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    fflft iEuemmj Herald
A'Clau Ad Will
Do It
Today's Newl
Today l
Member of the Associated PresM.
KtftotaUi Year No, lefll.
I BY 1925
4 With the purpote'of rallying mrp
port to tbo program (or completing
Tbo Dalle to Klamath highway by
J9IB, a. meeting of representatives
from' ulereated oomraftnltles will
meet la Bend, Septembor'St. It was
originally planned Id hold, the moet
ingtsira but aa BsiaOppeera to be a
more central JaM tbefplan wan
changed. ' "I - .-,
Towns along the eastern Oregon
highway- "reeUre the Importance of
haVlng thr "road . flnt.hea from tbo
Washington 'to die ' CaW fomla Una
when taWjtoeYttoflMfft'ffa In Port
land "In'-'lJrtHtf Mtera' Oregon ta
going to get Its saare of the tourlat
travel that will b drawn to the aute
by the fair.' - ,
Secretary Stanley, of the chamber
W commerce, said all who desire to
t, attendthe Bend meeting wit, bo
Vellglbie to' go and ask them to In
' Wd' htm' or their IntAntion of at
tending. '
, Jleetfag at Tbn Dallos.
Tomorrow, there will be a meeting
of forogon and Washington delegates
el The Pal lea .(oeoDeldor the loea
tick of'a firld'te sttroM .the Columbia
rfvir. I' WrAlF'tkAti' 1. an
attpmp't to e'eotfceTi'elW' closer to
' Portland, than waaSwlairiatly plan
ned. Thejdee to,&mbatled by east
ern" Oregon1 coUnadile, on the
gfobn(f'thi'K'woBld"have a tend
acy to 'dlrerl' more1 than a fair
ahare of traffic to the Pacific high
way via Portland.
The Klamath chamber of com-
merta will ot have a personal re-
suvw u wmwuns """
aead a wlrn, said Becretsry Stanley,
urging fair treatment tor the eastern
Criminal Trials
To October 3rd
I ' S. - r '. , -
Circuit courti'has. kdjourpnd until
xooer s. fw iM "TV vi t v p"w
atnst Port' Summers and Kred
use, tho state against Fred Kaomp-
ke and the state against Wllllani
rinch will be beard. The decision
to postpono.tbe trial of Port Sum
'mora and Fred Duke. Jointly charged
wlth the alleged theft of a rifle be-
' 'longing to Alva Cox, May IS, waa
' made by Judge KuykendaAl following
' the announcement that the state waa
not ready for trial' aa the plaintiff,
Cox, waa sick In .bed and unable to
attend. , T,t , ,
The Jurymen wear fit excused-unUI
October I at1 10 o'clock when the
Summers casowlll be called. Ten
additional Jurymen were drawn for
the October term as follews: W. E.
Corum, farmer, Merrill; J. T. ner
kins, merchant. KUmstb F1U; J. II.
Oerrett, autd dealer, )Clamath Palls;
J. K. Ko'bbe, merchant, Merrill; J.
HT: Wise, 'hotel, man, Pt. Klamath;
John Anderson, farmer. Dairy; Ous
J. Hllyard, farmer, Klamath Palls;
. J. A. rairclofaraer, Klamath Palls;
V. J. Spolek, fsrmer, Malln and El
don Dennis, farmer, Dairy. Ander
son waa drawn vice Charles C. Btee
Bian ot Klamath Palls aa the Uter
to absent from the state.
lias any one seen., Anything ot a
lMtle brown threV months old cockor
spaniel pup, with a bob Ull. It so.
Information will be greatly apprecla
'ted by the dog's small master, Lester
Wls'hard, 1919, Auburn street. In
the advertisement for return ot the
puppy Is saldtbat tho "pup
la missed Very much," and those who
know the ways of small boys' and
mall dogs end the-bond of affection
between them will .know that the
atatoiuent is not exaggerated)
-- m
Sheriff Low .returned last 1 even
ing from' Alturas with Jack Kreigb,
whom'e arrested there on a charge
of larcency by 1 bailee. Krelgh Is ac-i
cused 'of',. hiving; slolea an auto
mobile owned' by-1. C, Reckard,
Large Bear Slain
in Bly District
By Medford Men
.Tim Daley anil George Clem
mom, retired real estate dealer , of
Medford, yesterday Vronght 'into
thin city a black beer,' killed Mon
day about SO miles from Bly pa
Oearhart mountain, said to be the
largest specimen slain for a num
ber of yoars. The hunters were
guests of. Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Jen
kins at their' boas, 910 Lincoln
street, whero they spent yester
The kill m weighed here and
tipped the beast at 7S0 pounds.
The fur "was In fine condition and
the pelt .when placed on the sealo
weighed 8S pound!. Uolti hunters
divided tbo honor of tbo kill and
stated that a. 35-SS rifle was used
In the hunt. A number of pictures
were taken of1 the animal dressed
and' iwlth tbo hide on site end
weight attracted much attontlon
among the persons who saw it. A
tspe across tbo top or the head
betwoen tbo ears measured 12 Inch-
T. A. Raffety, chief field deputy
of the Motor Vehicle Division of
tba stato of Oregon, Is a visitor
here todsy on business connected
wth the enforcement of the exist
ing vehicle laws of the stato but
prlmarfly, be ears, mere to educate
than to enforce. A aim Die course
of education, 'he says, will do. more
good la nine cases out ot teni than
am-at, because many motorist are
miiaWSN.' - W the InrraetlotL' or 'tie
law until It has taken place unin
Mr. Raffety state that the rules
and regulations Imposed upon the
motorists aro being respected at
least 100 per cent better now, than
they were on hla last visit when
but comparatively fe used either
hand signals, lights and other safe
ty devices In' connection with tbelr
driving. Raffety complimented the
cltlsens of this county oa (heir
marked Improvement. The sber
Iffs' office ws checked up on the
number of temporary licenses Issued
from that place and the namber
found to be 170. On receipt ot the
license plate from the eecretary ot
the state, the temporary license
plate has been turned back to the
snerm ana tno 91 deposit return
Mr. Raffety stated that he ap:
predated the educational policy fol
lowed out by the Herald In assist
ing the department to get the best
results from the" field , deputy's
work, also on the fact that In this
county, the motorists had been In
formed fully on every regulation
save the excess load law for
trucks through various articles pub
lished from time to time. Mr. Raf
fety stated that his office was -in
a portion of the Secretary of State
Koter's headquarters at Salem.
Can Get Meal With
IS Cents or Without
NEW YORK, Sept. 14. Chronic
habitues, ot New Yorka park bench
ee aro gurgling the praises ot their
newest ,and most beloved benofac-
ory West 34th street restaurateur.
Coincident "with the recent open
Ing ot tho doors of the now, bean
emporium thero was an. elaborate
display of tno sign painter'a art,
bearing tbo following, mangetlc
"All tho beans you can eat for
IS cents."
"All the spaghetti you want for
16 cents."
"All the coffoo you can drink for
a nlckle." r ' .
"It's holl to bo broke; If you're
hungry, come on in anyway." "
"Peoplo ask how wo do It. Tho
answor Is: We do."
The proprietor declares the res
taurant Is a great success, "There
are few," said te, "who haven't
IS cents. Those "who haven'Uare
such " good walking v advertisements
that it Isn-Joy to eoet'ew eatA
W. A. Wlest was appointed last
night by 'directors of the chamber
of commerce to fill the vacancy te connection with the death of. Mlaa
caused by the resignation ot O. D. Virginia Rappe, foUowtag tbo retorn
Burke from the board, and II. N.u,t ii gA Jury of an
Moe was chosen to fill the place indictment charging him with man
left vacant by the seglnation of1 .inr'htr.
Charles Hall. In tbo election by
. ..... ...
members last Msy, Messrs Wlest
and yMoe, It Is said, were next
filgbest to tho loaders- on tbe bal
lot. A resolution endorsing a eoristst
ent program for road building waa
adopted by the board. W. C. Del
ton Is chairman of tho road com
mittee. 1
Secretary's Pay Raised
Tbe directors last night ratified
thn incroase of Secretary Stanley's
salary from $160 to I3S0 a month.
nffeetlVA Amuit 1. I
Program head Choara
Chairman of committees for var
ious parts ot tbe 19S1-1922 ,'pro-
gram of tho organisation -were an-j
nounced at
follews: Parks and
B. T. Ludden; Qood
roads, W. C. Dal ton; Encourage
ment of tourist travel, W A. Denxelt;
Increaso ot transportation facilities
and lower freight rates, A. J.
Voye; Agricultural development,
committee A, farm markets, J. W.
Kern; committee B, reclamation ot
swsmp lands, O. T. Darley; com
mittee C, promotion of stock rais
ing, James Ktell; Besutlf (cation
and sanitation, committee A. edu
cational campaign for cleaning of
prealass.Aaadfrfaaoval .ofHremlgatly
buildings, Mrs. C. W. arista;
committee II, tree pUntiag, W. 8.
Slough; committee C, Improved
ssnltary conditions snd 'adequate
sowers, J. J. Furbcr; Better schools
and gymnasium. Ms. Harry Ack
ley; Special committee on scenic
preservation, W. O. Smith,
J. J. Miller, Southern Pacific agent,
today told tho aaeembled guests at
the forum ot the chamber of com
merce that too much damage and
loss on freight shipments occurred
during shipment because tbo ship
per fallod to' be careful In marking
the destination of the packago plain
ly, also, the bill of lading mado out
by tbe shipper did not ebow clearly
whore It was to go, consequently
many packages suffered delay by ar
riving at other points on the rail
road system than Intondod.
The tbreo groat industries of tbe
country aro agriculture, transporta
tion and manufactuding, Interdepen
dent upon each other, said the speak
er. Let any branch fall in Its func
tions and tho people suffor. Par
ticularly la thl true In the trans
portation line and when shipments
go estray tho. equilibrium la disturb
ed. Mr. Miller said that In five years
record of tapoper shipments, 'due to
poor addosses, In 1916 the damage
amounted to .576 per cont and the
loss reached 2 per cent of tho gross
receipts In. ,1920, . An explanation
ot tbo best way to ship material fol
lowed and the three jclossee ot con
tainers were well explained by tho
J. J. Parkerr, ot the Ameican Rail
way KiposH company, dealt' with the
oxpresa company's,- losses and des
cribed the besl Weans of sending
packages. Postmaster Deliell re
lated the grief which? was tho postal
employees when moll and parcel post
packages were Improperly addrossed
PORTLAND, Sopt., 14 Livestock
steady; eggs, two cents higher, buy
ing price 30 and 3 cento; selling,
candled; 38 and s40 cents, solects '40
and 42, cents'; butter firm.
.uim.'...... - . . - . I roaan-loosy. xne repiy to ino re
SAK PRANCISCO, fe., "-Fet-lt-prope,,, of hoyi Oeorge! was
iir Aroncue now raeea two cnarsMa
I TT.T" - f. r. r-
Tbo .other charge Is murder and.
was preferred Monday hy Mrs.-am-blna
Maude Delmont, a friend of the
dead actress. If Arbuckle la cleared
of tbe murder charge, in the event
be is. tried upon it, be would still
face prosecution on tbo manslaughter
Arbuckle appeared more dejected
today than at any time since he was
arrested and hla face was more pal
lid. ) Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Andrews and
children, Richard, Dorothy and
Jamio-, left this morning for their
home In Lo Angelos after an ex
' tended vllt here with their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wise. Mr, An
drews is interested la .California
oil lands.
W. A. Delxell left this morning
In his car for Medford. He waa ac
companied by hla son, Tom, and by
Harry Prather, Krnel Stearns and
Oeorge Forge. Tom and Harry
Prather will go from Medford by
train to Corvallla to attend college
while the rest ot the party will re
turn to JClameth jralla either thla
eVaatag or" tomorro'? '."f' - -
C. V. Nelson was a county aeat
visitor this morning from his ran"h
near' Keno.
J. A. Maddox a prosperous Kla
math county farmer, was a busi
ness visitor hero yesterday from his
ranch In the Malln district.
Jsck Hnnt, a "buddle" of Sher
iff Low who was with him during
tbe months be spent in France, is
hero from Portland buying cattle
this week' from Klamath county
cattlemen, when he la not fighting
over the battles ot the' great war
with the sheriff.
Miss Lottlo Flshor bss accepted
a position in the Wilson abstract
office as stenogrspher.
W .J. Roberta ,a former Klamath
Falls business man, is here for a
few days' from Medford looking af
ter Interests which ho still retains
O. T. Porter and Jim Johnston
left this morning for the hills some
where within tho region ot Dpper
Klamath lake on a deer hunt Mrs.
Porter also left this morning for a
vacation outing at Rocky Point
with Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collier,
F. P. Corpcnlng wss In the coun
ty eea yesterday from Olene look
ing after business affairs.
J. W. Normsn spent yestorday af
ternoon In the city from bis ranch
home In tho valley purchasing sup
W. B, Stevens and A. L. B. Ham
mer left this morning by, automo-
bllo for the Wlllametto valloy- and
Portland on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Raid
win aro the happy parents-ot a baby
boy born to them thla morning at
their home at ,14b a Riverside av
F. K. Baker was in town, yestor
day from Evorott, Washington, on
business and loft this morning on
tbe stage for Portland. . While here
Mr. Baker spent, several hours visit
ing with W. A. Densell, who original
ly.'camoi from tho some town In tho
middle wlest. . . .
Mr.''-aad Mrs. George Chase are
hero from Yreka as the guests of
their daughtor, Mrs. John. Boyle and
family at tholr homo on Conger ave
nue. Miss Florence Pflouger has arrived
here from'Callfornta, to visit with her
alstor, Miss Mary Pflouger,
L. OerberUiln town from bis big
ranch In Horsof ly valloy looking after
things at the town house.
Charles J. Ferguson left the first
of - tho ivook, for, Portland t where, .he
will wrior a sanitarium .for Jits health.
Iriih Choose Five
Representativeg for
Peace Conference
DUDLIN, 8ept..l U Appointment
of five plenipotentiaries to tbe pro
posed conference with Drltieh reprel
eentatlvcs at Iverners, Scotland, to
'disedss the settlement, of the Irish
question, was, approved by the DatI
Ml -M M . .. )
also approved.
The plenipoteniarlea were chosen,
it was explained, to carry on nego
tiations which may foRcVthe receipt
by Llyod Oeorgsofthe Dail eabl
notVreply. " T? , , r '
Henley Flume Some
Time Next 'Week
According to Information from the
reclamation offices, the work ot
tearing down tbe old Henler flume
nine mtles- south of this city will
start soon and tho now precast soc
tlonsl concreto flume will bo hoisted
Into place. The work Is to begin. It
is planned, somo time next wock. The
water In the flume iwas turned off
two days ano. The reclamation ser
vico forco plans to havo tho now
flumo in position before tbo cold
weather sets In.
An attempt to raise a tempest In
a teapot to tho proportions of a tor
nado is under way, tbe members ol
the city csundl from whom there
tretne of absurdity can always be ex-
j peeled havtag.after a period of qui
escence, again blows, off the lid.
This time it la a letter, purporting
to hare como from B. M. Hall, ma
nager of the Klamath Steel Works
although Mr. Hall's signature was
typewritten criticizing the way In
which Fire Chief Ambrose handled
tbo foundry fire. Decause, they say,
be letter ws not read to them at thn
council It is an Indication "that the
mayor had no .Intention of making
an Investigation of the charges con
tained In the letter as written by Mr.
Tho fact ot the, matter Is that Mr.
Hall, or whoever wrote tho letter,
specifically asked that It bo referred
to tbo fire committee for Investiga
tion. Mayor Wiley complied with
the request by bending It to Council
man West, chairman ot the fire com
mittee. Mr. West la out of town and
hla statement could not be obtained
by the Herald today, but It Is as
sumed that It the matter Is of Im
portance enough to warrant Inves
tigation It will be Investigated and
a report made In due form.
At' tho tlmo ot the, fire, It appears,
tbe flro chief mode it clear to Mr.
Hall that the latter's lntorest in tbo
burning building did not empower
him to interfere with tho chlof In tho
discharge of his duty by giving In
structions as to methods to bo. em
ployed. Looks as If the season for mares'
nests had roopened and we ran all go
hunting again.
Skeleton 3 Million
- Year Old Found
PATRICIA, Alta, Sept. 14. Dis
covery of a rare and valuable spec
imen ot p carnlvorlous dinosaur,
which became extinct, according to
conservative estimates, 3,000,000
years ago, was reeeutly mado by
Dr. J. A. Allan, a member ot tho
University of Alberta vertebrate
palaeontologlcal field party, op
erating on Sand Creek, eight miles
nortboast of here.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Egan are here
from Algoma on a combined busi
ness and pleasure trip.
Mr. and Mrs, C, R. Bowman and
daughter, Alice, are visitors hero
today from Chlloqutn whero thoy
are interested in the general storo.
Waltor O. West and daughter,
Evelyn, spent the night here on
their way to Medford. Miss West
will .enter the ' Catholic sisters'
school tor the coming year. a
Tho K!amath;sdrisKenii"ff" t
soolatlon has taken eojalej? of
the difficulties . wale jtragon
sportsmen .have had ' la , tlr f at-
tempts to bring baefc kill ai't'd in
tbe California forests 'afttr faying -tho
$10 license fee toiiBnt there
a'nd announce publicly through 'See?
retary McNeally, tho neofrtsKy , OIL,
Orecon ha'ntors rsfralnliir
ig irosaj-'.
curing California licenses. GbC thi
present aimcuiiy ean ot .ujjsni
An effort la being made-aeVw tor
cure some "middle course' id"! fat.
law, ana oaring mo lavjfJHJ, urr
gon sportsmen can eavo themselves
much ,troublo by refraining from
oltber hunting or procuring the li
cense necessary to hunt.
Oregon is unfortunato in the re
spect to migratory birds and moat1
of the brant, Canada goose, honk
ers and tbe like all pass up Kla
math,' Jackson, Josophlno, Curry,
Harney and Malheur counties In
tholr southern migration, settling
mostly In their, flight on Nevada
and California feeding grounds.
In view ot the opening ot the mi
gratory hunting season tomorrow,
many Klamath, Jackson and Jose
phine county sportsmen plan to
seek gavorlte spots In California
but the Klamath Sportsmens asso
ciation particularly Impress upon
Its members that even with the
California hunting license, no birds
can be brought hornet , ',
Why hunt there when nogame
ca be brought back? Walt aatfl
taiajwutejv e;.adjcu4ed ltosw
of two weeks at the Besst'Seers-- -
tary McNeally urges.
Medford Merchants to
Be Here Next Week
The Merchants bureau of tbe
chamber of commerce will meet to-nlght-to
lay, plans for' Buyers' week,
which is annually held during coun
ty fair week. ,
Next Wednesday a delegation from
the Medford chamber .of commerce
win be bore to .lnrestlg&te the work
ings of tho local. bureau, with' a view
to a-similar organlxatloa In Msdford.
Among tbo Medford visitors ex
pected is Ben. Sheldon, prosldont of
tho chamber ot commorco.'who will
address tho local forum. On ac
count of Jbe visit tbo forum meeting
will be held Thursday next woek In
stead ot on Wednesday, ss unusual.
Rancher Suffers
Serious Accident
H. J. Hoseltlne, Merrill road
rancher, met with a painful and
sorlous accldont Monday when .he
slid from a load ot bay on to a
broken pitchfork handle. The sharp
handle penetrated his Intestine, In
flicting a severe wound. Dr. L..L.
Truax said today tho patient show
od a little improvement and was
suffering less pain from the In
Jury. Unices, infection develops tbe
outcome will be favorable, but it Is
still early to predict that danger ot
infoctlon is overcome, said Dr.
Contractor Victor
In First Lawsuit
Of Whole Career
J. J. Stelgor, logging contractor,
emerged victorious from the first
lawsuit ever brought against him
in all tho course of bis business
caroor, when lato last night, after
two hours' .deliberation, a Jury
found for him. In tbe $10,000 dam
age suit brought by Elmer J. Ayres.
Tho verdict for Stelger means that
the costs of, litigation must, bo paid
by Ayres. Plaintiff's complalnt,was
based upon allege'd breach of' con
tract to log a certain area, for de
fendant. Tho little' boys and girls who.plsy
togothor.-seem to' like; lw better ns
they grawvotdor, -. ot it,
t ', . ' j
: "-ai -"i
!: , ;. .' t . h.nt'
! I