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The Evening Herald
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-City Editor
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aUred at the postottleo at Kla
aath Falls, Ore., tor trammlBilon
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Christened .With Waterl A
MONDAY, BEPTEMJlKn,' 10, 1021.
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SALEM, Or., Sept. 19. A success
ful yield ot hay, grain and corn
for ensilage purposes Is reported
to the state engineering department
by the Ochoco Irrigation project ot
Crook county for the present sea
son. Just now the district Is ask
ing tho Irrigation securities com
mission for the certification ot
176,000 additional bonds to take
car of some construction warrants
outstanding from last year and to
make repairs to the equipment ot
the project necessitated by a cloud
burst ot last spring.
Dam to Be Repaired
Included In repair work to bo
done will be the stopping of a leak
age In the dam on Ochoco creek aa
soon as the water is drawn from
the reservoir this fall. Tho leak
has not interfered with Irrigation
The state Irrigation securities
commission doubtless will certify
the additional' bonds. Already $1,-
350,000,000 In bonds has been cer
tified and lntorcst guaranteed by
tho stato on that amount.
Organized In 1010
The Ochoco projoct was organis
ed in 1918 as a result ot a co-operative
investigation by tho state
and the United States reclamation
service. It embraces 22,000 acres
ot which 20,000 is now Irrigated.
, F. Fred Hoelscher la president ot
the district and D. A. Sordal is sec
retary. The directors are Mr. Hoels
cher, John K. Crimes nad M. It.
. . - .--!. .. W ,K miniNtr.tntieM WAAtlllia
.votf-w 5 j t;. a-Nfl
at Camden, w. J inai wa wnww , "..- .-- - .. -i
Jean Bummer 10. d.uKhtcr ot Conrt-m-n W W Summer, of Wall.
Wall j? broke a bottle of water from WmJttnuwa rivers, on the bow J
The drama and the tragedy of the
rush for gold in Alaska Is depicted In
"The Flamo of the Yukon," In which
Dorothy Dalton Is starring, which
will bo shown at the Strand tonight.
The time of this Triangle Play is
In tho days of '98 when the gold
mad crowds sought to uncover the
wealth of the Frozen North, when
there was no law of God or man In
the camps and where a man's quick
ness "on the draw" decided the
question of whether he would live to
got back to the "States" with his
Miss Dalton Is "Tho Flame." Ono
night she is told by Black Jack Hov
ey, the owner of the dance hall, to
pluck a stranger, who aooms to bavo
bis, belt woll filled wlh gold. In tho
process of plucking him she dlscovors
the stranger Is throwing a bluff and
that It Is sand instead of gold dust In
his belt.
Many dramatic episodes follow.
"Tho Flamo" abandons her modo of
living for love of tho man Lovo tin
ally Is triumphant.
REDDING A 150,000 mining deal
was closed hero when two deeds were
filed for record by the Atcascadero
Copper company, so named because
Jhe principal stockholders reside In
Herald Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON. Sept. 19. Sec
retary ot Commerce Hooter has re
plied to Senator Borah' recent
suggestion that the coming confer
ence ot unemployment glvo con
sideration to tho proposed plan for,
enlarging tho wostern reclamation
program, thereby not only furnish
ing employment for large numbers
ot workmen but also adding to the
productivity ot tho country.
The reply, while not committing
tho secretary ot commerce to an
Indorsement of tho suggestion, is
most favorable. .
Socretary Hoofer says Borah's
suggestion Is Interesting and one
that appears to offer largo possi
bilities, however, ho points out that
ho personally Is not familiar with
tho present state ot reclamation In
the west, nor with the details ot
what Is proposed, but In' order to
Inform himself in advance of the
conference, ho has called on the
reclamation service and tho de
partment of tho interior for com
pleto information on the subject,
with a view to submitting it to the
conference for discussion.
This Insures that Senator Mc-
Nary's reclamation plan, behind
which stands the western states re
clamation association, will bo fully
presented at the conference.
Further to aid It. the great forco
ot tho American Federation of La
bor will bo brought 'to bear. Rep
resentatives ot tho federation noti
fied Senator Borah that organized
labor looks with high favor on bis
suggestion and Is grateful to him
for having presented it to Secro
tary Hoover.
The senator was given assurance
that tho A. F. ot L. would take the
matter up immediately with its af
filiated organisations In the west
with a view to consolidating the
support for tho proposal.
pn shares proposition, Am thorough-
Herald Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. Acting
undor the urging of scores of tele
grams from food producors of Call
fornla, Senator Shortrldgo has se
cured an agreement from the depart
ment of Justice that no modification
of the court order In the packers'
caso preventing the large packers
from ongaglng in other lines of food
production and sale should bo mado
except after all parties Interested
could bo given a full hearing.
Last February. tho packers con
sented to an order of the federal
court that they be restrained from
engaging in othor lines ot food con
trol except those directly a part of
tho meat packing, industry.
Beck Liberal Order
Slnco then recurring reports havo
originated In tho West that somo of
tho cannew abput C per cent of tho
total have mado an effort to have
this order liberalized In such a way
as to open tho door to the packers to
engago in the fruit and vegetable
Ono telegram received from P. O.
Drescher, ot San Francisco, said:
"Attorney General Daugherty, act
ing this week, propose to ask the
court to modify very materially the
packers' consent decree entered Feb
ruary last. This action Is said to be
largely at tho solicitation ot Califor
nia co-operatlvo canner. If the de
cree Is modified as proposed It will
enablo packers with their , special
privileges In transportation to mono
polize food Industry and distribution.
This Is against tho interests, ot both
producer and consumer. The Cali
fornia parties reported behind this
move havo been heretofore aligned
with Armour and the other packers
They represent probably barely 5 per
cent ot the growers or canner ot this
"Investigation show the balance
ot California producers, fruit grow
era, shipper and canners strongly
protest against this modification.
"All wholesale grocer, retail gro
cera and other important business
Join In this protest and urgently re
quest you to take such step aa may
seem proper and effective to you to
causo the attorney general to delay
action until a full bearing may bo
had enabling all Interest and especi
ally California' Important Interests
to be heard."
Shortrldgo OrU Busy
Senator Shortrldgo Immediately
took the matter up personally with
Judgo Goff, acting attornoy general.
and sent tho following wire to all in
terested In this matter:
"Attornoy general through Colonol
Goff advises me that tho packer de
cree referred to In you September 1C
telegram will not be modified, If at
all until all the parties In Interest
havo a full opportunity to bo heard
I shall continue to glvo the matter
closo attention."
We've all heard of the clown who
reads Chaucer. Oh yes, the busy lit
tle fellows ahead ot the circus have
seen to that. Aa a matter of fact,
there aren't any down who read
Chaucer. They read about politics
and baseball; and the way they go
after current events for. Ideas upon
which to frame their acts la a lesson
to direct action.
Clowns are not, as haa so often
been stathd, exceptionally moody
chaps when out of the ring. In fact,
they are Just ordinary fellows, much
the same as you and I. Some of thorn
are well read, ot course, and well
educated. "Poodles" Hanneford, the
greatest ot all riding clowns, with
Sells-Floto circus, coming to Klam
ath Falls on Monday, September 28.,
Is a Harrow boy, and that's some
thing on the other side. Of the fifty
five clown with "the second largest
show on earth," forty-three are
Americans, almost all ot them high
school graduates, some of them col
lege men, but they're not "high
brows." Hardly.
But whether a clown with Sells-
Floto Is able to talk smart dinner
patter or not, he must be versatile in
funmaklng. All but 'the biggest star
of the laughter brigade must play in
the clown band, of which Art Borello,
tho noted American funstej, Is lead
or. Spader Johnson, billed for years
as "tho funnlost man In the world,"
whon out ot make-up looks like an
aggressive man ot big business. ,At
that, ho Is, in a way, for he is woail
thoy, with plenty of commercial at
falrs'on his hands. "Poodles" Hanne
ford, who' is only twenty-six, looks
like a bank clerk,. when be Is not
thrilling and convulsing the crowds
from the bach of a running bono,
Extraordinary Offer-
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sale of an Auto Strop Rzor at the regular price of
$5.00 we will give
Two Dollars worth of
Toilet Articles FREE
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The Auto-Strop Razor complete with twelve blades
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big offer.
PJ3KINQ, Sopt, 19. Tho teach
era' strike which closed eight high
or schools In Poking for tho last
four months has been ended by
agreement of tho minister of fi
nance to guorantca payment of sal
arles out of tho surplus of salt rev
enues. Tho sottloinent Ih a clean
victory for tho touchers. Thoy held
out from tbo beginning for estab
lishment of a rollablo fund of $:,-
000.000 monthlr tor the support
of higher government Institutions of
Vaudeville at Strand Sunday. 19-24
There are about 740 different
kinds of bird In Australia.
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