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The Evening Herald
r' . muiuiay..
fiun BOULB
..Cltr Editor
Published ally oicept Sunday, by
"a Herald Publishing Company ot
sUoauth ralli, at 119 Eighth 8treot.
stand at the poitotttco at Kla
Mtk Palls, On., for transmission
tkrvaga tha malls aa second-class
attar. -i I
" PRK8S. v
fTta .Associated i'raa la xclnilToljr
aatltlod to the nia (or republication
at aH news dispatches credited to It,
ar not otherwise credited "In this
paper, and alio the local new pub
lisher herein.
Bend Now Against
Diamond Lake Add'n.
'(Continued riom rage 1)
,ivxnjvviru'Vrira"ss"Ti,Tr" - - o
- - I -
iv!r V vl I fc I Bar
As the annexation atands now
among tho communities Interested
Bend and Roseburg oppoao annexa
tion, Eugene, Klamath Falls and
Mcdtord cndnrFo It, It the actions
ot their respective chambers ot
commerce express tho community
Howovor, thero has been change
ot renttracnt as further facts have
been ' disclosed by discussion. As
appears from tho foregoing dis
patches Dead has done a complete
right about face, opposing the an
nexation plan where it formerly
supported It. '
Bedford, too, It Is said Is only
nominally a supporter of tho In
clusion of Diamond lake In Crater
like park. Eomo ot Med ford's
citizens haTo awakened to tho fact
that It the annexation bill goes
through the long standing expecta
tion ot a competing railway will bo
Kwept Into tho discard. '
The railway project contemplates
connection of the branch from Med'
. ford to Uutto Falls -with tho North
era Pacific at Bend. The only feas
Ible connection Is through the pass
that would bo barred If the annexa
tion bill goes through. For ono ot
the Iron cald regulations of tho na
tional park service forbids railway
lines across tho public playgrounds.
The 'Uutto Falls-Medford branch
Is 30 miles long. It for years ap
peared, and probably still docs, (on
Ube map of. the Hill lines as a part
'of the system. It Is Msofordi ono
best bet for obtaining a competing
line and some of the moro forward!
looking citizens have sensed the dan
Tho social calender for-this past
iwook Is practically a blank with tho
excoptlon of club mooting! and one
or two dinner parties. Tho Masonic
ball on 'Labor Day and their banquet
at tho Whtto Pelican hotel on' Wed
nesday evening were tho two big af
fairs of tho week. Ono hundred and
Bcventj-flvo couples enjoyed thq ball
on Monday night at tho Scandinavian
hall. To tho strains ot Cochran's
orchestra tho danco moved on to a
perfect close. Sovornl supper par
ties wero hold after tho dance by
various groups all of which woro
Informal, t
At tho White Tellcan hotel Wed
nesday covers wore aid for 100
Masons nt their big get-together din
ner. First plans wero propa'red for
75 guests, but tho arrival ot a largot
number of outsldo members ot tho
order mado It Iroperatlvo to nrrango
for moro. Atter the dinner which
was served at 6: SO o'clock tho com
pany adjourned to the lodgo rooms
where work In tho Master Mason do
groo was given.
Another affair of interest was the
dinner given by tha members of tho
Pi Beta Phi, woman'a, national col
lego fraternity, at 'tho White Poltcan
hotel. The tablo woa decorated In
wine carnations and silver, btuo tulo,
colors of the ordor, and clever llttlo
place cards completed tho decora
tions.' Covers wero laid for ten mem
bers and tholr guests The members
present wero. Misses Mylor and Clara
Calkins, "Maybclte Leavltt,1 Evanga-
lino Foster and Marjorlo Dolzcll, Uni
versity of Oregon, Geraldlno Watt.
Lcland Stanford Untroratty, and Mrs J
Will Hum, an alumnao membor visit
ing hero from Portland. Tho guests
wero Elizabeth Manning, Kllen Mc
Veigh and Jean Perry.
Wednesday afternoon the Auction
Bridge club met nt the home of Mrs.
George Watt on Pacific Terrace
Tho Krlda Club was entertained
by Mrs. O. A. Krauso. Mrs. Will
Hurn was tho honor' guest upon this
occasion. Present were: Mesdamca
Hurn, Charles I-Itobcrts, 0cart8hlve.
Wlllam M. Duncan, Rollaad Wright,
E. T. Luddcn, "Steve Sabo, Jr., and
Ilurgo Mason.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Whitman re-
Kcr In tho Diamond lako anncxa
tlon project and Medford Isnot un- turned this week from Sonsldo and
likely to follow Bend's example and Portland wbcro thoy hno been on nn
reverse Its original stand for an-f extended vacation. They wero accom-
ncxatlon. ' . Panled homo by two guests, Mlstej
'Klamath Falls Is recorded, foi- Grace Whitman of Woodburn, and
holds the rank of first lieutenant In
tho sorvlce. '
Ono.ot the Interesting affairs given
for Mrs! Will Hurn during her stay
her on tho way to hor homo In Port
land from San Francisco, was tho
party Friday afternoon at, tha homo
of Mrs. Lcsllo Torwllllgor; A num
ber of Mrs. Hum's 'old friends at
tended- and a delightful afternoon
was ipasacd at cards. Those present
'were: Mcsdames Oscar Shlve, Charles
I. Roberts, John Enders. Mrs. Mur
phey of Ashland, William Duncan,
Hardin Cartor, Jennlo Hurn, F. U.
Patrick, a. A. Krauso. Charles Mooro,
Bergo Mason! Charles Martin, Mrs.
Will Hurn and tho hostess.
1 . . ..
Mrs. T, C. Campbell was hostess at
a most delightful affair Tuesday
afternoon whon she entertained at her
charming, now homo on Pine street
tor tho Leisure Hour bridge club, ono
ot the oldest organizations of the
kind In tho city. Bowls ot lavender
and white cosmos created an artistic
sotting for tho affair and a dalnty(
luncheon was served by tho hostess.
Tho first prlzo went, to Mrs. E n.
Hall and Mrs. Brockenbrough wa
given tho guest prlzo. Tho guest
list, follews: Mesdams M. C. West,
Fred Dunbar, B. D. Lamb, Charles
Collier, J. S. Elliott, Gur Manning,
II. NV.Moo, E. B. Hall, John C. Broc
kenbrough, Charles Martin. Kip Van
Riper. Fred Baker, C. Brooklns, Wil
liam Qanong, Leslie Terwilllger, C
S. Mooro. Charles Moore, Mrs. Wil
liams and Miss Mildred Olcson.
Tho Art Needle Work club was de
lightfully entertained Wednesday
attornoon at the homo of Mrs. Allen
Sloan, 331 North 10th The house
was beautiful decorated with nas
turtiums and delicious refreshments
woro served at tho close ot the nfter
noon. This was tho first mooting
since tho vacation period and as
spent as a combined business and
social meeting. Tho club discussed
tho books to be read during tho sea
son at the samo time occupying them
sehea with nccdlo work. Those pre
sent iweraMcAdames 8. E. Martin,
A .W. PleJ.' R. It Dunbar. H. 8. Phil
lips. A. M. Melby, Arthur Fylllng.
Leslie Rogers, Robert Sloan, Aman
da Hamakcr, Don Zumwnlt, John
Houston, J
burg, K O
i1' J
- J' v f'V ' i
'The prudent man always ,
STOPS to LOOK and then
LISTENS for danger a-
head. How verily this jjH
applies in the realm of
Stop, Look, and Listen
Deposit, your surplus
avoid, the dangers of
penniless old age!
First State & Savings Bank
Klamath Falls, Oregon
up to C P. M., or till 7.30 P M , at
tho meeting place of tho school board
at Summers School house, September
21st, 1931.
Tho board reserves tho right to
accept any ono bid or reject any or
alUblds. , ,..,,
Dated 'at' Klarmitjr Fall's, Orrgon,
Is'lOtu day of September.' 121.
,MRS. W.
- " Clerk.
II. S. Royco. pursuant to tho terms
and conditions ot a certain mortgago
mmlo and exocutcd between said H
8. Itorco. an monrnrpn. and J. II.
F. Gooller. It. E. Watten- Sullivan mortgagor, dated July C.
Cummlngs, Rufiis Moore. 1921, liai proceeded to foruclonu snld
J. 1L Carnahan and tho Mliwns lies- mortgago and has tnken Into his
torn French ami FllxihpUi MeCunlr P0"08'0" t!0 mortgngeil property
torn f-rencn, ana wizanetn Jiccuruy ,,IellcrD0,i ns f0OWg t0 Wt ,
Visiting guests were Mrs Miami. Ono Velio 1921 nutomoblle. Model
1M23G, llconun number for 1911
Oregon 109093 and that said mort
gagee will, at 10 o'clock a in. on
Monday tho 19th day of September,
1921. nt 423 South Sixth street.
Klamath Falls, Klamath County,
State of Oregon, roll tho said mort
gaged property nbovo described at
public salo tor rash In hand and out of
tho proceeds of said sale will keep
and retain the sum ot 11023.65 bal
ance duo from said mortgagor upon
said property, together with Intercut
at 8 per rent nor nnnum from July
E, 1021, $24. 8K ns linn on said pro
IMirty paid by mortgagee attorney's
feos In the sum ot J2S, and accru
ing costs of pale, and tho ovorplns,
It any thoro be, pay In said mortgag
or. Dated September 9, 1921.
9-10 II. H. revci:
... ..TIImIo . A.- 1. .. ll' .l.laalau ... 'IB A H.-1. Siab rSni (T . t.
lowing Investigation by a chamber" Mrs. J. F. Hutchinson or Salem, both, -- u lumma, mhiuihiuh. nwuh "" .lumwr .-. ourmi .
nf nmmtra rnmm lliu n favnr.LOf Whom wl I hn tUplr linllin FUPllt " l'Cl'" ou;cr Ul jiaiu.tiiii I
Job annexation. The report, dated) for some time. I
February 5, Is signed by W. A. loot's wife ovldently passed somo
Wleet, Fred A. Baker, L. C. Siso- A ten o'clock breakfast was enjoyed I other woman and looked back to see
more, Arthur Wilson and George Monday morning at the homo of Mr I hat alio had on.
Ulrlch. Tho report, The mraid nas)nUn Mr8 IL iL jenklna .with their
found, does not represent tho sontl- lnrP0 daughters as hosteeses. Present
on this occasion wer. Misses Mablo
ment of quite a few timber opcr
ators -and business men, who claim
that 100 million feet of timber,
tributary to Klamath FallB, will bo
annexation bill passes. The grazlng
question will probably bo considered
by thq county wool growers' asso
ciation tonight.
Although Secretary Fall hai been
quoted as being In favor ot tho an
nexation, ho has never so expressed
himself. Secretary Stanley, of the
local chamber of commorco, was
quoted as saying that Secnlary
Fall would urgo tho annexation.
Secretary Fall In tho Portland press
denied that he bad mado any dof-
lnlto statement. Mr. Stanley told a
Herald representative last evening
that whtlo Secrotary Fall had not
said that ho' would urge tho annoxa
tlon Mr. Stanley was certain from
hly demeanor that ho favored It,
Obcnchaln, Bessie Tull, Ruth Lin
sey, Mary, Eva and Inez Jonklns.
Announcements havo been re
celved in this city of tho marrlago off
Alexander Martin, Jr., and Miss
at tho Strand, beginning Tuesday
night. 9-13
EUOENE, Or., Sept. 10. AH
commercial bodies ot Oregon will
be called upon to support the Sen
ator McNary bill providing for the
extension of Crater lako park to In
cludo Diamond lako by tho Eugene
chamber ot commerce. '
The board of directors ot the
chamber decided upon this course
for the advancement of the bill at
n meeting 'Tuesday night, at which
resolutions wero adopted Indorsing
and sponsoring tho extending of
Crater lake' national park.
The Including ot Diamond lake In
the Crater lake park not only will
make tho park more scenic and at
tractive for tourists, but will afford
a north entrance from tho Willam
ette pass road, declared President
L. L. Ray In discussing tho mat
ter. If the park la enlarged to Include
Diamond lake tho government Is ex
ported to construct a road from
Crater laka to Diamond lake, which
will connect with the Willamette
highway, '
Sealed proposals will bo roceHed
up to September 2Ut. 1921, by
School District No. 31, Klamath
f"sttMtar tnt t Vi n Annnlsiillnn n n lolnb
Laura Dllyeu of Lakewood, Now Jor-aChooI'bulIdlnB nn(Uor th ,,,umu,nK
sey, which took place recdntiy. Mr., and Heating of same. Bids must bo
Martin was raised In Klamath Falls, .accompanied by a certified check to
being tho son or Mr. and Mrs. Alex. tno amount of 5 per cont of tho bid
Mnrtin kn M.i ,- f. m. r tho samo shall bo rejected, to bo
Martin, who resided hero for many .,, ..,,, , ,. nf Mr w
years, tho family moving to Eugene Ezoll, clork of tho said District, to bo
several yoars ago and later to Port-1 returned to blddors upon signing ot
land where thoy now reside. At thoicontract nm' ,0 bo. retained If suc-
cusaiui uiuuur laiio iu cniur inio cun
Plank nnd stiecl-
among bis 'ricatlons-may bo obtained front O. It.
Wright, Architect, Klamath Falls,
and a deposit ot $10.00 will bo re
quired for same.
Pronoxnla mtiv hn Inft at Iho nf.
returned to tho navy, however," and nee of tho archltoct, Emma Building
Ott-on'i lliikfr Intlilulion of
l.lfht Sfdooh; Stttnl Drpirlmenli
1'All. TfRM OP1NS SEI-f , 10:1
Im Ufixniiwi onir It t RrUn.r
Oregon AKrictillura! CoIIqcc
...,lt....t. ll.. II . (I (.
""'"'"'"' ",0 Har- Jurr,r' U8 notract as specified
was familiarly known among his ifieatlnnn-mnv bn .
friends .enlisted In tho U. S. Ndvy
and aftor his discharge engagod In
business In Portland. Ho has since
Serves you right
'After the Ball" tonight,
You'll feel like having a
tome bite;
The' place to get it is at
On 6th St. Near Main.
Open S a. m. to 1 a. m.
vtyf 1
ii 0
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