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Page Two
Tbm Evening Herald
. a, HAHMrrr ,
city MHol
Pblla4 dally xcept 'Sunday, tor
Taa Hrld Publishing Company at
Klamath rlli, at US Eighth Btrt.
Bsttred at tb po.toflie at Kla
atb rallf, Or., (or transmission
through tb mail aa cond-clau
The Associated Ptm la axclu.lveli
ntltlad to tb us for publication of
II nawa dlMtcha crditd to II
or not otMrwIa eradtted In thli
aapor, and alio tb local usw. pub
Usher hrJn.
Harry Willi won a decision over
Bam Langford In their 10-round bout
at tbo Milwaukee arena Tuesday
night bat be would stand little chance
with Demp.ey.
Till, Is tho unanimous opinion ot
Portland sport writers who witnessed
the affair. Wilts landed on Langtord
SO or tnoro times, with both rights
and lefts of unchecked power, but
beyond a temporary shaken? tbey left
tho ancient "Tar Baby' little the
worse tor wear. One cannot Imagine
Dompaey htttlng a man ao otten with
out dlsastroua results to the recipi
ent - ' vrpnji
Didn't Vmr Will
Lancford displayed no (ear of
Wills. There were 'frequent periods
when "Tham" waa on the aggressive
and bad his larger opponent backing
Into the ropes under fusillades of
abort lefts and rights, most ot which
were blocked. Wills outboxed Lang
ford at long ranee, and tb latter
couldn't do anything effective nntll
he got to close quarters, when he
would manage to rip through a fow
of the abort punches which once
mads him "the bad man" of the
prlre ring.
Wills took an edge In most ot the
rounds,- particularly In the seventh,
when ho spun Sam about the ring
with" barrago o( long range lefti
and right. For a moment It looked
as l( Sam was going to be rocked to
sleep, but he weathered the storm
without taking any count. Just before
the bell rang. Wills shot a terrific
right to Sam's jaw and "the Tai
Baby" didn't know what corner he
belonged In. He stood in the middle
of the ring until he got his bearings.
Sam Blocks Many
That wa the neaerst knockout of
the contest Before, and after that
Sam contrived to parry many of bis
opponent's most ridoua leads, occa
alonally slamming hi own right orer.
Each round waa virtually a repeti
tion of the other, with Will's lead
piling up gradually. In the fifth
round Referee Tom Loutltt thought
W'lllg waa Inclined to make a waits
ing match of It and was holding bis
punches.. He warned-Wills and the
big fellow did better work In tt
SIxtb, which was a fast and thrilling
round. Wills afterward explained
that his 'lack of eagerness to finish
Sam wns due to an Injury to his right
mitt In one of the early rounds. It
was plain that Wills didn't care to
tako too big a chanc of Sam slam
ming him to the jaw and spoiling
matters for the rest ot the evening.
Ills respect for the "old man" stood
out In full view.
Shame On You, Says Sam
After the fight' JLangford (said:
"There's your champion for you, just
getting a decision over an old man
Ilk me. That fellow can't beat me,
because he can't punch hard enough,
With more time to train and In a
loagor fight, say of 20 rounds, I
think I could put Wills out."
The crowd waa with Langtord, but
realised that he had been outpointed
and outpecked and consequently re
ceived the decision "well.
Langtord weighed 190 and Wills
The preliminaries were fast and
exciting. Prankl Richie and Alvla
Landon fought a four round draw,
Willi St. Clair took a six round de
cision from Soldiers Woods, a clumsy
boy whose only asset Is his ability to
absorb 100 punches to the minute.
The seml-wlndup between Eddie
Richards and Rube Finn was a great
battle, Richards winning after a
gruelling contest.
FORTLANIX Jan. 28. Boy'
and girls' club work in Oregon has
been on a much firmer basis dur
ing tb past year, than any year
previous, according to H. C. Bey'
mour, state club leader, and tb
following report will give the peo
ple of the state a general Idea of
the growth of tht work during
this time.
Six thousand four hundred sigh-ty-vn
club members in the stst
actually began .work. Up to Novem-
Twenty-Mri Year
sP l iSw5r ,ikk'ty'
SC JSlfl 7t rvrnv'
n ssrnr up nxxtti ro sctc
br II. 4181 of thus filed their,
final reporta in Us office of the
state club leader.
These 84 S7 members were org-
anlied mto 7S4 standard clubs,
with a local leader In charge of
each club. Of these 724 clubs, 376
ot them finished their work, meet-,
lng all requirements for a standard
club. Out of these 376 standard
clubs. 2S4 of them reported 100
per cent ot their members comptet
ed the work.
The total value of all product.
produced this year by tbo club
members of the state was $13
359,68 This was at a total cost ot
f60.GSl.13. making a profit of
I66.77S.55. Th! profit surpasses
that ot last year, notwithstanding
the fact the value ot products baa
dropped verr muck within tho
The real rslue ot the country
clnb leader Is shown In the report
ot this year, as the counties with
county club leaders, Multnomah,
Clickamas, Tillamook. Linn, Mal
heur, Douglas and Klamath,
made a percentage ot completion of
81 H per cent, while the rest ot
the state, or the counties without
county club leaders, mado 45 per
cent. This demonstrates tho value
of tb county club agent, who can
follow the work throughout tbo en
tire twelve months of the yesr.
$13,000,000 TO BE
PORTLAND. Jan. 30. Construe'
Hon of 3300 new refrigerator cars for' ...lD,b,l!!r,W ,v-ri.-im '
the Pacific Fruit Express company at;DE,,AIlE-i7t;TdINTh,U0"-l
a total cost ot 813,000.000 has been y s, Land Office st Ikerlew.l
autborltod and calls har been made Oregon. Dec. 27, 1921.
for hid., aecordlnr to ltformsllon re-
eclved todsy at the local offices of
the Southern Pacific company, which
is joint owner with tho Union Pacific
ot the refrigerator express company.
Thls Is tbe third largo order for
cars mads by railroad organizations
during tbe past three months. Tbo
Northern Pacific announced Its In
tention to construct approximately
28,000,000 worth ot new cars this
yosr and tbe Union Pacific approxi
mately 810,000,000 worth of cars.
Northwestern lumbor will be used In
construction of all the cars.
Tbe car order calls for completion
of the new refrigerators In time for
the summer perishable business, The
company at present has 19, COO cars
and, with the new equipment, this
number will be Increased to 22,800.
Since 1920 a total ot 233,000,000 has
been Invested In new facilities, In
cluding tbla now ear order.
Last year the Pacific Fruit Ex
press company recdved 4000 new
cars art these aided Imnienaoly in
relieving th congestion durl3g tbe
fruit (hipping season In the North
west. With 3300 more cars In serv
ice next fall. It is believed tbe apple
shipping problem will be overcome
to a large extent. .
conference of representatives of Pa
cific ports, looking to the formation
of a $30,000,000 pool to operate
stripping board vessels In trans-pacific
trade, was opened here today.
About 70 men were present.
15 Mductlon on Msn's Wool
Shirts and Sweaters K. K. K. Store
A special sale ot a few Indian si
lotrasats oa th Klasaath Resarvatlon
wU b beld at Klamath Agency, Ore
gon, oa January If, 1823, These al
lotments Include wild hay land, graz
ing land, farra land, reel? lined marsh
load aad timber land. TM appraised
yaiuaiftou range iron, siuv.uv loi.rIim.n.H w.hlnmn n r. tnr In
wrmi!.;tBiJl!"BH;.? ,?. ".V desired. Business demands prevent
Wllllasnson River, Spnipue River and l.tonnlne at anv other nlnee In lli(.
in the Modoc Point, Mar.h scstlon. Section
Full Informntlon can be obtained uV-rtf .i,i,lnci i ,i,u n,
hv Miiinr nnnn nr ,vin, in ... T --very statement til triu noiito
XXZ.7 w.rV.r'a v;.. '"'.V.:.'"" "cm vcrirtet ueroro the Federal
aauBiv vi a4l,Vl Wt Is ir)( IVIdaaf Hill
Agency. Oregon.
Jn-10-1 8-17-20-24,
Ago in Linkville
ABOUT 5rrT-. ths fcJtT.-w HOUJC
TjAveJN; show iwwu -ivwre
"IllDKltS OF Till: IUW.V"
I'lvo hauil-to-band, to-tho-deutli
fights In one picture Is strenuous
trk tor any film star. Kven husky
Roy Stowart. ntl-around athlete, who
l",l " university heavyweight boxing
championship nnd was chnmplon
InR.o-.rfuU roer on the l'aclflc
for two ears. considers It oultu
sufficient That Is what ho had tn do
In "Hlders of tho Dawn." llrnjamln
11 Tfnmntnn'. rtll.atnf virfVillf r lrtn tt
lhc famous . Bowf ..Thp
IVsort of Wheat." which Is tho nt
tr.tct'on at the Strand Theatre to
night Hut Roy would not have complain
od at Just tboso tire fights. Some of
then were briefer and easier tha
others. Tho thing that got the official
Stewart goat was when, just as he
was finishing up with another all
star picture. Emerson Hough's 'The
Sarebrushcr." snd starting "Riders
of "he Dawn", ho had to do one of
tho hardest fights In each picture on
tho same day Ho win considerably
bruised at the end of that perfect
' .,u I... ft ,..ln.t.ltf aa..l.A,l hlPlr
Uaj, UUl ,, ftl.-l'vn ...- n
eyes tho calamity of the screen
In addition there will bo two Rnai)
p comedies.
The women of tho Presbyterian
church will giro a food silo at tho,
Roberts & Hank, hardwaro store.
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, Iti
was- announced today.
.NOTIUli IS nereoy girrn in.i ..ur-
trude Welt, whoso POSt-OfflC d-
.!.. ! Klamath Arencv. Orcroll.
did. 03 tho 23rd day of May. 1021
file In this office Sworn Statement
Ud Application, No. 011730. to pur-,
chase the EH NEVi, NWH NE'.i.
NEW NWtt. ectlon 15 Township 3S
9, Range 12 E, WHlametto Meridian,
nnd tno umonr tnereon. uniier i.
provisions of tho net or June 3. IS. 8.,
and nets amendatory, known ns the
"Timber and Htone i-aw. ai sucn ;
Toiur us mi jui u nu u, i-1
ment. and that. Puant to such ap -
""fi1 ,.aLd".n.L,..,,S,J'" '?,"::
. . .. . r. t'iT Vi.'-, .ik.l. ..
dred Ninety nojian, the timber cs-
ttaa ed 630 M board feet $1.00
Dor M. and tbe land 31C0.00; that
satd applicant will offer final proof
( . . Wl- ...ll...l. ...I
Weley, Pmoiia hi this Specialty,
Called to Medford
F. II. Secley, of Chicago and Phil
adelphia, tbe noted truss expert, will
personally bo at the Holland Hotel,
and will remain Saturday only,
Jan, 21. Mr. Seeley says: "The
Spermatic Shield will not only retain
any case of rupturo perfoctly, but
contracts tbe opening In 10 days on
the average caso. Reins a vast ad
vancement over all former mothods
exemplifying Inatantanoous effects j
immediately appreciable and with-,
standing any strain or position no
v . I ,bb ,t.A al.A ... Iil.allnn T awA ... '
difficult cases, or Inclsslnnal rupture
trouowing operation) specially son-.
cited. This instrument rorelved tho !
only award In England and In Spain,
producing results without surgery,
Injections, medical treatments or
prescriptions, Mr. Secley has docu
ments from the United State. Oov-
and Htute Courtrf. V. II. Heeler.
Home Office, 117 No. Dearborn St.,
Chicago. Adv. 19-20
i. i.min Ton the 13th da "of channels often get Irritated, obliging
swom statement on tne lain any or , , " lh ,i. .
March. 1922. before Ilert C. Thomas. J"0" J ,"ivo 0T three tlmo' dur"
U S, Commissioner, at Klamath , ""Lthn. ",'K,L ,,,.. .. H.
Pniia ' To neutralize these Irritating acids
n-n.,.n'l. .. lll,.rl. tn n,nl..llnnd U,h ,bB boir' UtlnOU
1 .P efnt.?t T , L'; hirir- Salt' " n pharmacy; take a
ate a contest at any time berorei , .v.'. .... ,' ' , ..., .-.
patent Issues, by filing a rnynnU.: Jr.bBd
ed affidavit In this office, alleging '", lJi,,hJtt,ll Srt
fatts which would defeat the entry ilZluSiuZ u!" thZn .1 tVu
Notice will be published for nine bIadd,or d ,"er di,,"'?ar,.,S If
consecutive week. In tbo Klamath , fam''u u ' made rom u'8 ac'd .f
ITerald grares and lemon juice, combined
s n nr.HT nri.'.r lwlln ,llll,a' Bnd ba" boon u,e1 ,or
njnj.iSMs,P?ioi'j4 generations to cloan and stimulate
p 30 J F 3.10.1 ..24 '.ugg,h kidneys and slop bladder
; sJ$eiitGKiisj tt
Wo enrrj tans Lint of U
1 1 .Ml Width and (Vlor. 1
Around World in 17
Days, Flyers Predict
PARIS. Jan. 19. A trip (.round. UK.ND, Ore., Jn. to. Tlial tno
Hie world In 17 days by International! United 3tatej goagraphte board will
irnillplanes l regarded at ono of tho'l'O"' ou tho proposed change of tho
osltiltle of tho futuro by nlrplano name in mji lane, iwemy-winm WANTKiii school girl, work for
experts. They ray 17-day schedule I from llend to "Lnko llcnd.' was bonrd nj room, llox K. II. Herald
with stop for deliveries nt the chief learned hero In n communication ro- office. 1'l
cities enroute may be reallied when celved from 0. a. 8lano. secretary of j
trnnsatlantle flying becomes a real- tho board. The meeting at which the I Don't overlook the big prk ro
ily. ' matter will come up Is scheduled lo.ducllon on mart Ofrrol and
A suggestion for evon reducing the bo held It February Tho request tort'."'" " ' ' !
tlm. (n inn hmiva un. lxn.ln l.v n. ' tho ChOUfC 1 llliulo by tbn llend' iu .g.. II ),... nun, r.inllln.
... ... ww. ..wh.o ....a .......v . fov
oxpert who snld this would bo pos -
slbto If "airmen's Islands" or fleattnr:
fuel banes were stationed nt points
In the Atlantic where tho mnllplanu
could replenish their fuel. Such a
schemu would make possible a speed
ot 100-mllcs an hour, ho estimated.
It Is claimed that In n recent test
n letter despatched from Now York
by land nnd sea went nrnund the
world In 89 dayja and that thl Is the
world's record to date
100 Men's Flno Caps on sale st
".r.- if ic IC Store
1 1 Li n ..
Little ami Oierronies Trouble
Alnxut Over Mglit
Any breaking out of tho skin, even
fiery. Itching cctcma. can bo quickly
ovcrcomo by applying Mcntbo-Sul-pbur.
declares a noted skin specialist
llocauso of lu gorra destroying prop
erties, this sulphur preparation In
stantly brings ease from skin Irri
tation, soothes nnd hcnls the eexema
right up and leaves the skin clear
and smooth.
1 It seldom falll to rcllnvo the tor-
'menl wlfhntlt ,'.lr SnffAriira frnm
,itl trouble should obtain a small
Jnr of Mantho-Sulphur from any good
'rglt and use It Ike cold cream.
lit' l Men I If Ymi IVel llnikncliy
r Hate madder
Moat formi urc ncW wncn excite,
nnU overworks tho kidneys In their
Pffor8 to filter It from tho system,
negulnr caters of meat must flush
.re kdneyil occasionally You must
fdlevo them llko you relieve your
bowels; removing nil tbo adds, waste
,nnc, poI,oni e0 you fee, . du ml
!F '" .n kidney region, sharp pain.
" he back or sick headache, dls
Ln .tomach sours, tongue li
Loao am, whe tho wcatnor ,. ba(
you have rheumatic twlngos. The
,,. A, . ..., ...,, ..J-.. ,t.&
UI.IIU B VIUUU1, ,U, U. RU.,.,UMft. ftUV
Irritation. Jad Baits Is Inexpensive;
harmless and makes a delightful ef
fervescent llthla-water drink which
(millions of men and women take now
and then, thus avoiding serious kid
ney and bladder diseases. -Adv.
He Will Fight
Ficd Kulton. Minnesota bsavy.
a bout with Dempaey, who ono "plasttred" him. Tex Rtckard has
promUcd Fulton a bout with Dmpey next June IF Fulton deitata
few other aspirant before that Urns.
, n uawraaim mist
i -
j commercial ciuu,
Yunr Back Hurt or llladder
IVtlhrra You, llrtnk lot of
Whit Leghorn Baby Chicks.
Whu your klduevs hurt and your lUrrou-Taaorsd Strain,
back feels sore, don't get scared and Matched iclsslvelf from our wu
proceed to load your stomech with a',(aa (Bat averaged for lb year 1831,
lot or drugs that excite tho kidneys m lt (esi fr tb whole Hock
and Irritate tho entlro urinary tract This Is tb real test of msrtt, rthr
Keep your kldnoys clean like you (has tb achUvtsssat of a few select
keep your bowels dean, by flushing ,4 tnm large ftoek aad fad
them with a mild, harmless salta pi, caa Aagsl feed at a laying ra
which removes the body's urinous tt.
wasto and stimulates them to their, W hav greatly atarge4 eur
normal activity. The function of tho sdamt aad ar prsr4 I kales, fifty
kidney la to filter the blood. In 24thad Meka lartag la .
hours they strain from It 500 grains Order rly aad gat tkess whea
ot acid and waste, so we can readily waaUd.
understand the vital Importance of I Ptlo pr 111: Jaaiary aad Feb-)
keeping tho kidneys active. Iraary 118.11; ifarck aat Anl 812..
Drink lots of water you can't C: May aad Jaa ltl.10. far brd .
drink too much; also gel from any P. Rack aat R t fUt katsksd
pharmacist about four ounce of Jad,slal order, I
Salts; tako a tablespoonful In a glass. Maywood Pltry Fan, Csralng.
ot water beforo breakfast each morn-
Ing for a few days and your kidneys
will act fine. Tbi famous salts Is
made from the acid ot grape and.
lemon juice, combined with lllhla.
and hs been used ror generations to
clean and stlmulato clogged kidneys;
also to neutrallto tho adds In urine
so It no longor Is n sourcs of Irrita-
ton. thus ending bladder weakne",
jau nan is ineiponsive; cannot in
ure; raakoa a delightful effervescent
llthla-water drink which evoryon
!?V,W...,?k0 nr ,nd ,,hen.1, kiap
their kidney dean and active. Try
this, also keep up tbn water drinking,
and no doubt you will wonder what
become of your kidney trouble and I
backacne. Adv.
MliM with Hulplmr It llariu-ns
rki Nalarally Nobody
Han Tell
Th ntil.tlmpi mtitllre of Sae Tea
ati niilnhnr fnr Hapkwnlna. ariT. I
streaked and faded hair Is grand
mother'a recipe, and folks aro again
using It to keep their hair a good,
even color, which la quite sensible,
aa we are living in an age wnen a
youthful appearance Is of the great
est advantage.
Nowaday, though, we don't nave
tb troublesome task of gathering
tbe sage and the mussy mixing at
horn. All drug stores sell the ready
to-us product, Improved by tbe ad
dition of other Ingredients, called
"Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur Com
pound." It I very popular, because
nobody can discover tt ha been ap
plied. Simply moisten your comb or
a soft brush with It, and draw this
through your hair, taking one smalt
strand at a time; by .morning the
gray hair disappears, but what de
light th ladle, with Wyeth'. Sags
and Sulphur Compound Is that, be
side beautifully darkening tbe hair
after a few applications, It also pro
duces that aoft lustre and appear
anee of abundance which Is so at
tractive. A dr.
Dcmpsey, IF
la tialntng hard In New Tork tot
T N-
-.-.-.-- ---
Will trait milk cows for beef !
tie, J .V. flrsmhall, SOU Wlnlers'
KOR BAI.IS Hit Tit KUK 10,000 of
stuck In good going Institution In
Minmnth Kitili. Will consider cuttlo.
aboeit or real estate, or what have
yout J. N liramliall, 208 Winters
Mlldg. '
FOR HA1.B JJry limb wood. At Key
stal I'houe 109W. 1-2I
KOR SAI.K One purebred Register
ed Jersey Hull. 3 years old, May
W U l'urdy. Merrill. Ore, !
Ljuo i-oujuii I,.".., w.. ."... .--
In curreucr. Reward, rintler
pleas return to Herald Office. lSIO
TO RENT 2 room apartment
tCverythlug furnished, 820.00. 818
Oak St. 17-33
Fin lot of Sweaters at H price
K K, K, Blor. f
If you want to sell It. buy It, tradt
It. or find It. try Hsrala classified
Calif. Jl-FI
RTtCAkl HKATSO reoais 88.11 per
wk. Large, well llgbbsfl Isbby,
shower baths. N wlnta? rstsi.
Central Hotel, J, 7 Ward. Hgr. tf
MB-t Ltbr Ovrooata and Bheep
nil(j coatl H th, ro,uUr prCe
k K, K. Store,
K0R hknt oad floor ovr arssy
8lor, ,,, M.,n 8tf tiHt,ake ,or
ofHs or apartmsBt. 16-21
WARNING I Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contain proper directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxc of 12 tablet Alto bottle ot 24 and 100 Druggist.
A'Flrla It lb lrul run ot Ba-ir Muarwlar of Uoot.tlrif,lMl.r .- s.llr-lkW
Unw un Co. ad Mecca Tan Co.
Phene 424-J
i--------- ----. --r-l-ll
Ford repair work. Bring your Ford troubles
to us. Repair work of all kinds. All work
831' Klamath Avenue
' aaai
il.rtj-UJULMWW"W"l"""l"11 eaasaa s
Hwret Cider, 1ST N 4lh, lJ-JI
350 Toms nstr alfalfa hay far Mlt,
15.00 ton Jay Kulrcln., Merrill Mill
way. 7-IS
Lyceum Hall, ror. 1th A High, wall
suited for select nitrites, will e rat
d at nominal urlras. Apply to M.
Mntsclienhsclier, I'hnne 85fr, f a
prauilsss, 31-tf
Slop nt
AIU'Alli: IKrrKI.
tu the brart of Klamath Kails,
Center of shopping and thsslr dis
trict. All outside rooms
Hut A cold water In every room,
Hteatn Heat, Iteasouabln raise 1-21
FOR HALM Iteautlfut motw
ranch home In Rngu RlTr rat
ley near Msdford, on paveaitit.
Ilmsrtlll. 127 N 41k it.. City'.
All asreage, 1I-2I
NKW YORK. Jau, 17 Lillian
Russell, famed American beauty,
sailed tor Kuropo today with her hus
band, Alexander I' Moore, editor of
the Pittsburgh Leader, as a special
agent for the government to lnvll
galo Intended Immigrant to America
and report to Secretary of l.abor Dav
is for her return.
'.... .. ' .ins
Feeling Grippy?
Cold Coming On?
DRY, tlrMIng sensation In th
throat, lir.silstlie, IrM-flih, eyes
aclir . Don't Jjv witli I lut on-coming
olJ. Get lr Mne' New Dlicovrrv
at oner. You will like tlie way It
tsVrs I10I1I ami rav-s tliomujb, loovnt
the nhlrimand trlirits tho rooitrstiisi
lit the rvr nnd, and soon Ixisks
up the most cbvltuta attack ol cold
nd sr!p.
Cl.ltilrrn and c")nu alike uh it.
No Imnifiil ilingr, but Jtut tool
t.-wiltrlne fur culcU, colIi and grippe.
Sold hy )our tlruuiit Inr 60c.
Dro Kind's
New Discory
For Colds and Coughs
priiiimiii w
"TlTcrfbut in HaTf n tvy You
wouldn't lie II vur lowrh were art
lag irii.4ily l-v IV l.'lny's litis
fcr lurcMi lowrl, Yotill keep f.t
lor v.-3tk, At .11 1 ijtit :Jc
T PltOMtTI WONT crura
Dr. Kind's Pills
mi Main Street i
... ..,. n-nnfiniiiijiArftiifi.ni1
?:- 2-i