The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 14, 1922, Image 1

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tt'lfleoiitli Vi'iir. Nil, 7j,
Victim It Lured To Lonely
Spot By Accuser; Witness
Reveals Awful Details
i.oh AN(ii:i.i:fl, July m Pun.'
Iinrrlhln detail of thn heating In
death of Mm. Allii-rln Weinluws, 2.1. i
)enr-uld widow, with revealed to lint
pollen tnday hy Mrs. Peggy Chaffee.)
jotiiiic wuiiinn who declared slm
was nti eyn witness to lint lininmiT
blows by whlrli Mm. Hiiro Philips I
Mew hur victim on tint hlllMiln roud
hern Wednesday.
Mm . Hiuff.o mild Mrn Phillips '
was Jealous of Mrn. Meadow. Him
ii III Mm, Phillips purchased tint
hammer while mi u Miopplug trip
Wedimitiluy, mill In tln evening In ,
iluci'il Mm. Meadows tu I ii Idi n rliln
with Imr mill Mm. Chuff to In Mm
Meadow's iiiitiiiiiiililln
Win' ii limy reached un Isolated
Mput lm linker Mm. MehVuws t
a.Uht for a cnvemn.lon Mm
I'hllllpii a,ke,l Mm. Meiid.iwN wlu-th-
er kIi i..i in intimatit with Phil -
ll" unit when Mm denied Hint Mm
hud been Mf t'lillllp ruined hum-
nier tilown on her tn'iiit. Mm. Men
iIown lirnko uwny. followed by Mm
I'hllllpii. who drugged tier lili'k and
beat bur to death
Mr Hiuffeo Mid Mm l'lillllpn
droi her back to town unit threut '
oned her If Mn told of llm killing
Mm. I'hllllpn wan arrrnted lit Tuc.l
ion, Am., iimt iiigiii ner mi"
Ii j ml revealed
the Mtnry to the
'HMnf Jli-,i-w,nl(lt.. un ':.H
IMnie IauiIMiIp Hplrlt
Tint movo made by the rhamber
)l commerce to Inrrejhii Its ef
' fectlvi'iiciin In the county hy iielect
Inif frojji each dlMrlrt n reprenenta
llvn In nerve on the board of di
rector ban proven iiulln popular,
a evidenced by the. replies from
the men who were Kelecled,
Monron J. I.ytle, selected tn rep
riiKetit Ilnnnuta on thn hoard. In
111,, letter to Dm directors, s.ild:
"If there Is anything t ran do
tu help thn Klamath county rhnni
her nf commerce mnkn this coun
try and rou lily better, I am unite
willing to help do It."
Hoy W. Nelson, the Keno rep
. rcientutlvo, nald: "I will accept
the appointment and will gladly
lend my nsslstanrn In promoting
any movement for thn development
of tho county."
II. J. Tlcknor of I.angolt valley
had this to say: "I wish to thank
tho directors and to assure you
that I will do nit In my power to
promote tho Interest of Klamath
county nnd I.augelt valley. I fully
bellnvn In cooperation and place,
myself at thn service of tho cham
ber on uny question they deem mo
capable nf nerving."
' (3. W. Warren, ropiom'iitatlve
from Illy, Jiald: "luuiiy wuy tluil
I cuu bo of4 Hurvlcu to my com
munity, or to thn chamber of com-
morcu, I will bo ver glad to do so."
" lC B. Wolford has accepted tho
appolntuiout tu rcprusunt the
BpraRtio lllver valley, uud Llndsey
Blsemoru bus been appointed from
the. Fort Klumutb territory. John
M. HeUford biH been ulvctcd to
reppsont Chlloiiulu, .and W. C.
Daltoii, nlrcudy a member ot tho
board, represent (ho Mulln coun
try. Tho board hmi not docldud
on tho dlrvfttor from Merrill us
,4 Adding tucHo men to tho direc
torate, It In believed, will Increaio
tho ofoctlvencim of tho organlxa
' llou, luasmuch as tho board has
under way a number of projects
.'lust aro ofv considerable linporlanco
to (ho country peoplo, such as tho
colonization of tho I-angoll valloy
and llonania districts, tho open
ing up of tbp lower Klamath lako
inar.ih linds, tho Tulo lako homo-
4Htod project, nnd otbor things,
such ns good rouds and locating
j'ettlcri'- dm1
iTOnTND, Uuly U, Cattlo
ntoady, hogs Blow, shoop 11,90 low
or. Spring lambs 8,oo 10 $0,00,
KggH steady, buttoc firm, Wheat
1.1.11 to fl.lB, j
Sty? lEuottttjg Herald
Siege of the Four Courts, Dublin
rl&T," - r - , j ., t ft '
A I'll o mif fii.lil .nm
i J)1 l. S 'g
'. Y,'- , " ,n 0,,t 0l ll,C
1 'JuDIiii, wlii'ii .siij))ork'i'.s of
r' ,l",, ISepml I'.nnnilil,, Sen-
ilmi'iil Anioiig lliiMnr .Men;
Milling Cullnl TiuiIkIu
JuiIkIiu: from the results nc -
rompllshed by tl. rnminltteesnt ,, PXCPsI.0 Mn of ,,,,,, wltli luw, and tho Judgment of tbM
working yesterday n wrmanent
fair ground, for Klamath county Is
litoek ruhscrlptlonn tolullng op -
proximately Jfi.OOO went received
nnd ludlrallnns were that the re
malndrr nf the fUi.000 to i sold
at present will be subscribed with
in a few days
A meetlni: will beheld In thli
chamber nr rniumerrit at 8 o'clock
tonight for tint purpose of con
sidering several proposed sites.
Thn rommltten members report
a strong t.tii(lmeni for n fair
ground, among business men and
that most nf those InterUewed were,
anxious tn sen thn organization
perfected quickly so that plans
could bo laid for a progiam for
Highway Cnminksloner', Muko 1'ly
lug Trip In lloiiiinu ami Illy
Arriving hiiro.yesterday nttornoon.
tbn ntntn highway coinmlsslonem
left Immediately for Kort Klam
nth with members of tho county
court, returning hern at ft o'clock
and lenvlng nt flvn this morning
for llnunuz.i Afier insnectln- tbn
two proposed routes of tlio Klamath I
UikeWnw highway, thn party will gnj
on tn I.,ikevlew .i Uly. then on to'
Thn I'limiiilhsloiii'is derided tn
meet tlio prnponentH nf tho two)
l.iikolow riiutes un their, own i
ground lather than In n ineollng
hern us had been proposed. In this
way, t wmi belUned, u better Idea
nf tho sltuatluu could bo Rained,
I (HI Men ('iiinlmtlni. Flames on
Salmon Illier Nciir Vivka
VUKKA, July II. A flro la now
raging in tbn vicinity of tho Forks
of tho fialmon river. It wan startod
about thron daya ngo nnd tho forest
florvlco hnn proof that It la of Incen
diary origin. At prosont thoro nro
ovor 100 men nt work nnd tlio Klam
ath national forest headquarters In
Yrokn think that they havo the
famos under control. So far
It has covered ovor S.OOjO acroa of
tho' finest timber in that region of
SlBklyoit county.
Ar far as Is known' thoro woro
throo flrea slarlod in tlio vicinity ot
tho PorkH of tho Salmen:
Wlllard declined Vortlnnd'H Invlia.
Hon tu box In tho ball park,
f...'i.,r ..i .1. . i
m h Sr ll r' ''f' "" l0ttW
W''IK8 Ol tllf I'OUI CuuKs,
Do Valera entrenched them -
Airow iiulmatcs what the faiuioii fire did.
l ..- , --;-.
SLOW DR1VFR MFNArF!Th-"' '" lh" "',""1"' " eourt.l
OLUW UKIVtK MtlNACL' ,, , fact ,n ,llji( cai(, TJiu cor'
l.eglil,illiiu I'iiimimi1 To l'ie
ItliMkiiililii; nf lllgliuo)
am:m. J-ir H - ...
lutloii looking In the regulation nf
the slow drher as well us the per-
lsnn who would drive I1I1 automobile
he sought lit the next session of tho
hera by T. A, lUfferty, chlof In-
, N'cclnr for tho law enforcement bur-
'ii of the slate motor vehicle do -
1TUU ll(
Hnfferty said the person who drlv -
es.hls nutnmnhlle too slow on the
slato highway i n menace tu traf-
"r ,n "iat ll" r,',nr,lB I1"' following
cars and causes the latter drivers
to tuke chances they otherwise would
not attempt. llafferty said the
'state rulis should net out n minimum
ns welt us n maximum speed.
JAI'AX OTITS .si:itl.
TOK10, July H. Japan will
withdraw nil her troops from the
Ullilulauil nf Siberia opposite tho Is
lund of isakhallen by .Snptember 30.
nnd will evacuate tho northern half
nf Sakhalleu ns soon as satisfaction
Is obtained for thn Niknlalevsk mas
sacre, It was officially nunounced
ohrn today.
1 s.-
.S fiZf lAv licwajYTCftir
vtrA v? ac ztsav ' vx i-..-.- ... ;" -
mi i?5iajnji'vvvvtasiiw miiv.s -v s-rvr
, 5&MmmmW2EmMmWm .
Member of the Aflsociated Press.
-- -
I'M.i.H.onr.r.os, rniH.n, .iii.v
('mill I'lniU Nlioi Wiin I'licil liy
Colored Itifrihlmil After Vlrtlm
Mini I'lilli'ii Tn (Jiounil
"Fifteen years In tint penitentiary
Waller l.nwln, fniinil guilty of kill-,
ul Kiileui" was tin- xi'titntiri) given
lng flr-orgn J. NlrhnU on the. nli;if
of May 1.
I A verdict of manslaughter wan
returned" liy thn Jury Tuesday,
i Thn court In pa mini: sentence
until' "Walter Lewis, after a fair
! nnil Impartial trial In thin court
you have Iti'i'ii rnnvlctci! liy u Jury
of your peers of tho crltno of
manslaughter. TIhj crime of man
slaughter entails a penalty of Im
prisonment In tlio state penitentiary
of not Imik than one. year nor more
than 15 yearn, anil hy a flno not
nxroedlng C, 000. You entered a
pica of self-defense. In the Judg
ment of the court Hint defense In
ii measure im established, how
eer, tho right of elf.defonso Is
founded upon nereslty and thn
p.irty who Invokes It muni avoid
tho attack If he can do ho.
"Now tho lourt In satisfied from
' the evidence that thn fatal nhot
I - "re... and ,1,1. h kll.M .Vict!
I oln. wan fired after tho necofulty
'for un firing had in other!
."" " ! that fatal ,hol
Vfter NlchoU w:. ,!,. ,,.. ...
1 "
feel thnl tho ihot under tho arm
,nlSilt of Georg,, J. MchoN wa fired
i ,ii(i.r..i.i. i ..... . .. .
....... ..... ,,, ullll ifll ,ull uciivereij
!"". "- - victim
na iiukii. inui u tho honest
opinion of the court from nil of
the evidence.
'It U therefore tho sentence, of
conn mat you Do confined In tho
penltentlury In thp .tato of V Oregon
for tint term of 15 vmm. ..-.i
IJlat ,, ,a,0 iiavo 'judnni
.- ,.i umiu oavu juunment ror
ills coMs and disbursements In this
The defendant will bo re-
j manded to
' "n"j"fl "
the rtistodd) of the
No protest wns made hv i..i.
nor urn no display any emotion on
reielving the sentence.
voitiA. ixi'axt m'itii:n
Kli'hnrd N" Volman son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Volman was burled
hero eslerd.-iy. Tho child was born
at l'ellran liny lodge July uii and
died July 12.
The funeral of Krank llrothanck,
25 iar old, was held In Malln. The
deceased was tho son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
John llrothanck, of Malln. Ho had
been 111 with tho tuberculosis at tho
family resldenco for soino timo.
.sSN "-v Vw 1
"si tr - i s 11. 1 ' y.u-inv. if..
iWKr - - L'W yW $&'
r rise. siiw.. -1. .ii-wi n.'vi mi.
rV-W .iA.SY -fS -fftiiassiH
11, i2.
One Killed, 10 Injured in
Explosion; May Reject I
U. S. Arbitration
WIIITi:SVILLL W. Vn., July 14.
Ono miner wan killed and 10 In
jured when n mine train carrying
them to work near Mnrduo ran Into
n dynamite trap today and wan den
troyed. Tho mine In being operated
under protection of a federal Injunction.
. June -Caprice, Mm star iho's
I Mm Harry MIHarde off utacc ic
WASiriNOTO.V, July II, I'roM-j iccntly U-canjo the mother of a
dent l.ewln and other national mlno 'lat' "laughter.
offlcem nro reported preparing to ,
recommend to their aimoclatcH that I r.... D . ..
the governmenfd arbitration pro-1 NEW BAND IS OFF
po,al ho rejected. TO FLYING START:
AhMIM.TO.N, July H. I'rcBl.
"" "" cun"1- "
,,mU"r ,0 v"Tatn l,, coal mlnc'' ,n
"u ',,n,r"t,nc'' ,l " mi ti
WASIIINf;TO July H. I'rcBl-
t''L m maicmion
W"H Ku'" oI hethor ho connldem
.. I... i. .. ..
'"" ' , "" ""' --;cy. t wou.u
not ahrldgo tho railroad worker lib-
' "' ,' ,
' C"V"nl h "'
erty to draft tlicm Into ftrvlcu In tho
government tuiv fit to op-
I erato the railroads. Ho believes, how..
... .. ,.,..,,
ou"- s ""1" ' s"0t bCCmC
nieciia enire llraun for Cji- or
Man (tiargeil With Wagon Tln.t
William Sims, charged with the
theft 'or a wagon by ballleo on Juno
3D, 1320, appeared for 'trial Jn tho
circuit court this morning.
Duo to tho majority of tho regular
jurors being excused folowing tho
I mal or a"er Lewis, concluded
Tuesday, tho court found It neces
sary to Issue n special venlro of 13
Jurors "for tho trial of tho Sims
case, to bo In court at 1:30 this af
ternoon, at which timo tho, trial will
lio resnmed.
Sims was Indicted on July 1, 1321,
tho case being continued up to this
UAXKr.ltS TO mj-:itt
POUTLA.VU, Oror? July 14. Dele
gates from all parts ot tho country
are expected to attend tho annual
convention hero July 10-20 of tho
American Instituto of Banking, an
organization of bank employes below
tho rank of vice-president.
June a Mother
j i-UNV.fc.Kl SUCCESS'
I i I
Wliol,, Town Tunis Out to Welrouie
I'lrst ApiH'iirnnce; TIckeN ami
Ciini.inns llrlim IJUWO
As predicted by Th0 Herald re
porter yesterday the first band con
cert and dance at tlio open air
pavilion last night was agIorlfled
success, and tho whole town and
his wife, daughter or sweetheart,
In somo case all three, wa there.
The pretty girls were there ga
lore, even as promised and more
so; also the balloons, confetti, etc.,
and punch in such quantities that
despite demands of thirsty- dancers
there was somo left over.
The band program showed merit
and W. A. Snow, tho new director,
uviiiuiiiiraii-ii ino qualities 01 a
truo leader. Judging by tho ap
plause the voto was unanimous that
Klamath Falls maintain a, band
and that tho present organization Is
an entlreljatlsfactory parting
A. L. Wlshard, chairman of the
chamber of commorco band com
mittee, today announced that tho
financial result was about $300
Somo of tho big mills who havo
promised to contribute, and other
sources, are still to hear from.
Tho band will glvo Its first street
concert somo evening next week.
Collier nnd Ilubb on Steering Com
mittee; Meeting Tuesday
A. M. Collier and E. M. Dubb
havo been named on tho prospects
commltteo for tho t-econd annual
chamber ot commerce campaign to
recommend a list ot llvo prospects
for tho teams to cnljlst for sorvlco
during the second week In August.
Tho steering commltteo, com
posed of M. S. West, chairman;
1 J. A. tlordon, W. O. Smith, H. N.
Moe, It. K. Smith, M. 1'. Kvnns
nd It. C. Groesbeck, will hold Its
second meeting Tuesday evening,
when the report ot Ilubb and Col
lier will bo received. Tho com
bined committees will then rate
the new members and make read
justments on somo ot tho old sub
scribers who signed up last year.
It is tlio plan to solicit only thoso
who can in tho opinion ot tho
prospect commltteo afford to pay
tho $2S annual dues, and, to plan
tho car's budget on tho basis ot
tho number ot members signed up
for this amount.
A program covering tho major
projects that tho board has under
consideration for tbo coming year
wjll bo formulated at tho meeting
Tuesday evening and an cstlmato
arrived at which will bo nocossary
to carry out each ono of tho pro
jects. Having determined this, tho
goal for tho campaign will bo set
and each niombor ot tho steering
commltteo will head a division f
ralso a given amount,
A total ot IC teams will bo or
ganized to do tho solicitation work,
beginning Tuosday morning, Aug-
,IS' S' , U-a.&i.
Call Issued To Stationary,
Firemen, Engineers and
Machine Shop Oilers
riMCAfJO, July II. Tho forced
of tho Mrlklnft rnllnrny men worn
ntitnimrnteil tolny liy n rail author
llng Mntlonary flrrmen, englnrert
nnil mnrlilnn Dlinp oiler to trnllc out
next Monday. Approxtmatrlr H.OOfl
men nro In tlieio craft wlitrli oper.
nto tint power Ri-norntlnR macliln
vry of rnllronil hliorM niiil round
liouie. I'caco move In tho Bhopmon'rf
itrlko wan reported progressing en
couragingly In St. I'nul -whero union
leaders and rail executives aro
It. A. Ilenulng, chairman ot tbq
northwest division of tho slio,' crafts,
Is negotiating tor a basic ot settle
ment which mny do applied national
l. Hennlng said pcaco within 43
hours was possible.
nOSKVILI.B. Calif., July 14.
(liuldn Southern Pacific yards)-
U. Klrkland, trainmaster ot tho
Southern l'aclfle, yesterday an
nounced that between 400 and 600
strikebreakers will bo Imported In
to tbo Kosevlllo yards within tho
next threo days and that all shops
will again bo In full operation.
This announcement came, after
thu first Inspection qt tho yards by
newspapermen slnco tho shopmen's
strlko bocame effective. Itallroad
officials stated they had hopod for
mer employee would return tn their'
old positions and had delayed mak
ing tho change.
All reports that fruit cars nro
not .being Iced and moving east
ward proved absolutely groundless. .
Railroad officials themselves ad
mitted somo troublo had been en
countered In securing sufficient
men to ice cars, but tho situation
has now changod.
Tho Pacific Fruit express lco
houso Is packed with Ice Several
storerooms crowded to capacity
were shown newspapermen, whllo
a gang ot forty-flvo Mexican? wcro
busily engaged In Icing cars. All
men oxprcsscd satisfaction with
their surroundings.
It. J. Dalloy, superintendent of
Icing for tho fruit express com
pany, 'declared 45,000 tons ot ico
was In storago ready to bo used
tor fruit shipment.
"Wo owo a duty to the publlo
and fruit growers," Dalley said.'
"Cars aro being Iced nnd aro mov
ing and they will contlnuo to bo
Iced. Ono hundred and ten mou
aro working In two shifts on tho
Icing platform."
Leaning against tho building,
soveral sawed-off shotguns wero
seen. None, however, woro in uso,
and uro kept there, officials stated,
for tho workers to protect them
solvcs in case of an assault upon
the yaids.
WASHINGTON. July 14 Secre
tary Weeks today Instructed Major
Hlnes nt 8an Antonio, Texas, to pro
paro troops to protect tho Missouri
Kansas & Toxas llnod, which aro
In tho hands ot roceivors appointed
by a United States court. Tho re
ceiver wild tho United States mar
shals woro uitublo to capo with tho.'
sltuatluu. , ,,
barometric, pressure con
tinues to bover
within a very Bar
row range the Cy
clo - Stormagraph
at Undcrwood'a
Pharmacy having
registered but lit
tlo net chaago
slnco yesterday.
Until a marked
movement, cither
up or down, takos
placo a, continua
tion of clear warm
weather may be looked if or;
Forecast for next 24.1touraj
Fair und wans. "' - v ,
Tho Tycos rocordlug thormoralr
registered maximum and 'mlntwusu, r-
temperuturos today, as foHowBiJ, 'V
18,000 ORDERED
i out on m
High ..,....,. .M -' ;jv '
o , "V"".. -V