The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 25, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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    Pstuo SIc
mxnun. may sn, insa
War Has Been Declared in Klamath Falls
Mnr x. Iteuitil
Attorney Win. Mnrx fllcil nil ac
tion nnnlnst Urn Klainalli ttrrord
l'lilillnhliiK Company thin mornlnc
In which ho In nuking $500 n at
torney fees fcr hlniRcIC ami f 4 00
for Attorney V. 0. Vnn Hiiion, for
urvlcc performed for tho Hccord
company slnco Inst October In con
nection with tho recently closed
rcttinancr HtlxAllon,
I-neion v. l'urcli et nl
Answer on bchnlf of the defend-1
out F, II. rimey was fllod this mn'J
n ! nt; In tho $26,000 dnniaRO action J
1'iouRht liy J. 8. IiRonon nralnt
Harry Furch and F. II. I'uoey.
INimli t. Klamath Mini
Amended complaint' was fllod In
tho circuit court tills morning In
Ilia suit of Itoy K. Fouch nRnliiKi
tho Klnninth .Mint Company, J. V
Siemens, F, A. linker nnd John N
I'.ivlcs, which Inxolves tho collec
t mi of n promissory note It fOCt
Clrcn September 16, 1321. Tho
complaint also nsks for $200 at
.friiey's fees.
(Inodrlch (lubber Uooln for Irrl
Kiitliip. nt' greatly reduced' price. J.
12. KndcriU. Co. v" 2.-.-2C
ItOSKHUMI Coos Hay roud to
bo hardmirfaced.
I.uxlto Hoso In Colors Houston
and Jester. 23-25
(101.1) 1111,1. State llmo mill to
bo opened soon.
Scratched glasses many
times cause the vision to
blur. Lotus polish the
scratches out and they
will be as good as new
again. Repairs, broken
lenses duplicated. Im
mediate scrv'co.
Dr. Goble
rhouc, Ofc. 133W. lies. 33 1 -J
700 Miilu
To Khimath Fall Merchants
Tim rcMilt of Anll-I.litcr week In tho nnld' district of h Knits Is most Krntlfyliic nnd wo apprcii.ito I lie elfurli
beliiR put forth by the committee. Tho city Is bcKlunltiK to
ou new- life nnd n clean uppearnnco.
Wo nio des'mi.ttiiiK Krldny afternoon from four to six o'tlocl.
us back alley day In tho business district, livery hiMtie.,, man u
respectfully requested to kIw thin time to making tho tuck alley
clean, (unitary and f re,j from obstruction'. Tho city w III op.-rite
u grader on tho alley that need It and wo want them clc.ui-r.
If you liuto cleaned them, accept our appreciation If ou hne
not. accept, our earnest renuest to get busy. Why lue a clenn front
nihl a filthy rear? For health and appearance sake, clean up.
W. S. WII.KY. Muor
H. I). I.. STF.WAIIT. Health Officer
K. K. AMIIKOSK. Klro Chief
Chin. Merchants llureau
Three persons are lirgcly re
sponsible fcr th0 success of Antl
I.ltter week launched by the cham
ber of commerce. The aboe cartoon
Illustrate the spirit tint the three
chairmen li.iv,. howi In lining up
,llio various chairmen and cnptalux.
II. .V. Moe. Mrs. Wm (Janong and!
Hugh Currln enteral Into the move
ni e tit as Illustrated uboe nnd to
gether they hac enlisted, dratted
and secured otherwise more than
200 workers tu make flllo. rubbish !
and germs fly.
About 20 roMdenU of Hot Springs
addition assembled In that territory
Wednesday afternoon and cleaned up
I the triangular park across "from the
horpltal. cleared up tho parl.lngl Clnudo Davis reported that ho was dltlon. lint Springs. KhlppliiKtou anil
.spare from the canal bridge to IhC; pleased with the response ill hU ter-1 other territory will bo inverud '
I end of Kspl.inadp and burned off eon- rltory rud other captains reported All merchant are reiiuested b
sldeiablo acant property likewise. the city tifflrlaU to clenn up their I
I Joe Taslc, chairman of Shipping- Three trucks started opt rating on , b.u-k alios Krldu) afternoon from I ,
ton addition, reported splendid pro- the west side today l'rlday they to C o'clock
I gresj In his territory. He wns ar- will serve the territory between Kllth On .Saturday the children's tlie.i-,
ranging truck sorvlce eiterday I and Twelfth and Saturday Mills ad-'tre party will b,. held. '
I PA IMS Hand painting has now OI'KICKHS lM IIIHi:i: MOI'.t:. Men's Ituhber Knots, for irrigating j
reached evening cloaks, bavins Pro-! I. W. W. IX JAM. '".l Jireatiy rcduceii price J h i.n
... .' tilers. & la. 2..-;r.
(Continued from rago 1)
greyed from hats to gowns nnd
shoes. Tho ultimate chic nt the mo-,
inAitf m n Ik1(tttl ei t lsj nl'.inltlir . w.i it
overlaid with n faint design in silver! Kummd posters were found. The'0 I)ox 'n,
nalnt. Still mnr. nffectlve Is an nnn.. l,o0 "euee uns is an aurmpi io
, tag wrap or some thin bl
wltn a meandering ues
gold paint. Now and
wrap gold painted Is put over a
I black satin, silver-painted founda
tion. This Utter Idoa seems to be
tho apothcsls of tho gold and silver
vogue. The effect Is beautiful but
tho accompanying gown must needs
be ery rich In texture.
(MAN Wit.!. Iluy oil and gun to Sacra-
uicnto. calif . for ride. Address 1'.
.rfc mniorini organlio tho Klamath lumber Indus- 'WA.TKI Nln,. key llurroughs add-
, , , Itry then to Inclto the members toi. inK 'rhlnn In A-l shape. Ilox 77,
dgn In pale " lnen l" ",cll lne memuors ,ujt,raj,j office "5
then a thin "8,rIko on thu Job," th0 present pol-
Icy of tho I. "i W. Should this be iWANTKD First Class man for first
accomplished, It was said, broken ch'ss salary as foreman, circular
machinery, spiked logs and similar e brRin at once- " """W
occurances would be frequent. ' ,.,..! '
Ladle "Chippewa" outing boots,
arc guaranteed. J K. Kndcra & Co.
War has been declared oa the I WANTED To M contract to fall
W. W by the sheriff and chief of limb and buck six million feet tlm-
nnllrn linlh salil tills moriiltip nntlibcp' "'Klunlng lllimedlnluly Tools
police, uoth said tin morning, ami ,,,,, Il0X -i uaUi OUii 2-
(every effort will bo made to stamp i
i out organiiatlon In thU region. JKOIt RKNT Kor 3 months, furnish-
Louis Duvls. the first organlier en j-room modern house, on pae-
arrested, was bound oxer to tho grand m,,- "ox ,I' ,,"ral" 0
Jury churged with criminal s)udlral- "'""' '
Ism. Ills name appeared frequently Illfl IIAliX l.iXt'i; At It (' Short m
among tho papers of thoso arrested Place. Saturdny May 27. ladles
' I lr.. fill t " (
irarv A&
1?'- -M
A lsiL 'J "
The Leading Value
vs. The Lesser Value
(bring cake Admission II 00
It has always been easy to get the hitler. W'u .art, .
making it easy to get the former.
Merely because moderate-priced clothes are in
demand, we aiv not willing to oiler you "modemlo
priced clothes" merely. It is in harmony with this
store's policy to olrervou THIO GKKATKST VAI.UK
we satisfied because we know tlien that you ar
In the superb style and guaranteed all-wool quul
ily of Style-Plus Clothes, this high point of value is
realized. Get these known-vahie clothes. We've your
model, your pattern, your size, at your price. Casl
your eye over the new Spring models and you will
agree that you can profitably cast your lot with Stylo
plus at this store.
'reserving time
and a cool kjtchen
Muke canning time a real pleasure
this year by using a good oil cook-
stove. It concentrates a steady,
controlled heat directly under the
utensil. Your task is shortened and
your kitchen is kept cool, clean and
To insure best results, use only
Pearl Oil the clean-burning, uni
form kerosene refined and re
refined by a special process.
Sold by dealers everywhere. Order
by name Pearl Oil.
, today
I Don't wait for business to come
Tho Chautauqua tent will be hvnt-itn you go uftor It. Iilrect by mall
ml tonight 25 advertldng will land It. VJ. arc nl-
, way glad to hulp you outline our
i "U'nin i xi'Vitr" imiviiiiL; folders, pamphlets, circulars nnd oth-
.........--....---. ......... . ... .. .. ,f
iMimi-v iii! i viif ltm r,''r ioivertisuiK mutter, wrummonii it kim.1. ,,rnt sh0J1 ,. i
: 1
1 In this pliluro tdiown at Strand I Work glnven for lewi money .luck'
tonight the umlloiiri' 1h shown fl-'roit So. Sixth fit. Jur.t off Main, I
In many spiieres oi nuiiijiuxis'i-iiri.
l'rom the uxclusUeiieiw of thn' smart
. hot.' whoso trouble i are largely Im
aginary onus, to tho daredevil o-it- (
.lawry of II... underworld. Hm nd-, ,.ur , 'r(ir, or CuImii. All i
Kitituros of Hugh (.dyiinl, tho hero ; leather. Jack Frost. So. Sixth Ht I
I In tho pltiy, extend, packed full of 'Just off Main. 25tf
thrilling aetlon. ., M,M(, ,mjI,y ()Ml ((f , j dtlreiis of th community At tho
Drlofly. tho stniy duals Willi tliiifor nrlntlnK. Wo want your nrliit-: iih-'jIIiik of tho post to discuss thin
II il nlii cm ranis, officii stationery, I
id In fact almost iiii)lhlng in tho
printing lino can bo had nl tho
Drummoiid Print Shop L'.'i
Mud ran Amerlian l.eglnn nost will'
build a homo for iiko of thn posts and J
Don't fail to read the Herald Clasiificd Ada.
lives of Hugh l.edard and Kleanor lug. but If w(, unit gel It. glo II to 'matter ou() thousiind dollurH wiih Iiii
. . . . . .. . ...r:n ...i.... i. ...I.....H .... ,. ' ....
Asiiii, wiio nro murneii ainra icry ii" " p iinki. """"i1
hrlnf ainii-iliiliinrf 111 time, I eil-i w,,n" of our "nCy ' Kluiil.ltll
brief jKiualntiinro. in lino i. i-' yalh Tho Uruiuiiiond Print Shop,
yard falls In lovo with his wlfo in i .-,
spito of lilm.s'ilf, and when ho dis
covers that Hho Is tho daughter of '. '"O", UKNT-- Kiiriilshrd on,, room
.. , .... I cabin fur houNukeepiug. .11 Wul-
a convict, whom shu ilularo Ih Iii
nocent. ho tet.s himself tho task of ,
... .,.. ..... ... i r
UIBIU1 UlllJg ill" IMI ..,.1,,,,,..,.
2.' -28
mediately pledged by tho member-
slilp. (.'oiiHtriii.lloii on thu homo will
bo started ehortly.
Stylish Stout, ouUlzu shoes at, J
i:. Undurs. 2r,-2U
Mun'K "Snappy" Footwear, In
brown calf nkln. $...r,u and fii..r0
J. i:. KnilorH & l'. 26-20
ASTOIIIA Freight boat lino up
Columbia practically -certain.
The latest st)l('H In whltu foot
wear, Just urrived. J i:. lenders
Co. 23-2C
sBaasfimmnn & J- WiWWWWQWPtf
FOIl BAM! Almost now wicker
baby go-iart, rmo-liulf price,
$12.50. Imiulio 210 High St. 2C-2r,
FOIt ItKNT Furnished onn room
lublu for housekeeping, 741 Wal
nut. 2r
FOR SAM! Saxon roadster or wlll
tliido for real estate. 1121 .Iitffcr
son St. I'hono 200-J. 2.1-27
MKMOIUAI. !)AV "OIM'ICS for sale
Saturday, May 27 at Moo's Store,
First National ami American National
banks, beginning l'l a. m, American
l.eglon Auxlliuy, 25
When she learns of the conven
iences, she will be satisfied with
nothing but electricity in her
Why do llioiisnnils usii iledrlclly
, When eleclilc cleaneni tost $50.00 anil
b:ioms ,10c?
i:ietlilt: Irons cost (1(1.00 nod fuel healed
(Oht c?
AiitomobileN $100.00 Io $1,000.00, when
n homo mid bugg)' roslx $1100.00','
It's the SERVICE she gets; the
ease in accomplishing the every .
day tasks of life.
Tonight Timberworkers Benefit
Eugene O'Brien
in "Worlds Apart"
It is .sometimes but a stop from Comedy to Tragedy
and behind the Gay Glitter of the Oriental Cabaret
lurked the sinister menace of the Spirit of tho
Poppy. A story of the "Upper Ten' 'and "Lower Five"
with Eugene O'Brien at his very best.
Starring WM. FARNUM
Admission 10c-20c. Show starts 6:30