The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 31, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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l The Office Cat
tSsflBBBBBBBgtKtKf gtKf
Bl'Tfc Jfcmjiiock Xntlt Thhhs
' Open.
The Eskimo sloepn In his llttt btaf
And keeps' vnrr wann, wo aro told,
Lost nlgbt wo slopt In our little bar
And caught helluva cold.
Tmffy Andsmon tmjn bt often won
dere who' bat tho school-teacher
during vacation.
Hknr j ohlcksu baa crossed the
road to tiro ua an objoct lesson In
t be; perils of jaywalking.
T) man who will not tako advice
I aan not be holpod, ssy Uoo. Mots.
IlerfdoU news It alo becoming second-band
It John I). Ilockofollor, 8r., can
grab off a spouso at tlm ago of 84,
theo ioouib to bo no reason why wo
should despair. Hut, nnyhow, comma,
John has noma trlfllnic advantages
thai wo do not enjoy.
Long Iitaud Judgu orders man to
o bay wife ono day each wook. If
she's wlso-sho'll choono lnydar.
A successful fool alwayii has plenty
of fool admirers, snorts Arthur Col
An Anrlnnt Inquiry.
The old complaint rewound anew
Our nympathlm to touch
When dothM appoar to bo no fow
Why should thoy coat no much?
n boy of flro, Tbo woman hug boon
thoro for two years.
Ud to tlm tlmo of tho earthquake
thoro had been no fllfcnn of lovo bo-
twoon the two. Hut tho nnrlhqunko
threw largo rocks nKnlnsl tbo open
ing to, the -woman's cave, and dur
ing tbo man' frantic and succossful
effort to remoTo them a reallsa
tlon of their mutual love oamo to
Vltngmph has glvou tbla strong
play by tho Hot. Cyrus Townaend
IJrady u iplendld production, tho
earthquako bolng especially reallatto.
Antonio Moreno In foatorod In the
play aa the castaway and Kdlth
Htoroy la tbo girl. '
Voluntary Gift of
$10 to Help Band
To giro Director Hoolak of tho
Klamath Kails band substantial on
couragomont, also to yoIco hi ap
proval and ahow Appreciation, Dr.
Fred Westorfold hni sent a $10 check
to tho ban ddtrector to further the
Intercut of music here.
Dr. Weetcrfold ha offered to
duplicate the chock If the band plays
ono afternoon at tbo county fair and
compliments the director for tho Me
morial Day muulc furulshod by the
local organization.
Route Over Cascades
Is Much Travelled
EUOKNE. Org., Auk., 31 Travel
over tbu now road Into Klamath
county by tho old mllltnry route la
now qultu hwy, uccordfng to W. C.
Yornn of this city, who, with Mrs.
Yoran and their won-ln-law nnd
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. flwook
of Portland, arrived In Kugeno from
a trip to Crator lako by way of this
Not less than SO cars wore seen
by tho party on the upper rlvor along
this road, said Mr. Yoran, mint of
tho occupants having driven up thcro
to hunt deer.
Quito a number of cars wcmvaleo
seen on tho short of Crvsront and
Odell lakes, which have been rescbod
this year by motor for tho first time.
Itub Out Our Name.
Thirty mon ooutd persusda tho two
thousand womim studoats nt the nor
mal to Isnghton their skirts by refus
ing to walk with them until thoy did.
Normal Uullotln, Kmporla.
To which one of tho "women" stu
dents, who probably wears 'em short
so oho won't bo lonely, replies:
"Mebbe. ao. Hut first flndjrour
thirty men."
lUdpe For Booses.
JUep your hesd cool, your foot
warm, your mind busy. Dont worry
ever trifles. I'lsn your work ahead,
than stick to It rain or shine. Don't
wast sympathy on yourself. It you
are gem some one will find you.
Don't whine tell people you are a
feature and thor will believe you,
Talk and act llko a wlnnor. and In
time you will become one.
A young man will promise a girl
to share all .her troubles (when he
knows blame well bo can't wear hor
Dog days aro bad, but cat ulshts
are worse, says Nols Hounsowoll.
What A Chance.
Remember tho tlmo whim n girl
thought a bathing suit, ovon with
skirt vms porfoctly schecklng: Now
they go around with O. V. D. suits
and feol perfectly at oaso.
Tho KHngti.h Way.
An American gob In England had
stepped on a weighing machlno and
was studying It with a puzsold eyo.
'What' tho matter, don't you
know what It moans?" inquired a
friend, raoro ozperloncod In matters'
BrIUnnlcal: "Let's soo It."
Ho Inspoctod tho Indicator and an
nounced preudly: -
"Yon weigh oloven stones, two
bricks, one ploco of throe by one-halt
Inch board and a couplo of shingles."
Writing from Mazeys, Gs., A. J.
Otllen. proprietor of a large de
partment store at that placo, says
"1 havo a customer horo who was
In bod for three years and did not
go to a meal at any time. She had
flvo physicians and thoy gavo hor
out. Ono boltlo of Tanlac got hor
up, on tho second bottlo sbo com
menced keeping houso and on tho
third sho did all tho cooking and
housework for a family of eight."
This sounds realty Incredible, but
It comos unsolicited from a highly
crodltablo sourco and ts copied vor
batlm from tho totter.
Tanlac Is sold In drug stores everywhere'
Mr. Parrot; "This Leaguo of Na
tiona Is supposed to ond all wars,
Isn't U?" , '
Mr. Rat: "J dunno. I'm sure I
could never trust the cat."
An earthauako Is rather a nov
elty in motion pictures, a Hold' that
baa eovored about every sort of
disaster',' but a violent quako, such
as are froQUont In tho South Sea Is
lands, plays an important and, roal
Istlo part In "Tho Island of Regen
eration,"' which will bo soon at the
Strand theatre tonight. In this en
grossing story by Cyrus Townsond
Brady- a man and a woman aro
castaways on an othorwlso unin
habited Island. The man has beon
there for 20 years since he was
Tho City Englnoor pursuant to
Resolution of the Common Council
horotoforo adoptod. having on tho
1st day of August, 1921. tiled plans,
specifications and estimates of tho
cost of Improvtng Oak Avenue from
Hlxth Street to Spring Stroot, Wal
nut Avonuo from Stzth Street to
Ninth Btreet, Bevonth Stroot from
Klamath Avenuo to Oak Avonuo,
Klghth Street from Walnut Avenuo to
Oak Avonuo and Ninth Street from
Klamath Avonuo to OaK Avonuo, In
cluding Intersections, and the Coun
cil having takon tho aamo uader
advlsomont, and finding said plans,
specifications and estimatos to bo sat
isfactory, DBIT HEREBY RESOLVED, that
said plans, specifications and esti
mates for the improvemont of Oak
Avenuo from Sixth Stroot to Spring
Stroot, Walnut Avonuo from Sixth to
Ninth Stroot. Bovonth Stroot from
Klamath Avenuo to Oak Avonuo,
Eighth Stroot from Walnut Avonuo
to Oak Avenuo and Ninth Stroot from
Klamath Avonuo to Oak Avonuo, In
cluding Intersections, bo and tho
samo aro horoby approved, and,
That tho Common Council heroby do
claros Its Intention to improvo said
portions of said stroots In accordance
with said plans, specifications and es
timates; said Improvomost to consist
of paving sntd portions of said
stroots with Willlto, Asphaltto Con
crete, Dltallthle or Concroto. Tho
ostlmatod cost of Improving of said
portions of Bald stroots with Wil
llto, Asphnltlo Concroto or Dltullthlc
to bo $92,IG4.9G; tho ostlmatod cost
of tho Improvement of said portions
of .said stroots with Concroto to bo
$90,7G4.9G. Said cost Including grad
ing, rolling, curbing and concroto
sidewalk. v
ED, by tbu Common council that tho
The exclusive specialty shop
for feminine apparel. Gar
ments of style, quality, popu
lar prices.
707 Main St
Phone 341 W
MMvsrwMWWWyVsa n
You will be interested in
viewing our wonderful as
sortment of Blouses and
fiiTTr " "ii i'iii "i i - - --- ---------. - ri 1- -1-r--nnr n- --JllLL j-uuitxtrLi"L'X"inrLt .itt.'.ti n iii "" " " "" " - .....
Authentic Showing of
and Wraps
Moussyne, Veldyne, Moch
atex, Marvella are the fa
brics one finds in the Aut
umn Coats and Wraps.
Marmot, Taupe, Volnay,
Red, Navy, Blue, and
' Black, the colors. The
tftyles evince fullness some
where, with full cut sleeves,
Fur collars that look well
worn high or low. The em
broideries often profuse
and always beautiful, bring
to mind the days when time
was plentiful and needle
work was a fine art.
Priced from $29.50
$125.00. '
W - 11 SLgmmmmmmm"! 1
stWsk'. r?Tv.f j
Autumn Suits
Dignified, plain tailored
Suits, and stunning novelty
Dress Suits, long coat, and
short box coat models. New
materials include Maus
syne. Veldyne, Twill Cord,
and Tricotine. The favor
ite new colors are Malay,
Sphinx, Marmot, ana Tor
toise Shell ,as well as Navy
and Black. Priced from
$39.50 to $110.00.
Autumn Dresses
Motorists ore Canton, Crepe, Soft Satins.
Georgette, Crepe Meteor, Plquotlnes, Pol
ret Twills, Tricottnes, and of course no
wardrobe is completo without a blaek
frock. Othor' colors aro Navy, Drown.
Mode, and vivid tones. Priced from
$28.75 to $79.50.
juuu-u-TiAAxnru-ruuuxrtr "
New hats just received by express, which means they are up to the minute in style. So
many styles and colors, and so many trims. New lurbans, mushrooms, ivouea oiior.,
Straight brimmed hats, and other smart shapes, in Autumn's fayored colors such as
Brown, Beaver, Tangerine, Peacock, Henna, Harding Blue, Navy, Fuchsia, and plenty ot
black. Priced from $3.95 to $23.50.
Andross-Glover Style Sh
following described property bo and
It la horoby 'doclared benotlttod by
said Improvement, tewlt:
Lots C, 7, 8, 9. 10, Illock 83, Lots
C, 7, 8, 0. 10, Dlock 82, Lots 1, 2.
3. i, S. Dlock 94, LoU-1. 2, 3, 1, S,
Illock 9C, all In Klamath Addition to
the city of Klamath Falls, Oregen:
LoU 1, 2, 3, i, 6, C, 7, 8, 9, Ulock 1,
Hollllstor Addition, Lots 1. 2, 3, 4, C,
Dlock 7, Canal Addition, Lots 8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, Illock C, Canal Ad
dition, Lots 8, 0, Dlock 0 Canal
addition; Lota la, lb, lc. Id. 2a. 2b,
2c, 2d, 2o, Lots 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, Lots
4a. 4b. 4c. 4d. Lots Ga. Sb, Cc, Cd,
Lots Co, 6b, Cc, Cd, Lots 7a, 7b, 7c,
7(1, 8c, 8d, Lots 9a. 9b. 9c. 9d, all in
8c, 8d, Lots 9a, 9b, 9c, 9d, all In
and Oak Avenuo; also Lots 6, 7, 8,
9, 10. Dlock 77, Lots 1, 2,
3. 4, S. Dlock 83. Lots 8, 7. 8. 9, 10,
Illock 78, Lots 1. 2, 3, 4, 6. Dlock
82, all In Klamath Addition to tho
City ot Klamath Kails, Orogon; and
tho southeasterly half ot that certain
acroago block bouudod by Dlock 78
Klamath Addition, Walnut and Kla
math Avenues and Ninth Street; also
Lots 8, 10, Dlock 3, and 7. 8, Dlock
C, Canal Addition to tho City ot Kla
math Falls, Oregon; also Lots 1, 10,
Dlock 77, Lots C, 6, Dlock 78, Lots
1, 10, Dlock 83; Lots G, 6, Dlock 82,
Lots 1, 2, Dlock 94, Lots 4, G, Dlock
95 Klamath Addition to the city
ot Klamath Palls, Oregon; also Lots
1, 10, Dlock 78, Lots 1, 10, Dlock 83,
Dl'ock 'gj LoU la. lb. lc, 2a, ZM' l 10; "'"J os; 'n.,KIamntS. Ad
3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, Ga, Gb, Gb, Ca, Cb,
7a. 7b. 8a. 8b, also Lota 39a. 39b,
39c, 40a, '40b, 38n, 38b, 37a, 37b,
36a, 30b, 3Ga, 3Gb, 34a, 34b, 33n,
33b, 32a, 32b, 31a, 31b, all In Dlock
6, Railroad Addition to tho City of
Klamath Falls, Orogon; Lots 13n,
13b, 13c, 13d, Lots 14a, 14b, 14c,
14d, 14o, Lots 12a, 12b, 12c, 12d,
Lots 11a, lib, lie, lid, Lota 10a,
10b, 10c, lOd, Lots 9a, 9b, 9c, 9d.
Lots 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, In Illock 4 of
Railroad Addition to tho City ot
Klamath Falls, Orogon; Lota 13a,
13b, 13c, Lota 14a, 14b, 12a, 12b,
11a, lib, 10a, 10b, 9a, 9b, 8a, 8b,
also Lots lG.a 16b, lGc, 16a, 13n,
13b, 13c, 14a, 14b, 12a, 12b, lln,
lib, 10a, 10b, 9a, 9b, 8a, 8b, also
IGa, 15b, 16o, 16a, 16b, 17a, 17b,
18a, 18b, 19a, 19b, 20a, 20b, 21a.
21b, all In Dlock 3 Railroad Addi
tion; Lota 12a, 12b, 12c, 12d. Ua,
lib, 10a, 10b, 10c. lOd, 9a, 9b, 8a,
8b, and Lota 13, 14n, 14b, IGa,
1Gb. 16a, 16b, all in Dlock 2 Rail
road Addition; In, lb, 2n, 2b, Ca,
3b, 4a, 4b, Ga, Gb, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b,
8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, also 39n.
39b, 40a, 40b, 38n, 38b, 37a, 37b.
36a, 36b, 3Co, 36b, 34a, 34b, 33n,
33b, 32a, 32b. 31a, 31b, all In Dlock
7 of tho Railroad Addition to tho
City ot Klamath Falls, Oregon; Lots
1 and 2 Dlock 1, and Lots 1 and 2
Dlock 8 Railroad Addition to tho
City ot Klnmath Falls, Orogon uml
that acroago property hounded by
Eighth and Ninth streets and Walnut
dltlon to tho City ot Klamath Falls,
Oregon, and Lots 9, 10, Dlock 1, Hoi
lister Addition to tho City of Kla
math Falls, Orogon; also Lots 8,
10, Dlock 3, Lots 7, 8, Dlock 6, Lot
6, Dlock 7, Canal Addition to tho
City ot Klamath Falls, Orogon, and
Lots 1. 2, Dlock 1, Holllstor Addi
tion and that certain ncreago pro
perty abutting 104 foot on Klamath
Avonuo and 110 feet on Ninth Stroot
in tho acroago block horotoforo des
cribed as bounded by Dlock 78, Kla
math Addition, Walnut Avonuo, Kla
math Avenuo and Ninth Stroot; and
that said proporty above listed and
doscrlbed bo and horoby Is declared
to bo assessed for the expense ot
said Improvement.
And bo it 'further reBolrod that
Monday tho 19th day ot Sopt., 1921,
at tho hour .of eight o'clock P. M
nt tho Council Chambers at tho City
Hall bo flzed as tho tlmo and placo
for the hoarlng or objoctlons and
remonstrances against tho said pro
posed improvement and tho Police
Judge is horoby directed to causo
notlco of said hearing to bo publish
ed as by Charter Provided. '
Stato ot Orogon,
County of Klamath,
City o Klamath Falls, ss.
1, A; L, Leavltt, Pollco Judge ot
tho City ot Klamath Falls, Oregon,
do heroby certify that tho foregoing
Is tho duly 'enrolled copy ot a reso
lution adopted by the Common Coun
cil on tho 22nd day ot August, 1031,
doclarinc its Intention to Improvo
Oak Avenue from BUth Street to
Spring Street, Walnut Avonuo rrom
Slzth Street to Ninth Steet, Soventh
Bmn frnm Ivlamnth AVCDUO tO Oak
Avenuo, Eighth Street from Walnut
Avenuo to OaK Avenuo, ana iNinin
Street from Klamath Avonuo to Oak
Avenuo, Including Intersections.
Pollco Judge.
When Mixed Willi Sulphur
ltrlngs Rack Ills DeauUful
Lustro At Once
Gray hair, howevor handsomo, do
nntos advancing age. Wo all Jcnow
tho advantages ot a youthful appear
ance. Your hair Is your charm. It
makes or mars tho face. When it
tados, turns gray, and looks streak
od, Just a few applications ot Sage
Tea and Sulphur enhances Us np
poaranco a hundredfold.
Don't stay grayl Look young;
Elthor prepare the reclpo at home
or got from any drug storo a bottln
of "Wroth'a Sage and sulphur com
pound," which is, merely tho old-
tlmo reclpo impro "ed uy me anm
tlon ot othor Ingredients. Thou
sands ot folks recommend this ready-to-use
preparation, because it dark
ons tho hair beautifully; besldos, no
one can possibly toll, as It darkens
so naturally and evenly. You moisten
a spongo or soft brush with It, draw
ing this through tho hair, taking one
small strand at n time. Dy morning
tho gray hair disappears; after an
other application or two Its natural
color Is restored, and It bocomes
thick, glossy and lustrous, and you
appear ears younger. Adv.
Consclenco makes
than It does cowards.
moro bluffers
Kt Less Meat, Also Toko Glass of
Baits Ueforo Eating
Uric acid tin meat excites tho kid
neys, they bocomo overworked; got
sluggish, ncho, and feol llko lumps
ot load. Thd urlno becomes cloudy;
the bladdor Is Irritated, and you may
bo obliged to seek rolls! two or
threo times during tho night. When
tho kidneys clog you muit help
thorn flush oft tho boilr' urinous
wasto or you'll be a real sick per
son shortly. At first you feel a dull
nilsory In tho kidney region, you suf
fer from backache, Blck headache.
dizziness, stomach gets sour, tongue
coated and you foel rheumatic twing
es whon tho weather is bad.
Eat less meat, drink lots of wa
ter; also get from any pharmacist
four ounces ot Jad Salts; take a
tablespoonfol In a glass ot water bs
foro breakfast for a fow days and
your kldnoys will then act fine. This
famous salts la made from thd acid
ot grapes and lemon juice, combin
ed with llthln, and has beon usod
for generations to clean clogged
kldnoys nnd stlmulato them to nor
mal activity, also to neutralize tho
acids In urine, so It no longer Is a
source ot Irritation, thus ending
bladder woakness.
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive, cannot In
jure; makes a dollghtful effervescent
llthla-water drjnk which overyono
should tako now and thon to keop
the kldnes clean and active. Drug
gists here say they sell lots ot Jad
Salts to folks who bollove In ovorr
coming kidney trouble while it Is
J only trouble. Advv M