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Member of the Associated Preu.
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BAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept, 3
Tha misting llfaboat of the crlpplad
itMMr, Canadian Importer, with
alma membere ot tha Importafa
m aboard, wh picked up at 1
o'clock today. 106 mtleg off the coast
km by the Red SUck tug, Ba Lloo.
Tka ecoapanta of tht lifeboat ant
reported ta a wireless message front
tka Bea Lion M "all safe and wall."
VANCOUVER, B. 0.,'Sapt., t Tka
names oftba alaraa aallora In tba
Importer's llfaboat aa reported by
wireless are: Second Offlear.A. Laird,
Melbourne, Aoatralla; Third Oftloar
J.iW. Watt, North Vancouver; Second
Engineer C. If. areenhtll, Ban Fran
OUmo; Cadet R, Nowall, Victoria;
Purser W. D. Blaeon, Modlclne Hat;
L. O. Marpolc, L. K. I'roflt, Vancou
ror, W. W. Irwlna, Montreal, able
aaaaian; Doakoymau 13. J. Babelln,
"Vancouver; Fireman A. J. Hawker
Leagl7 Prairie. D.C; and C. Banks,
Thar waro adrift two wooka,
haylag left tba Importer to aaak aid
when tba voaeal sprung a leak on
August 1.
Says Business Here
Better Than Calif.
J. K. Bwansen returned laat flight
frost an automobile trip to Loa An
galea after an absence of two week.
Mr. Bwansens family hai been visit
tag tka past two month la California
coast town and they returned with
Mr. Bwaaaen la authority for an
nansrtlon that rteapttu all .newspaper
reporte to the contrary, Loa Angeles
haa experienced a slnwup In business.
Tba groat building nctlvlty no loudly
heralded In the pro has only been a
normal building period and many per
aona aro seeking employment, ha
says. North ot Loa Angeles, time
warn spoken of by merchant u
steadily Improving. Ho says ho finds
more activity In all lines hero than
In the northern California region.
Even Preachers' Not
Immune From It
Christopher Illimitable, D. M.
Smith and thn Itov. 8.M. dinner re
turned this afternoon from a hunting
trip with a flno buck, tho kill being
made In the Jenny Creek country yen
tarday. It Is sold that dcsplto tho skill and
mperlenoo ot thn Rev. Mr Chnnoy
In past hunts, on thin hunting trip,
he had a bad rasa of "buck fovar."
The story runs that yesterday morn
ing, a flno buck was soon by Darn
stable browsing on a knoll about
110 'yards off. Turning to tho, ex
perienced huntor, ho Mid, "Ini afraid
that I am too poor a shot, you try
It." flighting bis rifle, tbo Itev. Cha
nay fired, not once, but until his
magaxlna was emptied. He then
took Darnatablo'a gun and emptied
It. Tbo buck continued to browoo
on, nndlatnrbed by tho bullet whit
sing. Apparently disgusted, ouch
man then Inserted a sholt Into their
rifles and fired simultaneously. This
time the buck crumplod up. Without
reloading, which Is said to bo tho
first law of tho hunter, both inon
wont to tho top of tho knoll and
sprang throo moro bucks. It was
Just "click, click" ot tho hnmmor
which responded to tholr trlggor
pull. Thero aro tlmea aald tbo per
son who sponsors tho narrative when
a man 'of tho cloth might wish that
his vocabulary woro moro elastic.
Tho formal hearing ot Jack Mor
rison and Glonn Renolds, charged
with the alleged holdup of Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Kremors and Harry
Hall, August 5, near North near
er 'narsh, to havo boon hoard yes
terday I In Justlco Oaghagens'. court
was continued to Saturday Septem
ber 10. '
This afternoon, the wrlto of
avlctraent directed , against 8 O,
Calnbs b'yJ. W. Silmson was quash'
ed.ln Judge aaghagons' court after
argument' by attorneys.
Tbera will bo no Issue of tho
Horald noit Monday, Heptoro-
bar 6, on account ot tho
Labor Day holiday.
Troop Arrive in
W. Va. Coal Diet.;
Peace Seems Sure
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Bept., 2A
Tha laat of tba troopa ordered into
the disturbed counties of the Weat
Virginian coal Mejd arrived today and
took' up positions designated by
General Dandhottc Tho first troops
reached MadUon laat night.
Federal aad slate officers believed
that tho state of belligerency would
be terminated today and tbe armed
bands would disperse and return
home under tba protection of the
LOS ANOBLBB, Sept., 3 Patrol
man M. A. Palllngor, Investigating
automobiles without registration
cards, picked up Augustlno Autunei
26 yearn old, who said ho was a Mex
ican custom offlcor at Tla Juana,
and Romero Dreton, a clerk In the
aama office. .The man bad TJ0.00CO
In United' States gold coin In a suit
case. Autunes aald tbe money bad
been brought Into tho United States
for safe keeping.
DORRI8, Cat., Sept. 3. Latest
reports from Ban Francisco relative
In the Peppers-Cotton Lumber com
pany Indicate that a settlement of
financial' difficulties Is about to bo
realized through reorganisation and
aad Ui! Intfr-iieUon .ot outside eap-
iiai to aausry psy-rou ana niner
Immediate necessities .
Creditors met with San Franrsleo
lloard of Trade Tuesds and pre
sented their claims. Liabilities
amounting to approximately 1360,
000 were shown to oxlst. Ot this
161,000 consisted of money duo la
bor during the past two or three
months. Wholesale houses, which
constitute tbe Isrgest Individual
creditors ot the company, agroed
to allow an extension of four months
for roorganlxallon. Tho pay-roll will
bo 'met within a few days, It Is
thought. Rctwocn two and throo
hundred men aro at the company
camp waiting for their money and
drawing tlmo tor waiting.
Although no definite announce
ment boa been mado upon which to
base statoments, it la generally be
lieved that eastern capital will tako
ovor tho company and contlnuo to
operate. Thore are four million
toot of lumbor In tbelr yards. A
railroad built, last spring connects
tho "mill with Southern Pacific linos
at Macdocl.
Lost Juno Peppers-Cotton suffer
ed a sovoro loss by flro when 4,
000,000 foot ot lumbor, this spring's
cut, burnod.
Heavy Rainstorm
South of Here
Fred Dnko returned at 1 o'clock
this morning from a trip to Cali
fornia covering Lookout, and tho
lava beds In his Jaunt. Whllo at
Fall Ittvcr Mills, 140 miles south
and woat ot this city, Duko says
that ho oncountored the worst told
rainstorm ho over oxperlonced at
this tlmo of tbo year. Duke said
that tho, rain camo down In sheets
and that much difficulty was en
countered In coming down the
grade on account of the slippery
road conditions. The rain, be aaya,
was coming in tbo direction ot Kla
math Fulls.
At tho lava bods last night, tho
car mado a turn In the road and
tho lights from his car blinded a
flno buck door. Tho buck novor
moved and tho lights,, caused his
eyoballs to show llko small electric
lights. Tbo deor'was motionless and
would havo mado an oaay shot for
a huntor, I
NEW YORK, N., Y., Sept. 3
"DaYe" Ruth tbts afternoon knockod
bis fiftieth homo run and has HacJ
ad tha ('half century" mark. vei
Another baslness building for Kla
math Falls, tho flrs't building project
of tha aeaaon, waa launced today la
a telegram received by J. T. Ward,
local realty dealer, from Harry Hart,
of nart Itroa., at Sacramento, aaytasT
tbat ho wan financially ready to ba
gin construction of a building on tha
firm's alto on tho aoutbeast corner
of Seventh and Main streets and
would arrive hero tomorrow sight,
tbo inference being that be would
take up tha details 'on arrival hero.
Tho alto Is one of tbe best In tows,
having a frontage of 65 feat on Mara
street and a depth ot 108 feet o
Seventh street, and Its central loca
tion will make tbo building, when
completed, very desirable.
Mr. Ward aald that the site of the
building would depend on the desires
At .tl&j. fjknant. Tt ma K twn n,J
three stories. ' js
'Now that tho ice la broken It -In
considered quite possible-that thoro
may bo other building tbla fall, 'aa
several projects aro under considera
tion that may materialise with thla
encouragement- There haa been rea
lisation In buslneaa and financial con
ditions for soma tlmo that the period
of deporsslon wsa fast passing and
tbe realisation la rapidly taking
genoral bold.
Pcrtonal Mention
Mrs. Frank Schmidt ia In towa
thla week-end from bar home at
Deatty, Oregon.
H. A. Talbot who operates ranch
on the Keno road la la town today
after supplies. '
A marriage license waa Issued
yesterday to Marlon Everett Moore
and Miss Freda Anbrey, both of
Forth Klamath.
1 Edward aear finished tho har
vesting of his crop ot rye.'oata and
grain yesterday on tho Geary ex
periment tract on the reclaimed
lands of tho Upper lake marsb.
Noxt week Mr. Goary expects to dig
his turnip crop for tbe market
W. T. Lee, who has bonspendlng
sovoral days at Crater lako, returned
homo yostorday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Calhoun and
family woro county seat visitors horo
this morning trading with Klamath
Falls merchants.
John Matnor. a Falrvlow farmer
mad trip tato towa thla morning
attar aappUoa.
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Ilogne and con,
Richard, and daughter, Ellen, are In
town this week-ond from tholr ranch
below Merrill.
Joe Slumph came Into town thla
morning with a load of gardon truck
for tbo public market from. Malln.
Miss Marie Illoom, who has con
ducted tho Home Rooming House on
Klamath Avenue, haa disposed of her
Interests and will leavo for Califor
nia points oarly In tho cok on a
brief visit with friends.
Mr. and wrs. Andrew Collier will
leave Sunday or Monday for a va
cation trip to Spring crook.'
1 Mr. and Mrs. James Jorey wero
county seat visitors yostorday from
Rex Kay, district manager ot the
Equltablo Llto Assuranco company
ot Now York, and wlto aro horo for
a fow days on a combined business
nnd ploasuro trip. Mr. and Mrs.
Kay motored down from Portland.
Dob divans, promlnet dairyman
of this county, Is In town today
from hla ranch on tho Upper lake
aftor auppllos.
Miss Mlldroa Thrasher, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Thrasher and children
and Jim Thaaber will leavo thla
evening for Crater lako where they
wilt spend Sunday, returning home
Monday by way of Medford.
Miss Norma Adams left this morn
ing for Eugene preparltory to en
tering tho university when it opons
on Septomber 26.
Mr. and Mr. amcs Illalr, Miss
Idella 'McElrath, Claudo Starr, and
R. H. Cooko will constitute a party
that will apond Sunday and
Monday j on u fishing trip In the
Wood river country. Mr. Blair and
Baney'V Chambers have return
asVaVa -ttraa days banting W
Mora buyers and sellers than have
yet attendod wero present at tho
Grand Central public market this
morning, and the variety of pro
duce offered waa greater. There waa
a supply of green corn, and fine
home grown potatoes woro offer
ad in abundance. Doth corn and
potatoes woro of flnost quality.
Strawberries-, buckioberries black-
berries and tomatoes were on tbe
Market in quantity. Chlckons, live
aad dressed, all varieties of root
vegetables, applos, crab apples,
honey and much produce from local
farms was selling to eager buyers.
There waa more activity In to
day's market than has' yot been
shown. Several entries In tbe sun
flower contest helped out tbe decor
ation. Ono sunflower stalk waa
13 foet tall. Little less than an ob
Joct lesson In tbo fertility of Kla
natb soil wss a group of corn
stalks from tho Klamath Mint com
pany's farm, moro than ten feet In
height, i
That tbo market will be a factor
la reducing living costs seomed to
bo a prevalent Idea among tho
crowd ot buyers. Tho bargain hunt'
Ing spirit was mnch In ovldenco and
not confined to the fomlnlne car
riers ot markot bags and baskets,
"I save 12.25 on a CO pound box
ot plums," aald ono man, "ovor tho
quotation given mo by my grocer
before I came over hore." And tho
saving aentlmont waa echoed with
regularity from varions sections ot
the market during tbo short time
the reporter wsa there.
The discussion of tho buyers are
educational, even when caught in
aaatchea whllo passing among tho
crowd. Cost of living Is the gen
rral topic and is not confined to
food prices but tako In the whole
scale of rents, freight rates, cloth
ing and fnrnlture. Ideas, varying
from conservative to radical, seem
to come naturally to tho surfaco In
tho environment of the market and
the buyers who arrlvo in automo
biles eom to have aa strong
opinions and feel as deep an interest
In tho cost ot living aa thoso havo
no cars to bring them.
Contractor Says
K. F. O. K. For Him
A trip to Crescent City, then up
the coast to Bandon, Coqullle thenco
into tho Wllllametto valloy mado
within tho last two weoka has con
vinced Louis K. Portor that Klamath
Falls looka ood to him. Portor
says ho finds tbo morchants doing
business horo and getting tho cash
for it whllo In tho places bo visited,
credit Is oxtondod freely. The trip
wns mado by Mr. and Mrs.L. K.
Portor and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moy-
or ot Merrill.
M. S. Lestor, manager ot tho
Ewauna Motors company, has had a
very noat and artistic service sta
tion built at tho corner ot Prospect
and Upham streets, and tho placo ia
almost ready -for occupancy. Mr.
Lestor atatos thatbosldos tho Yog-
ulsr sorvlce station features, a line
ot good tiros, tubes, heavy greases
and oils will bo carried.
Tho funeral of Paul Covort, high
school student who died yesterday
from Injuries received in. a tall
beneath a wood truck, will be held
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock
from tho Whitlock chapel. Tho Rov.
8. E. Milam will conduct tho sor
vices. '
to Keen, but thoy report that they
wero unsuccessful In bringing homo
a doer but brought homo a good bag
ot grouse.
Mrs. Quy Oarrett, Miss Madgo
Patterson Miss Camilla Patterson
and R- B? Patterson left this morn
tug on tho outgoing train. Miss
Camllle will go to Roseburgfor the
coming achool year and the Test
of the party, will go on to Seattle
Banks and public build-
dings will bo closed Monday
on account of Labor Day. Tbo
postofflco will bo closed all
day, with no carrier delivery 4
excopt porlsnabln parcels
4 Business houses, generally,
4 aro scbodulod to close. 4
Hunters Are Having
Fine Lack; Four Big
- Bucks Brought Down
Whllo others claim tbo first deer
of tbe season, Vic O'Neill may well
challenge local nlmfods to produce
a blggor blacktall buck than he
brought in yostorday afternoon. The
doer bad six points on each aide
and was estimated to weigh 200
pounds. In tbe party that brought
him in was Mr. O'Neill, A. B.' Ep
person, Rby Durbln and O. D. Math
ews. It took all four to get the
quarry from tho woods Into camp.
Bon P. Lewis killed n six point
muto tall dcor which dressed,
weighed 210 pounds. Lewis and
George BIcbn mado tbo kill In tbo
lava beds and it Is said that they
experienced aome difficulty In bring
ing tholr quarry out.
The honors between tbe "six
pointers" Is oven but tbe weight Is
a question which has not been set
tled. Both Lewis and O'Neill have
boon congratulated for their skill
by local friends. '
William MeNealy, D. Bowman and
Sidney Abbott returned hero last
night with two blacktall bucks,
ono having four points and weigh
ing 140 pounds and the other threo
polnta and weighing 126 pounds.
The hunting ground wsa near
Round lake.
Miss Dorothy Short baa tho hon
or of being tbo first candidate nom
inated In Klamath County for
"Queen of tho County Fair" Octob
er 6, 6 and 7th Inclusive. This
morning Secretary Haguo ot the
contest committee received tho bal
lot at her office and entered Miss
Short's name In the event which
Is said, will bo one ot tbe most In
teresting of any county fair held
in this county. '
As an evidence that Interest Is
being created and that tbo contest
will becomo countywlde In very
short time, this afternoon letters
from all polnta ot Klamath county
arrived bearing 25 cents each and
carrying names for the honor ot
being "queen." Among tho nomi
nations received wero tho follewing:
Cassandra Bonslnger of Swan Lake;
draco Cunningham, Pine Qrovo- Et
ta Hunt Orindale; Lora Hlmel-
wright. Round lake and Opal Cald
well ot Ft. Klamath. Miss Short
represents at present tho only entry
from Henley district.
Secretary Hague states that nom
inatlons can still bo mado by send
Ing the sum ot 26 cents totho fair
board otflce In the Wllllta build
ing with the candldato'a name plain
ly written on the nominating blank
Ono nominator In placing hla can
didate in the tiold adds. "Out to
win watch her go."
Tho ballots are ready for county
wide distribution and a lettor will
be sont to tbe various school dis
tricts outlining tho manner ot vot
ing. There aro a numbor'ot prom
inent young ladles whoso names will
be offorod when tho campaign gota
well underway.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 3. Meth
ods ot encouraging the lumber In
dustry employed In British Colum
bla and tho necessity ot Inducing
reforestation by creating a bright
future for tho lumber trado In the
northwest wero made basic argu
ments for a tariff on lumbor and
wood products In briefs fllod with
tho senate flnanco committee by the
Columbia River Loggers' In
formation buroau and W. D. B.
Dodson, goneral managor ot the
Portland chamber ot commerce.
11 OREOON Tonight, fair; Sunday,
fair andc warmer.
Klamath Falls is soon to have
ono of the Quest Maaoalo Temples
within the confines of tha state of
Oregon and the proposition la be
ing outlined to members of the fra
ternity In letters sent out this morn
ing by the Masonic Bnlldlng associa
tion of Klamath Falls. jvery Ma
son residing In Klamath county haa
been Informed of the plana and ask
ed to help finance the move.
The board of directors of the
Building association, consisting ot
E. E. Magae, chalman, E. M. Babb
secretary, E8. Henry, O. IC Vast
Riper and O. J. Walton, announce,
tbat a building site haa been ob
tained on tbe corner of Fifth aad
Pine, 130 feet front with a depth of
120 feet. The first more mado by
the association was to incorporate
and secure a charter from tbe oute
of Oregon.
According to tbe announcement,
tbo membership ot the board con
sists of two members of Klamath
Lodge No. 77, and ono each from
tho Knights Templar, Royal Arch
and Eastorn Star chapters. The
board announces tbe Issue of short
term notes in denominations of
126, $60 and 1100 each, payable
July 1, 1923. Tbe board feela that.
Masonic support will rally to thla
project as Southern Oregon haa no
Masonic Temple which could hold
convocations of the state aasocla-,
Uon nor could readily take care of-
a called county meeting ot the Ma
sonic membership.
E. M. Bubb at the Amerleaa Na
tional -bank will haadle tbe laaa--ante
or the aotea for tbe balMlag
association,- Tha -atwBthr- aati
for first "and with that done, beads
will be Issued for the building ot
tbe Temple. Tbe building plana has
been under consideration for aome
time past. f
Rahn Ranch Sold
At Sheriffs Sale
This morning at the courthouse
tbo Swsn Lake ranch, consisting ot
1840 acres, tho property of F. O.
Mafhlson, Nellie'Pearl Mathlson and
Edith M. Rahn, was sold by Sher
iff Low for f27.636.33 to Jefferson
Myors, a member of the finance
committee ot the Oregon Llto In
surance company to satisfy a Judg
ment given In the circuit court July
29. 1921.
Mr. Myers will be here for a
tow dayastraightenlng out affairs
connected with tho Rahn ranch. He
la ono of tha foremost democrats
ot tho state, waa. one time postmast
er at Portland aad-formerly a mem
ber ot the democratic national com
Sinnott Praised for
Energy in Congress
WASHINGTON Sept. 3. Chair
man Sinnott of the public landa
committee ot the house has been
receiving congratulations on the
part his committee played In the
work or congress up to the time of,
recess. In all, 66 meaaurea bo
camo law and of these 13 came' out
ot tho public lands committee. Ot
tbe 130 moasures which passed tbe
senate, 30 wero passed upon by
public lands commlttoe. i
Jersey is World's
Butterfat Champion
PORTLAND Sept., 3 St. Mawes
Lai's Lady, which recently broke the
world's record ror production of butt
ter fat In tho senior yearling claas,
Is a beautiful little soft-eyed Jersey
cow, and Is owned by Harry Ultt of,
Independence, Ore, 8he wrested the.
championship from another Oregon,
cow. Lulu Alphea of Ashburn, owned
by J. J. Van Kleek of ,Boaverton,t
which won tha title In November,,
According to W, M. Ladd, pioneer
Jorsey breeder, Oregon baa raised (
sis of the nine greatest butterfat,
producing cows of tho world. Of the
fourteen gojd medal Jersey bulla, la,
the world, he said Oregon waa, the ,
blrtbplaco of seven., "