The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 03, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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The Evening Herald
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..A Kdltor
City Kdltor
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Published Vally except Snndnjr. by
i Herald rubiiihins Company or
ath Fails, at 119 Eighth Stroot.
Battered at thepottofflco at Kin
aaath Valla, Ore., for transmission
through the malls a socond-class
x PRK8S.
The 'Associated Pro's la exclusively
titled to the nse'tor ropnbltcatton
a an news' dlsfiatcbcl credllou to it
r not otherwise crodltcd In this
paper, and also the local news pub-
after herein.
Mcdford Is a pretty good town and
looked to roino folks, as It It would
support two dailies'. So Fhlppj trlod
It. with his Dally Clarion. It costs
him about eighty dollars a day to
PNduro his four-page dally, and the
pact wcok It has averaged less than
twaety-tlro dollars a day in gross ail
tertlslng business". Thoso good, now,
newspaper fields do not always prove
as good an they look. Besides that
It takes niorv than a good writer and
reformer to mako a good newspaper
nan. The mat tor of cost In relation
to, Incorao has more to do with news
paper success. Looks oa though wise
Mcdford buslnoss'mon had already
tumbled to tho fact that two nows
jtaper doubles their advertising ex
pense .without Increasing their bust
jicks. and refuso to encourago Phlpps'
otherwise very good llttlo newspaper.
Ashland Tidings.
Mrs. James Watklns Jr., was host
ess Wednesday at a baby party, at
. which, sho entertained seven babies
aid their adoring mother.. Tho
hosKQ was decorated In sweet pens
and dahlias and dainty refreshments
wvro served. Thoso present were:
Mcsdnmcs Warren Hunt, Hoy Ourbln,
(lien Jester, James lllshop Foster,
llyron N'oud, F. T. Andrews and Mrs.
Frank Wacnor and tholr babies.
On Thursday Mr. and Mrs. James
Walking entertained, at dinner for
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Eccleston .who are
ok their way from Drain to Lakevlew
far a vacation visit with frlonds and
relatives. Friday night Mr. nnd Mrs.
Recloston were the dinner guests of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred. Wygunt nt their
borne hero.
Last Saturday and Sunday a group
of society7 folk left town In tholr cars
for Clear lake on a picnic, camping
and hunting trip. Those who made
the' trip were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Ilrockcribrough, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
A. Albertaon, Mr. and Mrs. M. S.
Wait, and Mr. and Mrs. Durge Mason.
. One of' the charming affairs of the
week was the brldgo party given by
Mrs. Hardin Carter honoring Mrs.
John K. Enders on her birthday. The
affair was held In tho sun room of
the Hall hotel annex which was a
Klow with bright sweet peas and
gladiolus, Tho list of those present
follews: McBdamc-s E. D, Hall, Ruy
Manning, J. C. Ilrockenbrough, T. C.
Campbell, C. Drooklns, Thomas Wal
ters, It. a. Van Dellen, Golden Lin
coln, O. U. Cozad, James Bishop Fos
ter, Rlchadson, Floyd Meadows,
Itoger Doweeso, Charles Moore, H. D.
Lloyd Stewart, .Charles Martin, H.
W. Henderson, (lion Jester,, 0. W.
Houston, Leo Houston, J. S. Elliott,
Fred Dunbar, F. U. Patrick1, Leallo
Tnrwlllli;or, E. D. Lamb, Enders, nnd
Misses Verda Coad and Mario McMillan.
Socloty wl.ll be clad of tho news
of Mr. and Mrs. Ceorgo Stcphonson's
decision to movo back Into town from
Dorrls for tho winter.
Tho Woman's Auxiliary of the
Presbyterian church mot Thursday
afternoon la tho church parlors for
a combined nodal and business after
noon. Plans wcro discussed during
the meeting for a bazaar to be given
early In December.
Great was the Joy and surprise of
John Foster, pioneer employe of tho
California-Oregon t Power company,
Wednesday evening when bla fellow
Copoo workers Inspired by the
thoughts of their companion's sixty-
fifth, birthday appeared at his- home
la Hot Springs addition. They were
armed with several cakes, one of
which was larger than the other and
decorated with 6S raisins and bear
tag In tho center a yeast cake or a
reminder, It Is said, of the way blrth
dayB wero often celebrated in tho
eld days. Those present on this oc
casion were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C,
Thompson, Mr. aid Mrs, Al Westfall,
Mr, and Mrs. O. B. Manguo, Mr. and
Mrs. W. It. Dalmoy, Mr. and Mrs. K.
J.Lcnnor, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. 11, Jones,
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. I). Foster, Mr. and
Mrs. C. 11. Foster, Miss Fnyo West,
8. It. Itodloy, Ed Llnvllle, a II. Nor-
mui, K. O. Klatm, L. McCluro, O, II.
Dow s, (1. F, Mather nnd Dnd Wilson.
St. Paul's Episcopal build w,IU hold
tho first meeting of tho season nt
tho. homo of Mrs. O. D. Uurkc, Thurs
day afternoon-t :30 o'clock. Work
for.tho coming year wilt bo planned
and a good nttondanco of tho mem
bers Is desired.
, Another out of town guest to bo
entertained this week was Miss Vir
ginia Wlthrow, sister of Mrs. It. V.
Mallory, who has boon visiting here,
but who departed for her homo Fri
day morning. Tho occasion was a
lawn party given by Mrs. Mallory on
Wednesday afternoon. Tho guest list
follews: Mosdamcs Hanlon Crump,
W. Wtnnlngham, C. Hlmor, Mlssos
Vol m a Hall, Gwendolyn Clay, Doro
thy Dunham and tho hostess,
A week-end party of Interest was
tho launch party given by Bob ilyau
In his motor boat for a number of
friends. Tho party left Saturday
evening and camped out over night,
returning to town Bunday Those
present were. Mrs. Allen Jones, Mrs.
Hanlon Crump, Bob Ross, Charles
Hill, Miss June Dick nnd tho host.
Harry Richardson was tho Inspira
tion for a surprlso birthday party
at tho Tllchaxdson homo on South
Riverside nvcnuo Frldny night.
Friends and neighbors camo In for
nn ovenlng of COO and brought re
freshments along. Participants In
tho affair follew: Mr. and Mrs. K.
G. Cummlngs. Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Goellor, Mr. and Mrs. L. Ruconlch,
Mr. and Mrs. Ilex Renncr, Mr. and
Mrs. R. A. Km mitt, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Propst, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. J, Bhootsl
nnd Mr. and Mrs. 0, 1). Qnrcolon.
A most delightful llttlo affair was
tho Joint birthday party given Friday I
afternoon tor two year old Mary El
len Wright, daughter of Mr. and' Mrs.
0, R. Wright, and three yenr old
Norma Henderson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. II. W. Henderson, at tho
homo 'of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wright. Tho
hostess was assisted by Mrs. Hondor-
son nnd Miss Elvira Call.' Tho houso
was beautifully decorated in pink
nnd green nnd pink umbrellas were"
used to mark tho guest places nt tho
prettily docoratcd tablo. Tbo color
echomo was carrlod out In tho re
freshments and each gurst of honor
had a big birthday rako nil her own
decorated In pink candles. Qamra
wore played during tho.aftornoon nnd
Judging from tho Joyousneas of tho
llttlo guests, It will bo many years
before they will forget this birthday
party. Tho following wore present:
.Norma Henderson, Tholina Hen
dricks, Gcrtrudo Smith, Eloanor Ma-
gtilre, Elvira Call, Dorothy Hanson,
Estella Hilton, Wilson Wright, Lois
Souto, Elroy Call. Qeorgo Hondorson,
Gcorgo Hendricks and Louis Porter,
Mrs, Sid B, Evans was hostess Frl
dny afternoon to a number of society
folk at a COO party. Ton tables wero
In progress throughout tho attornoon.
The houso was a riot of color created
by a profusion of old fashioned flo
wers, marigolds, sun flowers nnd tho
like, with roses on each tablo. At
tho closo of tho card gamos light ro
frcshmunts wcro sorvod,
Birthday surprises haro prcdomln-i
atcd this week with the surprlso par
ty list far In advance of othor nodal
functions. Among tho parties qfl
this typo was tho surprlso for Miss
Nolllo Ellott on her fifteenth birth-
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in x-rVfAnnxjr'-niKT T"o irTMiryj
jjLtirjtt.i 11 iaij1ji3 vFRjuiuuii :rr7
day given at tho homo of the MIiwj
Hansen. A largo number of friends
wero protont at this time and en
joyed music and a flao birthday
day dinner Including U fried
chicken, fl.OO.
Tbo Qonoral Bxocutlro Board of
International Association of Machin
ists has decided to adopt a plan of
llfo Insurance, subject to tho approv
al of tho membership.
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