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mrs i in i j
Mrs. Lourn B. Downey, Author, Has Piece of Wool From
Back of Famous Subject of Rhyme
TACOMA, Wwili, July ir.. Mrn.
I.nuru II. Downey lliiiffnlr, tociil
i) til hor mill ilmimr of tlm north
west, Iiiiii it JiIitu (if wool from
tllll 11111X1 flllllllllll llllllll Hull IIVIT
lived the IiiiiiIi reirjimiMhlii fur tlin
rlillillinoil rhyme iiliout Mary uml
her Hill" llllllll.
Tim iilniill hunch nf won) rriini
Mary's IiiiiiIi wu.'i handed down to
.Mrs. Ilnrtlull, who linn u tiny hunk
Hint Kiln tlm full history nf tlm
i'ilnoiln uml explains how lln cele
brated tivlnn happened In tultn
such li liriilllllli'lit diirn In Jtivi'li
lln llleruliilc. Tint IiiiiiIi rnntiilini
flllMIII 1.1 lit" "MKItllll i.l.llj 11111
nf tlm I in r II In which tlm lit ml, w,m
iii.tti.i-... ,.r li... ....I. ... I it... .....1
Mary Intuit, nccnrilltii; to (In
narrative, wtm oiin of a pair ofjll plxudu nlruk 1 1 1 tit with nidi
iwlim. IIH mother IdcLed u nsldn fumi that Im wrotii tlm funmiiH
mid refused to havit unythliiK to J Jlm-le on tlm subject and presented
do with It. Mnry found It. to Mary. Tlm oies soon he
with mill and mhII-iiIkIi Miirvi'd, ' nuim iiiitlonally known,
mid liuKKt'd to luiwi It hroiiKht Into' .Mm llnrlletl, who owns tlm hook
tin' house. There tlm wrapped It ami tlm hit of wool from tlm lainli.
In a hliinlint and imurlKlieil It on1
win in mill, and r.ttnlp until It crew,
lulu a r.i'uil pel mid an liisepuriihln
i'oiiiiaiilnti. I
Thru mm motiiliiK. Hie hook re
riles, whin Mary and her brother'
Nat with on thii way to nelmcit,
By Our Country Editors
A Miry pleanant I'onrih waa Bpenl
In Merrill tlty park Tlm peoplo
lifRnii to cither at 10 n in until
tiver 200 wuro iirem-iit. I'Iiikii and
huutliiR rtre.mieil from the treeit and
pliltforill. One flaK, over f.o )earit
old, wan nhiiwn. inaile In miuth II
1 1 ii it Im at a hlmllur callierlni; when
tlm piHipln hnlni: no flm; cm to
e.ither and iiijiiIh mln I'I.ik lit proper
ty of Mm J uiiell.' nf Merrill At noon
Mm. Jlnneiln of Merrill. At noon
ly tlm nddrKH hy It. '. ( of I
kiioi! lliliiK to t-nt. from rhlrken and
halnd to pin mid take, mined raf.-
lerlu Htyln to whlih nvnr) hotly tllil .
JilMlrt.. Mri Wiiodhoim.. mid MrH ,
Thoina ittil.1 dellflouH In. irt'iuii mill
lenioiiade. Hi., nverplua of tlm pro.
reKiln rii to help III tlm park. A ery
fine pi..rm w,.h kIv,,,, In tlm Mfter-
iliioii mm nan i'lljoeii ny (ill enperiai
ly the addreHit hy Mr. (IroMnlterk of
Khimath I'allK. tinmen followed for
the children In whlrh many of the
older fnlkH took part. Hark rareti.
threo lee rareti, fat mt'ii'M rareH, Klrlit
mid hoyN raced, hanchull mid other
Kamt'it. Kvoryltody went homo feel
InK limy had mi eiijoyahlit Ktinrth.
It In hoped tlmro will ho electric
IlKhtit In tlin pari; In tlm near fit
turf. Mr. mid MrH. T II. Ithoileit nndJ
Two large marcs and two
heavy horses. Apply
White Pelican Hotel
Or at O. K. Feed Barn,
412 S. Sixth St.
Open AftumoonH 3
Open 12 v o ii I n k '
to 9
Scandinavian Hull Coolcnt Jtluco
Mn (own. Under now mumw;omoiit.
SAM HlANm Mt;r.
Memories Wilt Uvo When You
Say It With
Flowors for ovory occaidon
Klamath Flower Shop
HIM Main Street. , Phono 080
Opon Sundays 9 to 1
Wook days, 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
urn is real
they found tlm IiiiiiIi following
lliem. .Mnry desired to send It
hiicli, hut Nut thought It would tin
rum nimit to nee n IiiiiiIi In tlm
srhiwl room, no tlm children n
eiiiirngeil It In ronm. Helmut had
not ynt opened, anil tlm lainli wan
necrnleil In tlm Iwce, Imx-llkii uf
fair Hint provided a ib'sk fur .Mnry
Imfiini the teacher iiiiiari'il.
HrllOlll WIIN IirilKri'NNllIK with liu
iihiiiiI decorum when tlm lainli,
cramped for room, Iimciiii to iitrllin
ll.i hoofs on Hm hide or flm desk,
mill thereby niiiilo known Hh pres
imii! to tlm teacher, who, with
so llfflcnlty, persuaded fii to ;
I Olllltlllll.
An It happened, .lolin lloulsono,
Jr. a fri'iiliiiiiiii at Harvard, emim
In vlull Hi, i u,.li..l il... i .l..u .....i
I" oim ff tlm Ih-hI known hlstor
Ira I reenrch workers In tlm north
west, Him has recently completed
a hlMury of Him stole of Wash
ington whli li dan Imtii adopted iih
it (iiithook In tlm stnl" Jpuhllc
family of Oakland. California, have
returned to Iheir homo after u visit
with Mm Ithoden brother. V. K.
Jlnnette. They were very favorahly
Impressed with Klnmnth rnnnty.
Mr, mid Mm, N. i:. W'oodhonso
in ml i a trip to ItoKiio Ither Innt
Tlm Merrill l.lhrnry rluh met nt
tlm llhrary Tlitimilay July fi. Mm.
li'ii. WrlKht mid Mm I, How
man went hfislfsxes mid scr.rd dell
floim n rre.-tm and, caki'.
A ,.,r ttllH KV,. , ,,, ,,.
, Mr ,, Mr, ,., Van S.'holrork
,),,, w jy uhm A ,.m)(1
crowil nttinded. Uanclnr; wa In.
,w.,, , ,. w,. m,, ,0.
, rr,.lim ,, r!lK W(,r rv,., ,,
n ,..,, , l!lV,. had mi tnjoyahl..
w ,." (.()nlm a KUmMh Kall
lnltoron Tucmliiy, Mm. lid. Krnnlnr
h npentlliiK tlm week Willi her Iiiih.
hand nt Kirk.
(leo. lVnliin wua In Klamath Kail
on Tuendiiy.
MIkk Mau, M. Carlvton Hpent tlm
week In Merrill.
Mr. and Mm. J. V. Ilankln havo
returned from llendale, Oro. wliem
they Hpent tlm week with their Ron.
Velton llanklitH, nml MrH. HnskliiH.
Iti.v. K. II. i:di:ar In In CorvnlllH,
Ort'Kon to attend tho Synod of tho
rrentiylorlan church.
r.Mrt. (!eo. Thoina of I'nrll.ind In
vIhIHiik at tlm humti of hvr ulster,
Mm. Suit.
MIhh Dorothy Ktlerhomt of Horkt
ley In a nueut of tlm hoiuii of Mm,
tinier Anderson.
Kveryhody In huny haylnc around
Merrill. It Im reported that men nro
near en and hard In c't.
KniHt Strmich, Krltx straiii'U nnd
Mrn. Vrledo Wlinkn nro In Merrill
from 1'ortland. UriiHt Stanch Ih tho
fnthur of Mm. (leo. Thoina uml tho
other nf tho parly urn her brother
and Bister. They nro miiklnc tho
trip hy ear mid expect to if turn hy
way of Crater lake.
"Mm, (ieo, Toliina of I'ortland la
nlito vIhIHiir nt tho Thoma lioiiui In
Mr. nnd Mm. K. M, llubh wero In
Merrill on Sunday,
Mm. Krcil NooJ wan a Merrill v!b.
tor on Sunday.
Donald HedKOpath of Olondalo,
Orennn, Ih In Merrill. Ho Ih stayliit
" r, 1 HElLQ,TOM- y I jo; h ' S , S ' . ' ' '
itl tlm lioim of lilu uliilvr', Mm. li, I.
Mr. .Vnrwood wan n IiiiiiIih'hh vlid
lor In Merrill on Monday.
Mr, mid Mm. It. II. Anderson mid
family Spent Hominy In Klamath
Falln, tlm ituimtii of Mrs. Anderson's
motliir, Mr a, Tlinn, Martin,
llnylni: Iiiih hern In full hwIiii: In
(Im valley nIiko July 4th, ()ncar
Campliidl arid crow nro ramped In
tho Hwamp puttlni; up wild liny.
Prank (Irolm Iiiih hern hayln nl Him
rork No, I for Hid punt week, hut In
mevlni: to Itlmtock No. '& lo put up
IiIh wild hay. Lentur Wlnhard Ih
iMittlni: lilu ryo for hay, and haiillm:
and ntai lilni: It. H( linlilo hrotherii
have nlnu heeu hayluc for Hm pant
week. Tlm Walker hoya nro Btack-
liu: their hay today. John Turner
haa IiIh rye rut mid raked mid ready
In ntarlc. Will Camphiill, ahly aHnUl
eil hy IiIh hoii, PranrlH, Ih liaylnc
CjriiH lirown Ih ruttlm; IiIh ryo with
hi header, preparatory to maklni:
hay. Clmido Nohln In helplni: him.
l'Vl MrDonald Ullh a crew of two
men, Ih puttlni: up wild hay, while
A ('. Hiinnin Ih t'llttlliK MrDouald'H
ryo A. II. (lain nnd l.enler llnnKH
have Joined forceH In huyliiK HiIh
year, (leorr.o Nohlo Ih liayltiK "t IiIh
moiintiiln ninth. Dewey Horn and
father himi heeu puttlni; up wild
hay, HiIh week. I'elo Mcell reportn
Im Ih ruttluK IiIh ryo. Frank Nlrh
oln mid Mr. Mlnnln nro a I bo ruttlm:
,Mm. A. K. Halo took dinner with
Mrn, Will Cumphi'll, Kiiuduy.
MIkh Wlnnlfred Wlnnnrd hnn rt
turned homo from her teaching at
1'ortlaud, to Hpend tho Htnmmir with
her parentH, Mr. mid Mm. II. K. Win
uard. John Nnhln and hoii. Claud" havo
heeu helplni; A. 1.'. Hale.
Mr. and Mm. John Turner inuilc
n IiuhIui'hh trip to Klamath Kall.t
Tho rourtli of Jul wan upent
pleaii.'intly for moitt all In tho valley
hy a picnic In the. nrovo near tho
T. I-'. IIorkh' home. A lunch wan rrv
eil after tlm pro cram and In tho af
trrnoou tlm hoyH entertained nil by
rldliiK rahen and huckliiK horren.
Only one tunal) accident occurred to
mar tlm eujoyment.
Arthur T. Tappan halt been carry
Im: dm United .Sta)in yinull kIiico
July I. havlut: nerured tho contract
for the next four yearn
t-'red Hilton and Win. Cotton
hroUKht their Hhet'p Into tho valley
mid liae been ratiKliiK them nt tho
tiawmlll place.
Mm. Allila Dutunii, vho has been
very 111 with pneumonia, In nhlo to
ho up and nround In tho hoime.
Win. and (!ono Wllkemon recent
ly purchased n band of cattln and
havo Juki returned from Dorrln
whero they went lo recelvu them.
Tlm ramp of the reclamation rcr
vice nt I'pper I.aiik'cll valley Ih be
ing fHtnbllidicd, SupidleH nro beliiR
hauled up from Klamath Kails, a
faint) dam Ih bolnt; built. Already
nix or more families aro residing
Mlm Violet dale visited In Klam
ath 1'alln Thursday.
Mr. II, K. Wlnuard ban returned
from Klamath Kalln whero bIio was
Tho meat waou will co around
tho valley on TucHilaH, horoaftcr
ln'RlnnliiK on ouo Kldo omo trip, mid
on tlm other nhlo next trip.
Mr. ami Mm, Itoubon Vinson left
fur ItuKiit) rhor to put up fruit.
Oscar Campbell made u trip to
Klamath Kalla Thursday. Ho went
after hnyltiK supplies.
WIIIIk iMnkey Iiiih been farming
tho I., Ii. Tnmx placo this Hummer.
Mr. mid Mm. A. II. Ilrown re
turned from uu outing In Wlllumet
tu valley from Woodburn, Oregon,
and report tho fruit crop ory short,
aa Ih iiIno tho grain u,nd huy,
A. II. Noblo U iignlu In our midst,
hnUug rami) from Alturas whero ho
attended tho rodeo on July 4.
Mm. II. J. Tlckuor attended tho
Ladles Aid at Mm. Fordnoy'a Thurs
day, J. 11. Cusoy anil family voro visit
ing In Honauza, Sunday.
Mm. Cathcrlno Ullllngsloy Is
spending her vacation nt her homo
In I.nugoll valley.
1 ISST gosh. m tired ( " ' S "fill - -v -' . II i canYcetmstmimcs (-H
I J - HI----I I V t y I ..iii I I i I I I'LLdUUUI AMCMI ! I i "
fJiP 'iBCTj- II ' i nW P' -- . TJft if YOO- t?MoREADV lj j
nv nov nmiiovs
CIIIUAdO, Juyl lfi. Jenne !' Arc
of pi-dagocy'
Mar i'a re l A llnliiv nt thin rllv linn
eaniod tho till", ,
For 20 yearn iilm htm hern fight
Ing fr hcIiooI tcarhern nil over tlm
That'll why, to untold IhounnndH
Him li known iih Hid "fighting Hchnol
inarm." Tlm other day MIh.i Haley handed
Clilcaiio' and high hcIiooI In
Btructom a $l,onn,oOii yearly xalary
Hy fighting for H.
IVdem! Ion Of fldal I
Her official title In hiiHlncHR rcprn j
nenlatlvi! of tlm Chlrago tenchem fed-1
ration, an organization which Hh" '
(tilled In t'HlabllHliliig. j
Her long ncrli'H of battles for bet '
ler pay and working rondltlnns i
brought her Into nutlnhal promln
Whonover railed upon, hIio has
Journeyed to San Francisco, Now '
York, Iloston and other cities to dl
reel tlm fights of school teachers In
those ptnrcs for a square deal. ,
And Margaret Naluy Just loves a
good scrap.
I've been In plenty of llmm," she
says, "hut up to duto thcru's not a
Hcralch uu me
"For my tearhem," .Mlsi Hnloy has
PH "5T" iskv dps JH
.UtIt(..rti:T A. HAI.KV
forevworii mnrrlHge and- sacrificed
other comforts, ' until freedom Is
achieved freedom from fear of au
The National
silver from cheaper imitations, marked the real thing
In a like manner, manufacture who stand back of their wares;
identify them with trade-marks that are your guarantee of
quality. By advertising these trade-marks, they focus on their
products the searchlight of attention.
Only GOOD goods, fairly priced, can flourish in this light of
publicity. For no merchandise and no business can thrive under
the weight of public condemnation.
That is why a manufacturer, or a merchant, places the whole
reputation of his business at stake every time he advertises.
His goods must be as advertised.
So, in looking through this paper, remember this: the man who
spends his money to invite your consideration of his wares,
backs upj his belief in his goods and leaves the final decision
toyou''V,:,J ''
It pays you to read the advertisements. It pays you to buy a'd
vertised products. -
Advertising is your protection
'Ihorlty .nd
oho sayn,
political domlnntloti,"
.VI ItiitlleH Ilo)iil
"Tho fighting nchoolmarm" fig
nros sho has been mixed In C(! major
ongngementH and scoreH of minor
scrimmages during her 20 yourn of
constant vigil.
Besides championing teachers,
Miss Hnloy Is also Interested In, the
uiiveiopmeni nnn weiiaro oi women
gen'jrnlly. Sho was one of tho prime
movers In tho nuffragu movement.
"I want leathers to havo better
pay and bettor working conditions be
cause such things mean better
teachers," nays Miss Haley.
"And better teachers mean better
'It Is for tho children I nm really
fighting. I lovo them oven If I haven't
any of my own ns I wish I had."
Merchant's Lunch
On and after Monday next we will serve a
Forty-Cent Merchant's Lunch
427 Main St.
Trade Mark
order to help people tell pure
' ' N?
. y-
Saved From Mob
When a mob of 3000 wthcrol bt
ore th Jackson (Mich.) Jail Ororn
Btraub. chnrrcil with tho brutal kill
In of Allco Mallctt, social worker.
wra scemtly spirited away to Lan
lnir. Mich., after tear cas bomb,
hrtd been thrown Into tho crowd ta
disports It.