The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 18, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 8

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Page Four
RATVnDAV, MAnOIt 1ft, 1022
iil oxer 1!20 Cnllfoinh niul Plor
lilu lofk'ct llio popularity nt their
climate nnd rotds xxlth rospottlxo
gains (if 19 fi per rent niul 24 S
per cent
It In Intercut Iiik to nolo Unit six
rtntcrt account for out one-third of
I ll rt nrt tatl4hM ft tntlt ttttttttft
lltlnnln. tnillntwi. Mlnhliriii. Xnw
'York. Ohio niul l'onnsxlxnnli n?- ,0f ,1"M
The pirt plnxod liy tlu state of
t'nllfornli m making I'lJI ii Studo
lt.ikor jettr Is shown In detailed
y,xvt figures of 'iu wli' tint roielxod
immune i no sumo-
Increase Is 1,229.023 Over
Previous Year; Supreme
Test Is Passed
Klntlstlrs compiled by tln 1. V.
Comlrlrli Kubber com pan v glxe n
total of 10.ri24.39S cars anil trucks
registered ln( tin' country mirlnRJ
1921. This Is'nn Increase of 1.229.
(123, or 13 2 pur cent oxer ITCO.
When thorn xxero 9.296.372 motor ,
vehicles registered. I
Tim Rain ni:iiU during the put'
jpir xxnrrnnts tin- consideration of!
thn automntlxo pessimist. The au
tomobile business has gon cthrnugh
Itx supremo test It has emerged
victorious ami there I no longer
miy room for cslmlin. Author
ities cnnccilc that ox or one-third
of th earn running arc owned bx
farmer. Despite tho fact that six
larso aRrlrnlturul states show a de
crease oxer th'o previous ye-tr, tho
Industry has forged It I
remarkable that so few stntes shoxx
a decrease. Wheat ami corn In
1021 sold nt extremely loxx- prices
frequently far below tho actual cost
or proiiuction. Tnts or itscu xxomu
tend to restrict tho use of unto,
mobile n by farmers, et 'In Mich
t atcs as Kansas, Nebraska and
loxx a, xx hero the agricultural do
prcj.slon xxai moit acute, tho num
ber of ran ha Increased. Motor
hlrlcs are betomlng'n essential)
tn farm Implements.
New York again leads the field
xv 1 th SIC, 010 car and trucks, an
Jncreano of 123.S2C, the largest
undo In any itate orcr the previ
ous year. Ohio Ik second, with
726,700, a Rain of 10S.700 oxer
1920. rennjlvanla rllnRa to third
place, with CS9.5S9. xxhlle' Illinois
In cloio on Its heelj xxlth 670,434.
The largest porcentaRO pain was
inado liy Went Virginia, where an
incrcaso of 3S.1 per cent l record-
rrintnllnh tra ullh rnntliliin.1 ruin
!.,f sm ii: , a i .h.,... The loport. Issued liv Motor ltoK-
l' "x i line. j iV ' " " . . . .. ... . m
jrfnlco has more car, than the Oration .News of ('aliform. shows
tire .ontlnont. Their "" - WM.Irlwkw xxero sold
aggregate total of 11.7M.S49 , 1.'. state list voar as compared
prealor than tho total registration , l,h ll,SN h l,,,, ""u Ux "v
of the country In 1916. mid Ruterr11"" mniifJcluror of lxo. In
than tho nrvsent xxorld WRHlratloiw faft' BIII0,,B "" my ul..l,.kor
ojcludliiK the rnltod St tc. v wor" "," ',rKr,t "h ",0 M-
Xoxii.ln I, on tho bottom rtii.R of r,,,,,,r,n ' ""' ,txu' l'st-prlced
tho ladder, xxlth IO.nO.i IVI-' ",ak,'- of four-'vllmlor car.
r.iiaii) uoiexxoriiix uie met
that Sliideb.iker .iUA nhoxxed the
niKK.'st ponriit or incro-xio oxer
axxnro l only one stop nbove. xxlth
21.413. llx comp.irNou tbeso I.iIim
are not n bndlx tiitrod ni it seem.
llll ..f ...4 .1...
for nlllirr one .if llioin hi mnn.. "'",' "' "" """"
.. . .... ... .. . ....... .
cars than tho entire Chlneo em-'
There xx as one motor chicle for
oxery ten pooplo In the country In
1921, ii couipired xxlth one for
U.S In 1920. If thl, nxcriRo xxero
maintained throiiRhmit tho xxorld
there xvould lip 17o.OOH.0iii) cars In
ue. Tho xxorld registration toda.x
l approximately 12 'iiHX.OOO. t'.ill-
forniu and Ioxx-.i lead In tho mint-
I Rllfll. to bo
of n t per rent Sale, of
S..M0 Studebakers In 1921 coin
pared xxlth xxlth 4.4"i9 In tho pro
xloiid oir
"In 1920 inlo of Sliiilobakor
cars xxero per cent o( the total
number of car sold In California,
xxheroa-t In 1921 the xxore ! per
tout. said Mr l)imhatn "Kllnil
inline Konl nnd Choxrolot. Studo
baker sold 1 3 per cent of tho total
her of cars as compared to popula- "' ,'' "' """ r "-C'si-reu .in
tlo xxlth one car for every C3 .K "' "' S.
habitant. South D.kotH h.iR third,' ?1 ttr '",l w,""''k"' b"rn,"
place xxlth nn axeraKe of 6 3. N,..Ostbll,he.l as tho largest builder of
hra.ka. tho 1920 leader, dropped .-l"""ler cars In 1921 nnd shox
to fourth Plate, xxlth 5 I people for , tht' Rr,,a,,",t rll-lil P-rcentaRo
each car. Alabama makes tho poor-"' iln ot M .'"toniobll
est shoxxlnp In this resptct. xxlth 2s.r-,c,urcr ,,)1,,r,,Xl, ,,"t ,h" wnnU
persons for each automobile. Ncxx I"" '',r allablo this ear are far In
York, xxlth the greatest number f ,"" r h "" :"r""' '" '"r.
xx nen nuiuen.ihor sales; anil proline-
cars, his nn nveraRo of 12 7 pooplo
for each on In ue. If the lead
ers per capita axoraRo could be
maintained throughout the country
xxe xxo.ild noix hare 20.327.000 mo
tor chicles In use The saturation
point has liardly been reached.
Discordant noises and xlbratlnns
from automobile drlxliiR may bo abot
liheil If the RUREettlon of Dr .Maragc.
before the French Academy of Scien
ce at Paris, are adopted Ur Murage
saxs horns should be tuned lu bass
and tho titrations deadened by the
uto of lead or aluminum so as not
to Irritate the car.
New western car has, boon
signed to sell at about $500.
v yljQ.B. TOLEDO 1 J
f ISH?0 !2?.?. I BW BS I "OAD3TERJ330
eoAN aaa VVjsy A JBf coupe 'auo
403 South Sixth Si. Phone 52-W
I'ltlx.Ui: Tlltl' I'l Ml' miiliider will buy Hliliillor, ihenper
A snuill t'loctrle eomprosed ulr curs, ho sa
puni has boon designed (in I lie prl-
xnte Tho iiinent comes (loin TWIIJi III N ON III 'I'll It!
it liiiitp socket It eliminates use of Klmor A Sport x, llrwihlui. N Y
the hand or motor pump Niloiuist and Inxenli r. topmis ho has
1 porfoe'od tho t II InituliiK Mii'sel on
WOIII.DN l'i:i:i:i: L-Ino In aiitiimobllo use It lll run
KiiRlnnd claims possession of the oiiutll well mi uu grailo of undo
xxorld's Htnallost aiitoiiiobllo It I a oil, saxs Sporrx, unit xxlll keep gnliig
three-ix heeled trosn lntxeon u miilor on lard or htltior lie's tried II. lint
utr and nnlorixilo. xxolghi 1 Ml ho sits i
pounds and cost, 5 ,1 7 ." The motor It j m
oxer tho single rear xxhool 'STARR IS NAME OF
So-tailed battorj ' rojuxon ilors I ti, jus ,.lr w lilelt V (' Kiir
do restore a b.tttor.x's strength ( llnt promised ho xxi uld unxoll In
(or a xxhlle llul at the expense of WinhliiRlon is on exhibition In III it
tho butter.x The) shorten tbo Hf j It In tho Connect lent immiiio
of the battorx plates The best luixt romus of ll.irpoi llroihors
xx.i.x Is recharging b olortriell).
'iti: svr.s iiiti: st
Dur.iut mid a pari) of friends and
nssorlates. IncliiiliiiR his sou. II I'
Purant. prosldonl of thn Diiraiil
The tiro bill Is more than Mlllllr ....... ... rntif,,,,,!,. iu,u
M.on.M.oo........ bin of1(1(, wu , BMII ,,, ir , ,,
,u" ' """ '" ''" "'J1" ",i.r .1 ,.l II... fl..l ul.nultlP
expert Klgbtx per tout of the m iter
lal In a tiro is perishable Deteriora
tion can bo t hocked b.x toustatil
'The new produit Is to bo kuoxii
as tho Starr car. mid Is to bo man
tifmtnriil bx tbo Duraut Motois.
Inc. under contract xlih the Starr
CMI'IN; twit ATI!) .xioior cinnpanx. xxnirii oouiri'i ino
tlrotxth in popiilarlix of wuiiuiirr1 Uolrlliiiilnn of the tar In the 1'ult-
New 1922 Chevrolet Touring .$600.00
1920 Hudson, wire wheels, nir springs $1,100.00
1921 Overland 4, just like new . $550.00
New 1922 Chevrolet Delivery ! $600.00
1920 Stearns, Knight, snme ns new $1,000.. 00
Tliost1 :iro but a few of our u."i'l car bar
gains. . If inti'iott'tl in any .suit of a used
car be sure and sec our line before buying
Dodge Brothers Dealer
1212 Klamath Ave.
Phone 101!
oil States, said Dtiriilil
' I'ho Starr car has cre.iled u - -
groat do tl of Inter' nt among Oiosi r mki u lie.irniK, in front mil ro-ir Slme On unnniiuroiiient xxns first
xx tut hnxp seen It. They did not I wIhtN together xxuh a Clink-n made three weeks ago. mini) ton-
touring ma) result lu production of
a lion kind of aiitomidillu ospoelall)
adapted to this purpose It xxlll bo
tho kind of car that xxlll make renin.
lu an toiiipact u xwi) as possible, fori1'1'" l'l,lt " """ Possible to build jaxle and lliitihklss t)p. ilnxe sli.ifl uiiire4 renieinliii: Die mixx tar
lion rem hod their hig hpoint
"Kor Instance, reports for Janu
ary show that 392 new Hliidebaker
cars xxero sold nt retail lu New
York clt), as compared xxlth 117 In
Januiry. 1921, an Increase of 275
car or 215 per cent In Detroit
retail sale xxero lt as great as
In January. 1921. Kansas City,
Cleveland, lluffaln, Chicago and
other points throughout tho coun
try alio show big Increases, The
best Comment I can make on these
figures Is th-it they speak for
thiimsehes ''
itiil liaxe lii'ou tiirioiil throughout lb
, i
baggage, ramping eiiuipmi tvt nnd all," car xxhlih embodies so many fun- I lie lubiilir haikhoni
other necessaries o( a long trip .turrn of the higher prlio tlassos to slxo ufoniiiro, is innirpiiratod muutrv The Slarr car. as us ex-
sell III comiK'tltlon xxlth the lowest ' In Hie frame glxlug stlength and ' pmli'il Is si met blur, o( a i..'nu-
tU.IMHI.IHHI t'Alt Tll' IlltS t priced ears heretofore "li the mur- j rlgldltx to the bod) (Inn. bxiailsn It couliilns so tinny
Only about 19.999.99'J persons lu yvl t hlll, uur-r)iiiter I'olitl- 'The bod) of tlir Mlarr ear Is of features ure not .ny'v.e. Ii)
the I'nlted Slates may be clissed li ntl u,,,) s,.i motor, and tho full si renin Hue design, xxlth a high I au other low prliod tar.
the group o( ncttinl or potential .m-( touring tar lH built to carry ftxolhood mid slanting xxlndshleld. II I Oiirant has promised iiianll(y do
tomoblte oix tiers, according to Leon- pan,t ngcrs In lotuforl Mechanluil ' xxlll bo prodiiitd lu all popular nod ll.-r h)liino I. but deillned lo
urd 1'. Acrs, Cleveltnd hanker n-ut tires Include n disc rlutih. so j els It ha,, m'iiiI i lllptli sprltiRs. j late xxlilcli. If an), of his fixe
Nearly half of these already own irtle mIuIiiir transmission xxlth xarittim (eml gasiiine tank and i plants xxould be med lu Its iiiuiiu
machlnes A larj;e part of tho re- three forward speeds and rexerso, , olo trie ,ill e'ltilppeil ' faetiin
'j MPf 4y'"sfc',''t(" ff-ffijfflviyftifti
I PW (LCaBBBll imI lBBBkiBil
I. v. . fatter
Genuine Value
TODAY, more than ever before,
it is to the buyer's interest to de
termine what is BEHIND his car as
well as what is IN it.
In the SPECIAL-SIX, Studcbaker
offers a car, the enormous sales of
which are the best proof of its value.
The SPECIAL-SIX has established
itself in the minds of thousands of
owners as an unusually capable,
powerful, roomy and beautiful car.
Its tremendous popularity contrib
uted largely to the attainment of
Studebakcr'a position as the largest
builder of six-cylinder cars in the
But in addition to the value that is
IN the SPECIAL-SIX. there stands
behind it, an organization whose re
sources nnd permanence are assur
ances of continued service to the
car owner and of protection to hint
not only today and tomorrow but
in the years to come.
For 70 years, Studcbaker has been
building high quality vehicles and
selling then) at fair prices.
There are many reasons in addition
to the unquestioned intrinsic value
of the SPECIAL-SIX why it should
be your motor car choice. You arc
urged to inspect this car NOW.
Chua. J675
Touring 104
Ro-ir().P-.).... 1045
Coupe-R(2-PM.).. I37S
Sn I7W
CPom.. liv W. Il Mil. P.
Ch-i. $1200
Touring 1475
lV.ltter(2-P-.)... 1425
R-sdticr (4.IW)... 1475
Coupe (4.IW) 2150
SJ 2350
7 ;, izc ii. p.
Chassis .,
Coupo (4 -Pass ),
SwUn .........
. 1785
. 2500
. 2700
tl ii"
Dunham Auto Co.
403 South Sixth Phone 52-W
0 "
iiiiB ,