The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 25, 1922, Page Page Two, Image 2

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P. S. Learnt Game Laws
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He Alto Gett Big Idea
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' li'WWiU I PaV aneast
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hMkM daily Bsaaat Bandar, ay
fit HmM Fabuaning OMifMr at
antawa raiiavai iiv aigaia aire.
MMeltlKI VMtatfeM M KM
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-friftgf r
Ta AajBBUtad.Jraaa la aidaHm
ly ApM tc.tMLM fr paaUan
Hae itf MHiMHUk, credited
ta Ktttf4at ttherwlee credits la
aad also' tii local aewa
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" ' rrvjr Journal)
Tlll:aaawitr ot"lB Klamath
Chamber of Commerce has
written to Mayor James Rolph of
Baa! Francisco tho following letter:
v A-
"May .we ask that you remove the
Imaginary Ma separating -Klamath
eoBBty.'Oregon,' from California, and
admit1-aate yoiir concerted move
mrat ta' brlBg before the world the
advaatafee.aaportaaltie' and atlrac
ryB.ef.gwBe4or California? Califor
nia gatatjractlcally all of curbusl
aeaa,BBd,B)thoagh. we are not a phy
sical part of yoa, we arewlth you In
pirlt tad can visualise the results of
he aevemeat now being supported
If pabllc spirited rltliena of all the
rrlterr north ef'the 'lTae)iaH
lioro 'power to the novfamti" '
LBonie'iaoBths'atoa baetneM aen'a
curatea waa inAutl&ftjm .rort
te'ad, to BoatherBrbrAon and to
' Klaawth fathi. The'Portlandera Were
eopedlto trarel Tla Weed, Cal.,
ea thtlr way to Klamath Falls, a dla
Uaeeef 5I7'mlim. ai compared with
414 atlW from a8an Franclsfo to
KMaMth Falli. "
Their Ifaaad, that freight shipped
frmJSaTrrBelMo ta deltrered In
natoh'rlM two' days to a week
aooMr 'thin freight shipped tfrom
FOrtlaad,.tTBey'foad that paaseagor
tMirM'ia aaout'lS hoars leas from
mk. rraaeUro. that telegraph mee
awjaa trmi1 PortWildWo KJamatt
film1 ararwHfdarjMh-Ban Fraa
ifM adrtBt isj maclsco newi
BjMMra'.lMTe ih adraBUge of Port
kMd aewapamirs la arriving In KImh
affc rails' aftir Uarlar the presses.
Thar fmradr toorthat KlamatV rails
la raatis'U oae of the " Urgast.
JratgM' arodaerthg autlaaa la the
late MrteMttat poHUad.
'BW,:TsryJal'Ta4age was ba the
aide of SaWrranclaeo la getting tho
basiaeeH'of'-Klamath 'wurity.' '
Had the 'Natron'-'eut-ofr been com
pleted a4,Uf tJwfof tho Pertland: ex
etf raWth IlsUaeo to Klamath Tails
wsU.kaM Maax.rdacedV froav W-
to nipaBius(a,djeroce, At, aearly
S0O,mlle. The time of travel, "both of
fra4ghft,aadj puaengers, .would ave
boor! afaaimbyfl-two. Evry-U.,
I ar.eiaaMBjNMa)(taiasaUe twospoiais
5 wJHfM',M?OAB0a.,prorUoiately.ra:
A 5i?l;,w3thlo,Klama,tk
mr. f orUand el.tfsea, nowj realdfat In
gaa rraneUso, to exflalm:
. !Ott0m,h Oregvwilong are
. yoa goiac u.atani ihr aad. sMiyour
waaetaaptartaBltles-remain un-
dsvoiaH..TiaUl your own communi-
two ws)t.t tai Join (In the optimism
aaasaat,hiiiwsa. ofccoafJnuBltlesla
adjolatag UteaT'.'.
', ' 'HkwiJoaglUa the ease of Klamath
pFalta until the Natron cut-offi la
r'bat.iVaU):thtveat occurs "a. great
psrtiaBt alhi!orgoi iwUli belaag
' to thta state Ib nama-oaly.'
4.1. -
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'-4R4MhbB Mtbgfl
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.za iiii
'BjajT! TJTOrTt?'
aamaBBBBh aakn am avBauaii t it
i.(-2 zt
" II i iii MlJi
I u tTi "UilL "V
v infill
A v.
h ir'' - - -v
Hs .! lW -
' 4'4a0irf
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iiyamnv, C '
v.mj saai.
VrffiM W
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' t iUgamnmCTMiK.
SmaBBBmV "flaiua'-'
JsmmnflaBk' '-I'i? v' ' "
PrwHlstork R-lk DIacer
r 4 in Nortliern Part
Of Intuit Cwftimti.
KDMOTON, Alta, July IS. -In a
valley- oftka'far northern section of
Hrltisk Oram Ma,', close to tha'Takoa
boroW.V .whkh It Is bellereds . was
never ieforovlslted bya white man.
Prak''PeTty mining engineer of
Vanfwayer.j'has dlscoverod the to
malaaot mastodons that oaco roamed
Norttieta Canada. The location of the not marked on maps, hut It
Is north' and wosOef tho headwaters
of ihriBdHyTlver, ladlaaa will not
travel fthregh tho valloy, beUevlak
It to he hsMHtted by the giant aalmaU
whoseM they hava'aaewi
IwMltMt) ta the boaea there are
roatarteta In the sanditone and shale
of aomo 'other pre-hhrtorlA aeaater:
these -ro clearly deflaed, mark
nhowtag that the maker of the
tracha-waa a three-toed animal.
Tha bones, which are of great alio
are not fossilised but are In a state
of excellent preaertatloa. nip boats
and sections of the spina were fonmi
.by perry, who believes tnat oy
excavation specimens M tnaeh histor
ic value, could be inearthed.
Perry,- a recent visitor here,
spent 14 years la the far northern
terltory In the o.uett of mlaersts, two
pack, doga being hta companions,
teitereaneea nor pack horses can
he used U'tata access 10 iae aismci,
where these remaku were fouad. and
so far the only mtnaer of travelling
has been to live on the gam, MlnE
dogs to pack the camp equipment on
their back's. It requires u year to
make thejonrsey la this way, knt an
airplane. could cover the distance In a
f aw 'trars.
A man can Inherit dollars but not
Tariff .boosts, wool and, the strike
booata. coal. It .will be easy to kee
coo) next wlater.
A transparent .Palm Beach, ault
shows you What, kind of a man ,he Is.
Funny thlagr happen. One store Is
adwrtlalBg pettlceaU.-
f"Myatary la 'BMrdar,a: Death"
headttno." Intorvleir tho cook.'
-Two" old horse'trider didn't have as
maay thttgi to He' about-as the mo
dern auto swapper.' -
A speeder, doesn't break any ree-orda-geUtsg
outof thehospiui.
With Mt "ml Won thlnn'at home
thab(arejflBoito worry nbout some
paapw'ko up with tha Chinese war.
"thOaaHobk Is brighter.' We saw
a inaa "buy" ' disiar. basket.
fo'u "BeHon? see ' a bootlegger
4 a - .
.Tia man. always Urnlng. p his
bom mlgh,aa3irtlf(tTO,!P h'toe.
iiecoaaja' atlaghat everyone
eUe.wan'u; happinf b setting .what
yoa.waaC ; , r
.RockAfeller.ssys he jnsde bis first
doU'r..Millnr. geese, Meral: Find-
something w,sll geese.
. - i . j
WheiaiBa',offltstart out. to seek
4 man It usually finds blm
meet It. ! " 1 '
,Canda)ho a larger percentage ct
home, owners than, any .other naUfin.
W"ara'hordaieTflp prospef Ityj any;
Tm v
The mllleanlumwlll be here when
a ekuratrbvMidrawa i aa big a crowd an
a fire Bell.
ITkaboat can 'gat by with loafiag
on tho johby pretending Bel.(ll
urlng out something
One' half ttie world doesn't know
.why tho other halt IWes.
You never have to go -to any trou
ble'to find treuble:
Mrs., OlVverKteney; of.tOleBe,4on
flunday visited with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. a. Williams.
! M,r, and Mrs;' Frank Stewart gave
tn:aarty Saturday1" lg'ht 'in bono of
tbelr son Kenneth's' sixteenth birth-j-.NJ'
.'rhoMiiinitiiit' Twerer Bud
CheyBO, Voia CJioyae, Kenaetb dor
den.Cster Oorden, -Walter Folsomi
ErnW' Folsomlrene' FoUomlRuby
ichreiner, Ethel' Bchrelner, Stella
keVreiaer. tfr'and hfrs. Dan Knylor.
''.yleo aBdf'Oebrglfl bwsob ahd
naua ana. marie w;roie
- Mr, arlaoa, M theownor of a n?w
.VMrf.nJMrVM MMk and Ugtter,
DHa.4la'oa.Mrs. F. 0. Williams
nnday.) -(-ii wl n i H
KMmit tha faraasra -In tl neigh
baabjiad ra;tkpaHk Jtaylng.
I ' In white and colore; tip to 4rl I
I ' $4.95 for $1.95 ' I
it's PLiicnm Mwict
, mm success to nun
3bbbbbbbbbbbHP .gsssssssssMssssssssssssssssnV
gsssP'risss' ' nVLssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssW
sssCssssssV.V ' ''ITvlilgsssssssssssssssssssssssssl
l'ag--Br' ll
mfkMm-M A?X ' rssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssV-Bmmv(r-!amgamV',A
' - '.JaT-. f jgaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmW'
esaSakjBBBBBBmnV 'jP liV
aBaBBBBBBBBBB itimmmmmmmmmmWr.
aBBBmmmmmmmmmmmm' TittmmmmmmmmmmVmw
"efmmmmmmmmmraagaV' r.'mmmmmmmmmmKmmmmm
3HPP' 'Mr&glglgHglHh
assssK Jl gagaHGgaLBBmH
ft:jU&. " 14 IPbbssBbssssssssssssssI'
Jammmmmcri.tJf' " FrmmmVummmmmmmmv
miiimisBMk'.'.1 f'lBBBBBBTlgammmmmmm Jl
gsssssssssssssTaST'l l'J '. PJslVIHSil
mgsssssnigsBl" W1-) l ,, r-jf50sSilP!3i
BBBBBBBKBBL.r''.' .iji 'I'VffriUJr'
HX1 11; Ty srwfdy
sssssssssssKaFKr'K ' -JXtM jT
.dagamnBV Vi' tJtJ.J0
'TgamPsiaamti taSaW X
k1. asssm v 7aBaBge"sV
nov 01 boons i :
.. nv
-A wife's
raltltin iter mate, her fortitude anav
......jiH.' , .k .n 1
.,,.,.... . . .
all adversity to brlnu her husband
.fame--6afa tho ktory behind tho
story i of is nuw book that probably
win nv us auiniir a lunuiiu in ruui-
Thomas Tomplo Hoyno wrote the
book.Uut Mrs. Hoyno published It,
helping to operate a liny Job press
t. ' -i. ., :.
ociween inrai iimwi
For preo years sho had tried to
have regular publishers print tho1
book, flut they refused. , stantlal dwelling on his farm nesr
Tlin book "Speculation" attacks Warden,
some or the popular Isms of llm day I . it. Cordon, lumber grader at
In tho field of economics and politics. Hie McC'ollum mllf.-ls at Worden for
' "It's too bold a mlrrorlnic 'of u week harvesting,
facts," Mrs. Hoyne says jmlillsliors I J. J. McCollum left Monday for
told h'er.r j tli Upper lako country on an np-
Hoyne himself bucamo Mlscourag- pralsoment trip.
eu Ho was willing to abandon Ills lit-' lxn Cliapmon and Una Uwln
q'rary hnibltlona. ,"' Kla"'al" Ful", aro onJoy,D "
. But Mrs. Hoyne kept her coiirago, ouUn ,n tl,U v,e,n,t5r' . .
pawneu her Jewelry and other valu.l Cliarlca Shur, ncphow of A. W.
ables and camped on tho front door Hhur Is visiting the latter having
steps or iho'publlshcrH' homos wlth-'como across tha continent from Pen
jut success. i J.nsylvanla by automobile.
' Tho going bocame harder. Tlmy' School directors aro building a
moved Into a one-room liomo.'offlcn.rottairii In tho school yard at War
iind prliitlBgtmUbllshnient. fdon for n.home for Instructors while
"Wo'lj put thatbook on tlin mur-Jteaclilne In this district,
4, ' 1 '
''' . i il BBBaaasBBBBBaBBmaBBBBsBsBBBWssaBMsmmi IgasssapsMgTJagBBaegBmTgg
.- . -.T THE jj
1 A' Clover Voudnv.llle Sketch "
mill: tinnnnriri n nniPB
WW I.Ulf Ii' ! ssmal MM M aaaal . asLaT. MM- M I
in LL1 1 LR LftlUUI
Featitrlng J Kronklyn Kirk, baritone. This act wjll bo given be
tween shows, Wo wljl have our regular program consisting of
' Storrthg Viola Dana and also a good comedy.
i ,
.v Wednesday The special, "SCHOOL DAYS" ..
, starring WESLEY BARRY
ke't If wo have to die In thu attempt,"
said tho wife.
And she started running off the
book, sect on by.t'Ctlon on a small
j- ' " '
""....:.. ,.u .......
11. W. JTowbr ant) family wero
guests at'lhb II. F. Downing home
Sunday aflcfnoon
I .-r . . . - n
ii. K. unapman is in uranis iih
taxing treatment lor oyo irouoic
n, II. Jones Is completing a sub-
'. ''"
Dear Kd: Well. KM, I and "tho mis
sus has been fishing uunln nndt
whilst I will not Inko oft my lid to
no other county on earth when It
comes to fishing I find It Is n lot
moar easy to catch tho fish than It
Is to eat them If you nro slopping nt
n hotel.
Its URo this, Kd, 1 and the missus
hint n room at Kngln Ridge, and get n
boat nnd RO fishing. Wo cot us n
boatload and as ktbe hotel prop, enn
wit have the fish cooked for supper.
Tho' prop sayR sure only you first
have got to attend to n ow little for
malities. Says I what do you mean
and the n-op says In the 1st place
you have got to got a nffydavlt (hat
you raiight tlin fish and then a tag
from tlio game warden to put on tlin
fish befoar hn can bu cooked.
Well, what do you no about that,
IM. Says I, wbut do you mean, a nf
fydavlt. My missus hear will teTl you
I catch tho fish and ns for getting a
tag from tho ganm wariAn, why this
fish Is past taking any Interest In nny
kid games tike playing tag. The prop,
says thats all right but Its the Inw
nnd no ones to blame Gut the law
yers. Well, ynu no mo. Kd, how 1 am
when t get soar. Says I, all right and
I hops Into my llsxlo and heats It foro
Klamath Falls and drags a . p. away
from his bed and board and gels thu
nffydavlt, Than t look up tho game,
warden but hn Is aver to l.akovlew.
Well, Kd. I am not to lie daunted so
I start for takevlow which Is oanly
100 (nnn hundred) miles and I have
not gono' over a few miles when I j
meat thu Kami) wardon comelng back,'
Says 1, now dears tho fish fork over,
tho tog, Hn has a tag on him all'
right and says nno scent please. I
hand ovor a 10 (ten dollar) bill and
he gots soar and says what do you
think I urn a bank or something,
Welt, Kd, tho snort and long of
Is tho g. w, can not bust tho Mil and
I will not trust him with It and ho
will not trust run with the tag. Hnj
saye Its tho Isw and I got to have my I
scent befoar I break loio of a tag,,
So hack we go to K. F. and all tho
stoars'ls closed and no chanct to got,
thu'ehange. Then I got a Idear and
glvo tho g. w a check for one cent
wjilcli ho says ho will tako a chanct
on If 1 let him hold my watch, which
I do, Tho deed Is done ami I beat It
back for Kagle It Id no to cook my fish.
' ''Vfell, Kd, you no how womon Is,
426 Main
' Firtt
Peaches and Tomatoes for Canning
i i
In tke next day or two we will commence to receive
both tomatoes and peaches which we will be able to sell
reasonable enough for' canning. Come in and see the
quality and price.
Fanry Small lironra ftO
Fancy Med. IJroom 75
Fanry aVge Ilroom 1.00
10 Ib. Sack Cane Sugar Oil
OS Ib. Hack Cane Sugar ....1.83
AO lb. Hack Cane Sugar 4.4ft
100 lb. Hack Cms Httgar...J.70
4H Tall Cans Milk 8JW
2 No, II H Cans l'ruiu-s JBft
4 lbs. filled Oats V
100 l,g. liars Whlto Wonder
HHip 440
100 I. liars nieechbig Hoa
JOO "l. itars Crystal White
Hoap -...4J
Fancy Calif. Hire, lb OO
Small Cal. Whlli Deans, lb... .10
Fancy Marwronl, lb 10
Fancy 1,1m, Jleans, Ib 1ft
Fancy rranat Hotter, lb .90
a) lb, Mix Koda Crackers .ftO
894 lb. llox Haow Flakes 0
4H lb, llox araham Crack
era , -72
11 lbs. Cane Hugar. 1.00
Fancy Halted I'MUiuts, Ib JIO
It os. Royal Haklng- Powder .40
Sis lbs. Royal Uaklng Pow
clcr - ..,i.S0
5 lb. Royal Itoklng PowtlFr..aJM
CorniMenl, Hck M
Gal. Htaa Fanry Hoi Id Pack
Tonuttoos ..... ,7ft
ft lbs. Dark Karo .v. -M,
10 lbs. Park Kara 70
When you patronize ut you pay 'for. no. uncollected-account fcecaute we
tell, for rtrkUy-Mtl-when' yeu patrenize a credU ttore it it tlifferent." ,
We deliver to your retidence for tke amall charge of ten centt for each
delivery. . '
'z.r ansr -b u- "zy . ...
and If It wan not Hint I Knt In have
someone m tin Un work around
homo 1 would have beat It for Iteno
toduy. After all my trouble, Kd,
which I look Just to show people
something, why the missus goes out
In the kitchen and rooks tho fish
herself, Tho missus gives mo Dm
hoarse ImurIi nnd the way I get It the
penplo around thn hotel Is also llrli.
Ing In get some funny stuff off there
chests. Hut you no how I am, Kd,
nnd these people better not k i;ny
with n man of my stamp.
Howsoever, Kd, I gets me a Idear
out or It which ought to pay mo
enough Jack for my troubles, .My
Ideur Is this, Kd, Hint I will Ret
Tliomn .MrUliMn, l,o Wlln runt TliriMlorr ltiiVr1) In
Their Istest plcturo.
Coming Thursday Anita Stewart in
ft lbs. Mgtit Kant 40
10 His. Light Kant 7ft
Funcy ('mly, Ib 110
ft lit. Fresh (linger Haaps ftO
ft Ib. Pall 1'uro Lanl 0ft
10 Ib. Pall Pare iJiry IJM
Odlden IUkI Pancake Flour
Hack - 70
(iolriea Itori (Jraliam, Hack.... .4A
l.urky Xlrlke Clgnrrftra...... ,1ft
Cliestetfli'ld Cigarettes
One Kleven figaretles
Ilorsrstioe .Tobacco, l'lug...
Ptiiind ('(la Dlsln Quera
Fancy (3ams
Fancy. Hlirimp ,
nalsions Ilran
Pint Weowm Oil ... n
Quart WcNMtn OU .........
Half (isl. Wesson Oil..,
M lbs. 'C'rlseo ....'.'..
0 lbs. (Vro i ,
4 lb., Haow Drift ........'..
.. fta
....A to
m ion. Niow iipn
largo t'un Mbby
Mrat -
l.arae. Hoxcm Matchea...
Ijirao Phgi Mrd fleast'...?..
lArge Pk, Tafhxa ......
Magta yeast v
.. 4i
.. .18
.. '.!
.. ,0s
.. .OH
veust. 1'iMtn
Urge Pkg Wheat Flakes r
Largo Pkg, Pancake Flour.. .M
lMrg Pkg. Rolled Oata -W
fl PkgsJ OrapdPNats I, Z. 'JW
Phone :34i
't - """" "
vLiinvMWj a. t fBri. wain
Minn taRs printed which Is Just as
Reed as tho regular ones and when a
bird wants n fish I say how murh
world do you rravu fish. Kltber he
pays inn fore n tnR or no fish, Hows
that for u darb, Kli, IM? I get you u
Job ilnlni: the snmn at llorky I'nltil
ami " '"'" " ilennup.
Yrs, us liefo.-ir
run. si'.xcK,
flsll tuRRer
SlllCe Colette) llryntl bus eipressed
his belief that miracles are Mill pos
sible, It's easier lo understand bis
three tries lit the presidency, Mar
lon Slnr.
Falli, Oregon
Cereal PoMum ... 90
I'kgi. Piiffril Hire ., .IW
a Pbg. Puffed Wieat t.a.1
Kagle Hwr(. ClKtrolatn JM
, IliikiTx Premium Cliorolate,
lb, (,.,... ,,, ,40
Jello, Pkg ia
HerxticyN Cocoa MO
Makers Citnla ... ,8ft
Pint .llotUo .Van Camaw
'taB ., JW
HhmMetl Wlteat .... .8ft
t'oru Flaken lu
Post Toastlm ,i. 10
8 Pkg. A II Hoda .an
H Pkg. Kag; llroakfaat Tr .87'
H lb.tjaMR Tea ..'... JM
Itoyal Club Coffee, lb 40
S lbs, It. Club Coffee, LIS
Fancy A0-4O Prunes, lb,.,.... .80
I Ib. Ohlradelll's Chocolatn.... Jag
8 IbN. Ohlradelll'N Chocolate...!
'I Ib. Hill (Virfoo 48
H lbs. HIHs Oof fan t.M
1 Ib. Crescent lUktaft Pow-
Ww MwiMiiiHHMtMitti aM
lbs, Crrsorat Baking Pow
s r ... 4... I..: 78
ft lbs. Crescent Itaklag Pow-
lr v - - l'tOt'
Fancy Hauerkruut, Can 88
Van Camaa Houps, any Ulalsia
Old Dutch Cleanser 1ft,
Crystal WWto Hoas ,0ft;
Fels Nabtk , 7. P
( 1 1'
i '
MJ. 1 ! "
ITV.'A 'Tt.
W. - ' .