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iturittnn Herald
' r.
io.nkjiit and wijd.nt.hd.w, iaih
Member of the Associated Press.
llfltinlli Yiiir. No, H'.'MM
KLAMATH FA LI.H, OltlvUON, TIII'.SDAl, Al'llll,, I, I IKK!
mica nvK caorrfl
Slntc Police Called to Dis-
perse Crowd; Producers
Offer Compromise
IMTTHIII'Itt!, April, 4 - Tint flrnt
disorder In tint Western I'euusylvmi.
In ntrlkn ncrurid today when
high U'tmliili electric wire earning
, J current In tlio mine with reported
nil In I'ayeltn ntiil Washington ouri
IIcm. Tint stntn pollen worn railed In
disperse n crowd wlilrli wnn eiidenv.
oiliii; to Induce, nuii-uiiliiii mini in
Ni:V YORK, April I Tim nnlhrit
i llii minor general kciiIo ciuuiulttco
urn expected lo net Inmnrrott mi t lit
offer itf several Independent produ
cer In grant tlin itlrlkirn' iI'Mii.iihIh
If I liny ri'lurti In work.
WAHHINdTON, I). C. April I -Tim
millers demand lor n six-hour
tiny mill it flvn-ility week, Issues In
volved In tlin it it t Ion n 1 rout strike,
with ilv'rrlhcd liy John I,. I.iiwU,
president nl t h,t mine workers, con
tinuing I'U testimony beforo I tin house
rommlttco, u largely n mrvit In force
regularity uf employment.
INIUANAI'OI.IH, toil . April
Hie Culled Mine Worker,, of Amer
ica, the liirKrkt kIpkIk critft tnhor
union, not only In the I'nlted tltntcx
hut iiIko In the world, lint a mem
hernhlp of n half million men neat,
tere.l ihrouRhoul the country, with
it few thoilnalld In Canada. John I..
I.nwln iif Kprlnsflrld, tlllunln. In It
prcildrnt and recocnlred leader.
Union hendiuarten are maintained
In Ihli city.
"The rent numerical KtreiiRth Ul
mri.213, mill U tho lilKhi-Kt iiuiiiIht.
evor yrt recordod." HecfVliiry Wll-J
Hum (Irreii Informed tho unlon'n I
taut rcRiilar convnntlon of more,
than 2..100 tlnlrintca.
The exact number In (hit union
varle.t R rent I)' from limit to time.
Lark of employment exempt" a in In
er from paylnjf due. I'or the nt' r,,n of my tlltrlcl and Mate: will ad
yea r. tint avornRn monthly paid-up I vocito nnd mipport tariff to pro
iiieiubenhlp wn given a H2.057. 1 ,rfl American product mid labor
Mild the nvoMKn monthly exempted ! Kil"t rulnnu foreign competition;
'iiemberhlp" wa 73,180. notional aid for good road; Improv.
The memhrrxhlp I Kcaltered
from I'euiuylvmiln to tlin I'aclflc,
from Mlihlgmi to Al.iham.i and
Tex.u, wh n fringe In Canada-
Nova Hrotla forming ii dlntrlct n
iku Ihn Vojlnrn province, I'enn
K)h.iuhi mnl lltlnuU have tho great
t'Hl number of miner. .Momboriitilp
uiuoiiK dlitrlctn clinngeH periodical
ly with llio oporluiilty for work.
Tho United Minn Worker, of
America was formed January 2fi,
ISlin, hy thn muulKiimatloii of thn
National I'roKro.Nlvo Union uf Mill
era mid Mlnti l.abororH mid thn Na
tloual Trade Aiuomhly No, 135,
KnlghU of luhor, tho two briinchen
having 17,000 member. Kach of
thn combining orgunlcntlnn re
Inliied Hh niiiuo an n branch of tho
union until 1804, when kiicIi din
Unction wn,, droppod mid thn union
liecmuo known only n tho United
Minn Worker of America.
Jo.ieph John Cuhh, 7-muuthH-otd
Hon of Mr. mid Mm. Jon Cimn of
Merrill, died at 3 o'clock thin mor
ning. . Ilea Hi wiih dun to pneiimn
nla, Funeral horvlre will bu con
ilucleil by Father MurHhnll In tho
Whlllovk chupol ut L' o'clock tomorrow-
afternoon. Ilurlal will ho
In the Cnlhollu comntery.
Thn barnniotrlc proHsure Iiuh rlaon
kllKhtly Hlnro 'ih
toiday, althuugh
tho Cyclu-Stormu-graph
ut Under
wood'n 1'hurmucy
recorded little
change thlw morn
I he.
liidlcutloiiH are
thut thu cool, hi Uk
northerly winds
will contlnun for u
number ot hours.
ForecaHt for
noxt 24 heurs:
(lonorally fair; cool, with variable
Tho Tyco rocprdlng thormomoter
roglbtered utnxlmum and minimum
tonipomturps, today, as follows:-
High 41
low ,... 2U
TllltCI) Kll.l.CtI, illl ,lll)
III'DAPKhT, April 4 Tlirixi
men worn killed mill .111 Injured
when a IhiiiiIi exploded nl ii IiiikI
nen men's hnnqunt In (tin Dem
ocratic club Imrii lnt night. Tim
explosion occured Jimt nflcr COO
gllest IiiiiI been sealed lint ho
forn members of tlio opposition
purly arrived.
Akiim'iI nf HU'iiIIiik (hereout mnl
Cull Kewdvcr I'limi William
llriinliii rdiriiiiry lit
An lined of Inking n $G0 over anil n Coif "it," revolver
from Urn residence of Willie Den
iiIhiiii, curlier if Hecoml mnl Klsin
ntli, Jon Tony Cmnpit Ik on trial In
Him circuit court, churned with
grand larceny. Tlie forenoon wnn
taken up In tint ticleit Ion of tlie
Jury mnl the Kiiiiiiliintlou of one
witness, Willi., Dennlsnn.
The crime In until to linvn been
ciiiiimllteil en February 24. C'impii
Hint In ken lulu custody nl Weed
the following day mnl leturned to
I III city, ami ha slum tieen liidr.ed
III Jail here At noon the Jury w
permllteit to view Him premise
whore tint rnliery wit said to huvn
taken place
Mi'inliejK of the Jury lire; I,. C.
HlMMiliiie, llntiirr Cuhler, George
HiiReUtnln, II. Dv llueMng, Vincent
Jclenlik, M. W. Cost-boom, M. J.
I.ytle, CIibs. Acer, Louis K. I'nrter,
A II. Kite, Floyd Cunningham mnl
J II. Allien.
II Ik expected that the cane will
Kii lo tho ury late today.
t'iiimreMiiaii Kllii Ktiriinil llrrlitr
niton for Niimlnatlmi
HAI.I!M, AprlM. CoiiRleKitmanN
J. Hlnnott nf The Uallea Iibk filed hln
formal ileclnrallnn mi a candidate
for tho repulillcaii nomination for
cotiRren with tlccrctary of Hlnte Kox.
In hln platform Hlnnott promlKeK to
"continue my effort to xecuro the
reclamation of the arid InuiU.and the
full development nf the other repoiw.
ed rural mall nervlce; Jimt recogni
tion of thn per noun I mid financial
tucrlflce of thoitn who served In the
world war; loglhlntton In the lnteret
of ngrlculturn nnd Ihn llvenlock In
diiKtry: natlonnl economy nnd reduc
tion of taxntlou by elliiihiallon of mi
iieceiiary expenditure."
J. W. (tulun, proMldent of Ihn Pen
dleton AliHtrmt company, ha nil
nolincrd I lint tin will be a rmidldaln
iigalunt Slnnotl for thu republican
nomination for representative In con
gros. ,I'or mint! time iiShI (hero linn been
ii movement nut of Portlund to sccuro
n canilldale In oppoHltlnn to Kluiinlt,
nnd scout hnvn been nt work for
soiun time, approaching Itov. (!eo. I,.
Clark ot Pendleton nnd Ronatnr
llrucn Denul of I. a (irande, both of
whom refuHod lo bo caitdldaleM with
thn ondorKomont of tho Federated Pa
triotic. Norlotle. .Senator ltoy Hit
tier alio wiih iipproarlietl iih n iiomluen
of thn snmn group In Portland.
Ktiitomeul of platform will ha In
sued shortly hy (Iwlnn, vvhn sliitc
thut tho political story on hi ciiudl
dacy coming from Portland rather
hastened hlrt plan,
Kluco 1900 Owiiin him been a real
dent of Pendleton, having gonn
there from Idaho, to which pluco
his piirenlu migrated from Illinois
In 1871,
IjoUko, Announce Open MeetliiK for
MemberN niul Frk'mU
Klmnuth Lodge, No. DP, Kulght
nf Pythian, wilt hold un open meet
ing unci ladlou' night tomorrow night,
and Iihvo arranged nu entertainment
program for momberH and ladles, and
friends ot mombors and their ladles,
to bo followed by a banquet.
All mombors nt tho ordor, t local
lodge or visiting members, nro urgod
by Chancollor Commandor S. It. nod
key not only to uttond with tbolr
ladles but to be sum to Invito a
friend nnd n Indy,
President's Secretary ,'Says
Statement Will Be Made
Explaining Action
WAHIIINIITON, I). (., Apill A. -Itecent
dlHiiiliuiiil of uptviirdH of 30
offli'lnlN of tho hurenu of encravliiK
mid printing hy I'renldent llardliiK
Involved no denlre to reflect upon
the iliiirncter of miy government
employe, nulil Hecrutnry Chrlitluu
today In ii letter lo John J. Dnvlny,
win of tlin illumined executive.
ChrUthn declared tho (incident
recrctted "llio InnlmiiitlnK ptilillcl.
ty" which had nltended tho dlmiiU.
mil order, .and Indicated thai tho
Wlillo lloiino would Inkihi ii Ktnte
inent covering tlin Incident.
Official Wnihlnnton win ilnxei)
nt tho iiiilili'nni'i of the prcMileui'
reorc.inltiitlou of tho Knvornment'x
glnnl eiujravlni; plinl "for llio good
of tho hiirvlie." and Ihn pomillilllty
of ii coiiKremiloiinl nlrhiK of the
chanr." n Indicated h tienntor
Cnrawny, democrat, Arkani.iH, who
annmimed Ills Intention nf henklng
thn reunoiu for tho dlMulannlii on
the floor uf tlie, KCIiate.
Kuunlor Caraway declared that In
hU. opinion there had hcen "noth
Iiir hut poIIIIch" In tho of
tho liureiiu official, mid that It
mh Ihu Intention nf thn tidmlnln
tratlon to follow 11 action In other
agencies of tho government with n
vIdw of pulling republican In
ilrynnd tint recent White limine
Mktemrnl tharn run tieen no furth
er official explanation nf tho nwlft
reorganization of the hurenu. Some
official, however, nnnerted that
further dovolopmcnta In ronnortlnu
with tln bureau shake-up wcrn to
he expected, nuiiertlng that the com
plotn Inveitlgatlon of thn plant
would reveal fart warranting tho
quick uctlou taken hy tho prcxU
1'rrncli (,'etirriil, HM'nler nt l)ellc
tlou of Pmi tfli- lllKltivay
POIITI.ANI). April 4 Mnrshul Jof
fro. speaking nt thn dedication of thn
Pacific highway at thu Interstate
brltlgn hero today said' " are
tho strongest, most Jiclpful ngenl of
civilization, bringing prosperity, com
merco nnd happiness, The rond which
I thn object nf today's rcremunlc I
thu loiient hlghwny In tho world, nnd
I inn hnppy to say Hint tho road I
now formally opened."
I'liillitli.n ."Millie Ttml. I'urk Will
Not mti llrforc July I'nl",
Cliliiook McIIn Drift
IJugeno Ore., April 4. More
miow I on the ground near Crater
Lake, In Crater Lake park,
nl tho prcnnul time than for n
number of winter pant, according
In men who hnvn been within u
few mile of tho park boundary
It In predicted that llio park will
not liu open for tourlat travel until
romo tlmo In July, rovernl week
Inter than iiniinl, on uicounl of lliU
oxceiiHlvn nnowfall, unlexx mi tin
preeedentcd chlnook wind nf un
111111 hot period occur early In thn
xummer. to take tho now out rap
Itlniiimli Indian,, liTelrKtiini Take
KMi'pllun lo Menxunt
Protent against tho allotment of
iiiartnr section, of land to 11
Klnnmth reservation Indian, n
prop(ai'il In n bill Introduced In thn
hoiiKn by ItepriMiitntlve N. J. S n
null, linn been Hindu here by t
group of Klamath Indian, who
were not named In tho bill, In n
telegrim sent to Wnihlngtor. The
protest declures that If it Ii fa'r
lo grant allotmenlH to those- named
In the bill all other ".untitled rel
dents of the reservation should bo
given tho sumo privilege.
ThiiKD named In the hill were
Fred It Hood, Mrs I.urlnd.i Hood,
Walter k. Hood, Churle H. Hood.
Ilot.t Huff, Ten a ll.irkley, Maggie
John Hall, (iuy Pearson, Mehin M.
Kngle, ltosctt.1 Crawford and Ned a
C. flkeen.
lr. Sr i:. Wlw, W. '. T. V. leo
liner, IH-iihh lu(t iatlierlng
Out) of thu largest ciowd over
seen In tho PresbylorUn church
gathered last night to hear tho ad
dresH of Dr. Barn K. Wise, national
lecturer for the W. C. T. U. Tho
address was preceded by a banquet.
Thn speuker wai vycll received and
her remark aroused great Interest.
Mrs. K. J. Iloyd, president of the
local chapter ot tho W. C. T. U.,
said Dr. Wise, probably would
spcal; In one ot tho churches next
Sunday Definite announcement
would bo made later In tho week.
sho said...
asks jri:.vrioNN.iur:s
Commander Westerfeld of thu
American Legion has Issued n request
thai file ipiuestloiiiinlreH given out at
tho last meeting bu returned at to
night's mooting.
Shooting Occdrs Following
Card Party in Fash
ionablc Residence
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla,, April 4.
Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Heck,
commandant of Post Fluid, tho avia
tion section of Fort Hill, was shot to
death early today In tho fashionable
residence ot Jean P. Day, widely
known oil operator.
Day Is held custody nt hi homo
pending nn Investigation. It. W. Dick,
n friend of Day, gave out n statement
saying Day had returned homo after
escorting home n number of guest
whom hi wlfa had entertained at
card and found Mrs. Day struggling
In tho arms of tho army officer who
had been n party guest and who had
remained when Day left with the
Huge ItixkH lllock Top-ty (.ntile;
Purl of Wecil lllgliuiiy immI
It I reported that the road from
Weed to llray Is upon nnd In excellent
condition, and that tho Haystack
Ililtto hill I practically eliminated so
that high speed I possible from Weed
In (Sras Lake. Thn road from llray
to Dorrl mid from Dorrl to Klam
ath Fnlts I said to be In very bad
Tho Topsy grudn road, and Portu
guese hilt between Klamath Hot
Springs and Agor am reported Im
passable at thl time. Topty grade
proper Is blocked by an enormous
rock thn slzn of an automobile. One
nutolst Is said to havo pasted tho
rock by bulltUig a road around It,
subjecting himself to great dinger by
so doing.
Lou A reus has issued n call for
volunteers to help open tho road from
Chaso's station to Plnchurst.
Clinlmian l.axker of Shipping Iloartl
AsM-rtH IK'Iny Fatal
WASHINGTON. D. C, April 4.
Prompt action by tho scnato and
hnuso on tho administration ship sub
sidy bill was urged today by Chair
man I-asker ot the Khlpplng board at
thu opening of the Joint congression
al hearings. Delay may bo fatal, ho
declared, adding thnt tho board view
ed with alarm congress' delay In act
ing on thn legislation advocntod by
tho president.
TOKIO, April 4 Vladlvos-
tnlc dispatches report a clash
between Japanoso troop nnd
thn Chita government forces
when 800 of tho latter attacked
tho Japanese near Rpassk, 100
miles from Vladivostok, follow-
Ing a dcrannd by tho Japanese
to disarm. Highly Chita itoldlors
woro killed.
Would Puck nnil DIMrtbutc Infor
mation no Commercial Ea-IrrprlM-
I Handled
IMIIMINUHAM. Ala., April 4.
An Informational clearing house on
a largo scalo to render the whole
range of human Information In
creasingly acccsslbto and useful is
keenly needed, Charles L. Iteeso, an
Industrial chomlst of Wilmington,
Delaware, told tho American Chem
ical society hero today at Its spring
"Tho efficiency of our uso of tho
product of human thought and Its
records Is nstoundlngly low," ho
declared. "Why should wo not
handlo thn parking, storage, ship
ping and distribution of knowledge
as efficiently a wo manage com
mercial production?
"It U greatly ta ho desired that
ultimately an international acrvlro
of this character bo established,
with hranchc. In most of the Im
portant countries, that a cataclysm
such as ha befallen Russia and
might havo befallen all Europe had
the world war lasted much longer,
may not result In tho loss to tbo
world of a largo part of her wealth
ot Information.
"Tho desirability ot developing
a general clearing houso for scien
tific and technological information.
Tho conduct of a freo information
servico to promoto research, asefut
application of Its result , and m the
disseminating 'of lfhowTe'uio neces
sary for .human welfaro and prog
ress, with charso for extra serv
ice. Tho encouragement of a mis
cellaneous request service, initially
limited to scientific and technolog
ical knowledge. The development
of a complete co-ordinated machin
ery for gathering, classifying, locat
ing and disseminating Information.
Utilization by tho service of corre
spondence. Informational publica
tions and publicity, to meet tho
needs ot organizations and Individ
uals nnd to cducato tbo public to
appreclato tho values ot an Infor
mational cloarlng houso."
Average 113.2 MIIcm an Hour on
lo Angeles) Hpeetlwny
LOS ANGELES. April 4. Tommy
Milton won tho national champion
ship nutomobllo sprint races at the
Lo Angeles speedway, taking tho
hccond preliminary 25 mllo sprint In
13 minutes, 1:49 seconds, an average
speed ot 115.02 miles an hour, and
tho final S0-mllo ovent In 26 min
utes, 1.92 seconds, an avorago of
lir.2 miles un hour.
MIHon was said by A. A. A. off!
, clals to havo established now world's
records In both ovonts.
Jimmy Murphy, who won tho third
25-mllo preliminary, was second in
thn finals; Harry Hurts, second In
tho third preliminary, was third In
tbo finals, and Pletro Hordino, who
won tho first preliminary was fourth.
Roscoo Sarles was fifth, Frank El
liott sixth and Art Kloln, boventh.
Milton, winner ot tho 1921 cham
pionship, und already loading In tho
1922 point list, addod 180 points as
tbo result of today's races. His prize
money totaled f 1500.
Murphy gained S3850 and 100
points; llartz, $1850 und 25 points;
Ilordlno, 91750 und 65 points; Elliott.
$1500 und 20 polnst; Sarles, $900;
Kloln, $350, and Jerry Wondcrllcn,
PORTLAND, Oro April 4 Cattle,
weak, 25c lower, cholco steors $6.50
to 97.50. Hogs weak, 25c lower,
prlmo light $11.00 to $11.50. Sheop
and oggs steady; butter 2c lower, ex
tra cubes 30c.
PASADENA, Calif., April 4. High
school principals from all parts of
the state are expected to attend the
annual convention California princi
pals here April 10-14. About 600 of
the educators will attend,
Expenditure in Exccm of
$80,000,000 Proposed
in Nswthwtttt
rotVTLAND, April 4. Expendit
ure In excess ot 190,000,000 am
proposed by railroad, In Oregon
and Washington for new construc
tion, extensions, replacements and
materials, ot which approximately
$8,637,000 will go (or lumber for
new box cars.
Budgets approved asd proposed
o.-w. n. N
O.-W. It. ft N. ..
Great Northern
Northern Pacific
a wc a,
Southorn Pacific
$ S.S0O.00O
C. M. ft 8t. P. ......
Port, ft Or. City
P. It. L ft P. J.-..
Purchases proposed are:
O.-W. It. ft N. ...
Northern Pacific
Southern Pacific
C. M. ft St. P. ...
p. n: l. ft p. ...
Total ..........i
.9 8.000,000
,. 20,000,000
, 5,000,000
.. 4,000,000
. 2,000,000
In all but two Instance these fig
ures have been officially announced
by executive ot the respective lines.
One exception I the budget of $4,
600.000 for the O.-W. R. ft N. still
to be approved, aad the other th
unannounced budget of the South
ern Pacific. In either tattaae
theso figure will vary hat slightly
ytA fWi-tJtVJttsJr -y,. -
Construction of new railroad ears
by transcontinental lines aB raor
mous factor to the Northwest. Offi
cials of the various Uses have an
nounced the 'number to be built
this year, and la every Instance
have provided for the purchase of
lumber for these cars la the North
wcsL The average cost of lumber
entering Into a new standard box
car Is $500. On this basis a tab
ulation shows as follews:
Cars Cost
O.-W. It. ft N ....4,500 13,350,000
Groat Northern ..2,000 '1,000,000
Northern Pac ....1,000 600,000
Southern Pac. -..2,254 1,127.000
C. M. ft St. P 4,000 3,000,090
Pac. Frt. Express 3,300 1,750,000
Total 17,054 $9,927,000
Otbor railroads of the nation are
making and aro preparing to mako
largo purchases ot tlos and lumber
In tho Northwest. Hugo orders havo
already been received In thn local
territory from the Denver ft nio
Grande. Western raclfic and the
Santa Fe.
nesldouts of Central Washington
aro backing a proposal to construct
a new line from Wenatchee to Pas
co, to bo known as the Wenatchee
Southern. This would link up a
number ot transcontinental lines
serving that general territory,
Ownors of tho Westorn Pacific
are showing a keen interest In the
Nevada, California and Oregon rail
road Into Lakovlew, Lake county,
and purchase ot thl lino with con
sequent standardisation Is said to
bo ponding. Lakevlow has likewise
focusod Its attontlon on tho inter
ior, and a group of citlsons of that
district aro advocating an extension
of tho lino to Ucnd. Reports also
como that Robert Btranora la plan
ning to mako a sew construct!
otfort on his line projected aad par
tially completed between Klsauth1
rails and Lakevlew,
t Again the cycle of development
turns, and because of the prospect
railroad are preparing to provide
for Increased trafflo aad travel, tba
more adequate and better facilities.
WASHINGTON. D. C. April 4.. i
Negotiation of a tree ty betwee ta '
United States and Qreat MrttJa r-14
garding the projected "HUwrsaM
river waterways pla, was lsJsatisl
as being probabl Meter, at ths WaRs) i
House. i i.., .IV.,,
i ..