The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 27, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 4

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The jftost sensationgl picture of the year
Catherine Calvert
Eugene O'Brien
A Romance of the Underworld
Catherine Calvert is the Lady Beautiful of the
screen and is supported by an all-star cast.
This picture is a screen adaption of Paul Arm
strong's great drama of New York life. See New
York's real underworld, its Chinatown and other
wonderful sights. The picture is full of action and
Tribea of Remote Region Stage Expedition!
Just Before Planting Season
Friday AHci Brady in "RED HEAD"
, Sunday Vaudeville
Admission -10c -and 20c
Show Starts at 6:30
Chicago Engineer Believed
To Have Solved Problem
At Reduced Cost
The Office Cat
Iaxt nlRht J held a little hand,
So dainty and no neat,
I thought my heart would' burst with
Joy. .,
So wildly did It beat.
No other hand unto my soul.
Could (renter noise bring.
Than that I held last nlRht,
Which waa.r
Four aces and a king.
"Hero Is a very' touching article
about the fulthful old farm horse
that Is finally turned out to pasture
when his days of usefulness are
'Yeh but somehow you can't Ret
up much sentiment over the faithful
old Ford that Ih rendy for the junk
Of nil the pessimistic truck,
liutu tho cry,-"J have no luck!"
A man should know his business,
Von don't nood luck If yon have
CHICAGO, July !7. Bubways un
der Chicago sidewalks instead of un
der tho city streets is the plan pro
posed by D. Chaae Denlson, ChlcaRo
civil engineer, whp contends thatJ
nucA an Improvement, could ifely
be built at lesa than halt to depth of
tho ordinary type of underground
railway and at a tenth of th.j cost.
Only a small portion of such a
subway system as Chicago need can
bo built at the depth that would be
necessary It excavation should be
made under the street proper, owing
to the expense, according to Mr. Den
I son, who has submitted to 0. B.
Schwartz, chairman of the Clitcico
council transportation committer u
plan for a subway system ten or 12
feet deep under tho sidewalks In.
stead of twenty-five to fifty foot
deep under the streets. It Is under
RAN'OOON', July . 2T ttnlnh i:.
Henderson, n Hannrd graduate who
has spent tho past eight months t rav
el In K In southern Asia, hns just com
pleted a trip through thn llrltlsh
"iinndmlnlstered lerrttory" of north
enstern tlurmn and Into the Chinese
province of Yunnan, neither of which
have been thoroughly explored by
white men.
Among tho wild tribes encountered
on this trip were the hend-huntlng
Wns. Hitherto little was definitely
known concerning tho llfn nnd cus
toms cf this tribe, ns most of those
who Intruded upon Wa territory fail
ed to return. The Was do not hunt
heads primarily from cannibalistic
motives, but rather because of their
belief that their crops will fall unless
some fresh human skulls are Import
ed every year. Under this Impression,
they organtio hend-huntlng Expedi
tions, every spring, nnd It Is small
consolation to the unfortunate trav
eler who falls Into their hnmls that
It Is only his skull that Is wnntod.
Writing of the wild Wn. Homier
on.s.i)s: "The Was are especially keen on
hunting heads during February,
March' and April just btforo th'e
planting season. From tho W angle
of looking nt It, the business Isn't thn
madness we take It to bo. It Is a
convention, nnd qultn ns reasonable
as atterncoii tea. Every decently re
llglous Wa knows that unless the
seed grain Is properly charmed and
conjured with a human head, the
crop raised" from It will be a failure.
And who wants to starve? In fact, If
worst comes to wors:, nnd thero are
no heads forthcoming from raids on
neighbors, the Was prefer to take
tho head of some feeble person In the
village, rather than run the risk of
scant crops and consequent empty
"In February, March and April,
then, 'the wild Wa men go a-Ttuntlng.
Of course, any head that offers it
self to be collected "Is regarded as
fair game, and It behoovos thn man
working nlono cutting jungle or the
woman hoeing alone In the field to
bo cautious when the Was are afoot.
A common artifice Is to barricade
some Jungle highway and lie In am
bush, some just behind tho barricade,
some on either side, to rush down on
the flanks of any party caught In the
"Heads of men, women and child
ren over 12 years old are acceptable,
Heads marked with small-pox, for su i
perstltlous reasons, are not desired.
A successful foray is ono which yields
one or more, corpses. Immediately
the heads are cut off and put Ih .bags. J
tho rejoicing
Wns, not neglecting to Inkejlio bod
ies ntong for tho larder, and raising n
tremendous w hooping' nnd hutnlmtoo
along tho way. At homo thorn Is n
ceremony to perform, Tlu wife or
mother of tho man who made tho
kill takes tho bond out of tho bng
and proceeds to wall owr It formally.
She must wash tho blood from tho
dead face, nnd wall an lncnntntlonnl
song a's she docs so, Sim must wors
herself Into n sentimental trenxy,
which font under the circumstances
Is usually easy of performance. If her
wnlllng lacks the ring of genuineness,
her husband helps to supply thnt
which Is Iniiklug by beating her
"This soig, strange)) enough, be
seeches the uld of the spjrlt of the
head, nnd addresses It ns n mighty,
ruler It Is this spirit which Is to
promote the growth of the crops, nnd,
it must bo treated with groat rover-,
enco. I heard this song oitco.
"After thn head has heeu washed
nnd waited over, n raw egg Is put'
Into tho dend mouth, to feed the"
spirit. Then tho head Is thrust up mi -n
pole. A basket of Heed paddy (rice) I
Is pu.t under It and left for u few
dns. As the head dccn. thn drop
pings full into tho seed paddy.Nind
are thoroughly mixed with It, The
paddy Is then reudy to plat, nnd n
gooil crop Is Insured."
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Minute Characters Engrav
cd on Identification-Disk
Convey Property
If wo haven't the hind of shoo polish you uho
wo will got it for you.
I.ONOON', July 27 Strange ns
tho'story of nny document told hi
fiction Is thnt of a will which has
Just been admitted lo prolmto mid
Is now- filed In Somerset House,
11 In III., 'Iln.l Mill ii ii. I In. in.
ment" of n sailor, William Skinner.'1'"" w ,m" li,u T "T"
who Inst his life when his ship, tho n,w '" mnnM vm,
Indefatigable, was sunl: In tho ImM w,!h, " """"'""-""j; '""' " '"
ti., t i,.iu.i i. i . (plainly rend They ronslllutu
u wa itssitit in IM lliv IUI4II
of the ordinary Identification diss,
On one .lilo, In the usual deeply'
punched letters, appears thn 'initio
number, i tiling and religion of Iho
nitin to whom It had been issued,.
On the other side the disc ,ip
pears nt first sight to bo Just a civ- Herald classified ads pay you
713 Mnin Street
N'IiUI'n 'I lllll'.' Cllll'l 'IllOV Itllll'
Skinner's will liv wlidh hn !)'
'iiieotlis mnr thing to Ills wife Tho
I dlsu hnd been lototep'd from the
sen with Skinner's hod) and on he
' lug cleaned rowalod lis secret,
i .
Special lli'iiii'nl All cltlreiis nut
iih'iiiIhth of tho flro di'iiirliiieiit
should stii off tli flin Inn k when
II Ih lespoiiilltig lo nil iilnriil At u
ii'ii'in fliii so iiimiy onlHldn "iin
tpil mi Iho l rink tluil lliu logiilnr
firiini'ii hud in wulk to Iho flro
Wi'lllni.tmi (() ) l.'iilerinlso
stood that application has been made TUea back homo go
to the United States patent offlcn for
protection of (ho plan, which Denlion
believes nppllcable to other cities.
"The cltf of Chicago owns the
streets cr tho y-Ity Includln;: tho
sidewalks up to the building lines,"
aid Denlson. "The city has the
right to lease to the surface lines the
space under the sidewalks for the
car lines. This space Is now used, If
at all. chiefly by business houses for
coat botes.
"Such a deep subway as, funds
could be provided for would bo inade,-
First State is. Ktilin
Pursuant to tho showing of A. It
Campbell, In charge of the defunct
First State ft Savings bank, that n
portion of the security held under n
$5,000 notn glen by O. C. and Ka
Khlen could bo sold to ndvaneago
and tho proccods applied on the note,
release of a portion wns ordered to
day by Judge I.eavllt.
First State vs. Sutton
An order wus Issued by Judge
I.cavitt )osterday releasing a certain
notn of $1000 ghen tho First State
bank by It. K. Sutton, It nppcarlng
by the showing made by A. It. Camp
bell In charge of tho defunct bank
affairs that the notn was secured by
A04 head of sheep and 130 tons of
bay, but that tho note was to bo sold
to the War Finance, corporation, and
that Sutton was unable to sell the
note to the Finance corporation, and
therefore received no benefits, it was
ordered that the noto bu canceled
and the chattel security released.
Wo rend In a papor that "tho bride
looked lovely In a navy bluo ostrich
Illume." And! wn wcro not oven In-
vithd to the wedding."
Whnt becomes of tho flappers, or
do thoy grow Into .womanhood, asks
Karl 8hcphord. v
-A maid with a duster.
Onro made a groat blustor
A-dURting a bust in tho hall.
And when It was dusted,
Tho bust Jt was busted
Tho bust now Is dust, that Is alt.
quato for present needs, whereas a
subway system built' ten or twelve
feet deep could provide for tho fu
ture In ten or twenty-five years the I
population of the city will be greatly
Increased. At nrafnt un urn Ivmlr. I
five years behind tho times In our
provision of traffic; most proposals
arq designed only to catch up with
the growth that has already taken
place and are not far-sighted. A deep
subway would be) but a temporary
Tho sidewalk subway could bo
built at ono tenth tho expense of a
deep subway, In ono tenth the time,
and could extend throughout tho city,
as ten times as oxtcnslvo a system
could be built for the same money.
In addition to its economy, the plan
Bargains in Used Cars
One 1920 Ford Touring
One 5 Pass. Chevrolet, New Top, Good Order
One 5 Pass. Oakland Six
One Overland Roadster
One 1VL Ton Maxwell Truck, Pneumatic Tires
new tire prices
4 .. --fauxst cost viikagt ever known .
Effective July 20th, Goodrich establishes a revised
price list that is a base line of tire value. It gives the
motorist the buying advantage of knowing that what
ever size tire he selects is of the same quality tho
Goodrich one-quality standard. It gives him the long
est mileage, the most satisfactory service and the high
est quality his money can buy. Results will prove that
it is impossible. to buy tire mileage at lower cost.
Think of being able to buy
at such prices as these:
cp BASE LINK ... iiasi: lim:
alc I'KICK !,I', rune
30x3 CI. "$T3.50 34x4 S. B. $30.85
31x3.85 CI. 15.95 32x4 S.B. 37.70
30x3 S.B. 15.95 33x4 S.B. 38.55
32x3 S. a 22.95 34x4 S.B. 39.50
31x4 S.B. 26.45 35x4 S.B. "40.70
32x4 S.B. 29.15 33x5 S.B. .Ki.95
33x4 S.B. 30.05 35x5 S.B. 49.30
" I
New base line prices are also effective
on (joodrich Fabric Tires
0,,p BASE UNU cfvp UASt! LINK
0IC I'HICB alc i'lUCK
.3Qx3-"55" $9.65 32x4 S. B. Safety ' $21.20
30x3-,,55,, 10.65 33 x4 S. B. Safety 22.35
32 x 3 S. B. Safety ' 16.30 34 x 4 S. B. Safety 22.85
Urn ntr ikmtt I '"" ' i ' '"J h tirulixlk
This revised price list affords the motorist as
definite a guide to tire prices as Goodrich
Tires are the definite standard of tire quality.
makeshift. I PJtJVFVFl I tJh
Thn MattrolLr nthwnv mnM hi I H fl f
fiH Tho bust Jt was busted- built at ono tenth the expense of a I ... . .. I 'f
vlba f 't'in l.iin .. i..ft ik.i . m .r sb hi hi , rs sbsi sbsbsi m i
m f Z :4Z SSeSISS fklamath l-alls Auto Co. , I I ,:iheb.f.goodrich rubber cQWAtn.Ah.ou I
HWL "lX'TVOUItTOWVrir-VOU ten time. a. extensive a system I 224 Main( Street II" ' U
riB U V T0ii vint ,0 ''vu ,n th0 klnd ' could be built for the same money. I " II il
V H T u .l!0!?' ,,..'. . ' " ' ... In addition to Its economy, the plan 1 ' .. . .. .. J
im I Mko the kind of a town you like, W--aM-i--BHMHMHiMiHi K!a
IfEW 7 You clothes in a LL ii ' ' - 'JHBWWiliiWWWilil ililWp 11
I toJ And start ontion a long, long hiko. DOINGS OF THE DUFFS He Didn't Get a Rite Out of Tom BYALLMN
J0 , v, You'll only find what you left be- J ., .... I r7"Wiir3"n i a lilsKAIijI I II I v'litiMX f .
3M'A lilnd. VOU HAVE To lootc COMEOMTOf Hffl,!1 ,': 'j I' rt,i!TO WMu X&W- jr s J WfJ 7"", TT 7
mM si For there's notTHris that', rqally LI K& A WAITER THE TAXI f5 M V AJ77. - l.Vf WM W S AU" VVuY OHt A TppOHri 'VC HEARD ,B0OT1weU WAl
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