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ij loumlng Herald
mvr.ii w.uim
Member of the Aflfloclated Press.
I'lftriiilli Vein- Vii, illlilll,
KLAMATH PALLS, OltLOO.V, Till II.KIMV, ,111,1' II, IM!2.
Pnsscnrrcrn caught 75 Feet
Underground FirIiI Mnd- '
ly to Eicnpc
NKW YORK. July li.
0m hundred and fifty per
sons were overcome by
.smoke today when a .sub.
way express train eanjiht
fire near I.exinuton avenue
and SixK' street, about
7i" feet under irround.
The fire started in the
niolormnn'.s box after a fuse
blew out. A mad .scramble
to escape ensued when the
train filled with smoke.
The in hired were carried
on fire ladders to the sur
face and were, stretched on
sidewalks for - several
Fourteen milmotors were
placed in use in an effort
to save the lives of those
who were overcome.
Many firemen were over
come when they descended
to the subway in an attempt
to save tlie passcntrers from
suffocation. The rescuers
donned ira.s nwisks.
Hurl.)' Kiiiio'Ik l llciMiel) llrfeitl
it In (Iiiii'IIiik HaltU
MK.'IIIH.VN riTV. In.l.. Jul) ii -llumiy
l.i'omiril. Miirld'H chainplon
IlKhtwi'lKltt flnliHT, Miinttht'il HiK'ky
Knnnnii iilnumt lit will all ovit tin
rltm In Ihi' i'IkIiIIi rouiid of thidr nf
oml 10. round iltutur iiiiilcnt July I.
and til" llllffillo, N V . rli.illi'UKi'l'ii
Hi'i'Olldri tllTKW III Ihi' HpiltlKI' 'It HIIW
tlndr man (rum hoiui'lhliiK iiiomi thuii
4 liTluikiil tuuirkoilt
Tho liiiltln will ko down In llu
rrriird hookH im only n i'i'linli"it
knockout for tho rhniuplini, Im' I,
will mlik In llncky Kimhiih nn'inor."
iik tho inont ncviTii Im'iiIIiir ho nvrr
Illooil runnlnR Irom hlx mouth
ilnwn hlK nnkcil climt uml li'nra
irlrldlnK thrniiKh tho lii'iivy Rieth
of hnard mi III rlirokH. Kmihiii. Indd
up liy hl miinaitiir, could only moan,
"llo whipped me; h whlpi''l iw,
mill oh, how ho run lilt!"
IIimIo'm lliil'il llmkni .
I-'iiIIiiwIiik claliiiM liy ICnnn:i'i'
frlKiidn that tlm .riliiiln lionn In hli
left nrm Juhi nlmvn the wrlt
been broken ill tint third roillll or
ii,.. fi..i.i .,.t Hint KmiRiiH liinl rmmlil i
Itmnnly on for flvo more roiunlii wllh
tho member prnctlcnlly useless, the
fight wiih examined by Doctor
' "n"i
I . IJrlRRH of CIiIiiiko, n mom
her of Kiiiihiir' rump, who wild thn
hone wiih broken.
Dun JlogcrH, KniiHiiR' inniuiger, nx-
Horteil ho throw thn npongo Inlo tlm
ring ngulnst Knimnn' wishes lu order
to ruvo further Injury IoHiIh nrm.
Leonard Hinlles
Knnsns Honniod l l" ot on his
feel, but It was tlm dlHgmiM of tho
Bpongo Hint Boomed to hurt him most,
for In his rough enroor of many vic
tories only Honny I.nonnrd hud over
boforo oven hoiiI him to tho door, and
Leonard fnllod to do thut ngnln, nl
thought thoh Heonu'd llltl'" doubt
that ono morn right . cross would
have put tho cliulleuger on 'lis
buck for u long count,
Liioniird, surrounded by hundreds
who rushed to his corner, Mulled
lifter tho bout, nnd deculrol lilmReir
well tmtlHflod with tho result.
"They thought uociiUho Kimimi hud
Htuyoil thu limit lu tlireo othnr'hoiilH
with inn tlmt I couldn't put him mil,"
ho buIiI. "They tmld wlum llrltton
bent mo thut I wiih through. I guesi
1 Hbowed thorn today thut I'm still n
chumploii, tlmt I Htlll huvo tho puuch
and tlmt I cun sill) move fust.
Afy, Jack, You Look Sporty!
WoulJ you rtcok-nlio him? It's Ocncral John J. Pershing In Ice-cream
troui m and djrk cent. Ono has to wear 'cm at Atlantic City, you know,
tfiih ihi. vi-mial ti hli ilttir Mlai Marv Perihlmr.
COUNTY $163,567.00
Sri'lit)1K'irii riiiliiis fur Insur
llllli' I'iliil, .iiiimIIiik In All.
mint lti'Hiit nf .Marshal
I'lre oneH In ICIamnth county for
tBe year einlliiK March 31, 1922.
totaled )l03,r,r,; 3'.. minrdllii' In
the nniiiial report of the rtale fire
iiiiir'ithal. JiiHt hmii'd.
Ki'i'iit-Hieu iliilmi for Imtir
Slice were IIMeil mid ll'jn.SS.S.SS
win paid nit luHiiralicn lon. Tho nc
liinl alue nf the iiperly In lUted
at JHS.IJT.'.C, tovereil hy tir.rt.--.'i;t
r..i hiNiirame.
Of the Ni'i'iiiy-iii'i'ii ii!iiici my-
Ted hy luuriiiice 21 n niiri'il in
mercantile hlllldlliKH, 20 ill dwell-
Iiii;h. Hit in c nil n kIiicKh. (he in
farm dHellliiKH, the In hotel or
roymliiii hoiii'i'H, fif ir In luundrleH
or Kar.iKeN. four In iiiaiiuf.ic'uiliiR
pliintH. one In a ham. one In n Ten
lauraiil anl ievrn mlncellaiieoU!i.
Milll rirl In neurit I'l.iliT Ull.e
tieU Aililmnl SivilnkiN
Cruml Htti'fpxinlifx In (lie Ford mid
Fourth parade at .hIi1,iii, July I
ere laken by Frank V. Iliidnn of
Oakland, drhlng the Ford coupe
with which he won tho honor of be.
lug first to reach Crater lako by 'ar
thin season, nrcordliig to ropnrtx.
lludson'H car wiih decorated to
resemldo Crater lake. It was said.
Tho lop wiih piled with "snow," top
ped hy the trophy cup awarded li I til
hy Klumaili liunlneso men. Pictures
of Crater Inko deroraled tho Rides
of the car.
Mm. John Fm!ern. ni-coiiiiunied hy
MIrh Minnie I, on Freeman of iht
city mid two AHhl.iml yeiiiu: lullei.
entered n ear iirllxtlrally decornled
lm m I. ii iin-ii" ...'-i ...-
i: "'" ''""" Mmuatii iuiir
Attorney (Jenenil Unified to 1'iie.e
cute Jackson ('muily ("uses
SALKM, July 0. (lovernor Ol
cott Indny Instructed Attorney Oen
cral Van Wluklo In takn hnmedlato
rhiirgo of I ho alleged Ku Klux Klan
oulingo cases lu Jackson county
mid to push prosecution, following
tho failure of local officials to tuko
nctlon against thn alleged offend
ers. SCIIOO.VKH IN' D.(li:U
SAN FltANCIRCO, July . Water-logged
and In Imminent danger
of foundering ns n result of strik
ing u roof ut Saunder's ledge, the
steam schooner Arctic Is being
lowed to Sun Frunrlsco today hy
Iho steam schooner Ilruuswlck,
which responded to wireless calls,
LONDON, July li. A rumor or uu
uttumpt to iihwihhIiiuIo HusmIuii' ilolo
gutes to Tho lliigito confiii'ouco cutis.
eil excitement n Dutch capital to
day, nays u dispatch, Tho police nml
tho Ituusluii delegation denied the
' A ; r - n
Will Id' (iViii'rnl In Klanmlli
Ciiiinly Till Keiison
III. I In- opinion or a number of
farmiTN of iIiIh lounty. $2 ii per
day and lioanl will Im the prevail
I iik uiiko for hay Ii.iihIh thin hu.ison.
County Akciu llemlerKon H.ild today.
Tli In, ho mid, h li.incd on the w.iru
adopted In other rutin tlfH. which In
from 12 to 2.:r. per d. DurliiK
the pat few iI.iVh there hae heen
uumeroiiH hiIU at the office of the
county iiRont ! farmem KevkliiK
luformntloii mt to the proper uai;e
Rrnlo. IlvnitiTNou mild that no repre
Hentatlvo nuellUK li.ul been held UiIk
year for the purpime of m'ttliii; ,i
WIIKC. hut that the iihue unne uoiltd
prohalily lie In the roiiul)
I'l'llliim to Sui Keiliy uml Itutliloi
I'lepmeil by Attorney j
I'OltTI.ANIf, July ii.- A petil'on
i for im Itiluiii'tlon to halt the lui'ig-
:"'K mmorr.m of lUthle uml Kerhy
for their part lu the murder of
.Sheriff Til Taylor of Pendleton was
prepared toda.x by an nttoruey who
mild lip hud filed It lu the federal
court n x Ht't forth In Die petition thu
men were forced Into u coufei.jon
hy use of iimiuontit mid other dieml
calri. Tho federal Judgcri early 'Ills
ufteruonu said they had not seen tho
l'li( (iiiiue .Mil) He I'ln)i'il Hiiuilii) j
(lip lliimilrtl In Miileiiiiii In !
Id' Aiwuileil IViiiiiinl Wlrmi'i'
'llimi'liiill tndiiy' I'iIi. ,in vn Al-
TlilM .iiiiiiiiiiiii!Iiii-iiI. lii fiirmit viiry
Imk iici-onllug In llii- Ii'uiiih pktylng,
I" tll'RllUeil to be i(. 1. 1 rri-'iniTi tly In
Hi"' ni'tir future Iht'iiihii of orKsiiilr.:).
I linn liy llin rliiililhcr nf rriuilil'irro nf
, it huimhiill li'HUtlM cniiiptiM'd of Ii'iiiiin
rrmii tin' vhiJiiiik lu iiilior ioiiii:iii.
Till' llll'll llllK llCI'll ll(llll.'ll Uf the
I'i'liciiii Hay l.n iiiIjit ronipiuiy, Klain
nlli Lumber & lliu company, Kuniuiu
Mux iiinipnny nml other lonc'tii
,.111111 It I hoped tii riimpli'tn lh or
KiiMlriilliiii imliiv. At li'imt Ki'Wti
I icnniH will In) rcpp-m-nti'il nml It
In proluiMi' tlmt thn first K.umt will
li pl.ij'i'il ni'it .Sunday.
II I) Mnrtcnxrin of tho I'pllran
liny Liiinlicr rntnpnny liai offi-ri'il
to ilonati' a cup to ! nwarMi'd cncli
Ki'iimin nml lo lio pri'icnti-tl to lln
('inn wlimlni: tho pcmuint ilirco mir
(CHalVK Kcandlia.
N'o playrrn other than thno who
ari' pi'riiinni'iit nmployon nf th" rnn
n-riiH iiiciuIhth of tho li'SKiii' wl! h
piTinilU'il to piny nml t'vory i-ffort
Mill Ik inniln to pkIikIo pnifcfl(in.
nllnm. Outflti will ho furiilnlifil liy
I'lirh roiiipiiny wit limit runt to the
-Hay hair"
lliiillli Offlivrs Sjiy If Oihrrn Ktt
Tliey Hate Not Item Ileportnl
There h only ono known cmo of
typhoid (over in tlilitVlty and If t'.ioro
are any other case they have r.o'
heen reported as Is required hv a
law which In very xtrlngrut and
which provldex for,pvero iniiiiih
ment when tuich reports are not
made, na Id City Health Officer
Stewart today.
rurther families nf water today
were Kent to S.ilem for examination
uml the reportN will be made public'
when reielved
17,1100 I'iiiiiiiIo 1-M In .Miillli Sec-
1 1. n in riuiit (;niii(ipK-is
During the past two wovks 17.000
pounds of poisoned bruit mnsh war
mixed at M.illn. mid spread owr the
grusshopper Infested :trea of that
district, uctorillng to C A. Ileniler
miii. county ngeut.
(!(iod ri'StillK were obtained, colisid
erlni; the lateness of the season. Title
work was made possible by I ho co
operation of tlm reclamatlo'i servico,
Klamath county and a number of
farmers of that district, Henderson
sToPoNTrtewAY sC. ( 'dfaV
HC3TVie AND GET I St I vmeia. ' )'
l'ikm'1i f2i$ guides two we'll ( r II -
. - J
Final Decision to Be Made
Saturday; Shopmen Are '
Reported Returning
CIIIC'AHO, July 6. Knrti'flti thou
Haml slsnal rmwi In thn rounlry will '
not Ihi (iillcd nut for a tlnm at lc.nt,
I). W. Holt, prcnldcnt of thilr union,"
annnunri'il today In calling a moct-1
Ins of tin- pxcciitlvp ronimlltne Sat
urday for final nctlon. I
II. M. Jowrll, tho Hhopmc.iV load, i
it, rcplli'il to Chairman Honpor, of'
the lahnr hnnrd, Imllrntlni; h'n il-1
llncni'Bs to nccntlato.
I'OIITI.ANI), July 0. Flvo ntrlk-i
ln: Rhnpmen were arrested hero to-1
day rharcuil with disorderly rom'.uct i
when ft policeman aw them wuhl
roekn in their pockcti. Ono Mrlker
wnR nrreRti'd l.ut nlKlit charged with
throwing n lahlo lej; at an nutonio
Idle carrying non-union men.
Thn Southern Pacific reported h't
per cent of tho men working today.
R. 1. S. officials Raid 20 men
were back at the Vancouver shopi
out of 300 and about half of the
Portland force.
Tho Orrfion Washington report
ed 300 out of CCO working.
I'nlon leaders declared thorn had
ndt been a break In their ranks.
.1. A. Ikmen of Huntington Uracil
Kn Houte to Crtcr iJikc
V.. A. llowcn, editor of the Week
ly Signal, published at Huntington
I'nrk, California, accompanied by
Mrs. Ilowen nud Mr. and Mrs. F. II.
Allen, passed through Klamath Falls
lant night en route to Crater lake.
Ilowen drove from Dunsmulr yes
terday over the Topsy grade. Ho
mild the road from Klamath Hot
Springs on was bad and ho used
words not In the ordinary editorial
cocabulury to tell Just how had he
considered It. lie said ho expected
heavy grudes lu ti moutitalnlous coun
try hut did not believe thut ruts uml
loose rocks were a necessary part of
the traveler's program.
Ilowen said thut Frnuk Freytug,
who was employed by Tho Herald
lust year, Is now with The Slgnul.
PORTLAND, July 6. Livestock
and eggs steady, llutter firm; ex
tra cubes 3Sc.
Kaiser's Latest
Moil recent picture, of Count
"William of Itohvnzollern, former
arman cmnror, who la reported
to have libit a brcal: with his son,
thn former crown prince.
If nequet Ii Granted .IuiIkp lllnc
ham Will Appoint Commlttra
lu Undertake Tnk
SAI.EM, July 0. Judge Illngham
gavo Oovernor Olcott seven days to
appear to answer tho Hall recount
complaint filed late yesterday by tho
public defense league. After Olcott
answers tho Judge will hear argu
ments, and It a recount Is ord.tred the
Judge will appoint a, committee to do
the work.
P. S. Gets Into Trouble
Court Houses Are Cause
(Letter from 1'ltll Spare to lili
friend, Kl. Jenkins, In (MikoMi, Wis.
1'oii.hIii, former home of Mr. nml Mm,
Dear Kd: They MimethliiR In
this town which I never see the like
of befoar ami if I did not seu It with
my own eyes I would not belIeo It
atall. This hero which I tell you
about Is three curt houses but thcys
only one of them worklngut It full
shift and one which was laid off he-
roar It got started.
Ono or these hear cort houses sets,
on top or a hill and It looks llko the
ruins or roam which I seo In my
Jography when Is n kid. Tho ono
which Is working looks llko old man
splvcns livery stablo which Jou re
member Is near tho p. o. In Oshkosh.
The last and 3rd (third) ono Is san I
witched In between the livery stablo I gnnlzatlon. Tho permanency Is as
ono and a rormcr church which Is'gured through tho permnnont rcsl
no working at tho church trade uo denco hero of IS of tho present band
moar but Is doing S (eight) hrs. per
day as a library.
Theys lots of queer things about
these cort houses nnd the stoary as
I get it would till ono of these hear
sets or books llko which cost Jl
(ono dollar) down and the rest or It
every week tho rest of your natchural
lire. Uut thoys 1 (ono) thing I get
and that Is when you meet some bird
and start chinning him about these
cort houses you doant say curt house
atall but bldgs. or eddyflces or somo
other word which .It means tho same,
If you get mo Kd.
Tho reason I no about this Is be
cause I stop a bird ono Sunday when
I nud tho missus Is giving tho town
tho o, o. and ast him whero Is this
hot springs cort hse. This bird glvo
mo n castlron look and says what do
you mean hot spring cort hse. theys
a eddyllco near the hot sprgs, which
I never hoar It was n cort hso. but
oanly u placo for pigeons to roost at
night., As I got It at first this bird
Is trying to kid mo and I ast him do
you mean this county builds this ed
dyllco for pigeons. Ho says It units,
to tho same thing aud uow tho county
cort Is flguerlng on spending flTv
000 (fifteen thousand dollars) for to
build moro pigeon coops for tho now
crop which comes on ncc, or so many
of thoso pigeons raisins families.
Well, 1 seo this bird Id telling mo
strait and I tell him much obliged
mister and ho tells mo whero Is the
(Continued to Pace 4),
18 Trained Musicians Are
Available; W. A. Snow
Secured as Leader
Opportunity for a hand organlw
lion that will boa credit 'to this
community, and unsurpassed by nny
similar organizations on tho coast. Is
1 offered Klamath Falls this Rummer.
Eighteen trained bandsmen arc
I available nnd tho chamber of com
- tncrco committee handling tho mat
j ter A. L. WJhard, J. J. Furhor and
, J. A. Cordon havo secured W. A.
Snow, who directed tho local hand
In 1010 nnd ID! I and mndo It tho
heat band organization tho city has
ever had, ns a lender.
A plan for financing the band thai
will glvo nil an opportunity to con-
tribute has been worked out In a anc
les of dnnccR at thn open-air pavilion,
I tho first ono Thursday evening
July 13 Tickets will sell at ono
dollar each. A concert will pre
cede thn danco and dances and con
certs will bo hold during July, Aug
ust nml Septembor. It Is hoped that
sufficient funds can bo raised In this
way to carry tho band along until
other means or financing It can ho
worked out.
Tho success of tho band depends
upon tho amount of support that Is
generally given. ,
Tho band members aro dovotlng
much time to practlco and are wilt
ing to continue to deroto their time
without compensation.
Tho committee) Is now seeking for
a corps of ladles who can spare the
time to sell tickets for the first
danco, and ask all volunteers to re
port to tho secretary at tho chamber
of commerce rooms,
"Sluto this Is strictly a commun
ity affair, said tho committee chair
man," we feel that every ono In the
community wilt want to contribute
a share. Consequently wo decided
this means of raising a fund would
be better than the circulation of a
subscription list among tho business
men. ThlR does not mean that the
business men will hu excluded, for
each can purchase ns many tickets as
ho wishes nnd this applies to nil oth
er citizens. As a mtfttcr of fact the
business men realize tho benefits at
baud mid will support It liberally.
"Tho band will do their part to
mako tho organization a success and
wo hope all citizens will reciprocate.
Tho band will give an open air con-
cert onco a wcok, and on patriotic
holidays and special occasions when
a band Is needed they will be ready
nnd willing to furnish music."
Tho chnmber of commerce, city
officials and civic organizations gen
erally are strongly supporting tho
proposal for a permanent band oi-
Tickets for tho first danco will bo
ready Saturday morning, and If they
find a ready salu tho success of tho
movoment will bo virtually ns
IIootli-Kclly Plant nt WendllnR I
1K' troy ill; Town ThrcateMfxI
EUOENB, July C The town of
Wcndllng today was threatened by
firo which burned tho big Booth
Kelly sawmill there. Tbo mill crow
and townspeople fought tho flames,
which wero fanned by a high wind,
Kugcno and Springfield sent aid.
The barometric pressuro continues
to remain Jn the
fair weather xono,
the Cyclo-Storma-graph
st Under
wood's pharmacy
having recordeU
but little' .cUasito
lu the pMt'.ten
days, With ch a
steady coadUlonuio
great chaag in
the weather. May
bo looked (or,
Forecast for next
34 hours 'Continued fair i4 warm.
Tho Tycos recording tberaotteter
registered maximum and mlalnom
toraporatures today, as follews:
High .7. 18 '
Low l..... ....... ..........w.jjSf fj
I "''
r .
3i ,