The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 20, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Personml Mention
Up. inA Mra. Robrt I. Sloan and
mb Junior MX, this morning for
Ashland where they will Ylsltjtor
few days.
R. E. Smith It spending the day
I. lha Malln country with tho delo
awtlon that accompanied Secretary
Mr. and Mm. Fred Petowon and
family were early morning visitors
in town from their ranch near Mer
rill. Mrs. Qeorgo Chamber In left this
morning for nn xtended yUlt In
Cedar Rapids and Chicago, and It
her son Is not ahlo to obtain a
furlough; and moet her In Chicago,
Mrs. Chamhcrlln will go onv to
Maryland and Tlslt him there.
Mr. and Mrs. E. It. Roams will
leato tomorrow for San Francisco
after BCTcral weeks Tlslt here.
MY. Estollo Carrlor, ono of tho
coDular teachers In tho high school
.. 4I.A ttflHt fAV ' vium ntt thill.
morning for San Francisco where j
she may spend tho greater part of
tha winter. '
Miss Betty Gaddcs rotnrned to
Iter homo at Eaglo Rldgo tarcrn
this afternoon after a two days stay
Davis Tonng and Qeorge McLeod
are Klamath Falls visitors today
from Stockton. They aro register-
d at the white Pelican hotel.
Mr. and Sin. H. O. Smith ftre
registered at the White Pelican ho
tel from Redlands. California.
Mis Myler Calkins and Miss
Maria Ohenchaln. who have boon
visiting -with Miss Obenchaln'a par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oben-
chain, at their ranch near Ely, are
axnected home tonlcht.
Phil Slnnott and Androw M. Col
lier, who left day before yesterday
for the lava beds are back and Mr.
Slnnott Is spending tho day visit-ina-
with old friends.
M'ts Bernardino Hannon will ar
rive tonight from South Bend,
Washington and from Portland
where sho spent a two weeks vaca
tion. Miss Hannon Is employed by
the Standard Oil company.
Clay Ratcjttf, ono of the older of
Klamath county a pioneers, Is spend
lzifl a few day -In town from Mer
rill whoro he Is now making his
Mies Harriett Lawrence was a city
visitor yesterday afternoon from her
horn at Merrill.
Miss Oladys Kllgore arrived last
night from Bly to visit with ner
atster, Miss Bee Kllgore, of this
city. '
Mrs. B. R. Jewett and E. K. Jew
ett are tourist visitors here today
from Plalnfield, New Jersey.
B. W. Paul is In town on busi
ness this week-end from Medford.'
Miss Grace Hoagland and Miss
Pearly Relnle, Rez LaPrarlo and
Stanley Hajlcek will spend Sunday
at Crater lake.
Mrs. A. J. Lyle and daughter Atax
ia left on this morning's train for
San Francisco where tboy will visit
for en Indefinite time with Mrs
levies cousin, Mrs. Huntington.
Edwin Drlscoll, son of Mr. and
Mra. James Drlscoll, left this morn
lng for Santa Clara, California,
where he Is attending college.
Miss Clara Calkins spent lost
evening with Miss Ina Graham at
her ranch home on the Algoma
Mr. and Mra. Patrick E. Hannon
left yesterday for South Bend,
Washington, to visit with their
daughter. Mrs. M. M. Fisher, and
Mr. Caldwell was a county seat
visitor yesterday from his home at
' Floyd. Brandenburg was in town
on matters of business from hla
home at Malln yesterday.
3. A. Jacoby was In tpwn from
the Cblloqnln country yesterday af
ternoon on matters of business.
Mr. Allen of Worden made a trip
Into town yesterday after supplies
for his ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Gooding are
the parents of a son bom yesterday.
The infant weighed ten pounds.
Mother and son are doing iwell re
ports Dr. R. B. Craver, who is In
Mr. and Mrs. O. Matton and son of
Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kant
and two daughters of Portland and
Mrs. Belle Bridges of Oakland, Ore
gon, left today after a short stay
here." They are on an auto camp
ing tour of tho stato and camo In by
way of Crater lake, leaving by tha
Topsy grade and Ager. Mr. Matton
is a nephew of it. J. Matton and his
wife 1 a alitor of Jesio Bcckley, of
thle city, whom they visited whllo
Leon D. Lawton, son of D. T.
Lawton, who was with tho Oregon-
California Power company nt Kln-
mnth Falls, has been transferred to
this city. Mr. Lawton, accompan
ied by his wlfo, nrrlvod In this city
last night. Ho will sorro In tho of
ftco of T. II. Noss, general super
intendent of tho company. Medford
Clarion. ,QHltjTl
Mrs. L. B. Hague, public stenogra
pher. Is reported seriously 111 at hor
homo on the Keno road.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul II. McKee nr
rlvod yesterday morning from San
Francisco on n combined business and
ploasuro trip. Mr. McKco Is vlco
president of tho Cnllfornta-Oregon
Tower company.
Miss II. C. Huntington arrived last
night from Sacramento and is reg
istered at tho Whlto Pelican hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rlggs aro
hero for a brief visit from Roso
burg on their way to Crater lake.
B. II. Hurd of tho California
Oregon Power company, who nrrlved
yesterday- with Mr. and Mrs. McKee,
left this morning for tho roturn trip
to San Francisco.
D. D. Llskcy pu'. tho buslnoss of
harvesting his crop nsldo long En
ough to como Into town for supplies
this morning from his ranch at Ma
tin Gorge Stevenson returned fester
day morning from Diamond lake
whom he went for a few days with
his brother, Don. George loft last
night f;r Bly expecting to return
again this evening.
Mra. B. M. Igl will entertain the
Bridge club at tho homo of Mrs.
Roger C. Dovroese, on Wednesday of
next week.
A good bed and a good bath at
Colonial rooms, 11th nonr Main St.,
and at Colonial annex, 741. Walnut
Ave. All outside rooms. 20
FOR SALE Will sell nt cost n deli
very bod for Ford or other light
car. Boo Tracy, Central School. 30
,WWV...W.W.-.N. WM.1l .WO.-.. V . y. ....'.' j
L .. - - '" yiilMwwnilllln "
WANTED Experienced hand Ironor.
French Hand Laundry. 123 N.
4th street. .2023
Exams, for Annapolis
And West Point to
Be held October 29
Congressman Nick slnnott will
mako his 1922 appointments to tho
naval academy at Annapolis and tho
military academy at West Point by
means of 'a competitive examination.
This examination will bo held for
Mr. Slnnott by the U. S. civil com
mission on October 29, 1921 In Baker,
Bend, La Grande, Klamath Falls, On
tario, Pendleton and The Dalles.
, Appointments will be mado by tho
congressman according to tho grades
mado by the candidates taking the
examination, as reported to him by
tho examiners of the civil service
The second district of Oregon will
have three vacancies at tho naval aca
demy, three prlnclpalsblps and nlno
altcrnateshlps; anr ono prlnclpalshlp
and two altcrnateshlps at the military
academy during 1923. Tho official
examinations to Annapolis aro held
during February and April 1922, and
for West Point March 7th, 1922. Mr.
Slnnott has set the date for the com
petitive examination far ahead In
order that tboso successful therein
may have plenty of tlmo to prepare
for tho official examinations. -
Any young man of tho required age
who is a bona fldo resident of tho
second district of Oregon is ollglblo
to tako tho examination. Full par
ticulars regarding same may bo had
by writtlng to Hon. N. J. Slnnott
Room 347, House of Representatives,
Washington, D. C.
FOR RENT Threo room furnlshod
house. 933 Washington St. 20-23
FOR RENT Partly furnlshod 4
room houso and bath, flno location.
S13 Lincoln. 20
FOR SALE Oood cooking and Jolly
apples. Cth and l'lno. Mrs. Vhlt-
Inrfc. ?n
All persons deslrlug tossona on
band Instruments nro requested to bo
at tho old Court houso Monday night
nt 7 .10 eharp. Ask for band direct
or. 20-22
Children don't forgot tho Free Swim
Tucsay nsnrnlng nt tho Now- Hot
Knrlnir tmlh hnmn. 5(1. ""
WANTED To trndo n lot of Inch
lumber and dimension for Oats. Call
wrltd or phono. Nino Lumbor Co
City. Phono 23F2. 20-23
WANTED To trndo Pine nnd Fir
lumber, nil dimensions for hay and
oats. Call, phono or write Whlto
Pine Lumber Co., City. Phono 23F3
See thoso $1.00 Children's slippers
In tan and whlto nt tho Evans Shoo
Co. 19-20
FOR RENT Now 3 room houso,
partly furnished: closo In. Rent
rnngnnnhln. Ifi!t2 TVftll itrnnt. fTnll
Elrt. Phnnn 2R0.J. nffnr l n. in. nr
- I - -" w -- -, --... w r. .... v.
call in person tui joircrcson.
11921 490-Chovrolo'.. fully
equipped with accessories. New car
1 1918-Bulck 8lx. Flvo now
tiros. Car A-l condition.
1 1918-Bulck Four, guaranteed
first class condition. Real bargain.
Inquire of J. C. WRIQHT OR
FOR RENT Nlcoly furnished room
at cornor or 4th and Pine streets.
St. 19-20
Boys Mule Skin Scout Shoes from
12.00 up at tho Evans 8hoo Co. 19-20
WANTED Position as cook or wait
ress on ranch or in camp. Call
Box 2, Herald office. 19-22
CUT-OFF mon wanted, also common
laborers. Growers Packing Ware
housing Ass'n. 19-26
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notlco Is hereby given that tho
copartnership horotoforo existing bo
tweon Albort Plasll and Robert Kctt
ner. undor tho firm namo of Kcttncr
& Plasll, at Malln, Oro.. has this day
been dissolved, tho business of said
firm bolng henceforth conducted by
Albort Plasll, ufto has ossumor nil li
abilities and to whom all accounts
duo and owing to said firm aro pay
able. Signed: ALBERT PLAB1L
Fare 2 So each way
Leaves Rez Cafe Leaves Pelican City
7:45 a. m. 8:00 a. m.
11:45 p. m. 1:00 p. ta.
5:00 p. m. 0:30 p. m.
Reckard Reat Service
Phoae 77
WANTED Young experienced wo
man for hotel work, out or town.
$60 per month. Employment office
741 Walnut. 20
Colonial one room cabins for
housekeeping. 11th near Main St.,
and 741 Walnut ave. 20
FOR SALE Astrlcan. apples, 2 and
3 cents per pound. 834 conger
Ave. 20-22
FOR RENT Nlcoly furnished four
room apartment, also garage. No
children. Phono 192M. 416 S. River
side. 20
FOR SALE At a bargain; lot and
furnished cabin. $176 If taken at
once, also ono now six room modern
house, less than cost. Phono C45M.
Hie Strand
iwwivwvwwv'wiiw'v..vnr vhiwwi.kiw-vvwwv
You re Looking Better
Usually keen for a fresh start, too, when you
return from your vacation.
We can help you make next year's play time
even more successful. Those wonderful
.X? v,viSA" ' -a.1' tr- -ret-' u.r ar imiori " i.1."
plans, conceived in the last days of this vaca
tion, can be made realities. Why not start
next year without a financial care?
Deposit one or two dollars more if you wish
with us each week. This systematic plan
will provide a vacation surplus which' will add
greatly to your pleasure.
We will supply you with a saving device if
you desire A neat little book Bank. Start
this account now, and remember that we add
infm-Aa1 nil vrtu anf aeirlV.
..A.. J wwv w..ww
The First National Bank
-(VJ-trJ-xru'U'ijunanrirvvt''V'i'ii"' firrT - . ... -,,-,- -, ,-,- -,-,-,-, ,
Ho ready for school with a pair,
of Boy's Buckheclit Army shoes, i
light, comrortnblo and strong. Evans
Shoo Co. 19-20
RENT REDUCED 6 room housw.i
1310 Munxanttn St., $20 per month.;
Inqulro C12 N. 9th at. iv-u-
FOR SALE 1 ton truck, many other
cars. Will trndo. What have you.
Seo Dick, Cth and Klamath avo.
FOR RENT Nlcoly furnished front
room, bath nnd phone. 612 N. 9th
St. 19120
SELLINO OUT All goods must bo
sold In tho next 10 days. Many
good things wo enn show. Seo Dick
Cth and Klamath nve. 19-20
i?L4 i ia.
LeayeYour Rltws
Mm 9 OclocK-Your
A.M Pictures dm ready af 5
rcwal MLY
r7n7 "
lUr,T-l UY Tt" DRUG3 Ug?UffAvl
FOR SALE A-l paying buslncsi, '
now and second hand goods, Right,
man. Snap. Must quit. Boo Dick, Cth
and Klamath aro 19-20,
Don't fail to read the Herald Classified Ads.
Ballads of the Day
Formerly the Mondale
1180 Main St.
The little houso with big shows.
Chas. Ray in
"Honorable Algy"
Ray at his boat and 'you know
what that moans, action all the
tlmo, also
. Ford Educational
A Good Comedy
Continuous show Sunday starts "t
1 o'clock. , i
Sentimental selection!
and love songs of today. Pop
ular favorites with pood musi
by well known artists.
n 1 "Music
LiSUi Headquarters"
Shepherd Co.
Fine Pianos
Victrolas, Grafonolas
N. C. O.
DL C l7F7 I and our
rllOne OZ-JsalesMgr.,
MR. WRIGHT will call on you
with full details of our Stock
offering. .
532 MAIN
Inheritance Tax Insurance, Child' Educational Pol
icy, Fire Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Life In
surance, Accident and Health Protection.
i ' .
-x . c c r Qiioarmm Rlrlflr.. Klamath Falls. Ore.
"'"" """" " -
( '
:rrxsrr ir- - trr-"-.
Vf , !j . .4' A 1