The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 15, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Attractive ArrangemanU
FA 'Catholic Autumn Fair
JC If . ,
ArriuiKeniontH have been completed
far the Catholic Autumn fair to bo
hald'lti '-'0 and 1" hall on Novoraber
17th,. and from indications gives
prbmtso of bolng tho most attractive
atfalf of Its kind over presented In
Klamath' Fnlls. A slogan for tbe vnr
liim'lbootlis has been adoptodl "Ar
tlcl the best and prices low" and
thlMslogan Is tho basis on which all
exhibit will bo presented In the fol
lowing booths!
Merrill Uooth Varied assortment
fihome. made goods, tin chargo of
AUrrllUpoople Mrs. M. Qlacomlnl,
Chairman. ,
& Apron Booth Home Mado plain
aprons Airs. u. A. uoiimnn, unair
man,' '
Fancy Work Of all descriptions,
Xmas sugRCStlons Mrs. TV K. Mc
iDonatd. Chalrmun, . ''
-p Candy Uooth Nothing but tho
fcest nomo-mnue canity "Ton it to
JhrliUweots" Mrs. Jultn Bnrlow,
ft Parcels Post IMiss Conway and
,Young Ladle Club. '
& The Country Storo ltomlnds,you
t Thunksglvlng-back homo when
fprlcos were right Ur. J. namberry,
,Chalrninii).nml nights of Columbus.
Dancing J, II. Wood, J. Lorrlraah;
MTowejrr C. I'ntterson.
, Delicious chicken, lunch served
each day Mrs J. Bumborry, Matron.
'Business lunches will bo serted overy
jfciay at noon. Onlyjiomo cooked nr-
Jtlcles will be servod. Tho fulr ylll
4also bo open euch afternoon.
y A;dcol6atloh of Mills Addition res
idents m appeared before tho council
last, "night, and requested that the
ntner system bo extended down an
alley off of Sixth street to toko care
of sewage and waste water in tho Sec
ond Mills Addition not provided tor
In the original plans -made for im
proving sanitation conditions in that
distrfcU No action was taken, the
Matter being hold open until next
. Street Commissioner Hunsnker re
quested the council to supply cinders
tor about 300 yards of Improvement
a Wantland avonuo oft of Sixth
atratt ..where the road is ii) ttill of
hales that it can hardly be used but
this matter was temporarily passed
up until the next meetiri'it"of. the
The permit of K. M. Chllcotc, of
Chljcote &-Smlth, for tho 'erection of
a frame woodshed within the fire
limits was refused by tho council
after they learned from tho flro chief
.that the building had been partially
'built without a permit. Tho fire
chief notified Chllcote Friday to de
.1st from further construction until
apqrmlt was secured. Other per-
ults issued were:
t. Two moving permits to 0, Wlliard
t, Smith, one for moving the Marquis
rooming house from Seventh and
, Main streets to Tenth and Jefferson,
,,the other for the moving of a ono
,ory bouse from Buonii Vista avenuo
,t,o Washington and Jotferson near
Klghth street; A. F. Simmons, build
a 10 X 16 garage at CIS California,
rest IS'O; Charles Dutton, 14 X 14
addition to building at 101C Acud-
My street, cost $180.
Davo Lonor, who was until last
year proprietor of the old Shasta
Confoctloncry company, Is in tho
city front Kosoburg, on a combined
business and 'pleasure trip.
Sheriff Loyd Low left this morn
ing for lied Bluff, where he will
take -over the custody .of James
Moore, Jr., who Is being held on a
bad check charge.
D. G.' and F. G Browji aro In
tho city after supplies from their
ranch at Crystal.
W. C. Dalton Is In town today
looking aftor business from his
ranch homo near Malln.
W. K. Sutherland of Algoma is
is In the city tor a tow days at
tending, to business matters.
J. S. Boyco arrived last night
from Portland and "is registered at
tho Whlto Pelican hotel.
J. Wv Fader Is here for a fow
days from Chlloquln. Ho Is a guest
at tho Whlto Pollcan Hotel.
nogfstorod at ''tho Arcado hotol
are N. J. Ahlstrom and W. M.
Clark of, Dunsrauir; QUs Kolllar, of
Wood; A. It. Timepiece and R. i.
Porter of Castolla.
I. Stowo, of Bend, who has been
here for several days, returned this
morning to his homo there.
B. M. Sherman and. It. E. Hos
ier, who have been hort from
Ashland on 'business for ihe poBt
week, left this morning for their
Tlie Qraduato Nurses club will
meet at the home of Mrs. L. K.
Porter, GIG North Eleventh strcot,
Wednesday .evening, November 16,
at' 7:30. All graduate nurses are
Invited to be present.
William Barks, one of the larg
est 'dry land wheat farmers in tho'
county, was a business visitor here
yesterday from tho Lono Pine dist
rict whero he resides. .
Mra, "Ed. Harwood was In the
city yesterday from M,orrlll attend
ing to business matters. "
TV N,' Cunningham was a court
ty seat visitor yesterday from' Pine
t Airs. Alhort N, Miller whp resides
on a ranch on tho Lakovlew road
oast of town, was in town after
supplies yestorday.
Frank Qrnbael, of Merrill, trans
acted business hero yestorday after
noon, i
Sargoaut Brown Is spending a
fow days in the county soat from
tho Klamath Indian reservation.
Henry Graham, a rancher on the
Algoma road, is in the city today
looking after business .matton,
Henry p. Cox, of Olene, transact
ed buslnoss nt 'the county court
house yesterday.
Joe. Kent, wh0 has boon her
from San Francisco for the past
week, left on bis return this morning-
to tho Bajr'cltyi
J. A. Chostain Is a county seat
visitor "this week from his liome
at Bonanza.
"A 'baby daughtort 'Weighing 14
pounds, was born to Mr. and Mrs.
The Best Gift fory
. i
THERE Is nothing you caa
give that is so pei-noual as
your photograph.
Throughout tho year, the
photograph you glvo this
Xmas will stand as a romlnd
or of your loving thoughtful
nesa. Today Is not too oarly
to nrrnngo tor u sitting.
Phono for an appointment.
Stinson Photo Shop
Seventh and Klnmnlh
Open Sundays until Christmas
An American company Is to elec
trify the Chilean Stnte railroad be
tween Valparaiso, and Santiago, at a
cost of 17,000,000.
Ervlh O, Parker, at. their home near
Midland, en November 13, bt'. R.
B. Cravor, who was' In "attendance,
loports that both mother and baby
aro doing nicely. ' '
l. Jl. Bellman of Wlnfleld, Kan
sas, nrrlvod'here last night for a Visit
with his brother, A. A. JJollman and
Airs. Charles Roberts has returned
from a brlot trip to Medford,
' J
Sold Liquor to Indian'
Cop and Is Jailti
Port Summers, Iidian policeman
from the Agency, waa standing on
the corner ot Seventh and Main
atrcots talking to a frrond Thurs
day afternoon when John KolltM,
a a rook, approached him with r the
following remark, "How would
you Ilka to bur's quart ot good
whiskey for $10.00 T"
Summers smiled and In an In
viting way said,' "Mow do you
know' it' Is good,- killed anybody
"No, I havo not but it is good
liquor tor I drink It mysolf," Kol
llas Is said to havo ropllod,
""I'll tako a quart thon," and
Summers waited until tho liquor
was in his hands, paid for, thon
nrrestod Kolltas remarking that ho
was an Indian pollcoman.
" Kolllas will bo, arralgnod boforo
Unlto'd States Commissioner Bert
Thomas this wook.on a chargo of
Bailing liquor to an Indian, also
the possession ot intoxicating liquor,
Klrby "Smith, of Chlloquln, ,wns
arrested by Port Suinmors, Indian
policeman Saturday 'evonlng oharg
od with manufacturing liquor on
Indian territory. Smith was ar
raigned yoatorday aftornoon bofore
United States Commissioner Bert
Thomas and released on $1,M
ball., Ills formal hearing wlll'eq
up Saturday morning In the com- '
uilsslonor'B office' '
H fcljWKSfCtfityrtlBJfey
Ubony cabinet, Worki In fins se
dition. Would bring $60 to $1M
more in City. Hear the Tone.
507 MAIN ST.
is Mother's Friend
'The VictroU brighten! the home for the whole family but molt of all,
pethR, for Motlier. Duringthe long hours of the day when she is alone in the
home w.itji no company save" the monotonoujly-ticlcing clock, a Victrola may
haute her whole world for her. It "makes friends easily," singing, at any time,
the songs she loves, or playing the tunes, old and new, she cares for most.
The world's greatest artists help her to forget the weight of a thousand and one
tasks. There, should be a Victrola in your borne. If you will drop in today
we shall be glad to taplaia our caiy terms. v
EarljjShepherd Co.
Tonight aife STRAND
A history of Love in the Primitive Northland alive with
tense action!
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m vPi'Mont
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Dorothy Green
Aitfiiir Ashley
X IN' ' ' -
Forest Rivals
He wen his lady because he didn't believe in ghosts!
V .
.. Also ,
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Two Reels of Comedy
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:f The Lure 6f Egypt w
B,i IV .
One of the Greatest Pictures of the Age
i - .. .
WW 4
Hear Claudia Spink sing Madelon Hear Harry Borel on the Violin'
c; '
4 Every cent oyer expenses goes to the American Legion ;
' ' ' j A v ',
"Y '?-.
The barrel is getting fuller gang; let's fill it up and fit up those Club Rooms
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