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The Evening Herald
xv m
S. J. MURUAY ,...Kdltor
Published dally oxcopt Sunday, by
Tho Herald Publishing Company of
Klamath Falls, at 119 Eighth Stroot.
Entered at the postotflco at Kla
math Falls, Ore., for transmission
through tho malls as second-clans
Tho Associated Press Is exclusively
entitled to tho uso for publication of
all nows dispatches crodltod to It,
or not otherwise, crodltod In this
Daper, and also tho local nows pub
lisher horoln.
Library Club Will
Gather Tomorrow
Further plant hayo been made by
the Woman's library club for thotr
first big business and, social mooting
of tho season Friday afternoon.
Charles Wood Bberllen will giro an
Interesting lecture on Japanese prints
Illustrated with several rare oxamplcs
of the best types of print. Tho teach
ers will bo the guests of tho club at
thelecturo and socla.1 hour which
will follow. -
Previous to tho'locturo will be the
business meeting at which a full at
tendance Is asked by Mrs. H, E.'Mom
yer.'prestdent. .The quostlon as to
whetnor.'tho study of jjsycho'fo'gy' shall
fee taken up this' winder will bo'cllo
cuased and every member should bo
oh band to assist In tho discussion.
Reception Will Be
Given Teachers, at '
C. of C. This Evening
A reception to Klamath county
teachers, both In the rural and city
schools, will be given this ovenlng at
the chamber, of commerce ro'onii, un
der tho ausploes ot tho woman's auxi
liary of the chamber of commerce
and" other women of tho city. The
recopttea opens at 8:30 o'clock.
according 'to announcmcct
i&BoraiBgiiby T. L. Stanley, sec
retary 7of the'ebamber of1 commerce
wh'o' urges the, presence of a largo
crowd to welcome the teachers and
assure them that their educational
efforts have the commun't's bup-
A musical program will, bo meof
the features of the roceptlon. Musi'
Claris who will tako part .mi Mrs.
JL.'J. Voye, Miss Clara Calklnp, Miss
Claudia Spink, Dr. Mallctt and Mrs,
V. W. Eborleln.
'Oregon Hunters
Fined in Dorris
Dert Franklyn and James Steven"
ion, of Merrill, wero each flnod $60
in tho Dorris Justice court Monday,
for violating tho California hunting
law which forbids tho transportation
of gamo from tho stato.
According to tbo story told by tho
men to friends in this county, they
bad camped in the California forests,
killed two buckg and wero preparing
to go to anothor location to get-tho
limit. While moving, Gamo Wardpn
Miller ot Yreka arrested thorn and
took them tp Dorrls-for trial. War
den Miller and the Justice of peace
contended that as long as the camp2
ers had packed up and wbro on. tho
move, they Intended 'to come fyme.
Tho fine was assessedmndor protest
PORTLAND, Oct. .13. Dr.
James P. Graham, war veteran and
well known physician, died last
night as the result of Injuries re
ceived In an automobile accident
sear Oregon City September 7.
This is "Country Store night at the
Strand theatre nnd it is exported that
packed houses will partlclpa in tho
distribution ot the freo qlftu given
away by the management. Each night
the patrons wrlto their namoi on
cards and tbeso are deposited In a
box. Thursday night i auinbar cf
these are dawn out nnd tin iu!.s
distributed to those present, mid
slnco there Is no dill'Ci-y coupon at
tached, 'It will he nocewary fcr tho
recipient to bo present in porson.
In addition to this novel feature,
tho' big picture will le "Tho Sllnnt
Barrier," a plctura ptodnctlun Ly the
famous W. W. tlodkl-ixou Corpora
tlon,' that la racouUi 1 ns uno-of tho
greatest picture P'-Jductlm; coni'
in the world. A pioductloa under t'.s
name Is like "sterling" In sllvor" it
tnoatia the best. As tho noved by
Louis TracoyUook the reading woild
br 'storm, so has thf terpen vt'.tton
of'1"the Silent Harrier" won tho up
yroval ot theatre patrons.
u '
'Professor Duller yestorday in a
speech at tho forum of tho cham
ber of commorco announced statis
tics on the Orogon school systom
which surprised many hearers, par-;
tlcularly when ho brought tho Issuo
to the local Klamath county
schools. Tho facts that ho took
from tho 'pamphlot, issued at tho
Instanco ot J. A. Churchill, supor-
lntondont ot public Instruction,
compiled by tho efforts ot, Pro
fessor Fred L. 'Stotson and Profes
sor John C. Almack ot tho Exten
sion ' Division ot tho University of
Orogon, wero, so startling, thai many
discussions took placo ( among
toachors attending tho instituto as
to how tho county could better Its
standing In this state.-
Professor Dutler stated that tho
compilers ot tho statistics had rank
ed tho dttferont counties In Oregon
In tho ordor of efficiency of their
school p system, using tbo samo
measurements that were-' used by
tho department of education of tho
Russell Sago foundation when- it
ranked tho different -states in .the
union according to tholr efficiency.'
The statistical data was gathered
from tbo reports ot mo-county su
porlntondonta nnd'"covorodi period
of .six years.
Ten Items iof school eftlcloney
were quoted byTrofessor Butler
and tho standing 'ot Klamath coun
ty given according its rank' In the
state ot Oregon. Klamath county
ranked 20th In the stato on tho
percentage of school population that
attended school dally, with" Mor
row, Grant and Union counties
heading thorjlsts. t
In nrvorago days nttondod by each
child of school ago, Klamath stood
21st with Multnomah, drant and
Union counties leading. Avorago
number of days the schools wero
open for Instruction, Klamath, 19,
Clatsop, Multnomah and Hood
river first. Per cent of hlghj school
attendance as compared with tho
total attendance, Klamath 16, 'Ben
ton, Jackson, and Crook. Percent
ot boys comparod to of glrls In
high schools. Klamath, 34th, Mai;
hour, Yamhill and Union counties
loading. Avorago annual expenditure
per child ' attending school
Average annual expenditure
per child of school age, Kla
math. 20th, Sherman, Lake, Mor
row first. Averago annual expendi
ture per child of school ago, Kla
math 19th, Sherman, Lake and
Morrow flrtt. Average annual ex
penditure per teacher employed.
Klamath 20th, Multn'mah, Des
ohuteff, Clatsop first. Expenditure
per pupil for purposes othor than
teachers' salaries, Klamath, 30th,
Sherman, Harney and Deschutes
first. Expenditure per teacher for
salaries, Klamath 10th, Multncmab.
Clatsop and Sherman first. '
' In educational fca(uros, all sta
tistics combined, Klamath stood
In tho yearly rank with tho rest
ot tho Oregon counties ns follews:
191C, 12th; 1916, ' 9th; 1917.
19th; 1918, 28th; 1919, 33th;
1920, 2Sth, 1921, ?. Tho avorhgo
standing for tho six years 'was 24
lt rank. r
Orogon peoplo howovor hnvo
much satisfaction In tho compari
son of this stato with tho rest of
the union whon Its youth, as a
state Is compared to tho older
states, Tho Russell Sago Founda
tion In its Investigations placos Ore
gon in rank on educational toatures
in the state list at 20 but tho
greatest of all honors is that it Is
In second placo on educational
points, . Tho report was made on
tbo above montloned subject in
1918. Professor Dutler announced.
Teachers Taken
For Outing Trip
The Teachers' Institute today!
wero entertained by tho girls of tho!
second year cooking class at a caf
eteria dinner at the county high
schoolf when fho forenoon session
was over. Tho dinner was nrrang
ed by tho class members undor tho
instruction ot tho domestic sclonco
teacher, Miss Avis Dougherty; A
flno menu was sorved and many
compliments expressod by the visi
tors at tho Bkill displayed by tho
high school students. '
Thls afternoon a number of tho
toachors wero taken' on a sigh see
ing trip to Rattlesnake Folpt. Oth
ers were taken 'for trips on the west
side ot the'' lake towards Baglo
Ridge by local entertainers.
Hosaao ,'j ja ht.-a.t;i , avju vi2:tsvh :mr
Personal Mention
Mr, nnd Mrs. Ocorgo C. Ulrlch and
daughter, Kathorluo and song, Ar
mond and Holland, lott this uttor-
noon for Mcdford whoro they will
visit for tho next tow days with ro
lattvcs and friends.
Miss Margaret Ilnrgus loft et: tho
stago this morning for Ashland bcro
alio will vlBlt-wIth friends and rela
tives for tho noxt fow dnya.
C. F. Stono who has boon attend
ing to legal bUBluoss'ln Yreka for tho
past fow days returned homo laBt
L. G. Stiles camo In yestorday with
a load of grain from his ranch In
Swan Lakovnlloy and roturnod homo
this morning witn a loau or supplies.
CV. Holmes, of tho Klamnth Cash
Grocory'storo.'mado n trip to Mnlln
yestorday to look nftorJhla morohan-
jdfso lntorosts . thoroj vUpon his re
turn bo roported that tho rain last
night did no dnmngo in. thnt part of
tho country due. to tho, fact that tho
grain was all sacked nUhouglyHhc,
hauling wns still going on as rapiuiy
as possible.
F. R. Wilson of Poo Valley tnndo'a
flying trip Into town yostordny nnd
purchased supplies from city mer
chants for" hlg farm. '
J. W. DoPuy. attended to mntters at the county court bouse
yesterday from his ranch in tho Mid
land district. T ""
(?. F. Lundy. and Jv D. Reed woro
Bonanza residents s who, transacted
business horo thlswcek. t
Ira Roberts 'of .Olene .was- ai busU
noss visitor horo this wcok.
Lester Tucker came Into town this
week from Recreation, for a' hunting
license. ' p w
Mrs. Arthur'Wiison, who hog been
111 in Portland 'for the post three
or four months, and hed llttlo daugh
ter, Pearl Jean, aro expected homo In
tbo near future. It is reported that
Mrs. Wilson's hoaltbr Is much Im
proved. ' ' l
EarlKllpatrlck, director ot tho ex
tension division of tho Unlvorstty ot
Oregon; Is' ono ot tio woll known
mon In Oregon business circles, who
Is hero for tho purpose ot addressing
tho teachers Instituto this; wook, Mr.
Kllpatrick was on loavo'of absonco
from tho Univorslty this spring for
tho purpose of assltlng tho Rod Cross
with reconstruction work after tho
Puoblo flood. At tho close 'of insti
tute hero' -bio vwlll leave Immediately,
for Eugcno. . x
Miss Mario Davenport, who haa
"beon quite 111 for tbo past fow dnys'
s reportcu soiucwnat improved iq;
day. -
' R. C. Short was in town this morn
ing from his ranch on tho Merrill
highway south ot town attending to
the business of adjusting tho insur
ance tor the barn which ho lost in a
recent fire.
William I). Freer was In town thli
morning from his ranch In tho Malln
district attending to tax matters at
tho" court houso.
Jack Cummlngs and tho Rainer
Brothers aro in tho city this weok
from Fort Rock, whoro thoy aro all i
Interested in tho cattle business.
Miss Ida 13. Momyer Is In tho Bon
anza country today attending to mat
tors of business,
Miss Ella Ilattan Is registered at
the AYhlto Pollcan hotel .from Port
land, halng' arrived last night from
that city. ' '
Miss Helen Elliott Is n city visitor
from Berkeley, California, who Is
stopping qt tho Whlto Pollcan holol
this week. ' ' ,
F. H. Bonton.Or., ot Bray, is1 In tho
city for a few days attondlng to mat
ters ot business.' '
1 Mrs. Orvlllo Elliott and small soiht
Jack, aro In tho county scat for a
fow days from their home at tho Kla
math Agency -visiting with Mlssjs Flo-i
renco and Clarlco,- vwho aro attending '
tbo Sacred Heart academy.
John Von Motor Is a visitor hproi
today from his ranch In Poo Valfoy. I
Nlol Webber Is hore from Medford '
this woek renewing acquaintance with I
old frlendg about Klamath Falls. i
Mr. and Mrs. A. lC, F. Perry and
two children aro hero for the wcok
from their homo ln Salem. They aro
guests at tho Whlto Pelican hotol.
i R, S, Dixon, u cattleman from the
Fprt country, is In town for a, fow
days on mntters of business
Miss Kathloon Madon, who has
beoh horefor a fow days visiting tho
sisters at tho Sacrod Heart acadomy,
loft on this morning train for her
homo In Mcdford.
Dr. nnd Mrs, Walter Mason of Oak
lnnd, California, who aro spending
tho weok with Mrs.t Mason's grand
mother, Mrs. Amanda Hamakor, Joft
yestorday with Mrs, Hamakor for
Fort Klamath, expocting to go on tto
Orator lake today. Tho visitors will
leave for their home in California on
Sunday. t '
, C. R. DeLap, this morning re
ceived a telegram from Mrs,, Lloyd
DeLap, wko Is visiting her mether
". V
IMrs. v Bloomqulst at Richmond
California, "that Paula, tho two yimr
old DoLap daughtor was danger
ously 111. Lloyd DoUip left for Crcs
cont' with his Brothor oarly yoator
day mnrnlntr nnd could not bo
reuciiou uy iuiuijmuiiq iu iiuiii una
of tho affliction ot tho child.
Loses Two Fingers
In Harvester Gear
Henry Kotsdovor, son In l.uv of
HonVy S. Wilson, chiot of pollco, suf
fered thov loss ottho first two joints
on his socond and 'third flngori en
tho right"" hand Tuesday nf'cn.oon,
After waiting two wcoks for n real
goar to arrlvo for a comblnod har
vester and Just nftor hnvlitg placed
It on tho machlno, a fow rounds were
mado around tho 33G acres ot io on
tho Kotsdovor ranch near Algomu,
whou Kotsdovor accldontly, pl.ii.o-1 his
rlgbt hand In tho goars nnd tuffnrud
tho loss of tlio flngor .Joints. Tho
wounds woro droisad in this clty
O 0
LOST On Merrill road botweon
Mack's Btoro and Henley school,
Docketbook. Roward. Phono W. C.
Burke, 19F1C. 13-16
FOR BALB-Coarso, heavy wrapping
papor, shoots 48xCO Incheo, good
for llnning wood sheds, chlckon
houses and putting undor carpots, G
conts per shoots Call at I To raid of
fice 12-29
FOR SALE- Piano.
Box 177. x
Addrcci P. O.
good used car. Equity, In ilvo lots
on Wantlaud Avo. P. 0JBxllG
; 13-17
FOR BALE -24v hoad of " Uncoln
Ramboulotto. 2-rear old bucks. Jan.
T. Henley, Phono 18F4. 13-15
LOST Betwcon Odeasa nnd Lamms
'Camp at Kirk, Oregon, stock for
Winchester pump shot gun. Flndor
tolopbono Claiido Houghton, Lamms
Camp. , 13-17
FURNISIU3R ROOMS for rent. Call
910 Main. 'j 13-19
I - ' s III!
SATURDAY, Oct. 1 5
Grand Opening!!!
In Our New Location
Free! $5
N -,
VTANTEDTOibuy omnlf homo on J
G77. Chlloqiiln, Oro. lil-ll
A GOOD 11KD nnd a good bath nt
Colonial rooms, 11th nenr Main
St., and 741 Walnut Avo. 13
big lovol lot In Mills Adiln., near
now school, i Away bolow tho mnrkot
nt $r.00. Chllcoto & Smith, C33 Main
street. 13-14
. . . j. . .
FOR 8ALH ThVoo room houso nnd
good lot near S. P. dopot nt $700.
Only $1G0 cash nnd balanco llko ront.
Chtcoto & Sin Uli, 033 Main street.
FOR 0A1.U Throo room houso nnd
lilg lot on California Avo., nt a bar
gain prlco ot $1100. Only $100 cash,
I,ook nt this- now. Chllcoto & Smith,
C33 Main street. 13-14
FOR RENT -Flvo room modorn
houso and stooping porch, furnish
ed. CIobo hit Inquire nt G12 N. Otli
stroot. 13
FOR SALE Completely furnished
four room houso and stooping
porch, modern. CIobo In, $117G down,
bnnlnnco $35 por month. Tho Itynn
Ronlty Co.. G12 N. Uth stroot. 13
Prices may ndvanco any
day, this Is your nottco, no
further guarantee on prices.
Buy your, OREEN BLAB
or BLOCK-WOOD now. and.
avoid1 advances m that aro suro
Jto.'como. ,rAsk about our '
i UltV-TAMAltAUK , "
" - Kor Year Heuter
0. Peyton & Co.
"AVood to Burn
410 Mnlu St. Phono OSA
- . .
619 MAIN ST.
-r LmJiZSSmSSnt
H '" ' "r
.n t
. L"
i lH
' If
Free! I
i mill
1 1