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A Close Ad Will
Today? & News
Member of the Associated Press,
JMfteeaUi Year, Ne. U9.
price five centi
lUrry Mrssnor, cashier ot
Atgomn Lumbar company at
i-., .i- ii.. i.. fi... thiM
" ' . .. . .. ' ....
u.r -na - .................
when a nbotgun exploded "while
hunting. Mesnner la 26 year old.
He was accompanied on tbe hunting
trip by Henry Hundn. 'They had
ut one gun. nuude bad been about
to uae tho weapon but a horse got
In tho way of hla target. When It
cam Messner'e turn to fir the
tbe gun barrel exploded, ahatter
tog hla hand.
!( wm brought here fbr treat
ment Doy Wounded by JM
Ollbert, tbo four year old eoe of
Mr. and Mm. J. W. Jonaa ot Dairy,
wa accldently shot In tbo loft ldo
flsturdsy whtlo ecufrilng with bit
six year old brother, John, over tho
possession of a .22 callbro rlflo. Tho
accident happonod on tbe farm
near Dairy and tbo child -was
brought to tbla city for treatment by
Dr. Warren Hunt.
The bullet etruek the loft aide
aide and followed outside a rib to
tbe breaat bone. Tho bullol wm re
moved yesterday aftornoon. The
wound te not aorlous.
County Court Denies
The Petition for
2 Justice Courts
Tbe county court Saturday urrnln.t
dealed tbo petition of some 40 Ux
ria fur thn division of'.th Link
vlllo Judicial township, iwhloli In
clude all Klamath Fall, Into two
townihlpi. It waa thn expressed
deelro of the petitioner to have Ltrk
river aervo aa tbe dividing line for
tbe two proposed townihlpi. Crea
tion of the new district would have
meant the appointment of aucthar
juiilce of the pcacn and another con
stable. Architect and Owner
Here to Plan for'
New Hart Building
If. II. Hurt returnod last nlgbt
from Sacramento, accompanied by W.
I. Coatee, Fresno architect, and sur
vey ot tbe ground for tbn new build
ing at the corner of Seventh and
Main street wm started tofuy. Con
sultations with material men wero
held today. Tho building Is sche
duled for completion by Docsuibor
Clothing Solicited
For Russian Relief
J. H. Dickson, pastbr ot tho Em
manuel Daptlsl church, hM been ap
pointed local solicitor for tho relief
of Itusslan famlno sufferers. Tho
Immediate need Is for clothing and
donations ot any article ot wear will
bo recolved at the parsonage, lilt
High street or arrangement can be
mado for collection by calling B0IJ,
Tho box thatfwlll be sunt ftoin here
must bo forwardod not later than the
last week In Octobor, fur It li sche
duled to leavo Now York tkc firat
week In November. Tho H.y. Mr.
Dickson doslres to get at much of the
work of collection d'.no this wctk
aa I pesslble and requnt Ml who
have clothing to glvo to make dona
tions at tbo earliest pouible moment.
$2500 Income Tax
Exemption Approved
Senate Committee
WASHINGTON, 8ept. 12. Tho
senato flnanco commltteo today
voted to retain tho 32 per cent max
imum incomo surtax rates fixed In
tho houso bill. It nlso .approved tho
house 111 provisions for Increasing
from f2000 to $2500 as tho ex
emptions for hoade ot families hav
ing an annual not Incomo of $5000
or less, and also Increasing 'tho ex
emptions on account ot dependent.
ttom 800 to 1400,. ,
Oregon Towns are
Hit by First Cold '
Snap of Season
PORTLAND, Bopt. 13. Daknr.
Oregon, la Iho coldest upot on (bo
woalhor ninp today with tho '.her
momnter at 22 degree at 8 o'clock
this' morning. A killing frost wan
roportod from there. Umatilla reg
istered 32 degrees, tbo Willamette
valley felt tbo nippy weiithor and
Haleru 32 degree, all ot which rop
resents qulto a decided drop In inn
temperntura compared wltb a few
day Q
WALLA WALLA, Bopt. 12. Tho
lowest temperaturo tbla morning
wan 3,6 degroo and all Under
plant aud vegetable wro klllod.
Throe Inchos ot anow fell yostor
day In tbe Illuo mountain! and tbo
anow capped hill "worn visible
from tbo city.
YAKIMA, Wash., Bept. IS. With
a temperature of 31 degree - last
nlgbt, represents tho coldeet Sep
tember weather felt hero ilnco 1919,
Oregon doer hunter who plan ex
cursions Into favorlto feoor luntlng
grounds In tbe state of Callfornlu
aro advised that despite tho fact that
a non-resident hunter can tecuro a
110 license to hunt In California, tho
kill cannot be brought back Into the
slain of Oregon owlnit to tho entotco-
monl of tbe provisions of the Lncey
uct, a federal sta'uo which forbid
tbn transfer ot blrjta, t.tasts or fish
from pno state to another where a
Boviiinlgn state forluO.i '.ho transfer
California has sucii n law.
A number of locU klurm'.h K.ills
sportsmen have exporknce-l difficul
ty at tba state II lo Ahiu tlfy at
temptol to bring bacU their LIU. All
direct rLd indirect routes to this
state an being wat jVJ tor vloUtlons
of the act Last night, along tbo
marsh road betwoen Merrill and tbo
roato to Medicine laVn, nffir.irs from
California halted wry automnhllo
which was headod towards Oregon
and searched It for violations of tbo
gsme law.
It Is roported unofflclAlly that Kla
math county sportsman havo spent
over (1,000 seourlux namn llcvrses
at Dorrls and tbnt tboro Ii much
chagrin when they find out that thty
can kilt but cannot convor tbelr upoll
homo. A kill make difficulty ntlier
wlso as California law .lif'iltoly
states that gamo shall not In per
mitted to spoil or bo thrown awuy.
A boavy flno awaits an otfendnr ot
this clauso.
Charles J. Ferguson, local at
torney, and Miss Twyla Head, county
school superintendent, woro married
Thursday at Treks. California.
wo their announcement to friends
when they returnod hero Saturday
Mr. and Mr. Joe Cass, rcsldonts
ot the Spring Lake district, aro the
parents of a ten-pound boy. Tbo
proud father eay tho lad Is bound
to mako a good troublo shooter for
the tolcphono company an ho Is husky
enough to climb a tdlophono polo
right now. Mira. J. J. Cass, ot Gait,
California, mother or Mr. Cass, Is a
visitor at the Cass homo. .
DALLES, Tox., Bept. 12. More
than CO porsong perished In floods
In Central Texas, excluslvo ot Ban
Antonio whero 9 bodies havo been
rocovered. Million ot dollars In
damage resulted to crops and live
M'NE,IL ISLAND, Sept. 12.
Soarch for Koys Gardner contorod
around; tbo eastern portion of thq
Island today, following report that
guards , fired on a durglng figure
thertT Inst night ,,..,,.
II. R. l'ollock of Hanlstlquc, Michi
gan, has written to tbo Lakoslde
Lumber company of this city, expres
sing fear that Clydo Pollock, who was
In thn employ of thn Lakcsldn com
pany when ho was burned to death
In tho Hotel Houston tiro, Soptomber
C, 1920, may have been bis brother.
Clyde Pollock, brother of tho In-
qulror, loft his slater's home In Chi
caga a fow months before tho fire
and baa not elnco been beard from by
friends or rolatlves.
Tho description glvon In tho letter
tattles with tbo description ot the
Hotel Houston tiro victim, aa It la
rememberod at the Lakealdo plant,
said Nelson Itounsovell, manager, to
day. Tlounsovot believes that ho will
bo able to comply with D. It. Pollock's
.i.,.-S A. HHn Plun tMltlrai
; d' .; cL:;..o'n ;h.;h To.. .
.... , . , , ...... ,...,. .,...
iock couiu irainnuiaiui luouin un
..h . ir .. ,.. hi. i,r.hBr-
checks camo through tha recent flro;
at tbo Lakcsldo plant In tho com
pany's safe and Mr. Itounsovell bo
llovcs ho may find somo of the check
Issued to Pollock among thorn.
Dy rather queor coincidence tbe
lottor In which Pollock asks for In
formation was dated at Manlstlque
on September C, 1921, Just one year
to the day after tbe Houston Hotel
Foreclosure Action
Filed by Bly Mam
A suit to foreclose a nortgasjc
upon thn ranch of B. fC. Hs.niaUsrf
lind wife, waa filed In tho "
court Saturday afternoon by W. H.
Casobcer ot Dly. Action V tinned
tho defendants alleged failure to pay
an alleged note of $4,000. '.ho peti
tion states.
An action to recover monty war
filed by the Dullock Mercatitl'o vo;n
pany against J. a. Noblo for tho vurn
of $35.60 and $15 cost.
Judge Kuydondsll signed na order
of dismissal In tbo case ot S'evo
Stukel against F. II. Jobea, Carrie
K. Jobes, et al, Saturday.
Anfin ri n 1 1 n r n
Klamath county' wheat crop tbla
year Is estimated at 160,000 bush
els ot spring wheat and 18,000
bushels of winter wheat, In a re
port of F. L. Kent, agricultural sta
tician ot mo aepartmem oi ngn
culture. The acreage is given as
1000 for winter whoat and 10,000
tor spring wheat.
Oregon's yield of wlntor wheat
thl year will total r7,816,75
bushels, from an acreaiso accregat
Ing 728.27G acro. and tbo yield of.trlct nro tbo happy parents ot a
spring whoat -will bo 4,629.725, Pl hoy born to thorn on
f,m -mi n7R ,r. vtrtirt hich
..- ---.-.- . .. w .
aro subject to revision, for tho var
ious counties, aro given in detail
tor each county. Spring wheat
yields havo been disappointing, said
Kent's review, with more or less re
duction In the earlier yield prospect
In nil parts of tho state.
Castle Rock Man
Knows Roy Gardner
Luther Huntington of Castle Fock,
Wash., was In town today attending
to tho moving ot a house ho owns In
First addition. Huntington states that
tho famous Roy Oardner, who re
cently escaped from McNeil's Is
land In Washington, Uvod within
n uuarter mile of hla homo during
allttho time when the officers wdre
oarchlng tar him noar Castle Rock.
Oardnor was a dally visitor at tbo
Huntington borne whero he chatted
about tho chaso that was going on
"for that shadow. Gardner." Hifnt-
Ington says that a neighbor ot his
on going to town, and aeolng des-
crlptlons ot Oardnor told blm that
tho visitor was tho sought for
Decision within a week on thqi'-"" ""'t ""' "- -
.. , j, .,.. ., i,,,im of the faculty of the Klamath coun
motlon to dissolve tho Injunction. ,,,i ,,., u. .,.
... , ,. tri. .,. ........ " Vf niKh school, wbero her ability
which "rtraln. the Klamath com- rccognlzJ.
ty court frtm exPondtag r wun-. q. '
J WVUVJt WAl-CLifc LUU fWWWV tMunvu-i
od by tbo supremo court for pre-
nervation of tbo building on tbo Hot
Springs court houso Is expected,
within a week, according to at
torneys who returned yestorday
from Jacksonville, where tho mo
tion was argued Saturday before
Judxo Calkins. Frod Mills and B."
L. Elliott appeared for tbo county j
court and C. F. Btono appeared for
Frank Ward, tho tax payer on
whoso petition tbo Injunction was
granted last December. Mr. Ward
was tbo only other Interested' party
Mr. Hlonn urrcd tbo necessity ot 1
ui-i m. Tti
tho levies proposed In tho last bud-
. ... a-t-
ot. $50,000 for tho Hot Springs
building and IH.000 for mlscollan
eous purposes. Altnougn inese lev
ies wero oxpurged from tbo Mix
rolls boforo tho present collection
began, bo held It might bo possi
ble for tholr Inclusion In tho assess
ment rolls still, cither as delin
quency payments or perhaps In tbe
collection ot tho second Installment.
The Injunction also forbids tbo
oxpendlturo of the much dlsputod
1918 levy for courthouse purpose,
about $10,000 of which is still on
hand, and as leng as It exist ef
fectually prevents carrying forward
any building plans in connection
Ith tho Hot Spring structure.
Jury Disagrees in
McMahon's Trial
The pollco court Jury In tho trial
of J. J. McMabon, rtpiy of tbe
rtnto nutoraobllo departpiont, tr.ilid
to roach an agreement nnd cu uif
charged lato Saturday cvi-ulug by
Pollco Judgo Lcavltt They sfi-nl
three for conviction nnd thri-o for
acquittal. McMahon was chars'"5 by
Percy Towmbley, laundry wagon dri
ver, with turning his raot.-cyele In
tho mlddlo of' tbe btoc!c nu Mnn
street, betweon Tenth ami Eleventh.
Retrial ot tho cac, t':l JudRo
Leavltt, would, depond on ttiu desire
ot the city attorney.
I "txK;i vuu or aiunn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward are re
joicing over tbo arrival ot a llttlo
daughter, born yesterday morning.
Congratulations aro being receiv
ed by Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Adtts
son, 668 California avenue, over tbo
birth ot a 9 pound baby boy. Tho
now arrival, has boon named Don
ald Newburn. Dr. George I.
Wright roports that both mother
and baby aro doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schrolncr,
residents ot tho Spring lako . dls-
' Sunday morning. Dr. aoorgo i
. ...
Wright was tho attending phye!
Saw Mill Burns, '
Loss Is $125,000
TIMDER, Ore, Sopt. 12. Tho' J
A. Trouty Timber company' camp
sawmill was destroyed by tire yes
terday. Tbo loss Is $125,000. It
was announcod the mill would bo
Threshing crows are reported to
bo busy In tho Spring Lake district
Crop yields aro said to be tho largest
in several years.
- At tbelr mooting this aftornoon tho
local Culinary 'Alliance clocted Hert
McDonald president, replacing
Urohn F. Miller, resigned, and T. H,
malloway, secretary'' and business
ngont, 'in place et H. M. Wiggins,
resigned. '
Mrs. Carrier Gets
Position in Santa
Rosa High School
Thn faculty of tho Control school
suffered a distinct "loss last wock
through tbo resignation of Mrs. Es-.
tullo Carrier, who has accepted a'
position ns teacher In tbo Santa i
Rosa high school. For several)
! VAnM ILffsi Pnln rna m mamIui
wl( bo keenly disappointed to
Icam of hor decision not to return
herd, but will bo glad to know that
hor splendid talents aro not to bo
lost by retiring from tbo profes
sion of Beaching.
Tbo Oregon Association ot Elec
trical Contractors and Dealers of tbo
Fifth Oregon district mot today In
tho chamber of commerce rooms for
tho purposes o fdlsousslng tho elec
trical situation also to map out an
educational plan to encourago tho
uso of electrical devices In tbe homo.
A. D. Cunningham ot.Jtodford was
chairman of tho mooting and S. C.
Clark of Grants Pncn, secretary.
Tho Meeting today waa but a con
tinuation ot tbo last mooting hold
somctlmo ago In Medford whero tho
question ot standard specifications
for wiring homos and business houses
was brought up for consideration.
Today, tho "Electrical Home" Idea
was discusses! for Klamath Fall but
this proposition ha never been gone
Into dcoply enough hero to proper
ly exploit it. before spring, say J. C.
Thompson, division managor of t,ho
California Oregon Power company'
Secretary- Clark or Grants Pass
tated that tho Idea of cooperation
between cloctrlosJ .dealers and service
muons was usKinR root In this elf
and It wa nvorklng ndvantagoously
to all parties. The same system could
bo used hero and tbo dealers in elec
trical devices for the homo and for
advertising fieatnrcs could bo highly
developed, bp- Joint action. During
tho fair In Jasepblno county, Octo
ber 1 4-1 C. and 1C Inclusive, tno deal
ers had all gone togother and socured
a booth at the. grounds, In which all
electrical devices could be featured
and a course ot public Instruction
nnd education followed out. Clark
urged cooperation strongly to the lo
cal dealer between them and the ser
vice station. "A fertile field for
development." is his opinion of Kla
math Falls.
Thero waa a strong sontlment
formed at this meeting on tho co
operative plan and a concensus of
opinion, gathered from members pro-
Bent, wag that this movoment would
very likely culminate lnn concerted
movo this coming spring, not only In
Klamaht Falls but in tha county as
Tbo session closed at noon and tbn
visiting member wero tnkon to tbo
Rex Cafo for a luncheon. Tho nex:
meeting will assemble at Medford
Bomettmo during tho "Home Demon
stration Week,' now bolng planned
in that city. Thoso present wore:
A. B. Cunningham, Peoples' Electric
Co., Medferd: D. W. Paul, Paul's
Electric Co., Modterd: F. A. Hurlbut,
Pauls Electric Co., Medford; D. A.
Ronar, Medford Electric Co., Med
ford; ,J. B. Jordan, Jordan Electric
Co., Ashland; H. L. Walther, division
manager of tho California Orogon
Power company, Medford; S. G.
Clark, California-Oregon Power com
pany, Orants Pass; W. D. Mor'larlty.
Field Manager of tha Northwest Elec
tric Servlco League Boattle, Wash.
Among the local pooplo present mere,
W. D, Coburu, Comet Electric com
pany; Charles D. Garcelon, Tho Elec
tric Shop; J. C. Thompson, Dlvlson
Manager, California-Oregon Power
company; R. 3. Sheets, Link Rlvor
Electric company.
DUBLIN, Sept. 12. A courier
left today for Iverness, Scotland,
with the DaU Slrennn's reply to
Lloyd Oeorge.
Rooked on a murder charge, Roscbe
(Fatty) Arbuckle is held in Jail
bcro In connection with tho death
Inst Friday ot Virginia Rappo, film
actrcsK, who died, said District
Attorney Brady and othor author
ities, of Injuries Inflicted by Ar
buckle during a party In Arbuckle's
sulto In a local botel.
Investigation Is scheduled be
fore tho grand Jury tonight. The
coroner's Inquest will be held
Thursday. Twenty-two witnesses
aro being guarded by deectlves.
Tho format complaint charging
Arbucklo with murder was sworn to
boforo Police Judge O'Brien. The
complaint was signed by Mr. Bam
byana Maudo Delmont, a friend of
tho dead actress.
Arbucklo's appearance in the po
llco , court was delayed .until Bor
tllllon measurement had been tak
en and be bad been photographed
for tho roguo's gallery.
New York, Sept. 12. Henry
Lebrman, film director; who wm en
gaged to marry Virginia Rappe, said
bo would devote every minute he
could spare to pressing Arbuckle's
prosecution. '
MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Bept. 12. The
board ot censors here have barred
Arbucklo' film from exhibition un
til ho clear himself of causing the
death of Miss Rappe.
LOS ANOELES, Sept. 12. Pic
ture houses lMt night cancelled tbe
engagements ot the latest Arbuckle
MEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 12.
Mayor Haines today notified local
motion picture theatres that all Ar
bucklo films -would be barred until
Arbuckle's caso had been disposed
ot by the courts.
Ted While, managor of the Strand,
said today that he had sent a wire
cancelling tho Arbucklo comedies
that he had booked, one of which
was to havo appeared next Sunday.
F. U. Patrick, of tho Star theatre,
said they bad reached no decision.
Council to Talk
Sidewalk Repairs
Tonight is tbo regular schedule
meeting ot tbo city council and a
number of Important Items are to
be brought up for second eration.
Manypeoplo In the city have dis
cussed tbe sldowslk situation and
tbo noed of repairs to many cross
ings and walks before the snow
comes. Flro matters and paving
subject aro ecbcdulod for dlscuv
slon and action, along with sldo
walk repairing it la said.
Litter in Garret
Threatens .. Home
Tho tiro department was called
tbla forenoon to the residence oc
cupied by Earl Rlchey at 624 Wash
ington street to extinguish a tire In
the garret ot tbo house. The flro
men found tho garret well llttored
with ashes taken from tho chimney
at Bomo past cleaning, also tho stove
pipe, which runs from the baser
mont to tbe garrot, then bends
across to tho chimney, bound round
with rags, I
Tho tiro was put out with no dam
ago to tho building. Tho Rlchey
family moved Into tho place yester
day. Up to a month ago, the place
was occupied by A. R. Morrison.
Trial of tho $10,000 damage suit
ot Elmer Ayors against J. J, Stelg
er, In which alleged breach of a
logging contract Is 'the basis ot ac
tion, started today ,tn tbo circuit
court. A recess was declared Until
tomorrow late "this afternoon after
the Jury had been chosen. P,
At 5 o'clock this afternoon a nati
uralltatlon U scheduled) J