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Member of the Associated Press.
Fifteenth Venr. No. fioon.
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Thorn In much Inquiry among
pooplo of this city about "what hag
happened to tbo high cost of living
commlttco's, report on living condi
tions horn" and some wonder has
boan rxpreeeod that no statement
linn boon matin rulatlvn to tbo nltuiv
tlon. The mooting, ut which tho com
mittor to Investigate tho living coil
here wnn nppolntod, -was hold Juno
17 mid tbo membership wan Incronv
id from 11 to 13 an Juno 30, with
Jnmmt Htnvvm an pormanont chair
man and T. L. Blnnloy nn aocrotary.
Olnco that ttmo reports bavo boon
received from cltloii within n 100
mllo radius nnd Chairman Blevnns
stalod In an Informal Intorvlow
omo two weeks ago that all tho
material wan In for a ropurt.
Chairman Htovomt wu asked yen
torday when tho mattar would bo
brought up nnd stilted that ho bud
understood that It would bo rnportud
upas ut it forum of tbo chamber of
commerce. In vlow of tho fact that
bn baa boon nollrltcd n number of
time for thU report by cltlienn of
all cIumcii, C'linlrmnn Hlnvonn stated
that n nnwspapor report would bo
mado of thu matter for everyone's
benefit. ,
Klamntb Kail la getting a grow
ing reputation ns a city where tho
rout of living la high. So far no
pubtlr showing has been mado to
Ktipport tho continual assertion
that hnvn been made. How-
nror, horn la it sample from tho
Medford Mall Tribune of the Im
pressions that are carried away
ties hrii by tdilton-fcOej'-cr fro
'a lady who think Melfard prlcos
aro alto high: '
To the Kdltor' I have Just
settled In Medford after tour
ing throughout tho stato. Do
you know that uoxt to Klamath
Hit 11m Medford la ono of tho
highest priced plncea In tbo
atato, And It hna that ropu
, tatllin. Everywhere I wont I
hoard about tho high' cost of
' living In Medford. If tbaro la
noma roason for this It might
be a flno Idea- to publish It.
If not tbon thta la a problora
for your civic organliatlona to
olvo Ouch a roputatton hurt
a placo for future aottlera.
Medford, Aug. 21'
Tho editor of tho Mall Trlbuno
discussed the letter with a Medford
morchant, ho suld, and thn merchant
donlod thnt cost of living thoro was
higher thim elaowhere, In propor
tion to freight ratos. Tho merchant
said Investigation would dlsdoso
tbo facta supporting his statement.
The, Mall Trlbuno suggests that
whon tho Medford delegation romos
hero next month that tho cost of
living bo ono of tho matters gone
In tho meantime It tan commlttoo
nppolntod by tho chambor of com
merce, has any Information that
will throw light on Klamath Falls
Hying coata, In comparison with
costs elsewhere, thu publlo In de
manding It. Tbo sooner It Is mado
public, regardless of whothor It Is
favorable or unfavorable, and a sat
isfactory explanation of this vital
problem, tho sooner will adjust
montH bn mado It adjustments aro
noccssary. It conditions horn com
pare, favorably -with conditions olso
whoro It should bo oasy to show
tho' pubflc that tho talcs of high
p'rlcoH horo are hurtful propaganda
nnd nil good cltliona will Join in
suppressing such n harmful chock
upon tho growth ot tho community.
Story of Gruesome
Find Discredited
(The Btory prevalent In this city
today that thrao bodlos nnd a wreck
ed Dodge enr worn dlscovorod at Cas
tll'n, California was found to bo with
out foundation, Tho Horuld, with
assistance of tho Southern P:icflc
officials invostlgntod. Tho rail
way's agent at Castolla reported tho
story m bnsolovu rumor.
f The story spread In Dunsmulr,
Weed nnd far north ns Kirk.
No man can mako a mountain, but
Home mon can mako u big bluff,
1 2 Dead, Score Hurt
In Wreck On Rio
Grande and Western
ailANI) JUNCTION, Cobj, Aug.
24. Knglnoor Douglas Armstrong
nnd ono pasaenror was klllod. and
'morn than 3G passongors woro In
jured, when a Itlo Qrando nnd
wostorn train plunged Into n crook
near Oolo oarly today, as tho rn
sult of destruction of tho brldgo by
cloudbursts, '
Thn stuto highway unglueor's of
ficii hern was Informed today that
tbo stato highway commission will
opon bits nt Balem', August 30, for
tbo surfnclng of tho six nnd ono
halt mllo stretch of road from Bnr
clay Springs to Lnram's mill.
Hlds for both macadam I ted nnd
cinder surfnen will be received, nnd
thn commission wilt choowi the class
or paving that appears satisfactory.
Tho road, known as tho Modoc
Point road, was recently opened to
travel, after being closed for con
struction nil summer. It Is rough
nnd rocky for virtually Its ontlro
leikgth, very hard on automobile.
Tourists nrn advised by the cham
bor of rommorco Information bur
eau to nw tho west sldo of tho
lako routo to reach Crater lake Nat
all tourists visit tho Information
bureau, however, nnd n fow try tho
east aide and carry away n very
lm d Impression of Klamath county
roads becauso of tho Modoc stretch,
Ilesldenls ot tho Fort Klamath
and Cnlloquln districts, nnd local
residents who havo Interests In those
dUtrlctN that requires frequent visits
ulfo will bo ploaaod to learn that
It It fitaiiicd to 'speedily Improve If.
Woman's Hand Is
Terribly Lacerated
In Electric Wringer
Mrs. Sarah Oowen, well-known
resident of this city was severely In
jured this aftornoon wbon her loft
hand was caught in tho wringer ot
nn cloctrlc washing machine. Neigh
bors bearing her scream ran to her
omittance but wero unable to abut
off tho powor. It was nearly 20
ralnuton boforn an electrician ar
rlvod to shut off tho powor and by
that time Mrs, tlowen's hand was
ntrlppod of nearly ull tho flesh nud
ono finger wan gone, It Is roportod
by tboaa who witnessed tho nccl
dont. Sho was rushed to tho hospltnl
nnd Is under tho enro of Dr. U I..
No Arrests For
Traffic Violations
For Past 2 Days
taws rotating to automobllo rules
and regulations bavo had n strenuous
onforcomont In this city slnco J. J.
McMnhon arrived from Salem, stated
Traffic Officer McLaughlin today.
Thoro havo boon no arrosts In tho
lust two days duo to tho fact that
automobllluts nra complying with the
Tho last word hnn boon said rela
tive tp tbo matter ot speodlni; in
this city, also tho crosnlnK nt In
torsoctlona, ho said, Tho nutoists
ot this city havo hud warning al
most dally from tho proas nsktni
thorn to cross tho Intersection? nt a
spood less than 12 mllos nn hour
An Intelligent driver, Offlcor Mc
Laughlin states, will cross nn Inter
section very slowly nnd cautiously,
Tho man passing thon can do so in
watch out for him."
School will soon start. During va
cation tlmo, tho nutotsts havo not had
to slow down to 10 mlleo nn hour
when passing school buildings. Now
tbo ordinance will bo observed nnd
fair warning Is given not to hit It
up boyond that snood as a chock will
bo kopt on tho nutos passing BChools.
Ono othor Injunction. At night,
whoa an autolst turns out his lights
or "flicks" thorn to nn oncoming au
tolst, nnswor tho samo way and thon
whon within 50 or n 100 yards, turn
out anl stop, Lonvo on tbo dimmers,
Tho man passing them can do 3 In
HUM, England, Aug. 24. Fatal
ities In today's dlrlglblo dlsastnr
bavo not been dofinltoly ascertain
ed, but It In believed tbnt not loss
than ton of tho 411 persons on board
weru savod. Twelvo bodies wore re
covered. Tho disaster occurred while tho
craft was on her final trial flight
before being turned ovor- to tbo
United States navy,
Tbo crash camo Just aflor tho
ulrshlp bad mado a sharp turn, ovor
Hull. Apparontly tho strain placed
upon tho ship In tho turn was too
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. Twnty
one Amorlrann woro on the dlriglblo
7. lt-2 when It was wrecked todtt)
during tbo trial flight, said a re
port to tho nnvy department. A'
730 tonight it appeared that only
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. Details
ot tho pence troaty botwoen tho
United States and Germany -woro
laid before, tho republican mombors
of thn senate foreign relations com
mitter today at tho Whlto House
by President Harding and Secretary
ot Rlnto Hughes. Tbo majority ot
mombors aro reported to havo given
cordial approval to tho terms.
Tho president hopos for ratifi
cation of tho troaty at an early dato,
but will not opposo tho 30 day ro-
cess ot congress which Is to be
gin tonight, Inasmuch as it la do
strod that the German retebstag and
tbo United States sonato consider
tho mattor simultaneously and tho
rolchatag doea not moot until Sop
tombor 20.
Tho treaty la reportod to bo a
comparatively short documont. It
Is primarily a peace treaty and Its
ratification will bo followed by a
treaty of commerce and amity.
The text Is not to bo disclosed un
til signed today by Commissioner
Dreaol for American and Foreign
Minister Iloson for Gormnny.
Remedy For Canal
Leak Is Up To
District Directors
Conaont of thn dlroctors ot thn
Klamath Irrigation district to charg
ing tho cost ot Improvement to op
oration and malntonnnco Is noccs
sary In nbatlng tho nulsanco cauBod
by tho soepago ot water from tho
govornmont's main canal near tho
end of Pine streot, says H. D. Now
ell, projoct manager, In n letter to
Dr. 1 1. D. Lloyd Stow art, city health
Dr. Stownrt wroto tho projoct mnn
agor on August 18, asking co-operation
In rollovlng tho condition,
which ho descrlbod as Insanitary and
a nulsanco. It wag asscrtod that nn
Impnssablo Btroot was croatod by tho
mlro ot tho soopago and that bata.
monta In tho nlghborhood wero
Mr. Newell In Ills reply dlrectj at
tention to a similar complaint made
last year by Mrs. D. D. Grimes, l.Sr
Pine Btroot, which was referred to
tho director ot tho reclamation ser
vice Ho rulod that as no fundi wero
available tor dralnago nny remody
must bo charged to operation and
malntonnnco and thoroforo would
como under tho Jurisdiction of tho
district dlroctors.
It Is suggestod that it tha city
would permit ubo of the sowor, a tllo
drain could bo built from the flood
ed nroa. A fow hundred teet of drain,
It was said might solve tho difficulty
nnd would bo much less costly than
comontlng tha banks of (he canal.
six of tho ontlro complomont ot pas
songorn bod nurvlvod.
Tho Unltod State wa to pay 12.
000,000 for tbo dlrlglblo on final
delivery. Tho loss falls on tho Eng
lish contractors who built (he craft.
LONDON, Aug. 24. Tbo giant
Z R-2, purchased by the United
Stntes from Orcnt Britain, explod
ed ovor tho city of Hull, according
to advltos rocelved horo, Tho air
ship Is wrecked In tho river num
ber. '
The airship was passing over Hull
when suddonly It broka In two.
There woro terrific explosions fol
lowed by flames as tbo dlrlglblo
J dropped. Thrco parachutes left tho
craft, with thrco men clinging to ono
I parachute.
Tbo explosion en u sod a panl.; In
. Hull. Tbo wrcckngo fell ovor Vlc-
torla plor. Many windows woro
I broken by tbo force of tbo explosion.
Lato Monday evening, Frank
Schraldtz, proprietor ot a storo at
Deatty arrived in this city and re
ported at tbo sheriffs' oftlco that
bootleggers had visited that place
during tho showing of a traveling
carnival troupo nnd had sold wbls
key to Klamath Indians. Some
brawls had occured nnd a poolroom
proprietor named Johnnlo Hutchl
son had been forced to uso a billiard
cuo on two Indians on Saturday
night In his placo to preserve or
' C. C. Low, Jess Walker. Henry
Stout and Jets Hunsaker at onea
wore deputlzod to go to Bcatty and
investigate. Arriving tboro, tbo
shorift's party found the placo quiet
and no "outbreaks" as first rumors
bad namod It. A search In the vi
cinity ot tho district notted them
nothing In tho way of the names
of tho nlleged bootleggers. It -was
reported to tbcm that slnco tho
recent nllotment ot $200,000 by tho
government had been mado, the In
diana had been securing "firewater"
from somo source A raid was mado
on tho ranch ot Gcorgo Honderson
nnd Matt Lowry last wcok by W,
G. West, Indian agent, netting a
quantity ot alleged moonshlno
It has boon reported to tho sher
If fit' oftlco that tho raid made on
tbo Hondorson ranch tallod to got
tbo full supply of liquor which was
said to havo been mado a fow days
before. An Investigation was mado
ot this mattor yostorday by Deputy
Sheriff Hawkins -who loft at noon
for tho Hondorson ranch.
In connection with tho moon
shlno, it has been rumored that
whiskoy merchants aro working in
tho vcllnlty of tho Huckleborry
mountain among the campers thero.
Mon with full "cargoos" of tho
moonshlno liquor bavo boon seen
In tho berry patches by plckors from
this city.
An appraiser ot tho London In'
nurunco company from tho San Fran
Cisco oftlco was ill tho city yester
day inspecting tho ruins of the Mars
pbol room nnd bofore ho left, a set
tlement was mado with John llmnn
and Jalmar Knkhonon for $5,892.14
on tbolr policy calling1 for 16000.
Tho government, says Mr. Newell,
spont about 000 In blanketing tho
ditch slopo In 1919, but remedied,
tho loaKngo little Whon tho water
roaches Its Its maximum height It
seeps through the bank,
Mr,' Newell said tho health offi
cer's, protest had been referred to
tbo district directors. '
State Will Ask
Death Penalty In.
Brumfield Trial
ItOBBOURU, Aug. 24. The stato
will ask tbo death penally In tho casn
of'Dr. R. M.Drumfleld, accused of thn
murdor of Dennis Itussoll, District
Attorney Neunor announcod toduy.
Ho said that the prosocutlon has evi
dence that has not been published
Tho district attorney expoctn tho
defonao to( bo Insanity or lapsed
memory. It Is known tbat prone
Inont alienist will attend tho trial.
Because ot difficulty tbat ts ox-,
poctod in obtaining a Jury in' Doug
gifts county a change of venure rnay
bo asked.
Davo Shook, residing near Dairy
was In tbo city today on business
and stated tbnt the Yonnn Valley
oil wolt was being operated stead
ily in tho search ot oil. Shook Mid
that when bo left tho rig yesterday,
tbo log showed over .1100 foct
penetration and that thero we. e in
dications of oil.
A bucket ot tl.o water withdrawn
from tho.woll had an oily substance
on It and when this scum was
sklmmod off and flame applied, the
substance burned freoly. A sampio
was to havo been brought bcro frr
sending off to a chorals! but was loft
at tbo rig. Rosa Sutton was cnt
bark to get it today.
Mr. Shook stated that a. (.00 feet,
ono ot tho finest artesian well ever
struck In that section was faun,
the water icy cold and of al'i-nar
bluo color. Tho water brought up
yesterday at 1100 teet as warm and
had, Shook tonnecf It? "a frlKTat'tul
smell, Just like the smell you g-t
around a wharf where the water
from tho ocean has recedrd from
ItV and tbat a black oil substance
was on tho surface
Thn drill has boon kept going
steadily, Shook said, for the past
month, two mon remaining en" tho
Job nil tho time. Tbo promoters
of tbo company, alj of .iWhora J aro
residents of tho valley, say thiyr In
tend to keep on until they find oil.
Women Have Close
Call When Auto
Goes Over Bank
Sadlo Hartley and Qusslo Voss,
proprietors of the Klamath Rooms
at 125 South Sixth street today owo
their liven to the .strength which
was in tho top of a closed Dodge
coupo car. '
Yesterday evening Just at dusk
thoy were driving on tho Algoma
Flats and -when a car approched
them going towards this city, In nn
effort to glvo plonty ot passage
spaco, Mrs. Hartley drovo to tho
odgo ot the roadside. A steep bank
lay undor the edge ot the road and
Just as sho attempted to stop, a
heavy .layer ot dust permitted tho
loft whools ot tho car to "roll" and
the car turned turlo, smashing tbo
right sldo ot tho'coupo in Its down
ward flight. Qloss nnd portions ot
tho frame work fell upon tho oc
cupants but did not cut clthor ot
The rolling over however knocked
both women unconscious. When tho
drivor ot tho car who was coming
tnwarJs them reached their sides.
consciousness "was returning. First
aid was given both ot them and thoy
were brought to this city nt once.
Tho top of tho coupo was com
plotoly smashed except tbo left hand
corner behind tho drivers' seat, tho
fenders in front smashed and tho
rndlntor loosened. Tho fly wheel
was bont so tbat it could not bo
usod. Tho car was brought Into
the city last night by H. S. Wake
field, tho Dodge agent hero, undor
Its own power. Mr, Wakofiold es
timates tho damage to the car nt
botwoen $900 and $1,000.
WORCESTER. Mass.. Aug. 24.
A puro whito robin, tho first tbat Is
known to bayo been seen In Worces
ter county in 30 years, was report
od to tho Worcester natural history
museum by Ci Sj Richardson, ot Auburn.
Development of Orecosi'e scenic at-
'tractions, and Industrial rnonreos go
band In hand, asserts "ProfHor J. B.
Hornir, bead of the department of '
history at tho Oregon agricultural
college, who accompanied by bis wlfo
and daughter, i on an automobile
tour ot Iho state and was a visiter
hero today. '
Tho Lewis and Clark exposition,
said tho professor brought many per
sons to tho northwest, to whom U.4
northwest was an unfamiliar land.
They saw Jts many resources nnd re
vised their previous conceptions. As
a result E. H. Harrlman, th railway
builder, found their pursei opened for
railway Investment, and. an era ot
omplro. building. was begun. .,
Southeastern. Oregon, 3.17.1, Prof i--sor
Jforner,-has"Tnany attractions"' for '
tho searchers for tbo unlquo and j
spectacular InNature. Many ot thoso I
who are attracted by tha scenlcjuro y
find opportunities for,lnfesiment and
tho dovelopment of commercial enter
prises. And so aa the tldo ot 'ravel
grows stronger, now flnanrUl streams
pour into tbo channels of commerce
and Industry. Communltlo-t must not
estimate tho value of iconic, at
tractiveness merely on a basis hf tho
money spent in passing by tbe tra
veler, the professor holds.
Professor Horner is completing a'
work on tbo history of Oregon, In
which some of the marvel ot "tho
state will be deal, with. Thj first .
copies will be ready in a few week.
It will be a.text book that will supply
"JjPSA' frtfeowpjefcenslblp, hjstory '
of the stato in tho Btito ichoiTiT
In preparing tho history. Protestor
Horner had tbe collaboration ot Capt
O, C. Applcgato in gathering data
regarding this section of Oregon. ' ,
The professor visited the raves of
the Deschutes country. Crator Lake
and tbe Sand Creek pinnacles on hit
While Crater Lake is a marve'
ot nature, ho says, tbe pinnacles are
unique. Crater inko Is recogntied
as one of tbo 'sis sconlc wonders of
the continent, but tbe p'lnnacle region
atands alone In the world as a scenic
attraction. And tha Bend eaves are
n wonderland tor tbe scientist and
tho explorer ot Nature's oddities, he
declares,, that, wlthv other natural
attractions, will drawt!-oninds to
southeastern Oregon as they 'bo-
como more widely advertis
ed. Professor Horner wa a speaker t
at tho forum luncheon'of tbe cham
bor of commorco today.
ln tbo year 1919, 15,219 doaihs
occured In tiro losses, ot wblcti 75
epr cent were preventable, and
177,864 women and children wore
Injured, stated Fire Chief Arabrosa
nt tbo forum ot the chambor of com
morco tpday. Over 8X per cout wore
children undor school age and the
monotary value which flamoa licked
up In proporty was $275,000.0001 en
ough to build a Panama canal every
yoar. L
Tbo chief gave an 'in'teresttngibts
tory ot tiro prevention, aai'lhe
methods best suited for this city
Mayor 'Wiley followed by substant
iating tho fire chief in his plana 'for
tire prevention and stated that a,
uumbor of citizens had asserted that
thoy were willing to stand additional
taxes to Improvo the fire situation
plan here, also Increase the fire
fighting equipment. '
LOS ANGELES. Aug. 24, Horace
Box, county Jail prlsonor, was shot
and klllod by doputy sheriffs In 'a
gun tight today, after Box waa dis
covered attempting to break Jail.
He struck a deputy ovor the head
with the log of a cot and seised all
gun, but was shot by another dep
uty, I " "