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Page Two
The Evening Herald
K. R. ODIilL.JCdMo aad FrtUatier
H. ft. Htti?i-..-....i ;...CHrHUtor
K. O, Nirkle Advertising MJuutffer
Published dally except flundar. bi
Tho Herald Publishing Company of
Kiatnam Fans, ot lis Eigntn street.
Entered at tho poatofflco at Klaa
ath Falls, Oro., for transmission
through tlio mall ai second'Crasi
Tbn Associated Press" In' exclusive
ly entitled to the use for public
tlon of nil news dlapatche. credited
to It, or not otherwise credited In
thla paper, and also the local nows
publlahod herein.
wkonkshay, .uri.v m, naa
Klamath Falls Cubs
.iflajypeatty, Sunday
Managc'rUl rfaki of -thnK!F.
Cubs baseball team announces that
bla star aggregation will not appear
hero Sunday ns previous arrange
ments had been nindn to play Heat
ly. Tho Cubi lost to Harris on July
9 dun to tho strong wind and dual,
tlaknr aald, giving tho team astand
Ing of two defeats ami ono victory,
Manager Haker hat had hit team
out for practice every evening this
week, howeVcr, and believes he la
certain to win hereafter. Ho says
the Cubi will play Oorrls on llU
diamond July 3.1 with the following
Jack French, e; King Price, p
Hclmar Robertson, st J Hill Per
rlllard. 2nd.: Otis Wilson. 3M.
Dow, aJ; Homer Oarlch. rf : John
ny Shlnar, rf.; Kenneth Mvers, If .
Clyde Walah. sub.
Kv Tm
131 N. 11th 8t.
feet G-8
Personal Mention
Ft -ri i 'v w. v
FOR SALE Ono rebuilt Chevrolet
hug, nlao one Reed auto trailer.
Call on or phono K. 1.. Elliott, Sugar
man Uulldlng, phono 120. 12
Try tho drug store
aaya no,
first. Currln
A VINO eaten rait with an Arab
tlio stranger Is safe from
molestation. From olden tlnui men
who hae broken broid together
bavo hel, It bas.i treachery und ills
honor to turn against each other
These are the basic Ideas of the
forum luncheon. Antagonism disap
pears when men pet their feet under
the same dining tabic
Today It the hundredth anniver
sary "of the Klamath county foruni
luncheon. It Is hard to estimate
ilin frwtil flint itincn tititttl ru,l atm rli
. . . . . , . ... ...I required, and which was hecom
iiitMiiH imvu uiinu in iinnsiNi; uumu i . . . ......
iMiin, ,i..rt,n.ii.. i....u ihS,BB TTOgttorr to his health.
,., , ..... prompted the resignation. , Mr
I IMKI'lll 111 HI" I tfllllllUIIII,
KUniey i-Nf&ftrr tWmlnate lJ
,Vcars In jGovriimrii.tSf r Ice
Terminating a continuous period
ot 22 years In tho United Statea
postal service. Stanley L. Kidder,
ofRoseburg .has reigned his po
sition of postofflce loapoctor. ef
fective as of July 1, this year. A
desire to discontinue (aJ'routlnn of
constant traveling, which his dudei
Tho Ico cream social which was
to bo Riven Thursday evening by
tho Epworth League of tho" M. R.
church has been postponed until
a later date. IS
Fresh typhoid
pltal Pharmacy,
propli) lactic. lion
Fourth and Pine
3 12-1 a
Mosquitoes refuse to ussoclato with
you If )ou uso I'urola Mosquito
cream. Currln eajs so. 12
omall mill
once, sawyer for
See Kltts at Dairy.
We outfit big and Uttto shavers,
Currtn's for drugs. 12
The Ice cream social which was
to bo given Thursday evening by
the Knworth League of tho M. E.
church has been postponed until
a later date. 13
Fresh tvnhoid nronhvlactlc. Hos
pital Pharmacy, Fourth and Pine
streets. 12-13
Tho editor of tho Rend Press re
cently naked himself "Why Is a
Forum Luncheon," and proceeded to
annwer bis query ns follews:
A luncheon foruni Is becauso
man Is as he Is.
Let us elucidate don't you re
member from your Anthropology,
Enthnology and Sociology theso
truths? "Man Is a group animal"
"man Is a social nnlmal." "Yon
learned also that when a man la
not In a group not sociable, hn
Is nftlmes a mighty lotusomo anl
num. Tho staid old business man
Is after all but a boy on stilts
and many are tho times when
things seem to go all vrong when
nrldo Is wounded and the heart
burns when ever) thing Is ns bluo
ns Indigo,
Kidder baa
ifslon regarding ' his future
made no definite de-
ness plans, these being deferred
until the close of a vacation, which
Is being spent this month.
During his visits hero oVer a
period of many years, Kidder has
Cnrrln's bavo 311 varieties of fare
powders. Currln for drugs. 12
FOR RKNT 3 room furnished upt,
and 2 front sleeping rooms. 419
N. 10th St. Phono 342-W. 12-H
Fresh typhoid prophylactic. Hos
pital Pharmacy. Fourth and Tine
streets. 12-13
Currln's hava 43 kinds of Talcum
powders. Currln's for drugs. 12
LOST Diamond shape fraternity
pin set In pearls and rubles. Kind
acquired a wldo circle of friends' r return 'to Paul Daltnn,
who will regret bis -reslgnallon, 273-W. Heward.
Currln's sell 31 kinds of hair ton
Ics. Currln's for drugs. 12
Everybody .knows,' ,,tbjit Mark
Twain's real name wis Samuel
Cle'mens, but the origin of his fa-
it I. then that the tiaNl,0U, P-namo Is not so generally
tery of moral reslstanco Is about, known. America's greatest humor-
ten twenty nmUhe light shines but 1st, whoso comic romance. "A Con-
K iLl&l?'? Vankec In "., Arthur's
In a hundred different ways. Court- Produced as a special film
Mnn is a croun animal. Even he-1 comes to the. Liberty theatre on Frl-
foro tho tlmo of man, we find thatl(aya'(iri,t won repimtlon by writing
n,h0aVi,e,ar,n0e7r,o0rdkenrow, ?&) . P-pW who l.ved on
.iaDi5i,iii nrer, ana 11 was lining
that he should choose a nom-de-
Cnrrln's have ono drug service,
Tho best-. Currln's for drugs. 12
LOST Monday atlemoon, either on
Pelican Ray road or Caledonia
Mania road, onebeddlng roll, wrap
ped In black tarpaulin. Finder leave
word at Ackley llros. Lmbr. 'Co.
Currln's sell 77 kinds of faco
creams and lotions. Currln'a for
drugs. IS
hand car. Hox 483, Klamath Falls.
12-13 .
plume associated
PHois of the
strength of tho group thoy found
mat liy uinuing uumwiTin luftviu
or thoy could survive,:, thai all
wus well with the individual only
In proportion m all was well with
tlio group. Their reason, however,
fnr rrnlllllnc was Dlirely selfish.
Wicn Adum nnd Kvo moved Into ',.
.. r..l.. nf fMnn thMV tnMlnh.l
liiu viuiutii " -" "' :." I .1.. o.,-r .. A .U . .U-
d tho snial human group. '""- "" " "" "i i""
reatest of all social societies, water was "Uy the mark twain."
There'a a good hamo". said Cle
mens. "Mark Twain."
And that Is the name by which
the world knows him.
Strawberries and
Public Market now.
cherries at
Currln's sell five
Currln's fcr drugs.
with the river
river boats, In
taking soundings, used a jargon of
their own, which , Clemens knew Uenarato. Call Steve Means. Wy
Ono of their most frequent !nema landing. 12-18
FOR BALE Row boat and kicker,
In 'good condition, together or
NAtvin Cross, Wfoll-ktiown mer
chant from Illy, was In town es
tnrdny nfternnon nttoiiillnp to mat
ters ot business
P. Tuckctt was n count) sent vial,
tor yesterday from Chlloquln,
W. K. ltrown, who Is connected
with the Fort Klamath Meadows
company, left for tho Port )esler
day after several da)s spent hero
looking sffter business affairs,
tleorge Watt left this morning for
Dnnsmulr, Calltornla, where he will
meet Mrs. Watt nud his daughter,
(eraldlne, and sou I'om, who ure
driving to Klamath Falls from Han
Francisco Thev oxpett to visit hero
fur the remainder of I bo summer.
Alfred Collier, who has been In
town for (ho past few da)s In search
of men to work In his mill In Swan
lake, returned this afternoon. He
expects to he In town ugsln tho
of tho week.
William Zeh, foreman of urea two
of tho plno het'tle survey, Is In
town today from the reservation t
tor supplies for his camp.
Miss Esther Calkins .has accepted
a position with the Pelican Hay
lumber company In their offlcn at
Pelican City.
John Mt Moore, who was at one
time connected with tho First Na
llonal bank of thU- city, but who
for the past few )iars has made bis
homo In Los Angeles, arrived hero
last night for a visit with Ills moth
er, Mrs. Mary Monro
Dr. F, P. Nourso, accompanied hv
Mrs. Nourse, Is spending a week In
Klamath Falls, and on visits to tho
surrounding country, from their
home In Lewlstnn, Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs P. W. Foster of
Portland arrived here last night nml
arn enjoying a quiet rest for .i few
A party of tourists from Ktnn, Cali
fornia aro registered at tho Wlillo
Pelican hotel today. They uret Mm.
Agnes i:. Calloway, Miss Dolores
Calloway. Frank bt llradley and
Pete Walls.
II. Miller, .traveling passenger
agent for tho Southern Pacific, Is
hero on company business this week,
( Paul Hilton, who wsh In town
yesterday for a fow linurs, has re
turned to the Doak much, where the
beetle camp in Is situated
(1 forgo Hlggs, who has been at
tending the University of Oregon for
the past four years, has returned
home utter n six weeks summer ses
sion, which made It possible for III mi
to complete his senior credits
A group of California Oregon
Power company officials au'ompauled
h) their wives arrived In town )es
terday nnd will devote tho remtilmlor
of the week to Inspecting the ion
torn here The members of tho
party uro Mr. and Mrs John D
McKee of San Francisco, Mr and
Mrs Paul McKee, P t) Crawford
and Ihm.ild ltun)ard, of Medfonl
ItuiDitrd, of Medtord
Mr and Mrs C It Jordan aro In
tho city today from theh homo at
J. S Hall Is another Chlloqitlu res
ident who In hero iittendlng to busi
ness affairs tndu)
The ladles of tho St. Paul's Cpls-
(opul (iulld will bold their regular
bi-monthly meeting at tho homo of
Mrs. Horace Manning, .137 Conger
avenue, tomorrow afternoon at 2 3D
Tho Woman's Missionary Moty
of the .Christian church will meet
Thursday afternoon, at 2 3D with
Mrs. J M. Evans, 725 High str
A social afternoon Is plnnned and all
luilles Interested are Invited to at
tend and to bring their fani)
T, W I.evlsee, u prominent farmer
of the Fort Klumnth country, was In
tho crtiuty seat )esterduy making
purchases from local merchants
Major Spen?, (who operates u
furm near Topsy grade, was u ill)
business visitor hero toady
l.eland Cox of Dorrls, California,
under went a major operation at the
Warren Hunt hospital today
(leorgo Mustoe, an emplope of the
Krusn Lumber company, met with
an accident )eslerday when a cog
rolled over him He Is being treated
at tho Warren Hunt hospital
Being Some Reasons Whv Wn Solicit nnd Merit
Your Drug and Drug Sundries Patronnge
Wo konw Hint wo cannot continue to increase
this business unless we ojvo the people an honest,
square deal. .
It makes no difference whether you buy a
.sponge or a hook, a hox of Haas' fresh chocolates
or a pack of chewing gum, a man's size lather
brush or a biush for baby's silken locks wo want
you to bo satisfied so that you will come again.
We take a personal interest in this business and
in the patronage of our customers. Let thi.s be an
urgent, standing request that If any time you feel
that the article that you bought has not given the
full value expected you will give us the pleasure of
personally adjusting your complaint.
More wo cannot do and we would not do less.
The Roxall Store !
Ctli and Mulu Street !
Mll. OltDUIS FILLED PltmiPri.V !
Consult us about drugs, our long
eyperlence U at )our si-rvlio Cur
rln says so 12
SEATTLE. July 12 -Tho steam
ers Northland and Willamette ran
ashrre In a fog this mnrn'ng in
the Straits of Juan Do Fura It Is
expected both bouts will bo flo.itnl
which has endured and which shall
over remain.
To mnko the shade leaves turn
their broad sides to tho sun. In
ono groat elualcr; tho combination
of tho Ilttlo brooks makes tho
ilghtv river which blips to form
tho ocean, a snowflake which alone
would quliklv milt, but with oth
ers forms the hugu drift that will
slall stool trjlns nnd so. In nil
things, as with mnn, wo find that
strength -ritH onlv In unity
All Currln preparations are guar
anteed without hesitation, or umita
tlon. Currln's for drugs. 12
Evelyn Reckley, 12-year-old
daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. L.
12. JDcckley of this city, was tho victim
LEWISTON, Ida.. July
Tho river steamers Spokane and Lew. j of an accident Saturday at Illy when
Iston. owned by tho Oregon-Washing-'a saddle turned with her an? she
The luncheon forum Is no now ton Railroad & Navigation company,! was thrown from tbn horse shit was
Idea. English literal uro discusses each valued at $.'.0,0i)0, burned at riding and her right arm broken.
tho various groups as itnthureil the(r docks early today. The orfgln' She was rushed to this rlty wlieni tho
each weo' at Mm homo of Charles ,.,..,, I. , , ,
nnd Mary l-nmh. Our own grand. P' t ' ' unknown. Injury was attended.
fnthers hud thulr croons that nth- --
ercd each day around tlio vlIlao,
move, or in Urn evening at tho
llitlo red school or tbo old tavern.;
The luncheon for'im is .not n now
Idea. It is merelv the pendulum;
swinging nacK u m I'm smrw,
fullv conceived Idos which makes"
nosslblo the coin'n together of
men for tho establishment oi a
letter understandlne an under-,-
siiinillni; which begets confidence' i
which makes for n hunnler and
better commercial nnd social life.
Count Tolstoy ono of tho great-1
est diplomats und democrats of all
times, as hu sut in his library dis
covered a stranger In Tils gardonr
nnd turning to his Knulluh secre
tory said: "I hato "that man."
When uskud why ho hated the
strunger ho remarked: "I hate him I
ftlmnlv hiiimi.L I iln nrtl Ifiinw him"
I wonder how mutiy of us hayolj
formed a hatred for tho fellow
that wo do not know hatred
which lias melted nnd thawed
away entirely under tho warm aunt
or acquaintanceship and under-
nlni..lli.a4 In n ..f. nt.l mt,.ll
IUUIIU1UK l & ll hu viu HUHq
that tho thing wo do not under-1
stand wo oppnsu, Tho luncheon
forum is tho one big emnns for
hotter Individual and hotter com
munity understanding, and conso
quently tho grant modern -means
for community progress
Tho luncheon forum idea la des.
lined to play n great part in tho
progress, tho advancement of
American life, becauso it teaches i
mnn to think deeply and act in -
linlHnn. PriiRlititnt Ifnnllnir In u f
messago transmitted to the prcsU
dent of Hawaii, stated that now,
as never before, men must think.
Our commercial club forum is
tho nest of wurinth prnpiieating
real constructive accomplishment
fnr our rltv nud community. It 1
tho heart of tho (ommunltv where
in one hundrod par cent In) ally
nnd integrity uro. inculcated In a'
stronger measure In the minds of
busy business men, Lot us give
It added support; for, wo get nut of
anything returns in measure to
that which wo put into It,
Practice makes porfect, Fourteen j;
oases wore stolon during tho first
game played by Sing Sine convicts.
Columbia Record.
frVsjaM Ww,1!u surfer .I " JXT ""
Beginning July 15
"Iktm airCre Prices Will be as Follews:
Retail Deliveries on Route
1 pint tovtfilyHwr tint :. !:.....:.:...$ .08
1 quart juilk daily, per quart 13
2 quarts milk daily, per quart 13
3 quarts rrjHk daily, per quart 12'
4 quarts milk daily, per quart 12
1 gallop milk dflijy, in can 45
V4 pint table cream, , per Vi pint 12Vi
VL pint tahle cream, per Vl pint -.23
lpint table cream, pev pint ,..: : 40
Vi p,int wtiipprrjgjcreani, per y. pint 15
M pint vv$pnng ?rejm, per pint 28
1 pint'whippiDg cream, per pint 50
1 glonerrajjor jskim milk 20
1 quart milk ....:, .'.::.' .: $ .13
1 pint milk 08
Vj.pint table cream 13
j pint table cream 25
1 pint table cream .". 45
1 'quart .tafjile, cram 80
Vt.piritnippipg .cream 15
VL pint whipping cream 30
1 pint whipping cream 55
1 quart whipping crpam 95
The Mountain 'View Dairy prices will be one
cent above the stated prices.
H II Warner, the famous English
actor, a horseman of rare ability,
has an uncanny power over horses,
Tho wltdost of tho breed recognlxe
him as their master Uirxl bcnmo
gentio in his hands. Ahmed II. a
horso of famous Arabian ancestor.,
on which be does somn marvelous
riding In "Tho Sholk of Araby. '
which comes to the Liberty theatre
today came 10 hi in as a result of
this power. Ahmed was the only un
manageable horse In a string of fa
mous horses owned by thi Maharajah
of Aurangtob and his evil dlsposl
tlon was corrupting the other horses
The Maharajah was worried and
when Warner offered to bet him the
value of the horse against tho horse
that he rould tamo him, hv eagerly
accepted. Warner won.
To, no Is the vital thing In a pho
nograph, Ilrunswlrks, have a wonder
ful tone. Hearing l believing. Cur
rln sas so 12
Auto .(wi'illiiif In tlio'lilglit, lrplniif tvlilrrlmt iivrrtirnil. Motor
r)rl" inuring down Hi,, tinnli r, nud I Imrlri Itii) niiirliig new
Inilglik nnd nru llirllls In ntiutbir Mint liU Introl plume.
Wallace Reid and EUie Ferguson in
Another 1 .Special
While vrlumcs have already been
written of tho valuable services ren
dered by tbn aeroplane in the pre
vention of forels fires, mall delivery
and emerfency calls, It remains tor
Charles Ray, popular film star, to
demonstrate through one of his pic
tures how tho flying muihlnu bus
proven an inviiluahlo aid to the gov
ernment's secret service. In "Mas,
Oil and Water," tho current attrac
tion at tho Star theatre, Ray foils
tho plans of smugglers along the
Mexican border by code signals
painted on tho rhnf of a hotel. An
airplane passing overhead for the
especial purposo of catching this
Charlotte Fierce Is leading wom
an for Ray In this picture, which
will bo at tho Star tonight.
426 Main St. Klamath Falls, Oregon
Saturday, July 15
Clara Kimball Young will appear
at tho Strand theatro for tho las)
tlmo In "Tho .Savage Woman" from
Francois Carol's "La Flllo fiuuvuge,"
adapted for tho screen by Kathryn
Stuart, is a role vastly different from
any which Clara Kimball Young tins
before chosen for fho screen.
When her father leaps to his death
tho girl wanders away and finds her
self in thi ruins of an old palace once
belonging to tho Queen of Hhehu.
Here she In mistaken for tho rein
carnated queon herself, and desired
by tho natlvo prjrtta as his bride, she
is frightened, and binds him with the
flashes from or mirror wlillo, she
makes nor oscapo. Fleeing once
moro, sho Is shot by a French ex-'
plornr This plcturo must bo seen
to appreciate) It,
Tomorrow W,1Ulam 8. Hart will
appear in ono of tho best western
pictures he has eyor ODcoar In, "The
Lope Avenger," '
Our Grocery Store will open for business, hantlling a full line of
1' grade merchandise. Thi.s store is individually owned and
operated, having no connection whatever with any other firm or
individual in Klamath County.
We will sell all merchandise strictly for cash regardless,
which will enable us to give you the lowest possible price and
insure you against paying any bad accounts.
The prices we quote are for merphandise taken at our store.
We will furnish delivery for those wishing delivery, making a
charge of 10c for each delivery, "not each article." You pay
for no delivery seivice you do not receive.
We guarantee every article sold by us to be as represented
and satisfactory or we will refund you full purchase price upon
return of merchandise to our store in the same condition as re
ceived by you perishable merchandise must be returned im
mediately if'money is to be refunded. In case of spoiled canned
goods or merchandise that must be opened to ascertain if
spoiled, return the spoiled merchandise to our store immediately
and we will refund purchase price. .a
To You
We invite every man, woman and child to come in our
store and inspect our merchandise and prices, regardless of
whether you make any purchases or not. If our line of mer
chandise as a whole is not satisfactory we will be glad indeed
to sell you such articles as are satisfactory we do not expect
you to purchase merchandise which is unsatisfactory to you
simply because we have it.
. j.