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The Evening Herald
" J." Murray.
-City IMitor
.Published .ally oxcopt Sunday, by
Tie Ilorald Publishing Company ot
Klamath Falls, at lis Eiguih street.
ntered at tho 'postofflco at Kla
math Falls, Ore:, tor transmission
through the malls a socond-class
Batter. 1 j
v pkkss.
The AMoelstcd Pre -a U exclusively
entitled to the' use (or republication
ol all news dispatches credited to It,
r not, otherwise credited In this
paper, and also tbo local news pub
Maher herein.
T.V ' S
..-. G
' 1
! i - ILLP i I V
Lnnm yy- - " Mtai
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH r L. P -. . K sflLi
V ... If3 I sT-V- ,
OF- H?2 VPl
n.". lis , i '&&" r
: 1
. Following 4s a, list ot teachers tor
Klamath county this yoar, compiled
by Mrs. L. D. Hague, secretary ot
the county fair board, which Is or-
ono slue, men me owcr oi mo
Ono shot trom the 25-35 rifle In
tho hands of ycung Noah termln
ated tho bear's oxlstence. When
dressed, it weighed nearly 200
pounds. The hldo was poor and tho
fur camo out readily. Tho hoar was
said by Noah to bo tat Tho meat
., - . .. , n .... v.. .. .
gunning a county wmo campaign ... ,
- v ,i- ...- .., ..... ....friends. '
seemingly playing "bide and seek" WHY CHANGE THE OLD NAMES THAT
with them. He wonld peer from .. ........-.. . ., .. . mv-.n
for boosting the fair with
school district as a unit.
Rorianzu," J, B. 'Hatch, principal,
James1 Luebke, assistant, high
school, Mrs. Audio S. Chancy, Miss
Nellie Dryden and Alice Hadley,
grades; Topsey, Helen ' Briscoe;
Chose, Miss Robertson; Olcno, Mrs.
Nora P.' Dondy; Dairy, Annie J.
Young; Galo, Gladys Motsker; Ft.
Klamath, Elsie Howell, high school,
Mrs. M. E." Miller, Ella Trlrabergor
and Ituth Prico grades; Keno, Mar-
guerlte Crank; My," Mrs. Ona Wal-f
lace: Pine Grove. Aucusta Puclcatt.l
Y.nrf.119 Ura f1.nAvn A . ni.M. .. t
i..m ' :V ", ',Tm?: i .IV "Jf.: WW t the homo of her daughter.
auji; UppLangell's valley. Fran-, J?, TVan'
hi xtkuxiKi i-iorna, .irs. Kay ,. , ... , . .
,, , ' , ' . ' . 'i Mrs. Uower wl)l ,make a short
ivcuu uuuu t-inc, .Mario ueian: i ,. ,.L t ... . ..
w;,.i "i ,,..,.!.. .,.' VI vlHlt with her daughter. Agnes Drls-
""" "' ", .wuiiii. . n.., ,,-. k. ,.,. , o,i
ni,Y NF.WH
Tho Dly grade and high school
opened Tuesday, September 6, with
a' complete chango ot teachers. C.
E. Pady has been selected principal
and high school teacher; Mrs.
Claranco Wallace Intermediate and
Miss Pauline Cliff, primary.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cross, Mr.
and Mrs. Jas, Glran and Mr. and
Mrs. Dallas GIvan were -Dly visi
tors at the Lakeview round-up.
Mrs. O. D. Bower, who has been
returned to
Hannon. Mrs. Eva Klvetta
Glacominl and Mrs. Thomas S!egol;l
T ......... c . . ...
ijucr owaa, .iiargarei smitn:
Spring Lake, Mable Crosby; nound
Lake and Orlndale. Katherine Ess;
Klamath Agency, Rosemary Con-
-way; Merrill, Fred Peterson and
Juua loung. high school, Alma
Wilson and Mrs. Minnie Dlllard,
grades; Crescent. Rayburn S. Pot
ter; Summors, Mar- Z. Williams;
Chelsea. Mrs. Charles Darnell;
White Lake, Lena Trovost; Shasta
View, Merrill P.O., Florence DIN
lard, ShasUVlow; Malln P. O. Wm.
B. Freer: Hon lev. Mr. ami
LOrace ;Lytle;: Midland, Emma
MKIUUIjL ikt.g.s.
. R. C. Groeebcck and family from
Klamath Falls spen tho week end
visiting at tbo Burr West brook home.
A new building Is being erected
as a post office, to take the place of
th'o one which recently burned. The
post office Is temporarily located In
part of the White House grocery.
Gorgo Walton and family made a
trip to Klamath Falls yesterday.
Miss Eva Dlllard has accepted n
position as bookkeeper In the Merrill
Mercantile store.
Merrill school opened Monday with
Editor of Herald: something that tends to contrast his
"Kings havo come and gone, and sltuntlon, with that of tho modorn
generations tourtet as he slowly and 'laborious-
,, . ly rounded tho "Point" and vlowod
And there Is a new map from wWchltho Bpcnd,,, panorama spread bo-
old names have been dropped. - hlrat
Ho named It tho name he did for
Penilelton Tailing on t
Appearance of Old
Frontier Coui4 Town
PKNDI.KTON, Sept., fi I'onllotim
Is rondy ouco iiriiIii to xtttKo ttiut
great" out-door itrnmn, the Hound-Up,
September 22, 2.1 mid 21. Tim nt
monphoro cf tho'"lilKKcst llltlo city In
tho world" Is permeated with Humid
Up spirit. Dignified ('IttrunH Imvo
donuod tholiroad-brlmmi'il luit of tin
cowboy nnd thesowltli tho brilliant
shirts, long hatred iluips and riding
boots worn by horsemen, glvo a fivi
tlvo air to tho "Let 'r lluck" city.
Each year tho show acllpsos that
ot tho year before and there Is no
doubt that tho 1021 premutation will
break nil records. A galaxy of star
porformtrs, including the famous
Charles Irwin family" of 20 cowboys
nnd cowgirls, ns wull us individual
,'porformiTii, atndng thorn, Vale 1 "djj t
Kilty Ciinutt, Vrnnk McC'urrc'll. r-al-'
rl'o Hoku nnd Johnny Judd, Vlll bo
lioro. Tom Mix, ilnrodovll cowboy
screen hero, and his company! wilt
compete In oumln ot track and iironn
llnnppy Bteoro, fast relay ntrlngs ami
hot tomporod buckors nro ready for
tho thren big days. Thirty-five ot la
Hound-Up'M own string' of horsoa are
hero, and
soma rout i
Ham' a n&w horso from Idaho,' who
has Utkereinonfounly dlspatchod II
consecutive wnuld-hn riders. ffom,hU
ever-moving hiirrkatio dock and who
will battle for aupomacy with cow
boy riders this year, lrfiii,lrMno
various events are tho greatest ever
n own string' or norsoe are
with tlnijryioutmxt.w.ook,
sonrks ,wlll fly. , ' ' i I "
C tlvf bupkers la J'Hojblooi
I'n Tnlk I'liOio with Knrl lin
II ' ' U
$3.95-14.95 ' j
Knnpp; Swan, Margaret Elliott; Mt. Ftel Peterson ns principal. This
JaKI. Mrs. Hello McClellon; Falr-
tIow,, Olive. Kirk; Algoma, Mrs.
Nelllo Wall; Miller Hill, C. D. Cor
pennlng; Bryand Mountain, Win
frej McCormlck and Mrs. Mattle
McFall; Horton, Elvlna Flury; Llb
by, Bessie Walker; Howard, Joso
phlno Elliott; Modoc Point. Winnlo1
Grizzle nnd Ilnrnl Shnpnr- nhlln.!
quln, Blanche Goodner and Vivian
Carr; Ynlnar, Alice Walker; Union
high school, Malln, Oregon, Mr.
Teachers a'ro still to bo appoint
ed for Dodd Hollow, Langoll's val
ley, Lowor Poe Valley and Uppor
Poe Vnlloy.
year's work promises to bo a groater
success as a now commercial teacher
has been added to the usual force.
Thero Is to bo a house warming,
at the school houso Tuesday evening,
the objoct being to oelebrato tho com
pletion of tho building previously oc
cupied by tho High school, but which
Is this yenr to" bo occupied by tho
public school as well.
Ft. Klamath Hunters
Slay Large Bear
Ope of tbo largest bears killed
recently In tho Ft. Klamath regions
was slain Wednesday last by Roy
Noah nnd a party ot sev&n people
from tho fort near tho Huckleber
ry mountain. I
Marlon, Bonny, Roy and Charles
Noah, Ed and Jack Briscoe, Ida
Brlscoo and Motilca Pomoroy com
prised tho port which set but to
'hunt bear' enrly Wednesday 'morn
ing and after a vain hunt In the
vicinity ot the huckleberry patch, a
grouse drumming In tho top of a
tree' attracted Roy Noah and Ed
Brlscoes' attention.
While circling the tree In which
the grouse was sitting, tho boya
happened to look over about a 100
yards and saw a big black bear
Pretty Ceremony
Unites Bonanza
Folk in Wedlock
BONANZA, Sopt., C A very pretty
wedding was solemnized at the home
of Mr. H. M.' Daniel on Thursday eve
ning at eight o'clock, when Miss Mar-
.garet Daniel became tho wife of Mr,
Robert R. Lytic. Both of the con
tracting parties nro members of very
highly respected families of the Bon
anza section.
Tho decoration wero exceedingly
tasteful, tbo color scheme used being
Pink and white. The bride was
charming in a gown of cream satin
and georgette and sbo carried a mag
ntflclent bouquet ot fern and white
The ceremony was performed hy
Rov. S. W. Hall, for years tho pastor
and friend of tho families.
Bountiful rofresbmente wore serv
ed at the conclusion of tho cere
mony. The presents were numorous, and
while useful, wero very beautiful,
Those present at the wedding were
inero s an .DaB..n..o .. Hh ft rCfl80n ,hat ndmlt,oa of no co.
rampant In my make-up, Irres lit- trov Tho po 0 foot or
Ibly Impe ling mo to tako Issue w h on hor,oback( W08 not dolcrrCll by
recent adioeatra the necessity tho pngonc;, of ropl0 frora yW
am. aU,5au,mjr o. vUunK.,,B ,.,- , th(J g(fono b)m; h(J haj
cer names ot prominent mountains,. nn(, WM ,0 mootf probably ftl
rivers, points, roads and scenlp lhoulnni nnt, ono mofo torr,fylnB
Spots throughout the StntO. IWnrlo. In tl.n ..nlrn.t .ll,t. of II...
To my mind It Is a dellbera 6 a - stn,0 ha WM ,,,, nnd ln cx.
m""1". 0f. S? !. J m,,lyc,0 Ploring and naming the other scon
die. the Idealist and the sentimental-, c nUractom, nlonK ,no coaat and
1st to cast a reflection upon tho n th(J ,ntorlor.
pioneer for his want of or lack of, nno . .,,,, , ,.,,.,. ,h-t ,.
fappreclatlon ot tho eternal fitness' . nrn-nv or ,h ,,..,,,.,, nf
of audi econltlon of nature's handl-'tnu pr0Bcny of Oregon's pioneers,
work In selecting namei. In the'who aro aUomplllf tuU Tandallsm.
long ago. for particular land marks ,ug wpnB 0t of an hator0 ,lanl0i
and advantageous points ot obsor- the j.towal ot which was unques
vutlon. mountains, rivers, roads nnd tlcnably Justified by tho facts,
scenic spots. j wt !ts rrtcnton detrart ono
To me there Is nothing that so Jota frora tbo raaKnficanl iweup of
tugs at tho heart strings, In mo- donsoly tlmbored shoro-llno bordor-
menis or resircspecuon. as memory lnc tho ,ako oa tho wcst and norlh.
links orcnts, fast growing misty WCl)t wlh snow.capp,j mount rltt!
with time's Inceesant and lrrcslst-'and raaMro 0d p0Hcan rising ma-i
nliln nnnrnncli nml wnrlfl.wMn rn ,. .i-.i , .. .. . .. ... '
,r .. ijcaucnny in jno Qisianco; itattio-
pute today Is Indication completo ,nnko rollt ,. not a part of tbo
oi me eany painnnuers selection. Bconlc panorama but a vantagej
It Is at such times that tho liardl-l point from which It may be viewed
hood, the Mmple unalloyed wUdnni to advantage,
of the early pioneer, solectlng his Changing the name to any one
names for prominent natural ob- of those suggested amounts to ap
Jects along tbo tortuous lenely trails proprlatlng a pamo used in. a bun
and wagon-ways, appeals to tho red- ,ired different portions of the coun-
blooded American. try for a llko roason, nnd carries
It is colnc far a.fleld to Imaelnn no suggestion of Indlvldunlltv. Mm.
I j----
tinctlvoncss or historic relativity,
. ... - TI.A.A I- ....A-.. ,.l. -- . .
uvuui ui iuu bvuuu uuiuiiiuu (u jus, vtv is utui uiv as tuftum a roa-
view from Rattlesnake Point tban,son ror Insisting on changing tho
Is the modern tourist comfortably) uauio. of Adams Point, of Topny
reclining against tho latest In tho Bradp, Huckleberry mountain, dipt,
upholsterer's and vlowlng tho same Jack's strcnghold or Rocky Point or
scene from an automobile travors- Pelican Hay or Yam soy mountain to
Ing leisurely ovor tho same "point" ( conform to somo tondorfoot'a Idoa
upon a modern highway. Why nott the oternul fitness of things,
leave to the pioneer, die little ' ' OLD TIMRR.
"LET George Do It!"
School Opened Today
You'll need n pocket-knife to keep your pencil ns sharp as
your teachers expect your wits to be,
Koi lolnuro bourn ro our Tmldlr) Tup.
GEO. L. METZ, Jeweler
622 Main St. Phone 72
!L& .,
I Leave Your Tilths
before 9 OclocK-Your
AM-PictiirflS am ready air 3
11 X I
1 1 una fiwii
tho Rev. and Mm. S. W. Hall, tho
Rev,' and Mrs. A. A. Chapman, Mr.
and Mrs. H. M. Daniel and family,
Mr. and "Mrs. II. Y. Lytlo and family,
Mr. nnd Mrs. J, E. Scott and family,
Hcber James, and MIm Nelllo Day-den.
The Rev. and Mrs. G. . Hall who
wero ln Bonanza for tho wedding of
Miss Margaret Daniel and Hobort
Lytlo loft Frlmody morning for their
homo In Salem.
Miss Nello Dryden who Is to havo
cbargo of tho intermediate grades at
tho Bonanza school arrived Tuesday
Mnko that idlo dollar werk: Put
It In tlio Imnk.
Name "Bayer1' on Genuine
Mr, and Mrs. George Reed and
family yestorday had an exciting
oxperlence In tho vlclqlty of tbo old
Redflold ranch east ot this city.
Tho party had Just loft the car and
wero walking down tho road when
the angry whirr ot a rattler's but
tons was hoard. Within four foot
ot Mrs. Reed, a colled rattlor lays.
The make was killed and found to
have six buttons.
Advertising pays. Try It and see.
' says the Good Judge
A man can get a heap moro
satisfaction fromasmall chew
of this class of tobacco, than
he ever could get from a big
chew of the old kind.
He finds it costs less, too. Tho v .
good tobacco taste lasts so
much longer he doesn't need
to huvc n fresh chew nearly
as often.
Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew vill tell you
Put uf in two styles
' W-B GUT is a long finc-cnt tobacco
" RIGIIT.GUT is a short-cut tobacco
Bowaro! Unloss you see the name
"Bayer"' on package or on tablets you
aro not getting genuine Aspirin pro
scribed by physicians tor twenty-one
years and proved safo by millions.
Tako Aspirin only ns told in tho
Bayer packago for Colds, Headache,
Neuralgia, Ilhcum,at!sm, Earache,
ToQtbacho, Lumbago, and for Pain.'
Handy tin boxes ot twe'lro Bayer
Tablots ot Aspirin cost tow cents.
Druggists also sell largor packages;
Aspirin Is tho trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoacetlcacldester
of Sallcyllcactd. adv.
Block W
Prices on blockwood nro low at prcsont but will advanco as fall
weather comes. Our stock ot blockwood Is not largo but wo are
filling orders promptly wlth I .
Buy now! for fall weathor moans higher prices.
Phono in your ordor for ton cords ot grcon slab at 136.00 for' a1
years supply ot woou mo cnoapost wooa available
O, Peyton & Co.
419 Main St.
Fnona 611