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Geologists Predict Oil Sea Under Klamath Basin
1 .
sH I1 H - -" A a. H
II, W. I'd I m cr, gunurnt mnnngor
nt tlm Lumbermen's Warehousing
und HtuniKi) company, n corporntlon
(lint proposes to take chnrgo of tlio
lumber product In tlio pllo, Itsuo
nPKuttnblu receipts nnil npply to
lumber tlio riinio mothods of hand
line nnd selling that now nppljr to
gruln nnd othor commodities that
uio warehouse facilities, Is back,
from u trip throuKh northern Cnll-,
furnla lumber districts ami will bo
hero fur several day. If condl-!
tlntiH seom to warrunt ho nald n'
brnnch (ifflro might bo eitnbllshod
hero. I
Tlio warehousing plan Is said to'
tin .nllrnlv nnw In tlm ltlmhnr In. I
dustry .Anioni; othor features It In;
claimed that It would provide n f.
nunclnl method tor carrying tlio
product of I hn Individual opnrator
over periods of innrkot fluctuation
and xrently stnbllliu tlm Industry.
Tlio warehouse receipts, bnckod by
tlio guarantee of tlio corporation
nnd Issued on authority of com
ptint grndor. would bo collatoml
tlio worth ot which n hnnkor fa
mullnr with market prices could o
tlmnto jit n glume Thin, "ay tlio
sponsors of Hi" plan, would ollm
liinto. tlio prcwmt haphazard ways of
financing operators mid practically
do uwny with josses under tlio
present hit and miss systom,
Improvement of gnulcs would nlso
follow, mtya ,Mr. Palmer, nnd thin
foaturo upprnU to thn InrKo pro
ducer, llo nald that tit Weed, for
I nit unci', while tho question of fl-
iinnro had no Interest for tho Wood'
corporntlon, limy saw poiinlblllthw
of Improvement In grading nud ap
proved of tlm plan.
Thorn la n brlakonlng In thn do
mnnd for box shook at present. Tho
llrny factory la working overllmo
und plnnla nt Dorrls urn putting on
PKTALUMA, Auk. 10. Kvclyn
(Irani, 1 1 yonra old, daughter or John
(lrnnt. was found dead, mutilated
with nn ax, nnd lier victor, I.cona, la
dylnK oa tho rosult of nn attack by
Thoodojo Hoffer, nn ox-convlct, who
later commlttod sulcldo. Tho fathor
nnd Krnndmothor of tho girls nro
nlBo sorlously Injured.
Tho Independent meat markot nt
113C Main ntrcot will reopen for
Imsluona tomorrow morning under
tho managomont of II. L. Ilr.own. fho
ostablfslimnnt hns boon ontlroly ro
modolod nnd mndo Into ono ot tho
neat sanitary lunrkets ot tho city.
Mr. Ilrown states that ho will carry
n complato-tlno or fresh and smoked
moats and that ho Invites tho at
tention of tho public to tils confor
mation of thn Intent Nnnltnry laws.
William Marx today Is moving
from tho offices that ho occupied In
203 Odd Follows building to tho of
fices formerly occupied by 12. I.. Ell
iott In tho WtlllU building.
Mr. Marx plaim on furnishing his
now quarters In ImnilHomn stylo and
roporta that owning to his prnctlco
enlarging -within the hint few mo!it,hn.
larger quarters were neceeaary,
Free Market Will
Be Held Tomorrow
At Central Hotel
Tho free market tomorrow will bo
held In tlio rear of tho Central hotel
nnd n varied nnsiirtmutit of produce,
from tho farms will bo on dlsplny
Tho entrance Is from Klamath nvo
n uc.
Tho farmern find that u demand
la hero for tho fresh j-kk nnd poultry
direct from tho producer to tho con
sumer nnd no difficulty la export
encod In disponing or tho supply
brought In. Fresh vegotublos aro
always In demand nnd small assorted,
Tho ouunltiK hour for tho market I
la ant for 8 o'clock nnd It will last
all day. ll Is said that tho arrange
merits for tho market tomorrow wllf
ho butter than last Halurady. when
thorn was such confusion.
A question which It causlnn n lit
tlo concern to tho fnlr bonrd aa
well oa to thn lodlca of tho Wom
en's Auxiliary of tho chamber of
commerce la tho coming display of
(hrwers nt tho county, fair on Oc-t-
her C, 6 nnd 7. Bomn fours havo
heelf e'xprcssvd thnl ft Reed showing
will not ho posslblu uwlue to tlio
luteui'S'i of tho season nnd that'
many irtho women In tho coun-l-try
districts will full to take up'
prlio plants nnd keep them In their
tinmen. Tho nmo fenr Is express
ed for the many boniitltul ipeclmnnti
which aro In tho city. '
Tho season for frost is uourlnR
nnd ahould u heavy ono occur with
in two weeks, many phinta would
bo ruined. However, "word Is bo
liiK sent out by tho fair board, urK
InK thd ladles In tho country to novo
the plants which havo dono well this
season and to put thorn and keep
them In tho homes.
One lady resldlnc near .Merrill,
Mrs. Fred McKcndroo. hns been
very successful this season with
mnny vnrlctles of geraniums and
with varied cactus plants nnd n lot
tor wilt bo sent hor asking that sho
tako particular caro with hor flora
so that thoy wilt bo avallnhlo for
display nt tho fair.
Tho ladlos of this county, nc-
cording to tho fnlr board cnii rond
or valuublo aid for tho coming show
ir they will try to fiavo their plants
for exhibition purposoH and no ono
Is to fool that oven n lonoly entry
Is too nmnll.
U 100 slnglo oniric nro mado,
qulto n showing Is posslblo undnr
such circumstances. Word "111 bo
approclntod by both tho Women's
Auxiliary and thn fair board from
any lady who has oxhlblts for tho
, i. o. o. r. mi:bt tp.nkuit. ,
Tonight at 8 o'clock, tho mombors
ot tho I. O. O. V. lodgo will meet In
rogulur sosslon tor routine work, tho
attendance nt tho Tuosdny and Fri
day night mootlngs havo plckod up
nicely Blnca tho coolor wonthcr haB
tot In.
LONDON, Aug. 19. Addrosslng
tho bouso ot lords today, Lord Cur
son said tho government bad otter
ed Iroland all that could bo given
without compromising tho safety ot
tha ronlm, tho sovorolgnty of tho
crown nnd tho dignity ot tho em
pire. Lloyd (leorgo, In tho houso 'of
commons, aatd that tho wholo ot
England's torms had boon contain?
od In tho lottor to Do Vnloru nnd
uothtng had boon kept buck.
OKNEVA.Aug. 19. Orovor Clovo
land tllergdoll Is reported to bo nt
at hotel In Contsauca. Ho has an
Amorlcnn passport nnd U Bafo from
oxtrudltlou,, l
wt Irs
Nationally Famed Expert Says
This Territory May Become
Field of Gushers
The Herald is in receipt of a special mes
sage from E. J. Murray, publisher, now in San
Francisco, in which he says that he has learned
from an authoritative source that geologists of
unquestioned reputation
bagjn ft poMible oil field
Mr. Murray, aa a nowspnpor mnn u ,, hg op)n,on tnftt , 0 K0(J,.
of lone experience. Is not llkoly to'w,cn, fftull ,, occurr0(1 ,0 draln
havo been misled In obtaining the o ,ho o) ml ,h0 ,,, w b?
Information contained In tho dln-; jk onc Thoro Qr(J nQ mtua ,n(,.
patch, the text of which follews: , catoni of guch ft fnuIt-
HAN KItANCIHCO, Aug. 111. '
M.lf .. . T l.nwj. Ilia,'
a - 1 I'. III.", HMir jlia.
from n source that I bellcvo Is tlb
solutoly rollablo that tho Klamath
basin Is looked upon us almost car
tain to bo ono of tho biggest oil
flolds on tho coast.
A goologlst ot national reputation
roccntly vlsltod thoro to chock up tho
"work ot sovon assistants who havo
boon Investigating tho field tor two
months, nnd ha states that tho for
mation la freakish and likely to bo
turned down unless a cnrotul and ex
tended examination Is mado.
HOSKIU ItO. Aug.. 19 Dr. Ilrum
field was pluced In thu local Jail at
11 o'clock last night. Ha was taken
from tho truln n mllo north of thn
city und brought hero In nn auto
mobile. There was no demonstration
nnd fow persons wero awaro of his
Tho prisoner said thnt ho was-glnd
to ho homo ngaln nnd expressed hopo
that everything connected with his
nbeenen would soon bo cleared up.
Ho slept woll. Sheriff Stnrmor Is
hooping him closoly gunrded.
Mrs. ,llrumflold visited hor hus
band this morning. Tho greeting bo
twocn tho couplo wnn nffcctlonnto but
thorn woro no tears. Only financial
matters worn discussed.
Object to Attorney
For "Drya" Sitting
At Senate Hearing
WA8HINQTON, Aug. 10. Bona-
tor Ashurst of Arizona has announc
ed that ho will rofuso to participate
in turthor conferences on tho ant!-
beer hill bocAUso ot tho evident In
tention ot tho conforoos to wonkon
nnd dostroy tho offoct of tho Stan
loy nmondmont, unanimously adopt
ed by tho sonato llo said ho would
not confer on any nmondment which
would pormlt tho manufacture ot
liquor In homes or olsowhoro. Son
ator Hood, In tho Bouato, donounc
od tho prosonco of Wnyno n. Whool
or, nntl-Baloon longua attorney, at
tho couteroucoa.
BERLIN, Aug 19. Chancolor
Wlrth Is endoavorlng to unito all
factions ot tho RoIcliBtng on tho
plans tor tho negotiations of tho
poaco treaty with tho Unltod Btatoe.
WASHINGTON, Aug., 19 Tho
Fodornl Aid Ronds 1)111 with an ap
propriation cut from $100,000,000
to 175,000,000 passed tho sunnto to
day. -
OREti ON Tonight nnd Saturday,
fair uud warmer) modernta westerly
consider the Klamath
of the greatest ITiagni-
It oil Is struck it will bo ot very
high grndo and tho woll will bo a
Tho Information Is so startling as
to lead ino to bollovo That no effort
should bo spurod to rush tho develop
ment work on all three wells.
The Information checks up with
tho exporlcnoo encountorod In co
.wonting tho Siemens well, the fall
uro ot tho comont to set and Its ele
vation In the woil being attributed
to gas that exports say will ra'ako
tbo .flold ono ot gushers.
tyVC , E. J. MUMtAY.
l.orenr brothers report that they
expect to begin work on tho sower
construction In the Mills nddltlon
Tuesday morning providing tho bonds
for tho work nro disposed of nccord
Ing to tho contract.
Tbo bonds must bo sold at par and
should no blddors tako thorn, It will
dorolva upon tho Loroni company
to bid thorn In nt par. Mombors of
tho city council state that should tho
bonds go nt moro thmi par, tho city
would rccolvo much bcnoflt, In the
futuro issues.
The Loronz company say that they
can begin work Tuosdny morntng on
tho oxcnvatlon nnd that thoy tlgnro
on using at tho beginning ot tho
work nt lenst 25 men. Thoy will uso
every offort to havo tho sower sys
tem In before cold woathor sots in.
Complaint Against
Traffic Officer is
Secured by Twombly
Complaint was Issued this after
noon by City Attornoy Duncan, on
roquest of Porcy Twombly, local
Inundry drlvor, ngninst J J. Mc
Mnhon, stnto trnfflo officer, charg
ing McMnhon with turning hlamo
torcyclo nnd sldo car nt a point on
Mala streot othor than nn Intersec
tion. After considerable Investigation
of tho ordlnanco yosterday It "was
found thnt a soctlon oxtstod, In
conformance with tho stnto law, pro
hibiting turning on a Btroot except
nt tho Intersection.
Trnfflo Officer McMnhon Bald to
day that It ho wero nrrostod and
tlnod, ho would servo his flno out
in Jail and ask tho state to aond
anothor ottlcor hero to onforco tho
trnfflo regulations.
Ho said that It was his opinion
thnt n trnfflo officer might turn
anywhere on n thoroughtnro In dls
chargo ot his duty, providing bo did
not joopardlzo tho safety ot othor
users of tho stroot. '
Continuing tholr benofits for n
now church nt Mt Lnkl, tho pooplo
In thnt soctlon nro sponsoring a con
cert by tho Mt Lnkl orcheata to bo
given on Sntuday ovenlng, August
27. In ordor to muko a success ot
tho uf(alr thoro will be a sniull ad
mission cburged. -
West in Charge of
The Stock Exhibit
For County Fair
One appointment hits been mado
by tho fair board for tho coming
October fair which meets with tho
entlro approval of tho cattlo men
of this soctlon, tho soloctlon of L.
A. West as superintendent of tha
boot cnltlo exhibit.
Mr. West Is known all over tho
county ns ono of tbo successful
growors and his unqualified success
In raising cholco stock has brought
him Into promlncnco not only herb
but In California as well. Mr. West
will try to colloct ono ot tho fin
est exhibits of stock that can bo to
cured during tho short tlmo remain
ing between now and tho opening
of the fair. An effort, will bo mado
by him to have Dr. Hawkins ot
Keno enter a number of tho reg
istered Ifolstcln dairy corwt which
aro on tho Hawkins' ranch there.
Police Judgo A. L. Lcnvltt has bad n
throng ot traffic law violators string
ing Into bis oftlco this past week and
as a result of their visit, $S10 has
been turnod Into the city troasury.
Tho list or offenses for which moit
ot thn violators paid fines ; ranged
from falluro to havo Operators'
licenses to speeding, with a few for
not displaying lights at night.
Among tho depositors at the city
"bank" woro tho follewing: Clayton
Kirk, W. A. Koenlg, Agnes Lee. Oscar
Shlve, Potor ReUel, II. O. Wortiey
and L. J. Rean. Finos avoraged IE,
Except for Hean, Wortlcy, Rottcl and
Shlvo who left $10 aploco. Ed Dun
ham paid 10 for speeding. Joe Mc
Donald, Lawrence French, for forget
ting to havo operators llccses. left
HO each. Tboy forgot to tako out
tho 25 cont permit .
Emtio Moohettay paid $20 for em
ploying a boy undor 16 years of ago
to operato a motor vchlclo iwhllo a.
U. Cako paid 25 for falluro to havo
an operator's llccnso and a tall light
burning on his auto. Peyton 'and
Callman oporatcd a truck without
llccnso plates attached, and also,
attacked n trallor without a llccnso.
They enriched the city 5r.
Miller forgot to walk around his car
boforo starting on a trip and had
no tall light lit when picked up. Tho
Judgo said, $10 plcaso." MUIor paid.
Gcorgo Hyland paid ICO and costs
for having an Improper llccnso num
ber. John Slomons, Jr., was fined
$10 for falling to dim his lights. O
W, Robertson paid $1 for falluro to
exhibit lights last night. In Robert
son caso lenient fine was duo to a
showing that the lights went out be
cause ot dofectlvo wiring and had
boon burning nil right a short tlmo
boforo ho enmo under obtorvntlon
ot the traffic 'officer.
Trntflc officer McLaughlin mado
most ot tbo arrests and stated that
ovory auto driver must havo an
operator's card. Every machine must
display two whtto lights ot equal
candlo powor and ono rod light on
roar ot machlno at night tlmo. Auto
lata nirst uso hand signals when stop
ping or turning. Tho spood limit
on country road was 30 miles an hour
whtlo In tho city, 20 miles was the
limit except at Intersections when 12
mllos an hour was maximum, but a
speod less than this was urged ot tlfa
drivers ns n "snfoty first rule."
A majority ot tho nutolsts of this
city think when thoy havo taken out
a license from tho state automobile
dopartment that tholr troubles nre
over but most of them havo torgotton
than an operators' license, costing 25
cents, Is-also nocossnry. This license
must bo kopt olther on tho Operators'
person or pastod on tho (windshield
ot tho car. , Trnf flq ofricor McLaugh
lin Intonda to contlnuo chocking dp
cars and drlvors- and his advlco is
"Oat nn oporatora' license and snvo
yourself embarassmenti"
PORTLAND, Aug. 1X ipeetel
dispatch to tbe Omental tnm
Washington says that Seaatora Me
Nary and Btanfleld hare agraed
upon tbo following Oregon appoint appeint
ments: i
Collector or Internal rereaae,
Clyde O. Huntley or Oregon City.
Collector or customt rer Ue WI1
llamotte' district, Oeorse-V. Piper
for Portland.
Customs appralsor for the Wll
llamette district, E. N. Wheeler of
United State marshal, Clarence
R. Hotckklee.
Prohibition director. Or. Jones
A. Manvllle of Carlton.
Rocelver for tbe Roeeburs land
office, Fred W. Hayaea of Koee
burg. '
Register for Tbe Dallea land of
fice, J. W. Donnelley of Axllngtea;
receiver, T. C. Queen of Dufur.
Receiver for tha La Oraade laad
oftlco, J. IT. Pear of La Oramaa;.
register. Carl O. Helm ot Staatleld.
Receiver for tbe Vale laad -
flee, Frank P. Light of Lekerletr.
Secretary for tha lam lean baak
of tho 12th district, Aaa B. Thctnn-
lon ot Ecao.
Recommendation fee the aftlat
mont.fnr aii rTeyac-geaeiai - W4';dw,-,
E. E. D rod to ot Oreffoa City la
said to be favored for mlnleUr to
Slam and Dan V. Boyd of Enterpriee
Is In line for a diplomatic appoint
ment. Two Arrested for
Alleged Distilling
Matt Lowry and John Henderson,
living midway botwven Ely and Real
ty, were arrested Wednesday by W.
O. West. Indian agent, for having
liquor on Indian territory and for
manufacturing and selling liquor to
Indian agent West was transact
ing business In connection with the
distribution ot the Indian allotmiJ
money and came across evidence' ot(
Illegal liquor traffic among the In
dians. An Investigation and raid 'on
tho place ot Henderson resulted n
tbo capture ot. 25 quarts ot alleged
moonshine whiskey, a, coiper con
dencor hidden In tbe sago brush and
a gallon demijohn of liquor. The
liquor was found burled on the prem
ises. v
Tho hoaring ot Honderson and &
Lowry Is set for August 26 In Unit
ed States Commissioner Thomas' of;
Labor Council to
Consider Picnic
Plans Tonight
Tho Central Labor Council will
meet tonight for a business session
and one ot tbe matters which will
bo brought up for consideration will
bo the Labor Day picnic, September
Chairman Conklln earlier in the
weok ttated that a fine location alz
miles up tbo Upper Lake had been
selected for tbe tceno of an old
fashioned basket picnic with plenty1
ot eats for everybody and an abun
dance of hot cottee, freo of charge.
Tonight Mr. Conklln will outline the
transportation features to. the coun
cil and ask their cooperation.
: r
Mary Jane Eggsman, a 15 year
old wlfo, tiled ault in the circuit
court this afternoon against Wilbur
Eggsman, alleging cruelty, ppth patv
tloa to tbe suit are 'Indians and re
side noar Chtloquln on thorcsorva"
tlou. , R