The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 04, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 4

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Good Baseball Weather
For Opening of Season
HAN FRANCISCO, April 4. (loot!
Ii.ikcIiiiII weather Is expected lit nil
iltli'K for tlm opening nt Iho Coast
league loilay, except nl Salt I.nKo,
whern ('(iiulltloiiH were reported tin-faorittilp.
(Monthly Summitry Itjr I'Vtlornl
nerve lUtitnl)
Cliniiiilon Sprinter lmer I'reilom
Heron! by One-Fifth Second
1I0N0I,UU T. II.. April 4
Charles l'addock, California sprint
wonder Saturday lowered his previ
ous record for 120 yard by one-
fltlh second, running tho distance
In tl 2-3 nnd continued to the 125-'
ard mark In 12 seconds flat. Tito j
marks wore made liy continuing a
100-yard dash which ho won lit
!) a-5 seconds, l'addock la compel-'
lug against local nuticies in n
icrli'.t of exhibition races. In the
120 mid 1ST yards distances he was
wtlhottt competition after the 100
yard mark. Ileantcr of 1 1 Ho was
i n'cond In the 100, nnd was timed
nt 'J 4-5 seconds.
ruddock also won the 220 yard
dash, his tlmo being 22 seconds.
Tint wind was against l'addock
most of the tlmo In tho 100-yard
dash, but aided him somewhat In
tho 120 nnd 12S yards, the track
being curved.
Tho outstanding feature In bust
ness development during tho past
few weeks linn been the Improvement
In basic Industries (Including steel),
nnd especially In the movement of
railway equipment, copper nnd other
metals. A marked Increase In tho pro
duction of automobile has also been
n feature of the month. Building
which has been on Iho upgrade for
several months past continued Its
growth In activity. February, 1922,
building permits wore about 40 per
cent In excess of those of February
1921, nnd tho advance Is still con
tinuing. As ngnlnst this favorable
trend In tho physical volumit of pro
duction in basic lines Is tho fact that
a variety of conditions have operat
ed to offset the encouraging Improve
ment which has been noted In tex
tiles during the winter months. Prom
inent omong these unfavorable influ
ences are tho disturbed relations with
labor, but uncertainty n to cost of
production nnd lack of forward or
ders has had n depressing effect In
those districts where no labor trou
bles have made themselves felt. No
Important chnnges hae been oberv
cd in other manufacturing lines, such
as leather boots and shoes. Agrlcul-
I turally the month has been one of
favorable development considering
tho season.
According to official figures a
marked, even If still limited decrease
in unemployment Is under way. In
trade, both retail and wholesale, the
tendency has been on tho whole
downward although not pronounced-
Personal Mention
Natural Wonders of Jinophlne
Count)' to IU .utolM Metro
Wdh.Nh, UrC., April . CCIC-l ,,. I, .. - ,nntl, - nr Ihlltl It
br..tlng completion of tho road to . wai at ,hg tlme last ypnr Tne movc.
Joscphlno caves, 45 mllog southwest ' mcnt o commodities to market dur
of Orants Pass, Ore., an automobile jnR the month has been very satlsfac
excursion will bo run from that . ,t,ry aml an ercaso In carloadlngs
city to the caves early In June. Th0;nas een noticeable In many parts of
W. O. Ilurko, n rancher of thn
Spring l.nko district, who was lu town
transacting business yesterday, said
Hint ho was going to start the farm
work soon.
Miss Helen O'Connor of Midland,
who wits shopping in this city ester-
day, left for her homo today.
Mrs. 15, II. Simmons loft today for
n two weeks' visit nt (Irants l'ns.
Mr. and Mrs. ltegenberger left for
Sacramento on this morning's train.
Miss Certrudo Cox left today for
Ashland for a visit with friends. Miss
Cot was formerly employed nt Ander
sons' groceteria.
C C. Chltwood left on this morn
ing's train for Jacksonville. Oregon
where he will tnke chnrgo of n drug
store, lie was accompanied by Mrs.
Chltwood and daughter. Dorothy.
Mr, and Mrs. W. Frank Arant,
formerly of this place but now resid
ing In Ashland, nro here visiting old
friends and relative for n short time.
F S. Wilson of this city left for
Weed this morning to attend to bust
ness nffalrs nt this place.
1.. It. nnd K. A. McCollum
of Dorrls were overnight visitors In
Klamath Falls.
R. K. Clasco left today for Fresno.
California, for a lslt of a week or
10 days.
W. C. Tallman. Southern I'aclflc
engineer, who has been relieving Kn
glneer Uarnhotue, left for his home
at Dunsmutr this morning.
K. K. Harphan of tho Pacific Mint
company was In tho city to attend a
meeting of tho stockholders held last
night. Harphan left for Kugcne this
Tho little daughter of II. S. flood-
federal forest service and tho slate
liavo co-operated in building the
road, which Is expected t0 be com
pleted in time for the excursion.
Thn Josephlno caves are among
tho natural wonders of Oregon.
While in tho past they have at
tracted hundred, of visitors each
year. It Is expected thousands will
seo them each season in the future,
duo to tho now road. The forest
service has provided suitable camp
ing places near the cntranco to tho
rives, and electric lights and steel
Malm-ays, to make exploration
m nro simple, aro being installed.
the country. Tho advance in the Index
number of wholesale prices shown by
the federal reserve board's compil
ation amounts to four points for the
month (from 13S to 1421913
prices equal 100). Financially the
month has shown but little change,
nnd discount and Interest rates have
not moved materially. Foreign trade
shows a somewhat further decline
with a much closer approach to ad
justment of export and Import figures
both hero and abroad. Increasing
stability In foreign exchanges, with
tho exception of marks, has been the
A Riot of Fun Lots of Good Talent Tonight
Elaine Hammerstein
"The Country Cousin"
From the famous stage success by Booth Tarking
ton and Julian Street. Direction, Allan Crossland
President Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt said:
"Thoroughly worth while. I enjoyed every minute
of the play. Its message is real and wholesome."
"Bully! A typical American play that every
one should see." t
Also Good Comedies
ly so. Rctoll trade Is uniformly lower i man nt her home In this city.
Isaac Ilarl of Newmans wrote, Ne
braska, Is In tho city looking for u
farm on which to make his home.
Hare Is visiting with his father,
Adam Hare, during his stay hero.
Mrs. A. J. Voye and son have re
turned from San Francisco where
they have spent tho past few months.
Mrs. Voyo has boon studying vocal
I culturo during her stay there.
Fred Wyss, logger. left this morn
ing for Colore to look over the condi
tion on his ranch near there.
R. K. Whipple, and M. I.. Lewis left
this morning for Dorrls. They Intend
to drive an automobile to this city
which has been stalled there for some
time on nccount of the roads.
Paul Musgravo and Km met Hood
left this morning for Phoenix, Arli-1
ona for an extended stay. The young
mm expect to find an opening In
their lino of work there.
W. Bcntlcy and A. It. Johnson loft
this morning for Dorrls to transact
buslnoss at that place.
R. W. Hunncr, special agent for
ths National Union Flro Insurance
company, has been In this city tran
sacting business with tho Calkins
Donaldson agency. He left for Weed
this morning.
W. E. Royce, owner of a dairy
farm near here, was In tho city to
day In search of n milker.
WUHum'Deal left this morning for
Hornbrook for a vlsjt. Ho was accom
panied by his nlern who will visit
with her grandmother at that place.
Mrs. II. R, Peterson, accompanied
by her little daughter, Carol, H hero
visiting hor sister, Mrs. Ilcrt Mitchell,
1185 East street. Sbo will leave on
Saturday far San Francisco.
Tomorrow, Beit
"The Lone Wolf."
Lytell and Hazel Dawn in
Admission 1 0c-20c. Show starts 6:30
THE ror.vrnv COUSIN"
Big Bazaar
Tuesday, April 4
Givo B Timber Workers' Local ltt
fgitf Q Jvwy Work, Candies, Etc.
Scheduled for a ono day presenta
tion nt the Strand theatre tonight,
tho now Solinlck plcturo, "The Coun
try Cousin," in which beautiful
Elalno Hammerstein Is starred, is
said to carry oven a deeper appeal
than did tho stago play which earned
not only tho lasting appreciation of
tho general public, but also brought
forth words of pralso from President
Wilson and tho lute, Theodpra Roose
velt. After ha had seen ho play
Roosevelt said: "Tho Country Cous
in" Is a first-class American play."
When viewed by President and Mrs.
Wilson, tho nation's executlce ex
pressed himself ta having had "much
pleasure," and said that Mrs. Wilson
and himself particularly admired tho
play both becauso of tho tho "simpli
city, sincerity and dignity" In which
It was presented and becauso thoro
bad been dono something "thorough
ly worlh'dolng."
In Its filming as a Solinlck picture,
tho famous play of Dooth Tarklngton
and Julian Street has received some
sympathetic and colorfully dramatic
treatment to enhance Its worth ai an
Interest-holding story typical of
Americas life today.
Also amateur 'sight tonight,
Your MtroaajM la'
J. slstfs!rscV
appreciated at
1 WtljNMtU wllajr torn ire
st' Isssssi s Mm
Do not Pay Big
Prices for Your
Spring Apparel
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V sssBBteikb-. sistfeYg
Prices Always
A Sale of
Greatly Underpriced Dresses
for Misses and Women
Including Reproductions of Advance
Importations of Latest Spring Models
At an Extraordinary Low Price
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Six of the
Many Styles
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The selection includes very, lovely street and afternoon frocks, featur
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copen, henna, Periwinkle. Embroidered, braided fringe and lace trim
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A Rare Occasion, When Dresses so Distinctly
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are Priced so Low
of special significance to every value and style
loving woman and miss as it offers you at
the very start of the Easter Season values that
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tion. 1500 Dresses, specially designed and
made, were purchased for this sale. The oriR
inal wholesale prices were $10.75 up to $22.r().
See these dresses. You will appreciate them,
you will buy them. Our advice is COME
Home weeks ago Sir Harry I.auder,
an International stago favorite, made
an address to tho Pittsburg notary
clnb In the Fort I'ltt hotel. Sir Hurry,
himself u Itoturlan, spoko for uhout
forty-flvo minutes, and closed his ad
dress with ono of his songs. Thoro
wore probably 200 pcoplo In tho din
Ing room nt the notary club Untun
ing to Sir Harry, yot the speaker had
a larger audience than ho over had
before In Mi life and bis words and
song covered a COO-mlle radius, with
the center of tho clrclo at Kant rittH
biirg, Pa. That address may have
been heard by more than 100,000
people. The entire mooting of tho ro
tary club was broadcasted from the
WeatlogbouM company's station,
ths possibilities of the radio
a atsass of entertain-
Aa4-UairactlMi la the home
VBtr4e4 Je the layman
A, at jssst PMtsbarg,
,sjMWk 'K,. J., itv
lion WII. at Springfield, Mshb., nnd I
Htutlou KYW at Chlcugo, thoro litis
como Into eilstunco u wlrclesx com
munity extending over ureal por
tion of tho enstorn half of tlm Unit
ed States, which eagerly uwnlls civury
livening the Wrstlnghoilso radio pro
gram. These broadcasting xtatloiiH
throw what might bo culled u radio
btunkot of fiiitertulumont, nmiisometit
and Instruction over n vast area, In
which are located hundreds of thoiiH
unds of receiving sets.
iuiho si'r doi's to NoiiTii I'oi-i:
On tho S. H. Ilowdpln, which U be
ing equipped to tnako a dash to the
North Polo, Is a WustlnKhoimo detec
tor amplifier which will comprise un
Important part of the radio equip
ment of the vossol. In equipping the
ship various concerns were requested
to supply parts for tho radio set and
the amplifier wus the Wentlisghouse
Try lenders' 2fic coffee. H Is fine 4
Cutting off the blossom ends of
potatoes of slxe to weigh 1H to 2
ounces each and saving them to plant
by themselves on now' ground or on
land that has not grown potatoes for
several years, will jiroduco bottor
yields and a belter quality of seed
I'Olt linNT 2 room apt. furiilHliod
fur Unlit liiiiiHiikunpliiK. Ori'Kon
Houso, (i27 Kluniuth Ave. I
l)ST-Kapphlrii ring at Slur thi'iitrn
Sunday uviinlng. Viiluablii nnlr h
ki-op-suke. Kinder please return to i
Iluruld ofilcii Mr rowunl, t-n
I''()lt Itl'INT Furnished one room ca
bin. IU Walnut. 4
KOIt JtlCNT Furnished and unfurn
ished uplM. CIoho In. Also small
liniiHo. I'hono 342W. 4-6
1,'ndors' stock of grororlon Ih the
ui'to-datn ouii. J. K. Kndeis & Co, I
lK IYmliictloit Cost High
V'KK production on tho nveragn
Oregon furin does not not u profit
abovu Interest on tho Investment, re
ports A, (, I.iinu, professor of poul
try husbandry ut tho experiment sta
tion. It Is' necessary to reduco Iho
cost ofproductlon to roullzo u profit,
nnd tho easiest way to do this Ik to
Increase tho ogg yield by bettor
stock and management.
Ilubam clover at over 20 to 25
cents u pound Is probably too ox-
HAtlftlVA fnr UK., flvrnnl nnaulltli fni
J bcokoepem,
Say It
With Flowers
Klamath Flower Shop
Hill Main HI.
I'lionu nan
nTj' nrr l t -
z.mti -
;i .,
1 .-
. JL .rr- , j