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Ftfthtecntb Year 41111.
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Member of the Associated Press.
" IT' W1
Conversation In a group at th
Orand Central Public market thl
morning turned to th altitude th
merchant might be expected to tek
toward th market. Some one amid
tby would expect the merchant
to look unfavorably upon tbe mar
ket aa a competitor.'
"It Htni to me," aald Uurr
Wastbrook, of Merrill, one of tbe
gToup.V tbat If tbe mercbanta aaw
tbe matter In IU true light they'd
b down here every Saturday with
a braaa band to bolp keep thla mar
ket growing."
And bo demonstrated hit Idea fur
ther by drawing a fire dollar bill
from hU pocket, explaining that It
was money tbat would not hare
been In Klamath Fall, bed be not
been able to transform farm pro
duce Into currency at the market.
"Ileforo I leavo town I'll apeud
tbat money with aomo merchant,
possibly two or threo. Farmer
Siottx Fall Hit by
Tornade: 3 Dead.
Property Loss Large
HIOUxVaLLB. 8. D., Bopt. 10
Two; man were killed In weat Bloux
Fall and many farm building ware
dutroyed by a tornado wbleb aweot
me country aide J tut outaldo Bloux
Palls ..last night, the towna of 01
He. Hartford and eaat Sioux Pal la
are reported bard bit.
Later reporta are three men kill
ed br tbe tornado and on mUslng.
OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 10. Ileary
damage la reported to have been
done near ATOca, Nebraska, by a
tornado Uat night.
11 -
nucm nv OMTTI
II su
1'ollco today are Investigating the
death of Mis Virginia" nappe, mo
tion picture actress; in a eanltariam
can't grow tea, coffee, sugar or a yesterday, after attending a party
hundred other staple tbe grocer rooms of Iloacoe (Patty) Ar-
aella. They cannot arow clothe, buckle, at the St. Krancls hotel.
Manager A. L. Michael of the Toa
na Valley Oil company waa a visitor
thla afternoon rn the offjoea of Beore
Ury w. 8. Wiley of tbe coanaar
nd be report tbat steady drilling
la taking place at tbe well. The drill
waa this foreseon going through a
cryatalllxed lime rock formation pro
nounced by Capt O. C. Applegate to
be calclte. Michael aaya tbe drlltlsr
is yrr nard at thla stage and U
making alow progress. The well la
now at a depth of 1210 feet.
The formation struck too last few
days, tbe calclte, baa an encourag
Ing turn to It and,' with tbo email
flow of oil which haa been constant
lyly found on top of the water all
through the operation, glres the Yon
na Valley people belief that when
the drill haa penetrated deep enough
BIND; Bept
, 10
Traffic Officer on
Trial Before Jury
In Police Court
The trial of , J, MoMahon, deputy
automobile officer of tho state, was
started thla afternoon before I'olleo
Judge Learnt at 1:30 o'clock. The
deputy la charged with' an infraction
of the automobile lawa by making
a torn to th Uri in .. .,..,.. -t.L
Elimination 0flo. J. " . r.r".",lu:
aoattbilitte of th Capqaa river, uL .rZTvT AUfB" "'
and of tbe flhlng.privUg. b - -5..r?ntb. on Main
i-. tmriuai ,ku sworn
oat against tbe state officer by Percy
Viamona iaae, ware lb reaaona
which prompted tbe Bend Commer
cial club to go on record at today
meeting opposing tbe Inclusion' ot
the lake and surrounding territory
fa. th fFa- I.afca tiatfnri.! i-fcr
The matter haa been before tbe club
etVora! times before, and waa one
fevered and once opposed. Present
interest waa created by the aa
Boaacetnent that Secretary of the
Iaterlor Albert B. Pall win reoom-;
mead to congress tbe lnctaslon of;
inis, are in iua para:. t
Tlte argument of tbo clab was raa
med up by H. L. Plomb, Deschutes
At the special kestenc of Prose
cuting Attorney Brower, a Jury case
was made and a Hat of Jurymen sum
moned to appear this afternoon.
Tbe Jurors are: Pred Bueein. R.
J. BbeeU, Robert Clay, Charles Rob
erta, xa vannlce and J. 8. Mill.
t shoes or farm machinery. Most of
tbe money the farmers receive In
the public market will bo spent for
tbeso things before the farmer
leave town today."
Ally of Morrhaata
Another member of tbe group
aid be thought tbat In tbe public
market tbe local merchant bad hla
atrongeet ally against tbe mall or
der house. The market bring tbe
farmer to town and furnishes ready
money to buy with. Tbe local mer
chant U In direct lino for tbe
farmer's trade. If he will but make
a bid for It. If It wore not for tbe
market tbe same farmer would sot
be here. He would be at the near
est postoftlen filling out a money
order application addrrucd to some
mall order house.
In any event the Grand Central
Public market la here and It looks
aa if It u here to stay, Tbe mar
ket did a land office buetnesa this
morning. Kggs and chickens were
snapped up by eager buyer almost
at the door.
Duyrre Kagtir
E. N. Woodhouso of Merrill eold
I3S worth of honey as fast a be
could take It from the crates, he
aald. A growor from the Hlg Marsh
brought In a whole two-year-old
beef and In a couple of boura all
tbat was left was a couple ot soup
bone and n chunk or so ot brisket,
ana lato buyers took that.
' Vresh milk was a new com mod
Ity on tho market today and going
well. A barret of homo made elder
,waa on tap and surrounded by a
crowd of marketers In search of It
soothing refreshment, dreen corn
went with a whirlwind rush and
tbo staple vegetables, frosh and
crupj irom tno garden this morn
Ing, found eager buyorr.
PnrtmiuKTit IwiUtiitlon
It seomod doflnltoly cortaln today
that K h. Cramblltt, an exper
ienced public market operator from
Portland, will tako chargo of the
project and make It a permanent
and daily Institution.
Mr. Crnmblltt'a market in Port
land has been running for a number
of year. and Is now a amootbly op-
eratlng concern that does not re
quire hla personal attention. He
eea a big opportunity for a public
market In Klamath Falls and this
morning said that ho had Just about
Monday. It la said that women in
tbo party declared Arbuckle and
MUa Rappe went Into one room of
tbe suite and tbat tbe door of tbe
room waa thereupon locked. Later
cries were beard and sound of a
scuffle in side the room came to
thntn. They pounded upon the
door, It la aald. They said that
Arbuckle finally admitted them
They aald tbat tboy rarw Mies Rappe
Jin oni the bed, only partial
ly reosdotts. It M said, her clothing
wsa Jorn, even to her stocking.
hnwa placed In a cold bath,
but tbl.i did not revive her and ahe
waa taken to another room put la
bed aa a payalelan called. NLater
the actress waa taken to the sani
tarium where she later died.
Arbuckle In a telephone message
to tbe police last night, denied thane
statements, saying he waa at mo
time alone with Miss Rappe. and
tbat hla conduct waa not objection
able. He started by automobile
early today from Lo Angeles to
explain. An autopsy revealed that
Mis Rappe died from congested
lungs, superinduced by peritonttu.
The stomach Is to be analysed.
Patty Arbuckle Is to be "held
In custody." but not arrested, pend
ing the outcome of Investigation
of Mlas Rappe'a death, the police
oil will bo encountered, la. navlnc. national forest supervisor who read
quantities. ' 1 Secretary Meredith's report on- tho
At a depth of feet, Driller Mm ,nt,0,, outll -bo IleT
Oeonre Hartley ears that a. m.iivir, Pr - " ervlce. Ta-Vland pro-
of anthracite coal waa encountered. poMd t0- bo c,ua"- ' between
rumples burned made a good fire
and burned to a complete aab.
Director Sperretorn haa bad to
wire to Pittsburg, Penn., for the or
der of 8 Inch csalng after futile 'ef
forts to get it In the weat It Is' not
known when tbe shipment will reach
here. Tbe directors, MIcheal ears,
are encouraged over tbo penetration
of tbe calclte formation, aa It Is said
to bo a favorable Indication of tbe
presence of oIL
-r v '
well are that tbe cement appear to
bo holding and drilling Ja under way.
Early thla morning the water waa at
a higher level than last night, crea
tine an Impression that the cement
waa leaking. When iwork started,
however, tho water receded to nor
mal level, Indicating tbe drillers aay,
an Immense gaa pressure below.
Head of Big Power
Corporation, Vititor
Diamond lake and tbe summit of the
Cascade. Only tbe area Immediate
ly surrounding the lake la of scenic
valne. Sheep aro excluded for a
mile back from the lake, a apace
which I reserved exclusively for
National parka should only be cre
ated where the eoenlc feature are
unique, of national Importance, and
paramount to all other utility, waa
Secretary Meredith' argument. They
eaould not be created for purely ad-
Tortlalac purpose.
Planing,- rather than scenery, 1
the) desirable thing at Diamond lake,
aeeaysilng to J. A. Baatea and Clyde
aMar.'whcrr.ava-'r ot tha
Lateet ToporU freaa the Siemens 'on r D. O. McY"beron. to
Truck Operators
Cleared by Jury
Puckett brothers won their case
In the Justice court yesterday after
an all day trial In which they were
accused of operating two Sterling
trucks, also seml-trallers, without li
censes from the state. Tbo Jury
returned a vordlct "of not guilty.
Tbe case waa filed by J. J. Mc-
Mahon, deputy of tbe state auto
bllo department. It appeared de
fendant haa applied for llconse
plates but there was a dolay In the
R. 1L Ballard, rice preaetdent and
general manager of the Southern Cat
Ifornla Edison company, gigantic
electrical concern whaaa lateet pro
ject la ta asuTsaaaaT the Color
river to develop SOO.etO norsepower,
waa a visitor overnight at the Whit
Pelican hotel. Mr. Ballard In 1910
waa president of tbe National Elec
tric Light association, an organ!'
tlon of the big power producer of
tbo nation. He waa accompanied by
MUa Ballard. The party had visited
Crater lake. It la not known that
MV. Ballard visit had any tpecial
algnlflcanoo aa to the future use of
Oregon stream for power development.
9207 Raised for .
Fair by Solicitors
Secretary L. B. Hague stated that
thla morning tbo chamber of com
merce soliciting committees turned
tho sum of 1207.50 over to the
fair board for uso In defraying ox-
made ud hla mind that thl. u th.l 'n,w" wuani to tbe fair. The
nlaca h haH inn. h.n .committee nottnea , ner that an ad
dltlonal sum would be turned over
oa tbo canvas had not been com
pleted. ---------- rrrrn iVin.min.-Lmr
oppoae the Inclusion of tile territory
in the park.
Mr.! McKay declared that the con-i
cessionaire alone would profit by
the change. He characterised the
movement aa propaganda on the
part of the park service and the
Medford chamber ot commerce. R.
S. Hamilton took' the same view.
Tne argument that the concee-
lonalras would profit waa pointed
out by R. W. Sawyer a evidence
tbat more tourist would b at
tracted to the lake If It were In the
national park. If the tourist 1 to
be considered first, aa tbe club ha
outlined in lta policy on other mat
ters, anything abould be don walob.
would bring them her. Mr. Sawyer
waa ot the opinion that the In
clusion of the lake in tho park
would have thla result. Ho quoted
Walter Prltcbard Eaton to tbe ef
fect that "you cannot have aheep
and tourist both.",
Mr. McPherson's motion, tbat tbe
club go on rocord aa opposed to
the Inclusion of the area, and that
The fire department waa called to
the Klamath Foundry .' Steel works
on Spring- street last night at 7
o'clock to'extlagulah the tire. which
orglnlated in the core roof of tbo
foundry while all employees were
absent and which raxed the build
ing entirely to the ground. The loe
was eaUmated to be 110,000, cover
ing machinery, building and a aerie
of patters watch were trT the eouree
ot construction.
B..Mr I fall, the maaager. stated
tbat ta low waa parfuilj covered
by Insurance hi ta inter Jjuaraae
eompaarcic SMttte aad that oa both
bnHaaV-Oha-xeaehlne ahep aad
foundry, f 9.000 wa carried. A aew
policy of 11.000 -waa taken out re
cently but Hall did not state whether
a portion of thl ram applied on the
The concern I ownod by a local
company and H. D. Mortensen U pres
ident. Manager Hall stated that a
meeting of the director would be
called to arrive at a decision on the
qucetlon ot rebuilding. Thla meeting
would b called soon as President
Mortensen could arrange It. Seven
men are employed, four In tho ma
chine shop, threo la tbe foundry.
Mr. Osqar Peyton discovered tho
fire and telephoned Mr. Halt at hla
residence and while Hall waa on the
road to the fire, Chief Ambrose
states, the alarm waa turned In from
some other source. The department
made a faat ran bat when the White
Pelican hotel block waa reached, tho
entire building wa a man ot flames
and almost beyond saving. An at
tempt wag made to uso tbe fire plug
at tbe edge of the foundry building
The county court waa. iireifil
on September 7 with petlUoa' bear
ing 4a" signature of weU-kaewa,
taxpayers and eltiara rqatla a
gerrymander of the prsssat I
vllle-Judlclal dletrlct. At r at all
tbe legal btulae ot the district i
handled In the court presided ovr
by Justlco of the Peac Lam L.
Tbe teaor of the petltiea tlted
Wednesday la the eouty erart 1
to the effect tbat a the antao
In this court ha grows to sack pro
portions that th octle caaat aaa
dle all of H aa, espedltely aa It
could be were th present dtetrtei
divided' lato two dlvtetoa, one to
be known a "The District of Kla
math Pall,' embracing all the cor
porate limit east of the Link river,
and tho other "The Link River Dis
trict." including all the corporate
limit lying weat of Link rivar.
According to Section 3Slt of
Chapter 31, Lawa of Oregon ltJi,
tbo county court 1 empowered 'to
act upon tbe radtetrtettea- of the
Judicial district a it sees fit when
petitions are brought before it.
It Is said that with th county-
court graatlBK saratIon ot thm
district. Justice Oaghagen would be
compelled by law to movei to the
district west of Link rirr a k
w elected for th Link rtvor dis
trict and by law, a would bar to
both reside aad open aa office ta
tbat dlvlsloa. u.I understood that
the coanty eoart acted favorably
a pod ibw petiuea aad that thla at
teraoea, the ebart order eatablka
Ing th aw district will s signed.
SAN Mill:
secretary wire to Oregon congress- ,ul lno u"raei n ? nerco and car-
men to this effect, with th . ,,ou uu "" "r "' wino, me oe
place ho had long been seeking. A
few moro Interview with farmer,
( it seemed, would clinch his decision
to say 'here'. The men be had apoken
to were enthusiastic and there en
thusiasm had evdently communicat
ed Itself' to him.
t '"Tho Portland market run ao
smoothly," said Mr. Cramblltt," that
It doosn't nopd my attention, It
, baa proved a success, and the 'men
wbo were Its strongest opponents
five or six years ago that Is the
merchants are now -my fastest
, Mends
I Plana tpi far include .a grocery,
oaaery, iruit stand, dairy store and
jmoat 'permanent' daily in
stitution. Theso shops will, line
J tbe walla of the room now used aa
a market, und still leave room In
tbe contor for 3B stalls, which will
bo used by farmer on market day.
The genoral market will bo hold
each Saturday, an at present, or
oftonor If there la demand.
Tbero will be a warehouse for
storing potatoes, onions and other
non-perishable farmstuff and a cold
storage room for meat, eggs, chick
ens, butter and other products that
require refrigeration. '
From three or four stalls the
market has grown In a couplo of
months until 20 or more producers
are regularly attending and the
number ot buyers is growing week
after "week, ; v.
sons, waa carried.
Following- that acUon, Mr. Plumb
remarked tbat If grating Interfered
with any enlo point of Interest In
tbe 'forest, tbe sheop would be elim
inated from that place aa soon aa It
waa called to the attention tof the
forest service. The remark was ap
plauded. -
One Civil and Two
Criminal Cases to
Be Tried Next Week
Tho circuit court, which convenes
Monday, haa but two criminal cases
docketed for trial in the first week
ot lta session, th case of tbo Bute
against Port Summers, Indian police
man, and Fred Duke, charged with
the alleged appropriation of a rifle
belonging to Alva Cox when the lat
ter waa arrested May IS on the In
dian reservation by Summors; and
the long (tending cm of th State
against Pred O. Kaempke, alleged to
have held up a .rooming house at
338 Oak street.
alnt J. J. Stlger. will bo beard "? ?"'y'W0 ulWlnkav. were
Plaintiff asks 'damage of io.l6 -.
for alleged violation of a logging con-
NOTE There aeetns to be
change In sentiment In the Diamond
lake annexation .matter, and other
communities are realising tbat the
queatlon ia a big one. and needa
more than superficial probing.
(CoiUnued to Pan 3)
THE DALLES, 'Sept. 10 The
county, was swept today by fire ot
partment was forced to run 1300 feet
of hose from the plug east ot there.
Water pressure, tbe chief said, was
Yery low.
Manager Hall aald that tho foun
dry was built three yeara ago. Asked
If any lnflamable material was In tbe
building at the time ot tbe tire, be
aald that a barrel of tar had been
placed In the foundry room In the
southwest corner ot tho building,
with the Intention to placo another
coat of tar oa the root Monday. Tho
huge clouda ot black smoke which
hung over the flats for' an hour after
tbe fire came from this material. No
damage was done to tbe machine
works and this morning, tho men re
ported for work.
Chief Ambrose of the fire depart
ment stated that no employees of
the department were injured and the
rumor that two n-en were burned was
without foundation.
SAN ANTONIO. Tex.. Sept, 10
Twenty-two are known to be dead
and several million dollar damage to
Property 1 estimated aa the result
of a flood which swept through San
Antonio last night following more
than 48 houra of unprecedented rain
Two thousands are homeless.. Some
police estimate places th list of
dead aa high a flv hunderd. Troop
are patrolling th city asi aiding In
tbe rescue jrerfc., Theater supply
and electric lights ar c off.
The water from the San Antonio
river and Olmos creek flooded tho
buslnc,! section for many block to
a depth of from ten to fifteen feet.
The San Pedro river on the west sldo
of the city, which runs through the
Mexican district. Joined tbo water
through tbe southern part ot the
The water stood fifteen feet deop
In tbe lobby of tbe Gunter hotel a
block from the river. Both bank
of tbe Ban Antonio are strewn with
tho" wreckage of bouses.
Additional loss of lite Is reported
from the valley south of the city
through which the river flows.
Labor Council
Chooses Officers
tract. JU' Keadan" returned
'--" vra jjaview wnera he
haa been holding court,
report sEsnva Gardner
M'NBlL ISLAND, Sept. 10. Roy
Oarduor waa seen 'br orison m-.i-.i-.
Ua( night, -according to their .report.
Heaad; n Jorating tor chicken.
I 11... t I r i J-
Olenn Reynold and Jack Morrison,
accused of a holdup near Ft. Kla
math, walvod hearing In te Justice
court thl afternoon and were bound
over to the grand Jury, with bonds
nxad at fl5Qd. -
An -error was made yesterday In
thesUtemeai lay, regard to the for-
and Gas company, oa to the secur
ing ot a license to sell stock of tbe
company. The license haa not been
received but It la expected that It
will be applied for Tuesday. The
stock mentioned was' the amount -th" -Incorporators'. . . ,
The Central Labor Council met last
nlght,ln executive session and among
tho matters passed on were the se
lection ot new officers tor the ensu
ing six months. Bort McDonald was
chosen president and W. 8. Conklln,
secretary. W. E. McAboy resigned
tho, presidency owing to conflict with
personal buslnoss and Arthur Wig
gins .former secretary has removed
from -tho cjty, necessitating new se
lection for 'the two plates. ' ,
The barbers' union delegate, Eddie
II. Clark and the delegate from tho
culinary allance. II. D. Francis, were
admitted to tbe council. The action
taken by the culinary alliance in de
claring u strike on the Jewel cafe
ya; radortiad, by the council. f
. '