
Ordered Act; Police
r Seek Husband 0
NI'.W VOItK, July 21 A message
fllllll llIT lll'll.l father urglifg IllT In
"uinlin mi t'lul of nil t It lit litmini'Hii
prompted Mix. Mltinlit llolsler, wf
nf ".loliti llin Iliirlii'r'' ttiilslor, widely
known rtpnrtlni; niiin, to shout lmr
hlsltir, Martha Kalx, pollro iiinted
her mi luyltii; twlny after aim liml
ln'i'ii lorlit'il up wlili her (wn ikiiiii unit
n brother (hi homicide
,JIm Unix wan Mini In tier hmn
arly indny. Hotei-ilvci. iinliM.teil
ih'ry ImiieviM Mrs. Itolnlor'M sinto
tnont. although Minn Kalr. in a .tenth
bed staleiiienl Inlil them t tin t Mnrrli
Itelnlur. n iiiiii nf Mm. lloinliT, fired
lli nIiiiIn which l.llli'il hir Morris
and' Oeorr Relslcr nml Max Knit
were hrlil with Mrs Iti'lilrr after an i
InvcMlKallon of their Morles
I'nlhrr Ciiiiih In llrriuu
"I did II liecnuno my fnllur. wlinj
U ilcnd, rnmo in urn In n itri'.im nml
Inlil nix to put mi i'ihI to thin himl
lipmi," pnllrn tinlil Mr" IMnler tnlil
(hum. Iln know wlml wiin keImi: on In
I... I.....I..K ..lll.. .....!.. I...1l,.v.. '
IIM' ltVIltll ll'IIKIt'll 'IIJiHT I'I'lllTMM
iho .ir..nmN. i wu .n-KUM.d with'
myirlf for wnllliiK. And I nm Kind
i 'iii ii"
An mi any mnrcn railed to tirini: (
John iho luriKT. no..i .iiri:o.ii.H
nralr with Mli Knt wnii ilcclurcil
l.y Mm. lleUler li hnvo hen ,llApnINr RrFll;F;
cnuim of (hi) Hhnollnj:. Into ilw IhiiuIh riAKUllHj KLruau
of tln piillce. Mrn llnlilcr innlntnlu-. fr IMTFRFFRF IN
d thniiikhout llm day llie h.hmk' nt
tltltiln of defiance Hint tihn liml luul
sliico early In the morning when she
screamed "You lie." m the i)Iiik girl
ns llm latter ncruited Mnrrli lleliler
nf the murder.
(illlll of It '
"I shot her nnd I'm gln.l of II." he
(old reporter... "Wo limits Int.. III.. fANHSU .M(., . July Sh.- -A lel-
.loor nml she nim iiitinlug tiiwuril'
..... In her night g.n I yelled an.!J,,r 'r'"" ,rWnl llnrdlng tt. ...
shot. Him grahhe.l mo nnd I fired ' emor tiroenherk today declared Hint
ugiiln. She kept on righting mul Illi" feilonil gnwri.nient w.ih povcr
ga. her iinother. mid l.ernus.i nhe )r,M (ll inierfero with the nltll id uf
wusn't dead, then I fired iignlli. Sh
dropped. I'm ..rry I dl.ln'l cnlch
them both."
WINS SALES RECORD AKriil I'l.isr-. ijiiiirl.'.' Mil'
lion Mark: Attends meei
Mr. and Mra. tle.irgo (' l'lrlch nnd
.laughter, Kntherlne. nml Mlsx Klltit.
belli Manning, loft this moinlng l.y
niitomobllo for "Vancouver, II. C in
i.Hfinil thn moclli.K of the Quarter
Million chili of tho .Mutual l.lfo In
surance company of New York, lh
oomimny for vWilrh IMrlrh Is Incut
Tho Quarter Million . luh Ih made up
of agrnin who havo wrllton
than ISfiO.OOO worth of nllclen In
their respectlv.i terrltorleii .liirlm; tho
year. Thn local man has won this
coveted dint lurt Inn for l lie past four
Pesplln hp nprlng Hlump In I.iihI
nean hern ho ur;nln paHHed (tin quar
ter million maik liml year.
Tho iiinntli Just rlo!od, which up
plItiH on next year'a buslnesM, hna
been tho biggest producer or miNliipa.i
In IiIh experience her.., hiiI.I Ulrlch
boforo lonvlng, nnd ho lum set tho
goal for tho coming year at hnir n
Tho Ulrlch parly will ho nlisont IT.
.lnj'8. Tho InRiirnuro company pnyn
thn oxpniiBos of tho trip.
Wlwion N'ow Mount Shasta ; Nekn to
Hhar'o Mountain'.. I'nmo
MOUNT SHASTA. Calif,, July 28.
In u apodal ulcetlnn hold horo yoi
tordny to dbtormlno wholhor tho
liamo of Slssnu nIiiiII lm clian'Ket' to
Mount ShaBlit, thn void wuh 10.1 fa
voring thu chiuigo mid UK against,
Tho change of nn'ino wan KUg,:ot.to1
hy H, 1). Ilrown, landowner, who
pointed out thut Sluson w.ih c.impar
atlvoly unknown, whuronJ Mount
Shiiala, ut wIioho base thn town la
Hltuutod, la intiiriiatloiiiilly f.imoiiH.
Tho rhungo of namo la oxpuctod to
ennblo thu town to ttharo tho inouu-
Ruin's (amo.
Faces Murder
i VMXtm.. .....
.. watrt
. , .,
Mrs. Clara Phillips, 2.',
mot. . - f.n. 'l-, -iiSfir
Hvoir " f n 'irnBiiiT - mb2k , p
IK. 7 ' Mm' ?mw va2K s-3 -TffiJa
Bfc.rt' it.' ru jY '
1)11(111 t U WOl'iy III the WOlid .US She rCUU'llCd tO lOS AllgG-
Ics under guard of sheriff's deputies to face an indictment
cliurin her 'ith the slaving of of Mrs. Alberta Meadows,
, t t() (1 lh with n'lmmmei..
I LOCAL AGREEMENTS llliliillnn Asmiiih.I I.) Mill
i.- llel.l lllg Isiun lit i on.
Slrll.e; IImm A'.irril
tho t'ulie.l u.lno M.rkera t....rd in
dependent local ngrepineut.1. thi.
iidtlilin: can ho done except tu enablo
the men willing I., work lo work In
Kifcly, tin. I that tho hlg Usuo In the
roul strike Ik tho national dictation,
assumed hy the mine worker, which
must be taken rare of by legislation.
The letter replied to u telcgum
from (iroesheck informing Harding
'Hint thu gowirnor had nuked ltel
1 .luii l.nwlx nf miners lo unnit Ml I'M
gnu mlnera permission to enter into
ngreouiPiits luilopeudently of nntlnnii)
lMIII.ADKI.IMIIA. July 2R. l'resl
dent I'.ewlH of the minora today io
llerated that ho had every. roasar lo
bellovo an Interstate Joint conference
would bo called within n few dnya.
adding that powerful influences nro
at work to end the coal strike.
MAItKr.T ituroiiT
I'ORTI.ANI), July 28. CattlP,
and liogu aleady. Sheep strong. Kgga
weak, lower buying prloo 20c to 23c,
Helling ut 21c to 29c. Ilutter uutct-.
dhath i'i.ot si:i:.v
PARIS, July 28. Tho Fronch gov
eminent him received . Information
that an attempt ngaliiBt tho llfo of
I'romlor 1'olncaro l being plotted In
Gernian monnrchlat circles.
wi:athi:u inon.niwTii:s
Tlio Cyclo-Slormagrnpli nt Undor-
wood h t'liarmacy
roglstorod a alight
ly downward move
mont In baromotrlo
pi-OHHiiro t o d n y.
TIiIh Is mi liidlca
tlou ot wnrmor
woiithor tomorrow.
Forecast for next
24 heurs:
Fair nnd warm.
Tho Tycim re
cording thormomo
otor roglstorod
innxlmum mid
minimum tomparn-
tiiroH todny ns follnwu;
High ..
.. 1 I J H '
Charge Smiling
,,, ,, 11
was smiling as though she-
Tom III. luii il.n AILi JIiiiii.Ip
Moore Am-Mnl l.y hhrrlff
in.iiiir.uin nii.u .iimniii.
-.--- -.....- -
Aliinr. um arrohteil :i
. . . . .
Jail this morning hy Sheriff Low. n;lno ln' UPla" "' l orKin
is suspected of having stolen a sift , "' tho secret political organization,
caso full of clothe belonging in Rex ' Uc,er ,n hh iMtlmonjr corroborat
Warren on July 2 at IVIlcan I'ity c Hln. It I" reported, and de
when, the two shared a room logoth- ,icrll,,'u I,C InlllnlloiiB of March 4th
er and M being held nwallUig :i for-, leu'od at great length by resL .liu,.-..!. I....I ..... to. I.een . ,l('"tH ot "'" UoKll rll;r vaIk'"- n
lodged ngnluM him this afternoon.
-" ,
V .Mi:i)K()ltll.
T. N. T was UM-il
Miowdrllt near tho Wutchman on the
rim road at Crater lake. The road
entlrely iiround the rim Is open
iiround the rim Is open.
Thu road .oniiectlng Diamond tho bentence of tho oHIclatlng offl
lako with Crater lako Miuuld ho; rer, hla own fervid reply, nnd leaving
open nl tho sanio tlmo though ad- the hall In a huff. Later, with his
vlctvi to that otfoct havo not been
received here. I Continued on I'ago Klvo
VM,M, Oltl-'UO.V, PltlDAV, JULY
T.-iifi, iii .Mirmii (iniiui Jury
I'miIm'S .yili'MN CrltlrlMfl;
Mttnt' Part Iti-lntrtl
H,oiti:i uTrxi:ss .miksinc
.Mi:i)Ffltl, July 28. Arth-
ur llnrr, roliirml. rirt victim of
iiIkIiI rldlni; In Jucknon county,
now Ik'Iiik InvuHtlKntcd liy u
Krnnd Jury. urn. Ilnlod nmurii; 1
Hi" iiiInsIiik today. I f r left Mn-
di'Mlo, Calif , In tlmo to p.'ncli
Midford nl xlx o'clock till t
iiiornliiK to testify. Knlurnl
nK'-ntu mot tliv train, but ho was
not nbonrd. Tho grand Jury
4 prohahly will mijourn Saturday.
Todny tuatlmony wnii hoard on
(lie hanging of Johnnon of Jnck-
MKDFOItt), July 2S.Tho special
KHitnl Jury Invpstlgntlns tho nlBht
rldlni: nnd other operutlonn nod acti
vities In JackFon county last spring
nnd delving Into tho "hanging" of
J F Mule, concluded hearing thn
testimony In tills cano lain Thursday
nfrnooii. Ilnlp, nlready on tho
stand once, when ho gave Intlmato
iletnllH of his experience, wan
. called hack.
I Tho chief witnesses ucforo tho In
' ijiilitllorlal body Wednesday, wcro
, Jnmos K. ndmlnton and Raymond
Jlpter, former members of tho local
chapter of tho Ku Klux Klan. Kdmls.. for raUroaAa l0 waro tho ,cnor.
ton withdrew and wrote an open let-1, qucstlon nnd t0 tak0 B gtflitor
tor criticising tho olleged methods of Anothcr wouIu B,va ..,oyM..
tho organisation following tho flrstjmcn wfco ,mvo rcmalned at work
of tho scries of outrages, ncter. fol- (o 80nor ri5hu ovor 8trlkeH(
iuwiiik riitiiuii, wiiinn uiu iuuku
rooms, was '"suspended for six
months," Reter told tho officiating
officer, hn testified, "to make It its
long as you please," and left,
Kttmlton On Stand
Kdmlstop was on the stand for
f four hourimt told of klan meetings
appearance. He told of klan meeting
In, nH..n! r nini,ilinr nro.nn. nfl
"" aitoiiue.i, or luomuers present, on
, .... . ..
nil KXIgtll llll"' , ' ...,,-........
. fttii.frliitii Mnme fir flium fli.rv. nml nl.
"r w ""Urtt-a uf vlolatins oU.h,
' "tho penalty of which Is death,"
when ho resented tho Imputation
mudo on the flour of tho lodge, that
-'S. One luii of n wurm friend was ii Calholic. Reter!
In removing nliold tho grand Jury, Mayor Gates
mado u speech on hia behalf when his
cam. was under consideration for vlo-.
latlon uf "vows." Reter also told of -
'M, IKK!
Iff. STI . Of
Three Propoah. )SvBmitted
By Preside Haj dinff;
MeetitiRi Call, d
OlYlrlnl aiinouiiCm6nt as
mndo at tho WhlthoJs? t;. it
tho president l,c1iSll!L3 ,9"' "'
tho difficulties lb pjin-A' .in
adjustment oi iinvii
strike wero cIcari?jJMtuydv( lje
ennferenco today. S
V ,
WASHINGTON'. Ju 2S,. Throo
proposals for tho Imn nllato . - .linn:
of tho railroad strike hi 'o'bam ub
milled to representative ot tliv -II-road
executives nnrt Inbn, union, t
President Harding. Tho prdjo,i,
will bo submitted to rnllroin exsc.
lives meeting In Now York Tuesday,
and to an employes' confer, uo In
Chicago to bo arranged by B M.
Juwell. .
Outsldo railroad contractlnr c
was said, would be abandoned by t'ift
railroads under each of throe pr
nnuli. (Inn of thn nronoials would tx
and a third would provide separate
I adjustments of seniority disputes by
each road with Its own employes
through Joint committees.
WASHINGTON, July 28. Threo
coal carrying roads, the Xorfolk &
Western, Cheasapeaku Ohio and
, ", , . . .7. i. . t.A
. . ..,..
i nm inrmni npn nil nnr Trtvirni ?x
!' .""-"-" -r-.-- --
ccpt foodstuffs, livestock and fuel.
Official lU-port Shown llljtl. In-hui-grntx
lk'lng- Oa-letl
DUIIMN. July 28. All main
towns In tho Counumura district
havo been cleared of Insurgent
troop and rapid progress Is being
mado by national forces In tho west
and lu thu Munstcr province, says
an official report. It adds that
tliuro la jjood reason for hoping that
I...,. . . ,,. , .
wiiuiu a lurinisni organized rt.-aii-
nncu uf republican Irregulars will
havo been so broken that further
postponement of tho Irish parlia
ment will bo unnecessary.
China's President
v I Tmm.1m4. r imdilrat nf
., Im wZktng vbrorous" efforts
m mlfjr Mia tmrtlaa-mvUt eoaatZT.
X aanrcd aa Tlc president ot tk
Brooding Orrr Domestic Trouble)
Cilven an Direct Cause; Dis
cord In Home Known
Sprlal lo Tho Herald
DORniS. Cal.. July 2S. "Death
from a gun-shot wound elf Inflict
ed," was tho decision ot the coron
er's Jury Investlgatlrrg-tho' cause of
death of the David V. Wells, who
was found dead on the road four
miles west of Dorrls early Wednes
day morning. Funeral services will
bo held here today.
Droodlng over domestic affalr.1
was given as the direct cause of his
action In several notes found on tho
body. Although Coroner John H. Tur
ner of Yrcka did not give tho exact
wording of thesu notes for publica
tion, it Is understood that Wells
blamed his wife for his action. Local
friends havo been aware for Homo
time of discord In tho Wells' house
hold but wero not prepared for tho
For tho past few mouths WolUj
has beeu lu Texas, having returned
to Dorrls only recently.
Dr. A. K. S)kes of Oakland Out toi
1 letter Record of Lut Scmoil
Dr. A. K. Sykea tho "trout
champ," who won national fame
last year when ho caught a 23'. a
pound trout near Rocky I'olut, will
arrive hero tonight by train tu
spend two or threo weeks at Rocky
Not only did Dr. Sykes catch tho
largest trout here, but ho won tho
Field and Stream uward for tho
largest rainbow trout caught west
ut tho Rocky mountains. It was
said by local sportsmen that tho
trout actually was tho largest of
Its species caught in tho United
States, but that becauso of tho
smaller trout ot eastern streams
tho magazine had fixed two dis
tricts. According to advnuco informa
tion, Dr. Sykes will attempt to sur
pass his record ot last years.
Joint Commltteo Will Recommend
Purclmse of Slto
Purchase, of ouo ot tho fair ground
sites undor consideration by a joint
commltteo of business men, tho coun
ty court and tho fair board, will ha
rocommonded at a meeting In tho
chambor ot commerco tonight. It is
undorstood that acceptance nf tho
roommondntlon will result In Imiiio
dlato purchase with tho funds nt tho
association, with the Intention nt
planning for a county fair IhU fall.
Ed Vannlca has boon nnmod a
mombor ot tho commltteo of business
men, succeeding II. N, Moo, -who Is
out ot tho city; , - .
mm wmm
r MKsHBPv4
Resignations Will Com Bo
fore . Meeting; . Gam
Board Held Responsible
Resignations of member! ot thn
oxiiciillvo commltlcj tt tho Klamath
Sportsmen's association, who at ft
meeting Monday yo'.i I to wlthdra
from active part in tho aiso.ia(Ion
becuusn of dlniatUfactlon.wllh the
state gamo commission, wi'l come
boforo tho regular nuiotlns; of thu
association at tho chamber of rosa
nicrcii at 8 o'clock lonlgh'., The'
members nre: J. J. Fnrbor, prj.
dent: L. J. Dean, socrolary; Dr. II.
D. W Stewart. Dyroi llsrdenhrootc
and Win. W. MeNealy.
The mcmbrs charged ths commu
nion with exploitation of Klaniath
county's fish production and with
bad management and Ineampetracy,
declaring that this county wai be
Ing used to stock othor port!on"ot
tho state with fish to tho rtetrimint
of loal lakes and stream, sal that
proper hatchery and crg-Uklnr fa
cilities had not been cslabllsteJ here.
Gamo Warden Keelfie
Tho resignations of H. D. Stout,
county gamo warden, an-! John
Ramsdcll, field superlntendnt, went
nlso tendored to tho commission, fctsd
wore accepted.
The association will aim roal4r
acUon taken with a view to endlas;
fishing on Klamath lake with motor
propelled row boats. It. is :Utm4 In
n petition recently forwarded to the
commlsiion that fishing by this
means has resulted In great waste,
duo to tho ability, of the fUhornwa
To cover TwIaVsr range than With
canon or row boat. A similar reeoas
raendatlon was made last year but
was not acted upon by th.) commis
sion. Thu petition was drafted hy Fred
I). Fletcher, who callod the commis
sion's attention to tho fact that a
number ot tho signers am owners of
summer cottages on Klamath lake
and are In cloiu touch with tha situa
tion. It was pointed out that In pre
senting thu petition tho elgners wero
looking more to tho future than to
tho, present! Conditions aro bad at
present. It was said, but would crow
worse with Improvement ot roads to
tho summer resorts.
Tho petition follews:
We, tho undersigned, residents
of Klamath County. Oregon, aad
owning summer cottages at Rocky
Point upon Upper Klamath Lake,
nml othor sportsmen interested In
tho preservation and protection ot
tho fish and gamo of this county
and state, present this their peti
tion and snow as follows
That v.uicr tho cxUtin.T Taws tt
Is permlssablo to fish for trout and
gamo fish upon Upper Klamath
Lake and streams tributary thereto
from motor boats and boats pro
pelled hy ino:hul:al power.
That t rar).'il Id 'eitliatlon has
rovoalc.l 'ho fart that lari'. .riro
tltlcs ot trout are being Ink en at
Rocky Point and other wrls up
on tho Upp)r Klamath lake by
means ot povr boats and are t
Ing ruthlessly wasted.
That transient fishermen are
taking tho limit almost dally aad
In somo cases more than the limit
and If unable to give tho tlsb away
nro simply allowing them to decay
and spoil. '
That by moans ot tho power
boat tho tlshormar. It enabled to
movo back und forth across the
fishing banks and from one potat
to another much more rapidly than
In a row boat or canoe, and la ttHM
enabled to dostroy tar more fish,
That tho fish are thus far plenti
ful lu Upper Klamath Take ettd
your petitioners feel that trae
sportsmen can catch all the flea
they can uso and are really ea
titled to whllo fishing from row
boats and without the use ot
chanlcnlly propelled launches. )'
That It has boen the policy
orally to prohibit the use of power
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1. March Royal Decree,
Ovorturo Gipsy Queen, ,
3, Cornet Solo rThree
Polka (Charles Fayette))
4. (a) Love's Ship, (b) Tkff'
Ti. Serenade A
6, Popular Solectloa Ml
Avn r-
vofwatn -"'
Children's piaygratir!
or Main street tttH4Mi!P
T . . . J'.ZL.. V .VtjjZ?
w w w w '. f, ,p
l.r, f
MT.'. .' .
m r .W
'- 1
.... ! J