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3ttj Ituning Hsrali
A Clou Ad Will
i Do It
Today's Neufs
Member of the Associated Press.
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KMheeatli Voir No. 01 JO.
Farcy Cupper, Oregon stale engi
neer, (iml W F MeClurt, California
tut engineer,- arrived here last
night to Investigate condition In
eonnkctlon with using the water of
the Klamitlh watershed for irrtga
tlou of the proposed Hhata Valloy
district lu Siskiyou county, Cult
tornta. !Urlf ttil morning 111
engineers' party left for a trip of
observation around Uppor Klamath
take with I. O. Crawford, chief
anglntar of the California-Oregon
Power company.
Through persistent effort tha res
ident of tha Shasta Vallsy bay
ralaad a fund of $50,000 to finance
a loTMtliaUoo of the feasibility of
the district. War ,lt I purposed,
would be taken from the Klamath
river below Keno and carried orer
the mountain 'range and dropped
Into the Shasta Valley.
The Herald learned ycaterday for
tb flral time, from a source that
la 'believed authentic, that In carry
ing out this pro J oct It la planned to
raise" the IatcI of Upper- Klamath
lag fire feel" higher than the max
Imum provided In the contract be
tween the United Slates and the
California Oregon Power company,
which la 4141.8 feet.
If tbla la true ll I obvious that
It would mean tha Inundation of
thousand of acre on tho Upper
lake, unless a costly diking syi-
tarn, cost of which would appear
tor be prohibitive were Installed.
There are estimated to be 118.0001
Irrigable aero In the Bhssta Val
ley project. It I probablo that a
raise of five feet lu tho lake level
would overflow or water log and
alial amount nf laml bordarlnc thn
..Upper Make. ,whfch I wort .sllhaW
tilled) under reclamation or reclaim
It would drlva from the shore of
the lake flvo established lumber
manufacturing Industries and pro
vent the establishment of similar
enterprise which are contemplated
In the next few years, meaning tho
extinction of an aiiuual pay roll
totalling Ii tin Orcein of thousands of
'There I mi question that KIs
mi Lb Would oppose such project
solidly, and the aupport of all Ore
gon would bo behind II cltltons.
Thinking persons have begun to
awaken to the possible danger of
tha situation. At the present time
the Hhdstu Vulley project I In tha
embryonic slugo. It hits "never boon
declared feasible by a com potent
engineer and It has been estimated
that the cost of watering tho lands
would be prohibitively high, Sumo
statements havn njacod tho churges
at 8100 an acre, llowovor. tho pro
moter of the project aro welt org
anised and aro taking an acllvo In
terest I nadvanclng their organisa
tions, while Klamath aontlmont, ox
aa'pt In the caso of persons whose
Interests are directly affocted, Is
apathetic. ' '
Gardner Kts Still
Sought on Island
ill'NUnVS ISLAND, Sept. 8. Of-
Hears ara guarding the west aide of
tha Island today, following a report
that Gardner's tracks were found
there. Power boats continue to clr
cla the Island io prcvont the escape
of tho prisoner to the mainland.
Offleora believed that they had
a definite duo in a report of my
terloua shots on tho wost ildo of
tho island early this morning, fol
lowing a 'report'that a skulking man
had been seen thore yostorday. A
largo 'posse bonded by Postal In
spector vCaso went 'to the scono "with
a largo -p6so.
Seventy Attend 192S
, Fair Conference
POIITLAND, Sept. 8; About 70
delegates, representing clvlo and
other) organisations thoughoui the
state, 'are conferring hero today on
plan's- for' financing tho 19(86 ex
position, 'The conference was har
monious, Qovuruor Olcott presided.
Says Aloofness1 of
United States Hurt
Progress of League
UHNKVA, flnpt. 8. Charge that
the "purely ncgstlvn" posltlou of the
Unllod Utah ha caused a dolay In
the application of mandate by tha
league of nation wero jnadn by
lorl a Hubert Cecil, representing
South Africa ,at today' nosston of
the league assembly. Iljnlmar llrsnl
lug of Sweden charged that the
league had been' extravagant and
that It had discriminated against
nation which remained noutral In
the world war. Ha also criticised
tho council's award of tho Aland
Islands to Finland.
An engineer craw loft yesterday for
the Malone ranch In Laugall Valley
to make tests of tho Lost Iltver bed
near there for a foundation for the
Langell Valley-Horsefly Irrigation
dlatlcta' diversion dam, which will be
built thla year It a satisfactory con
tract for the use of Clear Lake water
I received from tho government. Tho
site which will be tested Is said to
have aurface Indications of hnrd rock
foundation and present no engineer
ing difficulties to built the dam.
The government' contract I ex
pected here In a few day and, If
satisfactory to the directors, will ho
submitted to the land owner at a
pecll election, If the elector rati
fy the contract It I said that work
on tho dam and Irrigation ditches
lll h. rfntiM Ihta viisr. II la nmnnawl
, ' ,.
iu vivi nuuui ,vvu wiri in niu
Langell Valloy district and 4,000
acres In thn Horsefly district from
the Cleir !ako resorvolr, Tho.sloraga
dam hn long been built, controlling
tyTaUgtn he river channel- Tl
diversion dans sltoJsaboul flvn miles
below. i
Cost of thn diversion dam and run
als, under tho contract, will bo pro
rated between the two districts,
Horseflr paying about fonr-olovnntb.
After tho water ha been used on
land in the eastern parts of the dis
tricts it will flow back Into Lost
River and be taken out again abovo
Ilonanxa for ueo ou some 4,000 acre
of Horsefly landa In tho direction of
The whole project, of course, do
pends on the nature of tho contruct
submitted by the gotornment.
Visitors at tho Hlemonn well thla
morning found drilling progressing,
with tho drill about nlno foot from
tho bottom of tho casing. It was re
ported that the cement nt this
point had sot woll. Nell Campbell,
manager of tha operations, wan
firm In his bollof that tho cement
would hold this tlmo and became
more enthusiastic as tbo drill wont
deeper, It waa said.
1 It was rathor expected that tho
drill, might be through tho cement
block by the end of tho today, al
thought this Is not definite.
Women's Councils
To Gather Nov. 16
BERKELEY, Cat., Sept., 8 An
proximately 100 coIIorob and unlver-
nltlos aro expocted to Bend dolcgates
to tho second annual Intorcolloglato
conforenro of womon'a council of tho
westorn states which' will bo hold in
Borkoloy Novoinbor 16-18. Plans aro
being formulntod by thn women's
council of tho University of Califor
nia, of which Miss Isabel Woodbury,
senior student, Is chairman.
Tho Unlvorslty of Nevada, Uni
versity of Oregon, Unlvorslty of
Washington, Stanford University and
tbo Unlvorslty of Southern Califor
nia already havn announced tho
selection of dologates,
A topic for dlscusslou will bo as-
slgnod to each collogo represented,
and It will bo n subject In which all
tho Institutions aro concorned. Tho
deans of womon will moot In soparata
conforenco but one Jolut meeting Is
being plaunud.
Markntmnster Mr. Bon Hond has
announced that for tho Grand Cen
tral Market Saturday, a wldo range
of Vegetables, frulta and poultry
products will b avallablo for tha
patrons to choose from. Advice
from farmer who, am coming in
Haturday statn that thoy will fur
nish flvo pound of strained . honey
for 90 cent providing container Is
furnished by purchaser; comb hon
ey at 25 cents a frame; chickens,
oggs, butter; apple of all varieties
Including crsbs, wild plum, pears,
plums, Dutch cboese, mustard
pickles and some home cooking and
baking by Mr. Eastman, who Uvea
near thla city.
Tho markotmastcr states that the
farmer should coma early thla'
week and display their produce
nrnnerlv n thnl ntirphnnnm rn MO
what Is offored. Particularly I thlsjcablnefa reply to e Valera'a latest
true 'In the case of egg and' but', note, transmlttod yesterday. Invites
tor. Last Saturday peoplo were
seeking egg and tho farmers fail
ed to uncover tho one which were
In crate so thst thoy could" be
seen. Many peoplo overlook pro
ducts hslf displayed, tho market
master ssys, and she urge tho
farmers to try to get tbelr goods
out so thoy can bo seen.
In view of the fact that demand
for product raised on tho farm
In thl county has grown slnco tho
Inception of the markot, Mrs. Bend
ask thst as many farmera as can
attend, do so and bring some of
tholr neighbors' produce along with
theirs. A largo crowd of buyers
I anticipated Saturday, the market
mnstcr adds, and patrons aro ad
vlned to bring containers for liquid
products wnich will be sold
Knickerbockers for.
Street Wear Soon
Foreseen in 5. F.
SAN FRANCISCO, Kept., '8 Word
having cpmo from New York and
othor eastern cities that business and
professional women have adopted
knickerbockers, San Francisco wo
men who bavo used a sort of modi
fied masculine attire in hiking, rid
ing and golfing, aro said to bo con
sidering tho uso of "knlckor" for
street wear.
Several store bavo tho new up
pare! on display, and ,lt Is said to
find favor with women w ho feel reb
ellious' against the reported decree
of Paris that aUrts be lengthened,
thereby hampering freedom of move
ment. While tho dress ruformors hnw
boon debating, ,Mlss Doris Uothwell,
an artist of San Francisco, has acted.
Mis Rothwell has adoptod tho garb
of Chinese women, and says aho finds
it "wears llko Iron," and, enables her
to movo faster. Besides It Is cheaper,
and It was this factor that first
caused Miss Bothwoll to adopt It.
Whon Invited to a formal affair,
sho said aho bought a Chlneso silk
suit for (20, and liked It so woll shri
roplenlshod hor wardrobe completely
with Chlneso costumes. 'For. a street
suit of silk and wool sho said sho
paid 10, a work Bull cost $5 and
sovernl extra street coats woro pur
chased for 15 and $10. When 'going
out on cold nights, sho puts on an
oxtra coat or two.
Tho f Iro department was called this
afternoon at 3 o'clock to extinguish
a fluo which caught tiro in tbo Lyle
apartments at 607 High stroot. No
damage was dono.
The Doer Head Grill at 619 Main
Btroet this afternoon passod Into the
hands of Bert McDonald and will In
tho future be conducted by him.
While Mr. McDonald has not statod
his plans, It la intimated that ho will
remodel the grill.
J. A. Qoldsmtth has opened bis
tailor shop on thVthlrd floor of thn
Wintont bulldlug, room 310.
IONIK)N, Kept. 8. Nowspaper
hero express satisfaction that the
door to peaco baa been left open
by thn nritlsh cabinet's reply to Da
Valors, which invites further con
ference on condition that Ireland re
main within tho British empire.
DUBLIN, ept. 8. Sinn Fein
leaders ara Irrltalod because the
British and American press repre
sented that tbey rejected tho domin
ion statu for Ireland and insisted
on separation from the British em
pire. They declare that their note
indicated a willingness to enter the
British commonwaalt on satisfactory
IVKRNES8, Scotland, Sept 8.
Official confirmation waa today glv-
en tho statement that tho British
tho Sinn Fein representatives to fur
ther conference.
TuleLake Land to '
Be Protected From
Speculative Greed
Klamath Post No. 8 of the Amer
ican Legion hold one of tha best
meetings In It exlstonce, officers
of tho post say, at tha dty halt
last night, tho occasion being tha
call sent out for the momber to
consider tho bonus, proposition pass
ed June 11 in tho state.
Speakers urged tho members to
select tho loan feature aa best suit
ed for tho men in this district and
a canvass conducted by J. H. Cama
an and Roy Foucb,. revealed the
fact tbat but three men out or su
desired tho cash feature. Th'o meet
ing last night was called in view
of tbo fact that within tho next 90
days, money will be available and
applications should bo mado out
now for the loan feature aa much
Investigation along legal lines is no
cessary beforo a loan Is made.
Roy N. Foucb stated tbat the
First Stato and Savings bank an
nounced last nlgbt that they would
furnish a tablo and a clerk to write
out tha applications for tho .appli
cants. Tho bank Is now preparing
a place for tho clerk in their lob
by. Tho First National bank of thla
city, SUte Bank of .Merrill, have
also stated that they would pre
pare places to make out the appli
cations. J. U. Carnahan, Roy Foucb,
M. L. Johnson and William Oanong
volunteered to assist applicants
J. H. Carnahan stated tbat ho had
a' personal interview with Secretary
Fall regarding tho lands of the
upper marsh, Tulo lako and tho low
er marsh in which tbo secretary
statod that ho would try to have
tho tlmo oxtendod 8 years for tbo
benefit of the ex-servlco men. Sec
retary Fall, Carnahan says, urged
tno ex-servlco men not to 'spec
ulate" with tholr Oregon land and
will ask congross to remedy this
fcaturo so that no ono can abuse
tho benotlta of tho Oregon land
which will bo thrown open to the
ex-servlco men. The Klamath ex-
service men all agree that this fea
ture should bo remedied so aa not
to havo the tine lands in tha Tula
lako region mado the proy of spec
ulators, t
.Another mooting of the post will
bo held tho last Thursday in this
month on September 29 at which
time tho bonus law will bo discuss
od further.
New Born Child is
Thrown From Train
SALEM, Sept., 8 Tho body of a
new born baby boy, which had been
thrown from a window of tho north
bound Southorn Pacific train, Num
bor 16 at Turgor, Oregon, was found
on tho right of way. A charge of
murder lu the first degree will be
placed against the guilty person It
PORTLAND, Sept. 8. Wheafc is
quoted today nt $1.16.
Sheriff's Deputies
Clash With Miners
In Illinois Field
KLIZABKTH TOWN, 111.. Sept, 8
Coal miners of Eldorado and Harris
burg, It' wa reported today, aro pro
paring to continue tbelr march on
thl city and on Koslclalro to' "aid"
tho atrlking flourapar minora. 8harp
claahee between the miner'' van
guard and tbo sheriff outposts wero
reported to havn occurred yesterday,
and tho two town slept with ISO
deputies scattered throughout the
outskirts. The miner numbered 800
laat night with reinforcement' ex
pected to Join them at any time,.
Last nlgbt between 8 and 8:30
o'clock, burglars etfoctod entrance
to the Diamond Tire anc) "Vulcaniz
ing company at 707 south Sixth
street, jimmied tho cash register and
secured $30 In cash, overlooking
$20, in another part of the till.
Tbo theory advanced Is that the
burglar or burglars wero fright
ened away In tbo midst of their
wprk. This is according to police
A nlgbtwatch Is maintained In
tbat district and It Is thought tbat
tho robber or robbers waited until
inspection was mado, then broke
Into tbo' establishment. A haramor
and a cofd cblael aro missing from
the 'place and these articles were
possibly used In breaking Into tho
cash, register. '
The sheriff's office bad no re
port ''of the robbery at 1 o'clock
this afternoon and Smith brothers,
who operato tho ahop, had no in
formation to give out on, the rob-
It waa said on tho street that
orer $600 in cash wan removed
from the register and that the sate
had been blown. Smith brothers
refused to verify or deny this ru
mor when asked about It.
Father Sues Daughter
In Justice Court, Loses
A Jury consisting of George Blohn,
John Shannon, Frod Noel, T. O.
Hague, R. J. -Sheets and Fred
Houston this afternoon heard the
evidence in the case of W. M.
Swartzfagor against Lootha Ballard,
In which the plaintiff sued for tho
sum of $63.25 alleged to be duo
him tor services rendered.
Tho .caso had an unusual turn In
It as the plaintiff Is the father of
tho defendant. The plaintiff con
tended tbat he agroed to furnish
room "and board tot defendant and
sons at the rate of $30 a month,
providing he' did tho cooking. Tho
daughter wa to buy tho homo the
father lived In out of bor soldier
allotment money from the govern
ment, but waa alleged by tho plaintiff
to havo violated her agroemont. Tbo
alleged violation of tbo agreoment
waa between May 1 and July 16.
A counter claim filed by tho do
fondant demanded $100 from the
plaintiff for services performed.
Tho Jury returned a verdict of $1
for defendant.
Tree Dweller Gets
Cold Sympathy
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept., 8 Pollco
judges of San Francisco have no sym
pathy with before-Adam stunts
when perforated In tho city parks.
When Sam Kumfuft was hailed bo
fore Judge Lllo T. Jacks recently
charged with having made his homo
In a treo In Columbia Square, tho
court waa moved to protest. Sam
bad dono It before. t
"I am told by Judgo McAtee that
ho .warned you three week ago to
movo on," said Judgo Jacks. "Why
boycott tbo rooming houses? Why
didn't you movo?"
"I did." replied K,umfuft; 'l moved
to another branch."
"Woll, this time, movo out of that
tree, and every other treo," ordored
tho court.
Ruth mado 'his 63rd borne run in
today' gamo bore,
53.756 WILL BE
The county fair whlclu wllljbej
held October 5, C and T inclusive
on thn Altamont ranch Jus): nasi of
the city Is going; to surpass the
expectations of many Klamath coun-l
ty people, Secretary IvD. Hague of;
the fair board announces. 'A' total
of $3760 In premiums will be gletii
to exhibitors, and 1160 rlbbon'swllll
be awarded, and these fac'tV win'
astonish many people who thought)
that 'with such a late start the Ufr
would only be mediocre. , fi
The .premium list is back fro
the printer for, the final revlslo
and It Is expected to be. ready, for,
distribution beforo long,-' now that
the printer haa It ready to print and
assemble. Tho booklet will be very
attractive and the list of premiums
contained cover a wide range of ex
hibits. '
R. C. Oroesbeck, president of the
Klamath County Automobile' asso
ciation advised the fair board yes
terday tbat owing to tho fact that
tbo members of the association
would bo unablo to arrange for tha
decoration of antoa in the parade
or manage tho details' of 'the par
ade, this matter would have to be
taken. In hand by the board and
Mrs. Hague ha sent out a county
wide request 'to the farmers to dec
orate their antoa for tho fair in
any manner they can and snggests
thst farm products be used such as
In auto covered with Sudan grass,
or with corn stalks, sunflowers, or
a "pumpkin car," ia fact wUh any
decorations which would be .sym
bolic of Klamath county agriculture.
Secretary Hague would appreciate
the notification from any persona
desiring to assist' la this jaaaner
The kfecUoVof the tievn for(hu
fair, to be conducted by popular
vote as announced eorllur in Tha
Herald, has taken on a new phase
and from advice received by the
board tha peoplo In many school
districts aro backing their favorito
daughter to atep out and win. En
tries have been received from all
over the county and ballots aro be
ing, sent out to the schools In, the
64 districts with-' Instructions how
to vote, and whero to vote, it la
planned to have the ballot boxes In
each school and havo tbo children
assist In the sale of tho. ballots.
A list of tho entries will bo pub
lished in The Herald Saturday and
their respective standing in tbo
Altamont ranch ia being mude
roady now tobandlo tbo exhibit
and arrangements are boing made
to tako care of the livestock which
will be displayed during ho throe
day exhibits.
1 Secretary Hague announces (hat
concessionaires can now pntor tholr
bids for places at tho fair grounds
but assuranco must bo mado that
no concession will bo of a gambling
nature. Tho fair board deslro to
havo amusements which ara froo
from this fcaturo. A merry go round
concession his been sought by the
bosrd tor tho children.
No deflnlto arrangemonts havo
been mado regarding the catering
scrvlco on tbo grounds to dato and
this fcaturo Is one which will havo
to be settled early, Secretary Hague
states, as th'o chamber of commerce
plan to have their forum tlioro on
Wednesday, October 5, if suitable
The fair board states that they are
working to tbla end for thoy fool
tbat It would greatly atlmulato In
terest in the fair.
Marshfield Pastor
Arrested in W Va.
MARSHFIELD, Sept., 8. Tho
ItoVc Jesse T. Anderson, who mys
teriously disappeared In Portland,
three weeks ago, and for whom a
wide search has been made, wng ar-
rested In Clarksburg, West Virginia,
last night. He Is being held f6r the
local officers,
MARSHFIELD, Sept., 8-M non-;
support charge wob tllod against An
derson also, A message wired tho
members of the congregation today
gays, "For God's sake, liolp- 'Wljl
return and explain all."