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munsDAY, sHmocnEn, is, imi.
rAa two
The Evening Herald
.City Editor
Published .ally axcept Sunday, by
The Horald rubllihlng Company ot
Klamath Falls, at 119 Eighth Street.
ntered at the postotflco at Kla
aath Falls, Ore, (or transmission
through the mails aa socond-class
The Associated Pre-s u exclusively
eatltlod to the mo for republication
f all news dispatches credited to It,
r not othorwlso crodltod In this
paper, nnd also lho local now pub
lisher horoln.
cldee what the price shall bo,
Groat numbora ot leases expire on
Soptembor SO, and Inndlords hato
scat out Nicks ot notices to rncato.
In aorno Instances, thoy ntroady havo
signed contractu with othor tenants
ottoctlro October 1, but this year
tho contracts do not gunrantoo tloll-
vory ot ttio property on thnt diy.
For tho tenants, protected by now
legislation, aro not expected tn glvo
..,A. ..... n . .. ... .. u" wiinou. a struggle Many or
NEW lOltk, Sept.. lB-Thehous-tnom , o ,nko tho , ,0
ngsuunuon nwow or. dm cour or to tno ., commlltco
boon a chronic and economic "loess on Rent Profiteering. This comm't-
with soda complications since 1917, teo nn neftn, 4 000 m 0T0.
Is expected to reach It. annual crisis homeil .d hl ,,,.,-,, ., nnn
r-k- I --,--.
That Is tho dnto on which thou-
was on his way. Prospects wore
slmllnrly cheerless last year until tho
legislature enacted laws that enabled
' ( Hernia Kalcni llurenu.)
Vernon B, Uora "of Portland, who
was with tho medical department of
tho spruce division, Is tho ox-sorvlco
man whoso application under tho
state, bonus and loan act will bo tho
first considered by tho aid commis
sion. In u drawing September 6,
Governor Olcott pulled out tho first
application by a random choice from
a stack of them on tho desk ot tho
commltsion socrctary, and It was
ltoss' application. Tho first thirteen
wero drawn In this maimer. All
others will bo considered In tho or
der, of their filing. More, than 1000
haro been received.
Tho airplane forest patrol In Ore
gon has been discontinued. Several
airplanes will bo reserved at tho Eu
gene station, however, to use If tho
weather again becomes favorable to
Flro losses In Oregon outside of
Portland for tho month ot July ag
gregated $318,859, according to A.
C. Barber, stato Insuranco commis
sioner. Tho total numobr ot fires
was fifty-nine.
A total of $21,048.71 was declared
escheated to tho state on July 1, ac
cording to a report ot tho secretary ot
state. This money Is on deposit In
.ninety-one H the.itf's 28J ban Kb
and will bo-turned over to tho com
mon school fund In tho office of tho
state treasurer as soon as demand is
made by tbo attorney general. Tho.
money represents unclaimed commer-i
ciafand savings deposits In tho banks, '
tho commercial deposits having lain j
unclaimed for seven yenrs and tho
savings doposits twelvo years, the
time limit allowed by law.
sauds aro In tho habit ot packing up
tho, furniture, and moving.
It many folk aro compelled to movo
this year, authorities fear that lots
landtord-tonont squabbles. Btlll tho
warnings It has sent out ot tho Im
pending crisis bear a. cheerful, opti
mistic tono.
Almost ovorybody here seem In-
of them will be like tho person who lnho housing situation for
didn't know where ho was going but !Tr,y ,A" Now. To'k 8 d,v,,,c1 M
throe, classes landlords, tennnts and
thoso who sloop In tho parks.
Many In tho great army of ront-
thousands of renters to stick with the'0 fow ,tho bcl,p U0U8'
old npartmont In spite of landlords ',n t0UU tho near future bo-
vuiuiu ui mo spun inai construction
work has taken slnco tho recent pas
sago of an ordinance exempting dwel
lings and toncmonts planned this year
from taxation ovor a 1-year period.
Slnco February 25, when tho or
dtnanco pnssod, plans for 12,389 ono
and two-family dwolllng houses and
737 apartment houso or tenement
-structures havo been fllod by pros
pective builders In tho greater city.
In tho samo period last year tho plans
filed embraced 5,164 dwelling pro
jects and 75 teneraont houso plans
wero recorded.
In 1920 not a single dwolllng was
added In Manhattan. For three yoara
prior to tho tax omptlon ordinance
not a tenement had boon orccted In
Thoro aro many who believe that
oil, now construction will not holp
ranttors much. It will tnko many
times this number of houses to com
fortably sholtor tho overcrowded
millions in .Vow York, they bollo,vo
And tho city continues to grow ovory)
and high rentals,
Theso laws, which havo resulted
In much additional work for attor
neys and magistrates, provided tho
landlords could not recover tholr
property by dispossessing tonanU ex
cept tor ono ot fonr reasons. Ono
of theso was that tho person holding
on to his apartment was objection
able. That always was a recognized
excuso tor ejection and not Infre
quently tenants seemed unable, to
break thomsclves of tho habit of bo
Ing objectlonablo ovory time nn out
sider offered their landlord mono
rent than they wero willing to pay.
Out under tho new laws It is up to
tho Judgo, not tho landlord, to decldo
whether a tenant is objectlonablo.
The only other recognized reasons
for ejecting tenants aro for tho land
lord to want the property for Imme
diate occupancy by himself or family,
to demolish tho building to mako
way for a now structure, or to turn
over tho apartment to a person who
owns it undor tho co-opcrntlvo sys
tem. It the tenant refuses to pay n
rent Increase, ho Isn't dispossessed,
ho goes to court and tho judgo do-
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Herald classified ads pay yon.
Although tho deer may have been
killed by anothor person, any person
found in tassesslon of an untagged
deer Is liable to tho penally of tho
law, according to an opinion ot tho
attorney general.
Justice Charles A. Johns Qf tho
Oregon supremo court, who has been
appointed by President Harding asj
associate Justice of. the supremo court
for Jho Philippine- Islands, will gall
for Manila, from San Francisco on'
tho steamship Hooslcr Stato October
12. Ho will leavo Oregon October
Oregon loads among olno Westom
states In tho Incrcaso In tho number
of motr vehlclo licenses, says Secre
tary of Stato Kozcr. Tho nlno states
nro Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Mon
tana, Novada, Oregon, Utah, Wash
ington and Wyoming.
A truck bolonglng to the stato
penitentiary was among thoso stop
ped recently by T. A. Ilaffoty, chief
stato traffic Inspector, and compelled
to throw off part of Its load and to
comply with tho stato law relativo to
overloading. Trucks bolonglng to
Marlon county and tho city ot Fort
lund also havo been stopped recently.
iSlfcjlL . . .-v ??.: . .v, v-S7 fir
Temperament Not
Confined to Actors
I.OS AN'dKI.KS, Cal, Sept, 16
Tho reason why water from a now
I reservoir Is always distasteful (it
Miss Alice Lord, of Hrooklyn. wnl to Antwerp as a swimmer and
diver on the American Olympic tiam. JDIcK Uindon, of Yale, world
champion lilRb Jumper, was also on lbs team. They becamo engaged.
Now Dick Is teaching AIlco tho high jump and Allco U teaching Dick how
to swim and dive, llsro they ore at Ilrlghton Beach, N. 0v
first Is because micro-organisms In
thu water itro "showing off" their
tomporamontfl, City Illologlst Carl
Wilson declared hero recently In a
public address.
Micro-organisms, ho explained, are
the diminutive animal and plant
forms that exist In water and glvo ncCflpt 'y ono U(, 0' rpjcc"nn or
II life. When thoy find thomsclvin nil Olds
In a now reservoir, they trot mid gLt , Datod nt Klamnth Kiilln, Oregon,,
moody nml tciiiiwromciitnl In their ' " '"' ""y " ul ?" '"f- r;
it. n . t. t. . C Willis rU J AI1CW W, u ItirAtist
nuw nurruuiiuuiKf. i mi aii-r univti 1020 Clork
well whfii Alio orffanlflnm fI at . " ,
home, according to Wltaon. , 5Ti.V".!"' "" .VT"'"... 1
wumivii Miliucum lll 1(11 lUVUITCli
II III t!o bank.
Sole agency for the largest Western
m m 1 1
Milling concern. i
Will buy your grain at top market prices
for cash. Sec or phone
Malin, Ore. and Klamath Falls, Ore. .
Lift Right Off
without Pain
C. M. Sims, of Heppenor, has been
appointed stato bank examiner, to
ruccecd O. D. Itobortson, of Condon,
roslgned, Tbo appointment was made
by Frank C. Dramwcll, Btato super
intendent of banks.
CHICAao, Sept. 1C Harvoy W.
Church, confessod slayer of Der-
nard Daugberty and Carl Ausmus,
automobile salesmen .today, In dis
trict attorney' office, faced his
mother for the first tlmo since bis
'arrest. He reiterated that he com
mitted the murder without any as
onus m
The Chinese laundryman accepts
cuffs, but draws the line at kicks.
PORTLAND epl. 1C. Fed
eral personal incomo tax returns
filed In Oregon In 1919 roachod
a total of 49,063, which was .93
por cent of tho ontlro numbor filed
In tho United States. Tbo total
net Incomo reported by tbeso re
turns was 1166,240.600, while tho
tax paid on them was 18,232,437,
wnicn waB ,6C par cent of the
total personal Incomo tax paid in
tho ontlro country.
In tbo nation at large 8.03 per
cent of the people filed personal
Incomo tax returns, while In Ore
gon, fl.34 per cent filed them.
The average net Income per re-
Vear No. ot Returns
"" MOO
1J17 je.071
lflf .. 41,163
turn for tbo Unltod States was S3,
721. OB, and In Oregon It was $3,
347,37. Tho personal Incomo tax
por capita for tho Unltod Statos
amounted to 111.98, and in Oro
gon It was 10. CI. Tho avorugo
amount of tho porsonal Incomo tax
per return In tho United Statoa was
and 1238.08, In Orogon It was
1238.08, In Oregon It was $1GG,77.
Oregon'H position ln tho order ot
mngnltudo as to all tbo states and
territories In tho Union, In tho por
cent 'of population filing returns
was 17th, and 29th In tho aver
age not incomo per roturn. Its
position as to per capita Incomo
tax was 13th and 20th In the av
erage amount of tax por return,
The number of personal Incomo
tax returns filed for the years
1916, 1917, 1918, and 1919 In
Oregon, as well as the amounts of
net Income and tax ure shown. In
the following table: ,
Net Income Total Tax
24,968,672 S 387,061
84,746,023 3,298,630
111,601,060 6,049,987
1,!40,60 8,231,437 ,
I by tho Common Council nf thn Cltv
MjiUo Hint idle dolfur ui'rk! Put of Klamnth Tails, Oregon, for thin
i purchaso of an Isstio of $00,000 00 I
1 general obligation bonds, In deno
minations of $1000.00 or $.100.00,
maiming In flitcon years from Au
gust 1st, 1921, without right nf prior
redemption. Hald Usuo to bo known
as "Klamath Kails. Suwer IIoihIh"
boarlng n rain of Interest ot 0 per
i com par annum, pnyntila sum I an
inunlly. Hot li principal nnd Interest
pnyahlu nt tho Oreeou Fiscal Aconcy
Mni-tet limn n llttla "Frooiono" I !" Kov York City. Hald bonds nro
... ,,,! ,i,, ., lHucd nnd disposed ot undor tho
uu uu U..U.IIB ku,.., ,..-,., ...... v.,.., clmr(0r ot ealti c)tyi
stops hurting, thon shortly you lift .:nc, proposal to purchaso must bo
It right off with flngors. Doesn't hurt filed with tho I'ollco Judgo of said
1,1, city on or hoforo 8 o'clock P. M., of
' , . ,, ., .,,. , Octobor 3rd. 1921. and ho neenmp
Vour druggist sells a tiny bottle of
'Froozono" for a fow conts, suftlclant
to romovo overy hard corn, soft corn,
or corn batwoon tho toes, and cal.
r fW i
i ir mi j
' '
Soalod proposals will bo rocolved
up to Soptombor 21st. 1921, ,by
School District No. 31, Klamath
County, for tho construtlon of a brick
school building and for tbo Plumbing
nnd Heating ot unmo." Dlds must bo
accompanied by a cortlflod chock to
tlio amount of 6 per cent of tbo bid
or tho same shall bo roioctod, to bo
imado payablo In favor ot Mrs. W, C.
f I7.ma1I n. .l.n anln TIb.wIa. t tn
roturnod to blddors upon signing of
contract and to bo retained If suc
cessful bidder falls to entor Into con
tract as spoclflod. Plans and speci
fications may bo obtained from O. It.
Wright, Arcbltoct, Klamath Falls,
and a deposit of 810,00 will be re
quired for same.
Proposals may be left at the of
flco of tho archltoct, Emma Dulldlng
up to E P. M., or till 7.30 P. M nt
tbo mooting place of the scbocl board
nt Summon School bouse, September
The board reserves the right to
PrlcoH may ndvonco nnjr
day, this Is your notlco, no
further guarontoo on prices.
or IILOCK-WOOD now and
avoid advances that aro euro
to como. Ask about our
For Tour neater
0. Peyton & Co.
"Wood to Bars
a. it'oert
419 Malst St,
Rwavft BM
anlod by a cortlflod check on soma
responsible banking Institution for
E per cent of amount of tho proposal.
Said Issue will bo disposed of at not
less than par aad aooured Interest.
The council reserving the right to
reject any and all proposals,
Polloe Judge of the City of Klamath
rails, Oregoa. 81-10