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Do It
Member of the Associated Pre
VUlreiHh Your
-No. 0140.
prick five cmmt
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rum niNnq
fltr "'
Although building got
aUrt In Klamath Fall buslaasa
district this year,, It la going to
make up tor loat time next spring,
' i
Aa aoon;aaether permits awt."18 "iarati or working t mouters,
year, the city will hare, three blg'"b4,ltor """on" ""-ibe like,
business buildings In "the course Doctr. eh"" official, public; sanl
t construction; probably on foun- Ury oKlc d others who are In
datlona all laid thla fall. Thl . la ' " n promoting these various
the . largest business, building pro- Kl" find that they cannot secure
gram erer gotten j underway
erwar at. 0ne
tlmo In the city:
Obo at Eighth aad Mala
V'. P. Ifopka. left for his borne
In 8acramento yesterday after look
Ing over the alto for a two atoryUn, urge assoclatlo'nrfortho nreser
land basoment building en hla pro ( ration and' promotion of public
jporty on tho northeast, corner. ;ot, health, tho condition of .Indifference
Eighth and Main street, t He left( nnd Ignoranco will continue to oxlst.
Instructions with J. F. Magulre, his, The purpose of the proposed coftnty
j local agent, to dispose Immediately ipuble health association will bo to
of tho old buildings on the corner. jntorcst tho genoral public iln mattera
They wlll'bo.romoved at once nnd ot pu,c health, -to securo tholr, cc
If wcathor. pormlta excavation will j operation for all .county health of-
,bo mado and tho foundation work fCera, n short, to make mattera of
dono thla fall. public hoalth "everybody's business."
' The "Hopka building wilt be two' When tho people of thte county have
I stories and basement) 66 feet front-l becorao alive to the importance of
ago on Main atreet and 104 .feet on public hoalth work, thero will be no
Eighth, with ft IB foot alley In tho ( lack f enthusiasm for. clean-up
rear,. beVween -It and the" Herald! campaigns and free clinics.
building. It will be-built ot -white
'glased terra fcotta. with jl, .plate -Rlass,
arcade In front and on the
Eighth atreet side, there wllj be M
!.& M hI.Ia wiMafli atinw wlflfVA-! 1
, IVVI. u ilu SIM .wn ...w"-.
j Ono roerchantlle firm, It Is nn-
derstpod, will' occupy 'the, entire
gliding xtom basement to roof.
tMr. 'nopkai did not revnaf'the
name, ot tho tenants, saying that
..the lease had not yet been "closed.
. Williams toItsUld
O. D. Williams has announced.
his Intention lo orect a three sjory nOSEBURO, Oct., 14 Pretty and
building on hla property on Main 'Pt"C M- Clrfrk Kllllon. chamber-
etreet. cast of the Winters build- jn' " Chateau Lake Loulso. testl-
Ing. th'o length 'of tbo adjoining; 4 " morning at the Brumflold
) building and -with BB foot frontage trial, Dressed in black, and wearing.
on Mn1n street. This building will m ho mot Drumfleld
also be of whlto glazed terra cotta
' Tho foundation will Je laid, thlr j
yoar It possible. There Is 'already
an excavation on the site.- -nrt
Building; Is Third
1 Ths three story HarU building
on the corner, of Seventh and Main,
"details ot which have been pub
lished previous?, la the third
.building planned. Contract for the
foundation work has already been
let. It Is probable that the) -ansa.
structure work will not make mh
progress before spring." Alt ; three
buildings" aro In the handa of one
architect and all threo will be ot
similar type.
Health Workers
Here for Monday
Night V Meeting
Miss Jano O. Allen, stato advisory
nurso, roturned last night from Lake
vlo'w whoro sbo jiddrosscd tho Lake
county ten6hora stltutc; Sho will
' Bpoak before tho local teachora at the
closing session of the Klamath Instl
tuto this aftornoon.
Miss Allen" wilt'-bo horo ovor tho
wcok-nnd nnd will bo ono ot thu
chief aponkorg at thn public lienlth
organlnzatlon meotlng Monday ovn
nlng. '
Mrs. Sadlo Orr-nunbar, oxecutlvo
secretary of tho stato nntl-tubercul-osls
association, anothor ot Monday
ovonlng'g speakers arrived last night,
night. She will address the mem
bers ofj the Library club at their
meeting this afternoon.
The fair board bare announced
that, the priseg won by the children
on the last day of the fair are
.ready for distribution, and will be
awarded the winners In the ath
letic games and the, dairy herd
record Ciuo aemunB.rai.uun, ua
priMS lor IUU uiuo yiaiuu
awarded will follow la about ten
dayg or two weeks, the . board memi
! aay, - J
fiealth Association
Would Foster All
Phase of Work
Tho public hoalth nurslnK mooting
iilch Js to bo h?M next" Monday
,.oVt)iiMK, ill the chamber of commerce
robins',- abfiUfd bd tif particular later
et to all tUbse Who ife Interested In
apodal phases of public beel'th" Work.
much taiK naa ocen nsf rceoaiiy
concerning too promotion oi a "bet
er bb wk" "dental clinic, for
achooli children,' "day nurseries" for
-" p
They complain .that the public la In
different to tbe thlnga that are most
vital to them.' Thla' charge Is un
doubtedly, true and until the peoplo
of the county can be organised Into
IJUiy 19 wnue no oocupieu a room
at tho 'Chateau, and learned his name
wn Norman M. Whitney, from a
laundry slip.
- She said ho told her ho intendod
to sail for Australia, September 10,
He left tho, hotel, August 2, she said,
and after that wrote her one letter.
Tbo letter, was not read.
.. Aftor argumenta between the at
torneys tbo court permitted the pro
secution to read tho "Dennis Russell"
socution to reaa mo -uennis uubsoii
letftr,. which tho fttVte contend
'Braiijtleld;wrpW injlcmdlhg tfffe
md District Attorney Nouner,
Tho court overruled tho defonso
objection to tho testimony' ot Flo
rence Curry, former telegraph opera
tor at Lake Loulso, and she told ot
Drumtleld depositing 100 to for
ward Mrs. Whitney. '
Samuel D. Couch, hardware mer
chant', Identified tbe gun found In
the wreck as the "One ho sold to
Drumfleld. ,
Lutheran Pastor
Will be Installed
In Pulpit Sunday
Tho pulpit ot tho local Luthoran,
church, which has been-vacant slncd
the doparturo ot tho Ilov. Karl Mat
thias to resume his theological studies
sovoral months ago, is now perma
nently filled by tho nppolntmont of
the Rov. II, J. Moyor, ot Franken
mutb, Michigan, who will be.lnstalled
The Induction service will be heldl
at the Koosb haH at, 10:30 a. m.,,the
ReV, W. F. Georg ofj(Portland, con
ducting the services. .
Tbe Rev. Mr. Meyer is a graduate
of the Concordia seminary at Spring
field, Illinois. He la here with the
expectation of making Klamath Falls
hla home for a long time. He Is
married and has established a' home
at 444 South Riverside atreet.
, The Rev- Mr, Matthles la now com
pleting his last year ot theological
t instruction,, at tlio St. Louts Mo
1 Oregon Tonight nnd Saturday,
rain; strong southeasterly galea.
k DRinnnn
' Tkl'AM hmm M M M, it. r
ak mwwm r
I . i
LA ORAMDB, Oct., i4-The Orcnd
commandery or KnigbU TemPW or
Oregon has closed its thirty-flitlir'a.n-nual
session, one of tho most swtwm
fu In the history of the order la Ihto
stato. :
Approximately two hundfest Sir
Knights from the several comssan
derles throughout Oregon- altendod
the conclave, which assembled Thurs
day morning, '
Charles W. Nlms, of Ashla., was
elected grand commander, succeeding
Grand Commander W. O. Jshellon-
barger of Portland. Otherhjgh of
ficials chosen at this session, for the
ensuing year, are as fojtews: 'Mlltoi
L. Moyors, Balem, deputy grand com
mander;. Ralph D. Robinson, Port'
land, grand generalissimo;, .yan
Kirk, Portland', grand captalnr gene
ral; E. B. Magee, Klamath Falls,
senior grand warden ; James F. Rob
inson, Portland, grand recorder; J6hn
1J. Cleland, Portland,, grand treasur
er; W, W. Youngnon,. Portland, grand
Prolate, George F. Cochrane, La
rXmnrin. tunlor rranil .warifim! M1. 1.
Henderson, Xstorla, grand '.standard .
bearer; Fred A. inman, Daker CHy,
grand sword boarer; A. P. Davis,
Marshtleld, warder; George Drain,
Ashland,, grand captain of the gisfd.
. .Roseburg waa selected, aatbeoei
clavo city for 12. '"
The vlsltlng'sir Knights were'haJId
somely ontertalne'd during' taolr 'stay
In La Grande, by the Sir Knights?!
Eastern Oresjeh Cqkmanderyk,Njl. '
Defdro tho largest assemblage of
Elli.a Alain caaa, flvA AAnrlMa Iab 9 -
Elkdom, Arthur E. Leavltt. Ray ,
Crawford. Charles N. Caseboora, Wll-
Ham O. Woods, and Robert O. O'Delt.looeo wno wore in wo couniy ja.
wore initiated into thn mmtarlos ot.IndlctmenU were made against Hd-
- i
the great patriotic order last night
at tho club rooms on Main, streets
Ten candidates for Initiation wore
on the schedulo but only half the
number appeared- at the, appolutcd
time, duo no doubt to the advance
word that tho Candida tog were lined
up tor, a great amount1 of Innocent
amusement by the senior Elks, as'aij
good nephytes for the order. All
ten candidates 'were to bo corraled
and bridled yesterday' afternoon at
3 o'clockand "prepared' for tbe cere-
monies In the evonfng. Elk bulla
were sent In search ot thp "baby
Elks" and tbo roundup netted .but
two ot. the ten Intended victims,
Arthur B. Leavltt and Ray Crawford;
Handcuffs,' 'hobbles, , and blinders
were usodon tho, two' neos and, given
a toy wagon containing a brass horn;
with labels attached to their backs
reading ''Baby Elks, To Be Inlated
Tonight" tho'two candidates paraded
tho length of Main street under full
guard ot tho herd masters.
'At tho club rooms, tho two woro
dressod In tho latest vogue from the
Lady Lucllle-uuff-aordon'B select
shop in Now York and thon' placed
In tho show windows of tho Enders
Grocery. Classic backgrounds aufh'
as raw moat, hay, bones, hair tonic,
vinegar, wero used to display the
manikins skill and costumes to the
host advantage. To tell just what
happened to them at tbe Elks' club
would be tolling tales out ot school,
so the reporter, can only say that
today, alf flvo members of the class
last night 'are endowed with full
rights of EJkdom and are basking
In the smiles of' many friends who
welcome them Into the order.
! r- f
' Exalted Ruler C, A.) Hayden stated
that the- attendance last olakt por
tends a remarkable' winter "in the
social lfe' of the club and that the
Elks who are members 'of lodges In
other cities are planning a "homto
folks entertainment" for the home
members which will bo a revelation';1
The datb is soon' to be' set for the
' 0HI0AOO, Oet.l. Waimv8
atotti. grand tWat ot tksj) Broth
erhood ,ef Locesgettve ftaeers,
today requested a conference ' with
the railroad executives In vstsMea
here on behalf of the six big rail
road unlonilwbtch have voted to
strike. . . .
Tho officers of 14 raHroad
unions saet at one -hotel while over
100 railroad presfdeati met at -another.
'Tka'. presidents notified
Stone by telephone that hla letter
would ke eeisldered.
Tbe road executives were 'ex
' .. -i
pected, to- ask the railroad labor
board for a, farther wsge roduc
tlon.i nrnralaliur to Mil all'l fntnra
cut .along to the pukllo In lower,
frelgnt' and passenger rates.
The labor board today 'handed
down a deetaten providing for the
restoration ot place, work, In, rail
road shops,. y
This ruling plaaaed the railroad
prestdenta but- the union's leaders
feared tho effect 'on the men who
have voted to' strike rather, than
to 'accept further wage reductions
or rules which they oppose.
Immediate' reduction of ffelght
rates, on all agricultural products for
a period covering CO' to 90 days,
pending ' the further reduction- ot
.wages waa, one ofy the proposals
placed before the Association of Rail-
jWay Executives here today.
The grand jury finished its Oc
tober session late thla morning,
returning Indlctmenta against seven
f"1" f uu .." " -j
ward W. Jones, B. O. McDonald
Drurii i iiuiinTrii
and T. R, Capener. Jack Morrlsson'BABg ARK mmm
sua uien -iwynoiu-. v. . ..,
ana A. m. Mcuiarea.
.Edward Jonea waa Indicted for al
leged theft ot a watch from a home-
ateadera home when at large after
the last jail outbreak In June. B.
O. McDonald and Tom R. Capener
are charged with alleged moonshine
operations on Worden avenue. Mack
Morrison and Glenn Reynolds are tho
alleged,, highwaymen who hold up
tho' R..EL Kre.riers,Mazama party on
the Crater lake road August 5 last
C. A'. Frtsbee .la' accused' of uttering
a check without sufficient funds to
cover samo nt the bank upon which
It was drawn, and A. B. McLaren ot
Jack Krelgh and, B. F. Watson
Wero released from jail. Krelgh. was
J charged with conversion of the au-iHIghstroeU.
' tomoblle of C, I. Record six weeks The body will be at the family
'ago and Watson was arrested on a' residence, 721 Ninth street, until i
I charge of alleged burglarising stores o'clock Sunday afternoon and all
In Merrill. Tho grand jury was friends may call until then,
discharged from further servlco un- a.
til called again oy tne prosecuting
. ' L, .
Costs Htner $30
rv p:.toI
m v
R, A. Htner this forenoon paid a
fine of 130.96 In Justice Gaghagens'
court for carrying concealed wea
pona. Tbe, tine waa $25 and the
costs 85.96; both being paid by the
dtotendeut. . .Judge Qaghagen gave
Hlner- a. severe lecture and ordered
the big Luger" revolver, retained In
the custody ot the court until. Hlner
left own and "remained away from
town." The dressing down oa tho
guaoting charge was,a"severe-one.
Hlner told Sheriff Low that ho would
leave town'., .
.5 "
Pbn;niANPt'dct., 14 Wkeat.quo-
i.4li'nH'i1..iHAe1rar AArBV-'at-tt fpiUB
11.03 to,ll.M a bushel.
Contract, to Retain
sMaT -! 9 JkuFW MtftC
Tho Clauses of the contract drawn
up by the law firm of 0'NalH"if
Trwln f'dr.cbhitderaUon tVf-'bf the
twelve membersof the Klamath trl-
Ibaleoatl rMngrVa?d aVdki-
cusses today i tM law firm's otfloe
by. the cmeN;ssMe14Tth eea
tract'WMetetMA'eoWcll mmk1-
son, WahosijD., C.,. attorney, k
also, an; 'associate, la ihelproeeedags.
As soon as .the ,e ontraet'la .Accept
ed by the; tribal; council, the lawyer
will- prepare the evidence for a suit
agalnrt the lialted States govern
ment -Involving -between 910,000,000
and $15,000,000, which the Indians
claim'bolongf. to .them, because of Im
perfect survey of the Klamath reeer- 1871,. the survey not being
In accordance Wjth, the treaty algaed
on Aug'usj; 14,. 1864.
SALEM, Oct., 14 E. M. Bubb,
vice-president and casklejri of tke
American National. bank; ML,'Jeka-
son, deputy assessor asd Arthur. R.
Wilson, president of the'jWJJso Ab
stract company of Klamath rath.
were appointed .today aJTappraleers
for. Ktamatk, county under Iki pro
visions of the. Oregon soldier hoaae
law passed June 14. The tkreensea
!,.. t 'iri.ii.. L an J. '
... , ,i inii.R-up.i, ,
' jyUj Carnaban, commander of
KUmathi.pos, s'Utcihivtijtbe work
rif thn hoard Would becin at oncn and
that In no way would deulr be
pcrlencod during tbe pending test
ot tho validity of the law by the Port
land post. Loans wjll 'be made as
soon as the, board ot appraisers had'
vised tho property securing tho loan
JA m0Mage ncelyeA tTom (Adjutant
General Whlto gavo Instructions to
the posts to make their applications
tor 'loans without delay,
.m -,.., M.fc w ii solution to have ona grand county
TWIN FALLS, Idaho, Oct. r-i.1J . . -it n- k.
Tho court today ruled that tka' ',eW dJ " M "' ""'
. i rZ .ul- i iteen the city and country scfcool.
Uif, ?, ItZ w" otf feature wklch w. wel
f ri "SnSUSTT LSI uZ? rum. Following the track
loua husbaada of Lydla Meyer ., ... .IHllnill. furM wm
' V JSJ id'
murder ot her fourth Husband, Ed-
ward F. Meyer. J
funeral for Mr
Grigsby Sunday
i i
Funeral services for the late Mrs.
B. S. Grigsby will be held Sunday
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Emma
nuel Baptist church, Eloventh and
.m'.,r, w.,., tauadkaw
' """" ... ivnumiun.
Ladles ot tbo Sacred Heart par
ish will hold a food sale tomorrow
- in w i n am i.niiLini i uuiiu uiui .
II.. ".. .1 IahIsaI IllthllA MAM. I
! "V ' "" " " ' O.clock ,tt thJworK g ven laem " :"
i"i o- - ------ - .
. ... t -l
their donations in before 9 o'clock.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. Presi-'
dent Hardtar today attended the
funeral ceremonies ot the late .
Philander ' Kaox,
senator from
morning. Tne sate vm oe iioHrinvontal effects. The primary
the management of Mrs. Pauleyj wMk( wh(ch ,g reay th0 foundation
who requests all the ladles to have f th tuintet M been unusually
WASHINGTON. Oct. 14. Presl-'and
dent Harding, b executive order. In thecolumris ot the efficiency re
haa Inaugurated a fixed policy glv- cord measurement standards, suck aa
lng preferential consideration to 'Professor Butler described to us Wad-warlwar-
veterana In applications nesday," Mrs. Ferguson said la sum-
ihlps .
All Mm
t" ,
whleh has sgosw sssslsn ssnee Wed
needay will eosa to a'slsssi tMt afisr-neea-'witk
tho Mgigaif " Ja
Allasi, mm astTiMsy
tmtuaes) nag tssja Ma)
er, latatnsjfcsg aa'tkt'
a way whlek a sjhM'tk nnplbs
who now are s4er 'thaw laasrasUea
will neelvw saaay bsMSSJias 'frasai tka
helpful afato Moslfai by tk tsasksra
eaHseUflr. Vh. I
Mrs. C- J. ri-gasaa, Masr
sckool saperlatendeatsiatM tkatjfca
Is highly pleased with tkhs yeaf eon
ferenee and that It to' this beaiaamg
of an era of county and eKy lasgraat
loa whleh, in. the yean to'eosae,rlll
assist many of tka prsssat day atlplto
witk Uelr-lif afokiesaau -faaumer-able
beaefitS 'la' advaneedteaekiag
metkods kkve aecxuedtl the already
efftossat teaebtaa; method - this
day, Mles'Fergmson says, aad whea
the rural sekoole, open. aTsadsy, tka
pupils tM start tareeetiy tka beae
nu.gsieTnbr!tkelr teetrmrtors dur
ing the last three dayi.y
IM J 1 1 1 II I r
The mast algaal aecoapllehmeat,
according to botk Mrs.' Fergasea and
Profesior Geets, has bee tka 'effect
lag of the county 'argaataatlas 100
per eeat strong' trf tke taaekera' erga
tsatleai perfected Wednesday forer
iiaoa. ThWatt pket tka Ktamatk
armaty 'orgaalaaUoa la Mae, iaf tka
saata; Inst'raeliaa and 'aaaaMla whlek
the, ether aaaatlas metre fresa tka
statsiergastlHtloa. Klaasatk eeanty
tsaekern'aow"t wtu act aatka. uait
srsS'"" '
,' "Athletic Interest RoeweeV -
(Subordinate to the county"brganl-
ex-fiatlon.'the sec6nd great accomplish
'raent was .the development of the
Interest ot tho,county In athletic and
educational subjects from a compe
titive standpoint. A resolution to
adopt' a basketball schedule for the
county schools "was carried, the sche
dule ot games to start sometime In
December. The' schools designated
for the games are Cblloquln, Klamath
Agency, Mferrlll, Bonanza and- Kla
math Falls, . Eack school will play
two games around the circuit.
The' unanimous adoption of the re
take'placo .t night, when oratorical
. ..,.. ... w,n v
auu uvviauiaMvu whv . - -
staged between the county and city
pupils. Belt poise, confidence and
torohslO'powers are developed In this;
manner, ''which under the- present
system,- would be 'latent on the aver
age student until In later, lite, wltk
a vocation chosen, It would j ha
brought to the surface. Accurate ex
pression ot Ideas are obtained In this
manner while the pupil Is In the
stage ot mloldlng, and In after life
this help will bo Invaluable In any
field. ot labor which might bo taken
Primary Grade Progress.
Ono other feature which has boon
accomplished this yoar was the mark-
ed dovolopment of work In tho prl-
..I..II. ,lmu'lno
muslo and Initiative school work. The
small Btudonts have had advanced
. . - -
- ij i-a, . Mrk Aim
..4-w-.-"w ".
lmnossioie in pasi yar w " "-
cood this year and work of this class
was dwelt .upon In the Institute.
The county superintendent ex
presses her belief that tula Institute
beM t thla time of the year kaa
perhaps been of more assistance to
thQ teichors than the usual" method
of holding it 'prior to the enaulag
teaching term. "1 feel that Klamath
county teachers .are entering oa a
new era which wilt place thla county
in the .front ranks of state teaching
also -will place this county klgk
Iliac o ustHut
i i
I )
, i
r.f -I
..auA ijMa-;
s.1. - ' '