The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, October 19, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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V011KT0WN, Vo., Oct. 19. Doc-
1rlno of enduring friendship botwoon
.vffio United States and Clront Britain
was pronounced by Presldont Har
ding lioro today at tho ceromony
coinmomorntltiK tho surrondor of
British forces to Ounoral Washing
.Ion. Htandlng within rIrIU of tho spot
wbero Cornwallls laid down his
nword tho presldont declared for a
sentiment of peaceful relationship be
tween tho two Kngllsh sponklng na-,
(Ions for nil tlmo.
That althor of tho nations should
over again lift tho sword ngulntt
tho other, ho said, was "unthink
able," for tho two nations wore array-
0(1 logother In tho trusteeship of pro
nerving civilization.
. I
rw3t.LlAM8nima, Va., Oct. 19.
When President Harding comes to
iWllllamhburg today to deliver an
address nt tho Inauguration of a now
presldont of William and Mary Col-
lego ho will atso partlclpsto In tbo
ono hundred and fortloth onnlvor
vary of tho surrondor of Lord Corn-
wallls at Yorktown, Va.
"Vorktown Day," whllo hot goner
ally obsorved elsowhoro, Is tho oc
casion of an annual colobratlon at
William and Mary, In whoso halls
both tho British and tho Colonial ar
mlet quartered their troops during
tho Revolution. Thoro was great re
joicing In Williamsburg when Wash
ington and LaFayotto detlvorod tho
city from Its noarby foes and slnco
then William and Mary students have
Journeyed each year to Yorktown
to relebrato tho annlvorsnry.
Presldont Harding, accompanied by
Mrs. Harding, will leave Waihlngton
on the Mayflower, October 18, and
will arrive at Yorktown on tho morn
ing of tho 19th, coming first to Wil
liamsburg whero tho President will
deliver tho principal address at tho
formal Installation of Dr. J. A. C
Chandler ns president of tho Collcgo
of WJlllam and Mary. Oovornor
Westmoreland Davis of Virginia will
preside nt tho oxorclscs. which It Is
expected, will bo attended by ropro
Hcntattvcs of sovoral Kuropcan Uni
versities and of all colleges and uni
versities In tho United States which
uru more than ono hundred years old.
After tho Inauguration tho presi
dent will bo the guest of Presldont
Chandler In tho old "President's
House" on tho campus, whom l.nfay
ctto and Cornwullls mado their head
miarters altornntoly during tho revo
lution. Tho president and party I
then will go to Jamestown, soven
jnlles away, tho slto of the first Kng
llsh colony In Amorlca.
William nnd Mary, founded In
1693, Is tho second oldest collcgo In
tho country, bolng ranked only by
JIarvurd. Among hor alumni woro
three prwldonts Jefferson, Monroe
nnd Tylor; four Justices of tho Unit
ed States supromo court John Mar
shall, John Dlalr, Hush rod Washing
ton nnd Phillip P. Darbour; four
signers of tho declaration of Inde
pendence George Wytho. Thomas
Jefferson, Cartor Braxton and Benja
min Harrison; twonty-nlno United
States sqnntors; twonty-two govern
ors; throo speakers of tho houso of
representatives; ton cabinet offlcors
and many roprcsontatlvos. William
Barton Rogers, founder of tho Mass
achusetts Instltuto of Technology nnd
Gonornl Wlnflold Scott also woro
graduates of tho school.
Yorktown, vforo tho Mayflower
will land tho presidential party was n
placo almost forgotton by tho world
from tho tlmo of Cornwnllls' surron
dor until tho world war, whon It was
tho headquarters for tho Atlantic
fleet. (A mnrblo shaft, crosted In
1881 on tho ono-hundredth anniver
sary of the British surrondor, stands
In tho contor of tho town and noar
tho vlllago aro ronmlns of forts nnd
redoubts whoro Cornwnllls troops on-
tronchod themselves boforo tbolr do
feat mnrkod tho real birth of tho
United Stntos.
Thoro Is also n small monumont
marking tho spot whoro Oonornl
Washington rocolvod tho sword of
Cornwnllls, but old maps aro said
to show tho spot to bo Inaccuratolyj
marked and tho pooplo of iorwown
aro planning to havo tho monumont
moved or erect a now one.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 19. Tho son
ato last night ratified tho peace
treaties with Qorranny, Austria and
Hungary. Exchange of ratifications
of tho "treaty of Berlin" Is to be
tho next step.
- I
Conducted I)y
Mrs. Belle De Graf
Domestic Hclenco Director Hpcrry Flour Co,
Breakfast In most homes l
most y homes
without doubt, tho simplest meal
of tho day and ono roqulrlng tho
loast thought and effort In pre
paration. But whon wo consldor
tho fact that broakfnst Is also tho
first meal of tho day and Is tho
ono that should furnish tho noes-
sary food principles to tho body
to aid It In starting and carrying
on tho work of tho day, wo can
readily understand tho lmportauco
of this meal and why It Is nccos
sary to start each day with tho
proper food. By this Is meant a
meal containing tho essential food
olomonts to furnish heat and oner
gy and to repair and build the
muscles and tissues that are con
stantly bolng worn out.
Tbo right food leads to otflcency
In one's work, for the body, Ilko a
locomotlvo onglno, must havo fuel,
which Is furnished by the food wo
cat. And If tho food Is not of tho
propor kind to supply tho bodily
needs It Is going to suffer from
lack of fuel.
Important Factors
Mark This Meal
Of course, sevorat factors, such
as age, sex, muscular activity and
climate, dotorlmno to a large ex
tent tho amount and kind of food
required by dlffcront Individuals.
For Instance a man doing hard,
muscular labor out of doors would
roqulro mora food and food con
taining moro of tho musclo-bulld
Ing qualities, such as meat or eggs,
whllo a tnnn doing offlco work
would need less food becnuso his
muscular activity Is not so groat
and, working Indoors, ho docsnt ro
qulro so much of tho heat produc
ing foods. It Is often rcmarkablo
tho amount of food growing child
en cat, but tho actlvo child requires
energy-giving foods, particularly If
much tlmo Is upon tout of doors.
Tho right kind of food, properly
prepared, keeps tho body In a
healthful condition. And a healthy
body Is able to resist and throw off
disease, whllo an tundornourlshod
body In very suscoptlblo to germs
nnd will not recovor from a sovcre
Illness so readily as ono that Is
properly nourished and kept In n
resistant condition.
Many people consldor breakfast
of so llttlo Importanco that tliny
omit this meal entirely, but It
seems n mlstako, for In tho morn
ing tho stomach l practically emp
ty and. In order "to start tho day
right." somo food should bo tak
en. Breakfast Eaten
Hurriedly llnrmful
Again, breakfasts aro often oaten
vory hurriedly, which Is a mistake,
for In order to rocelvo tho greatest
benoflt from tho food, It should bo
thoroughly broken up In tho mouth
so that tho dlgostivo Juices may
begin their action. And wo must
remombor that our "stomachs do
not havo teeth," nnd It food Is not
broken up boforo onterlng tho sto
mach It must bo dono thoro, and
this means overworking that or
gan, and overwork will gradually
causo it to weaken, so that In tlmo
tho stomach will not bo ablo to
perform Its functions proporly.
It may seom difficult to get tho
varloty In our breakfast menus that
tho largo numbor of luncheon and
dlnnor dlshos afford, bocauso thoro
Is a limited numbor of so-called
typical breakfast dishes. But thoro
Is an endless varloty of mothods
of preparing those dltforont foods
so that thoro Is really no need of
monotony In tho broakfnst menus
Fruit ami Oercnl
Valuable, on Menu
Fruit, toast, cereal and cotfeo is
tho breakfast of tho avcrago city
dwollor; eggs, croamod dishes, ham,
bacon, etc., for thoso who roqulro
a hearty moal, '
Fruit is valuablo In tho dlot for
tbo ncld and minerals It furnishes
tho body, and nlso to act' as body
regulators. Taking fruit on an
empty stomach is moro offectlvo
than whon vaton after a heavy
meal. Tho nclds In fruit net ns n
stimulant and aid dlgostlon. When
cereal Is sorved It may furnish tho
principal part of tho moal, for it
furnisnoa tarch, tho boat nnd en
orgy producing food as well as the
minerals that aro so necessary to
tho body. It proporly cooked cor
aals aro very palatable and vory
easily digested.
Cocoa, chocolate or milk supplies
a food drink and taken with toast
or rolls and buttor constitutes a
light meal.
Eggs and meat furnish tho tissue
building food olomonts,
With tho many different kinds
ot fruits and cereals and tho var-
lous mothods of proparlng them
tho housowlfo should bo ablo to
havo atmost as wldo a varloty of
dishes for her broakfast menus as
for luncheon and dinner.
Cinnamon Bolls
Two cups sifted flour; 4 tea
spoons baking powder; 14 toaspoon
salt; 2 tablespoons shortening;
cup of milk.
Sift dry Ingredients, rub or chpp
In tho shortening; then add milk
gradually, mixing with a knife. Bell
dough out one-halt Inch thick, with
one-third cup of sugar and ono tea
spoonful cinnamon; spread on top
of dough, then rolt llko a Jelly
roll and cut into one-halt inch
slices. Placo In a greased baking
pan and bake in a hot oven about
twolvo minutes. ,
Fish Cakes r
Mix equal portions .of flaked
cooked fish and mashed potatoes.
Season with salt, pepper, a little
lemon Julco and add ono woll-
boaton egg. Sbapo Into cnLos, dip
In flour and try a golden brown in
two tablespoons of shortening.
Sorvo plain or -with a white sauce.
Ponclicd Kgg Creole
ono cup of tomato sajco or
strained tomato; 1 tnblospoon of
shredded green pepper.
Simmer whllo poaching eggs. Al
low ono pleco of toast for each egg.
Pour tho tomato sauce onto a plat
ter or individual serving plato;
placo buttered toast on top and set
a poachod egg on each sllco ot the
toast. Servo at onco.
Baked IlunnnM
Select undorrlpo bananas; place
In n medium hot oven without re
moving the skins and bako until
skins hurst open.
Hoft Cooked Eggs
Cover eggs with cold water, sot
over tho flro and heat slowly to
tho boiling point, thou romovo at
Country ftauago
Prick each sausage In several
places with a fork; cover with hot
water nnd simmer fifteen minutes
Drain and brown In a frying pan
or In tho oven.
Fried Corn Meal Mush
Take left-over hot corn meal
mush and pack In buttered molds
or Jelly glasses and set asldo to be
como cold. When wanted turn out
of mold, cut in onoMialf Inch thick
slices, dip In flour and fry on both
sides I ntwo tablespoons of short
ening until n golden brown. It
takes some tlmo tor tho mush to
become brown.
Creamed CodfUh
Cover fish with cold water and
soak over night. In tho morning
pick apart, removing all bones;
cover with hot water and
slowly about fifteen minutes. Drain.
Mnko a whlto sauco ot two tabic
spoons of butter, two tablespoons
ot flour, ono cup of milk and ono
wolt-beaten egg (may bo omitted).
Molt buttor, remove from fire, add
flour; mix until smooth, then cook
until frothy; add milk, stirring con
stantly until creamy; add fish, sea
son to taste and Just beforo serv
ing add eggs and cook ono min
ute. Sorvo on toast.
Two cups flour; 1 teaspoon soda;
1 teaspoon cinnamon; 3 teaspoons
ginger; 1, teaspoon salt; 1 teaspoon
baking powder; 1 cup molasses; M
cup milk; sweet or sour; 1 egg; 'A
cup shortening.
Mix and sift dry Ingredient. Put
molasses and shortening into a
saucepan arfd heat slowly until
shortening Is melted and mixed
with molasses,' Beat egg, add milk,
then molasses mtxturo and dry in-
grodtents, Bako in well-greased,
shallow pan or muffin tins In a
modorato ovon twenty-flvo minutes.
Glngorbroad is greatly Improved by,
adding tho grated rind of an or
ango to tho batter boforo baking. J
Ono-th!rd cup, chopped walnuts or.
raisins may bo addod also,
Ono cup milk; 1 cup flour; 'j I
toaspoon salt; 2 eggs; 1 toaspoon.
molted butter.
Add flour and salt to milk andi
boat woll with an egg-beator. Then
add ono unbeaten egg at a time,
beating thoroughly, Add melted
shortening. Havo Iron muffin-pans
or custard cups very hot, grease
woll, pour In popovor battor and
bake in a medium hot ovon about
forty minutes. Caro should be
taken not to take from tho oven
too soon or tho popovors will fall.
This amount makes twolvo pop
ovors. Bran Muffins
Ono cup bran; U cup flour;
teaspoon salt; toaspoon soda; 1
. wnoyvvu uuak.MB yunuol, ,-
Miss C. Valentine, ot Philadel
phia, takes no chance ot having
her fair beauty marred when ahe
plays hockey. Here ahe Is wearing
a huge nose guard which she will
use when the Philadelphia hockey
team meet the team of Baalish
beaten egg; cup wllk, srweot or
sour; 3 tablespoons melasses: X
tablespoon melted shortening:.
Mix and sift flour, salt, soda and
baking powder, then add milk and
molasses, combine mixtures, beat
woll, add shortening. Drop la hot,
wdll-gToaaed muffin pans and bake
in a medium hot oven twentr or
thirty minutes. Theio muffins are
best when allowed td cool, split
open, tostod, buttered, put togeth
cr and served at onco.
DOnniS, Cal., Oct. 19. Mr. and
Mrs. William O. Hagelsteln motored
to Klamath Falls yestorday evening
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W, Mitchell were
In town from their Willow Creek
ranch yesterday.
:Mrs. Louisa' E. Blcbardson return
ed to her homo In Weed yostcrday
after spending a few days hero with
relatives. Bryan, who Is omployed at tho
Mitchell ranch, was a Dorrts visitor
yesterday on business.
CamJnettl & Rlnehart, a trucking
firm, has secured a contract tor tho
hauling of tho Poppers-Cotton lum
ber from tho mill to Macdool, a dis
tance ot somo seven miles. The con
tract calls for approximately two mil
lion feet.
The little daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
Harley Richardson was operated up
on by Dr. Truax at tho Warren Hunt
Hospital In Klamath Falls last week
for removal ot the tonsils. She Is
roportcd recovering nicely.
Mrs. Frank White and children of
Klamath Falls, visited several days
last week with Mrs. White's sister,
Sirs. C. W. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Enman and Wal
ter Enman called on H. Semon and
family Sunday.
Clyde Bradloy and Ben Lewis wcro
out to the C. W. Lewis ranch Sun
day. ,
I. E. Enman bought four milk
cows from August Bueslng last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bunnell have
returned from Ashland where they
havo been for a couple of weeks.
I. E. Enman lost a cow and two
calves recently from alfalfa bloat.
Slenry Semon Is digging his po
tatoes on Mrs. Robley's place.
Trouble hates a man who Is al
ways smiling. ,
Baked ffms
fon Lunch!
baked hjusrfhe
You' tike
Me vray
(Martin-Smith Bout
Milwaukie Tonight
PORTLAND, Or., Oct. ID. To
night Is tho big night for old Den
ver Kd Martin, who meets Sorgonnt
Bay Smith in a ten round hoavy
wolght bout nt Mllwauklo arena.
Denver Ed ' Impressed tho whole
Pacific coast with his recent sensa
tional como-back after a long ab
senco from tho ring, and will show
Portland fans what ho knows about
tho boxing gamo whon ho ties up
tonight with tho conqueror of Bob
Martin. I
Smith reached hero last Satur
day night. "Will the fight to ten
rounds?" he was asked. "Or less,"
ho commonted significantly.
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