The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 26, 1922, Image 1

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Member of tke Associated Preas.
rlrircnlli Vcnr. No. fHINll
pme-a wvm
She's Ready
It's an III Wind" That Blows Nobody Good
400.00Q m
state biu
Illegal Use of Bank Funds
And Conspiracy Alleged
in Suit by Bramwell
Cliairi'H of (ruml mill tmiNiilrncy
urn imiluliii'd In null In niiilty filed
lulit yiwtcnlay by Kriink C. (Irani
Mill, Hluln hank examiner, on brhulf
of tli n defunct Klmt Hlutn & Having
Imnk, against J. V. Hlnmonii, John
Siemens, Jr., I'M Hloomlngcanip, I),
II. Murphy ami Marshall lloopor, In
which recovery of :i00,000 an
iriiiiiUry notes In nought.
The complaint allege that exec
Rlvn limn worn mndn ly tlin thren Jo.
fondant, J, V. unit John Hlemcti,
mil Marhutl Hooper, uctlng us
board of director, whereas five mem
liorii of tho board were nrcnisury to
cmmtltulo n quorum. It In further
iliargod that these loan wrru made
lo Ilio Klumath Livestock Mortgage
l.onn compnny. tho Klumath Mint
loinpuny, tho Kouthorn Oregon Ittul
anil Livestock company, thn Klam
ulli (lai'Tiil llixpltiil n-telutloii, thn
Klmnuth Himtlnic company, thn Hml
illo Mountain Lumber inmpany, ami
tho Klauiiith Wool Growers' aoclu
lion, mi Iniiilnquiitn ecurltlo, and
that thn defendants fraudulently
coimplrril niul confederated together
for tlm purponu of operating tho hank
lo their own pervonul gain,, and to
thn advantage of thn private corpora
tlniiH mi named, and "In utter dlsro
card nf thn rights mid Interest of
nld hank, lla depositor, creditors'
niul atoikholdura. niul In pursuance
of mild eonnplracy mid purpotn thu
defendants, during thn cnllrn period
between the, ro-orgatiliutlon and fin
nl auspciisloiMif nald hank; that they
mailo large and excolo and lllflRal
loan to thouisclves, and lo corpora
tion In which thy. or aomti of them
were Interested"; and "that largo
toses rvaulti'd on account of loana
to Insolvent and Irresponsible por
tions and corporations."
Thn um aought to ho recovered
nrc: KlMiiiath Livestock mid Mort
gage l'' company $ 142.400.00 na
maker and Inducer. Kliiutath Mint
lompuiiy $104in.r'3. of chilli $41.".
S3 lit on alleged priH-urlnua security,
niul $10,000 1 unsecured. Klmnuth
(liuura till iiKBorliitlon. $2000
'unsecured. Huddln Mountain l.umbor
touituuiy 5,a3.l3, on alleged In
adequate security. Kluiuath Heating
roinpuuy IM07.00, on alleged pre
curious security. Southern Land aud
Livestock company $3720. luaolvcnt.
John Blemuna Jr.. $14,000 ai Joint
makor, und $42,000 n oudoraar, al
an $lfi,000 loan. J. W. Bleroona $20.
31S.C1 on loan; partially, accured.
niul an Joint maker for $1,000 and on
tnntliiBunt llahlllly an mukcr for
$J .1,000., und Joint maktir In tho aum
of $14,000, and aa mi endoraor for
$42,000., and on u dlrnct llabllltr
nniloraori In tho aum of $39,043.70.
To othor poniona for $fi, 160.00.
Thn comphtlnt further rharea:
"That nlnco aald rnorKnnUallon tho
ihifnndantit fraudulently und lllenal
y took out of thn huvIiikh department
of mild bank vMuuhlo aocurltlcs In
thu auiu of moro than $54,000.00,
and replacod tho riiiiio with Inferior
or worthier aocurllloa from tho Com
iniTflnl doimrtmont of Hald bank, und
lined wild lucurttlcn no tnkmi from Ita
Hnvlnct (lopartment ui collateral ao
qiirlly to Ita bill poynblo In tho tout
murclal doparlmonl."
Th tomplulnt concluded by aaklng
jtidgmunt ud tlocroo for $300,000
und Ita CV3U und dlMbursemcnta In
tho ault.
'im,., rvniii.HiorniuErupli ut Under
woou n i iiuiiiii'
Iium reglnturcd hut
tlttlu chuiiBu In
hatomotrlo proa
aura during tho
IhhI 84 hours al
though tho tondon
cy la slightly
downwurd. Warm
er weather a Indi
cated for tomor temor tomer
row: Porocuat for noxt
34 heurs:
Fair und wnrm.
Tho Tycoa recording tuormomotur
leghitorod maximum und minimum
temperaturea today m follewa:
High .78
lP.w a,tt,,t,a,"wi"vui,uj.1J5 .
Two hundred (striking mil workers at Children, Tex., are working overtime
and for no puy. They're helping sick farmers, work their crops. Here are some of
them who in four hours worked 30 acres of cottcyi for Claude Tucker.
, ""
n Mention Kounil of HUyrr'a llua
band rage Rrvral Itrrunl
Of OlrllMMxl I)a
I.OH ANOKI.KH, July 28. .Tho
dlury left buhlnd by Mra. Alberta
Mcadowa, victim of thn hammer
murder on lonely Two-Tree hill, and
which ha beeniubjected to n careful
acrulluy, li uu Intimate and Intenaely
Interrxtlng document, It aa admit
ted lodav by tho nuthurltlcn who hao
Ncnnned III page,
Tho diary li no plainly a record of
Mr. Meadow a' girlhood aud tho
happy da) a of her all too brief mar
rled life, which was cut abort by tho
acldoulat death of her luuband, that
Ita pnget would have been held Invio
late but for the fact that It waa
thought tbry might havo contained
aomelulng bearing upon tho dreadful
tragedy that waa to culmlnato In the
doalh of Mra. Meadow horaelt,
It waa atatvd when tho oxIatenM
of tlin diary flrat became knowg
ahortly after Mr. Moadowa waa alala
that there waa nothing In It that
could be of value In connection wllh
tho Inveailgatlon of thn alaylo nf
It nuthur. Tho authorltlr havo lit
Ufled themiotvca that tho alatoment
waa true, '
Complrta lUxord
No part of tho dlury wilt b? made
public. Knough has been admitted
by thosn who havo aeen II. however,
to rcu'itl that It la n very complclo
record of thn uctlvltlca of Mr). Mea
down, and that thoro I not a ktngln
refurenco to A. L. l'hllllp. huihand
of Mra. Clurit l'lillllpx. alleged algyer
of Mrs. Meudow. from end lo end
of tho very human document.
Thern I but ouu man'a name that
run through thn diary' cloiely writ
ten page tho namo of tho man who
won Mra. Mvadowa aa a, bride and
whom ahe almnat womhlppod.
The dlury tooraa with brief atorlta
of tho mauy little partlea and other
affalra that Mra, Meadowa attended)
It waa reported. Aa a whole It pro
vldea audi a cloudy counectod narra
tive of her life It nffurn muto evidence
that thern wax no other man who had
won hor affections. "
Trrasuml l'ixiiieloa
It wua poln toil nut that If there
had been un affair of tho heart be
twecn Mra. Meadowa and Phllllpa abo
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Question Ilefore NmikU Voter at
1'vIIn Next Fall
HKNO, Nov. July 26. Novada rot
er wilt havo an opportunity at thu
polla noxt fall for tho flrat time In
tho hUtory of tho stuto to amend tho
Mtato dlvorco. law which haa boon
crltlcland by churchmen and othera
and which Is claimed made uoaalble
thu quick dlvorco of Owen Moore und
Mury Plekford, motion plcturu alara.
Thu proponed nmendmont, apon'
snred by MUhop Ueorgo Hunting of
thu Nplscopiil church of Novaifa, has
boon filed with tho iiucrotary of atato
and will appear on tho November bal
lot. It provides that divorce eoogors
may obtain an Interlocutory degree
after residing in Novada for six
monthu but must wait another six
months boforo obtaining tho final
docrou. '
Another dlvorco bill passed by the
last luglslaturo, eliminating short
term features of tho prosont law, but
maintaining In forco tbo six mouths
roMdonce faction, nlno will nppenr on
the bfillpj,
LoMf Mrrta Lkfrue
Lucky Escape, Say Police
HA NUIKdO, Calif., July 26.
Unique umong toruplalnta of Joit ur
tide 1s tho one mado by an cinbar
ramad vUllor horn taut week who
said hi marriage llcemo had disap
peared. Ifn asked Desk Sergeant
Keno WlUon what to do,
"Do" suld n (hnriin of old married
policemen when Wllnon related thn
story afterward, "Why thn poor sup
don't know when he'n hml a narrow
It soomed that after getting the
llcomo, but bnforo having tho knot
tied, they did ronaldcrablo riding
around in tho bridegroom's small
automobile, having tho comfortable
feeling that ho bit of paper author
ising the minister to make them ono
was reposing In hubbyto-bc'a coat
pocket on tho back acat.
On discovering tho loss, thoy went
over thn route thoy 'had travelled,
but finally came to tho police station
la despair. Tho sergeant advised
them to get tho county clerk to luuo
a certified duplicate, and thoy went
their way happy.
TACOMA, July 26. Sixty Colum
bia river fishermen who obtained a
temporary Injunction recently agalnit
the Washington state fisheries board,
havo 48 hours to cease purso seining
operations as n result of tho ruling
of thrco feileral Judges Into )estvrday
dissolving thu Injunction.
.PORTLAND.. July 26. Cattle
steady at tlocll'no of GOc on cows
late yesterday. IlogH steady, sheep
strong, eggs and butter weak.
i '''VS.' 1$i0 1X J .ASUMHuae J
m, f I ejJJItj t V I
Ui 'AHgKMn C 'rv
KmBBES.3mKwBF JsHdnV saalslir.
$3,000,400 RAISED
Anmuat Habecrfted by 8,000 ffeatUe
uiixen m live oaya ror mom
8KATTLE, July 26 Approximate
ly S000 Seattle residents rrebscrlbed
a total of $3',000,000 in bonds to fi
nanco the erection, of a new hotel
here, sponsored by the chamber of
comer co as a community cntorprlso
It was announced at noon today when
thn subscription campaign contud
Thu $3,000,000 was raised In five
da. Originally It was planned to
sell $2,750,000 In bonds lu five daya.Mt'arrea Company A
but thu Itlxcus' commltleo of sales
men met with such rcsponso that the
drive wan ended today. Construction
of thn hotel, which will bo built on
leased ground owned by tho Univer
sity of Washington, will begin with
in four months ami tho building will
bo completed In IS months, accord
ing to present plans.
Craftsmen Inttarrd to go Honth By
1UU Wivgo Offers
TACOMA, Wash., July 2. Tho
demand for building trades craft
men In California bas rcsut'ed, In
a shortage of theso workmen In
western Washington, local contrac
tors declare. It Is said that Call for
nla contractora havo aent agents
here and craftsmen have been in
duced to go to California with pro
mises of as '.much as $3 a day
abovq union scale.
'Thoro Is a shortage In tbo
building trades." It. M. Grant,
speaking for local contracters re
cently stated. "On many building
Jobs hore men aro now being paid
moro than tho scale, and dcsplto
that fact higher wages still are lur
ing them lo California, whero aa
exceptional building movement Is
Body Found Near Road'
aide; Note Said to Indi
cate Domectic Troubles
DOItniB, July 26. David T,
Well, 48, widely known farmer of
this vlclnltarajwas found dead with a
bullet thrMk his heart at one
o'clock thletnornlng on the main
road four miles west of here. A 11-25
calibre rifle nearby and aotac found
on the Ifody Indicated suicide caused
by worry over domestic troubles.
The body waa found by the road
ide , the TcBr of tl- wlg
ranch by a trucJt dri,er for tB, We,
ter Lumber company. It waa brought
t0 Dorrl where an Inqvesa will be
held today. The contenla of the notes
left by Wells wore not made public,
but It was understood that they re
lated to recent domeatlc troubles. ,
Wells Is survived by a wife and 12
year-old son, both of Dorrls.
ance la New Agieeaaeat
Klamath Fall today escaped fu
ture paving maintenance costs thru
signing an agreement with the War
ren Construction company which pro
vide., that all repairs to tho par
Ing for a period of years shall be
borne by the company. The orig
inal bid of the company called f-jr
payment by the city of oae-flf'.h
cent a yard a year for repairs. When
It was pointed out by City Attor
ney Duncan that It waa Illegal fir
the city tQ-nrtfW1aiargwCMtrtct
for anticipated repairs, a suaale-
mentary agreement was drawn
Paving Bend jPsSjBvnfl
Paving bonda aold to the War
ren Construction compaay' aad the
First National bank -Sartre atgaed
yeaterday and are ready for delivery
upon payment of the amounta due.
At tho council meeting Monday
the Bend Concrete Pipe company
was given permission to repair the
old keg and pall factory on South
Sixth atreet and to construct new
gravel bunkers. A representative
of this company recently stated
that a permanent plant here was
A contract submitted to the coun
cil by the California Oregoa Fow
(Continued to Pf )
VV aaassan
' lire. EMe Graves, East Boston,
Mass., 1 ready to mtet any fem
inine welterweight In the United
Itatee In the squared areas.
E. J. Grant Tell Forum Members
Of His FlniK In TUIlruad
t'nnicrjcrr Probo
A comparatively small crowd
heard the report of E. J. Grant on
his Interview with William Sproulo.
president of the Southern Pacific, at
the chamber of commerco forum' to-
Cat-Off Promised
He said Sproule had promised
Immediate completion of tho Nat
ron 'cut-off from OakrTdgo to Klrlc
if the Central Pacific lines were re
tained, but would mako no definite
promise regarding tho lino from
Westwood, although asserting that
It woutd bo built eventually.
Should tho Westwood line be
built, however, Sproulo said it
would In hlV opinion not placo
Klamath Falls' on a parity with
Bend and Susanvillq on eastern
lumber rates, tho longer haul still
Justifying higher rates.
Grant said that whllo ho was no
partisan of tho Southern Pacific
and had gono Into tbo situation
prejudiced against that system be
cause of local rate conditions) bo
had becomo convinced that Klam
ath Falls would bo better oft If
the Southern Pacific retained, con
trol of the Central Pacific at least
of tho coast lines.
Higher Rates Seen
For Instance, ho said, tho dis
memberment' of tho Southern Pa
cific it tho Central Pacific lino
from Tehama to tho stato lino pass
ed into other bands would result
In inconvonlonco of traffic move
ment, add to car shortage and
possibly bring higher rates.
Grant expressed tho opinion that
It would bo to thu udvantngo of
Klamath county to tako a definite
stand with tho Southoru Pacific In
tho controversy.
Dct'laro Intoxication on lucre aso lu
- H. V. Klnro Prohibition
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 20.
Tho publlu of the Vnltod Slates
and tho world at lurgo hai boon
"dellbciatoly misinformed us 16 tho
results ot prohibition lb' Sau Fran
cisco" dud "thoro has'becn a do-
cidcil x Incrcaso in tho number ot
Inmates in stato corroctlvo institu
tions slnco prohibition begau," tho
grain trailo association of' tho San
Francisco' chamber -of commerco
said In resolutions made public
here. - 4
Tho total monthly arrests In tho
city for Intoxlcftlon havo. "steadily
and raplftly Increased slnco tho
first month ot prohibition" ,tho res
olution said. Thoy contlnuod that
not ouly bas thoro been an lncroaso
la tho number ot Inmates lu atato
prlsous, Insano asylums aatl' Institu
tions for the foeble minded hut a
decided, lacregse in. jjerjbus crjm,?.
Maintenance of Way Group
Opposea AMeapl to Die
400,000 malateaaaca of
way men threatea to etrlhet
Women attack aea-Tjalea;
workers In Toledo.
Pittsburg operators' aseeeta- !
ton seek parley wKh vlw to
coal strike aettleaeat.
DKTROIT, Mich., July If, -A
threat that 400,000 malateaeace of
way' men employed on the Nation's
railroads will strike because of the
alleged action of certata eastern
mads In attempting to form coa-pany
organizations to take the place of the
International railroad brotherhoods,,
and becauso of the actio of gaaraV
employed by the railroads, waa sWi
hero today at tho headquarters of the-'
International brotherhood of main
tenance of way employes aad rail
way shop laborers.
TOLUDO, Ohio., July 26, Forty
women, wires and relatives of strik
ing railway employes attacked a par
ty of non-union railroad shopmen oa
their way to work la the New Tork
Central shops here today. Police re
sponding to the call were met with a
shower of bricks and stone which
resulted in calling out the police re
serves. Three patrol wagons rushed
to tho scene with orders to arrest
every woman la the vicinity. WfcM
thn reserves arrived the waste had
fled. No arrosts.were :
nniDGEPORT, Ohlo.rJnly St.
The Pittsburgh Veta Operators' as
sociation, producing over one-third
of the entire coal output of Ohio,
announced today through Secretary
'Albasln that tho aatoctatloa bow
stands ready to eater lato a confer
ence with officials of the Ualted
Mine workers, either for Ohio or
for the central competitive field.
with view to a termination of the
This Is tho first detlnito an
nouncement of the wllllagaes of
tho association, which employs
from 20,000 to 19,109 men, to ea
ter Into a conference oa thu basis.
Old SI Passe , After 11 Yean
With Brans
Eleven years of faithful service
and a'usbful career were aaded with
(he unexpected death from acute
stomach trouble last alght of SI, tho
'faithful old horse ot the American
Impress 'company.
A rat, sleek colt, Bl was shipped to
thls"elty from Caltforala 11 yean ago
whetfdollvery service waa flrat Inau
gurated bore by the express company.
J. J. Turkcr, local ageat, drove M
the first time he waa la harness aad
Arthur Lcavltt, who was working tor
tho company at that time, helped to
train him ns a truck horse.
Thu willingness aad reliability of
SI won for hlnl a warm place in tho
hearts ot tho express company em
ployes and their sorrow aver tha loss
was as ucuto as through a member ot
thu family had passed oa. With tears
lu his eyes, Parker this morning re
lated tho caroer of his "pal."
Portland Opeiu laformatkm Urged to Kcaaaaa
POUTLANPj ore., July il. Tho
Portland chamber of cemmerej has
opened an lr.formstlon '.booth at
tbo municipal auto camp, whero
gonerul lafcitnatloa rH4rdlajr e'.'.r
Btuto will bo dispensed, ' aid- tha
Oregon tcuT'st and Inferuiatloa
bureau will assist In glvlag data 9t
condition of highways, camp site
und tourists hotels. , " .
A card indog will he kept at alt
tourists and theprtj0Ul4r"feawa .
ot t,ho statewh'arU.,
tercHtcd. aad after hajfretara) la ,
ther homes Uehfwlllaaea ;
OregOB, . v' jn',,uvVVij-.
. " .; jv . i
sn tt.WJ?"S('