The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 18, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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W-M .y T
Death Claims Local
Man At Parents'
Home In Stockton
Harold I) (Intuit, woll mul fu
vorniily known In Kluiniiln 1'iiIIh
whnrn tin ti tin tloiililml llio punt fuw
yiilirn, ill ml In Hlnrkloii, Ciillfornlit
Insd Monday, An Kimt 1G. 1 Id whs
(itirloil In I'nrk Vliiw comotory near
Hlocktuti Tuustlny uftiirnonti. Ho wns
thn lo v In K liunliiinil of Ailu Cuziul of
llifn rlty '
Mr. tiorsil hint lini'ii with r (du
ll vim III HlllCklOII tllll (IIIHt fow
moulds, I'nklni; tnmtinunlH In mi uf
furt In regain Khl hiiillh. Ilo itrow
ruplilly woriiit nlioiit u wcok prior to
li in" limit h Alt IioukIi uvnrythliiK Hxit
InyltiK (rloiiilii iiinlil do wun ilonii
in 'Stuy tint illiicmiiii, I Iln wlfo liniil
t'lii'il to liln bmltltln, iirrtvlnit u frw
linurs lull to mio hlui nllvn lint
in limit to hulp, to iirrniiKo fur mul
iittimil tlm fiintirnl.
Mr. ('nuiit wiih n nnflVo of Kim
min, liorn Juno 20, IH84. Ilo ciilini
tiiX'allfiirnln 12 yearn iiko. Ilo wiih
inurrli'il to Ail a Dlsnry llm wlilow
wlio mirvlvrn him, In Moilnsln, Cullf.
Nnv. 1. I9H Ills fnthiir mul moth
or. 'Mr n nil Mm. J I) Coziul, Ills
lirotlmr ClmrloH II eotnil, anil slstor
Jiuuiltn Cosml llvo In Hlockton. J
I). Coiiiil, Jr. oiintlinr brother, lives
lit Minliiitn.
Mr. Coit wus n momluir o( thu
Metlinillnt Kplscopnl church, which
ho lorrd with nil hln henrt. Iln win
u rood neighbor, n Invlnc roninn
Ion, ii kind mul loving son nml
lirnibur, mid n r.ood cltlion.
UOIUU8. Cut , Auk 18 II. IC
Cnlllrr. attorney lit Vrckn, wm In
limn Tuesday on u sho'l business
trip '
lititii lloldlnchnr, rnrhler of tlm
Miilln Hlnto hank, p.Kiod through
Itorrln ypnlnriloy livening liy unto
iinrntito from Ban J'rancljco where
ho 'wnnt to Rot his inothrr who Junt
urrlffil from Kuropn via Now York.
Mr. lloMlsehnr wan acrnuipiiulPtl
to thu city nml return liy Mr. mul
Mm (lourgo Voclintmr of Kliiiimth
Mm Hoy TnluT uuil family, who
liiiyi) been visiting In Klnmnth KallM,
n to mpitctiil homo onn duy thin
Another hlg dnnco In being plan
in d' liy tlm Dorrln Imsuhiill club for
Hatunlny ovonlne, August 20. Tho
club ban heretofore furnished an
exiting of enjoyment "north tho
prlri' nnd Kiurnnlcrn to keep up to
llm htntiiUril established Hnturilny
Alli'ntlon han heroine, noiunwhnt
dltirli'il from sago'lion hunting ow
ing lo thn apparent nnirclty of theso
hlrdi ilurliiR tho pant weok. Trout
fishing In tho prlnclpnl mothoil yf
HpunilliiiT tho Hiinduy now liul uftor
Huptomlinr first nil omirity will Imi
exerted In ijiiunt of ttm nntlorod
V. V, Patrick, Kliiiimth F.iIIh
tli on tru proprlotor, nml J. I lloun
tin of Klnmnlh Fulls worn busl
uiiHH vlnllorii In Dorrls Tuesday.
II, Long In finishing up tho front
of hln thunlrn building mid will noon
hitvo tho placo coiiiplutod nml ready
for occupation, Messrs TnrwIlllRor
nnd rntrlck of Klmmith KnllH will
movo tliflr dhow Into tho mrw
hulldliiK iihout tkiptamhor 1.
Mr, mul Mm, Chnrlm Twohy nro
hnrk In town nflor npoiidlnn u fow
dnyB nt tho Hillo'iulii l.nmhor com
puny plant ul Chlloituln. Mr. Twohy
In inannKor of Ihn Dorrln I.umlxir
and llox rompnuy. '
V i; Rniinmlii, who him hci-n con
flni'd to (ho Dorrln hoiipltnl for hov
(irnl iIiih with a hrokun Ipr, In
aliout onrn tuoro. Mr. Humuuln In
iinnmlatfil with (', Mnlinnoy In
(ho lumljor inllllni: hunlnonn nrar
(li'orRii I.miR, hrodior to Hurt
I.iiiik of Dorrln, In vlnltlui; huro from
Kmi Prnnclnco,
Mr. nnd Mm. If. W. MltchH! anil
Mr nnd Mm. A. II. McDonald wnro
In DorYlx Tunnday ovniiltii; from
thulr rimportlvo ranches In thu Ok
liihoma country. i
Charlfn Itolmrtn of tho Mi'dford
Oroci-ry compntiy dnwo down from
hln hundauartftrn at KUuinth Pnlln
yiinturdiiy hoIIcIHiir orders.
Mr nml Mrs. J. P Itowman nnd
ttto ilaiiRhtiirH, nccoiupaiilnil liy J. K.
U'Ihd, npi-iit Hiindny mid Monday nt
t'rutnr l.ako. Thuy wuro much 1m
pronnod hy thu mnny Improvements
In hlRhways mul accoiiiodatlnns that
liavo huuii lidded to thu park nlnco
thtdr lam vlnll many yoors uro,
Clnrcnci) Motsclioiihurhur, proprlo
tor of thn Dorrln stonm laundry,
ilrovn to Klumath Kails Tuomlay on
$60 Tuition Fee
For Non-Residents
j.f? FREEZONE jn? j
I V Com"uitOff J j
!; J with Fingers lJJ
Ki'iic, Aur. 18. A tuition feo of
CO will liorenfter ho chnrRed stu-
limits from stuteH outsldo of Oro-
Ron, In iiddlllon to tho feot now
churRcd nil Htudents, followliiR a
Joint action of committees of tho
hunrds of reRcnts of tho two Insti
Tho tuition of tho Oregon Inxtl-
lillloiiH liecoiues cffertlvo for all
n i 'a- ri-RlntrantH from states other
than OroKou, lyslnnlnR .Septomher
next. Tho ICO will lio pnyahlo In
20 InnlallmoutN at tho heglnnliiR
of each term. Men In tho service,
of tho United Htutiw ilurliiR tho lato
uar comliiR to the university or tho
iiRrlcultural coIIpro from othor
states will Im exempted from half
tho roRUlnr non-ronldont fee
Drop n llltli) "Krccxono" on an
uchlnc orn, Instantly that corn stops
hurting, then shortly you lift It rlnlit
off with flnRors. It doesn't hurt n
Your druRRlsu soils a tiny bottlo of
"Freezono" for u fow cents sufficient
to remove every hard rprn, soft corn,
or mm between tho toes, nml tho cat
lu km, without a partlcla of pain.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
.served pipind hot
with pure cream
$rer priie
w serve
Tnko Aspirin only ns told In pnch
packiiKo of Runulnn Mayor Tnhlots of
Aspirin Thpn you will ho followlnR
tho directions n'nu iIosiirq worked out
by physicians ilurliiR 21 years, anil
proved snfo by millions. Tuko no
chances with substitutes. If you sco
tho Ilnyer Cross on tablets, you can
tnko thorn without fear for Colds,
lloadacho, NournlRla, Ilhcumatlsm,
Knrncho, Toothncho, I.umbaRo nnd
for I'nlu. llnmly tin boxes of twolvo
tablota cost fow contn. DrugRlsts also
sell larRor packnRcs. Aspirin U tho
trada mark of Ilayor Manufacture
of Mouoacctlcacldestor of Bullcyllc-ncld,
Ifcrnlil Washington Itiirrnu.
WAHIIIN'dTO.V, aub., 18Honalor
McNury, at tho Instance of 0. J.
Hin 1 1 ti of I'ortlnnd, linn Intervened
with KiiRono Meyer, chairman of tho
war finance corporation, mul Chair
man IlnrdliiR of tho federal reserve
hoard, to relieve llio Northwestern
Wheal Orowers' nmiorlatioii, which j
linn Sn.OUO.OOO 1iimIioI.i of whent to
market aud Is In ilangor of financial
Ions IjccailKn of failure of thn bnnkt
(o tnuko iidvnnceii except when tho
wheat' In actually sold. Governor
HitrdliiK teleRrnphcd to tho San Fran
cisco rencrve linnk for n report nnd
will urRe inery ponslhle relief,
llennliir MiNury will c.lvo u lunch
to dlnriiHs (he China trade no which
(o Idncunn (ho Vvmn. tnido act, which
tiomn tlmo ii co panned tho housn and
wlildi has been for several months
before the Judiciary comtiilttcn of tho
seiuitn. The leRlnlntlon ouablen Atno
rlenn rompunles In China to compete
thoru for bunlncss on tho name basis
us KiirIIsIi, French and DclRlan com
panies nnd Is very tnuchc desired by
tho I'ortlund Chnmbcr of t'omtnorco
nnd thn rommcrclal Interests of tho
I'nrlflc coast.
Mr. and Mrs, Tom Hparku ro
lurneil yesterday after n two weeks'
trip to tho huckleberry patch.
Quito a number of now famlllox
nro moving Into Uonanza from tho
country nnd from othor towns. Also
a number of tho older residents aro
plnntiluj; to return for tho ncliool
Mr. und Mrs. M, Jninos left last
wnok for an extended visit with
rolallvcH nt Lakovlow nnd Silver
lake They expect to bo away sev
eral weeks.
cal characters, Sam Do Orasao, Wal
ter Long, A, D, Scnrs, Alfred I'agcnt,
Augustus Carney, Juanlta Hanson
nnd Ora Carow hnvo Important roles.
Special streets of tho Alamo period
woro constructor tor tha oxtorlor
scones In order that tho truo atmo
sphoro of thoso days will bo ovldont.
' An early crop a small boy'a first
Tho Egyptians bollovo that croco
diles bring luck, nnd ono of tho first
lessons taught to thalr children Is
that thoy shall gazo Intently upon
every crocodlto that thoy aro forta
nato enough to como across.
Auxiliary Forms
Bureau to Boost
Culture of Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ikmnrco nnd
family urn leaving Ilonania In a tow
days to make their homo In Stock
ton, California. '
Ilonanzn Is to have n now, meat
market. Plans nro on foot to open
In u few days.
Mrs, LaiiRPlI nnd llttlo daughter,
Mary Etta, hnvo returned to their
homo hero after a three weeks'
stay nt the ranch
Tlm WoinnniT Auxlllory of tlm
chamber of rommorco havo establish
ed a seed burciu at the chamber fori
tho purpono of enrournglng tho rals-
Intr of flowers and shrubbery In this
city. A committee composed of Mrs.
Frank Ward, chairman, Mrs. W. 0.
Smith nnd Mrs. floorgo drizzle will
ncccpt nil packets donated for this
purpoio, or tho donor may leavo It
at tho chamber rooms. Tho ladles
say thnt moro flowers hero will make
a marked change In tho lawns of this
Tho auxiliary decided not to hold
a fall flower show but to dovoto their
activities to tho coming fair program.
At thin fair, a crcdltablo showing of
flowers grown In tha city and county
will bo displayed.
Tho dramatic events of tho year
183C, when tho natives of Texas
fought for their Independence from
Mexico, form tho basis of tho Trl-anglc-Orlfflth
spectacle, "Martyrs of
tho Alamo."
Tho tliemo deals with the lives of
Santa Anna, dictator of Mexico, Da
ld Crokott, Silent Smith, James
Bowie, Colonel Travis, Captain Dick
inson aud other historical characters.
Much caro wag taken In selecting
tho cast to portray tho famed hlstorl-
Kodak Work
iLeayeYour Filtws
fore 9 OclocK-Your
A.M- rietUrflS are raclv ar o p.!
nMcrwoors Pnarmacy
Hot Chocolate that's
always smooth and rich
Made the
Carnation Way
6 even teaspoonfuls chocolate, 6
tcaspoonfuls sugar, 3 cups boiling
water, I cup Carnation Milk, J4
teaspoonful salt. Mix chocolate
and sugar in a cup Have water
boiling. Heat chocolate riot by
nllowing hot water to stand' in it
for n. few minutes. Heat Carna
tion Milk by standing cup of Car
nation Milk in bnsin of hot water
for five minutes or more. Pour a
little boiling water into cup of
chocolate nnd sugnr to dissolve
them. Pour into chocolate pot,
ndd remainder of water BOILING
hot, then the hot Carnation Milk
nnd salt. Serve nt once.
Send for Carnation Cook Book containing
1 00 practical tested reclpei. Carnation Milk
Products Co., G22 Railway Exchange BUI.,
If your eooltlng
become a burden
and you're tired
of making the
tame dithet all
the time, try tome
of thete Carna'
Hon recipeiif
it's only a differ
ent way to make
a familiar dith.
All Grocers,
"from Contented Coict"
For Sale- Horses !
Scienty-Vlvo heavy locKing Iiorscw welj;tiluB from
flflocii liunilrcil to eighteen hundred pounds. Ages
from fivo to twelve yearn, mostly seven and olgtit
"' '' yours. Also, ImrncsH and collars to fit. Opportunity to
buy good horses nt very reasonable prices. Wrlto or
cidl on tho
In Earlier Days I
In former times, when the town butcher or
farmer himself dressed and cured the meat for
the community, he could not always tell how
it would turn out.
His methods were crude; partly traditional,
partly guesswork. His tests were few and
Meat packing of today, as carried on by
Swift & Company, has changed all that. It is
scientific. Nothing is left to chance; nothing
taken for granted.
The most painstaking care and attention
are given to every step. Processes are worked
out on a large scale with minute exactness.
Methods are continually revised and improved.
Cleanliness is insisted upon. Drastic, incessant
inspections are the order of the day.
Swift products are uniform, graded accord
ing to quality.
Take bacon, for instance.
Swift & Company set out. years
ago to make a delicious, savory bacon
which should be uniformly excellent.
ihe result is
Swift's Premium
Bacon, always the
same, always fa
mously good.
Today this bacon,
wrapped, sealed
and branded, has
circled the world.
Swift & Company's system of distribution car
ries it to places which the "town butcher" or
the farmer could not reach.
I .
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Are You Prepared?
Fly Time Is Here
We have a large steck: of SCREEN
DOORS in three designs, to fit all
regular door openings.
These doors are made of clear, kiln
dried, California, white pine cov
ered with the best grade of rust
proof, galvanized wire, and put to
gether with hardwood wedge dow
els a patented process which
makes an exceedingly rigid door.
"Everything to Build With"
Phone 107 Main & Spring Sts