The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 14, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    rAoN riVK
rn u ) run
r .nil it ii it ii
IlnnlotL driirap tins not allowed
any time to oscnpo In tho signing
up of tho lioxorn tor (ho 'coming
tnurnnmont In tlio flcanillimvlun
halt on lloptomhor 10 and tho box
er who nro to ho usod In thro
events will nfflx tholr signatures
thin ntturnoon to iho contractu,
Wlillo tlin tlmo lino boon lirlof to
nrcpuro tho events, otlll Promoter
(Viinip has secured, ho nays nomn
vury creditable material to show
on tho occasion, Letters aro be
ginning to coino In. following tho
unnnuncomcnl that tho boxing game
In coiiiImk on again for regular
monthly meetings, and thn flnt
ovont In Hoplombor In hut tho foro
runnur of classy events.
Kid Cavoot of Hoatty 'Wroto to
Mr. Cramp In rnply to tho ehal-
li;ngo Issued by Hob Allen to moot
nil comers and In ready and anxious
to miiot tho California mixer. Ow
ing to tho tlmo being abort on
thin occasion t get much outside
talent, Kid Cnvoct will ho Riven a
chance to demonstrate his ability
Inter If tho match with Allon Ii
mndn. Cavcel'a lotlcr I on fllo,
Tho Ilorald will havo moru In
formation to give out tomorrow re
garding tho boxers signed thin af
ternoon and If possible, tho record
of each contestant. Tho fight fnnH
huva been hungry for some clean
(oontii and with a Mart In thn right
direction on Koptombcr 19, each
month tho fnnH will bo Riven a Reed
run for tholr money, Crump nays.
I'opular prices .will prevail on Sep
tember 19, tho promoter
Mates, '
Packed housoit, with standing
room at n premium, 'wiui tho fa
vor oxtonde'd tho aalvln World of
KoIIIck at tho Strand thoutru at
both performances In thin city last
nlRbt In tho comedy, "Tho Hull
Hoy." l,onK boforo tho porform
nnco began at 7 o'clock, stream
of people wended their way towards
tho Hlrnnd and also, nutolntn began
parklttR their cam on the iiouth
side of tho street. A rrowd ten
deep packed Iho Hlihrwulk during
tho first hIiow, waiting tholr turn
for tho Hoeon performance,
Thn crowd ut each show expressed
tholr approval of tho comedy and
floenmd to onjoy tho musical numborn
Tendered during tho net, Mr. nnd
Mr. Johnny Onlvln and "Tonlslo,"
delighted the audience with it rjualnt
melody adopted from tho "Mother
(loose'1 stories nnd wero rocallod a
number of times. Johnny and Irene
(ialvln, Ih iin Itallnn sketch, "Tnko
wo nacK to Hunny Italy," worn en
cored repeatedly cit both perform
ances. Mm, Johnny (Ialvln particul
arly pleased her audlenco with her
rendition of tho popular classic,
"Kins Mo Again, " Her voire was
aweet and hod real melody In It. Ilur
singing Mood out from nil the rent
In clarity nnd richness.
Tonight starting at 7 o'clock sharp,
"Thn Thnv Twins" will bo shown
and It (a ruild to bo oxtormely runny.
Thn second show Marin at ft o'clock.
A fierlun of cIomt musical numbers
will hit heard tonight In "Tho Thrio
Twins." I'opular price will conti
nue ull week.
officii, Mm, liurlo Duma Is In crmrgo
of tho oxchango,
Momboniyof tho executive commit
too of th porrl cluirnbor of commoreo
went In A Iwdy yontorday afternoon
to vlwlt tho now proponed highway
from Wood to Klamath Kalla. Con
sldorublo dolay In constructing tho
roud baa been caused by dilatory
InctlcH or certain cftunty road super
visors nnd by other political Influ
ence. Momborn of tho committee
who vlflltod tho roud yontorday will
mako a report at tho next regular
meeting of tho chambor.
Hoy Tabcr, Jeiwo Churchhlll and
Dr. Damoron, who was visiting with
tho Churchill family nt tho J. F.
ranch, roturned a few dayn ago from
Modoo county with throo flno spe
cimens ot tho nntlered tribe. Dr.
Damoron bagged two bucks, ono of
thorn a monster mtilo tall, Mr.
Churchill got tho third.
Mm. Floretta lllcharduon drove to
m u cli Improving ltd outward appoar
an co,
C. V. It. Bcb uy lor, formerly with
tho Hutto Vnlloy Milling company,
Klamath Kallg yontorday for n abort has gono to Portland whoro ho will
visit with frlcrndn.
II, Long bait finished up apart
montii In bio now thoatro building
overlooking Third stroot and Is bun!
ly ongagod moving In.
Dr, (lorald V. Wniren wtui a Kla
math Falls visitor Inst evening whoro
he attondod a meeting of tho Mason's
1odgo. Dr. Warren rocontly oponod
a dental offlco here.
Chan, Ifuguo, who soils for a San
Francisco wholoaalo'houso, woo In
town yesterday by automoMIo soli
citing oTiIom.
Kd Itopklmt Is havlog his ntoro and
nhoo nhop painted whlto, thereby
Drllaln'n war dobt costs tho Nation
ifcr.SS.ftoo.onn annually In Intercut
nlono. ,"'!1l1Ji
. still m m an
probably remain for some tlmo.
Iforman Ilorcovlcu, proprlotor""of
tho Dorrls Mercantile company, de
parted for Ban Francisco Monday
morning where ho will spend a fort
night on business and pelannro re
turning by automoMIo with his family
who havo apont tho nummor In tho
bay city.
John Hagetsteln, Br., drove down
from his ranch at Algoma Monday
to spend tho day -with' his son, Wil
liam 0, Hagelntoln and wife.
G, U. Vochatzcr of Matin was a
Dorrls business visitor on Monday,
Mr, Votchatzor Is operating a com
blnod harvester this year, having
Just finished cutting a largo 'tract off
ryo for Wllilam 0, Hagolstoln asC
bis father at Algoma.
Charles Itoborts of tho Modfort
(Irocyry company ot Klamath Valla
spont yestordny In town on buslnow.
Dr. A. A, Atkinson, ownor ot tt
Dorrls Hospital, has roturned from
month'n vacation trip In Korthtra
E. fl. Parsball of Montague, a
companlcd by Mrs. Parsball, drot
through Dorrls yontorday onrovte
homo from Klamath Falls whoro tay
havo been for a feV days on bualnen.
Mr. Parsball, with his father, Is
tcnslvoly Intorostod In tho sheep busl-
Tionfl near Montague,
Knights of Pythias of Dbrrlsj r
advertising their annal harvest boll.
which will bo hold at tbclr lodge halt
Saturday evening, September 17.
League Managers
Meet Thursday Eve.
A mooting of tho bnnebnll league
Is scheduled for Thursday night at
S o'clock In tho California Oregon
Power company oflccs to consider
certain "tangle'1 which have crept
up within tho past threo weeks. It In
ald that tho championship matches
for tho hamWomo silver loving cup
donated by llert McDonald unci (Ho
ver'n Jewelry shop Mill bo arranged
nnd ulro, thai pome radical changes
In thn ruliot will ho mudo In order
to stimulate Interest In thn i:nim.
H. P. I'ltlWMXT st.tii:
HAN FHANCIHCO. fa I . Kept.. 13
A broiun Hlntue. named "The Flnol
Ktr'iigKto." showing iln passing of
tho uborlglncs, will lie presented to
thoiclt) of Him I'rnnscii by tho Mexl
can resldeiiU on Heptembcr 27. tho
day on which Mexicans will celebrate
tho one hundredth anniversary of
tholr national Independence.
The iitntuo shows u figure of nn
Axtec warrior sinking Into oblivion
before thn ndvunco of rlvilltntlon.
Presentation of Iho stntuo will be ono
number on tho program arranged by
thn Mexicans.
Ducks are very numerous on
Hpragun river and hunters aro
bringing In good numbers. W. I.
Cruina brought In 21 and John Colo
got 3.1 In a short tlmo. ,
Mr. Hutto has been mi the
sick list but Ii now nhlo to bo out
mid urolith) again.
f(! people of this vicinity nr
bcdnn.'nr. to gnthor In from tho
berry pa terms laden -with berries
and alt claim to bo well satisfied
with I rut on tin.;?.
Mr. l.uiiKenhovel, n i.iirsq: from
KliiiiiMh Fulls win liai lien tnklr
care of Mrs. wim Ii.ij returned
I her home.
A. T. Miller of Klamath Falls
Is visiting In Valnnx nnd Incident
ally collecting a few ducks to tnko
III z&Qksk. Iry our spcclal Ynm Yum lOl
(;i:oit(ii: n. kiiaw,
AdverlUIng hnngt offlcloncy.
Old Age
and Glasses
The gradual docroaso of
'i ocular power which accom
panies ago should not bo
consldorcd contrary, to na
turo any moro than It Is
for tho hair to turn gray,
tho tooth to bocomo 'dofee-
tlvo or tho muscles t
Ilosldcs, as ago advances,
tho other physical facultlos
aro apt to bo used loss and
tho oyos moro and moro.
Artificial old Is tbero
foro to bo oxpocted and
should always bo rosortod
to at tho first indication ot
falling eyesight .Call and
lot us fit you with tho
glasoos your oyos roqulro,
Phonn 149-W. 70tl Main Bt.
DOItHIH. Col.. Sept.. 1-1 T. I..
Collier of thn Collier Weather; Strip
company of llend Is In town equip
ping windows of the Hutto Valley
Kioto bank with his product.
It Madsen, piano tuner or Kla
math Falls, spent yi'Mordny In Dorrls
tuning plnnos and visiting frnltuln.
llenslg llrothtrs or the Khimnth
Telephone and Telegraph company
nro moving tholr local exchange oN
rico from tho old 'location between
Second nnd Third streets on Main to
tho room formerly occupied by the
Cnllfornbi Oregon Powor company
Springfield, Must.
"To sny that I feel twenty-five I toon pounds nnd my days wero
years youngeV twenty-flvo years' thought to lo numbered. I'vo been
healthier nmd twenty-flvo years
stronger expfesses what Tanlac has
done fbr me better thun nny other
way I can put It," said Ccor'go D.
Shaw, veteran ot the Civil War, who
now lives ut 321 Wnlnnt street.
Springfield. Muss.
"I am now seventy-eight years old
and I don't hesitate to nny I lmvo
never known n medicine to equal
TjiiIiic, For fifteen years 1 wan sub
ject to nttncl.H of' Indigestion that
were to bad nt times I would lmvo
to lay up for a week or two. For
a long time I lived on crackers ntl
milk nlonoas nothing co ngreed
with me.
"Wlien I started on T.mlac I
weighed only ono hundred nnd seven-
so wonderfully built up, I now wolgh
ono hundred and forty-three pounds
and my stomach Is as sound as a dol
lar. In fact I belloro I could cat the
old army rations again without It
burling mo In tho least.
"I nover miss a chonco of saying
n good word for Tanlac and I would
llko to urgo rtio boys"bf tho "Slxtlos"
who nro'not fooling right to glvo It
a trial, for I am suro It woud put
them In lino ngaln Just as It hns me.
For a man of my ngo to lmvo no phy
sical nllment, to ho well and strong
and enjoy II fo as ho did twenty-flvo
years ago. Is certainly something to
bo thankful for And tbero Is nothing
too good that can say for Tanlac."
Tanlac Is sold by druggists ovory
wboro. x Adv.
Lone American Survivor Tells His Experiences
Ssssssssssi ' Ussiiif'ssslssssssssssssssssssssssBsssssssssssssssssssBsssssssssssssssss
LLLLV'HilSi: LsssHBilir2!rLassssssssssssm
i LLLLsssssssssHsl SsS'asssssssssisssssW'jij!WlisM EsMssssssssssV
r Mav'jV-v Bssssssssssm !1sKv',bssssssssssbsssssImI
I sssssssssBssssssssssssssssssssssssvv'IssssssssssssssssssssBsWsi TWSmEIssssssssssssssHsssI
i hhw,; BHSSBSEiBi?y NH1aHsssHsssssP9B
T' sssssTlflHffsssBvssr ''sfsslf" f
K' B !"; Vx. "mULitf wJKHIB'' 'KsltlWsssssssssssssssssr
This picture, taken Just after the ZR-a disaster at Hull, England, shows Avlatlon-riffer Nor
man Oi Walker, the only American survivor, telling other (lien ot hie experiences. .He lamped
free of the wrecked dirigible after the exploelon end fell Into the Humber river.
s Ambassador Pattern in Silverwear.
GEO. L. METZ, Jeweler
622 Main St. Phone 72
On and after Sept. 16th Eagle Ridge
Tavern will be heaquartcrs for duck hunt
ers. Duck decoys and boats for hire.
I5t4 .x
Leave Your Filtws
'Before 9 OclocK-Your
A,M- Pictures are ready at 5 p.r
liixaerwoca Fnariiidf Y
- S B- n S- B" S B- S T S SSI "k i-T .
Sole agency fo r the largest Western
Milling concern.
Will buy your grain at top market prices
for cash. See or phone
Malin, Ore. and Klamath Falls, Ore.
University of Oregon
The College of Utersture.
Science trul the Arts.
The School of Architecture
and Allied Arts.
The. School of Dutiroeti
The School of Education.
The Eitenilon Division.
The Graduate School.
The School ot Journalism
The School of Law
The School of Medicine.
The School of Music. '
The School of Physical
The School of Sociology
Fall Term Opens September 26
A K!K LnJ.rd ot cuhur.t (nil proft.tion.l kKoUi.Vip kt sworn
one ot ik olilnd.n mtt ot lh Slat Unlv.r.Hy For c.ulotue
luMfn on idf v.rxxt. tckoob. of lor m InforiMHon, writ