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    T l'n
ittumutQ Htralfc
Member of the Associated Press.
I'lriri'niii vmr. Nil iisiiki
WKD.VKKDAV, Al'ltlli 12, IMS
nuca nva om
Conciliation Board Holds
Decision Rests 'on the
Figures Shown
Tlu inurlllutlon board will
complete It n Investigation burn
today ami will Ii-uvm fur Port-
laud tomorrow morning, mild
Cliulrnmn Wnodwitrd. A fltul-
Ing III tlin cusn will probably
not ti mm Hi imI until tlin pruni-
lei flnunrlul statement (if thn
companies havo been received.
Hearing of testimony In tlm con
rlll.itliin liuurit hearing wu re
sumed liH iniitiilnK with II. I).
.Morli'iiiou tin lh Mand ufler an
abrupt Inilt wu railed lit S o'clock
l.iil ulghl .it tin request of tln op
rutin In nrtli'r to pi'rinlt n prl tension of tlin hoard .mil the
operators Tim imiliiii came n a
I suit of I Im lioiinl'it request yes
terday iifti'rnooii for n financial
HAti'liH'iit nf til ii Pelican Day coin.
psny fur the year JU2I, in show
whether tin' concern hail itTiitol
nt 'i profit or loss.
I'liulrmitn Woodward staled to.
day Hint tlm prhiiln session huil
brought no definite result.
Miirli'iimiii, who was mi tlm Hand
from 3:30 In C ytxtcrday aftnrnoun,
inalntnliii'd that tlm mllU rnuld not
uiinpri,, with fullfornlii mllU oper
ating on a nine and ten-hour basis.
Chairman Woodward held that tlm
i'ii 'nt I a I point In ho determined
wan whether tlin mill! hern routd
upxratii nt u profit, regardless of
tlm hour prevailing In California
or elsewhere, and pointed out that
tlin only way In determine thin wan
hy a flnnnclal statmpnnt. Morten
mm demurred to thn request, say
Iiik Im wn representing eastern
stockholders, nml was without nil'
Ihorlty to produro ttio liiformutlon
Hi suld, however, (hut ho would
wln for authority to do an. In Urn
ImarliiK thU morning Im said no
word hud hi'i'ii received Ho pro.
iliirrd. however, a wage schedule.
Thn ili'iiiuml frt huh undo for
a ululemelit for Ihrro years, hut
this win modified. Woodward Inter
mid It win nut sufficient to uiiikn
ii'rtalu statement to tin hoard
with respect to profit or loss, that
Hit' board di'iilt with furl ns re
vealed by figures ,und thill It rnuld
not otherwise make trim fliulliiK".
Chairman Woodward this morn
ItiK ri'ud Into tlm record received
from California, which Inrludud
thri'ii front tlm California Whltu &
Hugur I'Iiid Manufacturers amwclu
Hon, nun from I lie M. A. 1 1 urns
.Manufacturing company, onn from
John I'. Mumplilll of thu Mudnru
llox factory, uitd another from Lu
molno Lumber & Trading company.
In till cae It wan ituted that ull
I plantM witu rnnnlnc nlno und ti-n
liourM. Tbria toloRram woro ro
cordi'd nH oihlblta In Iho caso.
'Curt K. Hotiur, local muniiKt'r for
tho !roworn & I'ackurit WiirohoiiH
Iiir nimoclatlon, w rallod u
wltucn for thu opi'ralora. Ilu hcoiiI
cil tho clKliMiour day IihIur viiulv
nli'iit to tlin nlno-hoiir day, I.lko
pri'i'i'illtiK wltni'iiHUM for thu nporat
urn, Im Htild tlm changu vtiin vital
to tho ImlUHtry; Hint ho hud Iiim-ii
ndvlHiul that If ho could not reduco
roHt tho rninpuny would liavn to
look I'lHuwImru for tlmlr product.
Ho wnH fullowi'd hy W. A. DwIkIiI
(Continued to 1'oku ')
Thn bnromotrlii proanuro reached n
"low" of au.uu at
4 o'clock HiIh
mornlnK, und bIuco
that hour tho Cy-clo-HtoriuiiKruph
UndorwoiulH 1'hur
mucy Iiuh reKlstor
oil Hllght cliunKo.
A contluimtlon of
tho utmcttlcd can
Ultlunu that pro
vided toduy may
bo looked for; at
loint for auothor
twclvo hours.
KorecaBt for next 34 heurs: .
Cloudy unsettlod weather; probnb-
ly cooler,
Tho Tycos recording thorpiometer
roglHterod maximum and minimum
temperatures, today, as follews:
migh r. 47
J.ow 31
,wjiii:i:.mi:nt in ih:,chi;d
with hiihat uhitaiv roit
12 Tim tiostofflcn depart
mi'tit lias entered lulu mi
UKreemeill with llii! Ilrltlsh
I'tinlnl authorities (or Hi" ili-
Mviry uf regular mall mnlter
mill parcel nm( p.icli ar't to
various point In Itusila.
'I luce (hit uf I'nur llaniU In Huh1
mill .Vow 0M-niHiittl Mniin(r !
Hi) Nliiki- Appi'nn Itioki-n
Tli rt-t) out nf four liuudit am run
ii I n r; In tht lawmlll nt Weed, and
Silo men urn I'liiployi'd In nil thu
plaiilit, iirrordlnK to tlm Mtntcmi'iit
today of Mjiiukit J. M. White.
Whltu null) tlm men were rctupiliiK
dally, und Hut while) thn plunti
wuin not opcrutlnK at anythlnn nuar
normal capacity, tlm ntrlkn upprar
ed to bn broken Innofar iih thu Weed
l.umbitr (iimpnny wuh concerned.
Approxlinalrty 700 tneii are em
pli')ei In thn vurloua plantu whvn
tlmy urn oprralliiK nt normal ra
HeportN hern today worn that u
numlii'r of ileputlei were
KiiardliiR thn rompanyV property,
and that thn Moulheru I'arlflr hud
hlatloni'il n uiimber of railroad
MeetlnK to lt' t'allnl In Hie (linin
Imt of t'tiiiiiiier" Toiimrmw
('. J tlreen, chief etlKlneer of thn
Mate hlnliway roiuuiUiilou, l In tlm
city looklnK over the ptitns of thn
Callforulu OrcKou I'ower company
for rnnilructlon of a better ayntem
of water malun, which In ilenlicnrd
to meet thu approval of thn ttatn.
tlreen In thn first to arrive of thn
InvektlgatlnK commlttuu which will
convnnn In tho chamber of com
merce In nn openlnK incctlng at 10
o'clock tomorrow mornlm Othors
who will lie present am Fred Wil
liam, chairman of thn public H'-rv-Ice
cotuinUitlon, the stain fire mar
lnl and a rupreacutatlvu of thn
ratline burruii.
Thu city la threatened with a
raUe lu inmirancu rates, and thu
ineetlnR Is to ascertain whether
iiiiiIiik which will dlntrlbutu water
to ull purls of tlm city In sufficient
iiuuntlty unit reduce thu flro Dai
uril In u reasonable risk shall bo
laid lit thn expense of the city lit
Hi I j time.
Tred Williams will preside ut thn
hrarliiR which will Im utlenilvd hy
repreneututlVeH or tho California Ore
kon Power compuny, Mayor W. 8.
Wile) and thu city council, und mem
bers of tlm chumbur of commerce.
l ms Aup-lot fiuffrrs Unm of A I hum t
$'J,(MHI,(MK DuriiiK March
I.US ANOi:i.l'S, April 12. Crime
cost I.os Aiiki'Ich almost two million
dollars In loot and property damaRu
durliiR March, accord Iiir to locul po
llcu stiitlstlcluu I.. W. Lyons. Them
woru 8K0 burglaries, 800 lurccoy
runes, N7 holdups nml uuinerous uu
tomoblln thefts und other crimes In
volvliiK an nitKrt'Ruto loss of $1,7.12,
DurliiR tho sumo month, :i!i sui
cides, 11 honilcldi'H, 21 traffic
deaths wero hIiiiwii on tho violent
diiuth sheet, whlln 71K1 pnrsons -nere
urrcsted for ilruiikenupss und UC for
tho ii mi of Jiurcotlcs.
I'lfty-SlK VoIcn VmI Iii Municipal
Klerllon; TrustHM NmiKHl
DOUI.I8. Cal April 12. Kitty six
votes worn cust lu yestorduy's muni
cipal eloctlim ut, which tlmn four
momhorH wero elected to tho city
board of trustees. Onn member, J, V,
Hhulloy, hold over. J. P. Wlso and "W.
H. HaKolstolu wero reelected while
It. I.. Oliver and J. It. AiIhihh aro the
now momuora olocted,
Tho positions of City clerk and city
treasurer aro hold hy W. IVHhornmn
and Jennie. I.niiK rospoctlvoly. Tholr
offices will not expire for two years.
M, I. Kvnns of tho Sunset grocery
has boon appointed trustoe of tho
funds of tho Crntor -Oas & Oil com
pany, arcordlnR to letters bolnc re
ceived by tho stockholders.
Schools Held Power-houses
of National Development
"Thn power-house of national de
velopment" urn thn public crliool-,
said William Woodwutil, rhulrmiiii
of thn Portland city sihool board,
addri.'snlriK thn chunibrr nf toiiimnrri;
forum luncheon today, und ilcservn
Hid liitulllximt support of every
American cltlten.
As diivelopers of knowlrdKn and
Invellers of rustu thure Is nothliiR un
der tlm sun that approaches tlm pub
lic schools, declared thn speaker.
They am the foundation upon which
the welfare of thu nation, throiiRh
thn diiviilopineiit of disciplined und
Intelligent cllltene, must rest.
He railed attention in tlm Illiter
acy hhown hy thn statistics Ruthered
lurlnR Ibp war, und urRiw! ns a rem
edy morn schools, stricter uttendiinio
regulations, but ubotn alt better pay
for teachers
Jin crltlrlind thu taw that burs ull
except tax-payers from voting on
moasurrs ut sihool elections which
Involve tho expenditure of money.
Krom his own nbservutlon hi: Rave In
ntanrim where under the present sys
tem thn widowed mntlier of file
children Is barred from vollnn on
('. W. KlKTlrln Tell of IImikiI of
W. A. IMell, Who ItHlie-, Kimui
Thu eight-year record In office of
W. A. Deltell, rellrlliR poHtniaster.
was thn subject of an add reus at
thn chamber of commerce luncheon
today by Charles W. Kberleln, who
called attention to the valuubln ser
vlcn rendered by thn postmaster
during tho war.porlod. Thn helpful
manner In which tho outgoing post
master hail dratlt with Individuals i
wa also praised.
I'ostmastor Hellell responded with
a few words of thanks. '
John McCall, the newly appoint
ed postmaster, whom commission
w arrive In a few weeks, was In
troduced and spokn briefly.
I'nct Doc Not niml KupM)rtei-N of
Dn Vnlera, Who Art- MiiMlnic
IIKI.KA8T, April l:. A truce
has been declared between tlm Ul
ster special coiutables and thn Kren
Ktnto trooM, which have been In
menacing proximity along tho Ker-I
insnaKh border between Ulster and
.South Ireland. Thu pact does not!
hind the supporters of Do Valcra,
who are nuttlnc on the shores of
l.ough I.evln.
IIKI.KA8T, April IS. A peuco
conference between loaders of the
opposition parlies of Southern Ire
land will open In Dublin tomorrow.
T& lAK'e op The BURoer,
BefilNS lb AWAKES.
WeLt-THef?e'5 no
cue ELSe lb cabby
iTSo I MiCHT as
rneasuriis vital to thn edtuutlori.'il do
veUipmenl of her family, while a
rlilldluKK father In the smnn neli;h
borhriod litis a vote
Hn niUnculMl holdltiR school eler
tlons nt the Hum of tlm wnernt elec
tion. Held an now, hn said, ut n time
nml phK'n llttlo known, few people,
volo nml those without any consid
erable umoiint nf Information or
JiulKiiient us to men und meumires to
he voted on.
He also advoriiteil ftato text hooks,
both for tinlfnrmlt) and economy.
As ii eiinillilatu for tho Btatn IcrIs
lutum Ik; ileilnrod If elcctijd lie would
htrlve to hnvn tho law chatiRcd so that
school elections would conform with
thn Renerul election; would seek to
uhollnh thn propel ty qualification so
that mothers might vote nnd would
battle for free text books.
The nudk-ncn heartily applauded
thu speaker. Ileyoml saylni; that he
was hopeful Hint thu conciliation
board mlKhl reach a solution that
would start tho wheels of locul In
dustry to revolving aRuln. Woodward
did not touch upon his mission hero
us n conciliator In Iho timber work
ers' strike
I'letlilcnt of IteiiKtie .ililii-HMf
Meetlnc nl lloi-rlo
SjMH-litl lit Tin- lletubl
HOItltlH, Oil, April 12. -wn ad
drenH on t:ixiH was delivered to an
enthusiastic audience by Hon. J. O.
Davis, president of the California Tax
Induction Icni-.ue, lust e en Iiik at the
local theatre. Davis, who Is u well
known authority on taxation. ImyliiR
held thn position of collector of the
port of Sou t-'runclsrp fur elr.h! eurs,
spokn fluently uuC ronvtuclngly on
the subject of Roernmen:ui wusto In
muliitenancn of Ruveriisient tunc
tlons. Thn bureau r.ystcm. hn stated.
Is the chief fault In the structure of
the national ityslcm of handling busi
ness of tho government.
Davis was uccompunled to Dnrrls
hy (I. W. Swluuell, piesldent of the
Siskiyou county tax payers' iirso la
Hon, who spoke briefly On tho lo?al
organization nnd the benefits to be
derived by such an organization. Sev
eral members were secured at thu
meeting to the county body.
moth Kit si:i:i;s so.v
Postmaster W. A. Delicti has re
ceived a letter from Mrs. Dollls
Dean of Orovllle, California, asking
Information as to thu whereabouts
of her son, Klmer llcun, who Is
wanted ut homo on account of the
death of bis brother, Klmer, who.o
burial was held last week.
low VVvT'T) v
I, S5-- - t '"iFyr-j2Sit , .
x jjrTTvjfc. tc'fcjl c fish , i
wy j r h iuPv L
7T. -
'o .
s . w " i y "
----- x..'cja s.
r '0"Cv7x v
I tV of Msr - v V
i MBCjfiKjWiWHMMsMiiBsfc
Lloyd George Reported Ad
vocate of Limitation of
Land Armaments
(IKNOA. April 12 I.loyd (Jcorgo
contemplates suggesting agreements
for u limitation of land armaments
In Kuropn for a definite period, ac
cording to un unverified report, be
fore adjournment of the present
economic conference.
Tin- "army holiday," it Is thought,
will bo patterned after tho naval
holiday completed nt tho Washing
ton conference.
C.KNOA, April 12. I.loyd fieorgo
Is expected to propose, nt thu earliest
opportnulty, probably at tomorrow's
Blttlng'of the commission number one
of the economic conference, a pact or
understanding that no uuilou shall
attack nnother, thus abolishing tho
possibility of war for tlm duration of
thu pact, Iteulers correspondent 'to
day sa)N Im has learned.
HiM-nki-r In
.Mormon (liurrli lH-
I'M-ent liny Htle
SALT I.AKK, April 12. Short
skirts, which show the knee and
"mukn tho men blush for shame,"
wero donounied by President llcbcr
J. (Jrnnt of thu Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, at tho
clocltu; session of the ninety-second
annual Mormon conferenco here yes
"I can well remember the time, not
so many years ago, when, If a young
woman were seen on tho streets lu
u dress that reached only just a little
abovn her shoo tops, we were shock
ed," President (Irunt said. "Today I
have seen many knees on our own
temple grounds. O fathers and moth
ers of Israel, I admonish you to keep
your daughters from donning short
skirts In their desire to keep up with
SACItAMKNTO. Cal. April 12.
Captafh John A. Sutter's mill at Col;
omn, wheru James W. Marshall found
gold In January, ISs'S, will bo repro
duced by Kl Dorado county In the MCt
mining camp of tho "Days of M9"
celebration, to be held hero Muy
sSAV !!
ip scwcaie vocsx't l
I7te vMrtote thino i
hoi;hi: i,i:,ui:uh claim
k.vocoif votkm i.v hiuiit
WAflHINfiTO.V, D, ('., April
12 -As thn hoiMo proceeded
with thn third nnd last day of
general debate on thn naval
budget, lenders urging and op-
posing an enlisted strength nf
tt',,000 claimed votes enough
In sight today to win. A voto
may not bo reached until next 4
.-,0,000 Ktrikrii From llltumlnous
Field Hulil to Hnvo Jolnnl
Itanks of Striken.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. April 12.
Fifty thousand non-union bltnmlnous
coal miners, In addition to almost
half of the 155,000 workers In the
anthracite Industry, who are not
members of tho United Mine Workers
of America, nro participating In the
general suspension of work In tho
coal Industry, according to the state
ment hero today of President John
L. Lewis, tho miners' leader.
"Tho union men are standing firm,
.and wn are gaining strength In non
union fields." declared l.cwi.
Whlln no exact estimate was made
of thn, men participating In thn sus
pension. It was evident from Lewis'
statement that union officials regard
ed thclr former estimate of CO0.O00
as havlilK been exceeded. It was said
authoritatively 'that tho union re
garded 640,000 men ns participants
In tho walkout.
Lewis declined to, apportion tho
distribution by states of the non-union
strlkors, further than to say 30.
000 had been enlisted In Central Pen
sylvaula and several thousand In
West Virginia, tbeso states being
those where tho unloa centered at
tention on non-union operators.
Northwest Survey
nerrnbi Only
Arcs! Aw Not Self-Supporting
SKATTLB. Wash. April 12. Pot
erty among Indians of tho Pacific
northwest Is almost negligible, most
of them In fact, except tho very aged.
being self-supporting, O. K. K. I.lnd
qulst, who has Just completed a two
year survey of conditions among the
natives, declared here recently.
Alcohol, Llndqulst said, presents
no problem on some of the reserva
tions, although on others tho drink
evil seems to be Increasing.
"There Is gambling on at least five
reservations," ho said, "and this Is
especially true of the Indian women. I
heard of one tnstanco whero women
gambled for blankets and stayed up
long after midnight doing so. It Is
probablo that $600 worth of blankets
changed hands."
Tho Influence of tbo rocdlclno man.
Llndqulst said, has almost entirely
disappeared. Most of the natives havo
embraced Christianity and many mis
sions havo been established.
Indian basket makers of this reg
ion, according to Llndqulst, aro be
coming famous throughout tho world
for the fineness of thelr weaving and
their artistic manner of decorating
tho baskets.
Tli no Conches of Tokln Train
Hull! KH-clally for lluest
YOICAIIAMA. April 15. The
Prlnco of Wales arrived today for
an official visit to Japan. A big
naval escort met him, and thous
ands of persons of all ranks of so
ciety greeted him us ho landed
from tho battlo cruiser Itenown,
which brought him from India.
Ho waa conveyed from A'okohanin
to Toklo In a special tralu, three
coaches of which wero especially
built for his visit.
Calvary Commandery No. 16,
Knlght8 Templar, will hold u stated
communication Uils evening , at
which tlmu tho Order of tho Red
Cross will bo conferred upon u
Companion of tho Royul Arch,
Arrangements will also bo com
plotod for tho Easter services, tho
Knights Templars having boon In
vttod to attend tho araeo Metho
dist church, whero a upcclal pro
gram of musla has been prepared.
Tbo subject of Rov. S. J. Chanoy'u
sormon upon this occasion will bo
"In Another Form."
Till H. 0.
Sold Moonshine ConUuninff
Denatured Alcohel ud
Glycerine Mixture
PORTLAND, April 12. Dr. Jos
eph Murphy was sentenced today to
six months In Jail by Federal Judge
Ile'an following his conviction today
on tho chargo of selling Id his office
an alleged moonshine concoction con
taining denatured alcohol nnd gly
cerine His attorney gave notice of appeal.
Dr. Murphy occupied offlcea with
Dr. C. Llscum, who waa recently sen
tenced to two year at McNeil's Is
land penitentiary for Illegally selling
Heck Democratic Nomination
for Htate ftepretwwtallve
H. K. Dradbury today announced
that hn bait filed with the secretary
of state at Halem bis declaration uf
Intention of candidacy for the demo
cratic nomination for representative
In the state legislature from the 21st
dlstlrct, consisting of Klamath, Lake,
Jefferson, Deschutes and Crook coun
ties. Dradbury has resided here stead
ily slnco 1910. He cams here in 1907
but was away for part of the next
threo years. Ife owns a ranch near
this city. He baa never held public
office but for several yeara waa a
mcmber of the Klamath Irrigation
district board.
He la a farmer and bis campaign
slogan is: ."Farmers' representation
brfarwfn. ot.-x.
A brief statement of platform ac
companies tbo petition as follews:
"If I am nominated and elected I
will, during my term of office, work
for the enactment of legislation that
will tend to develop the dormant re
sources of Interior Orofcoa by the con
struction of highway and railroads;
and the reduction of taxes on visible
property by taxing Invisible wealth."
RKDDINO, Calif., April 12, A
paved highway from here to Mexico
will greet California motorists June
1 If present speed of construction Is
maintained, in the belief of engineer
who are now superintending the
pouring of concrete on the last re
maining lap of tbo state highway be
tween Red Uluff and this city. Only
a threo mile gap on Cottonwood hill
remains to bo surfaced.
Twins Dispute Claims
They are 90, Others 88
12, Krlmids of James and Joel
Chcatwood, twins who celebrated
tholr 90th birthday anniversary laat
October 11 on tho farm of the
formor, near here, aro prone to
dispute tho claim of the Woodvllle,
Ohio, twins, William H. Sr. and
Henry Hums, to tbo title of "old
est living twins In the United
States," as tbo ago of 8.
Tho reclpo for long life of the
Kansas twins Is Blmllar to that of
tho Ohloans "Work." Each of
the Cheatwood twltig 0wns a farm
and works on It dally, still being
able to koop pace with a farm
workor "throe-score and ten" year
their Junior. Pleas of relative for
tho twins to retire alwaya hay yro-
(voked a pretest: "Our chief en-
Joymont In Hfo Is working on our
farms. It Wo hadn't kept busy nil
theso yearn wo probably would have
died long ago,"
At a party glvon by ike twin
on their 90th birthday, Jim re
marked: "I'm going to keep right
on working and whistling a tuna
as long as I can." So striking to
tho rosomblanco between the Cheat
wood Jwlna that when they don
their "Sunday clothe" and have
their boards trimmed, it to diffi
cult to tell them apart., Mk the
Ilrung .twins, the 0heawo4a sUo
are pioneers, having aettted la Km
sag in tho late 'I0'a. Far IS yaara
they have lived on the farm kf
now occupy.