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I lEu enfng Herald
Today? b News
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Member of the Associated Press.
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v cm loss
I" .-J-..- tit rmlnrii I tin
ail fmi"iKp ,v "
.. iil,xu lit uiurcnM And
.. in IIP"" "-
.., Mfkaifcn Improperly packed
nuilhlr addressed, tho American
'..:. .uorlnllon and American
1 . u, -campaign l educate
r" .. ... . ... ..t.ii.
.m fgtllicr nnu nij" -
lowering -of loss- They ore
toward " aunoiuio
l.ialAM titiei In
rtlM ena muusiiwH
. miiMof point.
rLto,, he lUwf Express start
"" I . . I. .11.. .I.lin,ln
,,... -'! -:;-"?
i tin mommy i "- .,..
ot an average. lo
f Imrroporlr packed goods
IbrtlW rfe""" HWM or
IfUdilreMCU pncnaan.
rittsllnir hlir In proper
iU, U mommy io wn m
I io i00 packages, 'log slop
lpHectl,, v
KtrtaW U to ' "w" " '"-
tfttUC" MOnlJl, nmrioo rarrj-
IBtnl? promun incir uiuiuii
itlea In careful handling and
, u r.iurn that tlio shippers wilt
, etrtllR racking nd labeling.
tMWfork ll Is expected that
litretflt rccordvwlii bo miiwiw
1 f. . . '
forwer tmpaln took In onlr
l((flU country. Tiio noremuor
nVlll bo nation wliln.
J. -
itiry Officer
All Premttet
S U..m'ninn iJn
ftfcr li tbo final cUto for cleanlnK
i MlUetloDi of TefUM altout Iho
jlttlMlnp of rt'aldrncM hero, Rnl
r Officer Hrandenonrf "Id,
rrMrWweApriri"wM Nevwa
l, tkM up ordert aro ImumI for
K taullary condition! but
i to iiacli, difficulty In avcurlng
yrper'dli)OMl this iarawcr. thr
Ilk oMrcr allowed (lie rminencea
ti ottiklrta of tho city, whero
i population wiu imalt tho prlTt
i ol Alm by1 November ' Thla
i aatt bo romoved arcordlnic In
twaMTitild down earlier In tlie
tr, Iho Hnltary offlror "aald.
Iirklla tke matter In not, In (ho aanl-
IIm, the health officer hit
ttd Io mroplo who havo wrcdi
is( by their (ldoatka. and In
imuncM in their wbik, mm
i time li hrit to renvve thorn io
whwjtbe now falls tho wclfiht
I Mt break thorn down and Inter-
i villi pawaee.
Children, Coasting,
Collide With Car,
Not Badly Injured
Coatllng- down tlio Tenth atreet
hill on a small wagon Uit oronlnr,
Lorotta Howard, aged 6 yoara,
ilouglitor of Mm. Hamlin, 1130
Illgli itroct, and Dotty Dlckton,
ngod i, daughter of tho Kar. aud
Mrt. J, II. Dickaon, run Into an
automobile, parkod at tho curb at
tho cornor of Tooth and Main
atroota. Tlioy wore bruited and
thakon up but etcapod Mrtout ln
jury. Tho Howard girl wat tin-
coniclout -when takon from beneath
Iho aUtomoljllo, whero tlio moment
um or Iho coaitcr carried tho tmall
yolilclo and lla paaaengera, and ll
wat fard tho waa aerlouily In
jured. Kxamlnatlon allowed, how
over, that her.JnJUrlen were vuper
flclal and aho waa dlteharged from
tho hctpltal thla morning. , Tho
Dickaon child waa on tho rear of
lha coaler and waa (leta aovcrely
Preparing to Pick
Oregon PottmaMere
The civil aervlco rommlailon hat been
roquetted by tho pottofflc dapari
ment to hold examinations for the
election of poitmoatera at llattey,
llnppncr, Klamath Kallt, La Orando,
North Portland, Prlnevllln and Koto
burg, Or.
School Hefnted,
By Female Spook
I colored nnbulatloa of thla city
thing tho Klamath county high
ol a wldo berth In their wander
tboit tbo city tlnco yctterday
'tier 'were rumora that a ghoat
Vsu" Jtlhe tplrlt of tho akolo
i of tho.fcmalo nogro woman loan-
to the biology and philology clatt-
by Dr. I,. D. Uaaa.
Tk tkeleton wn borrowed lat
' from Dr. Oasa by Prof. Ilobort
1 Ooli (or mo In tho claatoa and
ktrdyr tlio loan" of ''the gruenome'
t wat again obtained by tho
a tchoul principal for to thla
When Iho rrfttllnR bonea wore
taken down tlnlra from the
f't of(lco,ycfttorday. n tmall no-
1 1'rl taw iho oblcct being takon
I tkt high Bclioairhe let out ono
W then ocurrlod flown Main atrool
i .hided llghtvr, bytandora4Bald.
op pyn;'TO :
P collection ault filed by r.
C'mvm against O. W. Duke for
Mlsnfe ot .I4I.8B . due -,on an
Ml J . .. tw ,'
ooie ,oi 1800 waa bowk
Moro'1Mr.,TO.fl. 'CurrtoV'te-
In circuit court today. One
at Qnattlan tirnatiht ub waa
r,an alt'orney tee of IJOO
1 "reasonahle i tee" 'orpitot.
'"Ti" cilia . In lJteattld 't
w waa 'm'wcfiwe.rk; "n on-
Tli ii Catholic rnlr, which Jaat Sep
tember wna announced for November
10, 11 and 12, baa, been postponed
for ono woek, and will bo held on
November 17, 18 and 19, It waa an
nounced today- Tho chiago waa
mad out of courtoay to lha Ameri
can Legion, which expreaaed a aenro
to hold aome oventt on the 11th and
i:th, tho former date being Armlt
tiro Day and one of apeclal algnlfl
canco to that organisation.
(The postponement will only "havo
the effect ot Increasing tho number
of articles that wilt be offered for
aato and Improving the plan already
majipod out. Since this fair la to be
an annual event, there la more or lea
rivalry to nwrfce each succeeding one
a bigger success than Its predeceat
ors, and thoso In charge of this year's
event nro wurklng bard to tot a high
. i m
Sea Takes Live of
Eleven Fishermen
ANC1EI. 8BA, Now Jortey, Nov. 1.
Kleven fishermen, and possibly
more, aro bolleved to have drowned
when a tmall opn inotorboat upaet
during n atorro along tho coast. One
boat missing and two bodies and an
upturned bbat wathed nthoro moat
ed tho tragedy.
Following tho custom that hat
damned tho Chnmbor of Commorco
for tho past year, tho presont mat
torn ot tho organisation aro pursuing
tholr old policy of secrecy that foltt
ed upon the people ot tho community
tho Infnmoiin contract with tho Amor
lean City Ilurcau.
Today it It secrecy In tlio mnttor
of toloctlon of a successor to tho
fnllura that hat held that position
for tho past yoar or so. No Infor
mation Is forthcoming from tho
Chamber as to who liar, applied for
tho position nor who Is being con
sidered for tho Job and ovcry effort
to socuro those names has met with
Home weeks ago this paper look up
with tho directors ot tho 'Chamber
(ho policy of secrecy adoptod by
tho secretary and it was officially
decreed that every proceeding ot
tho chamber, wbclucr by tbo direc
tors, tbo members or tho officers,
should bo open for publication, that
tho Information waa public property
and 'that every facility should be
afforded tho Horald In gaining this
Information. Thla It tho tint occa'
slotr since that tlmo when anything
of Importance has been boforo tho
organisation tor consideration. In
jitoad of. following tbo Instructions
of tlio directors, tho secretary baa
shrouded every more in tho selec
tion of a successor with an fra
porcoptablo veil of secrecy, Tho mem
bers baro roason to aslc -why? Tho,
Horald botlevct that tho roason-'t
a dcslro upon tho part of the pres
ont sccrotary to porJSotuato his pol
icies pollclcg that bavo killed tho
chnmbor to doad and loadod It
down with a dobt so boavy that It
wllj take a real man to resurrect
It, and bo hasn't tbo brain nor the
ability to select such an Individual.
Tho da has pasted when Imported
products can dcllvc'r iho goods. If
ono It selected, (hen tho directors
had better hang crcpo upon tbo
door ot tho chambor of commorco
Today an appeal Is being sent
out to tho members to pay tholr
duos. Don't you do It. Don't con-
trlbuto another cent until you know
who is to spend your money; un
til you know whether ho Is a man or
n mouse; whether tho organisation
lx to be run In tho Interest of Kla
math Falls and Klamath County or
tho American City Bureau. Tho
tlmo Is at hand to purge tbo organ
ization ot tho foolishness that haa
controlled It for tho past year, or
reccgnlxo tho fact that it bat failed
and let It go the way ot Its predecessors.
Fists Permissible
In Indian Martial
Discipline, Says Law,
POrtTLAND, Nor. 1. Caveman
affoctlon among tho Indians it tol
erated iif tho United Statos govern-
men, provided no deadjlor weapon
than lists aro used to administer
Thl fact became public Satur
day in tho fcdoral court when As
distant United States Atlornoy Aus
tin V. Flcgcl told Federal Judgo
C. E. Wolvcrton that It Is not a
crlmo for an Indian to beat his
McKlnley Jackson, Klamath re-
Tho foruni commlttco of tho cham
bor of commerce met last night in
tlio chnmher rooms to talk over tho
plans for tho annual community din
ner, at which a proRratn was out
lined for tho entertainment ot ICO
outsldo cucnts by lftO membors of
I llin nrennlzfitlnii. IMnnn xlinllnr to
serration rcdman. was arrested sov- tho program lttflt ycar woro adopted.
differing only in slight respects.
Tho central Idea ot tho community
ldlnnor this year will bo In tho assom-
ernl months ago on a charga of as
tault and battery, after his "wlfo's
oyo had been blackened and her
noso battered until blood flowed
froely. Tho United Statos commis
sioner at Klamath Falls bound
Jackson to tho fcdoral grand Jury
In Portland, but whllo preparing
the ovldenco for the consideration
of tho grand Jury Flcgol found that
Jackson bad only used bit fltU
on his wife and' had tliorcforo not
violated any federal law governing
"If ho had used a club or any
weapon, or had threatened to kill
hor, wo would hare had a caao,"
Flegcl commented.
Bomb Exploded
In U. S. Consulate
I.ISI10N. Nor. 1. -A bomb was ox
ptoded today on tbo atalrcaso ot tho
American consulate here, but no
damago wat done. Tho outrago Is
attributed to agitation In connection
with tho legal cases ot Sacco and Van
xettl, Italians, who wcro convicted
of murder In Massachusetts.
WABIUNOTON, Novj 1. Tho de
partment of Justice has begun Inves
tigation of tho threats being mado
bymdlcalt In connection with the
cases of 8acco and Vanicttl.
Special Holy Hour services will be
held at Sacred Heart church this
ovonlng, starting at 7 o'clock.
"on with the -eolleetion ot
Strike Called off
in Cal. Oil Field
Tbo oil workers strlko waa called off
last night by tho district council, at
tho behest of Secretary of Labor Dav
is. Tho local unions nro to voto to
night on tho council's recommenda
tions. Tho strlko startod saven
weeks ago.
Linn County Has
Murder Mystery
LKDANON, Nov. 1. Tho bodies
of John Painter and son, William,
aged IS. wero found buried In a
shallow gravo on tholr farm near
hero today. Uoth had boen shot.
Peto Deedo, an employee of tho farm
haa been arrested by Sheriff Kan
dull ot Linn county. Tho father and
ton had boen missing for 13 days.
bllng of all the resource of tho
county through representatives of tho
industries at present In operation.
Ono prlnclpnl speaker whoso tlmo
will not bo limited Is to address tho
assembled guosUi, followed by two
minute speakers front each of tho
following occupations; Indian service
Womcns' Auxiliary, Agriculture, Auto
Association, Lumber, Llvostock,
Amorlcnri Legion, Tourist. National
Parks, National Forests, Labor, Fi
nance, Business, and tho Schools.
Tho dato for tbo dinner was not
sot last night, Secretary Stanley said
today. Tho subject which the prin
cipal speaker will talk upon will bo
tbo "Accomplishments of tho Past
and the Outlook, for tho Future."
G. OF G.
C. of d Notifies
Subscribers to Pay
The board Mof directors of the
chamber otJ commerce hold their
reaular mooting today to discuss
the financial altuatlon , of the
chamber, ns tho second half ot the
fiscal year-" began today. Notices
wero tent ent to th membership
today notifying them that the
quarterly and teml-aanual duea
wero itayablo from November I to
both January wd JOT i. was. c
cording totho InaUllmenta aelect
od by the auoecneer.
,i -
Oregon May Get
Million for Roads
from Federal Fund
WASHINOTON. Nor,, 1.- The
houao today adopted the conference
report on the federal eldJloe roade
bill, eanryiW appropriation of
175.000.000 tor highway construc
tion. $4
TOKTL.AND. not, AVt Onkfi
'...., ivn tl.isi.000 onder-we
f M.35 a, there -wn, in one, road bill, "Id O." 11, Purcell, fed-
era) district TPd engineer.
The conference hold at tbo While
Pelican hotel yojtorday afternoon
between representatives ot tho Cul
inary Alllanco and Proprietors' as
sociation seemed ono step nearer
to aettlembut ot tho wago question
ralsod last week.
Secretary McMillan ot tho alll
anco reported that tho membership
of tho local culinary union had In
tho Saturday meeting ngrocd to nc-
copt a 7 per cent reduction In all
classes ot work from chota down to
dishwashers and that tho union waa
firm In Its' belief that 8 hours
work In 4J wa sutflctemt and
would not accept tho 8 hour In IK
clauso proposed by tho proprietors.
Hovoral inombort ot tho union
tooko on this point and stated
that each branch of the union had
docldod against tho 8 houra in 15
clauso and it was unanimously re
Tho proprlotora stated that thoy
were willing to suspend the 15 day
clause for negotiations and after
the meeting last night, -would be
reidy to deliver tholr formal a
awer to tho wage scale for the en
suing, six months. Tho culinary
unjon 'representatives stated that It
the answer to tho wage proposition
we presented by Wednesday noon
tho matter would be satisfactory.
The qifestlon was raised,, as to
whether the answer would be a de-
1 finite only. tend Hots Niekerson.
spokesman ot the proprietors, In
behalf7 ot hit association, atated
that the answer "would, be, a clear
and doflnlte one,
Tho program for tho forum tomor
row night nt tho chamber of com
morco will deal again with tho ques
tion of the f65,000 refunding bond
special election on November 8 and
Horace Manning, chairman ot tho
speakers program, will deliver an ad-
droas upon this vital subject which
bears upon tho question of Klamath
Falls future bond Issues, should tho
disinterested voter fall to go to tho
polls on November 8 and voto "yos."
Tho chambor has ndopted n series
ot slosans and had them prlntod for
distribution about tho city, and It Is
plannod to havo them scattered pro
miscuously about tho forum tomor
row during Manning's talk to assist
tho speakor1 In bringing home tho
stern truth of tho city's flnanctal sit
uation. fTho slogan road, "Savo our
city's credit, vote,; "'yea'". '"This Is
nur lob lot's no." "Clear tho way
for Progress," "They aro wnkhlng
Klamath." , ",
. The principal speaker tomorrow
will be Horace Sykos. deputy fire
marshal from Baloin, who will, latk
fifteen minutes upon the subject of
how ho finds conditions In this city
during tho annual flro Inspection.
also on thq topic of "Fire 'Proven
tlon." Sykos" address should be one
that will Interest every properly own
er In the city for at presentt tho
Oregon Rating Bureau has notified
Klamath Fallt thattbe.Ure .insurance
rates wero to bo ralsod owing to the
allerod nxrpsslve, lotses here claim
ing that tho sum ot, UMi Is paid
out on every dollar taken n,
KANSAS CITY, Nor. 1. Tho of
ficial greetings to Marshal Foch
and Ocnernt Pershing wero vocl
forously given nt this morning's
session of tho Amoriean Legion
convention. Tho annual legion par-
ado was hold this afternoon.
General Pershing after formally
welcoming Foch and the other al
lied commandors. praised the Leg
lon'g campaigns for Americanism
and all 'kindred Ideals. He also
urged tbo legion to continue Ita
efforts to bring into being a .mili
tary forco that would be represent
ative ot tho people so that the
country may escape unprcparednes
In any future wars.
Hallowe'en Passes
Without Vandalism
Hallow Eve was gloriously cele
brated by tho youngor generation
last nlcht and today a wholcsalo
cleaning of windows In the bust
nca, district took place. Almost all
tbo windows along Main aircoi
wore "soaped up," a few sidewalks
ripped up on High atreet and
number ot small buildings turned
over in tho outlying districts by
mlscblevlous youngsters. The pollco
wero not calledf upon to quell any
rinimm bunches' ot vandals as In
oast years.
Tho older generations took their
amusements in milder forms. Par
tlos were held at various hornet,
A. masquerade dance took place
at tho Scandinavian hall and prlxes
wer eawarded as follews:
First prlxo, ladles, May WolcK.
Chinese mandarin; gentlemen, Jack
Chraters, hobo; second prise, Tom
Jotfrles, "Boob McNutt," June
Howell, gypsy maiden. Mrs. Arleno
VanDaht In a costume designed
from newsiianent 'won favorable
Salvation Army
Contribution Falls
' Short of the Quota
Prizes for workers who sold tbo
largest number ot Salvation Army
tags Saturday aro ready tor distri
bution at the Club Cafe.
Tho first prlto, an agato ring,
wis won by Mrs. Lou In Hoagland.
Mrs. G. ,D. Cexad won second prize,
a gold tilled pencil; MJjs Jean Mc
Donald, third prize, a china plate,
and Miss Eda Jones, fourth prize,
a picture of Crater Lake.
Tho tag tale Saturday added
about 8110 to the Salvation Army
fund. Complete returns for the
campaign aro not In but It! is es
timated that 81,000 will bo the
mlnjmum raised and the total may
reach 81,350. The county's quota
Is 8S.250.
Whllo tho campaign Is formally
closed, the workers havo still to
visit persons who asked them to re
turn a second tlmo and 'to canvass
the local factories.
Grocers Decide to
Discontinue Credit
With tho exception ot tho Sunset
grocery, which wtll.stlll glvo 30 days'
credit accord In R-JM. P, Evans, pro
prietor, local groceries today started
business on a cash basis. The move
ment is In a measure concerted, al
though all tho firms taking part are
I acting Independently. It Is said,
upo llrnv which nas ueen doing a
larco credit business Is roportod to
havo 840,000 outstanding, uncollect-
Iblo at present In spite, ot tholr best
efforts. lJust how far this situation
applies gonerally to tho- grocery
trado is not known, but it Is under
stood that tlio nnxloty of wholesalers
to protect their accounts Is larcoly
responsible for tho cash basis.
Ono firm, which said its notion was
entirely Independent, said that tbo
change would curtail operating cost
to an extent that would innko It pos
sible to lower tho cpjt to tho con
eumor nlno per cent.
Americans captured by Mexican ban,.
dlta. who demanded twenty-five
thousand pesos as ransom, wero ro
leased on the paymont ot tlvo thous
and pesos. Thls Is according to ad
vices received by tho Btate aopari
mont from Chlhuahuat -
9100,00(1 FIKK AT SALEM .
ir V -
SALEM, Nqv.tJ Damage Amount
ins to fuwyy i "".","
ATHENS. Ohio, Nov lV-Threo
hundred miners struck today (n pro
test against tho Injunction order yes
terday by Judgo Andorson, forbid
ding orsanlzatlon in the West Vir
ginia field. '
i m
r WASHINGTON. Nov. 1. An,Un
vestlgation by a special committee
Into the charges brought by Sena-
of, undetermined' orlglnrvhleh early tor Watson, democrat, from Oeor-i
today destroyed tho v building olid gin. that tho American soiqiers in
most of the stock of the wholesale ' France were 'hanged without eourt
tlrm of Showalter und Jacobs, Two 'martini, wai -ordered by the sen
flromen wero Injured, ,nto todpy.