The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 01, 1922, Image 1

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in vi:ht poiition
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Member of the Associated Press.
lifle,"lilli Yi'iir, Nil. !!
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much nra omti
Government Will Not inter-
Official to Guard
Public's Interests
- m
Hpnnniodlr nliniitliiK occurred In
ilny In various nertlon of
Southern 1 1 1 1 ttolx. where Dm
miner' xtrlkn was reported loo
l"r ruit complete. J'i! Hen
'n, night chief of police of
Du(Jiiulu, W.H hot nnil scrlmi
I)' WOUIIltCit. 'A policeman wa
ulnii wounded.
(lly llm A-MM-lnlrtl I'nV)
I'or tlm flrnl limn In the history of
tin roil mining Industry, Imth
lilliiiulnuun mul anthracite field
urn virtually Idln today iin a result
of tlm rcstcii nf work liy 00, 000
minor lout night ut midnight
Union offlcl.ilj assert that 6,000
of tlm 7,500 mlnci In tlm country
urn pliut down.
WASHINGTON, l, C . April I
Tlio government Iib. decided on .1
policy of non-lnlcrvenllnii In thn
lutlonul roal strike.
(lovurnmonl official vluwed thn
iM-glnnlng of thn ntrlko In tlm an
thracite ami hltlmlnuus mlnfM with
protection of thn general puldk In
III ii mailer of roal nupply a their
thief concern. Thl limy believed
fa usnurod Imth by thn present
nor pl in In addition la th produc
lion if non-union miner during
Iho ntrlko.
rniMi . In Detrlnp Horlal l.lfoj
Offlrorn Arn Kletlitl
NoIiIkh of Urn MyMlr Hhrliit- rflel
last night at thn MiiKiinlr hull nnil or
ganlted a Hhrlim cluli for Klamath
Fall Thn Mystic Khrllin hni lieen
nptly termed "Thn nmllo on thn face
of Munonry" nnil Iho chief object of
tho dull will tin to ilrW'lop tlm rnclnl
llfn of thn cnift.
Thn rluli will hold ItH flrnl nnrhil
iiffiilr ut Ihn Whllo I'ullran on April
'i; mul iih Khrlnrm nro nolml for
kuowliiK how In htuKn thliiRN, It Im
nxpr-rtnl thin pnrl)' will Im n ureal
Over' .10 nohloN rIriipiI the rhurter
lint Innt lilRht. hut Urn Hit will ho
hnhl open for other luemlierHhlpK iin.
Ill lifter April SI. femller(llllp In
llniltml to nnhloN of thn Myntlr Hlirlno
who nro renlilontu of thin Jurlmllctloh.
Thn offlcnm nlccleil for tlio eimu.
Iiik ynnr were: Dr. K, I), l.anih, pren.
lent; M. H. Wont, nocretury; Mnrlon
nnkH, treamiror.
Thn nnxt iimctliiR of thn rluh will
hn huld Weilnenilay ovunltiK April C,
nt Ihn MiiHonlo hall.
I'OHTIiANI), April 1. l.lvuMock
Hti'iiily. KgRH weak, llutter weak,
with lower tumloncy.
Thn tmromutrlo prcBiiuro roan nultn
utoartlly until 10
o'clock thU morn
Ins, but dlttco that
hour tho Cyclo
Htormusraph ut
niury vhowB thut It
ha been Hlowly
falllns. nothur
atorm Is formlnK
to thubouth which,
If not chased away
by another "high"
will probajtly reach
h o r o tomorrow
morning, K
Forecast (or next 84 heuri:
Cloudy unnottlid jveathor, with
I moderate temberaturei.
( Tho Tycoa recording thormoructor
riisUterod roailmmn and minimum
tvmperature, today, ok follewa:
I High BJ
-MOW ritVMMMH(fMlMliM(MMtllfO
i!8 Mll.l-S OK Hli:i(.V
i tiiijnk mnh TO iii:nd
wim. hi: aha.vdom:d
roitTI.ANI). April I -Twnn-
ty-nlght mill iilniilniiiliii mile
nf litn Orngon trunk railway tin
twewi tlm fnluiulilii river nnil
llnnil nrn to tin uliiiniloned liy
th n Kinkmin, Portland & Kent
ltr, 1'renldent Turner unnoomed
today, Tim nwipauy will turn tlm
Oregon Washington roDrodd
fc Navigation trackri between
Mouth Junction nnil Mrtollu
Jointly with tlm O W iluptlca
tlnti wiik kIvcii iin tlm rrnmni
rlpfiikent llellt AcconiplMinient-i
of OrKiinlnlloni I'llm
Mnkra Imprnuilnn
Tlm rrenhylerlon rhiirch wim fill
il hint lilRht with thn crowd thut
Kutliereii to hear of the nrcouitilliih
iiientu of tlm Kliimntli County Civic
leiiRim In ltn cumpiilRii thun fnr for
tlm tii'lterment of moral rondl(lonn
iihI thn enforrement of law and or
iter, mid an outlliin of purponiM for
the future.
V. J. llnrwlR, Rtaln leader of tho
ntatii iintl-milonn leaRiie, In a force
ful manner dealt with thn ulnia of
thn movement for thn xuppreiiiloii
of Illicit inmiuf.irlurn mid naln of
llijiKr, and allied vlren, which hn
imlil u ntatn wide. Hn pralned
thn Krowth iiiadn by thu local or
caulxutlnn, and raid that no county
roulcl lead Klumath In Intercut and
vffncllveneii of the work mi far
W. 8. HluiiRh, prcaldcnt of thn
county lejRiie, wbh almi u npeaker.
K. M. Chllcotn prexldeil, and Mm.
Cliarle Wood Klierloln ronlrlbutrd
two orKiu nelnctlona.
Thn four-rnol film. "HafeRiiardlnK
thn Nation," wan ahonn. lit ileal
In direct faahlou with thu evil of
alruhollc IndulRanrn and thn vlcna
to which It lead. In a fanhlon that
cannot full t0 leave a laatliiR Iru
irrnlon. MnmberiihlpK and funda worn an
Hilled diirlnn thn meetliiR. and a
roinpllatlon afterward ahnwH thut
thu orRaiiltatlou now haa "f.O mem
hern, unit that $1,100 linn hcun
milmerllicd to date uml partly cot
lerted. Of thla ChlloiUlii uud Orln
ilalea purrlnrlH contributed $ J no
o.i rli mid Klatnnth Kail precinct
No. c $i:r..
A mentliii: nf thn central com
milieu vn held during Ihn after
noon, followed by n committee ban
quet at C o'clock. W. H. HIoiirIi
prealded mid precinct workcra nnd
othera apnke,
Thn Itev. D. Wlllu Caffrny miidn
Ihn final uddrexH, In which aim
pointed out that nil reform mutt
begin In thn homo, and urged upon
parentH thn nccennlty of knowing
Ihn whereaboiita nt their children
nt nlRlit. Him nlno ndrnrated en
forcement nf n curfnw law.
Chairman Slough paid tho loaguo
wax muklng Hatlnfuctory progroas.
Ho aald much .evidence of Illicit
truffle wan being uncovered through
thn leaguti'H offortH, Klnco March
i, ho HHld, an antl-aaloon nperatlvn
(Continued to I'aga 2)
II, (1. I.lnilenian Iienven After Wwk
luu-itlgatlim Frelglit IUIIm
II. (1, l.lndonian, travollng auditor
for Htunton nnd Horry, conaultlng
trufflD ugonta of Han Frunclaco, con
BUltlng trafflo maiiuKorH, luft thin
morning after a wook apont hero In
vestigating rullway frolght bllht for
local ahlppori, with u view lo eccur
In refunda on overcharges.
I.lndeman stated that ho found
Konoral Inloroat among local mor
ch'antn, and believed that a groat
doal of money could bo colloctod on
rocont blllH. Ilu secured sovoral now
clients umong automobllo men and
other heavy ahlppors.
PUTNKY, England, April 1.
Cambrldgo easily dofaated Oxford
In tho annual boat race today, win
ning by four and one-halt longtni.
Ik nor fourth ronaecutlvn vlc-
M '-J.
INDIANAI'OI.IH, Ind.. April l-jpny for Kundny nnd holiday work;
Whut ii ro thu mul minora aaklui;, wenkly payday,; u wagn coutrtict
for In imw wugu rontraitn with tho for tv.u yearn, ending Mnrch .".I,
Ilrlnfly, tlm iinthriirltu mlniTH
wnjit Imreioii'd wiigen, tho hltuniin
out iiiltmrH want to retain prenent
baitlu iicnleN, uml thu opnratora In
both flflilN want wugn propon.ila,
Whllo both hlilim liuludo varlotm
nthnr demnnilN In their wngn pro
poitala, thn iniilu luniin la wugei. In
brief, thn minora' demand,, urn an
followK ,
llltumlnoud llemiival of differ
entlula within and hntween dlatrlcta
of no me worker mid reduction-; for
no u In result In Increased wagei
none; citabllihinent of tho nlx-hour
day, flvc-day wrek; pay and one
half for overtime work and double
CAPTURED; $20,000
Hlierlfr Herlou-ly WimniN Onn Wlien I
Mint I'd IN in Hull; Coufe-.
lo Keiiiilm lloblM-r'
I'OItT TOW'NHUND. Wmli, April
I Tw0 men captured nt Qullccno .
lanl night by Kberlff Cane and dep-1
utlen toduy were found to bn Frank I
Orant, SO, and Krne-,t A Drowning, '
41. They roufenned to thu robbery t
('f thn ntaln hank ut Srn,ulm, nald
thu aherlff, but denied thn 'murder
of Hay Light ut Port Dlnroviry. All
thu hank loot, over JIO.OOD, was
(Irani wan nerlounly wounded
when thu nherlff flrnl nt him when
hu refused to halt when thn pair
walked Into n trap nt a brldgo near
Qullcene. Tlm officer, expecting
thn pair In from thu bridge, waited
with an nulnninblln hctdllght rwidy
to flash en them.
When thn fugitive,, appeared uud
wcrn ordered In atop. Drowning
held up hla huiidn, but (Irani run
below thn brldgo. thu nherlff fol
lowing hi m nnd firing.
v. h. iiuiiiTs iti:co(
PAH1S. April I -Heplylng today
tn tho American notn concerning I
payment of cost of the American
mllltnry otcupatlou Of thu Ithlne
land, thn French unto repeat,, n re.
rent declaration of the finance min
Inter, recognition thn United State'
right. '
NKW VOItK, April I Thn Amor
lean Cotton Kxrhangn and nix offi
cer mid director were Indicted to
day chargrd with bucketing.
I . .
I 'J 2 4 .
Aiithrnelto Twenty pur (mil 1n
creann of wiiRca for tonnnRo work
nrn, mid $1 it day advance for dny
labour; abolition of null-contract-Ing
through Individual agrnemonln;
cntiibllnhiiiiint of tlm "check-off
nyntem of (ollectlng union duen by
operator withholding nuina from
minerV wane; uniformity of w.igen
for nlmllnr occiipntlonn; extension
of thu eight-hour day to Include nil
workora; n uniform "connlderatlon"
day w.ign for mlnera whoao wagn Is
reduced by abnormal working con
dltlonn; Incrrancd pay for nvertlmo
work; contract for two year, end
ing March 31, 1924.
He Knew It Was Whisky
Because He Sampled It
.Sampling tho nrldcnrn before nr-
I rent neenw to bo tho now codo of
J federal prohibition otflrerit accord
' Ing to tho trnllmony of J C. Mc-
Knight, federal officer, nt thn hear
ing In I'. H. Commissioner Hert C.
Thomas' offlro lain yesterday after-
noon, In which llaiol McCrcgor was
given a hearing on n rhnrgn of "nell-
I Ing Intoxicating lluor." In thn croni
t'xumlnallon grilling of McKulght by
Attorney Manning thu combat wag In
Uiln erder:
Q. Did joii buy drink from this
A. I nurn did.
Q Did you drink It?
A. I certainly did drink It.
Q. Wiik It whisky?
A. It certainly wu "
Thu woman, w-u bound over In
nwalt thn action nf tlm federal nuth
orlllei, In I'ortlaud, mid released on
$?r.0.ol ball.
Dpldeiule Ctinlluues in I'urtl.iml;
Totiil Di-ntlM I'lvn
POHTI.AND. April 1. Two moro
children and one man, nged ti6,
dlei hern yesterday of septic pois
oning und a sore throat epidemic,
dun tn Infected milk from n dairy
which thu health department took
charge of.
five death.
Till. maUca a tntal of
PORTLAND. April I. The death
last night of nn 18-mouths-nld girl,
brought tho total deaths from tho1
eeptlc born throat epidemic to six.)
. I
pnmpn mm dp
Want Opinion as to Further
Action in Local Lum
ber Controversy
(lly AkMitlntnl I'.Tis)
POIITI.AN1), April 1. Tho tnto
board of conciliation Intends to ask.
tho attorney general for an opinion
an to It power for further action
In thn Klamath Fall lumber strike,
Chairman Woodard said., after re-.1
f ... I
calving a report from thn conclll
atom, Flynn and Hartwlg, who
fpont three day,, In Klamath Fall
without ucce.
They reported that tho union
woro willing In concede n wage cut
to prencrvn thn eight-hour day, but
tho omployenf, who proposed an
Jnreaso to nlnn or ten hours', de
clared they had nothing to arbi
trate. t'ulon organlicr have been nrtlvo
In Chjjoquln nnd vicinity, according
to President It. It. Canterbury of the
Timber Worker' union, who say 71
men employed by tho Modoc Lumber
company, Spraguo Diver lumber com
pany and other concerns, have signed
up for the eight-hour day and will
not work nn tho nine-hour banl. This
will effect tho logging camps as well,
ho wild.
Canterbury roportel that organiz
er had enlisted l.r men nt the Lamm
l.utnl)cr"conipany, who quit work.
W. I?. 1-imm, when questioned today,
nald a fuvv men had left who had
bcon doing repair work. Ho said tho
Lmlll would tint rcsumo before May 1,
under any circumstances.
Tho Oregon construction, which Is
building a logging road near Clillo
quln, la working on tho eight-hour
basis, according to Canterbury.
Judge Set Price nf Mill a Mllu
When Mail ItcfiiMN In ApotogUo
CHICAOO. April I. -A prlco of
(101 a mllu for klttscx wax set to
day by Judge Morgan uftcr Mis
Allen Jonas return! to apologlzo to
Mr, lnabclle Mnttrson, wife of (lor-
aid Mattcson, fnr tho mile-long kiss
tho wife said she guw her husband
give Mls3 Jonas.
ask nm.
BBATTI.B, April 1. -Mar-
' nhal Joffro will leavn Heattlo
Monday night for Portland,
whera ho will attend tho dedl-
ration of tho Oregon section
of tho Pacific Highway. Ha
leave Portland early Wodnra-
day for San Francisco.
Klamath County Atrto Aworiatjon
Ilack Action Itcrtill-- Taken
lly Tribal Conncll
Iload construction on the Klamath
Indian reservation, for which thn trl-
ba- "uncll recently authorlied the
An.n.iii.... rrt AAA - -.. 1
expenditure of I&0.000 of tribal
funds, I considered probablo by the
Klamath County Auto association,
which hn had tho matter up with
authorities at Washlngon.
The situation Is outlined In Ibo Sal
lowing letter from Chai. 'II. Dttrko,
commissioner of Indian affair, to
Congressman N. J. Rlnnott, a copy
of which recently wa received hero
hy the auto associatien:
I havn your letter of March 8th. In
regard to n communication which you
have received from one of your .con
stituent requesting a ropy of a sup
posed MR permitting tho department
of thn Interior to use Indian money to
build roads across Indian reserva
tions. I assume that your correspond
ent refers to It .A. 0054, Introduced
by Mr. llayden. proposing to author
ize appropriation for public high
way across Indian reservation such
appropriation to be reimbursed
from tribal fund where available.
Scnator Ashurst ha Introduced an
Identical bill In the senate (S. 2931).
Favorable reports JarpJbcttt,llhlDit-.
ted on both bills.
Section 3 of tho Kcdoral Highway
act approved ovembor 9, 19S1 (Pub
lic No. 87-6 7 th Congress), provide
In part as follew:
"Tho Secretary of Agriculture
tx authorized to co-operato with
tho Stato highway department,
and with the department ot tho
interior in tho construtcion ot
public highway within Indian
reservations, nnd to pay the
amount assumed therefore from
tho funds allotted or apportion
ed under this Act to tho Stato
wherein tho reservation is locat
ed." Hy tho "amount assumed thcro
foro" apparently I meant that por
tion of the cost of tho road which
may be paid from federal aid money
made available by tho act which, un
der Section 11 thereof. Is usually lim
ited to SO per cent of such total cost.
Tho Interpretation thua far placed up
on the above quoted provision ot Sec
tion 3 of tho act, has been that this
namo limitation applies to roads with
in Indian reservation ns well as else
where. This being tho cae. fund
would not brrnvalUhlo for tho othor
no pnr rent of tho cost of uch road
except In tho comparatively few case
whern thn Indians have tribal funds
that con bo used for tho purpose. On
this understanding tho bills mention
ed above wero Introduced In con
gress with tho view of providing
funds for thl purpose, thereby mak
ing effectlvo tho provision for co-operation
in section 3 ot tho act.
However, slnco these bills wero In
troduced, it has been suggested that
possibly section 3 might bo so Inter
preted a to permit payment. ot the
entlro cost of public hlghwaysVlthln
Indian reservation from federal aid
money mado availablo by tho high
way act. In order to cloar up this
polut. tho comptroller general has
boon asked for a decision on the
question, but oven should tho deci
sion bo favorable it Is not likely that
tho states would consont to tho pay
ment from their respectlvo allotments
of fcdoral aid money of tho entlro
cost of roads within Indian reserva
tions whoro tho land Is untaxed and
when, as Is tho case In u majority or
Instances, such allotments urn not
suftllcont for all tho public highways
which tho stato wishes to construct
off tho reservations. Under tho cir
cumstances; thoroforo, and regard
less ot tho comptroller's decision, I
think it ndvlsablo that tho abovo bills
bo cuacted into law.
PORTLAND, April 1 Dr N. E.
Wayson, head ot the local Unitod
Stutos health sorvico, agulnst whom
charges recently woro hoard, has
boon transforrod to laboratory work
In Sun Francisco. Surgeon Gordon,
now at Baltimore, Is to succeed him
NEW YORK, April 1. One ban
dit was shot down ind three cap
tured today In a pistol battle here
with olgbt df-tec'lyee,
UL0Q1 IN j f
ii fob m T
Proposed. Road ad L
her DeYelopnMnts PJrt
to Business Rariral , , J
Chlloquln retMeaU pa1 loQkiiiZ;.,Jg
forward li ft 'vaf M tfr-Ml nrnflv S-hSa'
nrll- anil .lavatM-aaaa K . , M fc- . .' r' "
Spink, resort owner 'asm realtor,
who wa a visiter here yesterday.
A most Important program of
road construction Is Is contempla
tion and will be Uuncaed tkw sn ai
mer, he ald. la the constraetlea
of a new road from the turn-off oc
Tho Dallos-Callfornls highway. Bear
the .Williamson river bridge, to
Chllotiuln, following a new roe to
and better grade, and elimlaatlag
tho sharp climb on Wllaon Mil.
About six mile, of new eeattrnc
tion i Involved In thl stretch.
Tho Indian tribal council has ap
proved the eipendltsre at ll000
on this and the Klamath agency
road and tho county eonrt hoe)
sanctioned them a county hlghw
Ways, said Spink.
The first named ro4 will enter
Chlloquln by a direct rente, U ah.
tuln which tho present bridge wH
be moved, to a point opneeHa the
Southern Pacific depot. The rand
accommodates all the- famine In
terest. In the Irrigated Medee Pelat
country, as well as the heavy travnt.
cspeHal!r-!Ha turamMr,- twewn-s
Klamath Falls and Chlloquln.
Whether tbo Chlloquln-Klamath
Agency road will be completed this
year or not 1 undetermined, said
Spink, but some work will un
doubtedly be don. An easy grade
will replace the road over the
stoop hill near- Chlloquln. This
road Is considered highly Import
ant, as it I. the main artory'ot
travel for a largo territory. Includ
ing Chlloquln, the Wood River val
loy and tho Klamath Agency.
Extension of these roads to Beat
ty, a distance ot some 40 miles, Is
a part ot the general program, al
though unlikely this year.
Tbo hotel lsv filled up, and ac
commodations are being sought by
families moving Into Chlloquln In
anticipation of employment In the
lumber Industry, said 8plnk. He
plans to build flvo cottage, and an
administrative office on hi town
site in West Chlloquln as soon as
woathor permits, and renew activ
ity In settling tho acreago that he
acquired last year.
Lumber industries are making
preparations to operate soon, said
Spink. He stated ,that J. M. Bed
ford Informed him that the Sprague
River Lumber company would start
Monday, employing about 40 men.
Tho Modoc Lumber company has
a big program for the year, Includ
ing the building of some 19 miles
ot logging road and tho Installa
tion of dry kilns and planer that
will afford employment to from BOO
to 700 men, Including tbo contract
or's forces on the railroad and plant
Tl'o Chlloquln Lumber company
will start as soon as tho weather
permits, Spink wa. told, and other
mill In tho vicinity plan an active
Charged With
Indiana in Poet Kail
Fred J. Kempke, of Salpplagton
was lodged lit the county Jail last
night on a charge of selling moon
shine to Indians In a local pool hall,
the urrost being made by" the local
pollco In conjunction with the feder
al officers. t ,
For several month sset Kempke
has been somewhat In the limelight
ot court' affaire, having stood trial
twice In the clrnt sfyrt'sa n rah:
bery charge. Assorting renorte
from the prosecutor a edtun, hn fW
bo tried for 'thn third ttgj at h.
June term, or
- y
V'V ,
ff I