The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 01, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    IMH nvn
I ML ew
The Way It Happened
t .
Official Aiiumincumonl wiih inniio
tnduy by both MnmiKurH Thompson
undil'iHililHll of till) Copco nnil Jnwol
trams hftor cmiforonrii with Hocro-
twrjrMathor n( tliu city bfimilinll Inn-
Kill) tllUt OWlllg Id IIIIIHt f tllU 11)0111-
l)iro of tlio two liiiiinii nlnnnliiK on
being abiiit from tlin city Hmiilny
.September 4, thorn will bo no gaino
played iin til iliitu.
Tim doer noiiHon opoml toilny and
loony npnrtHiiiou huvn an opportuni
ty 'to took this plrnNtirnlilo outing,
while, n majority of llio league mem
born nm iinntiln to go on account of
tliijlr work, but will tin given n
banco' to loavn Hutit rilay and coino
liftck1 Tuesday owIiik to Labor Pay
falling on tlin Glh of tlio montli, It
wfi uvnr thrt'o weeks iiko (lint tint
plnyorit consulted with tlio Imikuo of
ficial regarding 1' general layoVf fo;
tlild date.
It Isjsald that n layoff will benefit
nil loatnii nnd when tliu contests lira
taken up again on Hoituintiur 1 1, with
the pennant looking IiIk lu tlin plnr
iV 0)111, thn league flnhih will tin
a whirlwind affair.
Mmdtord Team All
Ready for Contest
MKIIKOItl), flopt , 'l- M.'.lforil
li mlii loam which goes forth to do
hattlo with tlin Klninuth Kalta "rac
ntiut wlnldum" nml Haturdny, will
probably connliit of tho following
members: Hiiyinond Kith, (loorgo
lln'borts, It. W Ituhl, C U. Union,
P. .It, Davis, Ilinil'iir Coleman nml
lloraro llromloy Tlin team will
li'itva Medford Saturday afternoon,
arriving In Klamath I'liln that night,
whore they will inuko their hood
'liiartem nt tlio Wblto I'cllran holnl
Tho tournament will bo hold Bun
day and l.nbor Pay at tho Elks' club
rourtii, tho Mmlforil tuam returning
homo Monday night.
I'OHTI.ANI) All previous record
of tho Spoknitn, Portland & Hentthi
rullroad In trnfflr to and from Hon
dido worn brokn Sunday, when thn
trulns. handled 37S7 passengers, as u
direct rCHilll of tho low pnimonror
rate that bocume nffoctlvo with thn
declaration, of u rntti war against the
rlvrr stoamert and nutomobllo stages
(n days ngo.
BT. IIKI.KNB Uomarkoblo clover
ncm In employment of camouflnKo
fulled to prurunt Bhorlff Wellington
and a party from discovering two
caches of liquor Into Monduy, estim
ated to bn worth $10,000 nt prowmt
'. Mnrnrci paid a flnn of $500 for
baring nlnn (it gallons kegs and fUo
.tt cnllon kegs of wlno In a room
In bid barn.
HIvDMONP-Declaring Hint tour
in In who 'winded to lt Itodinond
found difficulty In tho lack of proper
hlRhwny hIriih, I.. U. Hmlth volun
ti'orcd to furnish lumber nnd put up
hIriiii nlong tho hlghwny between
Itodmnnd nnd (Intowny. Tho com
mercial club Tuesday accepted liU
offer nml agroed to puy coat or paint
Inn tho alcuiJ. )t Ik planned to make
them tinlforin with thoso rorcntly
placid nloriK tho rotito by thn Mute,
hljfhwny couimltlon.
lyj.NDl.lTl'PN Chct Emory n
found guilty or breaking gins In tho
strut t and wiih flood $20 and costs,
tho l"Uy iiinlclnR a total or nbout
$3S. -
KAI.P.M-Wcut Bnlom Is IoIiir with
Columbia county for honoru In on
foreoinnnt or tho apood InwH, At lo'aHt
l'brllnnd uiotorlHtH who have fomontn
tlino piiNt complained of tho activities
of tho Columbia county Hpood copu
nro n6w turning tholr "klckH" In tho
direction of tho llttlo l'olk county
town acroHU tho rhor from tho 8tato
i -
' BAN FRANCIBqO Sam Morion
and ' kMay Wllllnmii, nlloRod Illi
cit druK Jeulors, woro bound ovor to
tho Federal Grand Jury undor $C00ft
bondB oAch on ft charge of violating
tho Fodornt An'tl-Nnrcotlca lav( In
that they conspired with others to
BmugRlo drugs into San Quontln pri
Bernardino Bwoltored In a lompora
turo of 108 doBTOos vacatlonlstB In
iiig Hoar Valloy, n'bovo this city, woro
ire'atod to froak anowetorm which
I C 'til fompoalt ptctur maJlo
nd from Utnrraphlo dcrlptiott
fir. miUng moat of tbo crw.
eovnreil the Rround to a dopth of
morn than half mi Inch
On thn nouth tilde of IIIr Ilnnr Inkn
n heavy rain roll lal nlghl tho
Kky w-uh clnur and thn weather In thn
mountains much warmer It Ik do
dared thn flrt time on record that
nnow hn. fallen at 111k Hear In
ItKDDINC -Thn Weed l.umbvr
lomuany hn purchaod throe curloudH
of wlnn grapoti to bo retailed to Itn
Him workmnn employed by tbo com
pany, to bo iiftod In making wlno for
home cotmumptlnn, It wan announced
Thn Italian wilt make tliu winr
undor Koicrnmont llconwi Tho
nnioiinl will bo controlled by mCani
of npportlonlnK thn Rraiwn to each
omilo)o according to tho Hire of bin
Till: HTItAMI.
"Tho Inland of HeRnnrnllon," u VI
tugraph production featuring An
tonio Moreno, which will bo xhown
nt tho Btrnnd theatre tonight, koch to
nliow that tho toachlngi of childhood
remain with u longent, and a chango
or environment doc not drive r.irly
ImpreiMlonK from thn mind a n re-
nult ot a nhlpwreck. John Chamock
and bin mother were ruil on a lonely
South Boa Inlo when thn boy wan only
nix The mother noon died or e-
lion ii re, nnd thn boy, tmbtUtlnK on .
thn natural fooil of tho pl.'co, i,rbW
In manhood half tiavagn I
Tho cantawny lout power of puech J
and wait nearly Ignorant of thn Ian
Kiinco of hl fathora. Hut ono thing
remained In 'tils mind, Alj through I
tho jonrs ho remombcrcd thn prajcrl
that ho had learned nt bin mothorV
knno and never forgot to repent each I
night, "Now, 1 lay mo" before glns I
In ntoep. That childhood habit m
tho nolo remaining chnrncterlslic of
hli prior connection with clvlltration
Hli reclamation by the beautiful girl
who wan cant onto the kudo Ulaml
aftor ho had grown to manhood
Watch Your Sleeve!
Tho alcove"" tho thing after
tklrt length. And a Very original thing it It. too-taking on many
atraimo and caprlclout turnt. Tbo very beat If there can t a best to
the IntiiBiiliiB tleeve fathlona la tho big angel alcove. In tmntparont
materlala especially thlt full Btralght tleovo folia over tho orma, bcto
timet reaching to the wrltta, aomctlmoa Jutt below tho elbowa. The
largo alcove It soiwtlmca caught part way In a cuff-again It It gathered
In like n'blthon'o alcove, nven tho very tiny alcove can't be almple It
haa "cutouta" and alaiihct. Tho thing la to watch your alcove.
by tb a'rtlit from photo of tho ZR-: i
Jlluttraton how th ZIVI iplcxlod In I
create extraordinary Inlerent.
Cyrtln TiiwiiHend Ilrady wrJto tho
novol on which tho play U bi"-d
Berries, Vegetables
Thrive m Arctic
ANC'IIOItAttn, Alnnkn, Sept., Tbo
iiummnr m.axon In thifin porlhorn la-
Box Coat
ThU handsome navy bluo Mourf
yn, the now wool fabric, bat th
nw flare lx coat. FIcata from tha
ahoutder glvo tho rraceful awing.
Tb coat It handed with molea akin
tho aamoifur bring uted In tba high
choker. The aktrt la atraUht lined.
you get through deciding nbout tho
smsmsmsmK smsw
Your rifle is your friend
You treat it as something
more than cold metal and
wood. You couldn't sleep
if you had used it and not
cleaned it thoroughly.
Buy only US Cartridges.
They have a special non
fouling, non-erosive prim
ing. Every expert knows
Klamath Falls, Ore.
J. D. Chambers
Baldwin Hd-wo. Co.
Klamath HSwe. Co.
tltuden Is abort, but lu tbo days of
sunlight, TegoUbloe and fruits ripen
rapidly, and many persons havo es
tablished canning outfits at their
homoA. Among vegetables canned,
nro beets, cauliflower, gtcen pons,
nplnacb, mushroom, Virginia kale,
Swiss chard, and carrots.
lied nnd black currants and bluo
berries grow wild, and children have
gathorod as much as-100 pounds of
them In o day along tho United
States railway.
Much attention Is being paid to tho
growing of strawberries nnd green
peas lu Southwestern Alaska, and
n small cannery lit being established
nt Anchorago to tako euro of theso
crops Tho cost of living Is being
well kept down by hardy residents
who, Instead or visiting tho butcher
shop muko llttlo excursions Into noar
by mountains and return with inooso,
wild sheep und goats for the family
A new linoot non-dtvorco weddlug
rings at tho now price nt Davenports,
Just around tbo corner on 6th street
Says Ice Cream is
Lower Here Than
Committee Reported
J. J. Furbor of the Klamath
Croamory has boon asked, regarding
tho price ot I co cream In this city,
why tho Coet of Uvlng commlttco
reported It at $3 a gallon, which Is
high compared to the reports In other
surrounding cities.
Mr. Furbor stated tltat no questlon-
nalrro was to Bent to his firm ror tho
prlco which ico cream was sold boro.
"I.ost summer, tho wholeenlo prlco to
retailors, paokod and delivered was
$1.50 a gallon. This yoar, tho whole
sale prlco iwus lowor to the retailor
and wo deliver toe croam by tbo Kl
Ion lot to consumers for $"2.15. That
prlco has prevailed all sumraor and
Is tho prosont prlco today. Our Ice
cream teats about IS per cent but
ter fat, 4 per cent more than re
quired by law
CAMDKN, M. J 'Sept. 1. The
Bupor-dreadnaught, Washington, one
ot the tour Urgent battleships In
tho United States navy, was
launched hero today.
won't ruin your
that, ordinary priming
causes rust and in time digs
little "pits" that destroy the
accuracy of the bore.
If you value your rifle,
treat itwelL Give it the am
munition that will protect
it from the ravages of rust
Money back if not satis
fied with US Cartridges.
Ctdloqnin, Ore.
Chlloquln Merc. Co.
MaJln, Ore,
The KalUa Storo
Htr First Thought.
A woman from the middle West
spent a few weeks in Gloucester last
cummer nnd In conversation with a
new acquaintance she iitde known the
fact that It was her very first glimpse
of the ocean.
"It roust have been quite a treat,"
remarked the other. "And how did
the ocean Impress you J"
"Well," was the reply, "when I saw
the amount of water they havo hero
It struck mo that fli"h might bo a little
cheaper." Iloston Transcript
Scaled proposals will bo received
by tho Common Council of tho City
of Klamath Falls, Orogon, for tho
purcboso of nn issue ot $60,000.00
gonernl obligation bonds. In dono-i
mlnatlons ot $1000.00. or $500.00,'
maturing In riftcen yonrs from Au-I
gust 1st. 1921, without right of priori
redemption. Said Issuo to bo Known
xi "Klamath Falls, Sower Uo'nds"
bearing a ralo of Intorest or 0 por
cent per annum, payablo seml an
nually Doth principal and intorest
payablo at tho Oregon Fiscal Agency
In Now York City. Said bonds nro
Issued and disposed ot under tho
chnrtor ot said city
I havo sovoral blocks ol lots
surrounding the Malln high
school that I will sell for
bustposs nnd residential pur
poses, thus fferlng to tho
people ot Klamath county an
opportunity to maka a real in
vestment. I will soil these
lota for $75 and up, on the
Installment plan, the terms to
suit the purchaser. No Inter
est will bo charged and I will
pay tho taxes until deed is de
livered to buyer. '
Malln Is situated In the cen
ter fit one ot the richest dis
tricts In the world. It U back
ed by progressive tnd conser
vative cltlxens. It has a future
that assures development to
a degree that will make this
property worth many times
the price I am selling It for.
When oil is discovered. Matin
will be found to be in the very
heart ot the field and the
biggest producers will be at
its door.
It you are looking tor some
thing that will pay yon bis
returns, you can make no mis-'
take in buying Malln proper
ty. r
For further Information,
write or see
jiVXlVVVVVVVVVfVVVVgni , aaaaaaiaat
1 1
Merrill, Or.
It. II. Anderaau
Merrill Mere. Co.
Dorru, Oalgf.
. Hoy Taber
Each proposal io purchase mast fee
filed with the Police Judge ot aaU
city on or before 8 o'clock P. M., of
October 3rd, 1921, and bo accomp
anied by a certified check on sotaa
responsible bonking Institution tor
G per cont ot amount of the proposal.
Said Issue will be disposed ot at sat
less than par and acenred interest.
The council reserving tho right to
reject any and all proposals.
Police Jddge ot the City of Klamath.
Falls, Oregon. 31-St
Premium, Dairy
Oldest IleUll Dairy In Town
Phone 22-F-2
.jrrW pipind hoi
wfitt pure crtmm
nrvA pr&e
ffw nrw
$p serve
it i
, . rt
TokeHome &&
IkH&nris & t