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Jcfew Ad Will
Today's Tim
Todmy j
Member of the A$$ociated Press.
ye lurotbtg IteralJ.
' i .p .V.. (Hill. .
iTha eye " t flnoiiclnl bond
Id iro nil dlroetqd lowiinl Klniu
VfiH A"'1 wl" m,",',, U,on ll
lll Hcr NV8,,,or '' Marshall
Ho!1"' Y,ru l,r,'"ll,cnl ot t,m K,r"1
Bill ni1 f,AV,M,", lmnk 'm,', ,)(,ft''
J, ho passed n communlrnllon
frtJ. T. N Hysn'rl, clinlrmnrt nf,tho
Viclpl BirurHlofi i'ommltlno, In
tjieot Hanker Association of
iirrK. loeniea in n, uuun, nur
" ' .1. -l-f till! Anfl .
fudisf bond oloctlun coming up No-
natMr t.
jti communication won In reply
(A letter nt by Mr. Hooper lit
W Diwrt October 20, nklng Hint
Hi' tanker association rofrnln from
iMct any actUm lownrd publish-
laths fi'l tliftt Klmnuth Fall had
jadlitcl It jt iliitil. rontrnctod
tTn" 'lr I" ,,in 'onthly civic
flMnclit bulletin Ritit hronilcniit ovnr
DM United Klatr nml Canada to
Htdlof bouse nml purriiascr or
Mslclpil tiomlH. Mr. llnoprr Mat-
titbit .Mr. Drunrt limt written him
(kit It m necriunry to print In tho
ttl!ftln th fact that Klamath Fall
kilBOt met It obligation promptly,
ilttQch to say: "llownro of Klam
til nil bond, poor pay, Invent In
otr ttctirltlen, lioml buyer."
'.With Ibo thoiiptlit of saving Mm
Mr lima of the city In tlio financial
wrld, tr. Hooper Immediately wrote
ttat tpecUl refunding bond election
vu coming up and asked It It would
; t MMlbln to loavo tho flnanclnl
kUment relative to thli city out
lilt titer tlio flection hnd taken
paws? Tbero had been a chnngo of
tatrt among tlin citizen hero nlnco
ti Utt refunding bond election, ho
atld, and tbn folly or trj Inp to re
jitilit honest obligation had boon
Trireme to a great extent.
iTht ettenxlon of tlino win given In
i following manner: Replying to
jttr letter of October 20, w III ho glad
le defer further action with refer
are to tho. IClainnth .Fall default
a th bond past dim until nflnr
ttitlictlon November 8,
Clllieni In nil walk of Ufa wi-ro
fctirrleved on tho queton and thu
eeittniu of opinion expressed waa
I ttlt the peopto of thla city ahoilld
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1 The forum at tho chamber ot
Mnmercu wan entertained ly ad
.rnM on two vltnl subject In
th pronrc of tho city or Klara
ralla, ono deallnc with tho
Ittundlnr; bond oloctlon and tho
Mr wllh "Klro Provcntlon."
Horace Manning apoko upon tho
"funding bond Initio and told
, hil effect a falluro to auataln tho
dH of tho city -would roault In.
Horace 8yke, deputy iitato flro
Minna!, commontlng upon "Flro
Pnrentlou" comparotl tho altuntlon
'r propur protection to tho
h-ength of four link In a chain,
"I If thon four key links hold.
htn amplo nnd adouato protoc
Hon was poaalblo. Tho flrat link
' protection wn n flro alarm y
?B. with boxen for IbsuIuk warn
li from near tho flro, tnntoad of
" of tho tolophono. Tho flro al
Mm aystom was reliable, always
fwdy for uo, no dolaya. A city
QUlppcd with aueli n aviitaiii wn far
hd of tho ono which depomlod
w tho telophono, tho speaker said,
won flro flKhtlne oaulpmont.
M h nt onBt four ntroamn ot
wier at n thouannd potinils proa
jure could ho playod on tho flamo
10 I City of thin ulrn WhllA Port.
d could mo l or moro atroama,
'ouf itreamn and prcssuro could
hindle almost any altuatlon bore,
the ipoakor thought. Man power.
i Hio third link In tho chain,
nd whu0i tho proaont force was
"ecnvo and one of the heat or-
HI jrni .
jm l win dim
Ashland Stage,.
Stops for Winter
Tho Ashland mall and tm..n....
niilo Htago norrlco wun dlncontlnaod
yotordny nccordlnij to advice from
mombow of tho pontofflco nlaff.
wiin tho comlnr of aooii wnniii..r
In tho nprlriR thu norrlco will )0
Automnbllu dtngo norvlco botwoon
ninnmih Kulln nnd tho Horuo river
ho- proved nucconful In Hmi ii
nnved Irnvolor aovornl hourn of
tllllll thut WOllld hava hl-nn nr,..
nnry In mnkliiK tho trio hv irnin
nnd It nlo onnblcu buyer of Port
land pnpern to got tholr coplcn In
tho nftornoon Inntnnd of wnltlnn
until Into ovonlnR or tho next
An affidavit of prejudice agnlnnt
ludgo V. M. Calkins of Medford
and motion to dliijuallfy Judge
Calklua from hearing furlhor pro
ceedlng In tho cae ot Frank
Ward ngalnat Klamath county and
othore, wan filed In the circuit
court late yeaterday. It. II Hun-
null, county Judgo, ono of tho do-
fendMnti, algnod tho affidavit.
It I allogod thut becaUM of hla
prejudlco agalnit Judgo llunnoll
and other defendant Judgo Col
klna would ho unahlo to glvo tho
matter n lair and Impartial hoar
lug. Tho supremo court la aikod to
nppolnt another trial Judge.
Tho ault la tho Injuctlon proceed
ing brought lat November by
Km tik Ward, tax payer, agalnit
the county, Judgo Dunncll and
CommliKilonor Bhort nnd Fnrdyro
to pruvi'iit thorn from Including In
the tax lory a fund ot $50,000 to
complete tho Hot Spring court
houio and a mlacellaneoua fund of
$H,000. Judgo Calklni granted the
Injunction Immediately upon pres
entation ot tho potltlon. A few
week ago ho waa petitioned by the
county court to dlsaolve It and af
ter a hearing, at Jacksonville, re
fuiod. Tho noxt atep In tho caao I a
trial or tho cao on It merit, and
It I for tho purpono of trial that
tho change In Judge I roquoitcd.
Father of Local
Albert Altord, fathor of Mr. L.
V. Wllllt and nuaioll Alford of
thla city, dlod at his homo at
Talent, Oregon, Sunday, na the re
sult of a paralytlo stroke Ho waa
88 year old and camo to Oregon
In 18S0. Ho waa a veteran of tho
lloguo nirer Indian war and at
ono tlJo commlaaloner ot Jackson
county. v
..llIlTIiANU, ..Nov. ..9. Kht
cjiummI it a,000 Iom today 1b tho
mill of tho Kanlcrn and Wentern
I.uiiiImt companyt
ntoTjarr againht injunohon
work In tho Indiana coal Holds la
practically at a standstill today aa
a result of tho walkouta In approx
imately 300 mlnoa ot 30,000 men
ns a protest against the Injuctlon
prohibiting "check oft" Issued by
Judgo A. I). Andorson Monday.
jwArmru'-'pj'.-p.-.-p- ------
gnnUcd for a city of this site,
vet but ono half man power was
nvallablo. Tho volunteer system
waa praiseworthy, hut nothing com
pared to trained help In tiro fight
ing. Tho last link In tho chain
was -wator supply, and Klamath
Kuls ha had but ono-half enough,
ho sold. Additional -wan was pos
sible If linos could bo laid, to Lax
Kwnuna or t0 the Upper Klamath
1. 1,. thn niknr suuested. Oth-
er ffte prevention aubjects wer
taken up briefly ana Ren Ain
broie, fire chief, received a -lowing
tribute from the apeaker m a
highly efficient flro chief, capable
of handling any flro altuatlon aria
lug here.
A general walkout of tho mombors
of tho Culinary Union took placo
Inst night at tlio closo of tho shift
In tho various restaurants hero upon
Instruction from official of tho
union following thn nnswnr mndo to
tho union by tho Klnmnth Proprie
tor's Association, rojectlng tho renew
al of tho wngo scnlo which hns been
In forco for the past six months.
. Ross Nlekerson, pntldent of the
association, dellvarod n negative an
swer to the wago scalo, submlttod
at the conforcnen Inst wnek nt tho
White Pelican hotel, yestordny nftor
noon and tho union officials at tho
closo ot tho day shifts callod at tho
various restaurant and naked for
tho union card which were In each
placo, notifying Iho employees to
clean up all tholr work In 100 per
cent. shape nnd not to report for
work until further ordora from thr
union. Tho union order wero fol
lowed to a letter by tho union holp
and thn proprietor today atntrd that
the restaurant work was loft In good
condition In alt tho place nffected.
Keep Ilex Cafn Open
Tho Hex Cafo wa concentrated
upon by tho proprietors of tho Owl,
Jewel and Doughnut Shop this morn
ing and tho proprietor of tho last
three placos appoarod for work thoro
Instead of opening tholr own ostab
llihment. This movo on tho part
of tho proprietor will ennblo ono
eating houio to remain open' nt all
hour without handicapping tho pub
lic who are dependent upon restau
rant for their meals, tho proprietors
said. Largo signs woro on display
In tho places closod that "meal tick
et wore good at the Ilex Cafo owing
to concentration of proprietor' ef
fort to keep business going a us
Tho York Cafn at Tenth And Main
street, while not a member ot the
proprietor's association closed -In
sympathy with tho association until
the present difficulties aro settled,
Itoss Nlekerson said today.
Our suggestion of yesterday thati
further payment ot dues to tho
Chamber of Commorco bo suspend
ed until something doflnlto Is pro-l
posed and tho policy of secrecy
that has dominated It Is dropped
struck a responslvo chord. Tho ad
ministration ot Socretary Stanley
hns been such a disastrous falluro
that It Is doubtful It any living
man can aavo tho organization from
bankruptcy. In tact, It Is bankrupt
now. Tho debt today, outsldo ot
tho grab that Is duo tho American
City Iluroau, Is In tho neighbor
hood ot $2,000. Bvon tho salary
ot Socrotary Stanley la unpaid for
over two nioaths, and thoso who
know him will reallzo from this
that tho finance of tho Chamber
must bo In a torrlblo plight whou
ho holds tho sack for his pay.
Whon wo wero Informod aomo
six or olght months ago about tho
wonderful "program" that was to
como out ot ho "reorganized"
Chamber, wo suggostod, thon urged
and finally demanded that monthly,
or at least quarterly financial
statements bo publlshod, sn that
contributors would know tho re
ceipts and oxpondtturos and whoro
their money was going. But no out
cry was loud -enough to penotrato
tho wall of secrecy built up to hldo
tho Incompetency ot Socretary
Stanley. The result Is that today
tho Chamber Is on financial rocka
and will go to pieces unless a man
with bralna and ono who is fully
familiar with local conditions la
selected aa secretary. The man now
being Investigated will never do
tho Job, He la of the aame effemin
ate, secretive, wobbling, camouflag
ing type of the preaont 'incumbent,
who atayed with the ship as long
Ono of tho first move on tho part
of tho 1'roprlotor's Association was
to put In a ton por cent gonoral re
duction upon nit foods nerved on tho
Jtos Nlckorson stated: "Tho wngo
scqlo presented tor tho Proprietor's
association, was rejected by us yes
tordny, following our .mooting last
night. !Wo havo joined togothor to
keep one restaurant going, which will
bo tho Roz Cafe, and both day and
night servlco will bo given tho public
who orn dopondont upon tho rcatau-
rants tor their meals. Wo aro not
fighting union labor but wo do not
Intend to employ nny moro union
help. Wo hnvo decided to havo open
ntioii rules govern our futuro opera
tion and union holp can como horo
nnd work It they earn to. Tho other
restaurant proprietors aro helping
tut In this crisis nnd havo closed
tholr place until sottlomont ot tho
wnge question I mndo. Among our
ovtis, wo can keep tho llox Cafo go
lug Indefinitely. Wo will not Import
or hlro any holp unlet tho business
becomes so great that wo must havo
holp thon wo win employ whom wo
please, Just so they deliver tho goods.
Wa aro standing pat on our proposi
tion about tho wago question and
open shop rules."
rrho Culinary Union voluntarily
submitted n 7 por cent cut at tho last
mooting In tho conferonco botweon
tho two organizations, making tholr
scale as follows; chofs, IG.50, fry
cooks, $5, combination cooks, $5.40,
combination waltors (men) $4, wom
en working at counter, $'4, women
combination, $3.2C, dishwashers and
yardmen, $3.7C and ono split In 8
hours out ot 12 on duty. ,
Tho proprietors scalo submitted
nas; fry cooks, $4.75, combination
cooks, $5.50, waltors, combination,
(men, $3. CO, waitresses combination
$3, dishwashers and ynrdmon, $3,'
board Included In servlco hours;
two splits In 12 hours and tho aboli
tion ot tho "forced relief" clauso in
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as slid would float and then, like
bis kind, dosertcd It.
Is It posslblo that In this city
thoro Is no man capable ot admin
istering tho affairs ot tho cham
ber? Must wo admit that It Is ne
cessary to travel Into tho wilds ot
Montana to pick a man unslght and
unsoo? Wo did that when, "wo em-
plood Stanley, and what did wo
got? Look at tho Chamber of Com-
mcrco today for your answer. Can
you find ono slnglo ploco ot con
structive work that ho hag accomp
lished? Whoro aro tho roducod
freight rates that ono man started
and ho promised to comploto?
Whoro Is anything ho haa dono?
Wo could go down tho lino with
quostlon after question, but what
Is the uso. Tho answer would bo
tho same nothing accomplished.
Ho and tho cabal that trail at
his heols havo tried to mako It ap-
poar that this paper was and Is
against n Chamber ot Commerce.
Thoy know wo aro not, but they
"Ho, He, lie," hoping some of their
statements will stick. Wo nover
havo and nevor will bo against a
Chamber ot Commorco that will do
somothlng besldes selecting a city
flowor, holding pink teas, handing
out a lot of prattlo and appointing,
commltteo after committee In
which to loso ovory morltorlus pro
Joct that presents ltsolt to the or
ganisation! Wo aro not against the
present chamber, but we aro unal
terably against tho Incompetency
that controls It and until that la
ellmtnatod we ahall urge everyone
to hold aloot from It. It la the on
ly way wo know ot to penetrate
me aensuy oi mina or me man
who la primarily responsible for
the falluro ot an organisation "that
should have been a power for up
building In the community.
Another Accident
With Toy Coaster
Tho second accldont to children
on toy coaster to happen thl week
occurrod yosforday -when four-yoar-old
Jean McCall, daughter of Mr.
anl Mr; John McCall, ran her
coaster o'vor a flight of, step on
Third slreoV near Joffcrson, and
landed on a sharp, rock at tho .foot
of tho stop. A gash wa cut Just
ubovo tho llttlo girl's tomplo so
deop It was necessary for Dr. L.
Ia. Truax to tako several stitches
in oruor to araw mo cut togothor.
It was reported thl morning
that tho child appeared to bo quite
well asldo from tho largo bump
nnd cut on her hoad.
"Any doubt wo might havo had
ot tho effoctlvenes ot the pull
ing, power ot advertising In Tho
Horald Is forovcr gone," said E.
K. Magce ot Undorwood's Drug
storo today. "It certainly delivers
tho goods. As a result ot It wo
ran out of many vt tho linos wo
advortlscd and so groat wero 'tho
crowds that wo woro unablo to
sorva evoryono as quickly nnd ef
ficiently a Is our usual custom."
Whlto thoro Is no question ot tho
effectiveness or advertising In tho
Horald, yet thoro must bo some
thins to follow It valuo In tho
artlclo advertised. This, Undor
wood's gavo tholr customers. Pos
sessing tho confldcnco ot tho buy
ing public, this storo has always en
Joyed a largo patronago and tho
romarkahlo offerings given In this
Bala will undoubtedly havo tho ef
fect of cementing It and aQdlng to
His. oxperlcnco is only that of
every morchant who uses the col
umns of this paper. Thero Is no
socrot about why It produces re
sults it reaches tho buying public
ot Klamath Falls and Klamath
county and no merchant who em
ploys It can fall, provided ho de
livers tho goods ho advertises.
This Underwood's havo dono al
ways. Tho day nas passed whou a
morchant can succeed In business
without advertising. Each year
thoro Is added to tho purchasing
power ot ovory community eighteen
por cent ot now customers. To gain
their attention, morchanta must bo
progressive and ngresslvo enough
to go out attor tbeir business. The
ono who docs not falls. That Is
why nearly nlnoty por cont of all
buslnoss falluroa Is among non-ad-vcrtlsera.
And yet you will find merchants
In ovory community who cannot see
the power of printers' Ink except
when it I used to print a notlco ot
shorlft's sale.
Road Worker's Leg
Broken by Blast
.Lloyd llowttt. ot Merrill, had his
leg broken by a ploco of rock flung
out of tho quarry on tho Malln-Mor-rlll
road construction Job by a blast
yesterday. Howltt, who drhes n
truck, was a couplo ot hundred yards
from tho blasting, sitting on his
truck. Tho forco of tho powder
caught ono ploco ot rock squnrely
and It was hurled an unusual dis
tance, striking Howltt on tho log.
HO Is in tho Dlackburn hospital horo
for treatmont.
Henry Janssen, truck gardnor, said
today ho thought ho had a clue to
tho identity of persona whq entered
his garden on Conger nvenuo Satur
day night, stolo a dozon celery plants,
damaged a dozen othors, nnd destroy
ed other vgetablos.
TOPEKA, Kansas, Nov. 2, Op be
half of all the railroads of tho. coun
try. J. R. Koontz, assistant frolght
and traffic manager of tho Santa Fe,
today announced that tho railroads
have agreed to transport free, to the
seuboards, 2,000,000 bushels ot grain
for export to Near east sufferers,-
prick five, ami
Tho largest and most up-to-date
liquor still ever taken In a raid la
Klamath county wa, captured yes
torday afternoon by Sheriff Lloyd
Low and Doputy Marlon Oarnea
when thoy awooped down on Ed
Jnmca, aged 42 and a former res
ident of. Soattlo, Washington, on
tho old Uro Jameson place, fiv
mlloa out on the old Ft. Klamath
road. Lator Ilaymond Mooro was
arrested horo aa an accomplice.
Sheriff Low haa boon shadowing
a number of Jitney drivers tho
past week when ho learned that
numerous trip woro bolng mad
out to tho Jam6son place. He alao
noted excessive Intoxication among
loggors. Both circumstances were
clcrws In locating tho place where
tho Illicit boozo was being made,
and lod to tho raid on the ranch.
A mash box containing, It Is
said 100 gallons of liquor In the
making, a tiro gallon barrel fall
of finished product and a fjtty gal
lon barrel awaiting tho noxt brew,
a largo copper still, one halt Inch
copper worm, gasoline stove and
pressure tank wero aeUod by the
officers In a log cabin about 100
yards from tho house. The mash
box, tho sheriff said, was divided
into compartments and was "brew
ing" nlcoly. Tho outfit waa estim
ated to havo cost over $300 by the .
Doth James and Mooro will bo
arralgnod sometime today before
United States Commissioner Bert
C. Thomas for a hearing on the
chargo ot operating a still contra
ry to tho federal laws. Ray Moore,
a jitney 'driver employed by the
Central Auto Servlco stated today
that ho Is not tho person under
arrest as his given name la Ray,
not Raymond.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 3. Amid
cheers, the American Legion con
vention today adopted the legisla
tive committee's report, ro-afflrm-Ing
Its stand on the question of
Immediate federal aid tor veter
ans and called tor government ac
tion on tho adjusted compensation
program "without further equivo
cation or delay."
A resolution castigating Colonel
Qoorge Harvey, American ambas
sador t0 Great Britain, for the
speech In which ho discussed Amer
ica's reasons for entering the war.
waa Included lu tho resolution
committee's report.
A resolution criticising President
Hnrdlng tor urging tho recommit
ment of tho compensation legisla
tion was tabled by tho committee
last night.
Resolutions urging agreement on
armaments, recommondtng the pro
motion ot chemical Industries within
tho United Sttaes as a step in prepar
edness and recommending that alien
proporty bo hold In custody ot the
government to be used to sottle
claims against Gormany, were pre
sented. Fourteen resolutions wero re
portod by tho rosoluttona commit
tee. Among them was a demand
that every effort bo made for the
return to tho United States ot
Grovcr Cleveland Bergdoll, Americ
an slacker.
Oppcsltlon to tho release of Eu
gene V. Dobs for violation of the
war time laws was also declared.
One resolution favored the mem
orlallzatton of highways, streets
and parks. '
PORTLAND, Nov. 2. Wheat la
quoted at from 95 cents to $1.00.