The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, January 24, 1922, Image 1

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Eutifttg ItoraUi
ToiiIhIiI ami Wednesday, ruin In
"rut, niwiw In mini portion; not so
I'lllll llllllKllt In mutt porttiiii.
Member of the Associated Press.
i .... .' .
I'lli'Vnili Vciir. -.V
''-229 -
Stntc Gnmo Warden Will
Recommend Change in
Existing Ruling
m AMtirnncn Hint lin would recom
mend in I lie statu Huh niul gnmn com
iiiIIoii I Iiu opening of ull I'lamntli
H'lltlTN In winter fishing wan given
lni'iil sportsmen nl ii riirotltiR nt Out
chumlicr (if riiiiiini'rco rnnnw lust
it Ik Ii t by A. II. lliirKlnluff, nlnli gam
Rurghdiiff until ln would recom
mend Dm fishing scusnn hereafter lie
f lined from February I In May I.',
lusleud or frcni lleriunliPr I lo A rt I
1 1 an at pri'in'iit This remedy seemed
lo meet t ho approval uf nil pri'snut i
Tin Mule warden said lm (Hit not
think It iirnrttral tn setum any
ihnnge In tln hunting npitmin until
ii mriiiKiT public sentiment ilslii.
llo declared. ImiMurr. Ill belief I
tluit I ho lime nn cimlng wIipii u
thirty iluy irnum und utut-hurk limit!
would hit enacted liy Hut legislature.,
DurKhdiiff gutn mi Interi-atlng tulk J
nn Hut iivdiitldn ft fishing nml limit-1
Ing, nml iIip nro III mill need of run
nation. Prior to III address Chorion F
Stone. J. J Furbrr, Dert Wlthrnw.
Hurry Piolit nml srternl other lneiiL
men expressed their Men, in tho
need (if I'lumsth ii ii ii If iilonK pro
tection unit propagation Hiip )
-According lo W. V .McNcally.
sorretnry of Hie Klniuntli Sportsmen's
lumorlallon, tha chnngit In thu closed
flhlng sense n will remedy ninny !
(ling tll. ami satisfy Ihn majority
of sportsmen.
II Mill prrtcr. llili during thi
heavy spawning nensnn In a I'cr-,
- loil whrii -thiiy -went heroloforit uo-
prntrrted. front April 1st lo May 16.;
nml It "III allow winter fishing It)
tint tipper Luke by those who us Hut
fUli a ford. I
lliirRluliiff left today for Medford. '
llo iirrlvril Imrn Salurtta)- ami visited!
the Crnkpd Creek hatchery Sunday
nml Mnnilay. I
Ul.roiriril liy I-egloii In Wild of.
Pellrnn City j
The Legion special entertainment
committer) ha inado u find tn one
It. W. Drowning, who, In n given
length of lime, can prodiiro more
harmony, vocal or Instrumental, thnn
tiny man Hint ever did squads right.
At least this In the committee's
ntnlemeut. Drowning, It Is claimed,
wan discovered III tho Wild of Pell
enn City, lie was captured nfler n
hard struggle and brought to the
minstrel practlco nt ih club rooms
lust night.
When Drowning unllmbered bin
vocal chords und Ills iikcloln thoso
present knew that hero wan Caruso
At leant llint'n what tho commlltco
Kecoiul Petition Tiled When llrror
I'uiinil In First
The potltlon for calling n special
election to voto on u routl bond Issuo
of Jfido.OOO, was returned to tho
county court yesterday with tho re
qulsllu number of signature and thn
court has ordered Hint thn election
b set for Tuesduy. 1'ehrunry 21. The
bond- would run from seven lo iilno-
tonn yenrn mid curry II per (cut In-'
torcst. Thin Is tho second cull made
for thin election, owing to the fact
Hint an error hull been ml ' lMn
first petition,
vi:atiii:u piiodaiiilithx
Very llttlo rlmngo han taken placa
In tho barometric prcssuro alnco Hie
roport of yesterduy, tho Cycln-Storm-ngriiph
at llndorwood'H Pluirmacy,
showing u nllitlit rlao during tho
night und this morning, follnwud by
n downwiird innvomont that iniitln
uoH up to tlio tlmo of going lo press.
It is itulto likely, lliernfore. that
there, will ho llttlo change In weather
conditions. A long uh tho provullliig
winds uro from n Hoii.horlr dlroetlon
It In quite probable (tint higher tern
pnrnturen will rule, but should tho
wind shift to thn North our cool
wenthor will return.
Koroenst for next 24 hours;
Fair woathcr, lndlrntlona favornblo
for Hnmo weather condltlona us
lust 24 hours.
Thu Tycos recording thermometer
registered maximum and minimum
temporuturcs, us follews:
High 38
Low ,v 17
PAHT POPE'S 1111)11, ".rt-
hinalm oathek to i:i,i:cr
IIOMi:, Jan. 2-t. Hlfttiiri-
calico In hopii In tlm ri'cnptlon
nt tint vntlnin of tint Italian
rnlilni't minister, mid tint half-
masting of tlm flan nn tlio
qulrlnul In mourning for 1'iipo
llptivillrl, NnwapapnrM pxprcmi
Hut linpn Hint tlm next pupii
may I'liil tint Ioiik illffprpiidi
lii'lwrcn tlm rlitirch ami Ihti
Italian Kovprmnriit. Wlillu
4 llioimatiilii nlrcain pant I'opn
llnnodlct'n hpr, Hut ranllnalif
nro on tlu-lr wny from forolcn
roltntrlcH tn rlprt t ho nnw
popo. Onrdlnnl Maffl, arch
lililiop of I'lia, U rrpnrtPit Hut ,
Rovornini'iit'ii rlinlcn for pnpn.
I In .lililrr, lli'fon NiiIIomnI Cunfrr
lino Itiilnri- ,M HIioiiIiI
l llo Ultra I'linncm
WAHIIINtlTON. It C Jnn. 21
Thp iialloiml acrliulliirul confor
oiirp loiluy ronnliliTPd Kurnpo nn it
farlnr In rmialtiK Hu' kpiipmI Amur-
Irnn fnrui ilcpri'jiiiloii. t), V. Wat
roil, of Itlilca, Npw Vurk, hark from
Illtrilftlltfjllf.ll Miil.l .'ilrtti,ifi. t.Mrl.l
ruliurn i VMiiinr i.nrl. in w.rm.i
miiri. rupldly thun other Indumle. '
Derelopii.iht of a thorough codei
of l.w un.l l.o.l... ,,i,..
Hi., proper machinery of finance to I1"'"-" ro'nmllteit la.t week mm nerrn.u, ,,-...,.. - ' ,"",'" 1 Three scparato null, were filed In
n,.ur tin. farmer a supply of work- Ul'ldlrn.lnn conduct The Star ncromp l.hmenU ''ur'h" '"'; J"' the circuit court this morning by J.
Ing on n. r.Mi.onable trrm J rooming house bo refused and her np-, ended, but In nenrb nor, tata. ', A. orUotl( ovrncr r h K ,
. .1. granted .."e ll V." '"'""" '" '" iTJZZVZ 'llte -b" C- ' " S
s- ""- - n;s;r,,fA.,,,,r,g,,I.n,o!:nrrr: if SrrBr-raKs
vital than otiy other, In which near-, a..,i.,,p..i. nt and Main. ! community, particularly In the West. , ,, ., , ,
,y l,"1" "a"m''' "'" '"liiiid Henry On and Wing Wong, to
vented, ran be rel f..r good nperatn a Chlnise restaurant In Hum
nerurlty und certain returns."
Declaring that on the matter of
""' may no eaiien iue, invest-, the former two In ponce anil ino ini-i inciory, u.n luu....,,., .. The plaliiUff sets up that ownn to
incut crfpltal. the dlladvatitago of hVr"to IliVflro committee. ' - f worKshofT.-ornnrrif tlic v.irlous rhnn-4 mj crfor- ((o ll0cc- ,iail bou ;aaao"
lh farmer so mpnsed public, Joe C Smith was granted n permit I nelt of trade nml commerce. pnyablo to tho Klamath Stale Haak
opinion that Hie federal farm loan; lo conduct u popcorn stand at Sixth I Tho groucblett knocker living can- on(l Tno KJril 8tato & savjngB Ilank,
board was oitabllshed lo meot the and Main streets. uot trump up even n lame MCtiso to bi(t w((h thg knowJeso of ,ho
need, thn president said that the' A resolution nutlmrlilng payment !nhow why thin ear. 19. l"0,",' J'", ,efCuadnts. tho error had been cor
farmer still needed some provision! of nn Installment on tho Judgment of b0 TIIK HIO M.Alt right In '"-Ircctcd by transfer to tho plaintiff,
for supplying him with working'"" Mar,ln c,,Mo nKalni1 ,ho clty ,,1(' WKST- wU.h ll unb?u"dc'1,1 ! but tho amount of tho Insurance had
"Comnare.1 wlih ..thrr ln,h..
tries,'1 be continued, "the wonder Is
.... agriculture. .... deprived of
.., uncsa .() ihi... ...vt-nillll'Ilt UI1II
accommodation capital, has pro-
perod even so well."
r " I at the Lyceum Hull till evening. It
la-lli. Pi)lon Xmrottly cnjen ,iaH b(;CIl omolW(, nro nn enter-
llrnttnliiK In laiko Kwiiuna j tnliiment of tills kind tins been given
j In this city nml tlm promoter nro
l-esllo IVytcn hud n cloto call Sun- hard nt work to make It bo Interest
day ufterncon while skutlug on Lnkn . nc and succestful that they will be
l.'wuun.i, and had It not been for tho ' como n rrgulnr ff.ituro of tho tunny
prompt uctloii of Andy Connelly, Kd I popular entertainments given In tho
Lawrence and several other quick-1 i.ycoum Hull.
willed tiyitnmlcrs, ho would undoubt
edly linvo drowned, when ho crashed
through the soft Irn mid wus plunged
In tho Icy waters of thn lake.
Connolly wnn tlio first to hear tho
hny'H cries for help. Ho skated rapid
ly tn tho sreim und throwing off his
coat crept out on tho leu nml .sourIiI
to swing tho end of tils overcoat to
the boy. The Ico crumbled under him
unit hud not u youngster grabbed his
hneln ho ton would huvo hail on ley
bath. Thn iixiunpln set by tho boy wan
quickly followed by others In forming
u human chain under thn direction
of Kd Lawrence, who was on. the
scene almost n quickly ns Connelly.
Thu latter being unable tn loach
young Petcn with his coat, Law
rence threw him it long stick, which
ho extended to Hut ulmost fro7en Ind
In thn water. The later never Inst his
head for nn Instuut nml following the
Instruction,, of his rescuer, held on
In thn stick, while Connolly wns drag
ged buck ovor tho crumbling Ice,
drawing tho hoy with him, until firm I
Ice wns i cached, when ho was told
tn roll mid not try lo climb onto tho
Ice. Ito did what hit wan told mid was
soon hauled tn safety. Ills rescuers,
however, wero uot yet through with
him. Despllo his protests that bo
wanted to llo down, he wus taken In
tow, with Laurence on ino sldo nml
Connelly nu the other mid the pace
they set for iibout ten mlnutus, young
Peyton will remember to thn ends of
his days, When circulation hud been
restored ho wuh taken homo und yes
terday wns ut school no worse for his
Impromptu bath,
At tho point where ho brolto
through tho Ico, there l8 it hot spring
bubbling from tho bottom of tho lulto.
and while tho Ico wns thick enough
to sustain almost anyy weight, It wus
troucherously nctt mid mushy, mak
ing n vorltublo trap.
Police Chief Protests Al
leged Charges of Protec
tion; Probe Is Ordered
Thn moptlnc nf tlm rlly romipll
lout iiIrIiI uaA InrKPly kIvpii our In
(llnPiiimliiti nml fnw itpflnltu rcnult
wnrn rcnihcil.
Tho nltunlloii Jn rcRnrd to nlli-RPd
chatKPii Hint certnln pool room pro-
prlclcrn went paying for "prnlctclon"
from enfertement nf the autl-Kamh-llng
nrdlmipcit wan broached by Po
lice Chlpf Wllnon.
I'ollrn Judge l.earitt pointed out
that about two )eurn ugo thn city
urillnniipit wn. nittetiileit to tilnre re
tmti.lliltltv for cnmbllne In nool i
room on Hid proprietor nf the place,
mid milling revoPHtloii nf the licence
tit n penally lln hold that enfone-
. mrnt of Hut ordlnniicrt u a nuffl
tlcnl nfi'Runnl. and thn vlnw
nliuri-d by thtt tnmicll, who were tin-, forwoni loum ir.nirii. i provldn analitance only when reanon
nnlmouii, howeter. In u nluml for in-without waiting for the command. J ntl profit If not obtained wlttout
fiifAtitnnl tt Ittn Inw Tlm llltlllllltl
' ... mfprrp.! tn tint uullcit i ummllti'K I
for Inve.tlgnllon. 1
Mm. Martha Kadej wan on hand ,
to protest the recommendation of the
.m-ond story of the building nt CI9
Main, were referred to committees,
ws pasicu. i no i
' approximately
tt.OOO. About
f 500 Is now on band to npply In pay-
. ,-w - .
uxmcin' SOCIAL
i ' " ,.r .v.-.-.-.m ii.tM,
A Daskel Is tn be given by
n ennui nf Cntbolle rhurrh workers
1tlS IS Gone
Tope VJORlrt
.1 i rmzsyr:!- vv v y i ir" f- i
vO nW FTmk Xt V-1 1 y A)?
vr rbjBgiiSPIJil A k
II) I, I. Iliiak, llniil.CiniMil,
VkiiIiiii'ii of It Vt til
(I'lthllnhril In thn "I'cnvcr Comiorr
dnl" of Hop 2!l. 1021.)
OI'TIMIMM U Hip mIiiii nml I'Olt
U'Allll lN I ho pnrrworil, Tlm fellow
who hnmi'l not It hIioiiIiI lie rfiiil I
nilmlttmico. I'ltOHI'KIHTV I, In Hici
mitcnotii ilPimmilliiK rPPOKiilllmi
All tlm Kroiichcd, iwiro hpndn. i:nopk-
cm nml iiiiiiiiiinc rniumity imwicMj
on farm rnmim kitji huh iiiu. nt'y
mny lorrow tronhlo nml predict dln
nipr unlit tlicr urn hlark in Hip fnie:
they tuny rntlrn Inliolr planit of
nlinde. pull down tlfowlmlow nhnriral
and rouiplaln nhoul Ibo darkiip. i
It ulll h lirlRhl and hcautlful en Hie
miUlile, for ii iliirkiiuil riMiin inniini I
""'' (i,c, !( iikc mm ;
miumiiiic kihiiiihi. ,
l'llUHi'i;itrrt w norp, ny ne:
admit It? Klrlc over tho liiuhel mid
let out tho llRhl and lliruURb Intclll -
Kent lmrmoiUlng. of thought and nr -
tlon. lm In position to (irovo Hip ef-lul
forln cf olmtrintlonliitn n, futile and
u liopeltvin an trying to Hop the In -
coming tide rll!i u pltrhfork.
I ronfcni Hint I mn not tho H- sIiIimi.
roverrr or Hip (1p author of thej xD i)ai which In expected to
nbovii nlognn end pannword they I form the haul of n to con
nrciu to linvn been rluiien by common, Krell. noxl m0t(, WOuld limit Hie
tonnenl. If en Inntnnco of "Itlght j
I'copln I talk wiin am conuwiiiy
referring to 1 922 as Till, lilt? LAlt. ,
1 "'ft In cnn.tnlit rceelpj of communl-1
cations from men of affair., In nearly ,
every action 01 mo roj.ur, ... -.,..
.. . m I .... Min. I inmlii nf rnaiillfsi rT
In that conditions generally nro Mfor,,3i33j.0o nnJ 10 Uvorpo0 &
proving rapidly and that 19 will , d , n,uranf0 Co, for ,3
Mi Ugoou jeer r, .., ,....-
er. whether It bo fromhbo soil, e
untold millions In livestock, mineral.
coal, agriculture, ond manufactured
'' """"'
III luut, the Mrs! Iiiih m-
wi.r.l ttrtnt cr ttlial It mut liiiu-J
r.iul U mm id-UIii fur.
Our nurces,, in the romltig months,
depend,) upon our being ready j
"having our hnmo In order" as the
conditions nhead will bo f.-itorablOj
only tn tluuo prepared for compotl-.
Hon, to thoio whoso salo arguments
nro In tlio "front fllej. Tho day of.
thn "order taKer is nt an enu. I no i
day for thu man with original. Indlv-
(dual thinking In at hand. To such.l
at least, tho coming year will bo sue -
' ctsiful.
7 5
Sll-J AM
vn nn mo inn i
DflirriNb WILL
iiiii lllnll!ll IM I
Plan Proposes Paying Ship
Operators Portion of
Customs Receipts
WARIIINflTO.V, Jnn. 21. I'ropon-
a I, for Rovurnmcnt aid for American
fhlpplnc, worked out liy the Shipping
Hoard, worn prcnontPd to I'rralilnnt
intriiintt today liy Chairman Uwker.
int plan propotcn paylns Amcrl-
can nlilp opprnlcm a percentage of
cmtomn rctelptn on Reed, Importod,
i make provllon for memRerslilp of
1 crown of Amprlcan veiucln In tho Say
rcicrvo with reiultlng additional,
,ay m n provlnlou Hint a cprtnln
! proportion e: Itnmtgrantn coming to
thn t'nlti'd tatci como on American
j,ro(ti, f operators and
T.;i: .srTS ,-,M:i, rolt
. 5(, TlM0 fon,ian,M ,,,,. ,,.
gm(( ,,,,, for tho amolml c,amcd.
never been paid.
SAN I'RANCISCO, Jan. 21. '
adu und California highway of(I
rials aro to meet In Ucno, Zsevada,!
early next month to dtscnsn plans
for Improving portion, of tho Vic-
iory Transcontinental highway,'
ttrotchlng from San Francisco to'
uv. yorj.
oaJ t(.IU
have been placed
along the highway as tar as Kan
sas City by tho California Stato
.,,,.' ,, ,.
, . . ' . ...
i v uimvi nui "f vutM'ivutis hi
'. sign system tQ New York this year.
.m.uiiii:h hut iiki'chkh
nto Hill, tho Woman'n Tarty
leader, todny confirmed reporn
nf her marriage to Albert I.oav- 0
4 Itt, a profpunnr of the University 4
0 of North Dakota, and nnnounc-
nd nhe would not chnngo her
name. "Why should I chnngn
my name? There In no law re-
4 quiring It, and only custom han 4
cauiied people to do It, I Intend
to keep my name for all legal
4 matters, visiting cards, etc' she
Ileiul of (irt-nt Concern Make Hhort
Htny in Wolcni Teur: Will
Couir Here Ijitep
' A meeting of the executives of tho
subsidiary companies e: the Ixmg-1
Hell Lumber company In being held
today at Weed, where Hobert A. !-ong
will make n short stay In his western
tour of Inspection of company proper
tics. W. II. Kllngoribprg. manager of tho
11 Ilasln Lumber company, a sub
sldary company, was unable to attend
Jiecauto of tllnesa, Ho said It was
Long's Intention to "make personal
Inspection of tlio company plants In
this region, but that road and weath
er condltlona bad cabled a change of
plans. Long will visit this city later
In tho season, ho said.
Urea. Interest has been aroused
bocauie of Long's visit to the North
west whero tho Long-Dell company
Is operating extensively. Long Is said
to hnvf confirmed tho roport that
the company will erect three or incro
mills In tho Northwest with an aggre
gate annual output of COO, 000. 000
feot a year. Construction wilt not
start. It waa reported, until the cost
of labor and materials U materially
In addlllon-to thc-HrsIlasl:1ttnf
uor cu...i.a..7 iiaui ui-iu u ...r.w
timber holdings near Vamiey moan-;
tain, the Ixing-Ilell Lumber companv
owns the Weed Lumber company and
timber east of Dray sufficient to keep
tho Weed plant running for 20 year
at Its present capacity.
AttornejH Snuffle, Jui-tlco Hnufflcns
Arsumcnt'In W.tlvcU
In Jutt ice Oacbagcn'n court yestcr
,jay in0 attorney's In tho suit of Alex,
andcr Quick agatnst It. E. Winning'
ham. fpr damages sustained In an
auto collision, came Into court with
tho expectation of arguing on a de
murrer to the complaint submitted by
tho defendant. Quick claims his ma
chlno wa. Injured on December 2nd.
to tho extent of $S!.4&, and that he
was deprived of Its uso until Decem
ber 11th. causing a loss of $150.
Attornoy Marx, who repre'sontod
tho plaintiff, waa suffering from a e
vcro cold and Attorney Ilenner, who
was looking aftor tho defendant',, In
terests wns In tho same fix. When
the two lawyers discovered that Jus
tice Oaghagen was also suffering
from n sovero cold, which njado vocal
effort somowhat difficult, thoy mut
ually agreed that tho ends of Justice
could bo most quickly served by waiv
ing argument and submitting auth
orities on thalr contentions, pro and
con. And It was so ordered,
Tho court this morning declined
to sustain the demurror and gave
defendants threo days In which to
Onco Surveyor mid Well Known
CllUeu of Klamath County
W. T. Uutchcr, onco Klamath
county surveyor and an early-day
teacher here, died January 10th at
tho homo of hU daughter, Miss Nan
E, Dutcher, In Sacramento, uccord
Ing to word received by friends. Ho
waa 79 years old.
Ilutchor was county survoyor of
Klamath county from 1895 to 1898.
llo resided hero for twelve or flf-
teen years, and was esteemed "'
valuable and Intellectual cltlien.
After leaving hero ho lived In,
Nevada, then In Plumas county,
California, for many years, until
fulling health compelled blm to
muko his homo with his daughtor,
PORTLAND. Ore., Jan. 24. Cat
tlo steady; calves $1 totl,50
higher. Hogs and sheep steady.
Butter and eggs steady.
Virtual Settlement Mifc
of Question at AnjM;
. .
V.SIIINOTt:., B.r., Jnn. ay A
virtual settlement of the Hlbsrlnn
qucstlcn, so far an tho Wnsblngtoa
Arms Conference In concerned, win
understood to hero been reached to
day by tha fnr Eastern Commute
with thn acceptance of the J s panose
statement promising coraplctn .with,
drawal from Husslan territory upont
tho ettabllshnicnt of a stable govern
ment. Secretary Hughes made a state-
mcnl reaffirming tho American pol-
KT againii territorial ngg-esston.
An agreement on Pacific Island
fortifications, under which tho lion
In Islands, adjacent to Japan, are
not to bu fortified, also was repcrtul
to havo been reached.
WUSII1NOTON, Jan. 24. Thn
Senate with llttlo delay rejer'nr) hi
Walih nesolutlon asking tho Pros
dent for Information as to conversa
tion relating to Shantung between
Chinese and Japaneso delegations.
Tho Senate niiorlud the Norrls
resolution asking, .'the Attorney Gen
oral whether tho Department of Jus
tleo contemplates separata action
against the International Harvester
company for dissolution.
Prtvce, ' Parts Celebrity, to Ap
pear at Forum Tosnerrow
I? Meet.Moiuloni; Pewcr,.tb eminent
cat exnenis tn aDnear nt thn P.h.m.
ber , Commcrce forllnx ,uncneoB l0
morrow noon when the Klamath
Amateur Athletic asosc'atlon will
have charge of affair.
M. Pcwee, It was learned, come i
ed to come here only because of b,r
friendship for Fred Fleet, who wilt
talk at the forum. Tho artist Is un
able to speak English but wilt make
signs. 1
Secretary Stevenson today sent a
hurry call to restaurants for fro;
legs for the forum luncheon, hoping
thereby, he said, to please thu artlt
as well as to put a kick In tho enter
Downey Send Frisco Scrapper to
llattlc Earl Illtrhlo
Flght fans will have an oppor
tunity to see what Earl Ritchie can
do when matched with a man of
bls own ability on Friday night,
when be will meet Al Hogus of
San Francisco, In a six-round go.
Ilogue weighs 193 pounds, and
Is only 24 years of ago. Ho comes
hore, according to Curley Under
wood, tho promoter, to avenge the
beaten given his sponsor, Jack
Downey, who went out In the sec
ond round In the receut affair here
with Itltchto. Downey has sent
word that Hogue Is a comer, and a
fighter Ritchie will have to extend
himself to boat. Ilogue will arrive
hero tomorrow night.
As a preliminary, VInccat and
Harrington will stage tbelr third
battle. Harrington has lost to Viu
cent on two occasions through nU
apparently uccldental, after he had
his opponont down. This timet hn
hopes to tuko tho match with a
clean K. O. Vincent has "lm!'r
Young WIest, ot Merrill, and Rat
tling North, of Klamath Falls, and
tho famous bubblowelgbts, "Tuffy"
Anderson and Young Fltislmraons,
will complete tho card.
Lloyd Huwltt, who recently bad
his log crushed at the Oskar Huber
quarry near Malln. -was taken to Port-
land this morning by hi father for
treatment. Hewitt bad shielded him
self behind hla truck when a blut
was sot off In the quarry, but one
of tbo freak flight, ot a big boulder
occurrod, tho rock 'falling on his leg
and crushing tho bona, Tbo proces
ot healing was so unsatisfactory that ..
Hewitt's father came here to Uka
his son to .Portland, where twsUr
opportunity exist for trtML