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A Class Ad Will
Do It
Today9 a Nmon
Member of the Associated Press.
rilfceMtli Yivir. Nil IIIMM).
J oh ii M Mlllnr, assistant forost
entomologist n( thn fodorul bureau
of entomology, with headquarters
nt Hun Francisco, linn been In tlio
rlty fur tlm past fow days to talk
uver thn proposed southern Oregon-
narthnrn California ItiHort control
prsjoet with J. F. Klmtmll
Tho fndornl bureau of entomology
hM developed tho method of con
trol which will liu used on tho gov
nramont areas next spring In tho
event that tho McNary bill carryln
1160,000 becomes Uw, Mr. Kimball
hw hncl ton years of practical field
nsporlonco with thoso mothods and
It I hli Intention to follow tho bur
eau's recommendations on tho In
fested pine timber under his Juris
With tho AKMlntiinrw of tho local
chamber of commerce and thn In
forested prlvatu owners ns wnll ns
thn local nnwHpnporn, Mr. Klmtmll
hud bam aulu to secure thn support
of congressional delegations of a
number of wehtnrn Males for tho
MsNary bill. Unless control work
In carried on simultaneously on both
government and privately owned
timber In thin ronton, no cffcctlvo
control work can bu undertaken by
tho private Interests.
In an Intorvlirw, Mr. Mlllor raid;
"Mr. Kimball deserves a great deal
of credit for arousing such wide
spread Intercut In thn protoctlon
of tho plnn timber of thin part of
thn. ntato ngalnst the plno bootlo.
There ha been u wide-spread tend
ency to regard tho enormous Ion
i entiled by tho plnn bottle an In
evitable and beyond control. Ah a
mutter of fact fc thin destructive
boot to ran be controlled nnd tho
rncarrenco of heavy louden prevent
ed at n rout which Ik well within
tho range of careful business p ruc
tion. It Is n inotlor of much en
couragement to mo that tho forest
norvlcn, thn Indian service nnd tho
private on tiers hnvo agreed com
pletely on n uniform plan of attack
against the depredations of tho plno
bootle. Only by audi uniformity of
notion can a largo project audi on
tho proposed ono bo sucresaful."
During Mr Miller's stay the an
riUlcd sun-drylng and trnn-treo
methods of klllliiK tho plno bootlo
woro tried nut with thn holp of
tho Klamnth-I.ukn counties foreat
flro association. InfcHled Iroea In tho
vicinity of Clover creek wero chos
en for tho oxperlnlents. Of thoso
iiiporlmonts. Mr. Klmbnll said: "Iu
tho Insect control work cjirrlod on
by thin nssoclntlon. It hna boon our
film to maintain n trained Insoct
control personnel permnnently. With
tho beginning of tho flro season thn
usual method of cutting nnd burn
ing had to bo discontinued bocauso
of tho dnngor of tho spread of fires.
Mr. Miller has domonstrntod to my
satisfaction thnt during the flro
noason tho heat of tho sun la iuf
riolnnt to kill all singes of tho
boctlo whon tho Infested yollow
plno bark la pooled nnd oxposod to
tho sun. It mny thoroforo ho pos
sible for us In the futuro to con
tinue our control work through tho
flro eoanon without tho uso of fires.
I, am also much Intorostod In tho
trnp-troo method bocnuso It offors
n possibility of" ntlrnctlng booties
Into nowly felled trocir of low com
mercial valuo, thoroby reducing tho
number of booties bolow thnt -which
Is posalblo by tho regular control
Mr. Millar loaves Klamath Kails
thn latter part of UiIh wook with
m VyiYf)YLnffnAlVllM
in for mint cultuui:
, Jamos Wntklns, Jr., manngor of
tho Pnclfln Const Mint company,
called ut tho Herald office yester
day to display n spcclmon of mint
Brown on tho' Gregory placo noar
Matin. Tho plants woro more than
three foot, tall, honvlly ,loaved and
Mr. Wntklna said nn ucro 'of
lilBillar mint would produce . n
slmum oil yield. Ho snld that
Mtdln 'poophi had shown conslde'ddr
ubhv Intorost' in tho small, experi
mental mint patch nnd might culti
vate mint In commercial' quantities.
Advertiser Finds
The Herald Gets
Desired Results
Thii llonilil's editorial doparlmont
for several days has wondered at
I thn sleek, well fed nppenrnnco of
the advertising staff, but tho mys-
.lory Is u mystery no longer. They
have been living high on tho fruits
of rare fortune. They hnvo ills-
j covered nn appreciative adrortlsor.
Tho news end has finally secured
t tlio documentary evidence of thin
rare occurrence and hero It 1st
Thn Evening Herald,
Klamnth Kails, Uro.
Dear Mr: '
We nro sending you by express
today n small crate of poaches with
our compliments.
In so doing wo arc prompted by
our appreciation of tho excollont re
sults In advertising our busluoss In
Tho Kvenlng Herald for a fow
weeks' during tho past season.
Wo trust the fruit will fill n
want If not n long felt want "
Yours truly,
Per W. If. Harris.
CHAItl.KSTON, W Va., Aug. 30.
Conditions In tho Hharpks-Illatr
section where all mnlos from 14 to
80 yours old nro under armn and
women nnd chlldron uro flaelng In
panic to iioono country, arejlctcrlb
cd bb compared to lll(lum In' 'tho
early dayit of the war In a report
by A. C. Torlor, eiecotlvo member
of tho United Mine worker, tn C.
T Keenoy, district preslllcnt
rorter has Just returned from nn
Inspection trip over tho trouble xunn
with Adjutant General Cbarnook.
flencrnl Charnook reported to Oo-.
nrnnr Morgan that ho had ordered
the armed bands to dlsporso but
that they had rofusod.
Tralna hnvo been commnndt-ered
and wires cut by armed men.
The governor naked Secretary of
War Wcoks to no ml federal troop
to the disturbed area.
I'crter's report said tho miners
wero entrenched on nnn aliln nt a
Mil nnd county doputleu and s'rto
po'.lco were Intrenched on iho oth
er sldo.
A clash, ho said, would draw
2fi00 mon futo battle
Livestock Experts
To Visit Klamath
K. II. Tbomr.H, county agricultur
ist, received word yesterday thnt
Prof. K. Ii. 1'oltor nnd H. A. Llnd
gren, uttnehed to tho Livestock do
pnrtmont of tho Orogon Agricultural
collogo nt Corvallls, -will speak nt
both Kt. Klamnth nnd Merrill on
Heptomber 3.
At 1 o'clock tn tho tfftornoon on
September 3, cattlemen will bo ad
dressed at Kt. Klamath on tho sub
ject of "Fattening and Marketing
of Livestock" and "Uso of Sun
flowors for Unsllage." The aamo
subjocta will bo usod at 8 o'clock
that ovonlng at Merrill whoro cnt
tlomeu nnd llvostock breeders will
hoar IccturoH on thn snmo topics.
County Agrlculturnllst Thomas wilt
accompany tho visitors on their vis-
Its. Doth visitors nro roturnlng
from nn enstorn Iccturn tour on
tho abovo subjects.
J. V. Klmbnll, II .II, Ogle, Clmrlott
V, King of tho Weed I.umbor com
pany nnd 'A. J, Juonlclto pf tho .for
est Horvlco, for tho Inuect control
camp of thn Wood Lumber1 com
pany near Ilray, California, K. W.
I'orklns of tho mntloit plcturo lab
oratory of tho .department of agrl-
ulturo will u n dor t alto tho illmlnK
of tho comploto Insect control op
eration. It ia bopod that tho result
ing film will bo nuido avallablo for
ubo In tlmo to aid tho prlvnto tim
ber ownora of southern Oregon and
nortborn California to socuro fur
ther suppprU fort tho prenosedrcon
trol projoct,n well aa arousa more
gbneral Interest 'In tbo neceaslty ot
bootlo protoctlon In tbo plno stands
throughout tho Pacific coast.
Volunteer rye, yielding 40 bush
oIh to tho ucro nnd In some parts
of tho truct reaching GO bushels,
wns hurvosted on the Caledonia
mnrsh, says James Wutklns,' Jr.,
mnnngrr of tho Pacific Coast mint
company, today. Harvesting of tho
Pacific Coast company's crop and
tho adjoining tract ot tho Klamnth
Mint company, nbout COO acres In
nil, will be completed this week,
said Mr. Watklns. The Pacific
Coast Co's. combined harvester will
then bn moved on a barge down the
lako, unloaded and hauldo thru this
city, loaded on a bargo below town
and taken to Keno, near where
(Jeorgo Watts has cloao to a thou
sand acres of wheat and barley to
Klfty buiholx an aero Is conxld-
nrcd an amazing ryo yield from vol
untoor ground. On tho Hagolstoln
tract, north of tho Cajcdonla marsh,
Votchatzor Ilrotbers harvester la
cutting sown ryo that Is yielding 65
bushels to tho aero, said Mr. Wat
klns. Mint llarvoftt .Vrat
In about 16 dayn tho Pacific
Coast company will start harvesting
their mint crop. A modern distilling
plant, excelling any In tho etato
has boon Installed, with a capacity
of 2C0 to 300 pounds ot mint oil
every 10 or 12 hours. If nocossary
tho still can bo operated night and
day. It I so arrangod that, when
tho mint acreage Is Increased, the
distilling capacity can be doubled by
adding mora vats and replacing' the
present boiler with a larger one.
Tho spring planting ot mint la
not expected to produce a full crop
this year, having been planted late
It la on excellent stand howover,
snya Mr. Watklns, well rooted and
should yield from. 40 to 60 pounds
or oil an aero next .year. About
100 acres was planted In tho spring.
Last fall's planting Is expected to
yield 60 pounds to an ado this year.
Ono hundred ncree are now ready
for mint planting In Octobor und
tho company expocts to have half
us much inoro ready by thon, bring
ing tho total acreage In mint next
ear to approximately 400 acres.
Similar Names
Causes Local Man
John A. Uhrlno, or 32S Michigan
nvenuo, employee of tho Kwnuna Ilox
company, wonts tho public to know
ho Is not the man arrested lost week
for creating n disturbance In tbo
Shlpplngton bunkhouBO.
Tho poaco disturber, booked under
tho name of alius J. II. Uhrlno, was
rolcaseil yostorday. Ho wns n man
nbout 2C years old. Tho Michigan
nvenuo resident Is nn oldor man nnd
his friends Vouch for him as a stnld
and woll-bohaved citizen who would
nevor bo led Into such conduct as
scandalized tho bunkhouse.
Police bellovo that tho man who
did tho femalo Impersonation net at
Shlpplngton was mentally deficient.
They woro unnblo to ascertain any
inoro of bin Idontlty than ho told them
nnd thoy booked him undor tho nnmo
ho gavo, with a preceding "alius" to
cover their doubt, It Is possible that
ho might have appropriated tho name
of tho Mlphlgun nvonuo resident, who
on Friday night, when tho Shipping
ton rumpus occurred, was on n trip
to Crater l.kc,
ThJs morning, Dora Krooslng, ex
amined Saturday by physician ns to
her sanity, wns talton to Salem for
troutmont by Catherine Klssano nnd
another attondant. Tho order for her
cpmmlttment wne Issued this morn
ing by tho cqunty court.
For some tlmo, Mrs, Krooslng hns
had n vory hard etrugglo for
an oxlstence horo nnd this subjoct has
proyod on hor mind, It Is alleged, until-her
mentality waa. at footed. It Is
also statnd&that- tho .attempted sul
cldo of hen 'son Robert Kroeslng
about two months ago, has caused
her much worry,
Tho county fair hoard Is now at
work on tho notlcltlntlon of exhibits
and othor fair objects ot Interest
from tho farraern of this county nnd
many requests aro being sent out
urging tho agricultural districts of
tho rounty to tako part In tho com
ing fair, October 6, 8, and 7th.
Today, Secretary Hoguo is enlarg
ing and Increasing tho scope ot tho
domestic baking In tho cullnaryedo
partment and arranging this Item
so that tho housewives In tho rural
sections can display their culinary
art to tho best advantage 'In tbo fair
dates. With tho completion of this
Horn, tho printer can have tho copy
for tho premium lists for publica
tion. Ono of the most Important meet
ings prior to the fair wilt bo held
Saturday) when thoj fair board will
meet the superintendents ot the dif
ferent departments. Tho superintend
ents who will bo present nre:
Jt llorsosj William Tingloy, N. J. NyJ
hart. Cattlo, Meet; L .A. West, Wnj;
ren Patterson; Cattle, Dairy; Wjll
C. -Eiell, Samuel P. Dohllnier
8heep;.iKred McKendreo; Hogs; .')L
Nylandor; Poultry; Klmor Ap'ple
gato; Ilabblts; Elmer Applegate;
Farm Product; Walter ZetzsWi1,
Potatoos; C. A. Hill;, Fruits; Fta'pjc
Arrruitmnv Plntrnr If p fl
Henry, Mrs. a W.' EberlelnfTo?
westio Art (Adult); Mrs. It. P. Wat
tenburg; CnUnary (Adult; MrjrfUrs, tn all departments, with In
jury MeCIure; Club Work Division ;Tvlte4 friends", embarked .la vlsAtt-
Frank Bex ton. -
The meeting la called tor 2:30
o'clock Saturday afternoon In Room
ZOI, WllUtta bulldmg. The fair
board will outline the work and
suggest plans for the exhibition of
livestock to the' best advantage.
' It. C Oroeebnck, president of the
Klamath Connty Automobllo asso
ciation haa been aaked to submit tho
proposition of an auto parade to tho
association and ask their assistance
in giving tho fair n decided boost
In this ono particular. Tho fair
board ha asked Mr. G roes beck and
tho association to tako over the de
tail and work of this feature entire
ly into their hands.
Tho chamber of commerce haa
notified tho fair board that they
will tako chargo of tho first days'
program, forenoon, noon and evening
details. "Stunt night," tbo amuse
ment featuro ot tho first day will
rest entirely in their hands. Secre
tary Stanley Is authority for tho
statement that, providing sultablo
nrrangements can bo made, the noon
forum, will be hold on tho fair
grounds. This featuro deponda on
what catering arrangements Is mado
and Is only a tentative featuro con
sidered by the chamber of commerce.
Tho lodges In this city, Soerctnry
Stonloy statca, may confer with him
ui prevent regarding any amuse
ment feature which they wish to
stage, pending the appointment of
committees to handle this section.
Tho. fair board state that from
tho indications today, the county
fair will bo an "exceptional show con
sidering tho short space of tlmo In
which-It was tnrmulatod, and that
tho farming community ot this roun
ty aro onrnostly requested to par
ticipate. "Savo you best exhibits for
tb county fair wo want them,"
Is tho slogan from now ou for tho
fair enthusiast's.
Alleging thnt ho earned $1,470
ns a laboror on tho Labnree ranch
near niy and wan only paid $500,
Carl Knabnor haa fllod suit against
Mrs, Anita Labaroo Lowry to col
loct f07G. Knabor claims ho was
employed by Mrs. Lowry from JulH
1910 to April, 1931.
W. O. Davonport returned homo
from San Franclsooiyostorday whoro
ho spent tho- week, previous j, While
there, r. ' Davenport purchased a
largo etock of new Jewelery for tho
holiday trade '
5. P. Bridge Foreman
Killed at Kennett
By Backing Engine
Advlcos wero received at 9 o'clock
thlt morning from Dunsmulr, Calif.,
that Mlko Donahue, Hou thorn Pa
cific brldgo foreman, was run over
and killed this morning at Morloy,
near Knnnet, Calif., bra light engine.
leath wns Instantaneous and Jt Is re
ported that the body swim terribly
niuiijaicu, ,
From facts obtained this r fore
noon, It seems thai Donabua was
standing on a passing track at Mor
loy waiting for passenger train IS
to pass on Its sonth bound Journey.
As It went by with a roar, Donahno
was unaware of tbo .backing up of a
light, onglno on the' passing track
and did not hear Its approach, It Is
said. i
Donahue was well-known nil over
the 8. P. System as he has been
cm ploy od Jn bis present capacity a
number ot years. In thU city, Dona
hue has a iwldo circle of friends who
will regret bis untimely death. Don
ahue won said to be about SO years
P. T. & T FOLK
1 Tho first annual outing ot tho lo
cal employees ot tho Pacific. Tele
phone and Telegraph Sunday was an
cvenMbat will be long remembered,
to hen tho participants tell about
. ..
Suaifar. mornlnr soma IB wark-
tomoblles for fiDencer creek'and tha
manner In which thp day was' spent
would require a book length story
for description.
There were 23 persons in tho
picnic crowd In all. Tha Igenulty
of E .T. Ludden, local manager,
and others had provtdod a program
ot contests, tor which Mr. Ludden
provided prize, and the ladles ot
tbo party went equipped with over
flowing hampers of sandwiches,
cako and other edibles, which the
manager reinforced with five gal
lons ot Ico cream and a quantity
of lemonade. Coffee was browed
over bonfires.
The featuro ot the afternoon's
program was easily the pio eating
contest In which Miss Cocella Mc
Mnhon emerged triumphant but
smeary from a gastronomic mara
thon with Mrs. W. ,E. Deck. Mrs.
Gcorgo Mong nnd Mrs. Fred Wy-
gant Tho pies wero extra-sized
huckleberries, baked in deep pans,
especially prepared with regard for
Juclnoss. Knivos, forks, spoons nnd
fingers were barred In their demol
ition. Tho contestants attackod
thorn as a kitten' does a milk bowl
they waded In with a will, but were
almost forced to swim out,
A kindred, sport, requiring almost
equal skill, was tbo prune hunt,
wherein K. a. Klahn, Floyd McM.ll
tan and JacK crinsnaw Hunted a
single' pruno concealed In a milk
pan ot flour. The gace Is to locate
tho prune by nosing and salvage It
with the tooth, depositing It on
the ground beside the pan.
11 three rooted valiantly In their
respoctlvo pans. Klahn located his
pruno first and, by a daring dive,
solzed it firmly and got It to land
ahoad of tbo others.
Then thero was tho three logged
race, in which Mrs. Mang and Miss
Jones led tho tlold; a cracker oatlngJ
contest won by Floyd McMillan; a
hundred yard dash, in which K, O.
Crinsbnw wns winner; a Back race,
won 'by Gerald West, an ogg race,
in which Misd Cecelia McMuhon
crept up from bohlnd in a field of
aeveu and carried hor ogg across
tho lino whllo her ovor eager op
pononts splllod theirs ono by ono
within a fow feet ot tho finish
rs, neck disproved tho old fal
lacy that tho hammer that Is, the
carpentorlng kind cannot be used
by tho fair sex with skill. Sho
seated five nails In a block ot wood
In quick succession, never missing
a stroke.
Prison werec awarded) foriaacb con
teat,' ranging- from $2.00 merchan
dise orders for tho ladies to cigars
and necktW for the men. '
A report that has been quietly cur
ront, for a, day or so that Charles W.
Half wns about to sever his connec
tion with the First National bank
gas confirmed today by Mr. Hall,
who stated that his rcslgntUissn
would bo acted upon next Tnrslsr
evening at the meeting of the bakc
directors and that he expected It Ui
be accepted.
C. D. Crlsler, stockholder and di
rector, said today that the bank1
director would regret the neesa
slty of accepting tho resignation nasi
be bettered the bank and comma
Ity would suffer a distinct loss In ta
departure of Mr. Hall. In view
the tact, -howover that Mr. Hall's)
Interests at Mnrshfleld are sufferkac
from lack of personal direction, ho
Indicated that them was little chaae
ot persuading the president to recca
slder his action, aa they sueeeaOe
in having him do on two previous oc
casions. r
Mr. Hall said that ho expected t
loave Immediately for Marshtleld, af
ter the directors had tilled bis plaea.
then go to San Krancisco where bns
Incss demand his attention. Hs
will keep his home hero for a tlxna
and return about the end of fles
tember for a ten days stay, which
will. close his affairs here.
Mr. Hall la heavily Interested la
Coos connty, aa president ot tk
Coos and Carry Telephone rrnaissrr
and in banks at Marshtleld and Baa
"The neceaslty of the s'ltantlaa?
leaves no other course," he
"much as I regret leaving Klamath'
Falls. I am glad, however, that 1
can resign at a time when the bank's
affairs aro in such prosperous ooa
dltloh. Deposits have grown greatly
tn the last month and loans are hi
a healthy condition, When I ate
out my successor, whoever he may
be, will take the head ot aa sound aa
institution ns there is In the state,"
Jackson Co, Mine
Sold for $30,00
MEDFORD, Aug., 3Q Tho Reve-i
nuo mine, In the Kano's creek dis
trict, owed hy E. L. Coburn ot Orants
Pass and O. W. McClendon of Gold
Hill, hns been sold to N. E. Conk
lln and A. L. Conklln of Dakerstleld.
Cal.. for $30,000.
Tho mine, which Is better known
as the famous Rhotun Pockot mine, la
located one mllo south of tho Gold
Ridgo mlno and was traced up tha
hill mora than 20 years ago by Al
lthoton and Jack llutlor, who due
a hole 20 feet deep and between the
surfaco and tho bottom ot It extract
ed moro than $140,000. After get
ting tho gold tho miners abandoned
tho mine and visited Grants Pass.
Gold Hill aud Jacksonville, spendmr
freely n sthey went, staging gay par
ties tn one-night stands In tbo wild
est spending episode this section ever
The mine has not been workod for
some years, but operations will be
resumed In the noar futuro.
Traveled 3000 Miles
Yfithout Accident
Moro than 3000 mlleu without a
puncture, blowout or accident ot any
kind, savo a small scratch to n fond
or, is tho pleasant record reported
hy Mrs. W. C. Davenport and daugh
ter, MUs Marie, who returned last
night from n four weeks'trlp through
California. Thoy went as tar south
as Tin Juana, Mexico.
Mrs. and Miss Davenport woro ac
companied ns tar as San Francisco
by Miss Albors and Mrs, William Toll
of Minneapolis, who had boon their
gucats horo, and on their return last
night woro accompanied by Mrs.
Frank Murray ot Vallojo, California,
who will visit at the Davonport
Mc. (Davenprt, metfcla,,' M &
daughteciln-.BnVrasjclaco axtd. re
turned, with them. Ho was away tar
u, week, "
MX . M