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Euimma Herald
Member of the Associated Press.
lllti Hi cur. .ii.HII7H,
PHieH nvii ohio
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U. S. Marshal in Tacoma Is
Wounded; Patrolmen Hit;
Official Kidnapped
TACOMA, July 20 ' II. I.en,
deputy United Ktiili'N iiuinliiil, unit
(Iti'il iimiii liy (Jim of Hired men nl
tin- Mllutiiikoo shops imliiy Ifo ro
InriiiMl (Ire It wiih reported Unit he
woiinilnil on" In hIhiiiIiIit,
MONONOAIIKI.A. Peiiiiu.. July 20
- Two rctiimh,iiilu nil I run il patrol
men, n cur Inspector mill n i-onntiihlu
worn shot early today lifter their
gasoline spei-itor wiih wrerked nn
llni llllmwirtli branch, near lleulley
Villi-. Penti.
m. 'r or. Mr "w khoiioV!.
tni, umiiTiil Inspector (or Hi- see
dint unit tlilnl ilUlnliiim. Aliunde
Coast I, Inn nillrnail, was si-lind In tin-punm-ngur
station nl inlilnlKliI hint
night mill n.rrliil tiwuy In nn nut o
lunbllu Hi- linn nut boon heard front
1'lllt-atH WITH Hlllll to ll.1ll tll'Oll lll.llll-
ngalnst all tallroutl officials.
WAYCIIOH8. (In July 20 Three
companion of (loorgln iiiitloliul Riinnl
troops nrrlvi-d hero lutn toilny a a
i en u It n( ii request for protection be
rnuii of ntrlko illsonlorn. Martial
Itw will not In- declared. II wan nta-li-il,
uiiloiu til- Hltuatlnn becomes
MI'ltKOdCi:. Okln.. July 20 A
general mail r.ill mih rtoiiiulod horn
tonight nliortly ndor u wiuad of pol
In-, armed with riot guns, rimlii'il lo
a downtown Hlri'-'t loriiur whom sev
eral railroad hIiopiih-ii In u wrecked
motor car worn niirroiiniled by
threatening crowd
MI'.I.IIY nt Klamath Pulls, o Mr
unit Mm. A. M. Mi-lby. July 17,
l22, U boy; Weight fight poilllilx.
Drop I'rom Oim To Tun (ViiIm .N'otril
At Vnrloiis Point
SALT I.AICU CITY, July 20. The
gasoline rutnll prlrn horn linn drop
peil from 31 to 30 conlH n Knlton.
Freight rato readjustment was given
us tint cull no,
ST. I.OIU8. July 20. A gasollttn
rut from L'M4 cents to 23 'J n kI
Inn wnn a nun uncoil lu-rc. A lower
rrmlu oil prlco was given iih the
PENDLETON, July 20 iA rush
linn cut lioro from 32 cents to 30
(ruin cnmit tmliiy. Competition of
Two yuiHlloiiM An- Ill-ought llefon
Court In Hot omit CmiteM
SOLUM, July 20. Two loRnl
points whutlmr u voter may rogln
tor In ono product ami rant n ballot
In unotlmr mid whether u voter may
rhatigo party registration on election
day woro nrRiied today bnfoio tlio
circuit court by iitlorno for Hull
mtil Olcott In tlio primary contMt
h.vyh di:hi:hvi:i hiiootino
NBW YOIUC. July 20. Doclar
Iiik that uho "iloHorvoil to bo allot,"
Mih, Margurot Mabor today rofiiNed
to IoiIro u complaint uRnliiHt her bun
hand, (lonrno. who uhot her fivn
Hmo on Juno 2S.
Tlio Cyclo-StormuRrapn nt
uerwooii a
iniipv ii'irlHtoiH n
BllRlitly Ii I K h ii r
prcHauro today inn
liidlcuHnns iv r o
Htlll for warm
ForocaBt for next
24 heurs:
Fnlr mid warm.
Tho Tycos ro
confliiK thormonut
tor maximum and
minimum tcmpoin-
turos today as follews:
- L
i& 'IT
High 80
Law CG
A High Cradle
1 fcllM JF
TM Ml l Jmt an tluMlol at
lli'.usti It woro U-inc rltrtl In a
u to up for Jmii Vim Albeit U nine
rVit tlo inibr tail Ho ciitcttalned
I Im I,iJ ut tlw Lil. trolk In I'itu.
buu'li, I'.i.
lumllim of Pii-Wi'iit Simulit In
'lili'ltiiini I'roiu liim-iiiori I'ui'l
hlim Iiiri- (iriiMx Aiulo
I.ANHINO, Mich . July 20 (lov
i-rnor Alixumlor J (Jroonboik In ft
tiiloRrnm lo I'roalilont ll.inlliiK tn
iluy iiHko.l tin- Hiinctlou of tint foil
rrul Rovi-runifnl for it plan to lake
in or timl opor.ito tin- MIcIiIkuu
mlncn nnili-r ulalo control Tlio
iiii-niuK'i nkcil uhi-tlit-r tlm foilural
Rovi-rnmont won M Join tlio Main In
takliiR liter anil illroctlnR miump
tloti ami oporatluim of tin- nilnvi.
HANNIIIAl.. Mo. July 20.
.IIiiniilltnt'M rlrcotn woro virtually
ilark limt iiIhIU duo to n coal hIioM-iiri-
at tlio municipal UkIiI plant
WASHINGTON, July 20. Tlio
Roxi-rnmi-nt tolay nwaltt-il tlm roiiult
of Ih effort to roopvit tb.i coal mlncn,
OfflrluU rliow-'il lucn-aiiluR concern
over tint contlnuoit fullliiK off of
production, particularly at non-union
ntlnoH. iltio to' nn lnnuiiinto car
MUflKOOi:i:. Okla., July 20 Six
IninilrPil coal mlncrH of Oklahoma,
Arkawuii mm Toxim who had betm
pcriulttfd to work to mipnly honpN
tutu, co companli'H iind public utll-Itli-H,
wi-ro called out on Btrlko today.
CI.KVI'.I.ANI). July 20. Thin
clty'ii HrIU plant, HorvliiR 320,000
people, fare nunpolinloii duo to lack
of coal uiileaH tbu nupply Ib roplon
IhIiciI within three ilu8.
Kcmiul of Siiles Will He. Ulwn At
loin Hi mill Main Street
Tho Hecoud of the nouson's norlos
of bund roncerlH will bo given Fri
day ovenlni; nt S o'clock In front
of the court house ut Main nnd
Fourth, It wub announced to lay by
Dlreitor William A. 8nov. Tho
pioRiiim will bo u follewu:
1 Ma re ii, WuuhluRtoii Grayn;
2 Overturo, llrldal lloiio; Lu
3 Cuiolliiu Sunahlio, Rohulot;
Tuck Mo In My Tueky lied, Moijuln.
I Hci'iioh fiom the opoin, Faust,
C Cannntlno, corouot by Mr.
Puyottu; Huff.
0 Dust Lot or Southorn Molodlea,
lluyoH. '
Frod 0. Atwood, supromo pro
late of tho Knights of Pythias, will
lucturo ut n public mooting In tho
K. P. hall lu tho I. O. O. F. build
ing tonight, Atwood. la making a
tour of tho United Btntos With vtow
to staying parmiinoutly in boiiio
western community, ..
Newspnper Correspondent
Klamath; Finds
"In Klamath county one heara expressions of dis
gust over what they term the indifference of Oregon in
general and Portland in particular, toward their coun
try. A Portland man might easily get the impression
that he had crossed the state line when he hears talk in
Klamath of business communications only with San
Francisco and is shown an Oregon mayor's appeal to the
southern stale for adoption.
"In fact, even on a flying trip through these two
vast domains, a visitor is inspired with 'the wish to re
turn home, collar a few men of means and ability and
drag them over the route of opportunity just for the
pleasure of seeing them, figuratively speaking, opening
a game with four aces and the joker."
Bo wrote Harry (' Prye. Htaff cor
rrnpnnilenl for llm I'ortland Toll
KM m. who In iircomp.ui Iiik tlio statu
hljchway roniiiilnloii on u nw
iiround the tnte Tlio party Hindu u
flylnn trip throiiKh Kb-tnatli Kall.
KtoppliiR but ii brief period before
Ii-iivIiir for l-ijd-vleu via llonanza
and Illy. Kr)e'n arlUli- centinues:
bee Allempl to Iteilultii
In tlm recent llt to thin city of
the OreRon tate hlRhwhy cummin
nlon and tlio nnnouncemeiit that twti
Imporiant plertn of work ure to be
undertaken a Mate highway to Kla
math Kalln to connect with the Pa
cific hlRhway and roinplotlon of InnR
aecllon nof the Unkovlow-Weed hiRh-
.. .... ........I.. In I nt.. ntitl Klnmnfll '
HHJl l'VU'lil ... ......v .... ...
counties nee tin' first attempt on tho
part of the Btnte to claim for Itn own
theso two rich prodiirthn partn on
the ono hand and to relieve tlio two
Isolated dlstrlctH from their runtot
eitosB, an the other.
Many hao taken a new hopo nnd
sen lslou of curly direct hlRhwa
communication with I'ortland and
other partn of the state, which they
consider tho forerunner of rail run
nel Ion especially with tho Wra
horn project ntnrted In the Dairy
Ktumntli Falls district nnl renew ed
talk of tin- Natron cutoff to tho
west with the possibility of con
tinuation by tho Oregon abort line
front Crane. rIiIhb outlet to the
Wnut I'orllanil its Mail
LnkoWew In not wantlitR for rail
connection, but all lire iiRreed that
tin- 2200 carloads of livestock mid
2,000,000 bushels of rciIii shipped
last ear from this place ocr the
Nevada, California, OreRon railroad,
would lmo been better for all had It
Keno 'to I'ortland Instead of to Sun
Francisco. In addition thin county
shipped more thiui 2,000,000 pounds
of wool.
In expressing wonder that OreRon
jfjWf 'iyl ) C WtUtQ61 "Iff
1 , -7!c!r-Zr--ZaB:ass. .-.,
Impressed With Lake and
California Spirit
has not reclaimed her two "lost
provinces," Il In cited that the fore-
( roIiir Itunin uro products of a vast
hiock r.inRn ami an irriRaieu area
of t.'.OOO acre In tbu (ioosclako
liroject In nddltinn to the Warner
and numerous smaller projects In
southern I.ako county ulnno nnd that
tlm (looso lako project soon will tako
in IG.000 ncres additional, Increas
ing the productivity of thin ono dis
trict 33 1-3 per rent
They also call to ono's attention
that a railroad giving thin district
connection with other partn of Ore
Ron would top the biggest yellow
pluu bell In tho world
l'tuplre of Wealth
To the went and north thorn llo
the fertllo Drews, Slran, Silver lako
nnd Summer lako alleyn each a
wealthy llttlo empire within Itself
and growing a variety of fruits and
crops that surprises ono suspecting
the country of being only n Btock
man's country. Hut. for, these pro
ducts thero In ncTroad to market nnd
only enough Is' grown to supply the
accessible communities.
It has boon said honstliiRly that
tho United States, If It gave up Its
coffeo drinking, could Isolate Itself
from tho world and live In luxury.
I.ako county not only could, but
actualy Is doing It lUIng up Its
own resources, without lioastlnc us
does Uncle Sam who has never
tried It.
Tho same Is truo of Klamath
county, whoso food basket In filled
bountifully from tho rich Iingell,
Yonna, Upper Klamath, Wood river
and numerous otTier valleys and
which has an unbelievable wealth of
PORTLAND. July 20. Livestock,
eggs und butter, steady.
Federal Board Gives Up
Negotiations; Union Head
Predicts Victory
Postmaster Oncarl Work today
announced that any menace en-
dangcrlng tho delivery of malls
arising from tho railway shop
men's strlko had passed. 4
CHICAGO, July 20.t-B. M. Jew
ell, president qf tho six federated
shop crafts, predicted today that
tho railroads would capitulate and
settle tho strike within two weeks.
"Tho strike Is becoming more ef
fective dally," ho said, "and tho
roads will yield as soon as we bring
them to their knees."
With Immediate prospects for
pcuco gone tho xtrlkors and rail
roads today settled down to a test
of strength. Tho railroad labor
board has given up peace negotia
tions. CHICAGO, July 20. Strlko bal
lots wero sent out today to 800,500
clerks and freight handlers of tho
Milwaukee railroad.
If. X. Moo llruves IUII Strike anil
Depart For Trade Centers
Ilravlng tho discomforts of a more
or less disrupted rail service, il. N.
Moo of tho Woman's store today left
for New York on his soml-amnual
buying trip.
"Personal buying Is essential if
stock Is to bo kept up-to-date," said
Moo beforo leaving;. "The day has
past when tho merchant can depend
on truvellng mo nto replenish stock.
Tho merchant must visit tho trade
centers himself and In order to buy
the very latest Roods as well as to
tako advantage of the best prices.
Prices havo becomo stabillred and
both tho merchant and the customer
Is Justified In buying for all neods at
this time, Mocs bellove's. Ho will buy
fall and winter stock on the present
DUPFALO. July 20. Sis persons
Including Daniel Frltx and family
from Colorado, were killed when a
train hit tholr automobile t a
crossing today.
,,.. .-vc-i
Seeks Prison
:t IB
SSK bbbbtI '
bbB aflKlsjW ' '
JJVfJJBBBjp. B'SsKf I'll
Hr ' -s iiwH 4
LmMhLsV i
UV t
ibbbbbVb1bsbbbLbLb 4
iasiasssiasiasA ''
,.a.MHH ft?.. V maIIa Atar
Emma Mack. :C, crippled, con
fessed to them l)o had given a
potion tallct to n flve-yjar-old
child that she might bo Imprisoned
and get clinical attention. Tho
child died.
Purchase of IjiikN ity Slnto Held
Solution for Problem, Wcycr.
Iiaucer Head Holdii
PORTLAND, Ore., July 20.-.-
Wcstcrn states, particularly Oregon
and Washington, should take steps
for reforestation by acquisition of
cut over lands and raising now crops
of timber, after tho plan already
adopted la New York, Pennsylvania,
Minnesota and Wisconsin, said
Gcorgo S. Long, of Tacoma, vlco
president and general manager of the
Weyerhaeuser Timber company, In an
address beforo the convention of the
American Institute of Ranking hero
Referring to a report of Forester
Greeley, of tho federal forest scr
vlco In which It was forecast that
within 75 years tho timber resources
of the United States would bo well
exhausted unless proper steps are
taken to grow a new crop. Mr.
Long declared that while there was
not Immediate alarm of a timber
fariilne. thero Is no time to loose In
taking constructive measures.
Mentioning the work tho federal
government Is doing In tho creation
and management of forest rcesrvos,
Mr. Long said this field of operation
should be enlarged and not left to
tho federal government alone.
"It seemed to mo the practical sol
ution Is for tho states themselves to
acqulro denuded lansd unsuited for
agriculture, develop now forests, own
an dcontrol them for tho public
good," he said. "Theso lands can bo
acquired at a nominal sum, and any
owner who Is not willing to sell to
tho state, at a nominal prlco should
bo compelled by legislation which
would glto tho state, power to con
demn such lands for the purposo of
forest growth."
Decapitated His Thumb
But He Didn't Know It
"Must of cut my finger," remark
ed C. F. W. Wbrnor of tho Lincoln
market, pausing In his conversation
yesterday morning with Frank, his
assistant. Warner had been cutting
meat and ut tho samo tlmo discuss
ing plans for tho day with Frank.
"You did cut It," Frank pointed
to the end of Wcrnor'a left thumb
reposing on tho meat block. "What
shall I do with it!"
"Throw It ont." ordorod Werner.
And ho wont to tho phone to take an
order, later pausing long enough to
bind up tho decapitated thumb.
"Cut It off slick and clean," s(d
Werner, "But I dldn' lenow It until
I happened to see tho blood. It's
all In a day's work."
Toronto Man's Head Beaten
' in With Pipe; Mrs. Phil,
lips Pleads Not Guilty ',
, LOS ANOELE8. July 20. Another
murder mystory came to light hero
today In the Identification of tho
body found yesterday fn tho hills
near Inglowood as that of Samuel
Dlbb, 55. of Toronto, Canada. His
skull had been crushed with a two
foot length of pipe.
LOS ANGELES, Jolf 20. Mrs.
Clara Phillips pleaded not guilty to
a charge, of kilting Mrs. Alberta
Meadows last week with a hnmmor.
Trial was set for September isl
Whllo tho arraignment was pro
resslng tho funeral of Mrs. Moari
ows was bclnd held from the under
takln parlors where her body wnn
taken when It was first fousd or. the
hill circled by Monteclto road.
Tho woman's father and sister
were her mourners and there wai a
roup of employes an doffjeer from
tho First National .bank, where nhi
was employed. A profusion of flow
ers had been sent by these "tnd by
many who had no pcrsoriVao,uilnt
ance with tho young woman.
Tho undertaking parlor was filled
and there was a large but silent
throng In the streets nearby.
Tho Ror. a. W. Hill of tho Seventh
Day Adventlst church read the 'fu
neral service, which was followed by
Intormcnt at Forest Lawn cemetery.
Chk-o IUM Kea Gererimestt Of
fleers l,e Bottlea J
CHICO, July 20. Enough bcor to
quench tho thirst of those In Cblco,
who got thirsty, for a consldorab'.a
period of tlmo, stands In the South
ern Pacific yards hero today, destin
ed never to be used ai a bererago.
For the beer haa bees selied by tho
government on warrant Irsued by
Justice of tho Peace J. L. Barnes at
tho request, of Prohibition Agent
Louis J. Davidson.
Thero Is a full carload of tho
beverage, consisting of 450 cases, a
total of 16,000 bottles. The value of
tho consignment is placed at $8,000.
According to Judge Barnes, tho
carload was consigned to J. W. Cook
of Chlco, but Cook Insists he know
nothing of It and can't tmagtno
anyone presenting him with a freo
gift of such magnitude.
The beer arrived here last night.
Judgo Barnes said he had been In.
formed it came from the Tacoma
brewery In San Francisco, although
the cases aro declared to bear the
label of the Salinas Brewing company,
of Salinas, Cal.
A sample of the beer to determlno
It It woro really an Illegal consign
ment reovaled the itrength to bo
more than three per cent.
Fred Wcsterfeld and J. H. Carna
tion wero .chosen delegates to the
state American Legion convention at
The Dalles, July 37 to 2, at the
meeting Tuesday with Hal Ogle and
T. S. Abbott alternates.
Granddaughter of Job D. Float Tq
Open Shop la Chicago
NEW YORK, July 10. A millinery
shop will be opened In Chicago next
fall by Miss Muriel McCormlck.
daughtor of Harold F McCormlck
and granddaughter of John D. Rock-
ofellor. Miss McCormlck confirmed
tho report that she waa going to en
ter business after being told that
Chicago had heard she wai going to
opon such an establishment there.
Although helresa to twov,, fortunes,
MJss McCormlck who' has been a
guest of Mrs. James 4. Mlllmaa. said
she was going ts become a business
womon because aha lvf4'tyle crea
tion. She first beeaaie'. attracted to
the art during the Assigning of her
costume for the prsssatatloa.sf tho
French play Ls Passant, la Chisago
in which (.heJBads'her'staes.eshst
In the part of ths bey larsr, "Hlsr
McCormlck will return to CfctMa .
In a few days to porfset her phuss far
the opealsg sf hsr shsp, j. ', , jr
'y -i
? 1