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A Class Ad Will
Today sMews
To4z .
, Member of the Associated Pre:
PtftemUi Year No. SUM.
Sftji? burning Mvvalh
i Plan contemplated all sumaur
( for tta organization of th" Kta
I Math ' Rodeo association war
brouibt-;to head laat night when
a number of promlnont cltlin of
tbla county not In lb ofllc of at
torney William Man to coraldor
tb preliminary atapa to ba mad
toward! perfecting an organization.
Among thoa present were: O. M.
llator, J. J. Furber, Barney Cham
bar, Rd. Vsnnlco, W T. Laa, A.
Kallna, L. C. Blaamora,' R. W, Tow
or, W. Daltoa, Loula Oar bar, J.
Frank Adami, L, A, Waat, Marrln
Croaa, R, L. Hammond, J. N.
Olran, W. II. Tbomaa and Wm.
T. II. Walter waa elected tamp
orary chairman and W. T. Leo.
temporary aecretary. Tbe plan
advanced tail night waa to aacura
ground- near Klamath Falls wbero
, rodeo, county fair, stock ahow,
atock aalea, race and other amuaa
mant feature can ba held, eaay of
acceaa from thla city. A aubeerip
tlon lUt will bo circulated to ralaa
thMUlfo-eapUalstioa of IE,
000 and share will ba told at
110 each.
j The Illy roundup promoter and
the Ft. ' Klamath 'group of eapert
rodeo booatera will cooperate with
tbe Klamath Falla aaaoclatloa to
puth thla mattor and with the
abundance of atock, rider, and the
wonderful natural ecenery and na
tloaally r advertised acenlc apota to
alao draw on for advertising by
toarlst, the formation of a rodeo
aaaoclatloa will fill long felt
want la thla. community. Tb poeel
Mlltls for nutatrtfplog the Chay
ana and Pendleton " ahowa ar
great, with tho wonderful natural
caalc apota In thla county to add
to the Hit of attraction for draw
log tourltta here.
Constitution Day
Is Celebrated
Nationally Today
NEW YOIIK, Sept. 17. Contl
tutlon day, tbla year tb 134th an
alvmary of tho alining of tho
American comtltutlon, will b cele
brated today by many tho man d or
ganltatlons .according to tho con
atltutlonal league of Amorlca.
The league, which la promoting
observance of tho day, la a non
partisan, non-sectarian body form
ed "to further a groator knowledge
and profound respect for tho con
atltutlon." President Harding I a
member of its national commlttoo.
Governors of 42 atatea have
agreed to cooporato In tho celobra
tlon. In many cltloa historical pag
eant are to bo proeontod by patri
otic locletle, tho league report.
Among organizations that hate
agreed to obiorvo tho occasion aro
the Son of the American Revolil
t'on, American Federation of La
bor, American Legion, General Fed
oration of Women' Club, Chamber
of Commerce of tbo United State,
Y. M. 0. A. Order of tbe Eaatern
Star, Daugbtora of tbo American
Revolution, Jewlih Welfaro board,
National Socurlty League, Foderal
Council of Cburchoa of Christ In
America, and the Qrand lodgo of
Maaona of Now York, .
In Judge Oaghagona' court tbla
morning at 10 o'clock, tho caao
of the Stat against Johnny Hutchi
son came up' for trial. Ifutchl
eon Is alleged to have uied a billiard
cue on the persona of Floyd Drown
and Oscar Berkley,- Saturday night,
August 33 at Deatty.
It waa on August 32 that the re
'port oanio to Klamath Falls that a
number of Klamath Indiana wero on
a rampage and Sheriff Low and
Indian Agent Weat wero aeot tboro
to Investigate. A few day later, a
raid on atlll In the nelghorhood
were, made and tbo troublea ended
In Beatty.
Sell; Floto Show
Robbed by Hold-ups
' VANCOUVER, Waah., Sopt, 17.
Polloe' nro without a clu to tbo
Identity of tbo tbroo mon who wore
reported to havo hold up a truck
of the Bollt-Floto curcu hero last
night', getting away with between
28 and 80 thousand dollar. Tbe ro
portdd .holdup occurred at the rdg'e
of tho town while tbo monoy waa
bolng transferred from the circus
grouhda to tbo treasure car. Rob
bare ar aald to havo Jumped from
tho brush and fired two shots over
the bond' of tbe fire person wbo
wero In tbo truck. They knockod
down a man and a woman who
refused to Obey tbelr command and
escaped In an automobile.
Uoyd Georges' Reply
Demand Recession
LONDON, 8ept 17. Loyd
Oeorg, replying Do Valera'a com
munication of Friday, ay that to
recelro tho Sinn Foln delegate to
the proaose-d conference s ropre
aantatlrca of an Indpendenl (itato
would constitute an official cog
nition of Ireland's soverenco from
the king's domalna. Ho aold that
the conference waa Imposslbtu so
long aa Do Valor. Insisted on this
point .
PA8ADBNA, Cal., Sept. 17.
Unveiling of a monument In Para
by the Vaasar college almnao asso
ciation, In memory of tho late Pro
fessor James Orton, will bo attend
ed br the dauchter of the oxnlor
ar, Mis Anna R. Orton. She Is
head of a school for girls here. Dr.
Ortoa, who waa tbo Vaasar of fac
ulty, died In Peru white oa on of
h'a scientific exploration of South
Ono of the best business baro
meter In tbla dtr la tbe California
Oregon Power company and an un
official statement made by one of
tbo employes who Is In a position to
know saya that tho collection! of tho
company during the month of Au
gust outstripped tbo mark of a year
ago by a aubstantlal margin. This In
crossed collection, In the tac of
many disconnects by pooplo who move
hero for tbe summor to work where
It Is cool, shows that business Is good
despite stories to tho contrary by
cbroalo croackera.
Merchants reported that a steady
flow of substantial business h been
dono and thla Item Is reflected in the
Increased bank deposits In tho local
banks. Every statement Isauod with
in tho lost threo months by tbo Kla-
hnath Falla hanks shows tho bank
clearings and deposits steadily climb
ing, which goes to show that people
aro saving and readjusting them
selves to tho 1921 standard of liv
ing. Tho merchants also announce
that peoplo havo recovered from their
fear that bard times wero In store
for tbcm this winter. One of the
reasons why this fear waa felt waa
due to tho ahaky condition of the
timber market In May and June.
Now that the local box factories,
havo boon receiving advance ordors
which will koep thorn busy until
January, confldonco haa been res
tored and payment of bills and tho
purohaao of standard aupplles are
being made.
First Fall Rain is
Promised for Sunday
Rain warnings wlro aent through
out Oregon, Washington, Idaho, No
vada and northern and central
California today telling those dry
ing fruit to stack their trays' and
take othor precautions. Tho un
settled condition provalling over
the North Pacific will bring storm
to the coast states said forecast..
Th forecast for this section for
tonight and Sunday is rain.
PORTLAND. Sept. 17. An order
waa algned Tuesday 'afternoon byi
Federal Judge C. E. Wolverton r
qlurlng J. D. Mitchell to ahow causa
why ho ebotna not appoint a receiv
er for tho 2400-aer Dloomlngcamp
cattlo ranch noar Rly. '
Tbe 2100 bead of cattlo and the
horses and mulea on tbo $100,000
ranch will be lost to tho owner
within a abort time unless tb court
appoints someone to tako car of
the placo at once, allege D. If.
McLemore, plaintiff and owner.
Affidavits supporting the conten
tions of HcLemoro wero filed with
tbe suit.
According to the complaint, Hit
cbell purchased tbo ranch April li,
1(18, for $94,886, from Edward
and George Dloomlngcamp, and
agreed to pay 16000 cash, $10,000
by May 1, 1918; $30,061.26 by tbe
following November and tbo bal
ance In 10 yearly Installments.
Payments havo been defaulted,
tbo complaint atates, and on May
28, 1921, Mitchell secured a mort
gage of $63,400 from McLemore,
who resides In Alsmada county,
California, on tho farm and atock.
He also turned' over the contract
of salo given by the Bloomlng
csmpa. Tho money was to bava
been returned by August. , th
complaint alleges, with an option
to repurchase 30 days after that
date. When no mora was mad by
Mitchell by September 9, McLe
more engaged attorneys to bring
tb suit. '
If. M. Manning, an attorney of
Klamath Falls, filed an' affidavit
stating that Mitchell la running up
bill on tbo ranch, and that employ
es aro claiming labor liens against
the crop and livestock. Marshall
Hooaw. -rl prxldaat af-tk first
State' and Savings bank at JOaraath
Falla, atatea In his affidavit that
Mitchell has overdrawn bis account
and la atlll writing checks, which
tbe bank refused to acknowledge.
Hooper declares Mitchell Is Insolv
ent. John 8. Schook, a cattlo buyr
with 26 -yeara's experience, Inform
ed the court that unless tbe cattle
are taken off tho range beforo Oc
tober 16 tkay will be (oat to the
owner and will dt from cold and
exposuro. '
Style Shop Celebrates
First Anniversary
The Style Shop was today the
mecca for many residents of tho
city and county who called to ex
tend their congratulations to Mrs.
Andross and Mrs. Olorer on tho
first anniversary or tho oponlng of
tho establishment. Nothing haa ever
demonstrated moro fully tho ad
vanco mado by this city "than th
success achieved by tbo Andross
0 lover company. It was predicted
that it would bo impossible for
such an enterprise to succeed hero
and It waa freely prophesied that
six months would see tho closing
of tho establishment. Aftor the
first day no auch dire expectations
wero expressed. The almost com
ploto disposal of a splondld atock
within a few hours of tje oponlng
of tbo doors waa followed, by con
tinued popularity, modern methods,
high class merchandise, efficient
servico snd reasonable prlcea re
sulting In tho keeping nt homo tnou
aanda of dollars that heretofore
havo been apent In tho larger cities
and Instead of Injuring competitors,
tbo establishment has really boon
a help.
It la with pleasure Tho Horald
extends ita congratulations, with
the prediction that 12 montha henco
to aee a aubstantlal increase in tho
floor spaco now occupied by this
popular and successful concorn.
LAND, Sopt, 17, Johnny Kllb'ane,
featherweight champion of the
world, deofated Danny Frush of Dal
tomoro thla oftornoon with a kuock
out In tho seventh round
TIIBRMOPOLIS, Wyo., Sept., 17
Thermopolls, wildest town In Wyo
ming and known all over tbe United
States oa tbo last stronghold of tbe
"wots", noxt to Iron county, Michi
gan, laat nlgbt was tbe acene of a
shooting up of tho Mavorlc thoatro
when tx' picture of "Fatty" Arbucklo
In ono of bis films was thrown on
the screen. A mob composed of
about 160 mon and boys, many of
them cowboys, attended tbo show
and all wont well until the screen was
Illuminated with one of tbo Arbuckte
Pandemonium broko looso accord
lag' to tbo true style heralded in tbe
popular westernflctlon storlos. Shots
rang out from every section of tbo
theatre and tho screen wss soon punc
tured by bullots and rendered uso
Inss. Homeono cried, "Let's tear up
tho film so it cannot bo used again,"
und action followed words. Tbo film
waa taken into tbe street, t6rj$H
and a bonflro mado of It, Tbo Parity
Loaguo earlier In tbo day had called
upon tho manager of tbo theatre not
to show It but ho rofusod to heed
tho request.
Last January, atato troops wero
ont from Cheycnno to Thermopolls
to put an end to tho wholesale liquor
sale which took placo tbero among
the coal miners by bootleggors. In
aomo places, old fashioned bars were
open, and orery one did a "land of
tie business" until the troops ar
. '
Arbuckle Arraignment
Set For Sept. 26
ralngment of Arbucklo on man
slaughter chargo came up in Superior
eoujfju-day.but.waftjcontlnued ovr.
until September 20. Tbo grand Jury
will meet Monday to consider tbo
alleged "tampering" of witnesses.
Dr. Arthur Boardsleo, St. Francis
hotol house physician Is being sought
aa a witness before tho grand Jury.
Ho Is roportcd to bo on a hunting
Make' that Idle dollar work! Put
Klamath Falls Is going to have
a cafeteria aionuay, oui it win ue
ono which will bo used In connec
tion with tho' domestic science de
partment at tho high school and
will not be open to tho general
public. Tbo announcement was
mado today by Miss Avis Dough
erty, In charge of tho domestic de
partment. Thlg departure haa been
undor consideration for somo tlmo,
but plans were never fully mado for
It until this tall when It was found
feasible and could be mado Into
a marked succoss, as pupils from
tbo class of last year wero trained
sufficiently to tako entire charge
of the food preparation.
Miss Dougherty announces that
tho school catoterla will be under
tho management of tho second yar
student class. Thla is the tint time
that students havo been placed en
tirely in charge of tho department
Tho object, Miss Dougherty says, will
be to servo tho best varieties of
food for the least monoy. The
girls who will bo In chargo of the
cafeteria are as follews: Thelma
Brown, Thyra Bryant, Constnnco
Crystal, Mildred Lowls, Ireno
Lowls, Dorothy McAboy, Marjory
Jobea ondClaudlno Witt.
As a sample of Wat will bo'ttrv
ed, two of tbo menus aro given:
Spanish rlco, salmon loaf, white
broad and b'utto'r, fruit Jol-oi scol
loped corn, hot -rolls and butter,
milk,1 fruit salad, cup custard. It Is
tbe plan of the class managor to
have no menu repeated in less than
12 days, thereby offering a varied,
healthful dlot.
Inspected "J" Canal
Right of Way
Tbo right of way for thd "J"
canal Irrigation system, which will
furnish water for tho Irrigation of
the Tulo lako lands, was gone over
yesterday by II. D. Newell, United
States reclamation project managor
and A. L. Wlsbard, secretary of tbo
Klamath Irrigation district. Mr.
Wishard reports that th project
is well underway and that contrac
tor Miller, who Is doing tto work
on tho dam has made satisfactory
The irrigation system starln nt
tbe Boguo snd Bailey ranches,
wbero tho diversion dam Is loci ed,
and extends east across tie fiko,
It will furnish ample water to a ko
these valuable loads extremely Pro
ductive, i .
Shackleton Starts J
0 7-m W .. ,
Un two Tears Grukxes
LONDON, Sept. 17. The Qo'c,
tb small ship on which Sir Er
nest Shackleton will ezploro Ike
unchartered sections of the South
Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic
eos, left tho Thames today to start
on a two years voyage. Largo
crowds wished the party a success
ful voysge.
17. To provide a safe habitat for
tbo rare and beautiful roseate
spoonbill, Tarpon Key and other
small koys near the junction of
Tampa and Boca Celga bays, a few
miles south of hero, have been add
ed to the Indian Key federal bird
reservation by executive order of
President Harding. National Audu
bon society officials recently re
ported tbrro wero no colonies of
spoonbills left ouUIde of Florida
and that th bird waa becoming
tlnct rapidly.
That tho public market Is going to
meet with the hearty support of tho
public and that tho farmers of the
county ar going to contlnuo to uso It
as a medium through which to roach
the consumer direct, was again de
monstrated today, when the sales
were nearly doubled over that of
laat Saturday and still tbero was a
shortage. Tho farmers carao this
morning with a "botcba a dollar I've
got enough this time" expression on
their faces. It looked as If they.had,
but at 11:30 those remaining lookod
as If they would havo to Increase
their acroago to meet tho demand.
As one farmer expressed It: "Whore
the devil does it all go to. I'vo bcon
coming every Saturday sinco tho mar
ket first opened, and each wcok I
have doubled tho quantity of truck
brought In. But each tlmo It seems
to go faster and faster, until today
I waa sold out In an hour. I'll fill
'em up' If I hava to atay with It all
iwlnter,' ho said with a laugh, as he
marched off Jingling $57.60 cash In
his pocket.
When tho market first startod In
tbo Arcade Hotel, thoso going thero
bad a certain degree of tlmldnoss.
This baa practically disappeared as
tho boosewifo begins to realize that
It la getting on a business basis and
that It la Just aa pracical tor her to
go there aa It is to go anywhere olso.
On top of thla la the realisation of
the fact that tho produce la fresber
and haa a better flavor than that
shipped in from California And, most
of all, it means a substantial saving
In the cost of living, '
Many new articles -mado their ap-
paranco today, such as flowers, pot
ted plants. Swiss chneso, cooked food
and tho like. Perhaps next week ar
rangements will bo psrfectedwhera
by each farmer 'will bo assigned to a
permanent location, thus making it
easier for his customers to find him
and enabling him to build up a line
of customer wbo will patronize htm
every week. It will mean tbo, deve
lopment of better merchandise and
more pormanenoy to the' enterprise.
WASHINGTON, Sept., 17 Tho re
gulation have been issued govornlng
ho 'financing by ho government of
tho agricultural loans that havo been
or ar mado by tho banks to farmers
an dllrcstook men. Tho circular con
tnlaa explanations, conditions and re-
guuuons, wnicn wm iru '' every farmer and stockman
a'jwsll aa those Indirectly Identified
wllk these Industrie., '
Tk nrocoduro in making applies
-'A for ,01tui ,n b0 M fol,ow,,: The
Haanalal institution einnr an
.., . fl out tho BPpiiruor
v&neo U1 fill out tho application
Wa; le oMaijffd Jrotw t
inc &WLO-.1 agricultural lo-n aeeacy,
or federal rcservu hank, Forme will
be submitted In triplicate to tho Iocs.
fHl(ll..l fnaH MWAM.... -Ttin 1ll.n 4," '
a,lftl.u,tui, tuwu Hhvuvj. . fiaA'L ii -
oers of me agency win men jnv-s- (
tlf ate 'the caso thoroughly and wiU
send tho appllcaton form with their
recommendations to tho war finance
corporation. If tbo application is
finally approved by tbo corporation,
tbo monoy will at onco bo made avail
able to tho borrower.
Tbe circular Issued by tbo war
flnanco corporation for tho Infor
mation of bankers npplylng for ad
vances and thoso desiring to soil to
tho corporation notes secured by
agricultural products, Including llro
atock follews: J
'Tho war finaqoo corporation Is au
thorised to mako an ad vanco to any
bank, bankor or trust company which
may havo made advanco for agri
cultural purposes; that U, for any
purposo connected with tho growing,
harvesting, preparation for market,
and marketing of agricultural pro
ducts, or tbe breeding, raising, fat
loaning, and marketing of livestock;
or which may havo dlscountod or re- --
discounted, agricultural paper: font
Is.'nijy nolo, draft., bli oc-y;h-.j?j
or other negotiable lnatrume.nt issued. "
for nn agricultural purpose Tho1 s
term 'bank, bankor or,trut company V
Includes any 'rep.utablo and' respon
sible financing institution Incorporat-
od undor tbo laws of any stato or of
tho United States, with resource ade
quate to tho undertaking contempla
"Tho amount of any advance 1
limited to tho aggrcgato of all out
standing advances mado by the bor
rower for agricultural purposes, In
cluding discounts and rediscounts of
agricultural paper, as defined In tho
foregoing paragraph.
"Advancos may bo mado at any
tlmo prior to July 1, 1922, and will
mature not later than ono year from
it for ngtlcutural purposes may not
chago for such loans a rato of
Intorost greater than 2 per cont In
excess of tho rato charged by tho war
flnanco corporation. This provision
should not bo "construed, hovroror,
to uuthorlzo any bank, bankor or
trust company to charge a rato of
Interest in excess of tho rato permit
ted by stato law.
"Advances may bo mado by tho war
flnanco corporation against a nolo
executed by tho borrower ns maker
or a draft accepted by tho borrowor
or a noto o rother negotiable Instru
ment indorsed by tho borrowor,
waiving protest, notico of protost.
notlco of dishonor, extonslon of tlmo,
substitution of collateral or othor In
dulgence. Obligations of tho bor
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JXUVAAA "i"" atQi
Local Banks Ready
With Bonus Blanks
Voternns of tho world war who
desire to secure applications for tho
Boldtor bonus loan, passed In tho
special election Juno 11, can now
secure thorn at tho First State and
Savings bank. Tho bank has mado
arrangements, according to a notlco
posted In tho lobby, to assist all
applicants In tilling thorn out. Tho
othor hanks la this city nro a'so
making nrraugemputs to assist the
applicants; In accordanco with tho
agreement mado at tho mooting of
Pest No. 8 of Klamath Falls sev
eral weeks ago. ' '
f) &&
: v&
( Si