The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, October 08, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. W. Crandnll nnd son
'drove Into town yesterday from tholr
.home at Malln and purebnsod sup
plies from local merchants,
Marr Wilson and family woro
'county seat business and plcasuro
Visitors yostorday from Sand Hollow.
' Miss Margaret Huntoon camo Into
town yestorday from her homo at
,jrlln and mado purchases at local
W. 8. Wiley and Jamoa Swanson
.will visit the Vonna Valley, Oil com
pany drilling operations tomorrow.
The company has Just oroctod n
standard 84 foot rig.
t B. B. Magoo will leave horo Mon
day for La Grande, whore ho will at
tond tho Grand Commandory of the
Knight Tomplars.
', Mr. and Mrs. Harry Acklcy, of tho
Ackley lumber company, left this
'woek for tho woods whoro thoy will
camp tor tho next fow days.
Roy Nelson a ranchor In tho Keno
.section was In town yesterday after
noon attending tho fair. Mr. Kelson
bad soToral head of cattlo entorod as
Charlos Adams and family woro
county seat visitors yostorday from
' 'Charlos Lewis and family wero
county seat visitors yestorday from
I Charlos Adams and family wero
.the fair yesterday from their ranch
'home on Lost Rlvor.
Mr. and Mrs. P. 0. O'dara camo
down the lako In their speed boat
last evening from Rocky Point and
"stayed over , until this morning pur
chasing supplies for their fine boat
bouse In which thoy aro living at
' present.
Mr. and Mrs. Qoorgo Kerns arriv
ed In their car from Haywards.jCall
'fornla, tho first of tho week and
will bo horo for 10 days or two weoks
on a vacation visit. Mr. and Mrs.
Kerns aro former residents of Klam
ath and although thoy aro now mak
ing tholr homo In tho California'
town, still havo largo property In
terests here.
E. M. Chllcoto, HI Woods and L.
N. Haines aro local nlmrods who aro
out for quail this week-end'.. They left
word that they would try' for tholr
game In the Pokegama section.
Mr. ind Mrs. C. M.' O'Ncll, Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Epperson and son, Qoorgo
havo returned from Medford, where
they went on a combined business
and pleasure trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Collier and
small daughter, havo returnod from
Eugene, whore they havo been for
the last few weeks visiting friends
and relatives. '
Mrs. George Walton and daugh
ters, Katberlne and Beatrice are
ponding the day In town from their
home at Merrill.
Mrs. Mary H. Reed, who has beon
here visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. L.
Leavltt, left this morning for Dor
rig where she will visit another
daughter, Mrs. John Clomens.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thrasher, Mr.
and Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs.
Mark Hanna. Mr. and Mrs. Jamos
Hilton, Miss Mildred Thrasher, Harry
Thrasher and Paul Hilton will leave
at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning for
the Bonanza country where they ex
pect to hunt quail.
1 B. II. Jefferson nnd Bert Wlthrow,
two of the most consistent hunters in
tho county left yesterday attornoon
for Silver camp, where thoy expect'.
to havo a pleasant week-end practic
ing their favorite outdoor sport;-
Anton Suty, a farmer in the Malln
district, spent yesterday in tho coun
ty seat attending to matters of busi
ness. Mrs. M. K. Kastwood is a wook
end visitor here from her ranch homo
on the Merrill road. .
R. B. Wilcox of Miller Hill Is In
town today on farm board matters.
R. EI. Bradbury is another member
of the farm board, who is spending
tho day in tho city from his ranch on
the Merrill road for tho purpose of
discussing board business.
Mrs. W. D, Batorlee and two
daughters left thin morning for Port
land, where they expoct to spond iho
Mrs. A. K. Johnson, who has been
here visiting her sister, Mrs. B. E.
Michaels, left on the morning train
for her home In Red Bluff, Califor
nia. J. Frank Adams, Sr., was a passen
ger on the morning train bound for
San Francisco, whore ho will attond
to matters of business for tho next
"Larry" Wright, assistant mana
ger of the local branch of the Stand
ard OH company, was a passenger on
this morning's train bound for Cali
fornia. This is to be a sort of pre-
wedding Journey for "Larry", nW
friends report, 'as he expects to be
married while away to Miss Wanda
Kamm of San Luis Obispo, Califor
Will Blaclunau who reside on the
Merrill route was in town yesterday
to nttond tho Inst dny nt tho county
fair nnd nlso to purchaso auppllos
from local merchants tor his ranch.
Don J. Zumwnlt nnd Charles H.
Wlthrow aro out on a ton days tic or
hunt nouth of, hero.
F. E. Maston Is n county Visi
tor horo today from his ritnch near
Mr. and Mrs. Wnrron Lowroy and
dnughtor motored from Hutchinson,
Kansas, and nro visiting at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Call.
After spending somo tlmn visiting
many of tho beauty spots of thu
county, thoy will Journey on to
California for tho wlntor.
Following Is (ho program of Epis
copal sorvlccs at tho chamber of
commerco rooms tomorrow, con
ducted by tho Rev. Dr. George B.
Van Waters, archbishop of tho dlo-ccbo:
11 a. m. "Croatlon nnd Dlvlno
draco in Light of Sclcnco nnd Phil
7:30 p. m. "Blblo Intcrprotod
by Modorn Research."
10:15 a. m. Holy Communion
will bo .colebratod. Episcopalians
aro especially requested to mako
tholr communion at this service All
others welcome.
11 a. m. Morning prnyor.
7:30 p. m. Evening prayor.
Tho choir will be present nt tho
services. Tho locturog nro freo and
all aro Invited.
Indians' Friend for
M.ore Than SO Years
Captain O. C. Applegate mndo
his way slowly up Main stroot this
morning, and had roachod tho Gun
Store, when an Indian steppod out
In front of him, and withes broad
smilo addressed tho captain In tho
languago of his trlbo.
Quick as a flash Captain Applo
gato answered the Indian, McClol
Ian Williams, In his own tonguo.
Whon 'asked to Interpret tho con
versation ho explained It thusly:
"Ah, tho Indians' frlond, all day
did I soarch for you yestorday,"
and tho Captain roturned, "Yes, for
56 years tho Indians' friend, and
I'm glad to see you.
Fow "whites can .talk with tho In
dtang about town in their own Ian"
guago outside, of Captain Apptegato
and Fred Houston.
Elks Series of
Entertainments to
" Open Monday Eve
Preparations 'for n largo gather
ing ot Klamath Tails musically In
cllnrcl people nro being mado nt the
Mlka' cii1i for tho Initial performance
of the Monoloy Lyceum course Mon
day night when Schlldkrot's Hungar
ian Orchestrn will roiulor Its moIoc
tlona tit tho old and now mnstora nt
8:15 o'clock In tho lodgo hall.
ThnN talent socilrod for tho first
nuiubor ot tho four ontortnlnmonts,
which tho Monoloy courso offers, Is
composed ot six nlilo musicians who
'havo appearod boforo somo ot tho
largest organizations In tho United
States such as Masonic, Elks, tabor
nnd nt n nmnbor of tho world exposi
tions which started with tho Colum
bian fair In 1S03 nt Chicago. In tho
oloct Washington 1. C, soclnl cir
cles has bud tho Schtldkrot organ!
zntlon appear for all Itn "Inner seloct"
affairs for tho political leaders ot
tho United States. Tho orcbostra has
been chosen also for such society
ovunts, as havo boon gtvon by somo
of tho Now York "400 clans." In Chi
cago, Mrs. Harold McCormlck and
Mrs. Marshall Field havo always call
ed upon this organization ot musical
tnlcnt to furnish tho dreamiest ot
waltz music for dunces, fotos und
lawn parties, not to'montton gather
ings whoro tho nation's musical lead
ers wero nssomblod to discuss must
cul promotion.
Tho Elks ontortulnraont committee
nnnotinco that tho courso offered by
thorn Is given under a strictly "mon
eyback guarnntco" and should any
patron bo dissatisfied with tho tal;
ont offored, tholr money will bo
cheerfully returnod. Tickets can be
procured at tho Elks Club today and
Mr. and Mrs. Elmor Moore of
Poo Vatloy aro .tho proud parents
of n 12-pound, baby boy, born yes
terday nftornoon. Dr. Goo. I.
Wright, who "was In attendance, re
ports both mother nnd child to bo
doing nicely.
A w MM
o o
FOUND In tho Rex Cafe, n K. P.
charm owner call at Herald of-
ttco and Idontlfy. '. 8-10
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bill Pickles
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Choice of
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8tuffod Spring Chicken, Celery Drosslng
Apple Fritters, Special Sauco
I Mashed Potatoes
Cauliflower In Cream
Apple Phes Punch
Choice of
Vanilla Ico Cream, Hot Mince PIo,
Marshmallow, Pine Apple, Butterscotch Sundae
Tea- Coffee Milk X
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MVj4iWl4-- tf
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