The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 15, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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Vny,a Six
Isn't It Funny What a Difference Just a Few Years Will Make" - In Easter Bonnets
Miss 1862
Miss 1872
Miss 1882
Miss 1892
Miss 1902
Miss 1912
Miss 1922
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TltAClNO back to the days of
the civil wir alrl. Sho ore
tin KaMcr bonnet with wide,
crown swathed In ostrlth feath
ers. A few flowers peeped
through on a brim of black taffeta
above and shlto silk underneath.
SAL'C, to say the least. i
the tie-feathered bonnet worn
by fair Kasler paraders a half
century ato While ostrich
plume' cascaded down over n
brim jurt wldo enough to cast a
shadow over tho brew.
SUE would come to town In her
Quaker Rown and bonnet
would the Mis of 1SSS Sufi
straw covered with cr.iy silk uml
trimmed with shy pink roes ThN
KAVi a initliftil lock and appeal
ed to the youth of that ii.iy
IXTllOtHTINKt the lat word In
ehleknes!) and dash. It prevail
ed utt .10 e.irs ago on Easter
morn Tas a s.illor bonnet with
pert crown and saucy brim ()
trleh feathers drooped far down
oer tho side.
LIKE the heidr.ear of proud
cavaliers was the hat whti
the early twentieth lenlury'itlrl'
wore on Caster mom , Thcro,
was a wide brim o( flower em
broidered silk and a druopliiR
oitrlch feather at the side.
ONLY III )rars aw el Ml
l!M'J I'l'cpi at in from a Imim
ui'l tlmi would inieer In
Mi it. diy Trulv a pUlurc II
wan eM'fip'lon.illy In rue, wllh pil
iimil brim of flowered silk and
iiilrlch leathers fovrrcd III" hrim
HI: It t. wo are up ) t t o
truh feather after a run if
fli tear" ll"e pt"i"d oil t ti . I
Mil, id) of ' '"' prisxllt day ntipi
furlh In a iinliiiii limin-'l if ni
eu straw with ilusler" u i ol.i
-ilk ami a dash of Milium
Personal Mention
Ml.ii Clr Calkins or tho Calkins
Donelsonlniurnnco agency Is con
fined' to her home today with a
illght lllnci-i.
Mr. and Mr. Hoy Andcncn left
this nK mint In search of a new loca
tion. Mrs. Kdward Drudy and daughter,
Mona, left this morning for Dorrli
where she will tIsII with her mother
and father for a tow da)s.
Mrs. Tom ledc, who has been here
vUUIdr her brother, left for Lot
Angeles this morning.
Miss Alice Milter left this morning
for Berkeley to take up her school
work. She has been visiting with her
father. J. J. Miller.
A. V. Clemens of Dorrls was In
the city today attending to business
P. II. Hutto ot Yalnai was In tho
city today.
W, Mooncy. a cattlo shipper from
San Francisco, was In town looking
after business hero.
Among the prominent visitors here
today wore Store Adams of Macdoel.
Wra. O. Haielsteln. a banker of Dor.
rls and- W, E. Fox ot Yrcka.
0. M. Strowbrldge ot Chlloquln.
who has been spending a, few days In
this city transacting business. left
for his borne today.
C. A. Patterson of Midland, at
"companted by his son made a busi
ness visit here today. '
Mr. and Mrs. Durrcll Short and
family are shopping In the city today
from their ranch on the Merrill road.
Mrs. Frank Chorpcnnlng of Olenc.
was 'transacting business In the city
llcrt C. Thomas returned last
night from a week's trip to Sacra
inento. Mrsi Henry Uavls was In town
for two days, stopping at tho White
Tellran hotel. Kho nay the roads
are In very bay condition between
hero and Swan Lake viltey.
Mrs. Hoggs of Ungell valley has
been visiting Mrs. K. S. Phillips at
her home, 2M Pine street, for the
past few days.
J. Percy Wells bsg been ill with
tb grlppo several days.
Anhllc and Original Kntrle
by School Children
' I). W. Griffith's "Tho Fall of
Uabylon," rroduced on au even more
elaborate ucalo than "The Itlrth ot a
Nation" and "Hearts of the World"
comes to tho Strand Sunday.
Some Idea of the startling magnl
tude of this latest of the Orltfltb
Huper-plcturcs may be gained from
the statement that It tost more than
$050,000 to produce, Is presented by
a company totaling 125,000 men and
women, and has 7,f00 horses taking
part In the great chariot races and
pageants attending the Feast of Dal
sbatxar. Tho great walls of Babylon,
with their giant height of 300 feet
and. the spacious boulevards built up
on tiselr tape; tho wonderful balls In
tlj-Tem4U'Ot.BeUhaarvbalii a
mile In leiftb. with slant elephants
of a!abattfi'rlln up along their
sides; the v'arl-cojorfd .lights that
play and slow upon the fountains of
perfume 'and wine; "the dancing girls,
thffHJsti'rlesteMMt an nil tho
mtglity splendor und luxury' of those
ancient days these areliut tho out-stapdlnt-'features
of OrHflth'8 "The
Fall ot Babylon."
"The Fall of Babyloti will bo the
Easter feature at the Strand Sunday.
There wllj be no change In prices
10 cents and 20 cents.
$50 LIMIS $75
Legs, Ana, Braces, Arch Support
WM. . KEId.V CO.
Mt Mm) W,
Ookliinil. Calif,
Prizes In tho health poller contest,
conducted by the Oregon Tuberculo
sis association In conjunction with
high and grade schools throughoot
, the state, were awarded by the
Judges, MIm Clara Calkin and Miss
Mildred Thrasher, as follews:
Division one. Mary Ooldthwalte.
ninth grade, Chlloquln school, first.
Only entry.
DIvNIon two Clan "A" . C.oldle
Jacoby. eighth grade. Central school,
first; Kenton Hamaker, eighth grade.
Central school second. Class "!".
Marll.i need, seventh grade, Central
school, first: Ruth Kllngenbcrg.
seventh grade Central school, see
Division three Class "A", llobert
Clay, sixth grade Riverside school,
first. Class "B". Thelma Dearlng.
fifth grade Central school, first
Division four Class "A", Marian
Danner, fourth grade, first: Loreta
Williams, fourth .grade, second. Claw
'11", Allc Stlnclman. third grade
Pelican school,, firm: Pauline Burn
ett, fourth grade, district 37, second.
Division flvi Class "A". Wanda
Dorsey first grade Chlloe.uln. first.
Class "Br, Stanley Cartright. first
grade Chlloquln school first.
A largo number ot entries were re
ceived, many of which weru original
and artistic. The prUe-wlnncrs here
were sent to Portland whero tho bjt
posters for tho stato will bo chosen.
Tho contest was staged for the
purpose of promoting good health
through teaching proper living conditions.
damage action now pending between
I .Mlthell nml Marshall Hooper and
'others, wherein Mltrhell claims he
has been damaged In thnt amount.
Allen v Alien
Default order was entered In the
circuit court today In tho divorce
case ot Karl Glenn against Josephine
Allen. The ease will bo heard during
tho early part ot next week.
WORSHIP AT M. K. Clll'lttll
rOPMI Pair of glasses with sluill (mo,(i sword) at tlm apltim of the
rim. Owner may bine same by call I . I , ' ' - -
liil'S, at It o'clock. t (irar.i Melh- oiiiiiiaiiiUry at I" 311 u in ot tlhit
f-dlsl Kplsropal Churrli. i:iniiitli uml date
High Slrenlv, Kluiniith Palls Oregon Hi JoUMiIMB KlllHhU urn curillallr
All Knlithts Tnmpliir urn nnmii ,nurn wi rtiieuu wnu us
iilesled to report III full uniform 1! H Hi:Nlt.('u
Ing at Herald office and paying for
au. IS
IUjjh ami filrl nf KUniatli County
Showing 0nnl Vrvfpva
Three hundred hoy.i and glrl.i of
Klamath county are now enrolled
In county crub work, according to
Frank Sexton, county club agent.
Among tbi-nn who are doing ex
cellent work. Sexton vaya, Is Stella
Schrvlncr of the Spring I-ako dis
trict, who began club work three
years ago. In the Hewing division
she has completed three divisions
ot ten hours each, as well as the
cooking project of teu lessons. Ifer
work was exhibited ut tho county
fair each year, and was awarded
two first and ono second prize. In
June she will attend the two-weoks'
free course for boys' and girls'
clubs at Oregon Agricultural col
lege. "Habits of Industry and thrift,
Initiative and resourcefulness are
developed In the club work," Sex
ton said. "And wo feel that tho
practical Jinowledgo the children
are gaining In tho work will make
them more useful citizens- and help
them to raako their way In tho
Going lU-ported Hough In Spots, But
Possible or Automobile
"W. t. Fraln, road supervisor, re
ports that Topsy grado Ik now open
to travel, although rough and muddy
lu spots, liocks which made passage
of the road difficult havo been blast
ed out and tarn are now using the
road without trouble. The road has
never been entirely closed, says the
supervisor, although passage has been
difficult and cars have essayed tho
trip Infrequently.
Autolsts returning from Chllo
quln report tho road to bo In had
condition In many places, particular
ly in the lclnlty ot Lamms' mill.
While the stages are making regular
trips, a number pf cars were reported
to havo been stuck In tho mm!,
Colalian ti Culnltan
Decree of dhorco was entered by
Circuit Judge Stone yesterday to Amy
I.. Colahan from Stephen J. Colahan
From the testimony given at the trial
yesterday, lack of support and ex
cesslxe Indulgence In gambling and
drinking caused the separation.
Snook t. Snook
Calvary Commandery. Knight Tent
par, will attend Easter services to-
morrow at tho Methodist church at
it o'clock, meeting at their halt atj
1030 In uniform and marching to,
tho church. A special program has
been prepared.
FOR SAt.K Fully furnished six
room house, bath, rlusoti, built-in
cupboards, furnace and electric
range. Housu newly painted, Puvod
street. Price S3&U0 Address XXX,
care Herald. 1319
! WEST, Itni-order ll-tr.
FOB BALE tiiO acres good land
only five miles from Klamath
Fall. 120 now under cultivation. 126
Irrigated, Fair buildings, good water
On state highway. Price only 150.00
per acre If taken soon. It E, Smith
Itealty Co., M7 Main street IS
WOMAN WISHES work by hour or
day. Phone 337J. !
Nifty Nine Will Play !
Merrill Here Tomorrow i
FOB BENT Furnished
cabin. 741 Walnut.
Judge Stone today signed an order
of default In the divorce caso ot T. I..
against Bertha O. Snook. The trull-1
mony of the plaintiff will be taken I
this coming week. I
Martin v. Wlliu. c-t. l.
Keturn on execution for $5 1.'. 7.75
was filed "by tho sheriff's office this
morning In tho rase of tho Alexander
Martin estate against C. D. Wlllson
and A. T. and Altn Edith I.obert
Miller. Tho' execution covered lots
flvo and six In black 32, of Klamath
Mitchell t tfixqvcr, d id.
Deposition of tho testimony of J.
B. Mitchell, cotcrlng ."S pages was
filed In tho circuit court this morn
ing, which pertains to tho 100,000
If the weather' permits baseball
fans will Ik, permitted to sen the
"Nifty Nino" lu action here tomorrow
afternoon against a team from Mer
rill. The snow this last week has made
the dragglni; of Modoe field I m pos
sibly ujitll tomorrow rooznlng. Should
tho weather slay warm, tho Initial
game of tho season should prove a
good one.
Tho Klamath ,tenm will bo com
posed of Chas. Unite, catrhcr: Bob
ert (iootz, plu her; Chet. Shrfter.
first base; Frank l'eton, second
basu; (Jeo. Dow, shert: Harold Wort
ley, third base, Pat Montgomery, left
field; Kenneth Malcr, center field;
Vcrn Christy, right flcjd.
A flvo Inning preliminary between
tho "Nifty Nino' seonds and Del.
Robertson's "Bear Cats" Is planned.
Strayed to my placo about n car
ago. u Boan steer t years old, Brand
ed swallow crop on both ears', upper
bit on right ear and small brand on
right side. F. E. Masten, Olcne, Ore.
Calvary Commandery wilt attend I
dlvltiu sertlres on Sunday, April 10,1
Easter Sunday
April 16, 1922
Methodist Episcopal Church Invites You
Sunrise Travel' Meeting and Hrenkfast,
(:.i0 a. in.
Sunday School, 10 a. in. Special Program.
Morning Church Service, 11 a. in. Anthems,
Solo, Duet, Easter Sermon.
Epworth League, U.M p. m.
Evening Church Service, 7.U0. Special Pro
gram by Choir and Sunday School.
Easter Is Ihii crowning day of tin- )ear, It Is the day nf liiipn
and ftltti) assurance. It U the day wIh-ii we -m to see tlm
shore lines ot tint Homeland mid seem to hear tlm choir
Invisible ihaulliii; It lit nin-- of prulse
wm:nE everybody goes-
Tomorrow, Easter Sunday
the Great Biblical Picture
"The Fall of
A Purple Romance of Another Day
The story of a brilliant people who were dust when tho Gentle
Carpenter wus born; who hungered for food and lovu and happi
They built a marvelous city, Babylon tho Mighty, with massive
walls that only treachery could reduce.
A lover, tho good Belahazzar, woro the legal robe, torn from
blm In death by the politicians, tho uchemors, who betrayed tho
city and enslaved a people that they might humiliate their rulor
And a wild, lovable little Mweothcart from tho mountains, who
ndored the king and loved a singer, might havo waved tbcm all.
But there was laughter and wlno and feasting, and romantic plans.
It U tho story of Today, as well us Yesterday.
The story of you and mo. ,
125,000 men and women in the mighty produc
tion; 7,500 horses in the marvelous chariot races
along the Euphrates. "
Tonight, Conway Tearle
in "After 'Midnight"
Also Good Comedy
Admission 10c and 20c -
1 1 Cm4 TW 3t--l- lfl ii I
rIE Stu-ebaker UCHT-S1X will
nppenl to every buyer who wants '
n low-priced car that will be satisfac
tory in performance, nppearnnce, com
fort and endurance.
And in addition to iU recognized supe
riority in theae etacntiala. the LIGHT
SIX carries refinementa found only on
more expensive cars.
The LIGHT-SIX ia equipped with cowl
ventilator operated from the instru
ment board; cowl parkins lights; inside
and outside door handles and large
rectangular plate-glasa window in rear
curtain. A thief-proof transmission
lock, which reduce the rate of insur
ance to LIGHT-SIX ownera 15 to 20
ner cent, and cord Urea are also aland-
ard equipment. ror ncariy three-quarlera of a century
Long, semi-elUp-c spring! (50-inch in and is the largest builder of six-cylinder
rear; 36-inch ia. front) and aoft, gen- cars in the world.
1 Tomring, 91048 1 3-Pwr A.-fr, $1048; CoifRomdtfr, 91378
Stdmn, $1780. AUprif f. m. . factory, '
uine leather upholstered cushions, nine
inches deep, provide unusual comfort,
Its 40-horsepower motor delivers
ample power for the hard pull. And
vibration is practically eliminated by
Studebaker'a method of machining the
crankshaft and connecting rods.
The intrinsic value of the LIGHT-SIX
ia unmatched at anywhere near the
price because Studebnker does not
skimp on materials or workmanship
but uses the beat. It ia built complete
in the most modern and complete
automobile plant in tha world, making
possible its low price of $1045, f, o. b.
Sludebaker has been building quality
""-i unu selling- mom ai inir price
! ....l. .1 .
v;.,,!.. . -